Roped Down And Ass Stretched
Ashton Bradley has Luke Desmond's hot body roped down and prepped for the onslaught to come in this video. Watch him jerk off over the blond hottie's head and stuff his perfect ass full with a giant black dildo. Ashton wants to play and he won't be satisfied until this ripped twink gets a serving of hell.
A Legacy of Bukkake!
No doubt Legacy's legacy will be tainted with CUM! That's right! His name is Legacy and his blowjob and bareback anal game is HISTORIC! Yes, history was made after he got down and dirty with the Bukkake Boys! Down and dirty simply means sizzling hot dick sucking, bareback buttfucking and bukkake!!!
Best Friend Frustrations
Blaine's roommate is always frustrated. Blaine always misplaces everything and never cleans up. Now these two friend will have to work out their issues...between the sheets. Hope things don't become awkward.
Bareback Floor Fun
Bareback Floor Fun
What Craig Wants
Aymeric sees the way his partner Craig drooles over the new pool boy. He can't blame him, the guy's as hot as hell, but he's a jealous lover and doesn't want to share Craig with anyone. Craig wants Delta, the pool boy, so much, he can't help himself. Thinking his lover is sleeping, Craig makes his move and the poolboy wastes no time in taking what's on offer. Delta's fat, uncut cock is soon down Craig's throat and deep into his arse, being massaged by the tightness of Craig's ring as he rides the rigid tool. Delta's hairy muscled body is glistening with sweat as he fucks his boss's prized pretty-boy right there on the grass, then it's Craig's body that glistens with a hosing of cum from the rough top, quckly followed by his own sweet load. Laying there, exhausted and satisfied, he's surprised to feel yet another load hitting his body... Aymeric has been watching all the time...
Scott Takes Control of Jeremy
Our exclusive Scott Alexander has proves he's just as good on top as he is on the bottom! This week he takes control of new boy, Jeremy Sanders. After sucking the tall blonde's dick, he bends him over the bed to fuck him from behind. Jeremy rides Scott and takes a pounding in missionary, too, before the two of them cum.Tall, white-blonde hair, blue eyes and a big smile... Jeremy Sanders is about as twinky as they come! He's only eighteen and decided to apply to BoyCrush thanks to his friendship with Dylan Chambers and Nathan Stratus.Scott Alexander joins Kyler Moss as a BoyCrush exclusive! We first shot this slim twink in Las Vegas and were very impressed with his skills on camera. Scott's versatile, but he's happiest with a big cock in his butt (which is exactly how we like him!)
Aidens Ass Fucking
Aiden was looking very cute lately...we always had this weird sexual tension between us. I convinced him to let me fuck his tight butthole!
The Best Employee
The Best Employee 1
Player Fucks Judo Coach
Yura is taking lessons from his teacher. Not cutting it, he decides to switch to a game he is much better at,
Gazebo Fun
Randall O'Reilly is all about having fun outside during warmer days. He'll invite his good friend Bobby for some tea and crumpets. Then he's going to seduce Bobby into giving him a good outdoor fuck.
Training Tight
After a grueling practice where Coach was less than lax, Johnny Maxim and Santiago Figueroa take a serious chill out moment to recount the training session. Johnny has seen his wrestling teammate check him out recently in the locker room and even make some unorthodox 'grabs' on the mat. Now Johnny will test exactly how far Santiago is willing to push post-conditioning activity.Johnny recalls to him how Coach had mentioned he wants the wrestlers to get in some 'extra practice.' Santiago takes this as a cue to goof around a little and grapple with sweet Johnny right there on Johnny's parents' bed. Before too long, Santiago notices Johnny is packing a totally nice erection under his tights. Santiago wants to take a look at this massive hard on, so he peels Johnny's singlet off and licks the strong boner. Soon Johnny is enjoying Santiago's soft lips slurping his large thang, taking it deep, using plenty of slippery juiciness from his mouth. Then it's Johnny's turn to taste Santiago. Santiago can't believe how good a cocksucker Johnny is! It's enough to make Santiago's ass hungry for stiff dick. Watch Johnny insert and pound his fat, hard dong into his friend's tight hole in every way they can before they both explode in a hot, ecstatic frenzy. This is the type of routine every good, young wrestler should engage in when approaching an important meet...or meat? Enjoy!
