Do Some Laps On My Cock!
I've recently taken a side job as a swimming trainer, despite the fact I know fuckall about swimming, except that its bad not to drown. Though that doesn't bother me in the least, expecially when I get to coach this hunk, I show him the backstroke, the brest (tee-hee) stroke, the forward crawl, but the one he really takes to is the cock stroke. He's a pro when it comes to sucking my fat cock, then he offers up his ass to me and I pound the everloving shit out of it. Sorry, I guess he's not air tight anymore :)
Papi Jorge
Papi Jorge
Bricks Austin & Neo Paris
Neo Paris is in his office “managing” his cock while looking at porn. In walks Bricks Austin. “You suck me,” is all Bricks says to get Neo “on the job.” Swallowing deep, Neo definitely is an adept team player. Bricks face fucks his coworker and then strips. Teasing with his tool, Bricks is all about getting it all in there, orally and annually. DaddyRaunch shows us what we really want, two hot fuckers who appreciate a “good job.” By the time Neo hops up on the desk to be serviced, his legs are spread wide; Bricks has gotten the memo and it won’t be long before Bricks is sending his reply.
The Nicks Game
AJ Banks is back this week and he's here to help us welcome Devin Adams to the circle. AJ is 21 and from Daytona Beach, FL and who better to show this sexy 23 year old from Baltimore, MD how it's done here in the Sunshine State? Both of these boys are rather easy on the eyes and we figured we'd ask what the most recent complement someone had paid them was. For AJ, it would be a complement on the Coney Island High Detention shirt he's wearing. Devin has a more interesting answer, 'It was you, Harlan, you said I have big balls' Well who doesn't love big balls? Speaking of balls we then asked how these guys like to keep their bush. Both prefer to keep their own trimmed and prefer their partners trim as well. AJ has a follow up since he bats for both teams. He likes his men trimmed but loves his girls shaved clean. AJ is a bit more experienced than his costar today so we asked Devin about his first time with a guy. Devin's first was at the tender age of 18 when he was a lifeguard on the beach. We asked him if it was everything he'd hoped for. ' was' he beams as his face literally lights up, 'and more!' Awww.Devin is workin' on his homework when AJ walks in and asks him for a Band-Aid. When Devin asks him what for AJ blushes a bit before admitting he sorta cut himself trimming. Devin isn't following his lead so AJ pulls down his shorts and shows Devin exactly where he cut himself while trimming his pubes. Devin sees the small nick at the base of AJ's cock and tells him he doesn't have a Band-Aid but he could kiss it to make it better. <evil grin> We LOVE this guy! AJ grins as Devin goes in for a kiss and makes it a French one as he starts to suck on AJ's growing cock. AJ moans as he gets that dick sucked on, holding Devin's head as he slowly fucks that handsome face. Devin takes his time on that meat until his own dick is screaming for attention. He hops up on a chair and hauls out his own dick for AJ to savor. AJ spits on that dick and goes to town on it as he shoves that dick so far down his throat it makes him gag. 'Yeah, you like that big dick?' Devin coos as AJ worships his meat and smooth nuts. They take turns sucking on each others cocks until Devin gets horny for more than that dick in his mouth.AJ suits up and sits back as Devin straddles his dick and starts to ride it. He takes that cock to the hilt and goes for it, grinding that hot ass of his all the way down on it. AJ moans as Devin fucks himself silly; until he starts to get that tingle and tells him to take it slow. Devin's own thick dick is springing up and down as Devin rides AJ. AJ then wants to take control and gets up and bends Devin over the same chair. 'Fuck my ass, yeah' Devin begs with that sexy voice of his as AJ delivers. He fucks that sweet ass doggy style as Devin just begs for more. AJ's balls slap away at Devin's ass as he continues his assault. The sexual chemistry is off the charts as these two go at it. Devin then gets on his back so he can watch as AJ pounds his ass harder and deeper. That cock slams into his prostate until Devin can't hold off any more. He starts to nut as AJ pounds him harder. He coats his smooth chest and abs as AJ pulls out and goes for his. AJ jacks his throbbing cock until he shoots a huge load all over Devin drenching everything from his shoulder all the way down to his cum-coated cock. Anyone else need a Band-Aid? lol
Samuel Colt, Harley Everett & Mr.X
I don't usually agree to keeping a models anonymity, but I'd shot this guy before and for his magnificent body and thick dick I made an exception. Sam Colt was getting dicked every which way, Harley deep plunged his big dick all the way in and all the way out, battering Sam's arse whilst our masked third filled Mr Colt's throat with dick, and all three guys glooped their thick loads over sam's heaving belly.
