Love Triangle
Hot Hard Cock Threesome
Cowboys 1
Two outlaws on horseback raid and surprise an unsuspecting cowboy on his ranch and hold him ransom before getting their hung cocks deep throated in a hot 3way. Big hung cocks in some very amazing 3some action ! We love the fucking scene in this shoot
Andy Kay and Kyler Moss
Insatiable Kyler Moss is always after the next tasty treat, and when Andy Kay arrives the boy can't hold himself back! You know what Kyler is like, when he gets the chance to ride on a stiff cock he's taking it, and Andy has more than enough solid boy dick to satisfy a lad like Kyler - for a while at least!Andy is really playful and loves to pull pranks on his friends. He has a nice 7" inch dick that he loves to fuck with. This versatile twink not only loves to fuck, he also loves to be fucked by hot guys! He always lightens the mood up. As soon as the pants come up, he fiercely works to make his partner come!Kyler Moss is an exclusive with BoyCrush, so we're thrilled to see him making an appearance on GayLife Network!
Guy Rogers & Justin King
Handsome hairy muscle lads Guy Rogers and Justin King work up a real sweat, with Justin dominating.. passionate kissing, nipple action, plenty of strong oral, horny arseplay, then Justin fucks Guy hard in three positions till they both shoot their hot cum loads..The lads start off on the sofa in Adidas sportswear, both of them have really powerful big hairy legs and even in their sports tops, you can see they have very hairy chests. As they get a feel of each others bodies, they start to kiss, then Justin lifts his top, getting Guy to suck on his big hard sensitive nipples.. Nipple play gets Justin hard, and there is plenty of it in this video. Guy takes off his sports vest, and Justin cant wait to get his lips around handsome Guys hairy nipples as he gropes him. Guy goes back to Justins nipples, giving them another good play and suck as he rubs the bulge in Justins shorts. Justin pulls them down, and Guy rubs and squeezes his dick over his white undies, before taking them off. His dick is uncut, not quite solid, and Guy starts licking the end, jerking him off, then gets into some hot sucking.. With Guy pleasuring his dick, Justin reaches out to rub Guys amazing arse, pulling his shorts down, then his undies, exposing his hairy muscle butt, which he massages as he gets sucked. Justin fucks Guys mouth for a bit, making him suck harder and deeper, and with his dick rock solid now, he stands up to get sucked some more. Guy gets down on his knees and gets back to some very hot sucking, and starts to play with his dick as he sucks. Justin grips his head to fuck his mouth, pushing his dick as deep as Guy can take it, making him struggle a bit. Very hot. Guy stands up, and Justin gets down onto his knees and demonstrates amazing oral skills as he effortlessly swallows the entire length of Guys hard cock, right down to his hairy balls. He gets it really wet and sloppy, then Guy grips his head and give him a good throat fucking.. Awesome..They move back to the sofa now, with Guy on his back, legs apart, held back, showing his hairy arse to camera. Justin kneels next to him and rubs his hole, gets it wet, thne pushes his finger in.. it makes Guys dick throb, and Justin sucks on the end of it as his finger slides in and out of Guys arse, opening him up..Eager to fuck now, Justin gets on the sofa, kneeling, with Guy laying on his back. Justin teases Guys hole for a bit, rubbing his dick against it, before easing the tip in.. he pushes the rest of his cock all the way in, making Guy moan, then starts fucking him slowly.. as Guy gets used to it, Justin speeds up a little, then leans over him to get deeper penetration, as the fucking gets harder and stronger..Next, Guy is leaning against the wall, Justin standing behind him. Again, a little arse teasing before pushing his hard dick back into Guys hairy arse. Justin grips him by the waist and starts fucking him quite strong.. Some very hot, graphic, underneath penetration shots. Justin leans forward to get his arms all the way around Guys chest and gives him a seriously hard pounding, till he cant take any more..Not quite done yet, they fuck one more time, this time Guy in on his back on the sofa again, Justin kneeling on the floor. He holds Guys legs apart as he fucks him, and as he starts working up to a good speed, Guy jerks off his dick, and pretty soon its stiff and throbbing as his butt gets pounded.. He cant hold off too long, and beats away at his meat till it starts shooting out thick white spurts of jizz which spray out and land in his hairy chest and abs... Justin gets on the sofa and has Guy playing with his hard nipples as he jerks himself off.. this seems to get him going, his breathing gets louder and heavier, and his cock pumps out a hot creamy spunk load over his abs.. Justin squeezes out a few more drops of sticky man juice as he catches his breath.. A very hot scene.
