Cum Drinker
Okay, the cameraman was having a little fun with Gota Yamaguchi, well, his bum anyway. This sexy twink has been in other films of ours, but is here today to blow a sleeping boy in, “Cum Drinker,” for I know what you’re thinking; this is a smart boy who really likes to give-a-head and you would be right. Gota’s ability to arouse and satisfy, in Speedos, is something to watch and enjoy.
Lucky on the Flip
It's a triple threat that'll make you sweat! Get ready for three hot, sexy boys and an afternoon that's only got one thing in store: some crazy, hard fucking!Trent Ferris is the coolest guy in school and Lucas Owen and Ace Adams heard he loves cock. Lucas and Ace decided to follow Trent home and see if they can convince him to have a little fun. Trent's parents are away on vacation, so Trent invites them in. Soon, they're down to their undies and feeling frisky. Lucas suggests they play a coin-toss game to see who has to suck Trent's dick. Trent just laughs and plays along, thinking the guys are joking around. But when Ace loses and follows through, Trent finds himself right in the middle of an awesome three way! Lucas slides his massive boner in and out of Trent's supple mouth, while Ace bobs on Trent's knob. Before long, Ace is sharing Trent's throbber with Lucas, taking breaks so they can all kiss, of course. Then Ace climbs on Trent's dong and goes for a hard-pounding thrill ride. But Lucas wants to feel Ace's tight hole too. That's when Trent face fucks Ace while Lucas slams his sweet ass. The session's not over, though, until Lucas takes Trent's meat deep. Get yourself geared up, fatten up your slab, and join these fun-loving, inhibition-free sweethearts as they explore each other to the max!Enjoy!
Corona Time
This week we are extra stocked as we welcome two new faces to ExtraBigDicks. The first is a dark and swarthy hottie by the name of DJ Spins. DJ is 22 and originally from Santa Cruz. DJ is in for a treat as we pair him up with a Midwestern hottie, Leo Corona. Leo is originally from Prague and if his sexy accent doesn't make you melt, wait til you see his dick. We asked these two what their favorite time of day is. DJ loves the morning when he first wakes up and gets to touch his morning wood. Leo was bummed that DJ took his answer but also loves the morning especially breakfast. Both of these studs appreciate dining on both sides of the buffet and both love sex and started young and haven't stopped since. By the time they got to college they were well versed. We then asked if they had any advice for people that had trouble taking their huge cocks. 'Breathe!
Make My Diaz
His name is Nico Diaz. His Nico is a hot, Latin boy from Chicago who grew up shooting hoops with some serious talent. He had to learn his way around a court pretty young. It's been a while since he's put the old moves to use, but he's showing off a little bit today. The warm sun makes Nico want to be outside, soaking up the sounds and smells of the city. As he enjoys the beautiful day, his cock begins to harden. Nico stops to squeeze his fattening meat. He decides to go inside for a nice cock stroking session. Join him as he unleashes his massive meat and jerks it without reservation. Nico was blessed with an enormous dick and loves to know you're getting off on salivating over it. He's keeping it well oiled and super stiff for this incredible session. Watch him rub his gorgeous dickhead on his tight, warm asshole. It's an amazing tug time with an extremely sexy guy. Enjoy!
Bisexual Trio
Alessandra was looking after a friends house whilst
Stud Urto
One of the few 'real bears' I've shot in a while, this horny Sicilian has more than enough personality and sex drive to fill the gap. He bounded into the studio and was soon naked, hard and very, very horny.Stud Urto?It means stuborn apparently (one word though...) and it suits this bear who won't take no for an answer.
Darius Ferdynand And Tommy Benson
Tommy Benson is quick to get sucking on the delicious dick of athletic lad Darius Ferdynand, wanking himself off in his shorts as he gobbles. Hard and ready to go, he face fucks Darius in return too, but it's all just prep work for the dude and his real intention is to fuck that ass. Darius takes it well, having the load fucked out of him before Tommy erupts his own warm fountain of spunk all over that tight bod!