Undisturbed Tenderness
Sexual Relaxation Therapy
Alberto and Lois
We are not sure what's going on in this shoot, but we do like it ! Is it a porn audition and the amateur is trying to impress the producer or is it a student getting extra tuition in an very xxx way ? Either way this passive slut amateur knows how to please
Sora Solo - Tokyo First Timer
New to porn and, today we have Sora Shima. He is a shy boy from Tokyo who wants to try being on film for us. Tsuyoshi interviews him and helps him through the process; Tsuyoshi is very hands on, as we have all enjoyed. The twinks chat and then it is time for Sora to undress and impress, and he does. As he unbuttons and removes his shirt, we see a nice clean chest and sweet pink nipples. He then removes his jeans and sits prone, in his salmon colored briefs, stroking his dick and watching himself. As he looks down, his wet bottom lip falls forward and pouts. He then stands and does a 360 to give us a hint of what
Hungry twink boys ass fucking
Gorgeous young lad Timo Garrett is always hungry for hard cock, and from the very start of this session he's desperate to get the action going. He's gobbling on Conner Bradley's perfect boner straight away, then getting the same back as his friend rims out his hole and finger fucks him too in preparation. And it's that solid cock of Conner's that really does the job, fucking Timo's ass all over the bed and eventually from above, forcing young Timo to cum in his own mouth! Some fuckhole finger action does the trick for young Conner once he's pulled out, splashing his hot cream over his body and sharing a salty kiss to end an awesome session!We're calling it now: Conner Bradley is going to be a twink star! He's been doing porn for a few months now and we're confident he's going to get better and better. He has a maturity beyond his eighteen years, not to mention a cute face and a huge cock!Timo Garrett is a mischievous twink that has no limits. He likes going after straight guys and older men, proving that they can enjoy a butthole regardless of the gender. Garrett is loud, outspoken, and totally wild in bed. He is a twink that you just can't control no matter how hard you may try.
Corruption Scene 1
Corruption Scene 1
Bleu Balled
This week, we have a blast from the past as we welcome back Jason Talon. Though he may be a blast from the past to us in general, Jason is a new face to MenOver30. Originally from Minnesota, Jason made his debut on CircleJerkBoys a few years ago but is now old enough to join the ranks of the MenOver30 Stable. We're glad to have him back. He's looking damn good. To his side is yet another Atlanta find, Mr. Billy Bleu. Billy is a smooth, lean slice of hot with ink, an edgy look and a huge cock. We have big plans for these two. We asked these two if they could have 2 dream residences where would those residences be. Jason would stay in Minnesota (
Max Born & Steve Paradi
Max Born and Steve Paradi are here at to “tie” one on. These two sexy fuckers know what it means to go “mano a mano” as they collaborate at the office. Just because Steve makes one mistake doesn’t mean his mouth can’t make it up to Max. Pulling out Max’s big cock, Steve sucks with a true sense of repentance; going deep and sucking strong, Steve offers up more than his mouth; he’ll be the bottom today. Well shit, looks like Steve’s cock is as big as his boss’. As Max sucks the head, Steve is moaning and groaning. Moving to the couch, Steve has another mouthful of Max before bending over and showing his “mea culpa;” what a sweet “ass-istant.”
Fresh Meat Episode 6
It's a full on cock party for Henry Samson, Myles Andrew, Trey Matthews and Jake Holter in this sauna visit! Once the wanking starts there's so much cock to go around that all the boys get a taste of it before some ass is plundered. Hairy hunk Myles gets his cock warm in Jake's butt before they switch it up and Henry want's a piece of that action, bending over to take it while Jake gets plowed by Trey too.