Nick and Ryan
When Eddie and I are down at the beach, we meet a guy named Ryan King. He
Scream if you feel it
Sebastian knows how to keep his boys in line. Luke finds himself quickly gagged after disobeying orders to be quiet. His captor works over his fit body with pegs and the pinwheel. Sebastian keeps Luke blindfolded to make sure he doesn't know what's going to happen next, which he uses to his full advantage as he smacks Luke's dick as hard as he can, making his boy scream.
Toys Dont Tyre
It’s a sunny afternoon and a little bit of romance is in the air, yes I said romance! This story has been adapted from our (JP and Sam) own real sex life. We introduce the story, played out by Darius and Jonny.
Hentai Call Boy
Toraeamon is home pleasuring himself when he decides he's not going solo tonight and makes a call. Next we see Ko show up and do a strip tease showing off his muscular smooth body. Toraemon sits back on the bed to enjoy the show and Ko's body furthered enhanced by a sexy leather body harness. After the show, Ko joins Toraemon on the bed and they begin making out. Toraemon drives Ko nuts sucking and licking on his nipples. You may recall that both of these men have sensitive nipples and thoroughly enjoy the nipple play. As for Toraemon, I don't think there's an "un-sensitive" spot on his body as we watch him twist and turn throughout the entire scene. This is the first time we get to see Toraemon as the top and apparently not a bad top at all as we watch Ko squirm, moan and groan the entire time Toraemon fucks him. These two together with their sensitive bodies and neither of them the kind of guys that hold back anything on camera, make for one hot fuck. Watch Ko as he continues to jerk himself off after cumming and shows us what a good jerk off should look like!
Yohann Banks
Yohann is a sexy, bearded guy who hails from Poland. He's good looking and wears a full beard. He's also got a nice furry belly and a pair of really hairy legs. He plays with his butt hole and jerks his uncut cock until he spills his load all over his hairy stomach.
Twelve Fucks and a Funeral, part 4
Well what do you know JP Dubois wasn't dead, though the promise of a hot fuck with Sam Colt (his all-time-dream-fuck) would have been enough to rouse him from death. JP begged to let him shoot with Samuel Colt and we hate to disappoint, it was one of those 'stand back and leave the cameras rolling'. Older daddy - Samuel took JP to task and put him through his paces as they slurped, sucked, rimmed and fucked their sweaty way to splurging, convulsing climaxes all over JP's coffin.
Magnum Men
Back after almost a year away, John Magnum is back in the house. Sporting more hair than his last visit, this rather evasive Alabama native currently lives in Los Angeles. Also back this week is Logan Drake. Logan is originally from Virginia but now calls Orlando home. Both of these boys left their hometowns and moved on. We wondered what they miss most after leaving home. Logan misses the place of his childhood and the memories but was glad to leave and get the chance to grow up. John misses the good old country cookin
So Much Fucking Cum
Some of our favorite gay porn videos are home-made, amateur porn. That's why it's always so much fun to turn the camera over to our models and close the door! With less pressure from photographers and directors, the models relax and take erotic risks when they are in private. In this home-made porn video, Preston and Jacob take turns with the camera and each others naked bodies as the explore the pleasures of their cocks and assholes as they finger fuck, suck and fuck! In one of the best, up-close cum shots ever filmed, Jacobs hard teen cock shoots a jizz load that nearly hits the camera lens! As Preston pulls the camera away, showing his cum soaked naked body he says "That's a lot of fucking cum! This is the best job ever!"
GBOB2 Episode 4
Starring Jessy Ares and Lucio Saints with Anthony Clarke and Dirk Berger, this king size double episode ends with Jessy signing, dancing and fucking on stage at the bar's opening party, it's a performance you won't forget for a long time - but before that, Lucio has some unfinished business with Anthony which results in a quite different performance which is a serious contender for our best scene of the year. Don't miss this mind-blowingly hot video!