Amazing and rough gay orgy at the porch
These guys are feeling bored on the porch as they drink a little bit so they decided to have amazing orgy full of hot blowjob and ass fucking which ends with splash of delectable male sperm
Behind The Scenes: March 2012
Trojan is renowned to be the one fast relaxing at his desk while his men are hard at work. This time he's taken it a step further. He's wide-awake and lets his fantasy run wild playing matchmaker with his work staff. Everything inevitably takes place in Trojan's own bed where quite a few notches are added to an already long string of hot man-to-man action. The bed has to withstand Lucio Saints nailing super bottom Dolan Wolf first and then again new face Ross Hunter. On set we receive an unexpected visit from Super Porn Star Carlo Cox and Bruno. The same bed sees super hunk Harley Everett giving up his smooth ass to young stud Tate Ryder. A match made in heaven, those two couldn't keep their hands off each other on or off camera! Dolan performs a very personal wank involving a boot, his cock and his tongue. When Alphamale's favorite hairy stud Bruno Knight arrives to play his role in front of Trojan the testosterone reaches new levels and gets well and truly fucked by Tiko.
Banged Up
Banged Up
Dirty Chavs 2
These lads! pretending to be men, but they're still very new to sex, charming, fumbling and naive, but still as horny as fuck and with one one goal in mind - to shoot their hot, juicy loads.
Getting Familiar
New around the house is Campbell Stevens, quickly becoming a fan favorite, but yet to make the acquaintance of Cody Cummings� �til now, that is. Stretched out on a love seat for two, the guys are getting to know one another. Slowly, taking his time, Campbell strips for Cody and then vice versa, and as Cody unrobes Campbell strokes his cock in approval. Cody joins him on the seat and spreads his legs wide as Campbell sinks down to get a mouthful of Cody�s growing curiosity. Teasing the head, Campbell entices Cody further and Cody strokes his shaft while Campbell sucks on the tip, all while jacking himself to the edge of losing it, which he finally does all over his chest, as Cody follows suit exploding his load in a quivering pulsation of ecstasy. Enjoy!
Papi on a Boat
Papi on a Boat
Brandon Boinks with Bailey
Brandon and Bailey get hot and heavy in this steamy video. Dominant Brandon takes control right at the beginning, dominating Bailey with some hot face fucking. Then they get down to business with Brandon putting his big hard emo dick to good use, pushing it inside, and even cumming twice at the end.Super cute and twinky bottom boy. He was fun on and off camera. I really enjoyed having him out.Super skinny emo local boy. Amazingly skinny hot white body. Very sexy!
Fucked by the New Office Guy
It's hard working with porn all day - real hard! Austin Ried is figuring that out, and when Kirk Cummings tells him he's always horny they waste little time satisfying their hunger! Lots of mutual sucking leads to Kirk bending over for the new boy, and Austin is quickly in that ass and fucking it hard, ending with two awesome loads!Gorgeous Austin Ried is a real star in the making! His handsome face and perfectly lean athletic body make him look like the college boy you always wanted to suck off or have fucking you in the locker room. He has some sexy fur and the perfect cut cock, and a hot ass too, just begging for some attention!Kirk Cummings is infamous for his stint on American Idol. To be honest, we prefer him naked on all fours instead of on stage singing! He's got a great smile and an amazingly toned body, plus a hot cock and ass to work with. He considers himself versatile, and whether top or bottom, you'll be singing his praises.
Working with Wood
Stany Falcone shows Picwick what hard wood really means as he manhandles him and makes him swallow some thick, stiff meat. Picwick's used to handling wood and happily gives up his smooth hole for Stany's pleasure. We'll be seeing more of Stany (and no doubt those overalls) quite soon. It's plane to see he's more than a chip off the old block and he's got lots more wood to show us.
Maquina and Matias
Amateur sex doesn
Strickly Professional
My name is Tyler. I take my job very seriously. I had a client, Jordan White, come in the other day to get some relief and relaxation. I gave him extra affection and care. I sucked his hard cock and fucked him really good. He came so hard, he nearly passed out. After it was all said and done, this asshole wanted to haggle. What a cock!