Bi Black Guy Dee Gets Some Ass
Dee is one incredibly hung black guy who really doesn't mind sharing his lengthy meat with other guys. Joe is on hand to help him out with that long cock, sucking him off and then bending over to take a deep bareback fucking too. It certainly does the trick for Dee who jerks out a hot load of jizz by the time he's done.
Uncle John & Taylor Scott
So we've established that Taylor likes nothing more than a big, burly daddy to take him in hand and fuck his tight ass hard, so who better than our favourite daddy of all time U-John to put him though his paces? John tears into Taylor like a big bear mauling its prey and the appreciation is all over Taylor's face - followed by a huge wad of John's cum.
Jonny Waxed And Wanked!
Poor silver-haired Jonny, the pain he has to endure in this video is almost too much to watch... almost. Watch as this caged young twink gets hot wax tipped onto his smooth body and big cock by the merciless Keiron. He screams out in pain but has no choice but to take each bit of scorching hot liquid as he fights against his restraintsKieron Knight is one of those British guys who loves to pleasure and tease a boys hard cock against his will. That's what this kinky fucker is all about. The dominant top gets off on making a lad hard in his hands, sucking him off and making him squirm and squirt a hot load - but he's not always the one giving it!
If they really want what he's got, they've got to take his huge cock... Matt Hughes is in charge of auditions at UKNM and new recruits have to satisfy him fully. Matt rules with his rod of iron - Justin and Mark have to deal with his hands-on approach and meet his every demand. They're soon taking on Matt's huge uncut cock as well as fucking each other to impress him. Auditions usually end with a lot of cum flying around and this one has Matt's huge load added to the mix. All in a day's work for our Matt... who'd like to apply for his job?
Bros Keep Secrets Scouts Honor
Rusty and his boy have been buddies since the scouts. But they have secrets built up that they didn't even know they had. Now they are penis docking and anal tickling each other while man groping this shit out of each other's cocks...
Straights Rough up the Gay Boy starring Vince, Jake & Chris
It's a gay boy's fantasy cum true this week at StraightRentBoys and let me tell you this is one sizzling HOT video that will make you cum again and again. In fact this video is just so damn hot you might want to start watching it now before I delve into the backstory.
Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill is a natural performer. This musician, model and actor is now adding porn to his repertoire and we are more than happy to have him! He loves hairy, older muscled guys, and he loves to suck cock too. We can't wait to see his swallowing skills and we have a few guys ready for him. This solo wanking video is a great welcome for this guy!
Jadizon Rips Mikey a New Asshole!
Mikey and Jadizon joined each other on my 'love seat.' Jadizon has become a rising star in my gay for pay bootcamp, so that's why I decided to match him up with a professional, Mikey. Most of you already know Mikey as he posts in our forums and is one of the most popular models here at D&E Productions. I've been filming him since he was a sweet and innocent 18 year old, but now at 22 years old, he's become anything but innocent (he's still sweet though).
Studious Sexy Seduction
I had to get some study time with Chase Young and i just knew i wanted his yummy cock inside of me. Luckily he had the same idea and he turned me over and opened up my hole to pump me inside.
Conner Loves Fleshjack
Connor tries out the infamous fleshjack for the first time and loves every minute of it. He shivers with pleasure as the toy tickles every inch of his big dick. He cums all over it at the end to boot.Working at Baretwinks was a great experience. Bryan and Andy are awesome. I had a lot of fun and hope to have more :).
The Puppet Master Pulls The Strings
Aiden and Aaron were just hanging around, both swinging from the rafters in some makeshift rope swings with their naked asses there and ready for abuse. Reece couldn't pass up the chance to stretch out their tight boy holes and finger them both with his slicked up hands! It's wet, messy and totally horny too!Aaron Aurora is so gorgeous you can totally understand why all the dominant tops want to lay claim to him and use him as their sex slave. He has a totally tight twinky body, a sexy little butt begging to be fucked hard by a big cock, and a 7.5" uncut dick that gets solid as steel when he's about to unload!Aiden Jason might look like a helpless young British twink who keeps being abused and used by all the older boys, but this horny versatile bottom boy loves to have his ass fucked and filled in, and the cum stroked and sucked from his cock in some horny situations. There's no denying this boy is real kinky!Reece Bentley is a hung young hottie always horny and leaking precum from his big uncut cock. He's a versatile boy able to play both roles, getting off on being a total bottom slut for the right guy, while being able to own another lads arse like a total top too. Giving it or taking it, he's one truly immense twink!
