The Sexy Tamer
He's a strong man who has the biggest balls around working to tame horses. It's a dangerous job but someone has to do it and lucky for us he's hot and has a long cock. Topher is here showing off his ripped abs and hot bod for all to see. This guy keeps a strong grip on his rock hard cock for all to see. If you love tall dark studs with a handy grip and a great physique you need to see how wild of a cum shot this tamer releases. Enjoy!
Heart Pounding Muscle on Twink Sex
Muscled hunks like Casey Williams love to get some action with a hot young bottom boy like Blade Woods. Blade is more than happy to share his twink cock and tight hole with the huge guy too, riding that daddy dick and taking a splashing over his butt before feeding the hunk underneath him his own salty load too!Blade Woods is a really sexy young guy with a lust for cock and a constant need to get fucked real good! He's versatile, but he definitely knows how to top, and his cock sucking skills are perfect too. He has a smooth and slightly defined body that makes him a perfect partner for many of our other horny guys!I don't think there are many men or twink boys out there who could possibly refuse the attentions of muscle hunk Casey Williams. This handsome muscle daddy is one horny hunk of beef, always ready to taste some hard cock and slide his solid tool into a soft ass and fuck it hard and deep to a heavy load!
Kurt's First Dildo
Kurt stars again in this sexy solo and uses his first dildo ever. He shows off his big uncut dick before shoving the glass dildo in his ass. You can tell his first won't be his last when you see the big cumshot that follows.I had such a great time when I came down. It boosted my confidence and I hope you enjoy my stuff.
Jake Lewis
Jake's thick foreskin caught my eye - well you know me and foreskin - it covers a big, thick cock that rests on heavy nuts... Then I meet Jake and my mind is temporarily dragged away from the contents of his jock by the intensity of his piercing stare - not so much a smile as a knowing grin. Jake Lewis dominates on every level, I guess he's what you'd call an alpha male, but he really likes to dominate most when naked and hard, bending a guy to his will and taking complete control.
Cutie Consoled Over Boyfriend
Brent Lockhart comes across a picture of his ex-boyfriend and immediately his mood turns gloomy. They had such a good relationship and it all fell apart so quickly. Luckily Sonny Kelso is there to console him in his time of need. The two of them can be seen making out passionately and stripping nude with haste to get it on with the getting it on. Brent fucks Sonny in the ass and the powerful thrusting is amazingly hot. The tasty twinks bone until loads of cum are spilled and there are moans of pleasure throughout.Brent is a real geeky boy! under neath that protective layer of video games and stuoidly long books, is a really dirty twink! Brent loves nothing more than fucking ass! He has a cute 6" inch dick and loves guys to come over and ride it like there is no tomorrow! This is one hot model that all the boys die for!Sonny Kelso is a cutie with short curly hair and a nice cock that gets hard on command. He loves doing porn and hasn't yet decided what he wants to do for a career. He's in college and making some cash sucking and fucking on camera. Most of his friends don't know that he screws for the lens but he doesn't mind.
When The Wife Is Away...
Kirk Cummings has wanted the hard cock of his married buddy for a long time, and now that the muscled hunk has some free time the dude is quickly sucking on the guys cock! Parker Wright is just happy to have his dick in someone, but his own hunger soon takes over as he munches on Kirk's hole and sucks his pole from behind! It's a desperate fuck as he slides in and fucks his buddy from behind, coating his chest in hot man juice before the wife returns!Kirk Cummings is infamous for his stint on American Idol. To be honest, we prefer him naked on all fours instead of on stage singing! He's got a great smile and an amazingly toned body, plus a hot cock and ass to work with. He considers himself versatile, and whether top or bottom, you'll be singing his praises.Gorgeous beefy muscle hunk Parker Wright has been in the business for a long time now, but he's looking hotter than ever since his recent return. This versatile hunk is all about the cock and ass, delivering his veiny cut shaft in some truly horny scenes and giving up his ass to some dominant dudes!
