Miles Ben & Jaxson
I rented a boxing ring for a weekend, and some of guys and I headed off for some filming. Nothing like a new location to inspire some hot and heavy sex. Jaxson and Ben are training in the boxing ring. Jason is shirtless and showing off that hot bod of his. He's holding up his boxing gloves and taking some punches from Ben. But Ben gets a little ambitious and Jaxson flies backwards and falls to the mat. Ben calls out for some help from Miles, a bald, masculine hunk who is also working out in the gym. Ben bends down and gives Jaxson a little mouth to mouth; but the young boxer quickly learns it's just an excuse to sneak a kiss. By the time Miles arrives in the boxing ring, Ben and Jaxson are locked in a passionate kiss. Miles helps himself to Jaxson's cock and starts stiffening it up with his mouth. After this boxing threeway turns into a blowjob swapping trio, Jaxson gives Ben's ass a good pounding. Miles joins in the fun and the two horny boxer tower over Ben, who is kneeling on the mat, and get ready to shower him with cum. Ben is a newcomer to Butch Dixon, but both Miles and Jaxson have played here before.
Sex Club Filming Adventure
This is a first for Japanboyz and the crew and unlike anything we've ever done or experienced. Thanks to one of our contacts in Japan being a "friend of a friend" we'll say, we were invited to a rare and unique event. The best I can do to describe it would be sort of like having an "open house" but, by invitation only. On this particular day, a local "sex club" provides a unique service for both their "members" (clients) and a "select few" companies in the porn industry. Yup, you guessed it, we happen to be one of the "select few" this time. Of course, members have to complete the legal documentation, but this is part of their fantasy... to be a famous porn star. As you watch this video, you'll hear conversations and commotion in the background. This is from other members and film crews as they move throughout the facility from room to room. It was a truly a very unique experience for us and nothing or anyone could have prepared us for. Upon entering, the rules are explained to us as a film crew and we are shown where to go. As we walk down a hallway passing room after room, sex explodes in every imaginable form and in some ways that none of you ever even considered or dared think about. We spot a door at the end of the hall with a window and a man sitting in what we now know is a private 2 person sauna. As we approach, the gentleman is alone and pleasuring himself, acknowledges our presence and invites us to open the door. We engage in conversation and learn that he goes by the name of "Ko" within the club. Let's fast forward to the next scene. Moving to a small but empty bedroom nearby, we get to see ALL of Ko and his beautifully sculpted muscular body. (get a load of those abs!) He obviously works out in real life and perhaps a body builder with his muscular chest and upper body. The legs too! He is completely shaven smooth right down to every "crook and cranny." Besides the unique set of cock and ball ring that he wears, he has a butt plug the likes of which none of us have ever seen. It's really magnificent! Ko lives out his sexual fantasies to the fullest here at the club and includes wearing a meshed covered ski mask. While lying on the bed cooling off from the sauna, we get to take in every inch of his body with our camera... WOW! is all I can say and it's not often I say that after having worked in this industry and seen or at least thought I had seen pretty much everything there was to see. After a few minutes, a young man (Kaede) 18 to 20 I would say, enters Ko's room and approaches Ko laying on the bed. Kaede starts to play and suck on Ko's enlarged nipples which seems to drive him crazy with excitement as we see Ko's cock stiffen. Kaede continues sucking on Ko's nipples and twisting them as Ko himself twists and turns in the bed unable to hold back. Kaede then moves down to suck Ko's hard cock. Ko reaches down to undress Kaede and play with his nipples while Kaede is busy sucking his cock and then turns Kaede over on the bed and reaches into his pants and takes the lead of aggressor. Lying on top of Kaede, he kisses and pulls at Kaede's tongue with his teeth and lips before moving down to suck on his nipples. Once removing Kaede's pants, Ko positions himself between Kaede's legs and begins to suck on the boys cock and then aggressively eat and tongue his ass. When the time is right, Ko reaches for the lube and begins to work his fingers in and out of Kaede's hole. Ko then gives Kaede a good face fucking and they exchange some kissing before Ko throws Kaede's legs back in the air and drives his cock, cock rings and all into Kaede's ass until he cums deep inside of Kaede. This is raw, unrehearsed Japanese gay bareback sex at its best! The video doesn't end here. Earlier on and being the "kinky little shit" that I am, I had placed a mini camcorder in the bathroom "just in case" (wink). As fortune would have it, we got to see Kaede jack himself off after being fucked by Ko. So don't think the video is over when Ko cums in Kaede's ass!
Stefan Stewart
Now this guy is RIPPED, handsome, horny, 90% straight and hung. Blonde Stefan has just started doing porn work, but with a thick, heavy cock like that he's going to be in demand. He's so cute and sexy when he said he'd be up for a blow job from a bloke we jumped at the chance - watch this space...
Jake Marshall & Kevin McDonough
They grow 'em big and studly stateside! Jake Marshall has SO totally turned me on to silver haired daddies, you just know this guy knows exactly what makes a guy tick. He's handsome, he looks so dignified, which makes it even more of a turn on to see his silver heard in a guy's ass. Kevin's a newbie, eager to impress and Jake's pushes all his buttons turning the muscular pup into a pulsating, selection of holes to be used and abused with his long, rock-hard daddy meat. And that is such a big, stiff dick Jake's wielding and you can tell he knows how to use it!
