Jake and Rocco - Gold
Real-life couple Jake and Rocco grind and pummel their way to explosive, cum-filled climaxes!
Japanese Cum Party
Oh fuck, Japanboyz.com has for you a
Bareback Str8 Boys Butt Humping
Blaze loves to slide his raw hard cock into a hot guys ass, and Aiden is the brave boy taking it in this visit. The guys start things off with some shares jerking and some tasty cock sucking, but soon Aiden is offering up his tight little ass for horny Blaze to sink his inches into for a great humping ride!
Seki Tabuchi - Sexing the Park Bo...
Seki Tabuchi is a cute 18 year old Japanese student. We caught him as he was running around the park, practicing for a University race. After watching this cute twink run in the park and then take off his shirt, showing his sweaty body and 6-pack abs, our camera man just had to see if there was a way he could convince him to show us more. Being that he is a college student in need of cash, it didn't take a huge amount of convincing. This gorgeous boy was soon naked on the bed, letting the camera man show us his beautiful virgin pink asshole, low hanging balls and sizable big cock. After a 'helping hand,' it didn't take much for this sweetie to blow a huge load.
Twinks in threesome creampie session
Good looking and handsome twinks have big cock who are ready to fulfill one lucky dude mouth and later ass hole. After hardcore bareback sex dude gets ass filled with male load
Strapping Hot Boy Luke!
Luke Desmond's ripped, naked body is strapped down to a massage table and it's not long before his massive cock - at full attention - is being jerked off. You need two hands to manage this beauty and Luke, who's blindfolded, is made to lay there and take the attention as his meat is pleasured and made to erupt!
The hot action continues in the rain as Nico continues to suck his friends thick uncut cock...Nico looks so hot with that meat between his fucking lips! Nico get's pissed on again and he can't take it...he decides to bust his nut and shoots his load on his smooth chest! Jhoan is really fucking turned on by the hot blowjob and Nico turns over and puts that smooth bubble butt of his in the air...teasing Jhoan. Jhoan rubs the head of his cock against Nico's asshole...he even tries to fuck him raw but they don't have lube and he's too fucking horny to stop to get any and he busts his nut all over Nico's ass! Of course, they are still hot and piss several more times until they finally clean up after their wet sex in the rain! What a hot pair of boys! You know they will play with each other again very soon!
Helping Hands
Seems Geo has a back problem, probably from all the drawing which requires a lot of hunched over maneuvers or from the early morning swims he usually takes. Well RJ is here to help with his strong hands and eager mouth. It only takes him a few minutes until RJs hands quickly grab Geo's cock which catches him off guard but he is quick to feed it to him. Being a man in your 30s takes a toll on your body so it
Dad's Friend
Dad's Friend
Stet's Son
This week we have a new face on MenOver30 as we welcome Justin Cage to the site and the adult industry. Justin is 38 years young and from San Francisco. Helping us welcome him aboard is a bright eyed hottie named Patrick Hunter. Patrick is 20 years young and recently moved to the St. Pete area along Florida's west coast. It wasn't long ago that Patrick had his very first scene on one of our brother sites. We asked these studs if they could spend the upcoming Labor Day holiday with anyone who would that be. Justin usually spends his holidays with family, so he wouldn't mind switching it up. Maybe meet some hot guy for a wild and crazy night on the town. Patrick would probably go back to Pittsburg and have a big barbecue and see all the friends he hasn't seen in a while. Justin considers himself to be bisexual but prefers a hard cock. (Don't we all?) His first time was at 16 in the high school gym. Patrick blushes with envy as he admits his first time wasn't til he was a freshman in college. He admits it was worth the wait and we're sure he's more than made up for lost time. So, on that note...Justin is taking a snooze on the couch in nothing but underwear & a ten gallon hat when Patrick walks in and can't help but want a closer look. 