Max already has an awesome cock. At 9-inches long, it's a whopper. But sitting alone in a leather gear workroom, Max decides to have some fun with a cock pump. He opens this cock pumping video completely naked except for the knee-high leather boots. And after lubing up his huge dick, Max slides it inside the cock pump and starts working the plunger. Max's dick swells to monstrous proportions as the pressure inside the pump grows. Throughout this session, Max releases his dick from the cock pump to show us how big and swollen it's becoming. Then he pumps some more. He loves the feeling of the pressure on his cock, and sometimes he shakes the tube so his huge, stump of a dick is flopping back and forth hitting the sides of the pumping tube. I love the thumping noise his cock makes. But eventually, after several minutes of pumping his cock, Max starts working on that load of cum that's surging up from his balls. And wow! What a load! The first burst lands on his belly, but the second flies with a strenght I've never seen before, and splats right onto Max's face. It's awesome! Check out the companion cock pumping gallery.
David Castan
One of the things I love about my job is seeing all the different things that turn men on, like a sneaker fetish. And just when I think I've seen it all, someone like David Castan walks into my studio. Castan is a sexy, hairy hunk who I met in Spain. He doesn't speak English, so there's no interview portion to this video; a little disappointing for me because I always enjoy letting you guys get to know more about the Butch Dixon models. So we had to take a little different approach with this video... David shows us what we need to know about him. First, he's very confident. When the video opens, David is smoking a cigarette and he stares right into the camera without flinching or looking away. It's fucking hot! Second, he loves his nipples. One pierced, one not, but he loves playing with them both. Third, he loves his foreskin. He licks his fingers and slides them under his foreskin and massages his sensitive cock head. Fourth, he's got a sneaker fetish. David starts off his jack-off session wearing a pair of white sports shorts, knee-high, athletic socks, and his favourite sneakers. Halfway through his video he pulls off one of his sneakers. He smells it, he licks it, he grinds it into his nipples, he even fucks it! And then, when his sweaty sneaker gets him rock hard, he dumps a vigorous load of cum all over it! I've never seen anything like this, but it's not something I'll soon forget. And in case you haven't noticed, David has a superbly fat cock, you're going to love watching him jack off.
A Helping Hand
With a sparkle in his eye and a twang his voice, 20 year old Shane Jacobs makes his debut on A good ole southerner with a big ole smile, Shane kept glancing at 23 year old AJ Sylvester. Looking like he mistakenly walked onto our set instead of the local recruitment office, this close cropped tall, cool customer was visibly nervous and visibly excited. AJ shared he'd gotten head from guys before and admitted with a smile they make better cock suckers then the girls he had been with. He also revealed the last piece of porn he jacked off was 'straight anal,' Shane immediately knew he was going to make sure that before AJ left, he would know the only hole better on a man was not just the mouth. With the awkwardness of a kid showing his buddy a Playboy he stole from his old man before someone came home and caught them, AJ plays that video he mentioned earlier for Shane and Shane immediately starts rubbing his own bulge, looking at both the screen and AJ, who took off his shirt to reveals a strong chest, well worked biceps and flat stomach complete with etched gum gutters flaring out of his jeans. As they both get down to their boxers, it AJ now stealing glances at Shane's bulge. Now both naked and hard, AJ leans back and closes his eyes as Shane reaches over and helps him stroke then quickly leans over and begin to slurp on AJ's throbber. AJ looks down in amazement, rubbing Shane back and neck as Shane licks and sucks every inch of AJ's cock and balls before AJ straddles him and gives him a fast skull fuck before moving Shane to his knees. Deep throating every inch of AJ's pole, Shane pulled it out of his mouth and stroked it, and as they locked eyes, they both knew where they cock was going next.With rock hard AJ sitting on the couch, Shane lowers himself onto AJ's pole, his own cock sticking straight out. They started moving in unison almost immediately, AJ pushing up as Shane pushed down, his willing hole taking in every inch of AJ's dick. Shane's quads flexed as he got his feet onto the cushions and bounced up and down before holding himself steady and letting AJ raise up and piston fuck him from below. Standing up and leaning over the chair, AJ retakes Shane from behind. The round smooth curves of Shane's ass have fueled AJ's lust as he fucks harder and deeper, grabbing onto Shane's hip and working in every inch of his cock. Back on the couch, he slides behind Shane and continues his rear assault as Shane fists his own cock, getting bigger and bigger as AJ continues to pummel away before getting on his knees and offering his face for cum shot target practice. AJ doesn't miss the target and Shane's face is soon covered with spooge that drips off his cheeks and chin onto the floor and Shane seal the deal with a load all over himself.
