Mutual Sucking And Shared Loads
Jase Bionx and Ashton Cooper are both hungry for some cock loving in this mutual scene. This is what happens when boys make a special arrangement between them, one cock sucking deserves another! Jase is eager to get started and gives some great head to his buddy, but he gets the same back from his willing friend and they take each other to a real splashing with both getting messy!
Sauna Virgins - Reece and Alex
Alex has spend a few hours in the sauna and now it's time to have a shower and go home.... or maybe not. Alex steps in the shower and immediately they get down to it. Reece gets a nice sucking treatment from Alex until he gets rock hard and gives him a hot fuck that will exhaust him!
Adam Dacre
Adam's been thinking about breaking into porn for a while and I'm glad to see that a lot of that thinking has been done in a gym. With his chiseled looks and lively green eyes he's a striking man. Being hung and having a very dirty mind should help him get ahead in the adult biz.
The Turk is Loose!
Poor Turk, he thought having a man around the house would ease up his life, having someone to paint the fence, fix the leak, and fuck his cock. But things aren't as rosy as he thought it was going to be, so he takes charge and wakes up his man with a cock in the mouth. His guy gets the idea right quick and impales himself and fucks it until he cums all over his chest. Now take out the trash!
Nature's Boy Jerking Off
Amongst the tall redwood trees, Chris finds a secluded spot to pleasure his beautiful cock and body. He rubs his big horny cock beneath his underwear until it's hard and ready, then his undresses showing nature his naked young body. Chris continues to jerk off while playing with his asshole until he is ready to release his hot cum on his chest and face. After satisfying his dick, Chris rubs his jizz and licks his sperm! This video is all at once beautiful, erotic and sure to make you horny!
Julian Raw
Chatting up Julian Raw, it seems he likes to play with boys and wants to show us his nice body. His favorite porn is American gay porn and he fanaticizes about a guy with some muscles. This model will be doing a solo today, but might be up for more later. As Julian gets naked, he works his fabulous body well, teasing to please. His sexy bubble but is in sweet contrast to his very fit abs; I count a 6-pack, at least. Playing with his uncut dick, Julian makes it fun to watch, and so tempting to join in. First on the bed, then in the tub, he is all about the rhythm and the pleasure he is feeling. As he blows his load, he has a very creamy happy ending; I hope you did too. After he showers and soaps up that body, Julian will be ready for the next opportunity that
Hooker HookUp
Hooker HookUp scene1
The Testing Bench
Our version of the clash of the titans was to put Ashley Ryder, the UK's notorious arse fetishist up against the guys from Crackstuffers and to throw in two more muscular hung studs for good measure. Cute young Ashely's arse is stretched to capacity by the massive dildo before Korben takes a turn opening it up with his monster dick... and when Porno first-timer Victor joins in, blonde Ashley drops to the floor and he takes it in turns sucking on their dicks before they wank their creamy loads into his eager face.
Hentai Call Boy
Toraeamon is home pleasuring himself when he decides he's not going solo tonight and makes a call. Next we see Ko show up and do a strip tease showing off his muscular smooth body. Toraemon sits back on the bed to enjoy the show and Ko's body furthered enhanced by a sexy leather body harness. After the show, Ko joins Toraemon on the bed and they begin making out. Toraemon drives Ko nuts sucking and licking on his nipples. You may recall that both of these men have sensitive nipples and thoroughly enjoy the nipple play. As for Toraemon, I don't think there's an "un-sensitive" spot on his body as we watch him twist and turn throughout the entire scene. This is the first time we get to see Toraemon as the top and apparently not a bad top at all as we watch Ko squirm, moan and groan the entire time Toraemon fucks him. These two together with their sensitive bodies and neither of them the kind of guys that hold back anything on camera, make for one hot fuck. Watch Ko as he continues to jerk himself off after cumming and shows us what a good jerk off should look like!
Matt Brookes and Jarrod Woodcock
It's been a while since we had hot lad Matt Brookes in the studio, but we're so glad to have him back, and he's welcoming slim gay lad Jarrod Woodcock and giving him his first on-screen fuck too! After plenty of swapped sucking both are ready for some anal, and Jarrod is more than happy to take Matt's cock in his perfect little ass. From the energy Matt puts into this fuck, I'm wondering if he's been horny to get back in the studio for a while now!
Fucking Flic 1
A pervy voyeur, this lad is uncertain what he wants, a little bit nervous, its his first time, But he's spying on a seasoned stud who's more than ready to show him the ropes.