Kenzie Madison tortures and sucks Leo Foxx
Dominant and sadistic Kenzie Madison has a special toy to play with in this session with Leo Foxx! Poor Leo can't escape as the sexy twink gets his kicks pouring hot wax over his victims body and dunking his head in ice cold water. His cock is sucked and stroked against his will but the boys shivering shows he's not enjoying it!
Hospital Hook Up
Hospital Hook Up
Lee Smith Fucks Dan Jenkins
Cute and curious Lee Smith has really come a long way since his first wanking shoot, and after getting some experience earlier this year as he fucked Janusz, he's back to give it to Dan Jenkins too. Dan is always eager to get some and he's on that 7" uncut cock like he's been starved of dick for too long. The mutual sucking is some of the horniest, but when Lee rides Dan's ass he works up a splashing cum load for his new buddy that you'll want to see - I think Lee likes the man-love!
Alex Gets A Great Raw Ride
Alex has a hole just crying out for the long and curved dick of Jason deep inside. The boys begin with some delicious dick sucking, swapping their cocks between them, but it's the fucking that gets both ready to spew their loads. Jason gives his friend every inch all over the bedroom before the cum is splashing out and the boys are tasting it in a sticky kiss!He's not new to gay porn, but we're happy to have him with us. Alex is a gorgeous you man, really sweet and sexy with a great body a hot ass and a great cock too. He's versatile, but he knows that he loves to get fucked, and with a perfect ass like that we know there are a lot of guys willing to give him what he wants!Sexy twink boy Jason calls himself Omnisexual and that he falls for the person and not the gender, but regardless of that we have a lot of horny bottom boys ready to take that long cut cock of his in their tight little ass. He's a horny guy who can cum once, and cum again soon after, so plenty of videos can be expected!
Cute Afternoon Twink Rub
Gavin Page's lower back is hurting so he calls in apprentice massage therapist Xander Brennan for a good back rub. Xander is eager to do a good job so he takes Gavin's towel off and proceed to massage his back and ass. Gavin really wants Xander to do a "deep" massage and Xander doesn't need any convincing. Next thing you know, these two are deeply kissing and Xander gets his cock sucked passionately. He then pounds Gavin's ass hard until he shoots a huge load all over his back.Gavin Page is shy at first but he loves twinks so much that when the lights are on and the cameras are rolling, he lets go and goes wild!Xander is the new twink on the block! He's a natural and it's great to see him have a good time on camera!
First Time Teens 3way
MacKenzie's holding the map but he hasn't a clue where he's going and nor do the other two lads. Well and truly lost, these intrepid scouts decide to regroup and try to work out which way's north. The accusations start to fly and someone is going to pay for getting them in this mess. MacKenzie decides the best way to relieve the stress of the situation is to stick his big cock into his buddies mouths and arses and for them to all blow a big load. That should clear their heads, they will still be lost but a lot more relaxed about it.
