Big Cum
Two hot twinks, Neck Fongenee and Nut Lakdee are on a couch and making large things happen. Both boys are here to see who can come up with the biggest one, cumshot that is. It’s Boykakke’s “Big Cum Contest,” and you get to sit back, grab your remote and vote.
Gangster's Paradise
I love strong hard Latinos. When they act all tough like gangsters, that really turns me on. Emanuel thinks he's tough. But wait till I get his dick hard with my special hand job. He'll be craving my cock to go deep inside. I'm going to make this tough guy cum hard.
First Gay Fuck
Damn! That is huge! Yai is a cute Asian boy with a nice piece of meat between his legs. He is 22, gay, and has never been fucked before. It shouldn’t be shocking that with such a huge cock he is a top. The photographer asks if he can fuck him for more money. Yai pauses and says the he can as long as he goes slow.
Hot Stuffin'
Back on the hot seat and returning for one more round is the very meaty Girth Brooks, ready to have his way with the very willing Drake Jayden. After catching up briefly, these old friends dispense with simple pleasantries and get down to carnal pleasures, as Girth unleashes the mass that earned him his name. Drake takes Girth's girth into his mouth, the head swelling between his lips as he tongues the tip. Girth appreciates the sentiment but subtlety is not what he's looking for, so he grabs the back of Drake's head and shoves his cock down Drake's throat. Drake gags a bit and then dives in for more, as Girth hardens up to maximum density, and entertains ambitions involving Drake's other hole. With that in mind, Girth positions Drake onto the sofa with his ass high in the air and waiting, while Girth plunges his cock deep into Drake and they both emit a gentle moan of pleasure. Girth slowly guides his cock in and out as Drake's hands clench the cushions, but this time, it's Drake who is in no mood for subtlety, telling Girth to fuck him harder, so Girth obliges, flipping Drake over onto his back and lifting his lower half up as Drake strokes himself at an incline, busting his nut all over his own face as Girth pulls out and further hoses him down with a man sized load of jizzy goodness. Enjoy!
Chad Gets Outted!
We hacked Chad's computer and found some gay photos. He was claiming he was straight for a while but now we have outted him!
He's Very Gentle
Pillip Aubrey heard about this great masseur named Jake. Apparently Jake has a gentle touch that is unmatched in the industry. Pillip looks like he can handle a rough man touching his body. However today, he wants something more on the relaxation side.
Business Doing Pleasure
Travis Irons needs to take some time off for a road trip. His boss is reluctant but can be persuaded with a bit of dick sucking. Will Travis have the balls to give his boss some head? Better question...what if that's not enough.
Once again Kurt is working out his after-office-tensions in some dingy run down club. He's joined by swarthy muscle-stud and UKNM first timer Carioca, who's a master of the cue - and strictly top, which means we get to see a very different side to Kurt, as he climbs onto the baize and takes Carioca's dark meat deep inside him. The guys are gripping and grunting with passion and going at it like hungry animals until they can't hold back any more and they're pumping hot loads all over each other. With a few trick shots Kurt and Carioca both score a maximum in the hottest game of snooker you'll ever see. p.s. In real life the two guys go to the same gym and have been eying each other for months so this collision was a long time coming and oh my, it shows... talk about pent-up passion!
Jasper Welcomes New Boy Tanner
Check out new boy Tanner, a sweet and sexy twink with a hot ass and a need for a big hard dick inside it! Thankfully we have Jasper on hand to give the boys ass the kind of fucking it desperately needs, and once the shared sucking is out of the way that cock is ramming deep and hard and working them both to some big loads!If you love sweet and sexy versatile bottom boys, then you will definitely enjoy watching Jasper Robinson on video with the other raw-dicked lads! This boy is a sporty twink with a rock solid shaft and an eager hole too, versatile and hungry for action, he knows how to give and take it like a real pro!Oregon boy Tanner has a lot going for him, and there's a lot about him that our fans absolutely love too. This confident boy has a love of cock that really shows through in his appearances on camera, and there is no denying that a lot of the other boys want to be seen on film with him. They're lining up right now!