'See something you like?' Justin grins as he wakes up to find Patrick hovering and grabbing at his crotch. Patrick immediately gets between Justin's legs and hauls out his growing cock. Patrick eagerly gets to work on that dick as it grows harder in his hot mouth. Justin grabs Patrick's head as he helps bob him up and down on his cock wanting to get it as deep as he can. Patrick knows what he's doing as he worships that cock, taking it all the way down his throat. Justin's body is smooth and defined and has a sexy happy trail that leads from his navel all the way down to his hard cock. Justin appreciates the head but soon wonders what else Patrick has to offer as he stands him up; strips him down then bends him over. Once in position, Justin slides his tongue up into Patrick's sweet ass. Patrick's ass is smooth and irresistible as Justin buries his face in it. Patrick's cock is rock hard as he gets that ass eaten and Justin makes sure to get that dick just as much attention as he opens wide and takes his thick cock down his throat. They take turns on each other's cocks as they get hornier for more. Justin stands and gets Patrick on his knees so he can fuck that pretty face of his. That gets his cock rock hard as he gets Patrick into position. On all four, Patrick braces himself as Justin starts to slide his dick inside. Patrick's hot ass concedes and soon Justin is fucking that sweet ass. He watches as his dick disappears in and out of that ass as Patrick bucks back for more. Justin holds Patrick by the waist as he bounces him over and over on his hard cock. From there Justin takes the party south as they lay on the floor. He holds Patrick's leg up as he slides his cock back inside that tight ass. His balls are slapping away at that ass in no time as Patrick groans. Justin picks up the pace as he feels that familiar tickle in his balls. Justin's cock hits Patrick in just the right spot sending him over the edge as he explodes all over himself. Justin holds him tighter as he loses control and busts a load deep inside that hot ass. He then pulls out and empties the rubber all over Patrick's cum covered chest. There's nothing quite like a second coat of glaze!
New Boy Louis Fucks Luke
After seeing Louis wanking the cum from his cock in his solo we really wanted to have him back for a fuck, and when Luke saw the guy and heard the discussion he was volunteering to get that dick in his ass! Hung Luke takes it well, showing young Louis how it's done. Louis unloads over Luke's tight body, then gets a taste of Luke's mess as a reward!
Austin Chandler has just returned from a trip, and Sean Duran has been waiting anxiously for him to do so. As Austin unpacks his clothes, Sean has ideas about unpacking something else, sneaking up from behind and pulling Austin's pants off in one fell swoop. Austin is somewhat startled, but as soon as Sean falls to his knees and unleashes Austin's huge 8' cock from its restriction, he eases up and realizes how good it is to be home. Flipping Sean over on the couch, Austin moistens up his asshole with his tongue, before plunging his cock deep inside Sean, as both guys emit a grunt of satisfaction upon entry. Austin plows Sean from behind, then gets down on the floor and Sean rides him to climax, where Austin pulls out and blasts Sean with a massive load that covers Sean's face and trickles down the rest of his body. Enjoy!
Horny Guy On The Rebound
Travis's roommate failed to get some action with some girl. Now he's after Travis's sweet juicy ass. when a man gets horny, he'll do about anything to get laid, even fucking his roommate
Adam's Rib
Adam Rogue makes his action debut with us this week on MenOver30.com. Adam is a big boy and carries a bigger than average club. After originally doing a sexy solo scene, we figured it was about time to watch this hunk get it on. Adam is originally from Chicago and still a head turner at 44. When you got it, flaunt it. Helping us welcome back Mr. Rogue is our very own, Alexander Garrett. Alexander is a hot Colombian who now calls South Florida home. Alexander is a natural fit since he too is packing quite the big, uncut cock. These two are bound to have a good time and the chemistry seems to be working. We asked these two if there was any other country they could live in which would it be. Adam wants a cultural destination steeped in history. Italy is his top pick which has more than just culture to admire. <evil grin> Alexander would love to live in Brazil. Brazil has many things to offer and the men aren't bad to drool over either. Neither of these studs realized they were packing more than the average guy down below until they were in their 30s. Makes you kinda wonder what they weren't doing in their 20s, huh? Well, this afternoon you won
Chris fucks for the first time on camera
Lollipop Discussion Becomes Bareback Fucking
Dustin Revees and Leo Page start an argument about the nutritional value of lollipops but soon the talking turns into some hot cock sucking. Leo replaces all of those refined sugars by spreading Dustin's ass and licking his tight hole like a lollipop. They take turns banging each others' licked asses, and finish when Dustin rolls his lollipop in Leo's hot cum so they can both enjoy a salty, sugary treat!Dustin is a small but very energetic top with a penchant for bareback!Leo is new to the business and is really enjoying experimenting with different scenes. He likes being dominated from behind, and gets turned on by any attention to his small, young asshole.