Latina Lover Drools Over Giant Cock
Dominic is such a Latin Lover. He kind of looks likes one of guys from 300. He's super sexy and he's down to fuck a guy with a huge cock. I love watching to sexy men fuck...
Blowing Two Hung Str8 Boys
Randall and Blaze make a delicious meal for any hungry cock sucker, and Joe is the lucky one getting to feast on those lengthy and thick inches of cock as he goes from one to the other, then rubbing their dicks together in his face to get those hot cum loads ready for him. He gets his delicious reward at the end!
Bareback Riding In The Desert
Jason and Benjamin are from two different worlds, but out here on the rocky hilltops of the desert, they can truly become one in the most intimate way possible! Their worlds are abandoned as they lose each other in a passionate kiss, leading to a lot more as their needs become more urgent and their members throb for release! Blond Benjamin might be royalty, but he can ride bareback like the best of them!Southern boy Benjamin is so cute, and so sexy too. The blond boy describes himself as "gay-curious", occasionally thinking about lesbians when he's drunk. But he's all about the boys when he's with us, and there are a lot of boys who want to get that juicy dick in their ass. He loves to top, and has plenty of experience.Sexy twink boy Jason calls himself Omnisexual and that he falls for the person and not the gender, but regardless of that we have a lot of horny bottom boys ready to take that long cut cock of his in their tight little ass. He's a horny guy who can cum once, and cum again soon after, so plenty of videos can be expected!
Hunk of hot papi meat
Hunk of hot papi meat
Gay HD Porn
Gay HD Porn
Behind The Scenes: August 2012
Taking a sneaky step behind the set of DreamBoy's latest Hotel showcase, we're invited to meet up with Eurocreme's latest exclusive Billy Rubens as he is shown the ropes by manager and also exclusive, JP Dubois! With interviews with all the models, and introducing their own scenes, some models have even become more than co-stars and love is blossoming across the Hotel! Be ready for oodles of porn being poured everywhere, messed up rooms and plenty of fun times at the worlds sexiest, horniest Hotel!
Tearing dude's jeans and fisting him
Masked dude tears up bind dude's jeans and inserts whole hand in to his asshole combining with ass spanking so slave could feel ultimate pain and pleasure. Very kinky gay game!
Open Up and Say, "Ahhh!"
After a trip to the dentist, Preston Andrews comes home with an armful of candy. He tells Elijah White his secret is knowing how to open up and say, "ahhh!" The open mouth is an invitation to Elijah and soon enough they're sucking each others big cocks. Preston grimaces as Elijah fucks his ass, but the pain doesn't stop him from cumming! Elijah even shoots well over Preston's head.Meet Elijah White. He's a fan of porn and very happy to be making it now. He has wanted to be a part of the gay porn community since he turned 18 - fantasizing about it all through high school. This cutie loves getting it on with sexy boys and isn't afraid to show closeups of his small physique and sweet little butt.This young wonder who goes by the name of Preston came out very early in his life. He digs the twink life as a versatile player. Don't underestimate his size, as his 8 inch cock will surely surprise you! It seems especially large compared to his generally small stature. He loves showing it off with pride.
Huge, Thick Teen Cock Solo
We caught Jordan laying naked by the pool and decided to follow him with our camera as he went for a swim and then into the privacy of his room. Once he closed the door, Jordan began to stroke and rub his huge cock to full erection. His hot, young, smooth body quivered as he neared orgasm and then he shot a thick load of white, creamy jizz on his belly. He scooped his cum with his fingers and ate all his gooey, sticky sperm juice!
Max's Glory Hole Fun
Max has to be one of the hottest twinks to have graced our halls in quite a while. The bleach-blond, blue-eyed young gent has got quite a hunger for cock too. Watch him chow down on a big, meaty cock through the BoyNapped gloryhole while showing off that smooth body for the camera.