Joey & Michel Outside Fuckers
Joey & Michel Outside Fuckers
Massage Envy
Aiden Marx and Brody Wilder are all set to demonstrate how to give a sensual massage, as Brody climbs up onto Aiden's table and strips out of his clothes. Aiden takes time work all the nooks and crevices of Brody's body, and the pressure on his muscles loosens Brody up and gets him worked up all at the same time. Aiden rolls Brody over to discover his hard on, and without missing a beat, he begins to work Brody's member, first with his hand, firming it up a bit more, and then with his mouth. Brody lets out an exhaustive moan as Aiden's tongue dances on the tip of his cock, and Brody quickly has flipped Aiden onto his own table and he's moistening up Aiden's hole, then slipping his hard cock inside, as Aiden closes his eyes and grabs a hold of the side of the table. Brody pounds his ass doggystyle then has Aiden flip over onto his back, where he continues his thrusting as Aiden works his cock to the brink of explosion, flipping over one more time for Brody to go all out as they stand against the table. Brody pulls out and gushes a load all over Aiden's back and the two of them agree: that's the way to do a masssage.Enjoy!
Bailey Squirts on Camera
Bailey comes back for a fun little solo involving his new hair, new post-porn experiences, and new dildo. He certainly hasn't lost his charm or his ability to show off on camera. He uses the dildo like a pro and then cums all over his chest.Super cute and twinky bottom boy. He was fun on and off camera. I really enjoyed having him out.
Boykakke's Top Model 5 The Raunchiest Orgy Contest
Well, who doesn’t like an orgy? These four are hot on the “tail” for one another and they have no problem helping themselves to each other. On this episode of “Boykakke’s Top Model: the Raunchiest Orgy Contest,” we have Noom Sadka, Nut Lakdee, Od Bunlung and Yai, engaged in a hot foursome that begins with a wank and a piss. After bathing in this gorgeous feast, go to the forum and pick which model did it best for you.
Sean Smith
We went to a local park to pick up Sean Smith, a 19yo straight boy wanting to make some money. As you watch the video you'll find out that this straight boy is all business and takes care of a "sizable" business matter here on StraightRentBoys! First things first, yes, Sean is a real red head and the "drapes match the carpet" as Eddie puts it. All I have to say is that I hope they ordered enough of both to do the job when you see the size of Sean's cock. Yes, dynamite does come in little packages! We don't get many red heads coming through the studio and if it's a tall, thin red head hung like a horse on your wish list, I think we got a winner! Sean says he's never been with another guy and I actually got to touch and stroke that mammoth cock of his during the shoot. When I asked him if it felt weird, he said no. At the end of the video when asked if he would like to say anything to anyone interested in renting him, Sean said he wouldn't mind getting a blowjob from a guy and even consider sucking a dick. Sean is all business and a "show me the money" kind of guy. If the money's right, I think Sean is willing to explore new possibilities. Even Eddie says "I'd have sex with him!"
Brody Hard Ass Fuck
I let my best friend Brody stay at place when came in from out of town. I didn't know he liked me in that way. I ended sticking my stiff rod inside him.