Family Splatters
David Chase is here to help us kick off 2012 right. David also brought along a familiar face to help do just that, Chris Stevens. David is now 31 and originally from Jacksonville, FL. 'Born in Jacksonville; grew up in Jacksonville; ain't ever gonna get outta that place!' David groans with a grin. Chris is 42 and originally from West Virginia but grew up in Ohio. It being the New Year and the spirit of giving abounds, we wondered what charity they firmly believe in all year round. For Chris it would be the ASPCA. He has two young girls and anything that keeps pets safe he's all for. David who has a few rug rats of his own is for any charity that protects children and their innocence. They are both looking great these days but we wondered what their weakness is when it came time to cheatin' on their diets. It's Breyers ice cream for David. He loves their plain chocolate and can eat it all day long. Chris' weakness is Reese's Peanut butter cups with anything Ben & Jerry's coming in a close second. Hmmm. Well today, hold the ice cream because these two will have all the temptation they need right here. Sorry Elsie Borden, No cream needed today. Soon we'll be swimming in plenty of our own. <evil grin>David comes home lookin for his wife but finds Chris instead baby sitting his kids until she gets off of work. They start catching up on stuff when David starts to bitch about how his wife won't put out anymore. He starts grabbing his cock through his shorts which is all the invitation Chris needs. He gets on his knees and gets to work as he pulls off David's tee and runs his tongue all the way from David's mouth down to his growing cock. Brother in law of the year goes to Chris who is more than happy to perform her spousal duties as he devours David's cock. David groans as he watches Chris eagerly nurse on his meat. 'She better not know about this' Chris grins as he slaps David's thick cock on his tongue. David then stands Chris up and gives him plenty of leverage as he gets Chris' cock in his face and down his throat. David is hungrier than expected as he goes nuts on that hard dick. Family that stays together... David then bends Chris over on the couch and gets to work eating that ass. Chris arches his back wanting to give David all access as David shoves his face deep into that ass sending his tongue deep inside.Chris then straddles that dick and sits on it in a reverse cowgirl. He wastes little time before he starts to ride it like a seasoned jockey. His dick is rock hard as he fucks himself with David's. At the rate these two are going at it, Chris needs to baby sit more often. David bounces Chris' hot ass on his dick harder as Chris welcomes every thrust. Chris then twirls around and rides that dick looking at David. He watches the look on David's face as he continues to get that ass stretched open. David then changes up the pace and they lay back on the couch. David lies behind Chris and slides that meat back inside. He starts to fuck him slowly giving that ass of his a much needed break...but that doesn't last long. He's back to slamming that dick deep inside as he gets hornier and harder. Next he gets Chris on his back, flips his legs up over his head and pile drives his dick deep into that hole. He does squats into that ass as he jacks Chris's dick off. He fucks him deep and jacks that cock in time making him cum as he aims it at Chris' own mouth. David then pulls out and kneels over Chris' face and adds even more cream all over Chris' mouth and cum-covered face. Cream, it does a body gooooood.
BoyCrush Exclusives...Fight It Out!
Kyler Moss and Ryan Sharp are two of the hottest new twinks on the scene and we're proud to call them exclusives! Ryan gives Kyler a foot massage to set the mood before these two fuck like bunnies. After some oral play, Kyler jackhammers Ryan into the bed before getting his own ass slammed. They end the scene with more hot oral (don't miss Kyler's big, spurting cumshot!)I have absolutely fell head over heals in love with Boycrush! I consider them my second family. The models were friendly and not to mention fabulously gorgeous! I've made a lot of friends and met a lot of interesting people. I've also gotten to live out all my BDSM fantasies. I cannot wait to come back and further all my sexual dreams :D.Ryan Sharp has a wide smile and a pair of lips that will stop you dead in your tracks and when you get a look at his toned, athletic body, you won't want to leave! This stunner from Spokane only just turned eighteen and he's already signed an exclusive contract with BoyCrush; expect this randy young man to put his bottoming skills to good use!
Pole in One
This week we have a familiar face back with us all the way from South Bend, Indiana. Diego Vena is looking as sexy as ever and our members can
Smart Asses - Sean & Josh
Cute Nerdy boy,Josh is having a piss and when Sean walks next to him and pulls out his big cock, he cant help but stare! Sean is one of the rough boys and decides to give Josh's tiny little ass a lesson, fucking both his mouth and ass with no remorse, rewarding him a nice shot of cum on his face!
Oral Fixation
Alex Adams is back with us this week and he's brought along a friend. Well, we can thank Arizona for this week's new addition, 24yo Vance Crawford who hails from Scottsdale. For those of you who aren't familiar with Alex, Alex is 26 and is a Baltimore Boy. We know these two horny jocks need to masturbate from time to time so we asked them who was the first person they remembered jerking off it. Vance remembers jerking off to Punky Brewster who oddly enough grew up to be quite the stunner. Alex jerked off to some random pictures of cheerleaders in the locker room. As for the last person the y jerked off to, Vance wanked it to the thought of Susan Sarandon while Alex beat off to some brunette with a hairy snatch. There's just NO accounting for taste. We then wrapped it up by having them telling us their proudest sexual moment. Alex' proudest moment was a three-way he had with his best friend and his friend's girlfriend. Vance steals the show when he grins and says \'Nailing my 7th grade teacher while I was still in High School\' ...and he looks SO innocent. A Keeper this one! Alex is seconds from lighting up a cigarette when Vance catches him in the act. \'Hey you don't wanna do that, I thought you were quitting', he teases 'if you want something to smoke I got something for you\'. Vance grabs his crotch as his visibly hard cock comes into view. Alex is on his knees in no time as Vance feeds him his thick cock. He slides it all the way down Alex' throat as he starts to fuck his face. Alex can't help but gag on Vance's cock as he gets that head bobbed up and down on that cock. Alex then gets up and drops his jeans before moving over to the chaise to let Vance return the favor. Vance gags almost immediately on Alex' thick cock as he tries his best to swallow it. \'It's so thick it's making my eyes water\'. Alex makes the best of it as he orders Vance to suck on his meaty balls. Alex then wants to taste that breeder ass as he gets Vance on all four before sliding his tongue up inside that furry ass. Vance grinds Alex' face deep inside that ass; wanting that tongue as deep as he can up inside his hot hole. That tongue just makes Vance horny for ass and turns the table on Alex getting him on all four before slamming that cock deep into his hole. \'Fucking cigarette whore' Vance grunts 'let me catch you smoking again you cock smoker.\' Vance fucks Alex rough and deep as he pulls his hair and fucks away as Alex begs him to fuck his pussy. That just makes Vance pound him harder as he fucks him like a dirty whore. Vance then gets Alex on his back and slams that cock back inside that worn hole for more as he calls him every name in the book. Vance pounds that man hole hard missionary as Alex' ass just milks that load out for him. As he gets close to coming he pulls out and lies next to Alex as they both blow their massive loads all over their chiseled bodies. Leave two str8 boys alone and you never know what can happen.