Tattoo'd and Screwed
David Chase is back on MenOver30 after a while away and is now 32. Jacksonville has been his home is whole life and he's surrendered himself to the fact that he'll never be able to escape. That sentiment seems to resonate throughout Florida for one reason or the other. Yet the boys keep a'comin' lol. This week we have a special treat for David as he helps us welcome back sexy, Sean Duran. Sean is a recent addition to our sites and has amassed quite the fan following. Tall, lean and tattooed, Sean is only 24yo and hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. You'd never know it from his sexy southern drawl. We asked these two what celebrity they would want to make a sex tape with. For David it would be Christian Bale; while Sean would rather jump on Bruno Mars. Sean started getting his tattoos at the age of 18 and doesn't have any favorite in particular. Sean confesses not all tattoos were as painful. It really depends on who's doing the work and how deep they go with the needle. The chemistry between these two is evident so we should be in for a great scene. So, let's let these two naked and see what develops...shall we?Sean is showing off his tattoos to David who's curious about what it must be like to get one. Show and tell leads to some groping as they start to make out. Sean loses his tee shirt as he gets comfortable and gives David's tongue more to explore. Sean's lean and defined and David licks his way south as Sean undoes his jeans and pulls out his cock. He moans as he lies back and watched David suck his hard cock. David pulls his pants off so he can get on the floor between his legs and really go to work on that cock. He shoves it down his throat til he gags and licks Sean's smooth balls as well. Sean then decides to return the favor as he gets on his knees and goes down on David's cock that by now is throbbing for attention. He works that dick with his mouth taking it all the way to the hilt. David just gasps as he watches his dick disappear down Sean's eager throat. David then pulls Sean up on his feet and gets him on all four on the chaise where he starts to eat that sweet ass. He devours that hole as he tongue fucks him deep. Once that hole is nice and wet, David stands up and slides that fat dick home. \'Aw fuck, yeah!\' Sean groans as David rails that hole. He climbs up on the chaise as well as he pile drives that fat cock in deeper and harder. Sean is doing his best to accommodate David's cock and loving every minute of it. They then switch it up as David lays back and Sean sits on his cock in a reverse cowgirl. Sean just fucks himself silly as he bounces on that meaty dick. David then stands Sean up against the wall and slides that cock back in for more. That cock hits Sean's prostate just right and in no time Sean is busting his load all over the carpet below as David's fat cock stretches his hole wide open. David then pulls out and gets Sean on his knees for a sizzling facial, dumping his fat load all over that pretty face.
Oh Mr. Brant
Brant Dickson is in the house and finally making his debut with us. Brant is 30 and originally from California
Jaxson Phillipe and Dillon Buck
Hairy stud Jaxson is at work but just can't stop fantasizing about his super-masculine supervisor Dillon Buck and his huge, curved cock. He whips out his thick uncut dick and starts stroking it out in the truck yard. Is it a mirage or is that really Dillon marching toward him with a a noticeable bulge in his pants? Jaxson drops to his knees and tries to gulp down his boss' massive cock. He can barely fit the fat hunk of meat in his mouth but he gives it all he's got... and more!
Niko's Massage Therapy
Niko is a Jazz Ballet dancer and he having some pain in his lower crotch area. Seems he doesn't stretch after rehearsal. However, this masseuse is going to give Niko some tips...The tip of his dick creeping up Niko's beautiful ass...
Horny Guy On The Rebound
Travis's roommate failed to get some action with some girl. Now he's after Travis's sweet juicy ass. when a man gets horny, he'll do about anything to get laid, even fucking his roommate
Shaun Mann
22 year old Shaun Mann is a London boy who moved north for work, but it seems he's looking to expand his skills and move into porn! The smooth bodied amateur is openly gay and is mostly a top but doesn't mind taking it too. That's a good thing considering all the horny guys we could team him up with! Check it out as he puts on a solo wanking show and delivers a thick spurting load over his smooth bod!
Parker's Ranger
This week we have a Parker Brothers extravaganza! Well, these two aren't really brothers; but just go with it. We're glad to see Parker Brookes back with that sexy face, sweet smile and that ass that just doesn't quit. For those of you that don't already know Parker Brookes, he is 24 and from Mobile, AL. Mr. Brookes is more than happy to help us give a warm welcome back to another Parker, Parker Perry. Originally from Austin, Texas, Parker Perry is here to show us just how BIG they really do grow them in Texas. (
Brandon Dominates Krist
Brandon chains up Krist for this epic Boycrush video. After torturing him with some intense bondage gear, he eases his big cock into Krists waiting mouth. Then he lubes up and fucks Krist in a spread of positions with a smile on Krist's face during every one.Super skinny emo local boy. Amazingly skinny hot white body. Very sexy!Krist Cummings is gorgeous, entrancing, and seductive. He is nice and small-I love him so much. He is a total power-bottom that just loves getting railed by the boys. I think he is going to be a big star on Boycrush.