Massage Fuck
Satoshi sits and enjoys a video, nice towel. This Japanboyz.com model is so sexy he needs a helping hand to really experience the video. Calling up Keite to assist in loosening him, once he comes up, Satoshi invites the boy
Merry Fucking XXXmas
Chad Davis is back in the house to help us celebrate the Holidays. Chad, the extra hung 21 year old hottie from Florida's west coast has brought along a special friend. Well, we're definitely glad we're not in Kansas anymore; and neither is our latest find, Ashton Parker. Ashton is 20 years old and also Chad's other half. These hotties have been together a couple months now and going strong. Yes gentlemen, he's off the market. We asked these studs if they had $1K to donate this holiday season where would it go. They both are avid supporters of the Human Rights Campaign. If they had another $1K to spend on each other what would they get each other? Chad would get Ashton an iPad and some hair stuff. Ashton rolls his eyes since Chad's the one that's been dying for an iPad. Ashton of course admits he'd get Chad the iPad he's been begging for and accessorize it. Turns out that in his personal life Chad is a bit more versatile than he has been on screen which works out great for Ashton. Ashton is doing everything right it seems. Chad admits Ashton is one of the sweetest people he's ever met and as for physically 'You guys will see later' he beams. Ashton loves Chad's mind; that he's always in a happy mood and we can think of at least 8 other rather thick reasons to love Chad.Ashton's trying to guess what Chad's getting him for Christmas. 'You can ride on it' Chad says. Ashton wants more hints. 'You can sit on it' he adds. Chad decides to show him instead as he leans in for a kiss. They start making out and Chad soon stands in front of Ashton and gives him an even bigger hint when he hauls out his thick cock. How did we not see this coming? Ashton goes down on Chad's thick bone as Chad moans his approval. Chad gets his cock worked for a bit before wanting to return the favor. They switch places as Chad hauls out Ashton's low hangers. He plays and licks at those huge nuts before pulling out his massive cock. Ashton is packing a thick cock as well. Some guys have all the luck. Chad gets to work on Ashton's thick cock as he licks it up and down before engulfing it. Chad tries to take it so deep he gags on it. Ashton then gets back on Chad's cock as he swirls his tongue around his throbbing cock. Chad's gonna need a lot more than that mouth of his in a minute. Any volunteers?Chad gets Ashton on all four as he lubes up and slides in. That ass opens up as Chad's thick cock rams inside. 'Oh Chad' moans Ashton as he gets that asshole stuffed. Ashton's cock is rock hard as he gets pounded. Both of these studs are naturally smooth and defined. The chemistry between them is unmistakable as Chad impales his ass deeper and deeper. They look delicious as they fuck doggy style but that is about to change. Chad pulls out and sits back and has Ashton ride his meat. Ashton quickly gets back on in a reverse cowgirl as breaks into a full gallop. As he bounces on that thick cock, Chad starts to ram it up into him even harder. 'You like that, Baby?' he coos. The sound of Chad's balls slapping away at that insatiable ass fill the room. Chad then gets on top of Ashton and slides back in missionary. Chad rams that cock in over and over as Ashton moans and groans his appreciation. Ashton can take a dicking and his rock hard cock is seconds from exploding. As he starts to shoot, Chad fucks him even harder making him explode all over his defined abs. Chad then pulls out and drenches his man with a huge load. The first of many Christmas presents. We should all be so lucky.Happy Holidays from ExtraBigDicks.com!
Butch Grand and Tim Kelly
Rediscover this Alpahmales classic in HD and on your tablet! Butch returns for more fun in the Vauxhall leather club, this time with muscle bound Tim. Looking like a man who likes to be in control, Tim is dressed in leather pants and cap like a real hot copper ready to order you around!! Butch obediently looks after his cock with his hot mouth and then has his butt munched on by our hairy daddy. Holding his butt open for him, it's soon pounded hard and fast, feeling every inch being thrust inside!!
Daddy Needs Some Stress-Relief
When Bryan Slater has a stressful day at work, he comes home and takes it out on his little slave boy, Kyler Moss. He paddles the bound boy until his ass is red before freeing him from some of the restraints so he can feed him his cock. Once he's hard as a rock, Bryan lays into Kyler's ass, slamming his hole until the boy is wailing for more. After fucking the cum out of Kyler, he gives him a facial before tucking him back into his closet for later.When it comes to the sexy, older man in porn, you could not find a more perfect example than Bryan Slater. A beard, body hair in all the right places--and speaking of body, Bryan's is more ripped than most men half his age. He's also got a big dick and after years of experience, he knows exactly how to use it!You'll be able to see the hot jocks and daddies of Phoenixxx.com inside BoyCrush exclusive, Kyler Moss, and you'll be glad for it! This young man's got a smooth, toned body, uncut cock, and a completely edible ass. He's also a kinky little thing and loves nothing more than a hard, rough pounding!
