Cody's First Huge Cock In Ass
Cody has been craving a cock that is bigger then what he is used to his in his ass. This lucky stud I introduced him to gave him a good anal stretching this past weekend...
Sexy gay jocks screwing in bathroom
Amazingly sexy gay jocks Bobby Rail and Rusty Stevens screwing their asses in the bathroom
Kouta: Passing the Time
We met Kouta on the street passing the time of day and took a chance. Kouta was happy to "bust a nut and make a fast buck" for us and on short notice and not really prepared, the SUV became our center stage for this scene. Kouta settles into the back seat and after talking with him, he takes off his pants and starts to play with his cock still inside his underwear. Soon after the play time started, off come his colorful briefs and he settles back and starts jerking off for us. It's tight quarters, but Kouta manages to lay down on the seat and spread his legs exposing his hairy hole. Even better, he throws a leg up over the back of the seat. Enjoy this private time with Kouta in the back seat as he bust one out for us.
Latino Deep Tissue Massage
Gianni Luca has always been comfortable around guys, so when I start rubbing him down, he's cool with it. But I start rubbing closer and closer to his crotch, until he has his throbbing cock in my mouth. Gianni goes with it, though he knows he'll have to leave a bigger tip!
Valentin Alsina & Marco Sessions
Our fiery South American spitfire valentin Alsina had been wanting to nail Marco ( the body) Sessions, for a long time. So we couldn't wait to get them together and stand back. Marco's beautiful puckered little fuck hole takes a real ramming and Valentin has always had one of the stiffest dicks in the business. Marco pushes back as Valentin thrusts until they're moving as one, hot sweaty fuck machine. And what better places to shoot a hot wad of cum then all over Marco, watch it as it runs all the down his incredible abs.
Johnathan found us on an adult dating site recently. He said his last boyfriend had a small dick. We put in touch with a good friend of ours. The dick was so huge it wouldn't fit in his tight ass...we gaped him good!
Auditions - Reece
Reece, a cute young lad, just turned 18 and looking for some college money. He's also a sexy exhibitionist with a big, uncut dick and taste for the boys.
The Best Employee
The Best Employee 1
Tyler First Huge Cock
My friend Tyler from the gym has been telling he never had a huge cock in his ass before. After, the gym the other day I had him come over when I was horny I gave him a hard pounding in his asshole!
One Night Stand
Sometimes a roommate can be a pain in the ass, but sometimes the ass that the roommate has, can bring lots of pleasure. has
Rocker Gets Fondled
I met this Rock guitarist for a one on one "jam" session. I started out by rubbing down his hard chest, and moved down his body. I decided to show him my talent for instruments by playing a solo on his skin flute, then flipped him over and fucked him in his awesome ass....
Sexy gays fucking in outdoor pool
Sexy gays Cameron Adams, Rod Daily sucking their cocks and fucking in the pool outdoors
Damian Gives Luke a Hard Pounding
It had been awhile since we filmed Damian or Luke, and they were quick to show us what we had been missing! After they kiss and get themselves undressed, Luke wraps his lips around Damian's fat, uncut cock. He can barely get the whole thing in his mouth, though he certainly tries! After Luke sucks Damian's dick in return, these two lads get into a hot sixty-nine. Luke gets onto all fours so Damian can bury his tongue between his cheeks. Tops who love to eat ass are our favourites and Damian doesn't hesitate to wet Luke's hole with his spit! Once Luke is ready for him, Damian plunges his thick cock into his hungry hole. He gives Luke a hard pounding in doggy before the eager bottom climbs aboard to ride him. As Damian slams Luke's ass in missionary, Luke strokes his dick furiuosly and shoots cum all over his toned stomach. Our boy Damian pulls out and is quick to follow, cumming all over Luke.
Jerking and Sucking
Sebastian got caught jerking his meat by his roommate! It's all good, once he saw Sebastian getting very hot and horny he decided to join in with his stiff cock too! It was a cum filled day!
Gorgeous gay gets butt nailed in the office
Seductive gays Mason Wyler and Trevor Knight sucking dicks and fucking asses in the office
Brutal Asshole Abuse By Dan
Buff top Dan Jenson finds innocent teen Jacob Daniels pissed on and left rope cuffed in the abandoned toilets. Horny and feeling nasty, Dan assaults Jocob's asshole with a brutal fucking. With Jacob almost crying, Dan fucks harder battering the boys hole as Jacob's head is forced down the toilet hole. Dan's hard dicks gets oral service as he rams his thick dick down Jacob's throat as the teen gags and dribbles saliva. This full on assault leads to Dan's heavy load being released over Jacob's tearful face.
Moving In
Moving In
Spencer Fox gets shower groups cumshot
Spencer Fox gets a group cumshot from Rafael Alencar and pals
Poolside Fornications
Calvin Koons and Luke Hass are taking a relaxing dip in their exotic secluded pool. Before they even have time to relax, they start touching and kissing each other's sexy bodies. What was a make out session by the pool quickly turns into an erotic episode of fornication.