Jacob Daniels Really Squirmed
Sebastian thought it was about time Jacob really squirmed, and he was the best man to do it. Sebastian works over Jacobs body, tickling and teasing him as he strokes his hard dick. Jacob gets the wax treatment as Sebastian pours the wax up and down his body. Finally Sebastian takes Jacob to the edge and makes him shoot his load before drowning his dick in a sea of wax.
Hot Chavs sc2
Hot Chavs sc2
Waynes Worlds
We have a special episode today as we welcome back Girth Brooks. The Man, the Myth, the Cock is back to show us how it's done and welcome a new edition to the site, Tanner Wayne. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, Girth's a sexy Bostonian that's 30 years young and packs an almost 9' cock that's about 7.5' in circumference. He credits his Polish descendents for giving him his High School nickname 'The Polish Hammer'. Tall and hunky Tanner is 24 years young and originally from Nebraska. We asked these studs what was the last thing they watched on TV. Girth caught some political spin on CNN. Tanner worked up his appetite watching The Food Network. Other than TV, Girth likes to either work out or fuck some dudes on his free time. <TEAM GIRTH!> Tanner likes to work out on his spare time as well; and likes pushing himself and going on long runs to blow off steam. Everything seems to be falling into place as Tanner admits he's not a size queen; but he can be impressed. Well today, Girth is going to show Tanner just how all that big equipment works; the proper care for it...and then some.As we begin we have Girth standing as he gropes his growing crotch. His hands run under his tee as he feels his hairy pecs and abs. His shirt comes off and hits the couch as he continues his sexy strip tease. He undoes he belt and shoves his hand in his pants to accommodate his fat cock that by now is growing by the second. He pushes his jeans down and starts to tug on his cock through his boxers. The outline of his massive cock strains against the cotton longing to be released. (Enter Tanner: stage right) 'Get your fuckin hand on my cock' moans Girth as Tanner kneels and starts to grope his cock and rubs his face all over it. Tanner soon pulls that underwear down to get at the real deal; opens wide and takes that fucking dick. Girth moans as he gets that thick cock sucked on giving it the attention it craves. 'Lick my balls you dirty fuckin whore' Girth grunts as Tanner does as he's told lapping at his huge nut sack. Tanner takes that dong all the way down his throat driving Girth wild as he talks dirty to him and tells him exactly what to do on his throbbing meat. 'Stick your tongue out' Girth orders, slapping his cock on his tongue before turning around to give him something else he could lick, 'fuck yeah get that ass you dirty whore' Tanner eats that ass out shoving that tongue deep inside.Girth can't wait any longer and pulls Tanner to his feet before shoving him against the wall and ripping off his tee. He manhandles Tanner as Girth climbs on a chair and has Tanner get under him so he can keep licking his hole. Girth then sits on the floor and orders Tanner to drop his pants and sit on his fat dick. Tanner doesn't need to be told twice and is soon sliding onto that meaty pole. Tanner is rock hard as he starts to ride Girth as he bounces up and down on it. Girth groans as he helps bury his meat in that sweet. Girth then gets Tanner and bends him over as he slides inside him and takes that sweet ass doggy style. 'Take all that fuckin dick, filthy whore' Girth moans as his balls slap away at that tight ass he's stretchin' wide open. The hornier Girth gets the dirtier he talks as he slams that huge cock deep into Tanner's hole. Tanner is grunting as he does his best to accommodate that monster dong. Pile driver is next as Girth gets Tanner on the floor and hoists his legs up over his head giving up that sweet ass for more pounding. Girth slams inside and starts to do squats into that ass and it sends them both over the edge. Girth pulls out and sprays all over Tanner who joins him in covering his chest abs with thick load. As soon as Girth is done, he bounces leaving Tanner on the floor in puddle of cum saying those three little words ...'Girth, Call me!'