Gary & Alexandre
Haven't we all fantasized about going down on the UPS or Fedex man? Well these two cubs show us how such a fantasy might pan out. Alexandre is just finishing up in the shower when Gary, the delivery man, comes banging on his door. Alexandre wraps a towel around his waist and opens the door. While Alexandre attempts to sign for the package his towel falls to the floor. Gary stoops down to pick it up and while he's down there ... I know, it's cheap and cheesy. Did you come here to see award-winning scripts turned into movies, or did you come here to watch guys fuck? I thought so. Gary gets right to work on Alexandre's cock. And this beefy cub is quite vocal, as you'll see in the preview. He slaps Gary's ass through his blowjob and calls him all sorts of nasty names. Gary is a tattooed and hairy cub who is wearing a mohawk and he loves getting his ass plugged. He sure gets a special delivery in this video. These guys are a little younger than most of the men on Butch Dixon, but I love the cubs just as much as the muscle bears, so I hope you enjoy.
Nicky Six's First Time!
Nicky Six kicks off his first gay experience with Miles Pride who worships his nine incher with relish. He sucks Nicky's long dick before taken every inch inside his tight ass. They finish with a hot facial and cum eating. He might be straight, but even Nicky couldn't resist a naked Miles Pride servicing him!Normally I hate tattoos on twinks, but he really had some cool ones. He has this great mix of young innocent looking boy next door with this edgy emo punk look to him. Super skinny and small with big brown heart melting eyes. He has this great confident and funny personality. An all around great model.
Hot Body Men Encounters
Alexander is a fucking hottie. He has a super tight body with a perfect dick. We found his naughty tapes and boy were we excited. We finally got to see this hot stud get fucked...
Latino Deep Tissue Massage
Gianni Luca has always been comfortable around guys, so when I start rubbing him down, he's cool with it. But I start rubbing closer and closer to his crotch, until he has his throbbing cock in my mouth. Gianni goes with it, though he knows he'll have to leave a bigger tip!
Corey's Deep Oil Rub Down
Corey has been training for a competition for the last 3 months, and he pulled a muscle. I went by his place he was a fucking hottie...I gave him my special treatment with the deep anal fucking.
Dungeon Pigs Part Five
Get in line, has piggies-a-plenty in this latest release of “Dungeon Pigs #5.” “Fill ‘em up,” is the theme of this video as the daddies fuck the boys hard, don’t worry, the piggies get theirs in the end, and mouth. Squeals of delight abound as the piggies pucker their holes, are spit roasted, and served up a feast of jizz. On their knees and legs spread wide, the daddies also allow one boy to work on himself, after he serves up his face for a cum overload.
Mitch Catches His Twinky Students
When teacher Mitch catches shirtless twink lovers Robbie and Jordan in his classroom he gets an invite to a threesome that he just can't refuse! With so much cock being shared some hot ass is soon needed and Robbie finds himself in the middle of a spitroast, with Jordan and muscled hunk Mitch taking turns in his mouth and ass! With his cum fucked out of him, the boy takes a mess to the face from Jordan, and a cum shower from Mitch!19 year old Jordan is a handsome and sexy young man with a great smooth and slim body and an ass that just cries out for a hard fucking. Thankfully there are plenty of guys willing to give the boy what he needs, and when it comes to getting it in the butt he definitely knows a thing or two about getting a guy off!Mitch might not be a stranger to many of you. This muscled hunk has been in the business for a few years now, always delivering in scene after scene of hardcore action. It's hard to believe that this hunk used to be a twink, but the gym has obviously paid off and now he's one of the hunkiest men in the business!Robbie Anthony is the life of the party, always horny and always ready to fuck. This handsome dark twink knows what he wants and he knows how to get it, sucking and fucking like a pro to get the boys off. The versatile twink is totally into getting fucked, but can definitely give it hard and deep when he wants some ass!
The Lay-Over
Trey Turner is back this week and he's brought along Alexander Garrett. There is plenty of dick to go round with these two in the house. No complaints here! It being the holidays and the aftermath thereof we wondered what the last purchase they made for themselves was. 'Shoes' answers Trey and Hugo is quick to concur. Hugo, who apparently has a bit of an Imelda Marcos complex, loves shoes so much he tries to get a new pair every weekend. We then asked them what their favorite desert is since we figure it can't be all gym all the time. Key Lim Pie is Trey's weakness while Hugo loves Cr
Fantasy Guyland
Back this week to have his fantasy fulfilled is Alex Slater. Last week, Alex made his debut on MenOver30. This recent addition to the MenOver30 fold made such an impression with is sexy French-Lebanese mix that we just had to have him back. For those of you who missed Alex he told us that his fantasy scene partner would be Matthew Rush. So Matthew who made his first webisode with us, was more than happy to help us out. Though Alex is just starting out in this industry and is excited to unknown adventures, Matthew admits he
Roped Down And Ass Stretched
Ashton Bradley has Luke Desmond's hot body roped down and prepped for the onslaught to come in this video. Watch him jerk off over the blond hottie's head and stuff his perfect ass full with a giant black dildo. Ashton wants to play and he won't be satisfied until this ripped twink gets a serving of hell.