Felipe, Igor and Junior
Felipe, Igor and Junior
Alan Knight & Ricky Sinz
Glasgow meets Chicago, cut meets uncut, top meets, well, top actually, but Alan was up for a challenge and who would say no to a pounding by Ricky Sinz? You can smell the testosterone as these two muscled, masculine guys go at each other like a couple of bulls fighting it out. It's a blur of sweat and tattoos as they tumble into the fucking, then a series of grunts and growls as Alan takes Ricky's hard cock deep in his hairy hole.
Hunks Bareback - Arnold & Henrique
Hunks Bareback - Arnold & Henrique
Patrick Hill And Shayne Thames
It's been a few months since we've seen blond boy Shayne on camera, but we have a great treat for his return with the hairy hunk Patrick Hill. Patrick has been back since his solo to get his hole filled by Myles, and now it's Shayne's turn to experience that hot and hairy butt! The guys swap some delicious sucking before Patrick is offering his hole, then it's a great fuck leading to a big load fucked out of Patrick, and the salty reward of a spunking across his face to finish!
Itchin' & Scratchin'
Chris Tyler and Ty Tucker are back in the house and it's never a dull moment with these Sun Coast boys around. Chris is 26 years young and from Tampa and O-Town boy, Ty is 23 years young. Orlando has more to offer than the Magic Kingdom? Who knew! With the Summer Olympics looming we wondered what event these studs would go to if they had their pick. Chris would want to see men's gymnastics, 'Cuz the boys are SO hot' Chris says in his best effeminate voice. Mmhmm. Ty would want to go see Swimming. (surprised?) When it came to playing sports in high school, Chris played football, baseball and did wrestling. Ty was an avid weight-lifter, played football and ran track as well. If sex was an Olympic event we wondered what category they'd win gold in. 'Tea-bagging!' grins Chris, packing more balls than the average smart ass. He's definitely qualified. Ty would win gold in the fucking category cuz he's a 'Grade-A Cock Star'. Ty, given the choice, would love to have a hot orgy scene with beautiful women. Chris's fantasy scene hits a little closer to home as he admits his secret fantasy is to find someone that can fit all three of his balls in their mouth... Jaws of Life coming right up.Ty and Chris are chillin' when Ty starts to tease Chris about his recently shaved chest. 'Doesn't that itch?' he says as Chris gets up to show off what doesn't. He peels off his tank to reveal his washboard abs. Ty starts to run his hands all over Chris' pecs and abs and his hands roam south to the bulge in his pants. 'What's going on here?' he grins as Chris undoes his pants and gives him the chance to find out. Ty pulls out Chris' massive nuts as he gets to work lapping at those huge nuts. Chris just moans as he gets his nuts then his uncut cock serviced. He holds Ty's head as he starts to fuck his face. 'Suck that cock, Boy!' he grunts as Ty slobbers all over his throbbing meat. Chris then straddles Ty's face fucking his throat so deep he repeatedly makes him gag on it. Not one to be deterred, Ty goes right back to swallowing that meat and licking those meaty balls. Chris then gets on his knees to return the favor as he swallows Ty's dick. His hot little ass is in the air as he blows Ty on all four. Ty's cock is rock hard as he watches Chris savor every inch of his thick dick making it all wet and ready for more.Chris is getting horny for more as he straddles Ty's cock and eases himself down on it. 'Tight little ass' Ty teases as Chris' hot hole continues to take his cock. Chris struggles to take it all but soon he's riding that dick like a champ. Once he gets used to it inside he starts to bounce up and down on Ty's dick. 'I bet you love that fuckin' ass, don'tcha!' Chris grunts as Ty begins to slam his cock up into him. Ty then turns Chris around and fucks him in a reverse cowgirl as Chris helps himself to as much cock as he can take in that tight ass. Chris' own cock is hard and bobbin' like a trampoline as he grinds that hot hole down wanting to get every inch Ty has to offer in his str8 ass. Fortunately, what comes around goes around. 'Fuck that hole feels so good' Chris groans as he bends Ty over and fucks that ass doggy style. Ty whimpers as he tries to accommodate the pounding he's getting. Chris spanks that ass as he owns Ty's tight hole. Chris' balls slap away at that sore ass as Ty just whimpers and begs for more. As they get close they stand side by side and bust their loads all over the glass table each one impressed with the other's huge load. Whew. Str8 boys!-Go figure.