Hiroto And Masataka
We bring back two of our members favorite models; Hiroto and Masataka this week at JapanBoyz for some hot and wild Asian boy sex. The scene begins with Masataka getting his cock sucked by Hiroto. Hiroto sure knows how to take a cock deep in his mouth and Masataka sure knows how to enjoy every second of it. Who wouldn’t? These boys switch positions a bit and soon Masataka is laying on the bed while Hiroto is jerking his Asian boy cock. Before long he shoots a nice creamy load of cum all over Masataka’s face. But he is nice enough to clean it up with his tongue before the video ends. What happens next with these two hot Asian boys is anyone’s guess. Or will we be seeing more of these two hotties?
Tommy's Salami
Back with us this week is Chicago's infamous meat packer, Tommy Defendi. Tommy who is now 22, was a late bloomer and he knows to take his time with his partners so not to hurt them with the 9.5' cock he's packin'. This will come in handy with a cutie from Nebraska that's with us today, Krist Cummings. Krist is 23 and now lives in Miami. Krist is currently dating and he beams when he admits he's dating his perfect guy. He's 5'4, just like him, and a twink with a really big dick which he loves. The down side is that his beau lives in Arizona...for now. They've been dating for a bit and Krist assures us he loves him and they're gonna make it work. Aahh, young love. We then asked them to turn it up and give us the hottest sex they'd had to date. Tommy tells us his hottest sex was with a str8 couple. He fucked them both and he loved knowing that she was totally turned on watching him pound her husband. Tommy loves masculine guys and likes to dominate and be a man with a woman but loves to feel like he's with a 'man' when he's with a man. When asked, Krist blushes and admits his hottest was his first time with Phillip, you know 'the one', and how they had sex for 3 hours str8 and it was all 'romantical' and there were angels and harps playing...yeah, he's got it bad!They begin to kiss, breaking the ice as we prepare to give Krist something else to love. He wastes little time before undoing Tommy's shorts to get at that thick dick he's heard so much about. They kiss and grope each other as they slowly explore the other. By the time Tommy's shorts hit the floor, his thick dick is straining to be free. Once it is, Krist takes his place on his knees and immediately wraps his lips around Tommy's massive meat sending out boy Tommy into a moaning frenzy. 'Aaww, that feels so good' he coos as Krist works his thick dick with his hand and mouth. Tommy isn't a selfish top so he gets Krist up and gets on his knees to give Krist a little of what he'd been getting. Krist's eyes roll back as he gets some help on his own meat. Tommy then lays Krist back down on the couch and straddles his chest, dropping his horse hung cock back into Krist's hungry mouth. Krist can't seem to get enough of his thick dick (and who could blame him?) From there, they switch over into a hot 69 with Krist nursing on Tommy's dick like a milk-starved calf and Tommy bobbing for Krist apples. Tommy then gets up and continues to feed Krist his dick, telling him to get that fat cock wet for what's to come.'You want that cock in your ass?' Tommy teases before putting little Krist on his back and sliding ball deep into Nebraska's back woods. Krist may be a compact 5'4 but he sure can accommodate some thick dick. Tommy is moaning as he feels Krist's tight ass slowly begin to milk his meat. Krist's face says it all as Tommy begins to slowly pull his cock almost all the way out before slowly sliding it back inside. Tommy wasn't kidding when he said he likes to take his time fucking a hot ass so that his partner gets the best experience on the end of his dick. He then orders Krist to get on his stomach and once he does, Tommy lines his thick cock up with that sweet ass and lowers himself into Krist. Krist's mouth gapes open as he feels every thick inch of Tommy's cock sink even deeper inside him. Tommy's sexy ass goes into a blur as he now fucks that ass faster and faster driving Krist nuts. He fucks him deep for a bit then jack rabbits that cock and repeats. The combination is insane. He then pulls out, lays back and has Krist ride his meat. Krist's ass is getting the impaling of a lifetime as Tommy pounds up into him. Tommy's fucking Krist and watching him stroke when he suddenly realizes he's about to nut. He quickly pulls out and explodes all over Krist's back and ass as load after heavy load go airborne. Krist then unloads his own load all over Tommy's chest.