Sexual Hot Tub
Wow, me and Matthew King were in the hot tub just relaxing when I saw his yummy cock perk up and get hard. I couldn't resist and soon enough I had his hard muscle inside my mouth and my tight holes!
Scott's Glory Hole Cruising
Dark haired and grey-eyed, Scott Williams will take your breath away. Which is kind of ironic really since we take away his in this video by putting a big dick down his throat. Check out the hungry little twink swallowing some cock through the glory hole in this orally fixated encounter.
Easy Lay Up
Two hot guys play ball
Cute Brian Barebacks Heath
Gorgeous Heath is one of the top guys we have, and we love seeing him sharing their juicy big straight boy dick with the other guys. The lucky boy in this instance is cute young Brian, easing his meat into that hot ass and giving Heath a raw fucking until both are kicking back and jerking out their cum over each other!
Hot Body Men Encounters
Alexander is a fucking hottie. He has a super tight body with a perfect dick. We found his naughty tapes and boy were we excited. We finally got to see this hot stud get fucked...
Rio Silver and Theo S.
Rio had his eye on Theo, the grounds keeper and flirts with him till Theo takes him to the barn where they get undressed fast while they kiss. Theo quickly works his way down Rio’s body and stops only when he frees the throbbing cock from Rio’s jeans. Rio face-fucks him hard while Theo gets his own big cock out in the open. Rio can’t stop himself from wanting to taste his meat and pulls him up and against a stepladder where he kneels down and swallows it all. After having satiated himself on that dick he turns Theo around and gets to work with his eager tongue on Theo’s smooth ass before filling the wet hole with his throbbing cock. Rio fucks him hard and deep till Theo shoots a big thick load while getting rammed and then kneels down in front of Rio and watch him unload from close up.
Let's Get Awkward Fucking
Spencer is a cute stud with a nice slender body. I offered to give him a deep Massage to release some bad energy. Their was this weird sexual tension every time my cock got near him!
Trey Love's Huge Cock
Trey hasn't been fucked by a huge cock in a while. Recently, he met his best friends neighbor who gave him the ass fucking of his life in his tight asshole!
Jasper Welcomes New Boy Tanner
Check out new boy Tanner, a sweet and sexy twink with a hot ass and a need for a big hard dick inside it! Thankfully we have Jasper on hand to give the boys ass the kind of fucking it desperately needs, and once the shared sucking is out of the way that cock is ramming deep and hard and working them both to some big loads!If you love sweet and sexy versatile bottom boys, then you will definitely enjoy watching Jasper Robinson on video with the other raw-dicked lads! This boy is a sporty twink with a rock solid shaft and an eager hole too, versatile and hungry for action, he knows how to give and take it like a real pro!Oregon boy Tanner has a lot going for him, and there's a lot about him that our fans absolutely love too. This confident boy has a love of cock that really shows through in his appearances on camera, and there is no denying that a lot of the other boys want to be seen on film with him. They're lining up right now!
Time to Suck Start the Day
When waking up your boyfriend, you should always do the suck-start method. Its when you take your BF's fat cock and shove it in your mouth and swallow it. Be sure to get the balls in there also, after that flip him over and give him the fucking of a lifetime, and finish by shooting onto his chest. He'll be sure to be up and at it all day long....until tomorrow....
Kiss and Make Up, Boys!
Hunter Starr is trying to make it up to Giovanni Lovell after fucking his ex-boyfriend, but it's going to take more than an lollipop and a massage. Gio makes Hunter suck his dick before he gets the blonde on his knees to fuck him doggy style. Hunter ends up riding Gio's Spanish cock until he cums before the other boy jerks out a creamy load himself.If you like your twinks on the exotic side, just wait for Giovanni Lovell to open that pretty mouth of his and start talking! Spanish born and bred, Giovanni's been in the United States for a couple years, but his accent is still strong!Twenty-one year old Hunter Starr comes to us from San Francisco via a couple BoyCrush models he calls friends, Timo Garrett and Jackson Miller. He's your stereotypical twink in the best way: blonde, slender, and cute as hell. And just to add to his appeal, if you're a fan of foreskin, Hunter's uncut!
Chopsticks Works His Big Stick!