Alex Gibson solo
Handsome young footballer Alex Gibson strips off his sports kit to reveal his fit hairy body, with throbbing hard bulge in his briefs.. taking out his thick juicy uncut dick, keeping it wet with loads of spit, he jerks off in different positions before shooting buckets of cum..Alex starts off on the sofa, in red and white adidas sports kit, and red football socks. He is a really horny lad, and as soon as he starts to stroke his crotch, he gets a stiffie in his shorts. Removing his top, Alex reveals his nicely hairy chest. His legs are really hairy too. He tweaks his nipples a bit, and goes back to his rock solid bulge, stroking and squeezing it. He pulls down his shorts, and his hardon is straining against the fabric of his white cotton briefs. He rubs his throbbing bulge some more, taking his time, getting more and more horny, and giving us sexy little looks to camera. Finally, he peels down his briefs, and his cock springs out, leaving him in just his red football socks. Alex has a perfect dick, about seven and a half inches, uncut and pretty thick. He slowly slides his foreskin back and forth over the end of his dick, which is moist with precum. He holds his cock steady for us, giving us some horny close ups. He jerks off a bit, then gets a big blob of spit onto his fingertips, and rubs it into his cock head. Its one of those rock hard dicks that is so solid, it never goes down. Occasionally playing with his nipples, Alex jerks off on the sofa for us, frequently adding more spit to his moist juicy dick, and he keeps the cock play really horny, slow, holding his cock up for us, and giving us sexy little looks. He stands up now, jerks off some more, then drops more strings of drool onto the end of his dick, massaging it in.. He plays with his nipples with both hands, giving us some really hot low angle hands free shots of that thick girthy dick as it points straight up, then goes back to jerking off..Alex starts to get himself closer to orgasm now, wanking harder and faster.. his muscles start to tense as he beats away at his meat, standing over us.. After a few more seconds of hard wanking, the spunk starts to pour, with a couple of strong jets of white jizz, followed by stream after stream of cum as he pumps out a really huge load.. Its such a horny cum shot, we see it twice, in real time and then in hot slow motion..
Cliff Humping
November is upon us, but wait ...there's more. Today one lucky guy will have more than just November 'upon' him. Today we have two new faces for you. The first, and afore mentioned, is Val Aris who is 25 and from the Windy City, Chicago. Last, but definitely not least, is a native Floridian that goes by the name, Cliff Jensen. Cliff is 21, a meager 6'3' tall, has seductive blue eyes and a thick 8.5 inch cock. Bare with us, we know how much you HATE a stud with a huge cock. We digress; we asked these boys what their favorite birthday to date had been. Cliff loved turning 21 because he could finally drink without having to hide it. Val loved turning 18 because he could finally fuck anyone he wanted without being jail bait. Birthdays can be over rated at times and so can certain sexual acts. Cliff agrees but more specifically thinks some people, not positions, are over rated when it comes to sex. The package doesn't always fit the sales pitch. Amen Brother! That's something we can all relate to. Val thinks that when it comes to sexual positions, anything done in a car is over rated. Seriously--get a room! Well, that won't be a concern this afternoon. --this room's paid for.Val lets his hands do the talking as he starts feeling up Cliff's chest and abs. His tongue begins to explore his cinnamon nips and smooth chest as Cliff's clothes start to drop. Cliff has a sweet tribal tattoo on his right shoulder and bicep giving him that bad boy edge we all love. He stands at the end of the couch where Val is ready to get a better look at that dick of his. Cliff hauls out his fat cock as he waves it in the air teasing Val for a bit. Cliff then lies back on the chair so that Val can get between his legs. Kneeling before him Val goes to work worshipping at the Cliff cock temple. 