Nick and Ryan
When Eddie and I are down at the beach, we meet a guy named Ryan King. He
Gio Pays the Price for Snooping
Giovanni Lovell is snooping around Conner Bradley's room for a sweet snack--when Conner turns up! The Spanish twink tries to hide in the closet, but of course he's discovered and he has to fuck Conner as punishment (fitting, no?) The two take turns sucking dick before Conner gets Giovanni's uncut cock up his ass. Giovanni ends up covering Conner's face in a cumshot not to be missed!We're calling it now: Conner Bradley is going to be a twink star! He's been doing porn for a few months now and we're confident he's going to get better and better. He has a maturity beyond his eighteen years, not to mention a cute face and a huge cock!If you like your twinks on the exotic side, just wait for Giovanni Lovell to open that pretty mouth of his and start talking! Spanish born and bred, Giovanni's been in the United States for a couple years, but his accent is still strong!
4 Way:Tate, Leon, Will, Henri
4 Way:Tate, Leon, Will, Henri
Chase Reynolds And Dominic Belko
Chase Reynolds is new to the site, but we knew we wanted to break him in with some real hardcore butt fucking action. And who better to deliver that than hunky muscled stud Dominic Belko?! The guys share plenty of cock sucking, but we can see Chase is eager to get that long cock inside him. It's a great fuck with Dominic delivering a solid butt humping for his new friend, and ending in so much cum gushing out!
Blow Me with Harry Louis
Set in the 60's, our hommage to 'swinging London', is a steaming hot-bed of pounding cocks and poor Jake Ryder's battered arse hole. Stunning Harry Louis is lured back to Jake's studio, but quickly turns the tables and teaches Jake a thing or two about English manners. (watch for where Harry's cum jets too;he nearly blinded a camera man!
Timo Garrett Unwinds on Camera
Timo Garrett is a new fresh-faced boy, eager to prove his stuff on camera. We have no doubt he's going to keep impressing us, there's just something about his energy off camera; you know he's going to deliver when the cameras are rolling. Not to mention, he's more than just a pretty face, this boy's quick as a whip.Timo started modeling and immediately because a staple model for Boycrush purely due to the passion and intensity he puts into every since one of his videos. Every scene he performs in is an instant classic.
James' Gay Fantasies Come Alive
James Wright told us during his interview that he's had fantasies about guys before and we convinced him to make them a reality! And to help out, we recruited the sexy Trey Matthews and his big uncut cock. ;-) James and Trey kiss deeply as they grope each other and strip their clothes off. Trey gets things started first by sliding James' cut cock into his wet mouth. Straight boy James is obviously curious for a taste because it doesn't take long before he's sucking on Trey's foreskin and cock. After sixty-nining, James is ready to feel a cock up his ass for the first time! James straddles Trey and slowly sits down; Trey has no beginner-sizec cock and James definitely feels it as he impales himself. After riding for awhile and loosening himself up, James gets into missionary so Trey can fuck him harder. They fuck briefly in doggy, with Trey's cock firmly planted in James' furry ass; but no one wants to break the new bottom just yet. ;-) When Trey shoots a huge load, James has to dodge to miss getting hit right in the face! After his first gay fuck on camera, James jacks off and shoots a thick, stringy load of cum.
Ryan Caught Gay
This dude Ryan kept denying to his girlfriend that he was gay. We hacked his computer and found picture of him wearing pink women's underwear...REALLY BRO?
Swim Team 1
Our boys have put on their sexy speedos and are relaxing by the pool talking about student life, wild parties and hot sex, which get's them very horny. Their lips meet and they kiss, rubbing each others hard cock. They go inside the closed restaurant where they can get naked and fuck around. Aaron pulls Skye's speedo and traps his cock with his hungry mouth, getting it hard and ready to slide up his tight, young hole! The boys finish off with a big, sticky load all over Aaron's flat stomach.
Best Bros Get Filthy After Some Flirtation
Tyler's best friend from out of town needs to borrow some doe but Tyler seems to be out for the count. Tyler's big cock got hard after a few licks of his ass. Looks like they were more then just best friends
Secret Agent Part 1
Villain Tomas Brand flips on the light of his Penthouse suite to find Secret Agent Paddy O’Brian waiting with a loaded gun. The actions quickly turns to the other loaded gun in the room – Paddy’s hot cock that he uses to teach Tomas’ bubble butt the meaning of the word busted.
Boyfriends in Love
Connor and Kurt came to our studios as boyfriends and you can definitely tell with the chemistry and hot sex seen in this video. Kurt pleasures Connor's big dick who rims him right back in the 69 position. The scene ends with some hot fucking that ends with some even hotter cum.Working at Baretwinks was a great experience. Bryan and Andy are awesome. I had a lot of fun and hope to have more :).I had such a great time when I came down. It boosted my confidence and I hope you enjoy my stuff.