We love Chopsticks! He has such a easygoing personality and he's so nice to be around. It just adds to the hole thing as he gets his muscled body on show and works his big uncut cock in this jerk off, eventually delivering a hot load of thick white cum that he's been saving up for a while. Check him out!
Voyeur And Exhibitionist Fuck
Voyeur And Exhibitionist Fuck
Skyline Lovers
Hot Hunks After Work Overtime
Bend Me Over
Connor Patricks is a heart breaker. He comes in for his weekly massage all the time and teases me with his hot body and big cock. Today I won't take it! I am going to fuck his heart out until my juicy man-goo is all over his sweet face.
Stick Him Good - Dennys & Robert
Stick Him Good - Dennys & Robert
Cum Squirting Facial For Blaze
Blaze gets a lot of what he loves in this session with his uncut buddy Brian. Starting and ending in the shower, the sucking and fucking in-between is what really gets us blowing our loads as Brian takes that big straight boy dick in his ass, and then unloads cum over Blaze's face with black Joe joining in the bukkake!
Dating Surprise
Emilio been craving a huge cock to rip open his tight butthole. He was browsing a local internet dating website and came across this stud with a freakishly oversized penis to plow him missionary position.
Sunday Service Seduction
Sunday Cock Taking Holiday
Cristian and Morocho
You guys often comment on how much you like seeing real life couples make out!This week we get to check out Morocho and Cristian at home and having sex on camera
Blindfolded and Mummified
Blindfolded and wrapped tight in cling film like a modern-day twink mummy, Aaron Aurora is in no position to protest an older man playing with his exposed cock - the only thing allowed out of that wrap. It gets rock hard from the attention and stroked, with Aaron none the wiser to his captor.
Calvin's Massage
Tied down to the bed naked, Calvin Croft cuts quite a fine figure with his smooth skin and silvery hair. Leo James thinks so too, giving him a full body massage, sucking his beautiful cock and jerking both their dicks at the same time.
Troy Michaels Cum Heaven
When you see a beautiful ass crack staring at you in the face what would you do!? I quietly approached my longtime friend's bedroom and had to take a chance! Either ruin our friendship or make one hell of an unforgettable night with each other's naked bodies rubbing hard and heavy against each other...
Meet our new best friend Shaft. It's easy to see why his friends gave him that nickname once you see what he's got in his pants...he's got a fucking huge uncut cock! He's also got a lean build and a 6 pack abs. He's 19 years old and has never pissed on himself before. So when we told him that we film guys pissing he was not sure he wanted to do it but of course, we got him to change his mind! Shaft first shows off his body then pisses on his smooth dark chest. He gets on the ground and hoses himself down again then he works over that long cock until he shoots his load of thick cum! I think it's pretty clear that he enjoyed his first time at piss play!
Every Inch Inside Joes Ass
Joe is on hand to help out massively hung Dee in this solo. The guys 9" cock is just irresistible, the kind of meaty shaft a guy like Joe can suck on for hours. But the guy is gonna get more than just a mouth to fuck as Joe offers his ass for that naked length of dark meat to slide into! Joe gets a real hard fucking!
Alex & Arnold
If you've ever put your car in for a service and the mechanic was hot, then this shoot will certainly turn you on! Alex is a full time mechanic and even when at home loves to service his car. Arnold his neighbour mate and friend, not only uses his mechanical experience but uses his sexual experience too
Jesse Bryce the cockhungry hunk
Cocks and loads of cum... That's how Jesse Bryce rolls! When it comes to hardcore assfucking Jesse likes it BAREBACK and when it comes to cock sucking he likes it BIG! Now that's the perfect bukkake boy! Welcome to the club Jesse!
Cute Stud Seth Cock Slammed
This cute dude Seth was completely caught off guard by the size of my cock. I stuffed his tight asshole with big black cock...he took every inch with great pleasure!
Privacy Invasion
We cracked poor Danny's home computer password and got all shit masturbation videos! He a nasty one too. A bit skinny but I would fuck the shit out of his sweet asshole.