Adrian Scott and Anthony Miles
At long last, Adrian finally puts his big dick to use in this hardcore video. He and Anthony 69 each other, sucking his dick until Anthony can't wait any longer and bends over for Adrian's dick, they fuck bareback until he cant take any more and unleashes his huge emo load all over his cute friends chest.The shy boy next door type. His big blue eyes and shy boyish smile will melt your heartWhen he applied he didn’t send in the best pictures because he was within driving distance. I decided to have him in anyways. I am sure glad I did! He is so small and cute you just want to take him home with you. I love his personality and the way he looks on camera. Hopefully he will make lots of more movies for us.
Julian Raw
Chatting up Julian Raw, it seems he likes to play with boys and wants to show us his nice body. His favorite porn is American gay porn and he fanaticizes about a guy with some muscles. This Japanboyz.com model will be doing a solo today, but might be up for more later. As Julian gets naked, he works his fabulous body well, teasing to please. His sexy bubble but is in sweet contrast to his very fit abs; I count a 6-pack, at least. Playing with his uncut dick, Julian makes it fun to watch, and so tempting to join in. First on the bed, then in the tub, he is all about the rhythm and the pleasure he is feeling. As he blows his load, he has a very creamy happy ending; I hope you did too. After he showers and soaps up that body, Julian will be ready for the next opportunity that
Dolan Wolf and Jeff Stronger
Burly meets burly as two, handsome workmen unload their truck. Jeff Stronger and Dolan Woolf - together for the first time, in this real man, all beef scene. Dolan can't wait to offer up his hairy hole to Jeff's tongue, fingers and big, uncut cock. They fuck all over the back of the workman's van, smashing pelvis to arse, as Jeff slides his pole deep into Dolan's muscle butt. Dolan and Jeff give it up from every angle so we can have a good hard look at Dolan's arse stretching and receiving Jeff's cock. These guys love it, as is illustrated in their fat wads of jizz.
The Gay Frat
There comes a time in every gay frat house when the guys have to admit they're gay, they're hot and they're horny. Bobby Clark is the last young man to give into this truth but doesn't take much convincing as one of the hottest Jizz Orgies yet breaks out with 4 of men.com's hottest studs: Tommy Defendi, Mike De Marko and Micah Brandt.
The Doctor's Office
The Doctor's Office
Boys Will Be Boys Finale
It has been a great week having all four boys here for the Matsuri. It gave us a chance to get to know them a little better in between the shoots and the festival as well as a lot of fun. In this final chapter of Boys Will Be Boys, we finally get to see Kaede blow his load and what a load it is. As Kaede jerks off, we get to revisit some of the action from the past week. Enjoy!
Conner and Preston Get Settled
Preston Andrews and Conner Bradley arrive at their hotel in Las Vegas and waste no time settling in! These two coat each other's big cocks in spit before getting into a hot flip-flop fuck session. Both boys get their holes stretched as they fuck until they're ready to cum. Preston is lucky enough to get a double facial! He cums on his own face while Conner pounds him before the other boy pulls out to shoot all over him.San Francisco-native Conner Bradley is eighteen and he's only been doing porn for about five months, but we think he's got major star quality. His toned body, appetite for sex, and surprisingly mature voice all combine for a very attractive package. Look out for his scene with real life boyfriend Hunter Starr!This young wonder who goes by the name of Preston, came out very early in his life. He digs the twink life as a versatile player. Don't underestimate his size, as his 8 inch cock will surely surprise you!
Two tops flip flop fuck
We didn't know what would happen when we put these two sexy tops together but as soon as the cameras started rolling they jumped straight into sucking each others hot dicks, before moving into an amazingly sexy flip-flop fuck. They fuck each other long and hard, both of them cumming globs to top it off.Sexy Mormon boy. He has an amazing body. His sexy blue eyes and blond hair. He was a real sweetheart off camera and a great model. I hope to have him back again at the end of summer '09.Well hung masculine top. He was quite a chatater on and off camera. He has some good videos on boycrush.