Steven fucks for the first time on camera
Some Things are Never Lost in Translation
Preston Steel isn't interested in small talk, he'd rather his German tutor just teach him all the dirty words. Young Timo Garrett obviously has a thing for older men, because after they suck each other, he takes a hard pounding and begs for more! He gets fucked doggy and missionary before cumming all over the floor while he rides Preston in reverse, bending forward to take a cum shot to the back.They don't come any sweeter than Preston Steel; you'd be hard pressed to find them much sexier, either! His fun, warm personality is the cherry on top of a furry, masculine body we can't get enough of on film. Working with out and proud gay men is always a treat, Preston is comfortable and confident in his skin and it translates to incredibly hot scenes.Timo Garrett's been doing porn for less than a year, but he's got a lot of experience under his belt with us already. He's got a quirky, energetic personality and he throws himself into every scene we film; inhibition be damned! With a lean body, solid dick, and tight ass, he's guaranteed to make a scene hot and fun to watch.
Nipple play starts this duo on some hot ass filled action. A masked man helps himself to Dai, a hot twink. As the masked man works on the youngster
Amazingly Hot Cum Shot!
Curtis Mitchell is a sexy, lean guy with soft, sweeping long bangs & deep "cum-fuck-me" beautiful eyes. Looking at Curtis, even when he's dressed gives us a hard-on. In this video, we get to watch this young skater strip, masturbate & explore his naked body until he reaches an explosive orgasm! Before he cum, Curtis spreads his legs & flips over, shooting an amazing amount of cum in his open mouth! Then with skilled videography, we slow it down & replay this magic moment in slow-motion & from multiple angles! Totally erotic, beautifully filmed & completely satisfying! This video will have your cock dripping with jizz!
Foot Ballin'
We have our welcome mats out today as we introduce two delicious men on our site. The first is 19 years old Sebastian Keys that comes to us from just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. There is nothing wrong with having another Buckeye in the house. The second half of this stud duo is Wade Wilder. Wade is 25 years old and from Atlanta, Georgia. We can
Happy Holidays from Freddie and Reece!
We didn't want to go too over the top with a holiday scene, but we wanted to do at least something a little festive! ;-) Freddie White and Reece Ryder kiss and touch sensually under the Christmas tree (we dare call it romantic!) Reece is first to taste cock, wrapping his lips around Freddie's thick, uncut member. He works his friend's cock until it's slick with spit... and until Freddie's in the mood to return the favour! The two end up in an enthusiastic sixty-nine, groaning as they suck each other off. Oral only satisfies these lads for so long, until they want to step it up a notch. Reece is on all fours as Freddie eases his big cock up up his ass. He lets Freddie stretch him out, warming up his hole before they switch positions. The bottom rides like a cowboy before Freddie moves him onto his back. While he's fucked missionary style, Reece jacks off and ends up shooting his load all over his toned stomach. Freddie pulls out and quickly reaches climax, covering Reece's abs with his cum. Happy holidays, everyone!
Latino Loves Big Cock
Michael grew up in the mean streets of East LA. He's tough but he ain't bad. However when confronted by a huge cock, Michael gets a bit intimidated. We will see just how tough he can be
Onesie Direction - Jay and Aaron
It's cold this time of the year and our sexy twinks stroll along in their cute onesies. Jay is getting quite horny and being all alone in his room, gets his cock out and starts wanking but as soon as he gets into the spirit his flatmate Aaron walks in wearing his cow onesie. What happens next? Stripping, kissing, sucking, fucking and two hot loads of cum!
Boys Will Be Boys Part 4
If you recall, last time, Jo, Fuji and Kaoru were having some fun "edging" Kaede on the patio and wound up leaving him tied up in the chair and never made it over the edge. We found out later that the other boys left to attend the Matsuri and Kaoru and Kaede actually had a date that evening. Later that evening, Kaoru returns from the Matsuri in his fundoshi and Kaede can't wait to get Kaoru out of it and pulls his cock out the side and starts sucking. Kaoru manages to get the fundoshi off and the fun begins. First, they exchange blow jobs before getting into a 69. Both of the them look as though they're ready to blow at any second. Kaoru grabs the lube and starts playing with Kaede's hole. Kaede is not experienced as a bottom, so Kaoru is gentle and works him slowly even when it comes time to penetrate him with his cock after using a couple fingers. First starting out doggy style, Kaoru works Kaede's tight ass ever so gently. Still a little tight and not comfortable for Kaede, Kaoru pulls out and works his ass with his fingers to loosen him up some more. Again, Kaoru penetrates Kaede with his cock and this time Kaede finds his rhythm. Kaoru gets into that sexy position again while fucking Kaede where he actually stands bending at the knees and plows Kaede. Then it's missionary style and Kaede seems to be more comfortable and getting used to the penetration. In the end, it's Kaoru that cums on Kaede's stomach and we have yet to see Kaede get his turn to unload.