Brian is a 30 year old gay dude who loves to strip off naked and get down to some real gay sexual pleasure. We shot Brian's solo shoot in a bedroom and he soon got naked to reveal his nicely hung & thick erect cock. Brian loves nipple play too and loved playing with his nipple piercing whilst jerking himself off. His final cum shoot is incredible and he shot a great load of cum over his chest and stomach
Fraser Jacs And Josh Jared
Gorgeous boys with balls full of cum and the need to share them with a buddy, that's what you get with Josh Jared and Fraser Jacs in this anal session! Both boys are expert at oral, but Fraser wants more than that. Josh is soon sliding his long uncut cock deep in Fraser's ass and fucking him hard, and you know that both these guys can deliver the juice when it's time to unload!
Timo's Hot Tub Adventure
Timo Garrett wows the camera with a relaxing hot tub solo that ends with a dildo show. The way he moves it in and out of his ass is almost as hot as the real thing and he finishes with a cumshot that's just a hot. This solo is just a hint at the incredibly sexy performances Timo is just aching to give!Timo started modeling and immediately because a staple model for Boycrush purely due to the passion and intensity he puts into every since one of his videos. Every scene he performs in is an instant classic.
Carnival BB Hookup
Carnival BB Hookup
Cowboys 7
We are back on the ranch this week as our two dominant cowboys use and abuse an unsuspecting passive ranch dude. Gigantic 9+ inch cocks face fuck and pound our ranch dudes ass like he
Roommate Cock Drama
Uh oh, Greg is at it again, his roommate is fuming at him cause he came home after a night of clubbing, and left the front door open. The roomie has had it up to here with it and needs to punish Greg, but when he see's him asleep on the bed, he can't help but get turned on and starts jacking his cock. He wakes up Greg with his cock in his mouth and fucks the shit out of his ass. I'm guessing after tonight, he'll be leaving the door open more often.
Johnathan's Car Trouble
Our co-worker Johnathan was having a really bad day when his car broke down. I gave him a ride back to our place. I ended up fucking his tight asshole to help him feel better with my huge black cock...
Winning Ball
Winning Ball
Holes In One
Being bound tight with no where to run, Maxi Gee finds himself on the receiving end of Leroy Dale's throbbing dick. After getting anchored down tight to the floor with his ass in the air, all Maxi can do is wait for his captor to decide which hole he's going to stick his dick in first. Leroy takes turns ramming his dick down Maxi's throat and pounding Maxi's tight ass, until he blows his load all over Maxi's back.
Gluteus Rub Down
Jordan Foster works out everyday. He has to keep up his good looks. As a result, he's constantly sore and aching in pain. His glutes will need extra attention.
Dick and Ass Reunited
Troy Collins has finally made it back to Tyler's house of pleasure. Troy has been away but never forgot Tyler's firm hands. Tyler knew exactly how to rub Troy's juicy cock in order to get it nice and hard. But what Troy really wants is Tyler's throbbing cock in his ass.
Danny's Secret Outted
Danny's ex-girlfriend had concerns about his true sexuality when he wasn't home with her all the time. We gave her peace out of mind when we got these photos and videos off his computer...
Amateur Trio Sex
Amateur Trio Sex
Gay HD Porn
Gay HD Porn
Satoshi - Bisexual Athlete Jerks ...
Please help us to welcome the debut of Satoshi! For those that don't speak Japanese, he tells us he hails from Hiroshima and took the Shinkasen for 3 hours to Tokyo for his first video shoot. He is 20 years old and has a great body because he plays track and also swims. If you pay attention to his 'details' (beautiful 6 pack, and big juicy cock) you'll love every minute of his hot jerk off, which ends in a huge cumshot on a glass table.
Justin Cox wants COCKS
Justin Cox is an entertainer - in the true sense of the word! When he took the stage at the Bukkake Boys mansion, noone really knew what the show would bring.. raw, bukkake, bareback madness! With a cock in each hand and at least one in his mouth, Justin kept his audience on their toes as he serviced all the stiff juicy cocks! For the main act, Justin bent over and let all the boys ram his tight asshole until they blasted every last drop of cum all over his pretty face! Leaving all the bukkake boys gasping in exhileration for an encore - great success!
Hold The Phone
Holy Fuck! This guy's shlong is fucking enormous! Jeremy's sweet ass hole is gonna get stretch so big he'll need a couple of weeks of recovery time...