Men In Blue Part3
Men In Blue Part3 scene1
Smart Asses - Sean & Josh
Cute Nerdy boy,Josh is having a piss and when Sean walks next to him and pulls out his big cock, he cant help but stare! Sean is one of the rough boys and decides to give Josh's tiny little ass a lesson, fucking both his mouth and ass with no remorse, rewarding him a nice shot of cum on his face!
Parker Bros
This week we have a Parker Brothers extravaganza! Well, these two aren't really brothers; but just go with it. The first is a recurring favorite who last had one hell of a time taking Addison Andrew's huge cock. We're glad to see Parker Brookes back with that sexy face, sweet smile and that ass that doesn't quit. For those of you that don't already know, Parker Brookes is 22 and from Mobile, AL. Mr. Brookes is more than happy to help us introduce a brand new face on ExtraBigDicks. Originally from Austin, Texas, Parker Perry is here to show us just how BIG they grow them in Texas. (...wait for it) Parker is a well defined hottie with a twinkle in his eye and what looks like a well built bod underneath those clothes. At 21, Mr. Perry has a prominent future ahead of him. We asked these two if they could have any profession made a reality right now; what would that career choice be. Parker Brookes wants a degree in acting to complement his current degree in music. Parker Perry wants to fly fighter jets. Well, boys will be boys. We think Parker Perry would look damn hot in a flight suit. Then again, he'd look even better out of one...and in Parker Brookes instead. Shall we? <evil grin>Parker P. is relaxing on the futon when he's joined by Mr. Brookes. They start to make out as they break the ice. Parker P. gets Brookes on his back as he undoes his shorts and goes exploring. Brookes is already rock hard and Parker P. wastes little time before running his tongue along his cotton-clad cock. He goes back to kissing Brookes who lies back and watches as Parker P. runs his tongue down his chest. He works those sexy nips before pulling out his throbbing cock. Brookes gasps as Parker P. runs his tongue on his knob. Parker P. goes down on that cock and starts to bob his head on it as he takes every inch of Brookes' cock deep. Brookes watches a bit before he starts to playfully hump up into Parker P.'s skilled mouth. Brookes' smooth bod and rock hard cock look amazing as he gets that dick worked. Then Brookes wants to return the favor as he sits before Parker P. and slowly undoes his shorts. As he pulls down his briefs we get our first view of his thick, 9' mammoth cock. He wasn't kidding--they REALLY do grow 'em big in Texas. Brookes wraps his mouth around as much of it as he can as it gets harder and harder.Brookes works that cock like a pro as he manages to get most of it in his hot mouth. Parker P. not only has a man size cock but a sexy hairy chest and abs to boot. Brookes plays with his smooth balls as he continues to nurse on that thick meat. Parker P. slowly starts to fuck Brookes' face as he tries to get more of his dick in that warm mouth. Brookes takes his time as he worships that huge dong wanting to get Parker as hard as possible. They then maneuver into a hot 69 position with Brookes on the top nursing that fat cock while Parker P sucks his cock as well as eats that smooth ass. When these two are ready for more, Parker gets bent over as Brookes slides his rock hard cock inside that hot hairy ass. Parker groans and moans for more as Brookes pounds away at that ass. 'Yeah, take it!' Brookes orders as he claims that ass. Parker P. can't get enough of that thick dick in his ass and he fucks Brookes right back, bucking his hole back onto that dick for more. Brookes then sits back as Parker P. sits on his cock and rides him for more. Brookes bounces the hung Texan on his meat before fucking him missionary. Missionary proves too much for Parker P. who gets the cum fucked out of him as he explodes all over his hairy chest and abs. Brookes then pulls out and unloads his thick load all over Parker P's cum-drenched, uncut cock.
There is a nice well defined Japanese boy for you today in this hot
The hot action continues in the rain as Nico continues to suck his friends thick uncut cock...Nico looks so hot with that meat between his fucking lips! Nico get's pissed on again and he can't take it...he decides to bust his nut and shoots his load on his smooth chest! Jhoan is really fucking turned on by the hot blowjob and Nico turns over and puts that smooth bubble butt of his in the air...teasing Jhoan. Jhoan rubs the head of his cock against Nico's asshole...he even tries to fuck him raw but they don't have lube and he's too fucking horny to stop to get any and he busts his nut all over Nico's ass! Of course, they are still hot and piss several more times until they finally clean up after their wet sex in the rain! What a hot pair of boys! You know they will play with each other again very soon!
Latina Lover Drools Over Giant Cock
Dominic is such a Latin Lover. He kind of looks likes one of guys from 300. He's super sexy and he's down to fuck a guy with a huge cock. I love watching to sexy men fuck...
Kyler and Conner Hook Up After Their Date!