Thoroughly Cum Soaked Power Fuck
Alex & Micah take hard core sex to the extreme in this frat boy meets smooth muscle twink video. If you like to watch power fucking, intense ass slamming, then you will love what these two horny hotties have in store for you! As a special treat, just as the bottom-boy twink is about to cum, his partner lifts him up so that his jizz sprays down his own throat. Finally, in a gooey orgasm. the muscle twink gets his freshly emptied nuts sack covered in cum! Totally hot & thoroughly cum soaked!
Home Alone House Party - Corvin and Julian
Corvin and Julian sneak into the storage room to get some privacy and get into their filthy gameplay!
Shou Tsuyoshi and Ryota 2
Anytime these three get together, the fun fucking is not far behind. Shou, Ryota and Tsuyoshi come to play; toys included. At, these twinks sure know how to have a ball, or two. Take notes, you may be called upon afterwards to lend a hand. On the floor, Shou and Ryota again follow Tsuyoshi
Harley & Fabio
I like 'em hung, uncut, hairy, handsome and horny - so I was in sex pig heaven as I filmed these two studs. Sexy Fabio Stallone couldn't wait to slide his thick tool into Harley and Mr Everett was more than up for it. The greedy muscle bottom took a slamming and slurped down every drop of fabio's cum - sucking on the big Italian dick for more.
Boys Will Be Boys Finale
It has been a great week having all four boys here for the Matsuri. It gave us a chance to get to know them a little better in between the shoots and the festival as well as a lot of fun. In this final chapter of Boys Will Be Boys, we finally get to see Kaede blow his load and what a load it is. As Kaede jerks off, we get to revisit some of the action from the past week. Enjoy!
Hot Ass
After making his debut on MenOver30, and becoming an overnight fan favorite bottoming our resident bad boy Brenn Wyson, we knew we had to share the love with our members here on ExtraBigDicks. By 'love' we of course mean sexy Sean Duran. Sean is 24 years young and hails from North Carolina. Well, who better than to give Sean a proper introduction to the Bigger is Better mindset than Drake Jaden. Drake is just one of the hot, hung locals driving them wild and at 27 this Floridian makes it look so damn easy. Both of these hotties have tattoos a plenty so we decided to ask them where it all began. For Drake it was the eye ball in the center of his tribal tattoo. That's what started it all but his favorite would have to be the Pi tattoo on his chest because he finds it fascinating. 'I was always a big nerd' Drake says, 'still am.' Sean's first tattoo was the wings on his back but his favorite would have to be the cat on his left bicep cuz it always brings him luck. When it comes to what feature in another man makes them weak their choices differ. Drake loves a hot ass where Sean finds forearms sexy. Well, lets get this party started shall we?Sean and Drake are looking through a magazine commenting on porn stars when Sean comments on a hot ass. 'I've been told I have a hot ass' Drake grins. Sean's not gonna miss out on the opportunity as he asks Drake to prove it. Drake stands up and pulls down his jeans showing off that ass framed in a tight jock strap. Sean gets on his knees and dives in face first as his tongue slides inside that ass. Drake moans as he gets that hot hole rimmed making his huge cock strain for release. He pulls down his jeans and lays back to let Sean have some dick. Sean immediately dives for it sucking that cock all the way to the hilt. He slobbers on that fat meat as Drake bobs his head up and down on it. Sean loves that thick meat but his own meat's feeling left out. He stands up and whips out his growing dick and slams it down Drake's throat. Drake chokes and gags on it as he latches on to that dick. He easily slides that dick down his skilled gullet. He spits on that meat and strokes his huge cock as he does. 'You like that dick' grunts Sean as he watches Drake choke and gag on his southern 'charm'.From there these two end up on the floor in a steamy 69 as each gets his fill of cock; bobbing their mouths on all the swollen meat they can handle. Soon a mouth isn't enough for Drake who needs a tight ass on his meat. He sits back in the chair and has Sean sit on his dick in a reverse cowgirl. 'Fuck that's a big dick!' Sean groans as he impales himself on it. His own dick is rock hard as he starts to ride it. He bounces on that dick taking every inch of it deep inside him. He gets his feet up on Drake's knees and starts fucking himself silly on that thick dick. Drake grunts and groans, slapping that ass as he calls Sean a dirty little pig. Sean then gets on all four puts his face on the floor and that smooth ass in the air and orders Drake to fuck it. Drake immediately shoves his dick deep into that ass as he pounds that ass. 'Fuck me harder-Do it!' Sean orders as Drake rails into him even harder. From there they end up on the floor with Drake pounding that hole as he lays behind Sean. He holds his leg up as he buries that dick fast and deep. That does the trick and it sends Sean's load flying all over his thigh and area rug as Drake fucks it all out of him. Drake then pulls out and blasts his own thick batch all over Sean's face and tongue. Once the last of his cum is spent Sean greedily latches on to his knob sucking out every last drop. Mmm, Mmm, Goooo!