Hair-Raising Bukkake with Jesse James
In the old testament, biblical hero Samson drew strength from his beautiful head of hair. Jesse James? He draws HIS strength from giving head! News like that is enough to make the Bukkake Boys go back to Sunday School! In this epic Bukkake Boys scene, our hero Jesse James is pitted against the Bukkake Boys horde! Watch every Bukkake Boy impale Jesse with his long, hard sword. Jesse’s mouth and ass hungrily accept all comers with valor and moans! Fortunately for us, it’s a battle to the depths, not the death!
Part Eight of Cum Parade
We've got another hot and sticky installment of Cum Parade for all you cum shot lovers out there! We've got dribblers, shooters, and every type in between in this compilation. Some blokes stroke it out alone while others have the cum fucked out of them hard (newcomer Henry Samson seems to have a real knack for driving the cum out of a lad with his dick!)
Moving In
Moving In
Cody Banks Fucks Dan Jenkins
Dan Jenkins is one of those guys who looks like a bit of a mean straight lad, but this gay guy has proven that he's all about the cock! He's all over Cody Banks as soon as he has permission, and the moment those cocks are out they're hard and being sucked and stroked! Both these guys are so into it you might think they've been denied cock for months! Cody is covered in a sheen of sweat as he really fucks the load out of Dan, making him splash his hard abs with his cream. And the sight of that gets him wanking out his own jizz all over the guy too!
Tony Haas
A big, hairy Dutch guy, with an exceptionally long, elastic foreskin, Tony Haas loves to please, and he really loves cock. He's a big fan of Butch Dixon, and when he sent us a few dick pics, we just had to meet him in person. This hairy guy proves that the guy in the office next to you or sitting across from you on the train could be a secret sexual powderkeg. He's pretty experimental when it comes to sex -- there are few limits for a horned up guy like Tony, especially when it comes to getting fucked. It's best when the cock is massive and hard, and judging by the way he holds up his hands to show how big he likes it, his idea of a big cock is more like a thermos. Woof! What a greedy pig! Check out Tony getting his thick dick greased up and fucking a ribbed cuff until he splatters his hairy belly with hot cum.
In this edition of
Boys barebacking Lame Richards
Lame Richards is far from LAME! As a matter of fact Lame Richards is always game! Game for cock sucking and bareback assfucking! But the fun doesn’t stop there! Lame Richards is also a sucker for facial cumshots! To sum it all up Lame Richards is perfect for the Bukkake Boys and he proved it in this hot bukkake gangbang!
Gio Pays the Price for Snooping
Giovanni Lovell is snooping around Conner Bradley's room for a sweet snack--when Conner turns up! The Spanish twink tries to hide in the closet, but of course he's discovered and he has to fuck Conner as punishment (fitting, no?) The two take turns sucking dick before Conner gets Giovanni's uncut cock up his ass. Giovanni ends up covering Conner's face in a cumshot not to be missed!We're calling it now: Conner Bradley is going to be a twink star! He's been doing porn for a few months now and we're confident he's going to get better and better. He has a maturity beyond his eighteen years, not to mention a cute face and a huge cock!If you like your twinks on the exotic side, just wait for Giovanni Lovell to open that pretty mouth of his and start talking! Spanish born and bred, Giovanni's been in the United States for a couple years, but his accent is still strong!
Caio Fucks Like Mad
Caio fucks like mad in this hot ass fucking raw papi scene
100 Dollar Bet
100 Dollar Bet scene1
Hentai Call Boy 2
Moving their escapades to the shower for
Monster Sized Cock!
Here we are, down on the street, just taking in the sights, when we spot this hot man stud just strutting around. We strike up a little conversation, talking a little about this and that, comparing cocks, you know, the same old, same old. Well I bring him back to the "Stabbin Cabin", and I finally whip it out, and his eyes pop out of his head, he can't believe the size of this cock! I jam it up his ass, and start fucking him really hard, I mean, earth shaking hard, and he's loving it! I break that asshole before cumming all over his face!
Levon helps Gabriel with His Tool
Levon Meeks is lending Gabriel Kelly a hand with his car. He needs more tools so they head to Gabriel's room to try and find what they need. However they soon forget about the car and focus on Levon's throbbing tool. They fool around, kiss and suck each other's cocks before Levon starts pounding Gabriel hard. Finally, he puts the icing on the cake with a beautiful facial!Gabriel is a cute and tall twink who loves a good ride as much as being on top. with a cute smile, he'll be the sugar candy you wanna bring home !Levon is a sweet twink that's new to porn. Watch him discover the great world of twink sex!