'You like looking at me when you suck my dick?' Cliff coos as Val quickly affirms his delight. Cliff loves watching Val slobber all over his dick and takes it out of his mouth to playfully slap his face and tongue with it. Val licks that shaft and soon Cliff stands up to give him better access to all his meat. Cliff's balls are pulled up tight as Val continues spit shining his rod. From there they take it bunk style as they maneuver into a hot 69. Cliff is on his back as he goes back to nursing on Val's dick while Val is riding top bunk bobbing his head on that throbbing cock. Cliff's thick cock appreciates the attention but it's gonna want more...'Love the way that asshole feels on my dick' groans Cliff as Val slides his hot ass down to the hilt. He starts to ride Cliff's thick cock as he bounces up and down on it wanting all of it inside him. Cliff then stands and bends Val over so he can keep fucking him doggy style. He slowly glides his massive cock back into Val's tight ass as Val groans his appreciation. Cliff's balls start to slap away at Val's hole as he picks up the pace. Val is whimpering as he gets that ass stretched wide. Cliff means business as he starts to hammer that thick dick home. Cliff then flips Val over and gets him into missionary. He holds his legs up as he slowly slides that meat in again. Once Val's hole gives way he starts fucking him faster. 'How do you want it?' Cliff taunts while still buried inside him. 'Shove it up me!' Val orders as Cliff obliges. Val's hole likes it hard; and it's getting the proper fucking it needs. Cliff picks up the pace heading towards the home stretch. He rails deep into his ass as Val does his best to accommodate that cock. Cliff then sits back down to let Val ride his cock some more. This position does the trick and Cliff quickly flips Val over onto the couch as he pulls out and shoots all over him. Val isn't far behind as he unloads all over himself adding to the sticky scene.
Devon Takes On Ten
Devon Takes On Ten
Intimate Bliss
Big Cock Daddies Deep Anal
Caught Out In Gym Class
After being caught passing notes in gym class, Jacob is punished by his cruel teacher, Mr Jenkins. Jacob is made to count as Mr Jenkins brutally spanks his pupil before changing the position and doing it over again. Jacob is then forced to suck his teachers big cock before being laid down and shown what a real facial is.
Boys Will Be Boys Part 2
In Boys Will Be Boys Part 2, we find Jo home alone after Kaede and Fuji went to the mall when Kaoru shows up. Jo decides it's his turn to have some fun and Kaoru will serve as a nice play toy. After getting Kaoru worked up and stripped down on the patio, Jo binds Kaoru's hands to wall and starts rubbing and massaging Kaoru's body and cock. A little nipple sucking and tongue action between them and Jo bends down to suck Kaoru's uncut cock working him into a frenzy. Not once during this entire scene did Kaoru lose his hard and the closer he gets to blowing his load the harder and bigger it gets until he blows all over the patio and Jo works his cock to get every last drop out.
Leche Fresca
Brenn Wyson is finally making his debut on ExtraBigDicks. Brenn, the Boxer from Boston, makes 39 look delicious. We also have another new face making his debut this week, Christian Ray. Christian was featured on our brother site, CircleJerkBoys, to rave reviews so we didn't see why we couldn't let Brenn at this hot 20 year old import. Feed him to the Christian! (...or is that the other way around?) <evil grin> We asked these studs what their favorite vacations had been. Lithuania for Brenn who found it to be beautiful while over there researching his family roots. Christian loves vacationing on the beach with his family. They both knew they had big dicks by the time they were 12 and while Brenn considers himself to be a freak in the sack Christian considers himself to a bit more reserved. Don't let the innocent face fool you, Christian may be more reserved but he boasts that he's good no matter where he lands. Versatility is key! Well, the challenge has been made since Brenn considers himself to be not only a power fucker but a hot bottom as well. 'We'll have to see', Brenn grins. Place your bets gentlemen, things are about to get a hell of a lot more interesting...Brenn's feeling horny and is in his room doing something about it. He undoes his pants to give his growing cock some room. Unbeknownst to him, Christian peeked in the door and is now transfixed staring at Brenn playing with his thick cock. Brenn pulls it out of his briefs and starts to jack off. Christian's own cock comes alive as he watches the show. <sigh> It's the classic boy stalks boy stalk. Get it? 