Matthew Gets Fucked Good
These two dudes had a fall out from back in the day. Matthew's asshole been aching for a nice huge cock. Santa granted his wish very early this year..he took all 9 inch in his rectum.
It's a Hard Cox Life
Chris Cox is back with us this week and we have a feeling you'll be seeing a different side of this hung local as he helps us welcome a new face to the ExtraBigDick stable. The Lone Star state produced our in-DICK-tee this week that goes by the name of Tyler West. Tyler is 21 years old and originally from Lubbock. For those of you unfamiliar with Chris, he is a Miami native and is 25 years old. When it comes to big dicks Tyler agrees that bigger is always better. We couldn't agree more. The biggest cock Tyler's ever had was 11'. 'He was Puerto Rican' he blushes, '
Painting body and ass fucking game
Two young and skinny gay lovers try to paint walls but their cocks have other idea. So watch how skinny twink gets ass drilled and slammed viciously
Oh My Goooodness
John loves the cock but he just met a friend that has a Gi-normous meat dangler. It almost brought tears to the poor guy's eyes when he saw the beautiful massive lumb of flesh. Now if he can only stuff that big jalapeno up his ass...
Ryan Young and Josh Jared
Super cute fittie Ryan Young gives little hung Josh Jared a major pounding here.. plenty of hard bulge groping, deep sucking & facefucking & arseplay, & hard fucking in three positions, climaxing in a horny cum facial as Josh brings Ryan to climax…in his mouth.
Butch Grand and Tim Kelly
Rediscover this Alpahmales classic in HD and on your tablet! Butch returns for more fun in the Vauxhall leather club, this time with muscle bound Tim. Looking like a man who likes to be in control, Tim is dressed in leather pants and cap like a real hot copper ready to order you around!! Butch obediently looks after his cock with his hot mouth and then has his butt munched on by our hairy daddy. Holding his butt open for him, it's soon pounded hard and fast, feeling every inch being thrust inside!!
Twinks Clean Each Other
The cute boys Alex Todd and Colby London were told by their teacher to make the classroom spotless. They're annoyed but they do the job anyway because they don't want to get in trouble. While working they find that they're attracted to each other, which you can understand. Of course that unleashes the powerful nature of their desire and so you get to see them sucking and fucking right there in the classroom. That's just making it messy!Alex is a charming twink. The most important thing in a man for him is his teeth and eyes. He prefers older guys, even up to 10 years older than him!Amazingly cute! Those two words don't even start to describe Colby London. He's sweet, hot and sexy!
Men In Blue Part3
Men In Blue Part3 scene1
Michael Vargas - Bukkake Veteran!
You may recognise Michael Vargas from previous BukkakeBoy scenes.. not one to shy away from the limelight, this Puerto Rican bareback stallion finally decided to step into the ring! Always at ease, whether giving or receiving, Michael started with luscious, sucking blowjobs and hand jobs for the entire BukkakeBoys gang. And when the time came to receive, Michael eagerly exposed his bangin´ butt for some serious penetration. Bareback after bareback, his juicy hole was ravaged until they all orgasmed with a sticky explosion all over his face!
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson is a bad boy, originally from Queens, who has found a way to turn hard knocks into success, and also how to turn a soft body hard. As a fight stuntman, Cameron is used to taking a blow, but here he's looking for one as he unzips his cover-all in the garage to reveal his hard muscled body. You can see the bruises on his hands as he pulls his pants down and peels the layers off, revealing a strong back, cut arms, and a cock that is ready for a starring role. Cameron leans back against the hood of the car and slowly massages it, prodding at its base and then squeezing just a drop or two of pre-cum from the head before stroking in earnest, turning around and dousing the hood of the car with his load as he runs his hands down his quivering ass and looks back into the camera. Now that's some stunt!
Dark Disco Massage Room
The lights are off and the door is cracked open. Feel free to dump your load all over me. I want to be your pillow queen bottom boy. Tell me what to do and I'll cum for you.
Kaorukun Gets Fucked
Kaorukun is back with us here on and this time he has a sexy friend with him. Did I mention horny too? Watch these two young Japanese boys get down and dirty!