Bedtime Creeping!
My best friend who just passed out one day I decided to push the envelope a little. He seemed to enjoy it and loved me more for fucking his tight asshole.
Dating Surprise
Emilio been craving a huge cock to rip open his tight butthole. He was browsing a local internet dating website and came across this stud with a freakishly oversized penis to plow him missionary position.
Amazingly Hot Cum Shot!
Curtis Mitchell is a sexy, lean guy with soft, sweeping long bangs & deep "cum-fuck-me" beautiful eyes. Looking at Curtis, even when he's dressed gives us a hard-on. In this video, we get to watch this young skater strip, masturbate & explore his naked body until he reaches an explosive orgasm! Before he cum, Curtis spreads his legs & flips over, shooting an amazing amount of cum in his open mouth! Then with skilled videography, we slow it down & replay this magic moment in slow-motion & from multiple angles! Totally erotic, beautifully filmed & completely satisfying! This video will have your cock dripping with jizz!
Scottie's First Black Cock!
Scottie from all his previous boyfriends had small dicks he was unhappy. Our mutual good friend introduced him to us. He was happy to get fucked in his ass by this HUGE BLACK COCK!
Hail to the Giant Cock
Chase is all into that zen stuff. When he saw Jacob's big giant cock, his whole world flipped upside down. It was a beauty. And Chase wanted it all for himself. Greedy bitch.
Gay party ends with group sex
Yong boys are having awesome birthday party where celebrant and his brother get their tiny shit holes nailed and reamed by group of horny twinks who cover their faces with fresh jizz
Boys Will Be Boys Part 2
In Boys Will Be Boys Part 2, we find Jo home alone after Kaede and Fuji went to the mall when Kaoru shows up. Jo decides it's his turn to have some fun and Kaoru will serve as a nice play toy. After getting Kaoru worked up and stripped down on the patio, Jo binds Kaoru's hands to wall and starts rubbing and massaging Kaoru's body and cock. A little nipple sucking and tongue action between them and Jo bends down to suck Kaoru's uncut cock working him into a frenzy. Not once during this entire scene did Kaoru lose his hard and the closer he gets to blowing his load the harder and bigger it gets until he blows all over the patio and Jo works his cock to get every last drop out.
Aaron Cage & Drew
There's nothing that hairy muscle guy Aaron loves more than a huge cock, so when he saw Drew's pics his eyes lit up and we were all set for a great video. Drew knows just how to use his foot-long uncut dick to please even the greediest of guys and the sight of Drew's smooth dark member sliding deep into Aaron's white hairy ass is one I'll remember for a long time.
Pedro is has an amazing body and a thick uncut cock! He looks so fucking hot pissing...I would love to lick the last drip of piss off his uncut cock! Pedro is just 19 years old but already has a perfect body from skateboarding and surfing! He's str8 but we even got him to hose himself down with his own pee...his sexy brown skin glows as his piss flows over it! He gets really turned on (this is the very first time he has pissed on himself) and his cock is like a steel pipe so you know that he is dying to shoot his load! It may have been his first time pissing on himself but you can tell my the number of times he did it that he was enjoying it! He has a beer (legal age to drink is 18 where he's at) and that beer just seems to flow right from his mouth out his hot uncut cock!
First Time Massage
This is the first time Jake has visited me for a massage, so I decide to break him in gently, massaging his big muscle bound arms and chest before slowly moving down to his nice tight ass. Jason has never had a massage before, so he thinks this is all normal, even when I get on top of him, pounding that tight ass. He figures its just a deep tissue rub down.