Let's Get Awkward Fucking
Spencer is a cute stud with a nice slender body. I offered to give him a deep Massage to release some bad energy. Their was this weird sexual tension every time my cock got near him!
Travis Cooper and Justin Cross
Justin Cross and Travis Cooper are here together to do a scene, straight to the point. I
Let's Stay In Instead
As Matthew Stevens makes his way to the bathroom for a shower, his boyfriend, Matthew Stevens, snatches his towel right off! Their plan this morning was to have lunch in the park, but the sight of Matthew's half-bare body has given Steven a different idea. Matthew knows what's up right away, and being the horn dog he is, plays right along with Steven's advances. A morning fuck is exactly what Matthew needs and his boyfriend's big dick is the only thing that'll get the job done. First, Matthew's getting a nice taste of Steven's massive erection. Then Steven's returning the favor by slurping hard on Matthew's fat cock. After some super hot 69 action, Steven slides his pulsating meat into Matthew's tight hole and fucks him like a sex-starved animal. Watch these lovers treat each other's bodies like wonderlands as they make the most of a romantic morning. Enjoy!
Twink Fuck For Brady And Patrick
Patrick was excited when he found out that we wanted him to fuck Brady for our cameras. He wasted no time in getting Brady stripped naked and immediately began sucking his dick! There were no complaints from Brady who eagerly went for Patrick's cock, turning it into a hot 69 session before sitting on Patrick's hard young cock! Patrick fucked Brady's tight young hole until they both release their jizz loads in JizzAddiction style!
Mariano and Luciano
Mariano and Luciano
Chad Pounds Little Roxy
Chad Hollywood may love bottoming, but he's also a great top! He proves his topping abilities in this scene by pounding the hell out of our little Roxy Red. And speaking of Roxy, even though he looks tiny and frail, we can always count on him to take a hard pounding and get off on it, too! We might have to pair these two together again sometime.This blue-eyed cutie is from the sunny Southwest. He enjoys being a bottom but really... he just loves to fuck!My Baretwinks experience was extraordinary !
Swim Team 3
Drake and Tyler are having a quiet time by the pool when all of a sudden their hard cocks sneak out of their tiny, black speedos! Not giving a second thought or even checking if anyone is watching them, they start sucking each other right there by the pool. Drake's big, thick piece of meat fill's Tyler's hungry mouth and then it's Drake's turn to suck some cock. The boys suck in turns until their cocks get even harder and ready to fuck! Drake slams Tyler onto the wall, then he rides Tyler's cock and they flip-fuck until their young guns explode in loads of hot cum!
Fucked by the New Office Guy
It's hard working with porn all day - real hard! Austin Ried is figuring that out, and when Kirk Cummings tells him he's always horny they waste little time satisfying their hunger! Lots of mutual sucking leads to Kirk bending over for the new boy, and Austin is quickly in that ass and fucking it hard, ending with two awesome loads!Gorgeous Austin Ried is a real star in the making! His handsome face and perfectly lean athletic body make him look like the college boy you always wanted to suck off or have fucking you in the locker room. He has some sexy fur and the perfect cut cock, and a hot ass too, just begging for some attention!Kirk Cummings is infamous for his stint on American Idol. To be honest, we prefer him naked on all fours instead of on stage singing! He's got a great smile and an amazingly toned body, plus a hot cock and ass to work with. He considers himself versatile, and whether top or bottom, you'll be singing his praises.