Scamps Ep2
Scamps Ep2
Left & White
This week we brought back Jason White who left many a sore cock after his last visit. This 23yo thick Midwestern stud is quite the 'ass-full', packing a thicker than average 9' cock. The dimples are just the cherries atop everything else Jason has to offer. Fortunately Jason is not in Kansas anymore. He's in Miami, Betches! Today we decided to bring back one of MenOver30's native alumni, John Stone. John's made many a fan from his appearances on our brother sites and he's great no matter where he pops up. John is originally from Boca Raton and has been hitting the gym as well as the beach. At 22 he's got it going on and enjoying the sun and putting that hot bod to use. John can have all the fun he wants because he's still single. John is attracted to guys that are outgoing, adventurous, have smarts and take care of themselves. Jason on the other hand is no longer on the market and is currently attached. He's a truly versatile guy that admits most people assume a big dick means you only top but not in his case. Jason likes to get it as much as he gives it. That's always a good thing. Both of these boys admit they're both more into oral but they'll both be doing a LOT more than that today...and we're off!They begin to break the ice, slowly kissing each other while their hands start to roam. Jason pulls at John's tee as they both begin to strip. Jason licks a John's cinnamon-toned chest and as he does, John pulls out Jason's thick cock. John immediately goes down on his massive meat. Jason gasps as John begins to expertly work every growing inch of his 9' pole. John's jaws are stretched wide as he repeatedly dives down on his meat. Jason feels up John's sexy chest and nips as he gets his meat spit-shined. Jason wants some too and drops to his knees in front of John who is more than willing to feed him dick. He holds Jason's head still as he fucks his throat; his smooth balls slapping away at Jason's chin. After a while, Jason gets back on the couch and lies back so that John can continue to worship his fat cock. John is going to town on his dick as he strokes his cock, swirling his fist around the shaft while he works his tongue all around his knob. The double combination he's getting on his aching cock is sending Jason into orbit and soon enough that thick fuck stick is going to want a warmer tighter place to wedge itself into...and we're all for it!The next thing we see is the look of anguish as John braces himself. Jason is sliding his extra thick meat into his tight ass and the more he struggles the harder Jason impales him. He's taking it like a champ as Jason bends him over and has his way. There's no learning curve with Jason who needs his dick in his tight hole. 'You like that?' Jason taunts as John can only grunt his reply. He moves him to the floor and begins to pound him in a doggy position and we get a spectacular over head shot of his massive meat going in and out of his ass like it was meant to be inside him. Jason moans and groans as he watches John's hungry hole devour every inch. 'Yeah, Take that dick' he orders as John continues his endless grunting and groaning. Jason flips him on his back and slams his pole back inside him. He holds his legs up in the air as he fucks him missionary position. His balls slapping his ass repeatedly before he gets moved to the couch again where Jason sits on the back rest and pile drives John's hole. Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter these two kick it into high gear. John starts to jack his cock as Jason's baby maker starts slamming his prostate and it isn't long before Jason's huge cock sends him over the edge. He begins to shoot as Jason hauls out his own meat and fires off a massive load that drenches John's chest and face. -HOT!
Buddies Face Fucking Blinx
Buddies Face Fucking Blinx
The Only Gays in the Office
Preston Steel and Trevor Bridge are the only two gay guys at their office, which is the perfect excuse for an office hookup! These two clearly love having cock in their mouth because they swap oral eagerly. They only pick up the pace as Preston sinks his dick into Trevor's ass. Preston keeps up a fast pace until he fucks the cum right out of Trevor and pulls out to shoot his own load.They don't come any sweeter than Preston Steel; you'd be hard pressed to find them much sexier, either! His fun, warm personality is the cherry on top of a furry, masculine body we can't get enough of on film. Working with out and proud gay men is always a treat, Preston is comfortable and confident in his skin and it translates to incredibly hot scenes.We love power bottoms. We love power bottoms who say they've been double penetrated even more. In other words, we love Trevor Bridge. In his interview, he says he's considering trying out fisting. He can try anything he wants... as long as he does it on camera!
Behind the Scenes Tsuyoshi and R...
This is a Behind the Scenes bonus of Ryota and Tsuyoshi, our talent scout. Tsuyoshi sure can pick out the talent, as we see Ryota
Xtra Large Lads Danny
An intimate bath time moment with big, broad Danny, without between you and his rippling muscular body, except some soap suds. Danny's a big boy in all respects, he loves training at the gym and showing off his toned physique, aswell as his very big, very veiny, bulbous headed dick. He soaps it up and washes it down before sliding his girthy piece into a fleshlight and wacking out a juicy, 'lick-it-up', load all over the tiled floor.
Misbehaving Roommate
Jhonathen's roommate has been acting up lately. He raids the fridge like he bought the groceries. He'll even be loud all night while Jhonathen is trying to relax. This time, jhonathen's roommate is horny and want to fuck. Poor Jhonathen doesn't know what's coming into he's tight butthole...