Stroked to Be Here
Trystan Bull is new to the scene in this somewhat bashful solo performance. Sent to a casting, Trystan learns the ropes as the director rather callously puts him through the paces of a standard porn interview. Trystan disrobes and shows of his semi hard cock, bends over and exposes his meaty ass and flexes his ripped muscles to the director�s approval. Having seen enough, the director dismisses Trystan and tells him to wait in the adjacent room for later. Somewhat restless and already aroused, Trystan discovers a porn mag and cannot resist, so after looking around to make sure he won't be caught, he goes ahead and begins to stroke himself into erection, spreading his legs and letting the full length of his cock hang out. Thumbing through the pages, he goes faster and faster, bending over and stroking his balls as he jacks himself harder and harder, finally cumming on the couch he's reclined upon. Well if only the director had seen that this booking would be in the bank- the spank bank that is!Enjoy!
Travis and Austin Flip
So last week we had Travis fucking Austin, and when Travis blew his lava load, he wiped it up with underwear to be sent to Harry52, the orchestrator of this pairing. At, you can rent the boys, set the scene, grab your
Corey fucks for the first time on camera
Blaine's Early Holiday Gift
Blaine was upset he recently broke up with his boyfriend. He needed a HUGE cheer up session...I stuffed his tight anus with my cock...he loved every inch.
Sexy European Teen Timmy
Sexy, European, Teen Timmy Clark is a fan favorite! Whether he's alone doing a cum loving solo, a hard core, ass pounding duo or in all out, boy on boy group sex, Timmy is bond to put on an excellent, erotic, dick stiffening show! Watch as Timmy strips out of his jeans, rubs his beautiful, young hard cock and shoots a huge load of jizz on his face and mouth and then licks his fingers clean!
Berlin Special
A long weekend in Berlin, Jonny Kingdom and Daniel Broughton are preforming for Boner Magazine at 'Connections Club', Shay Cruz is merely an innocent onlicker. Shay never meets the boys, but he's so turned on he can't wait to get back to his apartment to jack out a juicy, juicy load. No guesses at to why he's called Shay The SPRAY Cruz.
Keith's Latin Hustler Fucks His Face
I promised you another 'story' with Keith & Corey and their straight escort. Well, here it is. Nathaniel is a Latino hustler who doesn't mind making out with anyone, as long as they pay. With the cameras present he gets a bit greedy and tries for $400, but the boys beat him down to $300. It's strictly 1:1 action with Keith sucking on Nathaniel's dark monster cock before he gets a blow job in turn. But, impressed with Nathaniel's big dick he just wants his face fucked. Eventually Keith cums onto his own belly, and as soon as he's done, our hustler's keen to move onto Corey, but that's another story...
Fucking the Dishboy Part 2
Last Week Tatsushi just couldn't get enough of his lovely Dishboy Hiroto. Now he's ready to really pound this boy's hot ass hard. Watch Hiroto take sexy Tatsushi's cock and get covered in hot cum!
Jason & Derrick: Round Two
We're back for the second half with Jason and Derrick and this time it's Derrick's turn to reciprocate. Let's see how well he does for his suitor Jason.