Kyler Moss is all horned up after their date, but Conner Bradley's feeling hungry... so they kill two birds with one stone! Famous over at BoyCrush for being able to take a hard pounding, Kyler gives up his hole to Conner's 8" here, too. He has his ass slammed until he blows his load before Conner pulls out to shoot jizz all over him. The Italian twink licks up their cum greedily before sharing with Kyler.We're calling it now: Conner Bradley is going to be a twink star! He's been doing porn for a few months now and we're confident he's going to get better and better. He has a maturity beyond his eighteen years, not to mention a cute face and a huge cock!Kyler Moss is an exclusive with BoyCrush, so we're thrilled to see him making an appearance on GayLife Network!
Bend Over And Take It Hard!
Aaron Aurora never looks as good as he does when he's bound with streams of hot wax running down his fit body. Lincoln takes so much pleasure from pounding Aarons smooth ass before coming around and forcing his throbbing dick down his boys throat. Aarons mouth feels too good as Lincoln is forced to blow his load right into Aarons mouth and watch as it drips from his boys lips.
Popping Cherry and Sucking Big Cock
Aiden Ash is a new comer and he proves he can handle the spotlight in this video. He goes down on Xander Brennan's big cock for awhile and you can see he's had practice! The two make out a lot and when Xander is ready, he puts Aiden on his back and starta fucking him good. He jerks is cock intensely until he cums while Xander's cock is deep inside him. Blond boy Aiden's cherry is popped!18 year old, slim slender body. He loves to be a bottom and despite his small size, he loves huge cocks!Xander is the new twink on the block! He's a natural and it's great to see him have a good time on camera!
japanese jizzers
From, enjoy this hot "cumpilation" of "Japanese Jizzers." Each sweet Asian twink has worked very hard to give us what we want. These examples of the finest creamy nectar each boy has produced, is but a taste of what is in store for our members.
Callum's Out with the Cool Kids
We've got another straight lad in the hot seat this week, Callum Astor, and he may try to hide it, but we can tell he's a little nervous! ;-) A London-born steel worker, twenty-one year old Callum describes himself as, "straight-curious." He's only ever fooled around with other guys in his head while having a wank (but we're hoping we can convince him to change that with us!) When he's not working, you're likle to find Callum out terrorizing the local clubs with his mates or swimming to keep his fitness up. He says he loves teasing and foreplay between the sheets, which becomes apparent as he strips down and starts to tease his cock. He's got a very nice piece on him, too, thick and plenty of foreskin! If anything, Callum's nervousness makes him more focused on the task at hand (literally!) He's red in the face by the time he lays back on the couch and announces he's about to cum, splattering his smooth abs with jizz.
Benjamin Ryan And Tom Stirling
Real life lovers Benjamin Ryan and Tom Stirling are clearly hungry for each other in this hardcore and horny love making session. They're perfectly matched too. The lights are low and the mood is so intense as the boys strip and get sucking on those hard tools. Benjamin offers his sweet ass for the slim and toned Tom to slide into, and he gets a great long fuck, riding that dick all over the bed until his load is pumping out over the slightly hairy body of his top buddy. But Benjamin gets an even more impressive load in the face as he strokes off Tom!
Big Holiday Celebration
Keegan wants to go big for the holidays. When we brought Luke over, Keegan knew he was in for a treat. Keegan unzipped Luke's pants and pulled out his big thick cock. Keegan needed two hands to handle the giant thing.
Shou Tsuyoshi and Ryota 2
Anytime these three get together, the fun fucking is not far behind. Shou, Ryota and Tsuyoshi come to play; toys included. At, these twinks sure know how to have a ball, or two. Take notes, you may be called upon afterwards to lend a hand. On the floor, Shou and Ryota again follow Tsuyoshi
Bareback Fuck and Double Fisted ...
Down in the Berlin Dungeon, Hannes is fisted, double fisted and fist-fucked by Andre. I just love the way these Andre sticks his tongue deep in the hole as he fists and double fists that huge gaping hole. The best bit is at the end though, watching as Daddy fists and fucks this pig's huge hole with his bare cock and the same time!
Major League
Baseball scout Andrew Stark has his eye on talented young Mike de Marko but would rather have his hands, mouth and cock on him. Luckily Andrew has something Mike wants and the guys strip down for an intense locker room fuck!
Three Gorgeous Boys Chain Fuck!
Who could possibly say no to gorgeous boy Krys Perez? His handsome blond cousin Anthony Evans definitely can't when he stops by and find Krys making out with his sexy boyfriend Robbie Anthony. The duo make their move, sucking Anthony and feeding him cock, and before he knows what's happening he's in the middle of a threeway cock fest, getting tag teamed by the boys! Check out the chain fuck with Krys inside Robbie, and Robbie inside Anthony!Some boys are made for porn, and Anthony Evans is most definitely one of those boys. This versatile blond is so handsome, and he has a cock that just will not quit! He's happy to get fucked hard by some of the horniest and hung top boys, but steps up to slide into some ass and really delivers his dick too!Krys has this "Hollywood" look; he's a future star that's for sure! He is comfortable in front of the camera and is quite a performer.Robbie Anthony is the life of the party, always horny and always ready to fuck. This handsome dark twink knows what he wants and he knows how to get it, sucking and fucking like a pro to get the boys off. The versatile twink is totally into getting fucked, but can definitely give it hard and deep when he wants some ass!