Jayden Enjoys His Anal Pleasures!
A lot of boys just get their cocks out and stroke them until their cum load is erupting. But then there are boys like sexy twink Jayden Taylor, boys who love the feel of their ass being filled in and fucked. So when boys like Jayden don't have anyone to fuck their ass and feed them a hot cum load they'll "make do". Jayden knows how to give himself what he wants, fucking himself with a dildo, jerking off and shooting his hot cum into a cup to drink every drop!
Newcomer Henry Fucks Dan Hard!
For a newcomer to all on-camera business, Henry Samson is awfully adept at drilling Dan Jenkins in his first duo!
Puppy Play - Taylor & Lex
Lex has been a good boy and obedient puppies get to lick their master's feet and suck big hard cock. He's been trained to give hot, mouthwatering blow jobs to please his owner and as a treat get that hard cock right up his ass. Taylor fucks his puppy hard on the couch before both young, uncut cocks explode in hot loads of cum.
Felipe and Gabe
Felipe and Gabe
Dolan Wolf and Marc Angelo
Nasty, hairy and totally piggy, and that's just Marc Angelo, when you add Dolan Wolf to the mix there's always going to be a twisted, perverted edge, especially as he's brought his violet wand. Poor Marc Angelo doesn't know whats hit him, Dolan tortures his nipples, teases his hairy hole open and plunges his fat, uncut cock right up the balls in Marc's ravenous fuck-hole. Big daddy Marc isn't so cocky with hairy Dolan bucking his hole.
Jack Hall And Tyson Tyler
They say that size isn't everything... but size is most definitely everything in this duo with the immensely handsome and built hunk Tyson Tyler and relative noob to gay porn Jack Hall. Tyson is energetic and hungry for ass in this video, eating out that pale and tight butt as the hung guy sucks on those dark inches of man meat n return. But you know someone is going to get fucked deep in this duo... Hung boy Jack Hall takes the big cock of equally hung Tyson as he jerks himself off, taking that big cock like a champ until the cum squirts out of his dick. Then Tyson delivers his own creamy load too.
Corey and Andy Fuck
Andy and Corey get right down to business as they fuck in a hotel room. Corey is ready to get back at Andy from their last encounter and fucks him like crazy until they both cum all over each other.Andy is one of the best discoveries I have made. With his great looks and consistently solid performances on camera, he is on his way to being a big star in the industry. He is always professional on and off camera. He now is my right hand man helping me film and edit the movies. He is not only a great model and employee but also one of my good friends. Corey Clark started filming for me when he was just 18 and still in high school. The first time I saw him naked I was totally hooked. He is one of the most popular models on the site. His boyish marvelous looks, pretty blue eyes, and perfectly tanned skin make him one sexy twink.
Football Fuck 5
Daniel is cleaning the changing rooms but the sight of dirty jockstraps and football kits makes him super excited and horny. He takes a Jockstrap and smells it while stroking his cock and then imagines what it would be like to have a guy there willing to give him permission to touch him all over and cum all over!
Sexual Hot Tub
Wow, me and Matthew King were in the hot tub just relaxing when I saw his yummy cock perk up and get hard. I couldn't resist and soon enough I had his hard muscle inside my mouth and my tight holes!
Bareback Service Scene 3
Ever heard the saying, there are too many chefs in the kitchen? Well in this case, three seems to be one too many. These three twinks make a mockery of their kitchen's health and safety regulations, but they certainly provide each other with exceptional service. This scene is a hot display of sucking, fucking and twink-on-twink action.