Hentai Call Boy 2
Moving their escapades to the shower for
Big Mac
Fort Lauderdale's responsible for the hottie we have this week. John Mac is in the house and this sexy 22 year old loves to spend his free time bowling, jet skiing, meeting beautiful women and getting his drink on at the club. On a typical Saturday night he likes to call his boys and hit Miami Beach, cruise around and see what clubs are going off. He's not picky when it comes to women as long as they're beautiful. They can be black, Italian, Brazilian or Latina as long as they got that booty rockin', Big Mac will come a'knockin'. He started early losing his cherry at the tender age of 12 and hasn't stopped making moves on the ladies ever since. When he has a special lady in his crosshairs he likes to take his time and massage her, give her a nice glass of wine and set the mood. He has to get them relaxed if they intend on taking all the meat he's brought to the buffet. Some women just aren't up for taking an extra big dick. Well sometimes you have to work with what you get...amateurs! lol Well, since there aren't any ladies around 'today' (or any other day) John has agreed to show off his big ol' dick and let us in on what we're missing...John is sitting back flipping through some porn mags as his pants seem to fit a bit tighter. He grabs his growing cock through his jeans as he starts to tug on it. He knows it's going to need room to grow so he stands up and takes off some unnecessary layers. By 'unnecessary' we mean all of them as his tee, jeans and boxers all make cozy with the floor. His cock is about 8.5' and uncut and ready for some TLC. We can see why some women just say no. Heavy machinery shouldn't be worked on by just anyone. It takes a big dick aficionado to truly take what John's got to offer. He slowly jacks his meat as his foreskin glides over his throbbing knob. It isn't long before his cock is glistening as his precum coats the head of his fat dick. His balls are smooth just like the rest of him seeing as John trims his pubes way down to the skin. He's naturally lean and defined and at 5'10 is packing a pretty big package. Line forms to the left, boys.John jacks his meat using both hands as he takes his time servicing his large rod. He then turns around to show off his ass. He has a big booty butt that's just round and all sorts of perky. He grabs at his cheeks and bends over a bit wanting to tease us with the possibilities yet knows that sweet ass is way off limit. He then gets back to business and kneels at the chaise with his favorite piece of pussy spread out before him. He jacks off looking at all the pictures of a big booty Latina getting her snatch stretched wide. His cock is hard as a rock as he beats off fantasizing that he's the one inside her as he gets closer and closer to climax. He tugs on his smooth balls with one hand as he picks up the pace with the other. He focuses his stroking on the head of his dick and that does the trick. John starts to moan and groan as he passes the point of no return. His cock explodes sending his thick nut all over the centerfold, whitewashing that hot girl with his creamy load. One Adult Skin mag, slightly soiled, (pages may stick together), now available at the gift shop. <evil grin>
A Cummy Wet Hole For JR
JR and Jason are a perfect twinky match in this bareback fuck. The boys have some jizz to pump out and they both know how to achieve their goal. With some delicious sucking and some intense bareback fucking, Jason gets his semen splashing all over JR's freshly fucked hole, and then he gets a tasty reward from JR's big dick too!Sexy twink boy Jason calls himself Omnisexual and that he falls for the person and not the gender, but regardless of that we have a lot of horny bottom boys ready to take that long cut cock of his in their tight little ass. He's a horny guy who can cum once, and cum again soon after, so plenty of videos can be expected!JR loves all kinds of guys but he has a thing for both twinks and muscled older hunks too. As a dedicated bottom he's really into taking it from a powerful partner, and we have a lot of guys who would love to have the chance to show him what they can do too. There will definitely be a lot of opportunities for that!
Niko's Massage Therapy
Niko is a Jazz Ballet dancer and he having some pain in his lower crotch area. Seems he doesn't stretch after rehearsal. However, this masseuse is going to give Niko some tips...The tip of his dick creeping up Niko's beautiful ass...
Servicing Handsome Str8 Matt
Gorgeous straight dude Matt is in need of some head, and he's happy to get it from a guy who knows what he's doing. That tasty uncut dick is soon sliding between willing lips, and he even offers a sexy kiss in reward too before getting his hole rimmed and jerking out a cum wad for a great facial finish!
Rock Hard
Doc Rock is back to finish what he started. For those of you who missed Doc Rock
Bukkake with Braces
Bukkake with Braces
Spencer Fears Losing His Beard
Like many married men, Spencer has been enjoying some action on the side, going to Vegas to get some cock action with other dudes. Things are finally coming to a head though, and Dominic is on hand to cushion the blow, with his mouth, his big uncut dick and that incredible lust for ass. Spencer gets a great fuck, making him feel much better by the time both have splashed out their cum shots!Dominic is an amazing guy, one of the most driven and successful men in the gay porn business. It's always a pleasure to see him, and when he's in front of the cameras it always leads to a great performance. He's also a DJ, and recently created his own site too. The guy is definitely one of the top names in the business these days!Spencer Williams has a kind of exotic beauty about him and his gorgeous, muscular body only adds to his allure. He's working only part time in the industry, but the scenes he has delivered have been scorching hot every time. And we at Phoenixxx are proud to have shot his first ever topping scene (and trust us, he's as good a top as he is a bottom!)
Lunch time means fuck time for these guys
Lucky dudes enjoy on their work as their lunch time use for some real pumping action as stud prefers friend's tasty salami swallowing it, making him groan of pleasure and drown. Dude lays down and makes already wet and ready ass on friend's mercy. He screwed him hard and spilled white jizz on his chests
Chad Gets Outted!
We hacked Chad's computer and found some gay photos. He was claiming he was straight for a while but now we have outted him!
Barely Legal 3-way
A dull night in is transformed into a hot, sticky three-way by a pair of handcuffs and three dirty minds. These horny chaps prove three into one really does go. Our horny, sub-lad easily takes on his two hung mates, as they take it in turns fucking his tight, smooth hole until he's satisfied and all three guys have emptied their heavy, sagging ball-bags of their lip-smacking juicy loads. It beat watching TV by miles!
Aaron Manson strokes out a load
This boy might be a little nervous about appearing in his first video, but you wouldn't be able to tell by this performance! He's actually a natural performer, and he just loves to show off, so after a little cock play as he works up that cock he's ready to get down and dirty and give himself a real hot load to the face! Check it out as he cleans up with his tongue - yummy!