Butch Grand and Tim Kelly
Rediscover this Alpahmales classic in HD and on your tablet! Butch returns for more fun in the Vauxhall leather club, this time with muscle bound Tim. Looking like a man who likes to be in control, Tim is dressed in leather pants and cap like a real hot copper ready to order you around!! Butch obediently looks after his cock with his hot mouth and then has his butt munched on by our hairy daddy. Holding his butt open for him, it's soon pounded hard and fast, feeling every inch being thrust inside!!
Kayden Gray solo
Kayden is one of those rare lads that ticks all the boxes and more.. great looking, super fit with a tight ripped body, amazing 6 pack.. and one of the biggest thickest dicks you ever saw.. a massive wrist thick uncut 9.5 incher which never goes soft. The solo begins with Kayden on the sofa, wearing a loose black sports vest, black football socks and shiny black adidas shorts. He lifts his top to reveal his incredible torso, tight and lean and ripped with bulging abs, and he plays with his nipples a little.. Kayden starts to rub his crotch a little, giving it a good squeeze, opening his legs wide to give us a peek of his white undies, under his shorts. He pulls his shorts to the side, so we can see more, and he pulls out his growing bulge, which even when soft, is huge. As he strokes and squeezes it, it gets harder and thicker, till you can see the shape of his massive hard on as it lays sideways inside his tight white boxers. He grips it at the base, showing off the shape of it, giving us some seriously hot huge bulge in underwear action, before pulling his cock out the side of his underwear. Kayden has one of the biggest and thickest dicks I ever saw. Major girth from base to tip, uncut with plenty of foreskin too.
Andy and Miles Flip Flop
Miles catches Andy watching him in the bathroom and punishes him with some face and ass fucking, making Andy decide to return the favor. Watch as these to get right down to business and flip flop fuck just for you.Andy is one of the best discoveries I have made. With his great looks and consistently solid performances on camera, he is on his way to being a big star in the industry. He is always professional on and off camera. He now is my right hand man helping me film and edit the movies. He is not only a great model and employee but also one of my good friends. Normally I hate tattoos on twinks, but he really had some cool ones. He has this great mix of young innocent looking boy next door with this edgy emo punk look to him. Super skinny and small with big brown heart melting eyes. He has this great confident and funny personality. An all around great model.
Passion of the Kris
Brock Russell is back with us on and we
Alexandre & Guy
Alexandre & Guy
Corruption Scene 2
mike and his two, young friends are getting horned up in the changing room after a sweaty game on the pitch. The smell of man sweat in the changing rooms adds to their pent up teen lust and they can't help groping, snogging and sucking each others beautiful, stiff, young dicks.
Cum Parade Part 6 is Here!
Attention cum lovers! It's finally here, part six of our very, very sticky compilation Cum Parade. As always you'll find just about every kind of cumshot in this video; lads cumming with cocks up their asses and lads shooting huge loads with impressive distance. Part six features the incredible, long distance cumshots of newcomer James Pershaw and more!
18 Year Old Cuban Virgin buys his...
Jonny Gonzales is a boy, 18, and Cuban. He has been here for a year and contacted me. Apparently, in Cuba, the difficulties of having premarital sex are unreal. Now, let
I Dig You Bro
Well looks like we have two strapping young men for you today. Chase is 21 from Chicago loves to work out and chill with his buddies. Devin Armani is 21 from Philly and use to be a star quarterback but has now moved to Florida to pursue his dreams. It has been a hot one today and the boys have decided to hangout inside the house and admire each other
Alone Together
Coming home to Brandon all alone is just the quality time he wanted to spend with him. Of course, when we say quality time, we mean sex.
Scandalous Captured Sex Video
This is the scandalous sex video that will ruin a relationship. Just as 2 of our hot twinks were about to leave and start their life-long relationship together, flirting eyes and a big cock caused a disruption. While everyone else thinks that theirs is a faithful relationship, we have proof that while they thought no one was looking, Wesley and Micah were behind the bushes fucking! WE CAPTURED IT ALL ON VIDEO! Now, it's your chance to see Welsey and Micah's secret sex tape! Watch as these boys suck, rim, fuck and dump their cum loads on each other! But let's keep this a secret, we don't want to ruin a happy home ... or do we?