Studious Sexy Seduction
I had to get some study time with Chase Young and i just knew i wanted his yummy cock inside of me. Luckily he had the same idea and he turned me over and opened up my hole to pump me inside.
Cocks & Bond
We have two blasts from the past as we welcome back Steven Daigle and Braxton Bond. Braxton is 32 and originally from Maine but is now residing, across the pond, in London. Steven Daigle is also back and this sexy 37 years old currently lives in San Diego. We wondered if these two had to move and live in another city which city would it be. Oddly enough, Steven would want to live in London because he thinks it's one of the best cities in the world. Braxton would want to live in Los Angeles. We wondered if Steven's now infamous stint as a houseguest on Big Brother 10, for all of 2 seconds, helped him discover his exhibitionist side. We thought it may have helped make the transition into the adult industry that much easier. Steven admits he was always an exhibitionist at heart and has always wanted to be in front of the camera. Big Brother just reaffirmed his need. Braxton also got his start in the industry wanting to fulfill his need to be watched. He got some pictures together and set out to get into the industry. We wondered if in the industry if they got into toys of any kind. Steven doesn't really get into them but he feels he should at least buy a Steven Daigle dildo. As he laughs it off, we notice a gleam in Braxton's eyes. TSA agents beware Braxton's might be
Lunch time means fuck time for these guys
Lucky dudes enjoy on their work as their lunch time use for some real pumping action as stud prefers friend's tasty salami swallowing it, making him groan of pleasure and drown. Dude lays down and makes already wet and ready ass on friend's mercy. He screwed him hard and spilled white jizz on his chests
Intervention scene1
Naughty Student is Punished for Plagiarism
Krys Perez is a disciplinary professor in this unbelievably hot scene. His student Adam Scott has plagiarized and is terrified of being expelled. He has to find a way to convince his professor not to get him in trouble and it seems the only way to do that is to get on his knees and put Krys' cock in his mouth. The Prof takes full advantage and has his naughty student bent over and taking it. What a hot fantasy!Adam is a young, slender new bottom with a perfect ass and an adorable attitude. He loves being mounted and taking cock in his mouth.Krys has this "Hollywood" look; he's a future star that's for sure! He is comfortable in front of the camera and is quite a performer.
Bad Babysitters - Reece and Aiden
Aiden needs a good bedtime story to go to sleep and being the good friend that he is, Reece takes the role of the babysitter… who turns bad! As soon as Aiden falls asleep, Reece grabs the chance to get what he always wanted. A hot fuck with his best friend and that's what he gets as Aiden seems like he is hungry for some action too. Aiden swallows Reeces fat and juicy cock, turning it rock solid and ready to slip into his tight hole, fucking him hard until they both explode in liquid sweetness!
Straight Roommate Perversions
Some guys just love having sex. Travis is one of those guys. Travis and his roommate have been getting nasty late at night. They've been fucking each other secretly like two horny males in heat.
Julian Raw
Chatting up Julian Raw, it seems he likes to play with boys and wants to show us his nice body. His favorite porn is American gay porn and he fanaticizes about a guy with some muscles. This model will be doing a solo today, but might be up for more later. As Julian gets naked, he works his fabulous body well, teasing to please. His sexy bubble but is in sweet contrast to his very fit abs; I count a 6-pack, at least. Playing with his uncut dick, Julian makes it fun to watch, and so tempting to join in. First on the bed, then in the tub, he is all about the rhythm and the pleasure he is feeling. As he blows his load, he has a very creamy happy ending; I hope you did too. After he showers and soaps up that body, Julian will be ready for the next opportunity that
Jordan's Tense Situation
Jordan has been so stressed and tense, that he is now in mad pain. He is aching for a really rough massage. He needs someone to rub out all the sore muscles knots and get regular. He came to the right place.
Michael Vargas - Bukkake Veteran!
You may recognise Michael Vargas from previous BukkakeBoy scenes.. not one to shy away from the limelight, this Puerto Rican bareback stallion finally decided to step into the ring! Always at ease, whether giving or receiving, Michael started with luscious, sucking blowjobs and hand jobs for the entire BukkakeBoys gang. And when the time came to receive, Michael eagerly exposed his bangin´ butt for some serious penetration. Bareback after bareback, his juicy hole was ravaged until they all orgasmed with a sticky explosion all over his face!
Grand Ass Canyons
Denver has the nicest ass around. I rubbed his body down and once I got to those grand canyons I just had to split them open to have some fun with that hole.
Jacobey Likes...Motocross?!
Nineteen year old Jacobey London is the sort of book you don't judge by its cover. Jacobey might rock the short-shorts but he also knows how to handle a motorcycle between his legs! He's as serious about motocross as he is about having something stuck in his butt. He talks about 69-ing in a Volvo and some of his early sexual experiences before he works a glass dildio up his ass and jacks off.Jacobey London is just full of surprises behind that animated grin of his! For a boy who knows how to rock a pair of short-shorts, you might be surprised to learn that one of his favorite hobbies is motocross! Apparently we have Elijah White to thank for introducing this one into porn; thanks, Elijah!