Gay HD Porn
Gay HD Porn
Hottie gays licking their bodies
Naughty gays David West and Jason Talon licking their bodies and fucking their asses hard
Uncut Emo Boy Ashley Hawkes
Dark and brooding Ashley Hawkes is a no-messing emo boy with some needs that he really has to satisfy in this solo jerk off video.
Dyan Loves Being Fucked
This cute dude Dylan loves being fucked in his tight asshole. He screamed in pleasure as I shoved my hard cock deep inside him...I blew my load all over chest when I was done!
Some Things are Never Lost in Translation
Preston Steel isn't interested in small talk, he'd rather his German tutor just teach him all the dirty words. Young Timo Garrett obviously has a thing for older men, because after they suck each other, he takes a hard pounding and begs for more! He gets fucked doggy and missionary before cumming all over the floor while he rides Preston in reverse, bending forward to take a cum shot to the back.They don't come any sweeter than Preston Steel; you'd be hard pressed to find them much sexier, either! His fun, warm personality is the cherry on top of a furry, masculine body we can't get enough of on film. Working with out and proud gay men is always a treat, Preston is comfortable and confident in his skin and it translates to incredibly hot scenes.Timo Garrett's been doing porn for less than a year, but he's got a lot of experience under his belt with us already. He's got a quirky, energetic personality and he throws himself into every scene we film; inhibition be damned! With a lean body, solid dick, and tight ass, he's guaranteed to make a scene hot and fun to watch.
Soccer Boys Cum Massage
Super sexy soccer player Clark Fox lets us watch as he slowly undresses and strokes his beautiful uncut European cock. Tour his firm body, while he works up his almost always erect dick, until he lets a load of cum shoot in his hand! Then this fine, sexy guy rubs his own cum around his asshole, chest and face! A perfect lotion for a sensual self massage!
Stabbin Gavin
This week we have the ambiguously hot duo. The first is a recent find that our members can't seem to get enough, Mr. Gavin Waters. Gavin is 'in his twenties' and from 'the South'. Hmm. How mysterious. Ok. His co-star this week is none other than Aiden Lane. Aiden is 'also in his twenties' and from Fort Lauderdale. Florida is 'the South' geographically; but if you've ever been here
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Awesome gays Damon Audigier, Danny Brooks and Tommy Defendi suck their big shafts and fuck hard
Jamie Ryan
Some dudes are pretty confident when it comes to sharing their dicks on camera, and Jamie Ryan is one of those guys. This slightly alternative looking hottie is all about the cock these days, but seems to prefer not labelling himself. That's fine with us, he loves sucking cock and fucking guys in the butt and sometimes takes it too, and as you can see he has a totally delicious 7" uncut cock and a powerful cum load to deliver! Guys, we have another squirter!
Bi 3ome
Many of you have asked for more bisexual 3way action. So recently we filmed this exclusive bi 3way in Brazil, featuring Agatha, Victor and Sandro. These three certainly know how to have fun and fuck! Watch as Agatha gets both holes plugged at the same time by these 2 hot studs
GayRoom Body Buffers
Dominic works out religiously. The problem is, he doesn't stretch before lifting weights.
Carlo & U-John
Carlo Cox uses U-John as his play-thing. Carlo makes a welcome return to Butch Dixon and John makes sure his comeback video is unmissable. These guys match each other in weight, height and sexual appetite and it's hot to see U-John taking a big dick up his ass once more. U-John finds himself alone in a darkened room, wearing just boots and a jock. Nothing unusual; except that he's locked inside a cage with his head in a clamp. The door swings open and Carlo, silhouetted in a shaft of light, announces 'it's play time'.
Xtra Large Lads Danny & Mike
There's nothing innocent about these two cheeky chaps. Mike's not backward at coming forward and soon has his hand down Danny's pants then his lips around his rigid, young dick. Danny knows what he wants and bends Mike over the sofa to lube him up, when he's finished eating him out. Mike takes a cock like pro and loves getting fucked 'down 'n' doggy' then he's straddling Danny's cock, but as Danny says he's going to shoot Mike wants it on his face and gets it all over his cheeks and lips.
The Flesh is Willing
Naive, sexy, young JP is out spreading the good word, but when he comes up against hardened sinner Jamie, there's nothing that can save him. JP's thick 8" cock starts to throb as it's sucked to attention by Jamie's expert lips and soon the pleasures of the flesh are all that's on JP's mind. He drops to his knees to worship Jamie's veiny, uncut member, burying his face in man scent and offers up his own, tight, pale, arse for an unholy plundering.
Huntler fucks for the first time on camera
Leisurely Embrace
Man Leisure and Pleasure
Two gay boys get wild when alone
Two gay boys get wild when alone
Bedroom Romp
Damon went home to relax after a day at work. However, his roommate had other plans.
Trent Love Huge Cock
Trent got lucky this time with this dudes huge cock in his ass. I introduced these two and they both were horny as hell to fuck each other...
Bobby fucks for the first time on camera
Billy Essex
Rough, tough and hairy, with a big dick, this guy was a treat to shoot. Billy Essex claims he only does porn for the money, but this beefy young cub seemed to really enjoy getting his clothes off and getting his big, weighty dick hard for the camera. He's half Arabic and very hairy, he's a horny bi guy, but prefers the ladies. Billy's a big cummer with a big dick, and we'd love to get him back for some man on man action, and see him shoot a hot wad in a guy's face!