Extremely Horny Chase Lions!
The chase is over for Chase Lions! His bukkake dream finally came true! He got his handsome face covered in jizz after sucking big cocks and getting his hot ass fucked bareback! Welcome to the club Chase! Looks like the boys will be chasing you now! Keep sucking and fucking!!!
Curious Brian Fucks Joey
Hairy Brian has been more and more curious about getting some cock action, and although still in denial, he jumps at the chance to fuck some ass when his cute buddy Joey offers to help him out! Like they say, you don't know if you don't like something until you try it, and Brian definitely loves the feel of his solid jock cock sliding in and out of that tight smooth ass!Sexy gingers are highly valuable because they can be so damn hard to find! Brian Bonds is a perfect example; light eyes, dark rusty hair, and a great body with a handsome face.When a new boy arrives in the business they are greeted with open arms (and hard cocks!) and this handsome young man is no exception. He's so good looking and sexy it's no wonder all the guys want to be on set with him. He has a great attitude too, and do I even need to mention that perfectly tight little ass?!
Missed My Flight
Tristan just arrived to LA ready for his MAN v. Cock episode. Just kidding there is no show, we just wanted to see whether this dick dangler would take a 10 inch fat cock up his ass for fame! Guess what his tight ass hole looked like when we were done with him?
Erotic Kabuki
Kabuki Dancers in old Japan were often male prostitutes, who catered to a mixed male and female clientele. Even today, most Kabuki actors are gay. Here we find a Kabuki male courtesan (Toraemon) dancing for his client, Kago, dressed only in a Japanese fundoshi (loincloth) before being sexually seduced. After performing the ancient and traditional 'Kabuki Dance' for Kago, it is time for Toraemon to perform an act of loyalty, by paying homage to his Lord. He gets on his knees to suck on Kago's cock. But Kago needs to be relieved in more ways then only oral pleasure. Soon the 2 are on the bed and our insatiable bottom Toraemon is ready to ride on Lord Kago's cock. The erotic Kabuki Dance continues, in the form of sexual love. The 2 explode in eternal ecstasy together
Luke D & James C
Cute blue eyed muscle boy James cant get enough off athletic hottie Lukes 9 inch monstercock as he struggles to suck deep.. Luke returns the favour & fingers him as he sucks, before plowing his muscle butt in 3 awesome positions making him shoot bucket loads..
Twink Gets Spanked with Ruler and Fucked in Detention
Dustin Revees and Leo Page are two schoolboys stuck in detention. When Dustin starts getting mouthy Leo bends him over and smacks his ass with a ruler. When that doesn't make him behave, Leo brings Dustin to his knees to give him a deep, thorough blowjob. Of course one thing leads to another and soon Leo is licking Dustin's asshole so he can pound it with ease. If only detention had been this much fun!Dustin is a small but very energetic top with a penchant for bareback!Leo is new to the business and is really enjoying experimenting with different scenes. He likes being dominated from behind, and gets turned on by any attention to his small, young asshole.
Knight Rider
This week we have two new faces to introduce to the CircleJerkBoys fold. The first is Bryce Jones. Bryce is 20 and a Kentucky native. Everyone can use some KY from time to time. Leon Knight makes up the second half of our duo. Leon is also 20 years old; he is from Washington, D.C. We asked these guys whether they prefer popcorn or candy when they go to the movies. Leon prefers popcorn if he had to pick just one. Bryce prefers his Raisinets over popcorn any day. Movies are a great place for a date but we asked where they would take a date if they wanted it to be more romantic. Bryce would take his date to the beach. Wasn
Bi 3ome
Many of you have asked for more bisexual 3way action. So recently we filmed this exclusive bi 3way in Brazil, featuring Agatha, Victor and Sandro. These three certainly know how to have fun and fuck! Watch as Agatha gets both holes plugged at the same time by these 2 hot studs
Salty And Sweet Cummy Treat!
After being woken from his sleep by a playful Etienne Liam's annoyance is soon replaced by horniness! Etienne's uncut cock is hard and needs some sucking, but that long cock wants more than a mouth. Thankfully Liam is more than able to take that cock, getting his hole fucked until his own boner is spewing an impressive load! Hung Etienne has his own load to wank out, pumping it over his tasty treat and getting a taste!What can we say about sweet and sexy twink boy Etienne? This cutie is a star in the making, not least because of his immense uncut cock! It's a smooth and long shaft of pink fuckmeat that will have all of you drooling. But check out his smooth and pale butt too, thoroughly fuckable! He's the total twinky package.Sexy and horny Liam is the perfect combination of twinky boy and straight acting lad. He's handsome, horny as hell and always ready to shoot some cum with whoever wants to help him get there. He's a great top, starting off slow and smooth and then really fucking a bottom boy until cum is erupting everywhere!
El Costa Grande
El Costa Grande
Camping Boys Get Horny!