'Stalk' first as a verb; then as a nou--never mind. Christian can't hold back any longer and walks in on Brenn. Brenn is happy to see him as they start to make out. They strip down to their briefs as Brenn sticks his dick down Christian's throat. He face fucks his new friend as Christian struggles to take all of it. Brenn lies back as Christian gets right back on his dick giving him one hell of a spit shine. 'I wanna suck your cock' Brenn moans as he gets the chance to return the favor. Christian stands and once Brenn wraps his lips around his cock, starts to throat fuck Brenn making him gag. Christian then takes top bunk in a hot 69 as he sucks on Brenn's dick while fucking his throat.The party moves to the chaise where Christian sits on Brenn's massive cock. Christian's tight bod slowly impales itself taking all of Brenn's meat up inside him. Christian's cock is rock hard as he starts to ride that dick. Brenn shoves his dick up into that ass as he makes him take it. Christian isn't about to back down and orders him to give it to him harder. 'Ride that fucking dick, my little Cubano boy' Brenn grunts as he watches his thick Boston bone slide inside that hot ass. Brenn is soon bent over as Christian takes his turn at bat. 'You like it?' Christian asks as he starts to pound Brenn's tight ass. Brenn loves that Cuban cock as he gets that hole pounded. Christian grabs Brenn by the waist as he slams his meat home. The sound of fucking fills the room as Christian's balls slap away at that hot ass. Brenn loves that dick but he wants the driver seat again as they flip again. 'Fuck that ass' Christian begs as Brenn goes back to fucking that tight ass missionary. The chemistry between these two is explosive and we're about to see just how explosive as Christian fucks himself on that dick busting a huge nut all over his defined abs. Brenn is next as he pulls out and coats Christian's navel with even more leche. Mmmm, does a body goooood. <lick>
Aaron Aurora Milked Dry
After being abused and milked dry, Aaron waited, hoping that he'd be released and his stretched hole would get a rest. But Dan thought it hadn't been used enough. After bringing the toys back out Dan dives right in and starts working on Aaron's hole. All Aaron can do is moan as the toys get bigger, and Dan starts pounding him harder. Dan Forces one of the biggest plugs into little Aaron's ass before turning him around and wanking him off before streams and streams of cum were forced from Aaron's throbbing dick.
Innocence 3
Innocence 3
Right to the Good Parts!
We found Ashton naked, laying on the bed, horny and ready for some erotic action. It didn't take long before he began stroking and rubbing his cock. Ashton took this almost private moment to explore his smooth twink body, perfectly formed dick and jizz filled balls! He continued fondling until his cum began to flow, then neatly shoved his jizz juice up inside his tight ass hole! This video is quick and to the point; naked from the start and right into all the good parts!
Preston Services Mr. Manchester
Teacher Mike Manchester is working late, but he's got his student Preston Andrews to keep him company! They get in some oral action before Preston ends up bent over the teacher's desk. Mike fucks Preston missionary on another desk before they end up in doggy one time. Preston ends up cumming all over the floor before he gets down to eat up a sloppy facial from Mr. Manchester.We popped a bit of a boner as soon as we noticed the grey in Mike Manchester's beard. There's just something sexy about a man with a little salt and pepper going on! The fact Mike is an out and proud man, rocking it as a corporate event planner (when he's not fucking on camera) is also incredibly sexy.This young wonder who goes by the name of Preston came out very early in his life. He digs the twink life as a versatile player. Don't underestimate his size, as his 8 inch cock will surely surprise you! It seems especially large compared to his generally small stature. He loves showing it off with pride.
Swinging into some hot wax
Stuck hanging from the ceiling, all Luke Desmond can do is swing and scream as Leroy pours hot wax all over his back and ass. Leroy doesn't hold back as he coats Luke in the stuff, including his cock and balls. To keep things going, Leroy finishes by leaving Luke's face all white and sticky after a good face fucking.