Our New Toy
Dear Diary, It's Hunter again and I just wanted to drop a line today. My sweet boyfriend bought us a brand new toy for us to enjoy. Andy is so sweet. He bought us a double-sided toy that we both can enjoy. Of course it's just a tease, but that leads us up to the real thing nicely. What a man.
Bareback Rox
Bareback Rox
Pee and Cum Kissers Orgy
Explaining today’s fun, the director makes sure that Nut Lakdee, Paj Beer and Vodga Soda are all up for the, “Pee and Cum Kissing Orgy part #1.” Too bad he didn’t ask me, that would have made it a foursome.
Kyler Abuses His Position
They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that seems to be the case for Kyler. He has a whole school of horny young men to use for his own pleasure, and the threat of expulsion is all it takes to have virgin Aaron slobbering on his cock and sitting on that dick for a hard ride! Aaron gets a big load fucked out of him, then gets a facial tooAaron is new to the adult entertainment business, but this Colorado boy is very confident and looking forward to his new career as a performer. The sexy versatile twink loves sex, which is not surprising considering the massive cock this boy has to share with others! His huge dick and hot ass make him one to watch!If you like your twinks big-dicked and with a fierce attitude, Kyler Ash must have sprang from your loins. This tall, toned boy has been dicking-down boys (and taking some big cock, too) on a few other sites, but we finally nabbed him for a few BoyCrush scenes. No doubt we'll have him back, too, and once you watch his scenes you'll know why!
The Sauna
The Sauna
Manly Massage
Damon's shoulders and back were bugging him. He knew the only way to get the knots out would be to get a professional massage. That's why Tyler is here. Tyler decided to give Damon the best package he offers...his humongous cock.
Shane Stone & Caleb Ramble
Super hot ripped hung muscle lads Shane Stone & Caleb Ramble work up a real sweat in this amazing video, sucking deep on each others big meaty dicks.. then Shane works on Calebs hole before pounding him hard in three positions, then spunking over his six pack.. Unmissable.Both Shane Stone and Caleb Ramble have awesome bodies, but Shane is looking seriously ripped and alot more muscled than when we last saw him, with some killer abs .. and both lads are keen to get a really good feel of each others physiques in their shiny sports kit, kissing and groping, rubbing each others pecs and biceps, before getting a good grope of each others bulges..The lads look rock hard in their shorts, and their bulges look really big too.. they take off their vests, and Caleb licks and sucks on Shanes firm nipples whilst rubbing his stiffie, then they swap and Shane gives Calebs chest some attention. they kiss some more, then Shane pushes Caleb down onto his knees..Caleb grips Shanes hardon through the fabric of his shorts, before puling them down, then savours the sight of his stiffie straining against the fabric of his tight white cotton boxers, getting a good feel.. unable to hold back anymore, he pulls down Shanes undies, and his dick springs out.. its big, meaty, strong veins on it, and uncut with plenty of foreskin.. a really hot cock.. Caleb gets to work sucking on it, and clearly likes to get a dick as far down his throat as he can, and he gets right into some intense deep sucking, with Shane pushing his meat right to the back of his throat, fucking his mouth. Caleb pulls his dick out of shorts, and its rock hard, and super thick. If you like girth, youre gonna love these two lads, both have really thick cocks. After some very strong sucking from Caleb, Shane gets down onto his knees, they kiss and jerk each other off, then Caleb leans back against the sofa and Shane lays down between his legs to show off his own oral skills.. and he sucks that fat dick really well, spitting on it, getting it good and wet, jerking him off then sucking deep and slow.. Caleb sucks Shane again, they cant get enough of each others hot cocks, then he gets onto the sofa on his back, arse on the edge, facing us, legs back, pushing his throbbing dick straight up. Shane kneels between his legs, taking hold of his cock to suck on it, and with the other hand, he starts rubbing his finger against Calebs smooth hole making him moan with pleasure..Shane gently pushes his finger in, and keeps sucking, starting to slide his finger in and out as he sucks.. then he pushes in a second finger, to really stretch that hole.. Calebs cock throbs as he gets fingered and sucked by horny Shane, who is now very eager to get his cock inside that hot hole..For the first position, Caleb leans against the sofa, legs apart, pushing his muscular arse out. Shane, standing behind him, teases his hole, rubbing his cock against it, then slowly pushes in the tip.. Caleb makes some very horny noises as it goes in, filling his arse, and Shane starts off really slow, almost pulling all the way, then easing it all the way back in again, making it really horny and intense for Caleb. Shane gets into some good regular fucking now, gripping him as he fucks him, building up more and more till he is giving that muscle butt a major pounding. Next, Shane is on his back the floor, with Caleb sitting astride him, kneeling, rubbing his arse against Shanes cock, then easing it back in.. as it fills his arse once more, he leans forward to kiss Shane, who begins thrusting his meat into his butt.. Shane grips his arse cheeks firmly, pulling them apart, giving us really graphic shots of his cock as it rams in and out of of Calebs arse. Shane gives him such a major pounding here, one of the hardest ive shot in a while.. its really full on. Not quite ready to shoot yet, Shane gives Caleb a final fucking, and has him laying on his back on the sofa, with Shane kneeling between his legs. He pushes his girthy cock back inside Calebs hot hungry hole, and gets right back into some hard powerful fucking.. he keeps it controlled though now, showing us plenty of length as he gets Caleb close to the point of orgasm as he starts to play with his fat meaty throbbing cock..Unable to hold off any longer, Caleb starts to jerk himself off hard as Shane pounds away at his hole, and pretty soon his dick is spurting thick white jizz over his sweaty abs.. Shane continues fucking him as Caleb squeezes out the last few drops, then he pulls out, whipping off the condom, and starts to beat away at his meat.. second later, Shanes big dick starts squirting out hot white spunk, shooting hard, and plenty of it, adding to the cum already on Calebs abs and chest.. Its such a great cum shot, we see it twice, in real time and again in slow motion, as it pumps out creamy spunk.. cum soaked Caleb takes hold of Shanes dick to squeeze out the last few drops as the lads catch their breath.