Adam Herst solo
Big beefy rugby dad Adam strips from sportswear to jock, oils up his muscular hairy chest and massive powerful legs, then shows off his thick dick, jerking off in different positions before spunking his load.Adam starts off standing, in white Adidas vest and black shorts. The first thing you notice is Adams powerful muscular build. Broad, strong shoulders, big biceps and pecs and massive legs, his thighs and calves are huge. If youre a fan of big legs, youre gonna go nuts over Adam Herst. Fortunately he is not shy about showing off his legs and he gives us a really hot show.First, he rubs his bulge and starts stroking his chest, then lifts his vest to show off his great six pack, lifting it further to reveal his firm pecs and hairy chest. He tugs on his nipples a bit, starting to get really turned on, then takes off his top. Adam has one seriously hot body. He starts rubbing body oil in to his arms, pecs and abs, making his muscles glisten. Adam goes back to his bulge, gripping it and rubbing it, then pulls down his shorts, nice and slow, leaving him in just a jockstrap. He reaches for the oil again, and starts rubbing it into his huge legs, flexing them for us, showing them off.. incredibly hot. Then he turns around to give us a view of his meaty arse, bending forwards, he rubs the oil into his butt cheeks and in his butt crack, then starts to rub his hole and push his finger in..He stands again, and his bulge has grown inside his jock, and is poking out the side of it.. Adam gently rubs and strokes it, and it gets longer and thicker, then he takes off his jock. His dick hangs thick and heavy, semi hard, his pubes are untrimmed and bushy, and he starts playing with his dick, nice and slow, showing it off to us as he gets himself hard. He frequently tugs on his firm nipples as he works his dick, turning himself on, and giving us lots of sexy little looks. Adam is on the sofa now, laying back, legs bent, wide apart, looking even bigger than before at this angle. As he strokes his meat with one hand, he starts to rub his hole with the other, making his dick throb. Keeping himself hard, we gets lots of very horny angles, from down between his huge thighs, from above, and also some horny point of view shots looking down his body to his cock as he wanks it for us. He reaches for a black rubber butt plug, and rubs lube into it. He gently rubs it against his hole, teasing it, then pushes it in, letting out a horny grunt as it fills his arse.. this really seems to make his cock twitch, and taking his hand off the butt plug, leaving it inside, stretching his hole, he starts to work his dick harder.. He takes his time, getting more and more turned on.. His cock throbs harder than before, and he speeds up.. Adams muscles start to flex and tense all over, and he beats away at his dick, working himself to a great climax, and then his spunk starts squirting out over his sweaty bulging pecs, and as the jizz flows, he keeps on working his dick, squeezing out the last few drops as he catches his breath, giving us a final sexy look.
Calvin's Hard Cock Rub Down
I went over to Calvin's house to give him a sensational deep massage. Also, I gave him the extra stress relieving deep anal cavity massage with my hard throbbing cock!
Gay HD Porn
Gay HD Porn
Super Mario, Brutha!
The Man, the Myth, the Cuban Legend is back with that 9' uncut, monster python our members can't seem to get enough of. We, of course, are talking about none other than Mario Costa. Mario is a 24 year old local boy; and he brings an awful lot to any table. <evil grin> This week Mario helps us welcome a new face to EBD, Dylan Roberts. Dylan is 21 years old and from San Francisco, CA. Dylan was a huge success over on our brother site so we figured it was only fair to share. We asked these two studs what it is they like to spend their coins on. 'SHOES!' blurts out Mario. He didn't have to think about that one at all. Dylan loves to buy nice jeans; his favorite brand is 'Lucky' brand. That fits, since he's about to get luckier than most. We then asked what they hate to spend their money on. Mario says he hates bills. Dylan agrees, but says the bill he hates the most is his cell bill. We're sure that there are many that will agree. We did a little bit of investigating and found out that our strict top has been on the receiving end. We might need to explore that side of him. Dylan is a hot guy and considers himself 'hetero-flexible'. 'Whoever I 'click with' is what draws me in; whether it's a guy or a girl.' We need more hotties like Dylan. In a minute we'll get to see just how 'flexible' this hottie is once he gets to work on Mario...or is it the other way around?They break the ice by kissing as their hands start to roam. Mario takes off his tee as Dylan follows suit. Both of these studs are smooth with natural definition. They stand to continue kissing and Dylan starts to work Mario's growing cock through his shorts. His shorts come off as we see his tight jock strap struggling to contain its content. Dylan drops to his knees for a closer inspection and soon has a fat Cuban cock in his hands as it throbs for more than a handshake. Dylan obliges and takes that delicious meat in his mouth. He sucks as much of it as he can into his mouth sending Mario into orbit. We get an amazing shot from below as we see Dylan nurse on that horse cock. Mario really is every size queen's wet dream. Dylan then stands up and drops his own drawers and he isn't skimping on portions either. Dylan has a rock hard uncut cock that's damn near 8'. Go White Boy! lol Mario takes to it like a calf and sucks that rod like there's candy on it. Dylan just watches as he gets his cock spit-polished by his Caribbean consort. After he gets that cock serviced a bit; Dylan decides he wants more of Mario's. He gets on his knees again to continue worshipping that massive meat.Bent over sucking that cock, we get our first glimpse of Dylan's smooth ass. Mario puts Dylan on his back as he slowly starts to push his huge cock inside. It's not going in without a struggle as Dylan tries his best to relax. He finally gets his knob inside and slowly but surely he manages to slide more and more in with every thrust until he's fucking that hot ass deep. Dylan can only groan and say his prayers as he moans and groans. His hot ass is stretched around that fat cock that's now pounding his hole. Mario braces himself on the back of Dylan's thighs as he pumps away at that tight ass. After he gets that ass nice and welcoming, he bends Dylan over and starts to fuck him doggy style. His fat cock now slides in with less resistance and now Dylan's not groaning in pain but in ecstasy. 'Oh, that feels good' he moans as Mario continues to pump away at his ass. Dylan's ass is getting a proper fucking, but wait--there's more. Mario sits back and has Dylan sit on his cock. Using his weight Dylan can now take as much of that cock as he wants deep inside him. He bounces on that cock as his eyes roll into this head. This position gets them both close to climaxing sooner than they wanted to as they dismount and cum all over themselves. Leche all around, Boys.