Papi Jorge
Papi Jorge
Cameron Davis' Christmas wish
Cameron Davis' Christmas wish: a HOT orgy with the Bukkake Boys! Since this is the season of GIVING, the Bukkake Boys decided to grant his wish! They gave him hard cocks and tons of fresh cum! Cameron accepted the presents with open MOUTH and open ASS! A nasty Holiday bukkake orgy indeed! It's the season to be horny!!!
Geezer Lad Josh Jared Jerks It
Straight acting Bristol boy Josh Jared only admitted to enjoying cock four years ago, but at the age of 26 he's now a full-on gay lad! We find out plenty about the guy in his interview, then it's time for his cock stroke and he reveals an 8" uncut semi that takes no time at all to rise up for a great shaft-pleasuring session! Check out the immense cum fountain and his accidental self facial!
Luan and Jorge
Luan and Jorge
Massage Euphoria
Travis Freeman came down for his first massage. He was lookin' hot! I had to get my dick in him somehow. I knew he was straight but he has never had a blowjob as good as mine. Once I got him dripping I took out my big cock and fucked him into euphoria.
Backyard Gape
Jordan White and his fuck buddy Luke Hass are out in the backyard fondling each other. Luke brings out his massive penis and Jordan collapses in awe. He quickly shoves the huge cock in his mouth, getting it wet enough to get fucked in his ass. Looks like it'll be another nice day for some fucking....
Moving In
Moving In
Caio Fucks Like Mad
Caio fucks like mad in this hot ass fucking raw papi scene
Hunks of Papi Cock
Hunks of Papi Cock
Switched OFF & Turned ON
They are chilling out, watching some of the show back to pass the time. Junior says he’s sick of the show and he doesn’t care who wins now, he just wants to get back to normal life, disagreeing Tyson says he’s in it to win it and he’s gonna do what it takes, even if that means being fucked by his only competition. This scene is such a hot mix of dark skin, dirty talk and massive cocks. Tyson blows Junior for all he’s worth, he’s got some serious head skills. All the while sticking his big bubble butt in the air, just begging to be played with. Junior tongue fucks his sweet hole, and then plows into him. He smashes his ass up! They both shoot over Tysons abs making a big sticky mess.
Turner fucks for the first time on camera
James Pershaw And Josh Jared
Two straight acting cock-lovers get together in this video, with muscled and inked hottie James Pershaw sliding his hard one into new lad Josh Jared! Sexy Josh was so eager to get started we couldn't wait to get him on camera with a real hot guy like James. The guys are so hungry for dick as they suck each other, but the sight of Josh getting the semen fucked out of him and then taking James' hot load over his body is the ultimate ending!
Keith and Chase fuck hard
Keith and Chase go for a roll in the sheets in their first hardcore porn video. Chase lets Keith use his big cock anyway he wants. After a quick lick and a long suck, it isn't long before it's in his ass, he plows him harder and harder, making him scream with ecstasy! Before rolling him over and cumming in his ass!Confident and cocky big dicked twink. He reminded me a lot of myself when I was 19. Made some great videos with Keith and was an all around good model.Keith is really something special. He just has the underlying animal sexual attractiveness that just drives me wild. Miss having him around, but he has some great videos on the site.
Don't Tell My Girlfriend
This guy thought his secret was safe, that every weekend, he would sneak off to a cheap motel and get his ass fucked by a manly stud. He liked to feel that fat cock up his ass and the cum splashing on his face. Oh well, I guess its out in the open now...My bad.
Jack Hall And His Hard 9 Inches
If the English accent is a major turn on for you, then you couldn't get more of a typical quintessential English accent than our newest recruit Jack, if the accent is enough to do it for you, then once this handsome young man peels himself out of his clothes his massive nine inch cock is simply going to knock you sideways.
Tory's Deep Anal Massage
This guy Tory was my neighbors good friend who is always stressed out, and tense. I went over to his house for an appointment to literally help him blow some steam. I bent him over, and fucked him hard over the massage table.
Seki Tabuchi - Sexing the Park Bo...