Behind The Scenes: June 2012
Catching up with the boys of the DreamBoy Hotel, you're cordially invited to an exclusive behind the scenes preview of the upcoming Grand Opening! With model interviews and some cheeky outtakes - not to mention catching these lads in action supposedly off-camera having their glam shots taken - including a damn hot out-take on the aftermath of a seven boy orgy! It's a big build-up to one of the biggest openings in Eurocreme history and with sneaky previews of the scenes ready to come your way - check out the boys as they tease and dick around on-set!
Ninja Cum Mission 2
In this follow up, the Ninja has had his way with Hisoka Botan and now must
Boys Will Be Boys Part 5: Fuji Ti...
Today, we get to spend some time with the sexy young Fuji. Join us as we get to know a little more about this Asian twink. After talking with Fuji for a while, he gives us a little show and bares all including that tight young ass. Sit back and enjoy the show as Fuji jerks off for us and blows a thick creamy load on his stomach.
Cowboys 6
We are back on the ranch this week as our two dominant cowboys use and abuse an unsuspecting passive ranch dude. Gigantic 9+ inch cocks face fuck and pound our ranch dudes ass like he
Tommy's Salami
Back with us this week is Chicago's infamous meat packer, Tommy Defendi. Tommy who is now 22, was a late bloomer and he knows to take his time with his partners so not to hurt them with the 9.5' cock he's packin'. This will come in handy with a cutie from Nebraska that's with us today, Krist Cummings. Krist is 23 and now lives in Miami. Krist is currently dating and he beams when he admits he's dating his perfect guy. He's 5'4, just like him, and a twink with a really big dick which he loves. The down side is that his beau lives in Arizona...for now. They've been dating for a bit and Krist assures us he loves him and they're gonna make it work. Aahh, young love. We then asked them to turn it up and give us the hottest sex they'd had to date. Tommy tells us his hottest sex was with a str8 couple. He fucked them both and he loved knowing that she was totally turned on watching him pound her husband. Tommy loves masculine guys and likes to dominate and be a man with a woman but loves to feel like he's with a 'man' when he's with a man. When asked, Krist blushes and admits his hottest was his first time with Phillip, you know 'the one', and how they had sex for 3 hours str8 and it was all 'romantical' and there were angels and harps playing...yeah, he's got it bad!They begin to kiss, breaking the ice as we prepare to give Krist something else to love. He wastes little time before undoing Tommy's shorts to get at that thick dick he's heard so much about. They kiss and grope each other as they slowly explore the other. By the time Tommy's shorts hit the floor, his thick dick is straining to be free. Once it is, Krist takes his place on his knees and immediately wraps his lips around Tommy's massive meat sending out boy Tommy into a moaning frenzy. 'Aaww, that feels so good' he coos as Krist works his thick dick with his hand and mouth. Tommy isn't a selfish top so he gets Krist up and gets on his knees to give Krist a little of what he'd been getting. Krist's eyes roll back as he gets some help on his own meat. Tommy then lays Krist back down on the couch and straddles his chest, dropping his horse hung cock back into Krist's hungry mouth. Krist can't seem to get enough of his thick dick (and who could blame him?) From there, they switch over into a hot 69 with Krist nursing on Tommy's dick like a milk-starved calf and Tommy bobbing for Krist apples. Tommy then gets up and continues to feed Krist his dick, telling him to get that fat cock wet for what's to come.'You want that cock in your ass?' Tommy teases before putting little Krist on his back and sliding ball deep into Nebraska's back woods. Krist may be a compact 5'4 but he sure can accommodate some thick dick. Tommy is moaning as he feels Krist's tight ass slowly begin to milk his meat. Krist's face says it all as Tommy begins to slowly pull his cock almost all the way out before slowly sliding it back inside. Tommy wasn't kidding when he said he likes to take his time fucking a hot ass so that his partner gets the best experience on the end of his dick. He then orders Krist to get on his stomach and once he does, Tommy lines his thick cock up with that sweet ass and lowers himself into Krist. Krist's mouth gapes open as he feels every thick inch of Tommy's cock sink even deeper inside him. Tommy's sexy ass goes into a blur as he now fucks that ass faster and faster driving Krist nuts. He fucks him deep for a bit then jack rabbits that cock and repeats. The combination is insane. He then pulls out, lays back and has Krist ride his meat. Krist's ass is getting the impaling of a lifetime as Tommy pounds up into him. Tommy's fucking Krist and watching him stroke when he suddenly realizes he's about to nut. He quickly pulls out and explodes all over Krist's back and ass as load after heavy load go airborne. Krist then unloads his own load all over Tommy's chest.