Beefy Papi
Beefy Papi
Our Timo Breaks in Dean
Timo Garrett and Dean Holland face off in this intense hardcore video. The scene starts off with some incredibly passionate kissing with Timo tearing Dean's clothing off and worshiping his cock. He moves to rimming and Dean moans softly as Timo slides his tongue in and out of his tight ass. Once he has his ass nice and ready, he dips his cock in and gives him a pounding he'll never forget. They cum almost at the same time with screams of pleasure from both.Dean came to us with a dream of becoming a carreer pornstar and even moved to the valley of the sun to fulfill that dream. His charisma and sexual energy comes across plainly on camera and you can't help but get turned on by his smooth, tanned body and hot moaning.Timo started modeling and immediately because a staple model for Boycrush purely due to the passion and intensity he puts into every since one of his videos. Every scene he performs in is an instant classic.
Sexing the Intern on a Business Trip
Wade Westin doesn't want his intern Jacobey London to be bored on their business trip, but Jacobey's got an idea how they can entertain each other. They make good use of the hotel room the company's paying for as Wade fucks Jacobey up the ass on the coffee table and couch. Jacobey blows his load all over his stomach while being fucked before Wade paints him with cum, too!Jacobey London has worked in retail and he hopes to work as a dance choreographer one day, but for now he's making money making hot porn! This toned, brunette is quite the bottom, too, and we've put him through his paces with some very hot tops.Wade Westin has the kind of flawless caramel skin that everyone envies, the fact that he'd also got a great body and a handsome face just isn't fair! We've seen Wade top and bottom and he does both well; versatility really is best, no?
Hot Sauna Sporking
There's a first time for everything. The glory room has so many holes I forget about mine. Best part is I can bend over and a guy can fuck me from one side while I have another guy's dick in my mouth. It's pretty cool. It's like playing naked twister in the dark. There's a handful for everyone.
La Sieste
It's not easy snoozing on a hot day, especially when there's work being done outside your window. Dimitri's dreaming of hard uncut cocks when he wakes to find he's being watched by a horny painter with a stiff brush and a stiffer dick...
Eddie fucks for the first time on camera
Hard Problem
Jake is having financial problems at home; he's in over his head with a new girlfriend, a new house, and a new puppy. He's in desperate need of a paycheck advance. Don't let Shane's demeanor fool you, he takes payroll very seriously and has never given an advance in the three years he's working for corporate. There's always one thing on Shane's mind though. Jake's been noticing those wondering eyes checking him out at the water cooler. Will Jake decide to switch hit for that advance or will he risk losing his girlfriend because he can't afford her couture? Looks like there's only one way out of this mess.
A Waxy Hole For Zacary!
After taking control of Zacary's dick and locking it up, Leroy takes his time to abuse and tease his new boy. Leroy lights up the candles and begins working over Zacs back, making sure to get as much flesh as possible, before parting his boys tight ass cheeks and pouring the wax straight onto his virgin hole.
Banking on Experience
This week we have a special treat as we welcome back Dominic Pacifico. For those of you unfamiliar with this West Hollywood hottie a.k.a. DJ PornStar, Dominic is 30 years old and a tall, dark and handsome hottie who never fails to impress. Also back this week is the hot 21 year old from Daytona Beach, FL that gave Brock Russell a special Yule
Soccer Jocks - Scene 1
Soccer Jocks - Scene 1