Brock N' Roll
Brock N' Roll
Solo Employee Boy
Meet 19yo Hisoka Botan. Well, if you saw Big Cock Boss Barebacks the Trainee, you've already seen him. Now we get to watch and listen in on his first interview. A bit more "up close & personal." We start out with Hisoka sitting on the bed talking with the cameraman and can see and hear the clicks of the camera going off from the photographer. As the interview continues, the cameraman reaches in and feels Hisoka's chest and nipples and slowly piece by piece, the clothing starts to come off. When Hisoka takes off his pants, you can see his erection through his underwear. No doubt the boy is excited to be there! I'm not sure if it was the cameraman playing with his nipples or what, but Hisoka definitely brought his "A-game." As Hisoka takes off his boyish looking underwear, we get to see what I call a "pretty young cock" and even the cameraman makes a comment or rather a "ohhh." Hisoka is all natural, no manscaping and rock hard. The cameraman jumps in and lends a helping hand stroking that nice young cock and then has Hisoka get up on all 4's on the bed so we get a bird's eye view of his ass. A couple of twitches from Hisoka as the cameraman rubs his ass and plays with his hole gives us the impression Hisoka is either ticklish back there or really enjoys his ass being played with. Now turning over and laying back on the bed, we actually get to see that Hisoka has some nice low hangers. And that cock is just "yummy" to look at! The conversation between Hisoka and the cameraman continues while he starts to tug on that hard cock. Then Hisoka starts to play with his nipples while he jacks off and the photographers camera starts clicking in the background. Sure wish we remembered to get the English captions included in this video. I'd love to know what they're talking about. The scene goes quiet as Hisoka continues to jack himself off on the bed. The cameraman makes his way all around the bed from every angle making sure we get a front row seat to watch the action. Hisoka is still laying on the bed jacking off but we see him looking off at something now. Whether it's a porn flick or another guy jacking off, I'm not sure. One thing is for sure, whatever it is he's watching put him over the top. We see his balls tighten up and legs stiffen, some grunts and groans and then Hisoka serves up some fresh milky white jizz. The cameraman says something, the two laugh and then Hisoka takes a taste of his own cum. It would seem as though he's never tried this before but sure looks like he approves of the taste!
The Big Finnish
This week we have a special treat as we welcome back Steven Daigle. Steven is gonna have his hands full with one of our alumni that is coming out of retirement after 8 years. Peter Finland is back and looking hot as ever at 45. Steven is now 38 and we know Peter's in good hands with our resident exhibitionist. Both of these guys love to be in front of an audience and they both have current projects underway. Steven, of 'Big Brother' fame, will be featured in a new gay movie called 'Eating Out 4
Euro Twink Fuck Sandwich
Sexy Euro guys Clark, Micheal and Mark have a steamy hot afternoon passionate three-way that turns into a fucking, sucking cum soaking, double penetration sandwich! Watch as these three smooth European twinks spray cum from their big uncut young cocks as they cover each other in sticky, warm and sweet jizz!
Boys Will Be Boys Part 4
If you recall, last time, Jo, Fuji and Kaoru were having some fun "edging" Kaede on the patio and wound up leaving him tied up in the chair and never made it over the edge. We found out later that the other boys left to attend the Matsuri and Kaoru and Kaede actually had a date that evening. Later that evening, Kaoru returns from the Matsuri in his fundoshi and Kaede can't wait to get Kaoru out of it and pulls his cock out the side and starts sucking. Kaoru manages to get the fundoshi off and the fun begins. First, they exchange blow jobs before getting into a 69. Both of the them look as though they're ready to blow at any second. Kaoru grabs the lube and starts playing with Kaede's hole. Kaede is not experienced as a bottom, so Kaoru is gentle and works him slowly even when it comes time to penetrate him with his cock after using a couple fingers. First starting out doggy style, Kaoru works Kaede's tight ass ever so gently. Still a little tight and not comfortable for Kaede, Kaoru pulls out and works his ass with his fingers to loosen him up some more. Again, Kaoru penetrates Kaede with his cock and this time Kaede finds his rhythm. Kaoru gets into that sexy position again while fucking Kaede where he actually stands bending at the knees and plows Kaede. Then it's missionary style and Kaede seems to be more comfortable and getting used to the penetration. In the end, it's Kaoru that cums on Kaede's stomach and we have yet to see Kaede get his turn to unload.