100% Bareback Beef 2
100% Bareback Beef 2
There is a nice well defined Japanese boy for you today in this hot
Suzuki Raw presents Suzuki. This 23 year old, slim guy is from Japan and he is appearing for the first time on film. Chatting him up a bit, we get to know a lot about him and his preferences; the word
Japanese Cum Party
Oh fuck, has for you a
Rampant Roadies
Keeping the show going is the team of roadies, gaffers and the crew. Frank is taking some equipment up to the main studio, easily distracted and horny he finds a quiet corridor to have some sneaky solo fun with himself, even though he knows he is on a tight schedule. After checking the coast is clear he gets into himself and I mean really get’s into himself! He strokes his hardening cock and strips down to his blue jock. Unbeknown to him, his gaffer Victor is about to come around the corner, “What the fuck are you doing, is this what we’re paying you for?!”
Barely Legal Fucks Himself
Kelan has the body & ass of Adonis! In this video, Kelan took us to his laundry room for a special treat. He slowly undressed and stood in his sexy red bikini underwear as we scanned his body with the camera, then he stripped naked and climbed onto the washer and began finger fucking his asshole. After completely lubricating his tight ass, he reach in the cabinet for his secretly stored dildo. To our amazement and delight, Kelan pushed the massive rubber cock in his ass and began to fuck himself. To add more excitement, Kelan went back to the shelve and removed more dildos, butt-plugs and anal sex toys. One after another, Kelan experimented with how each toy felt inside his tight, teen asshole; all while fondling his growing cock. Finally, this young hottie, stood and jerked off a big load of cum on one of his dildos and then fucked himself again with his own cum!
Bareback Salesmen - Scene 2
Salesman are trained to manipulate and get their way. Watch this salesman manipulate his way around this eurotwinks young, hung body - spoiler alert, he'll get EXACTLY his way.
Mike's Hard Cock Creep
Between Mike and I we always had this sexual tension that couldn't be avoided. We finally decided to hook up and I fucked his tight asshole!
Blue Ball Special
The last time we saw Logan Drake, he was on the receiving end of a Dayton O
Puppy Play - 3way
Lloyd and Jamie are fiddling through a box filled with sex toys and before they know it they find themselves tied from the neck like little puppies, on the mercy of Luke and his monster cock. Luke feels kinky today and decides to stick a double ended dildo up into these two tight asses and then fuck the boys in turn hard, finishing them off with a big splash on both their faces!
Attack Of The Giant Cock
Fuck this guy's cock is fucking huuuuuuge!!! Scottie got what he asked for, a giant cock to stuff his purple starfish so he can get that massive orgasm he always wanted. Though this half ton meat pole might be too much for him....
Daddy's Laddy
This week we have a new face on MenOver30 named Junior Verde. Junior is from Akron, OH and is 20 years old. Junior is sitting at the big boy
A Tasty Kitchen Treat For Austin
A Tasty Kitchen Treat For Austin
Handsome Scott Is Inexperienced!
Scott is a beefy and muscled hunk who really hasn't had a whole lot of experience with guys (no, we don't know how that happened either!) He's been sucked and wanked off by guys, but he's never done anything back. This uncut guy really needs to experience some things, and after seeing him stroking the cum from his hooded dick and enjoying himself we're already making plans!
Adam & Reeves
Today we have a welcome blast from the past with us
Sucking Boys Moan During Hot Twink Sex
Dustin Revees and Preston Andrews are both gorgeous twinks. They have lithe bodies and pretty faces and there's no shortage of lust either. You can see them having a lovely hardcore fuck in their scene and they kick things off by sucking cock like their lives depend on it. They are both gifted blowjob artists and they have nothing but lust for this kind of naughty play. Dustin gives Preston a damn fine ass fucking and it doggy style, cock riding and plenty of moans of pure pleasure and joy.Dustin is a small but very energetic top with a penchant for bareback!This young wonder who goes by the name of Preston came out very early in his life. He digs the twink life as a versatile player. Don't underestimate his size, as his 8 inch cock will surely surprise you! It seems especially large compared to his generally small stature. He loves showing it off with pride.