Horny boys Jason and Tanner have had the chance to escape camp for a little while, and they make the most of it too with a rampant cock sucking and anal play session! Cock rings a dildo and plenty of lube get both boys spewing their cum loads for each other in the back seat, with jizz unloaded before their leader returns!Sexy twink boy Jason calls himself Omnisexual and that he falls for the person and not the gender, but regardless of that we have a lot of horny bottom boys ready to take that long cut cock of his in their tight little ass. He's a horny guy who can cum once, and cum again soon after, so plenty of videos can be expected!Oregon boy Tanner has a lot going for him, and there's a lot about him that our fans absolutely love too. This confident boy has a love of cock that really shows through in his appearances on camera, and there is no denying that a lot of the other boys want to be seen on film with him. They're lining up right now!
Landon fucked and cum drenched!
For hot guy Landon nothing beats a hot bareback bukkake gangbang! After pleasuring big cocks with his mouth and nice ass he always expects to be completely covered in cum! Lucky for him he met the bukkake boys and got what he wanted!!!
Backyard Gape
Jordan White and his fuck buddy Luke Hass are out in the backyard fondling each other. Luke brings out his massive penis and Jordan collapses in awe. He quickly shoves the huge cock in his mouth, getting it wet enough to get fucked in his ass. Looks like it'll be another nice day for some fucking....
Some Things are Never Lost in Translation
Preston Steel isn't interested in small talk, he'd rather his German tutor just teach him all the dirty words. Young Timo Garrett obviously has a thing for older men, because after they suck each other, he takes a hard pounding and begs for more! He gets fucked doggy and missionary before cumming all over the floor while he rides Preston in reverse, bending forward to take a cum shot to the back.They don't come any sweeter than Preston Steel; you'd be hard pressed to find them much sexier, either! His fun, warm personality is the cherry on top of a furry, masculine body we can't get enough of on film. Working with out and proud gay men is always a treat, Preston is comfortable and confident in his skin and it translates to incredibly hot scenes.Timo Garrett's been doing porn for less than a year, but he's got a lot of experience under his belt with us already. He's got a quirky, energetic personality and he throws himself into every scene we film; inhibition be damned! With a lean body, solid dick, and tight ass, he's guaranteed to make a scene hot and fun to watch.
Construction boys use break for sex
Have you ever dreamed about bareback sex on the roof? Look how these two skinny, horny gay boys are tired from work so they decide to have wonderful and rough gay sex on roof
Preston Services Mr. Manchester
Teacher Mike Manchester is working late, but he's got his student Preston Andrews to keep him company! They get in some oral action before Preston ends up bent over the teacher's desk. Mike fucks Preston missionary on another desk before they end up in doggy one time. Preston ends up cumming all over the floor before he gets down to eat up a sloppy facial from Mr. Manchester.We popped a bit of a boner as soon as we noticed the grey in Mike Manchester's beard. There's just something sexy about a man with a little salt and pepper going on! The fact Mike is an out and proud man, rocking it as a corporate event planner (when he's not fucking on camera) is also incredibly sexy.This young wonder who goes by the name of Preston came out very early in his life. He digs the twink life as a versatile player. Don't underestimate his size, as his 8 inch cock will surely surprise you! It seems especially large compared to his generally small stature. He loves showing it off with pride.
Get Lost in the Flavorness
Evan Darling comes home with quite the bounty of candy, but he's not going to share with Preston Andrews without some convincing. Preston's big cock is quite persuasive, because after these two sixty-nine, Evan gets on all fours to have his butt pounded. If that didn't convince Evan to share, maybe the flavor of Preston's cum will when he gets an open-mouth facial!Evan Darling is pretty new on the scene and we're excited to have him make the rounds on our sites. He made a good impression the way he handled Preston Andrews' big cock in their Lollipop Twinks scene!This young wonder who goes by the name of Preston came out very early in his life. He digs the twink life as a versatile player. Don't underestimate his size, as his 8 inch cock will surely surprise you! It seems especially large compared to his generally small stature. He loves showing it off with pride.