The Randy Daddy
Brenn Wyson is back in the house and you know it's gonna get hot up in here with this crazy Bostonian that makes 40 look effortless. His play mate today is from Virginia Beach and goes by the name of Josh Long. Josh is a furry str8 boy that at 24 is just getting started in the industry. We asked these two what their fantasy mode of transportation would be. Brenn wants a donkey. Go figure. 'Mine would be a little higher class' grins Josh 'mine would be a red Ferrari coupe'. Brenn then chimes in with 'I'd want a blue donkey'. We're not sure whether he's a fan of Eeyore or he just came out as a Democrat? We then turned the topic to sex. We asked them what they thought about public sex. Brenn loves it, he can't get enough of it. He likes swinger's parties and loves a lot of people watching him fuck. Josh, as innocent as he looks, loves public sex as well and his first romp in public was the back row in a school bus. Wrapping up: the most outstanding sexual moment they'd had was? 'Farrah Fawcett', says Brenn. Ooh boy! Josh's best was having sex while on a backyard trampoline. Hmm, crazy is contagious. We better get started before their unicorn shows up to take them back to Narnia.Josh is hangin' out reading when there's a knock on the door. Brenn lets himself in as he asks Josh where his Dad is. He's not around, so Brenn forces Josh to his knees. He shoves his face into his crotch as Josh tries to tell him he's str8! 'You like fuckin' dick!?' Brenn teases as he undoes his pants and shoves his cock into Josh's mouth. Josh can't help but suck Brenn's meat as Brenn bounces his head on his growing dick. 'That's a good little boy' Brenn coos as he gets all his meat down Josh's throat. Josh gags on that dick as Brenn gets more aggressive ordering him to do it right. Soon Josh gives in and is slowly slurping on his meat. 'I knew you'd like it' Josh swirls his fist around Brenn's boner as he works that dick. Brenn then gets him up and strips him down so that he can get some dick too. Josh sits back in all his furry glory as he watches Brenn go from dominant to submissive, slurping on Josh's growing meat. Josh can't hold still as he writhes in ecstasy as Brenn's tongue and mouth work his hard cock and hairy balls. Brenn then moves up and forcefully kisses Josh who gets caught up in the moment and kisses him back. 'You wanna suck my ass, little boy?' Brenn coos as he seizes Josh's apparent willingness. Josh feverishly takes to that ass shoving his tongue deep inside as Brenn bucks that smooth ass back all over Josh's face. Josh tugs on Brenn's dick as he tongue fucks that hole like its lunch time. All that tonguing gets Brenn horny for more as he sits Josh back and climbs aboard. Josh's dad might've done him a solid by leaving him alone since his absence has gotten him laid. Brenn rocks back and forth as he tries to get every inch of young Josh's dick up inside him. Brenn starts off in a reverse cowgirl position as he bounced on that dick but soon gets up and straddles him to lean forward into him and continue taking a pounding. Josh just moans as he grabs Brenn's ass and slams it down harder on his bone. Doggy is next as Brenn orders him to shut the fuck up and just fuck him. Brenn's getting that ass railed by Josh who's giving it to him as hard as he knows how. He's moaning and grunting over Brenn's groans and pleas for more. Missionary is going to take them home as Josh gives Brenn all the dick he needs. Brenn explodes all over his chest as Josh fucks the cum outta him. Josh then pulls out and unloads his own thick nut all over Brenn's cum glazed abs.
Lukas Long Solo
Dark, hairy, sexy, a total exhibitionist and a heavy cummer, Lukas Long lost his porno cherry to me, with a Kerpow! It was his first time, but there were no nerves or trepidation from this charming, cocky young man, he loved getting his big, dark dick out and stroking it for me and you're gonna luv watching him jack a fat load of creamy man-goo!
Jake & Jason
Hairy man Jason Torres is working in his garden when he discovers Jake Ryder is watching him. Jason joins Jake and the two men start kissing and playing with one another's nipples. They swap blowjobs before jerking off and cumming all over Jason's hairy chest.
Emo Twink Tyler Ellis Solo
What do you say about an emo twink like Tyler Ellis? There are so many words to describe him. A few come to mind like emo, tats, big uncut cock, and talented with his hands. Yup, he shows us that talent in this update where he plays with his cock in and out of his great looking undies and shoots a load while he kneels on the couch.Hot southern boy Tyler is definitely one of the most Emo models on HomoEmo! Tyler has been wanting to join HomoEmo for a while now, but was shy at first. We eventually got Tyler into the studio last week, and boy are we glad we did. His cute mannerisms together with his fiery personality make him one adorablely hot emo boy... Watch this space!!