Josh fucks for the first time on camera
Brent Chaps and Kyle Savage
Perfect sweaty settings to have Kyle Savage fuck Brent Chaps. The two rev each other up with some hot dirty talk. Kyle is well known for his ability to beg for what he wants,
Learning the Ropes
Dean spends the morning auditioning the entertainment but his phone doesn't stop ringing... eventually he's called away, leaving stripper Lincoln wondering what to do...Seeing poor Lincoln, naked and looking lost, Harley feels sorry for the lad and decides to show him some affection. The trouble is, Harley's always confused affection with a good hard fuck, which is exactly what Lincoln gets - and exactly what he wants. The 'lost lad' greedily takes everything Harley can give and still wants more, riding the bar manager's thick uncut cock and eating his hot cum.Satisfying Lincoln has been the kind of challenge Harley loves and he's feeling content with himself, but when Dean returns to find his bar manager lying next to a cum-covered stripper, will he see it as time well spent or will Harley's next challenge be finding another Job?Featuring: Harley Everett & Lincoln Gates
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Awesome gays Cameron Marshall and Trey Turner fucking their butts hard on the kitchen floor
Sunday Service Seduction
Sunday Cock Taking Holiday
Scotty fucks for the first time on camera
Harley’s BIG Bonus
Grabbing his tie, he pulls him in to kiss him and throws the cash onto the black glass of his desk. His cold and clinical office heats up fast with hot, deep kissing. Ties and jackets hit the floor. Stripping each other further they take turns devouring each others cocks in a spit fuelled suck-fest, both guys are over 8” thick and uncut. Harley pushes JP over the edge of the desk, he’s not afraid to be rough with his boss, this is what he wants. Shoving his tongue and fingers into JP’s tight fuck hole, he begins to loosen him up, JP is loving every second. This moment is for lovers of arseplay. Spreading him further and further he works up to 4 fingers of those big shovel hands deep in his hole stretching his arse and his limits. Standing up he takes first position, rubbing his throbbing cock head against JP’s eager and warmed up hole. Plunging in, he gives him all he’s got, fucking him stupid JP grabbing the desk edge for support, Harley’s chest pumping with every thrust. Taking it down to the floor, Harley can really slam his butt now. It starts to get very sweaty, JP on his back and Harley working his hole from above him, sweat dripping down onto him. Pushing him up and over, Harley forces JP to shoot his load over his own face before climbing over him and giving him another face-full. NOW he’s earned that bonus.
Gay play with a stranger
Gay play with a stranger
The Doctor's Office
The Doctor's Office
Straight Boy Daniel
Straight boy Daniel Johnson gets a massage from resident dom Sebastian Kane. After feeling relaxed and even having a cigarette, Daniel finds himself tied to the bench and blindfolded before being edged and teased until Sebastian milks a load out of him.
Boy Thinks About His Friend
Rany Silva is a skinny blonde twink that's home all alone. He lays in bed and thinks about one of his sexiest friends, Devin Becker. He jerks his hard cock while sexy thoughts swirl around in his head. He definitely has a boy crush and there's only one remedy for the time being - to fantasize and cum all over!
Emo Boys Evaluation
Tattooed emo boy Drake Blaze sure looks like he could take a lot of pain, but Ashton Bradley soon puts that evaluation to the test. Stretching Drake out as far as he can go and covering him in pegs, Ashton pushes the boy to the far reaches of his limits before slowly massaging his large cut dick to an explosive climax.
Gay boy seduces and fucks him from behind
Gay boy seduces and fucks him from behind
Dylan Deep Massage
Dylan called us over for a massage. This dude was horny and couldn't help himself after I rubbed him down with oil. I gave him special treatment by pounding his tight ass!
Horny married guy gets fucked well by a gay
Amazing married guy Lex Sabre giving blowjob and getting fucked hard by gay Rex Roddick
Balls To The Wall
Trouble is up in the studio today as we welcome back Nikko Alexander. Nikko, for those of you not familiar with this compact hottie is 25 years old
You have already seen Martin's flawless body and watched piss flow out of his amazing thick uncut cock! In his first shoot he pissed on himself but this time he got a friend he's going to pee on. Carlos is also 18 but unlike Martin who is straight Carlos is bi. He tells us that he always wanted to suck Martin's big uncut cock and when we suggested they model for the site he could make his dream cum true! You can tell that they are buddies because they have some much fun during the video shoot. Carlos really enjoys having Martin's cock in his mouth and for the first time he get's pissed on! He also pees on himself!
Plowing Blizzard
Casey Cole makes his debut with us this week. Not only is Casey new to this site but he's also new to the club
Takuro - Straight Japanese Man
We brought in a brand new model to the Japanboyz studio, Takuro. He'd sent his photos in and said he'd like to do porn, but we don't think he was told that ours was a gay porn studio! This guy was 100% straight and not at all prepared to do gay porn. We asked him if he'd be okay just to have us film him 'solo' and he was okay with that.
Split That Hole
Split That Hole