Deigo's First Huge Cock
Diego was so caught off guard when I showed him my cock. He spreaded his tight asshole for me to stretch open for him. I blew my load all over his chest!
Confessions 3
Handsome, young, horny and hung, four of our favourite attributes all of which apply to three of our favourite sexy models. These stunning guys can't wait to get naked, for each other and of course for you.
Andy And Austin Make a Porno
Austin and Andy Kay are hot for each other, so naturally, we asked them to make a hard core, sucking, fucking, cum soaked porn video for us! Andy Kay has shot, directed and starred in countless gay porns before, but just thinking about having Austin's huge cock up his ass caused him to make a mistake any pornographer would be ashamed of; he forgot to turn on the mic! The video starts out with Andy Kay explaining his mishap but promising that you will love the video anyway. Take a look at these two horny guys as they fuck, suck and jerk the cum out of each other and see if your jizz fetish isn't satisfied!
Boys Will Be Boys Part 5: Fuji Ti...
Today, we get to spend some time with the sexy young Fuji. Join us as we get to know a little more about this Asian twink. After talking with Fuji for a while, he gives us a little show and bares all including that tight young ass. Sit back and enjoy the show as Fuji jerks off for us and blows a thick creamy load on his stomach.
Liam's Lay Back
Liam steps in for his first interview and shows off his outgoing personality. Besides his very interesting lifestyle, he also reveals that he's a virgin. Contemplate how Boycrush might fix that while watching him stroke his big thick cock.As everyone knows I have a soft spot for blonds, especially ones with longer hair and Liam is no exception. He also has a perfect skinny body and lost his virginity on camera. I expect good things from him in the future
Punk Waxing British Boys
Punk-haired beauty Drake Blaize joins the Boynapped team with this scorching hot video. It'll burn up your screen watching this footage of the pale cutie having his skin set aflame with hot wax. His hot, blond dominator gets so hard watching him suffer, he has to jerk off his beautiful cock and leave him with a cum facial too.
Shooting Star
Bryce Starr makes his debut with us here on CircleJerkBoys and we're glad to finally have this classic featured, inked hottie with us. Bryce is 24 years old and a west coast boy originally from Los Angeles. Returning for his second appearance with us and eager to help welcome Bryce to the club is Reed Royce. Reed is 24 years old as well but he's a Son of the South from just a ways up the street in Alabama. We wondered what these two growing boys considered their favorite meal. Bryce's favorite is Fettuccini Alfredo; and no one makes it better than his Mom. Reed also went with his favorite Mom made dish Chicken Noodle soup. Turning the topic to sex we wondered what their earliest sexual memory was. It was 7th grade for Bryce and Elementary School for Reed. Two sexual prodigies are in the house. lol We wrapped up our tawdry chat asking them to describe the perfect cock. Bryce wants it thick, but not too thick and wants it a decent size as he holds up his hand and points at the distance between his outstretched pinky and thumb. For Reed, he's girth-friendly; wants 'at least' 8
Wilfried Knight
Handsome, hairy, hung, uncut... Wilfred Knight ticks all our boxes and then some. With his perfectly sculpted body and sparkling personality, it's hardly surprising Wilfred is a multi award-winning performer who's in constant demand and we're very happy we were able to meet up with him during his short visit back home. Feast your eyes on this perfect European stud and hear him growl as he splashes hot cum on his furry abs.
Mark Green
Mark Green is one of those lads who looks a little too timid for porn, but he's definitely got what it takes to please the boys! This sporty top has a really slim body and a delicious 8" cock to share with the guys. He really gets into gripping his balls and tugging on them as he wanks himself off hard and fast to a hot load of cream! We can't wait to see him slamming that cock into one of the other guys!
Alexandre & Guy
Alexandre & Guy
Bro Buds Secret Fuck
It's no secret these guys are close friends. They do everything together. Behind closed doors they fool around with each other when they get to horny. Jake loves getting his sweet ass poke by his best friend...