David Ken & Justin Harris
This is INSANELY HOT.. Mega Hung David Ken pushes hot muscle lad Justin Harris to his limits, with his wrist thick ten inch meat.. Justins mouth & arse get majorly stretched as David fucks his mouth & plows his hole in 3 positions, before spraying him with spunk..In shiny sports kit, the lads start off on the sofa, getting a feel of each others bodies as they kiss. David pulls up Justins top to reveal his seriously hot smooth muscular chest, and starts lapping away at Justins nipple, making his dick start to throb inside his sport shorts. Justins hand moves down to Davids crotch, his shorts barely able to contain the enormous bulge theyre hiding.. As Justin strokes it, it throbs.David reaches down to get a feel of Justins equally stiff dick, and pulls it out the side of his shorts.. Unable to hold off any longer, Justin does the same, unleashing Davids monstercock from his little shiny shorts.. 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Damian Boss and Aaron Samuels
There's nothing quite like watching a hairy young man in the shower, and when he's playing with his huge dick which is rock solid, it's perfection in a cubicle! Disturbed just as he's about to shoot his load, tool man Damian takes delivery of a package, and sexy young twink Aaron makes his own package quiver back to full mast! His cute face, slim body and lovely blue eyes bust be the draw for our daddy as he makes it all too clear his intentions to the little delivery guy. Unable to resist that massive dick standing there, he's on his knees with a face covered in spit covered dick and balls and couldn't look happier! Aaron's tiny frame and milky white skin looks perfect next to Damian's tanned hairy body, and they can't get enough of each other! Fingering this twinks ass, ready for his thick shaft to destroy, and as he fucks from below, we're treated to some of the best fuck motion ever seen between a dad and his lad! Slamming repeatedly in and all the way out, Aaron's gaping boy hole is there for us to love, and Damian to build to his own cum fueled climax, squirting his prize all over the hungry twink!
Hunks Bareback - Arnold & Henrique
Hunks Bareback - Arnold & Henrique
Bareback Boyfriends Bonk
Alex and Billy are so perfectly suited to each other. These bareback boys love nothing more than spending an afternoon sharing their dicks and shooting some balljuice! The boys start with some making out, but soon those cocks are being shared in some hot oral. Alex's ass needs some attention though, and he certainly gets it from Billy who makes him cum and then douses his hole with his own warm goo!He's not new to gay porn, but we're happy to have him with us. Alex is a gorgeous you man, really sweet and sexy with a great body a hot ass and a great cock too. He's versatile, but he knows that he loves to get fucked, and with a perfect ass like that we know there are a lot of guys willing to give him what he wants!Check out Billy and you will swoon! He's so handsome, and he has a great body and a rock hard cock too. His ass is one of the best things about him though. He's a real confident versatile boy who loves to play both roles, and with an ass and a cock like that there are a lot of guys who would gladly be either a top or bottom for him!
Hot Dad, Horny Lad
This week we have a familiar face on MenOver30 as we welcome back Diego Vena. For those of you unfamiliar with the 32 year old from South Bend,Indiana, he
Olie Jay gets serviced and pissed on by Kieron Knight
Dom boy Kieron Knight has a sexy young lad to play with and use for his enjoyment in this video. Brit twink Oli Jay is tied down to the table, his smooth and lean body vulnerable to all the kinky delights Kieron has in store. He begins with some wanking and sucking, tasting the boys hooded dick and getting him horny. Then it's time for the splashing wax dribbling over him. That's okay though, because Kieron has a massive flood of piss that will help cool the boy down before the dom cums over his cock and uses his jizz to jack out the boys semen too!
Jason Alcok & Harry Cox
Walking unknown dark streets at night can be dangerous, especially when there are horny predators around. But little does young Jason Alcok know he's walking right into the lair of the beast. Harry Cox has changed, although he might look the same on the outside, there's a sexual demon lurking within. One look and an instruction is all that's needed and his victim is under a spell, sucking Harry's huge uncut cock and taking it in his ass like the slave he's become!Harry Cox is a really cool guy, the kind of guy you'd want to spend a Sunday afternoon with. He's sexually dominant and loves being little twinks over a table and fucking the shit out of them. He's a bit hairy, a little muscular, and very good looking. His facial hair is thick and furry and a total turn on.Jason Alcok is a very small guy... a teen without an ounce of fat on him. Sometimes he thinks he's tough, but when he finds himself out in the darkness at night, things change quickly. There are creatures lurking around and waiting for him. How will he fare against the vampires that want his blood and more?
La Vida Loca
Alex Slater made quite the impression when he made his debut here this April. Those bedroom eyes & French Lebanese features had many of our members begging us for more of this exotic looking New Yorker so we decided to bring back the newly inducted member of the MenOver30 club. New on this site, Ricky Martinez, is one of Chicago
Confession Time For Casey
Horny guy Casey Williams has been thinking about men a lot recently, and he's worried about his wife finding out. Thankfully he has the religious guidance - and eager fuckhole - of Kirk Cummings! It's a hardcore session of cock sucking and ass slamming as Casey satisfies his secret desires and explodes his straight hunk load all over Kirk's ass! I'm not gonna tell you what Kirk does with his cum shot, but religious viewers might want to look away!I don't think there are many men or twink boys out there who could possibly refuse the attentions of muscle hunk Casey Williams. This handsome muscle daddy is one horny hunk of beef, always ready to taste some hard cock and slide his solid tool into a soft ass and fuck it hard and deep to a heavy load!Kirk Cummings is infamous for his stint on American Idol. To be honest, we prefer him naked on all fours instead of on stage singing! He's got a great smile and an amazingly toned body, plus a hot cock and ass to work with. He considers himself versatile, and whether top or bottom, you'll be singing his praises.