Seki Tabuchi is a cute 18 year old Japanese student. We caught him as he was running around the park, practicing for a University race. After watching this cute twink run in the park and then take off his shirt, showing his sweaty body and 6-pack abs, our camera man just had to see if there was a way he could convince him to show us more. Being that he is a college student in need of cash, it didn't take a huge amount of convincing. This gorgeous boy was soon naked on the bed, letting the camera man show us his beautiful virgin pink asshole, low hanging balls and sizable big cock. After a 'helping hand,' it didn't take much for this sweetie to blow a huge load.
Drew Brody & Robbie Turner
Prepare yourselves for a scorcher! Slim twinky lad Robbie is pushed to his limits as he takes on the beercan thick TEN INCH cock of mixed race rugby lad Drew Brody. Inasnely hot jaw stretching oral and intense hole stretching fuck action, climaxing with messy cum facial.. Unmissable!The lads start off standing, in their sportskit. If Robbie seems a little nervous to start with, thats because he is.. He loves huge cocks, but has never had a cock as huge as this before, and while he was really excited to be doing it, he was also nervous as to whether he would really be able to take it.. But dont worry, he took it GREAT.. more of that later.. They kiss and grope each other, Drew is forceful, and after getting a feel of Robbies cock and balls in his shiny shorts, he lifts his vest to reveal his slim defined body, and gives his nipples a good licking. They kiss some more, take off their tops, and Robbie sucks Drews nipples a bit and gets a feel of the massive schlong swelling in Drews tight red shorts.. at one point the end of his dick is poking out the bottom of the shorts.. this dick is way too big for these shorts, and not wearing any underwear gives us a horny preview of whats to come.. They reach inside to take each others cocks out of their shorts. Robbie is still soft, but Drew is almost rock solid now, and its so thick that when Robbie grips it, his fingers dont meet, and not even close. They jerk each other off a bit, then Robbie cant hold back any longer and gets down onto his knees for some serious monstercock worship.. By this point Drews dick is rock solid and throbbing, a full ten inches and insanely thick.. Robbie grips it at the base, his fingers dont even get close to reaching all around the massive girth, and opens his mouth wide, taking in as much as he can, and manages about a third. He starts slowly sucking on the end, going as deep as he can.. Drew clearly loves getting sucked and lets Robbie go to work on him, then grips his head to fuck his mouth a bit, then pulls him deeper down onto his cock, making him gag a little.. We have some REALLY hot shots from underneath Drews balls looking up as Robbie, with his jaw stretched wide apart, gets his mouth forced down that meaty shaft. They move to the sofa, and Drew leans back and hold his cock up at the base for Robbie, who kneels on all fours between Drews legs, and he starts licking the big bulging cock head, then gets back to more sucking, working on Drews cock with his hand, jerking him off as he sucks him.. More very horny shots from Drews point of view, looking down his chest to his cock as his monstercock gets sucked and worshipped..Needing to get his hole warmed up for this, Robbie is laying on his back on the sofa now, with his legs apart, and Drew kneels by his arse and starts working on it.. Drew licks Robbies smooth hairless pink hole, getting it good and wet, then starts probing it with his finger..he eases his finger in gently, pushing it deep inside making Robbie moan.. he fingers him a bit, then pulls his finger out, pulling Robbies cheeks apart to show his wet hole to the camera..Eager to get his monstermeat inside that tight twink hole, Drew lays on the floor on his side, with Robbie on his side in front, spoons type position. Robbie holds his leg up, and Drew eases the tip in.. Robbie gasps a little but takes it, and Drew pushes it a bit deeper till its about halfway.. he slowly edges it in and out a little, letting Robbies hole get used to the mighty girth, then starts fucking deeper, and builds up the speed.. This is SO horny and we get loads of graphic close up penetration shots..Next, Robbie is leaning against the sofa with Drew standing behind him.. He eases his dick in again, and gets back to some awesome fuck action, not too slow, showing plenty of length.. he starts to fuck deeper and a bit harder, but this seems a bit much for Robbie sometimes, and Drew holds back again.. They keep it up a good while till Robbie needs a break..Not quite done yet, they go for a third position, this time Robbie laying on his back, legs apart with Drew kneeling. He inserts his meat which is throbbing and looking thicker than ever.. luckily Robbies arse is warmed up, but even so, its clearly intense watching it go back in.. Drew fucks with long strokes showing us plenty of girth, keeping the fucking steady, varying it a bit, keeping it as intense as Robbie can handle, keeping him on the edge.. Drew pulls out now, whips off the condom and moves round to kneel over Robbie.. with both lads aching to cum, but they want to savour the moment, so Drew sticks his meat back into Robbies mouth, and he sucks on it one last time as he jerks himself off... moments later the cum literally explodes from his dick, Im not kidding, jet after jet of jizz squirts right the way up his body spraying his neck and chest, and all shown in hot slow motion..The sight of this pushes Drew over the edge, and thick white spunk starts streaming from his meat, all over Robbies lips and chin.. Drew cums plenty too, as he he squeezes out the last few drops, Robbie opens his mouth and cleans up the still throbbing spunk covered monstercock.