Backstage Pass
We edit hours of video to produce each Butch Dixon scene, quite often cutting some great stuff that just wouldn't fit. Then there's all the hilarious & hot stuff that happens when we are not officially shooting. As well as being hot fuckers, our guys are funny, sexy and great to be around, so here's a glimpse (well, a 45 minute compilation is more than a glimpse) at what goes on behind the scenes when we're shooting your favourite porn scenes with your favourite hunks.
Roommate Cock Drama
Uh oh, Greg is at it again, his roommate is fuming at him cause he came home after a night of clubbing, and left the front door open. The roomie has had it up to here with it and needs to punish Greg, but when he see's him asleep on the bed, he can't help but get turned on and starts jacking his cock. He wakes up Greg with his cock in his mouth and fucks the shit out of his ass. I'm guessing after tonight, he'll be leaving the door open more often.
Dating Surprise
Emilio been craving a huge cock to rip open his tight butthole. He was browsing a local internet dating website and came across this stud with a freakishly oversized penis to plow him missionary position.
Cute Teen Boy Assholes!
Brutal top Adam Watson gets off big time when he gets the chance to batter cute teens assholes. Taped to the cross, 'baby face' Jacob Daniels lies helpless to Adam's pounding. Deep inside Jacob, this cute twink can do nothing more then scream and moan. Between each brutal anal assault, Adam whips the whimpering lad demanding his punishment be taken. Witness the perfect cumshot Adam delivers over Jacob's bruised back.
Starring Issac Jones
We've loved Issac Jones for a long time, it could be his handsome good looks, his muscular toned body or his big heavy, uncut dick (or his very cute French accent). Maybe its because we popped his porno cherry, with the help of Jay Roberts, or perhaps its because he's such a hot, manly top AND such a nasty, piggy bottom, whatever it is, we love shooting him just as much as you love to watch him perform and he keeps us all cumming back for more.
Big Cum
Two hot twinks, Neck Fongenee and Nut Lakdee are on a couch and making large things happen. Both boys are here to see who can come up with the biggest one, cumshot that is. It’s Boykakke’s “Big Cum Contest,” and you get to sit back, grab your remote and vote.
Rough man on man outdoor sex
Bareback sex is what makes hunks feel good again so they fuck outdoor till both cocks blast lot of fresh male milk
Morning Glory
Sam walks into the kitchen wearing nothing but a hard-on and finds he's not as alone in the house as he'd thought...J.P. was just about to leave, but faced with a hard, uncut cock, decides to stick around and stick his own juicy fat cock in Sam's willing arse... well, it would be rude not to!Sam wakes up with a raging hard-on as usual and begins a leisurely wank. It's his day off, and as he has the all the time in the world, he decides to take a break and save his cum for later. It's also the day he has the house to himself (or so he thinks) so he doesn't wear a thing as he strolls into the kitchen, his hard, uncut cock swinging free.He's surprised to find a stranger in the house, who turns out to be a friend of his house mate who stayed the night.JP's even more surprised, as he looks up from his bag packing to find a juicy cock inches from his face and a handsome hunk attached to it! Turns out both guys love uncut cock and now that the ice has been broken... When Sam started his leisurely wank, he was dreaming of men with thick uncut cocks and now he has JP's monster sliding all the way inside him until he can hold back that big load no longer and shoots onto the glass table before feeling JP's wet cum on his face.
Brock N' Roll
Brock N' Roll
Meat Your New Friend
Aaron Slate is a Circle Jerk Boy returning star, welcoming a very hot, very horny new boy named Jake Zackery. Jake is quite openly sexually and eager to get his hard cock wet. He can tell by Aaron Slate's nubile body that he's about to have a good time! When the director gives the cue, these two sexy guys don't waste time getting right into some nice, passionate action. Aaron loves taking fat dick in his tight hole. But before he sinks his large swollen submarine, Jake is taking some time to treat Aaron's body like a wonderland. First they remove each other's underwear and stroke their firm cocks together. Jake goes down and wraps his warm mouth around Aaron's hefty dong, slurping nice and deep. Then Aaron returns the favor by tenderly sucking Jake's pulsating erection. From there, it's an intense fuck session as Jake pounds Aaron's hole hard. Check out the different ways Aaron gets filled by his sexy new friend! Enjoy!