Twinks use whips for threesome spanking session
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Glory Hole Switch
Glory Hole Switch
360 Degrees Of Fornication
Making his debut on ExtraBigDicks this week is a Sarasota native who made quite the impression on our brother site MenOver30 a while back. This Floridian with the Abercrombie & Fitch air about him is none other than Ridge Michaels. Ridge is 22. We've decided to pull out all the stops and give him a HUGE welcome. Literally! Yeah, Ridge will definitely remember this day after his smooth, jock ass gets officially introduced to Diesel Washington. Diesel, the man, the myth, the 9' python in his pants, needs no introduction. At 39, Diesel has made himself quite the reputation as an accomplished actor in the adult industry. We've gotten to know this New Yorker a lot better than most; and it's nice to see Diesel in person is nothing like his on-screen ruff-n-tuff persona. For example, we asked these two if they could be any animal, what it would be. Ridge said without question he would want to be a jaguar. Diesel (the self-professed Comic book geek) then turns and asks Ridge what cartoon he would be? Ridge was stumped but Diesel already had a vision of his own cartoon creation: 'Some kind of granite rock life form that comes to life, has super human strength, can fly and has teleporting capabilities.' OMG--Geek alert, Geek alert! Lol Ya gotta love it.They break the ice, kissing softly on the couch as their hands begin to explore each other. The clothes start coming off as these two get better acquainted. Ridge's curiosity gets the better of him as he slides off Diesel's jeans and gets a better idea of all he gets to play with. After a bit more kissing, Diesel stands up and just watches as Ridge unwraps his new toy. He hauls out Diesel's thick black cock through the fly of his boxers and goes to work. Ridge wraps that pretty mouth around Diesel's 9' cock as Diesel moans and groans his appreciation. 'Show me those beautiful eyes' Diesel moans, as Ridge stares up at him with a lustful stare. Ridge knows exactly what he wants--and he fixin to 'git it'! Diesel then wants some dick too, as he gets Ridge on his back so he can suck that pretty dick. Diesel goes to town on Ridge's rock hard cock as Ridge writhes in ecstasy. Diesel uses his tongue all over that hot cock and balls before turning this Sarasota Stud around and getting that expert tongue up that hot ass. Diesel buries his face deep in Ridge's crack, as Ridge pushes his cock back towards Diesel's mouth, wanting more on his cock too. It's an all-u-can-tongue fest for Diesel--and it can only get better.Diesel then sits back and groans as Ridge starts sitting on his thick cock. 'Just have to get used to it' Ridge grunts, as his ass slowly concedes. Once that hot ass is fully impaled, Ridge starts to grind his ass on that dick, sending Diesel into a frenzy. Diesel helps Ridge put his feet atop his knees so he can get better leverage and ride the ride a lot better. After a few minutes of taking that dick in a reverse cowgirl, Ridge wants a better view. He twirls around on that dick so he can face Diesel and get to make out with him as he gets that ass stretched. Diesel coaches the young stud into a better position so that he can better take that cock. This is a teaching set, and Ridge is definitely gonna learn a thing or two about taking a big cock in that ass. 'Aww, fuck me' is all Ridge can say as Diesel impales that ass and even moves him from the couch and props him onto the adjacent chaise into a doggie position without ever pulling his python out of his ass. Show off! As Diesel fucks him in a doggie position, Ridge is getting that ass stretched and fucked deep and he does his best to accommodate all that cock Diesel's burying. Diesel then literally spins him around while on his dick into a missionary position then stands up with Ridge still attached to this cock and moves him back to the couch to fuck him missionary. Grand standing we say! Diesel buries his cock deeper and deeper. Soon, they are both ready to explode. They dismount and unload as they jack their loads all over themselves before basking in the afterglow.
Lucio Saints and Dolan Wolf
On his first day working for Trojan's Toolmen, Lucio encounters super bottom Dolan in the locker room. Unbeknown to them Trojan is lurking nearby and enjoying the view of the two men stripping. Dolan's pale, defined and hairy body looks great against Lucio's smooth latino skin; and most of all Lucio's bulge would make any man quiver and fall on their knees. Dolan explores every inch of the Latin god he has in front of him, tasting and teasing his body until Lucio reveals an amazingly big and thick 9.5" cock. He looses no time and really gobbles that massive piece of meat, burying it deep in his throat and enjoying feeling his balls slapping his face. It's not long before Dolan's greedy hole screams for attention and Lucio is more than glad to answer its call. He licks and fingers that hairy manhole to prepare Dolan for a real impaling. Talented Dolan puts up no resistance when Lucio pushes his big dick against his hole and slides in effortlessly (a trick we all envy him). Dolan enjoys the pounding as much as Lucio enjoys having the chance to pound such a welcoming ass. And he pounds it until Dolan squirts his cum on his belly (whilst being fucked) and Lucio then squirts what looks like gallons of cum on top of Dolan's already spent load.