Bears Gone Wild!
It's an all out BEARback Orgy Fuck Fest!! Bottom Pigs Chad Adams and Jeff Allan get their bare holes lubed and ready for some cock. Benjamin rams Adams, who grunts like a wild pig. These daddies continue fucking and spreading their seed, until the tops bust their nuts into the bottoms' open mouths.
Gape Spa
Devin loves going to the gape spa to get his fuck fix. They will lick his deep crevice to get it moist and loose. Then they will stuff his brown-eye until he creams himself to pleasure.
it's not if... (it's when)
Pent-up lusts run rampant in the exclusive private finishing school that Michael attends. He watches his gym instructor and begins to feel a tightness in his underpants. He's seen the weight in the crotch of Dillon's pants and wanked himself to just imagining his teachers fat cock pressing to his lips and to the aching, twitching hole of his arse. But little does he know Dillon has been taking more than a professional interest in his pupil, and its not a question of if somethings going to happen between them - its when....
Trent's Creepy Roommate
Trent my roommate seemed out of it lately from working so much. He needed some hardcore tension release. I fucked him hard in his ass until he was smiling!
Virgins 3way
A rough and tumble pillow fight quickly escalates to a full on fuck and suck 3way, as Mackenzie can't keep his trembling hands out of his friends boxer shorts, or his lips off their juicy, uncut pricks. The sexy, young lad offers up his sweet, smooth bum-hole to their dicks, and spreads his cheeks wide for them to force their thick, teen-meat inside his hot boy-hole. These over sexed lads can't hold back for long and are soon spraying each other with hot jizz.
Pain In The Ass Training
Trent just transferred divisions and now is training for a new position. His boss want's to give him some experience but with a price. The training involves Trent giving head then taking a big hard cock.
James and Jace Jump Into Bed
As we mentioned before, James Pershaw's debut duo on the site wasn't actually the first one we filmed with him--this one was! Jace Tyler had the honour of popping that onscreen cherry of James' and he did a bang up job of it, as well. ;-) James may be a little tentative in his cock-sucking (he's not quite the lusty deepthroater that some of our guys are) but those lips of his do great wrapped around a dick! Jace, on the other hand, can hardly wait to swallow as much of James' cock as possible. The lads get into a sixty-nine then Jace has to have one more go at James' dick before they can get to the shag! Maybe one day we'll let James have a chance to bottom, but not yet! He mounts Jace from behind on all fours and fucks him deep. Jace, being the big ol' bottom that he is, loves every minute of it; he takes a pounding from James in missionary before climbing on to ride him as a finale. Jace literally showers James in cum before he dismounts so the big blonde can blow his load, too.
I Wonder
I Wonder
Pushing Peg Play To The Limit
Pegs have always been popular on BoyNapped and this scene with newbie London teen Liam Strider and Adam Watson will blow your mind. Hung from the rafters, Liam is powerless to the abuse Adam has in mind. Adam loved dishing out pain and having his boys service him. In this scene Liam takes peg pain to such an extent he almost passes out. This little twink is relieved when Adam cuts him down and demands a blow-job which ends in Liam licking up Adam's dominant load.