Chase's Happy Ending
Hello, my name is Chase Austin. I was at "Casa De Amor Spa" and I just wanted to leave a comment. My masseur, Jimmy Clay, was very touchy. He gave me a wonderful massage but he did get very physical. I must admit that I enjoyed it. Though I doubt that this is normal. Regardless, I would like to make another appointment with Jimmy. Perhaps I might even join your membership.
Micah Andrews And His Toys
Micah Andrews And His Toys
Cowboys 7
We are back on the ranch this week as our two dominant cowboys use and abuse an unsuspecting passive ranch dude. Gigantic 9+ inch cocks face fuck and pound our ranch dudes ass like he
Junior Apprentices - Ethan and Jace
Ethan has been working on that computer screen for a few hours now and James has been eyeing him for a while. It's not long before our boys in suits suck each other off with Jace offering up his firm ass to Ethan's big tool for some heavy ramming!
JP Dubois
It's the middle of the night and although he's still on duty, checking in all these hot boys to the hotel has made his balls heavy and dick twitch! Making sure no-one is around to catch him out, JP flicks on some hardcore porn instead of his sales projections and his already semi hard bulge is now rock solid and bursting from his suit trousers. Undoing his shirt and tie, he leans back on his chair for a great slow cock worship and jerk. Rubbing his smooth hotly defined body and teasing his nipples now and again, the ever-hard JP waves his dick salaciously in front of the camera, pulling his trousers down from his smooth, spunk filled balls as he indulges in his covert midnight wank until his spunk erupts from his thick throbbing shaft, over his fingers but hey, there's no towel to clean himself, so the cum hungry JP just licks it all off his fingers before zipping up and heading to the bathroom, still full of spunk...
Raw Papicitos
Raw Papicitos
Pool Boy Cleans My Cock!
Its so hard to find good help, take my pool boy for example, he comes over to skim my pool and he stands out there like a idiot. I have a good eye for talent and think he needs a new job, like sucking my cock. He’s barely able to swallow my fat cock, when I flip him and shove it in his tight ass. I think I’ll keep him around.
Tied To The Cross And Fucked!
Tied to the cross with his arse on display for anyone to use, Lincoln steps up to show Dan what a proper ass pounding feels like. Lincoln works over Dan to get him nice and relaxed before forcing his huge dick up Dans arse and milking his dick until Dan can't help but throw his load all over the floor. Punishing his boy for cumming first, Lincoln empties several loads of hot wax over Dan before shooting his own load all over Dans hot ass.
Andy and Miles Flip Flop
Miles catches Andy watching him in the bathroom and punishes him with some face and ass fucking, making Andy decide to return the favor. Watch as these to get right down to business and flip flop fuck just for you.Andy is one of the best discoveries I have made. With his great looks and consistently solid performances on camera, he is on his way to being a big star in the industry. He is always professional on and off camera. He now is my right hand man helping me film and edit the movies. He is not only a great model and employee but also one of my good friends. Normally I hate tattoos on twinks, but he really had some cool ones. He has this great mix of young innocent looking boy next door with this edgy emo punk look to him. Super skinny and small with big brown heart melting eyes. He has this great confident and funny personality. An all around great model.
Uni Tournament Scene 3
Uni Tournament
Big Boys Like To Play
Chase Young likes to hang out with the older crowd. He ends up getting all the attention because of his boyish good looks. However, he forgot one thing, big boys like to play rough. Lets see if our pretty boy can handle some mature rough housing.
Hangin’ On For Cock
The space is tight but they’ve lots of empty rails to hang from and climb onto, you can tell they’re going to have fun here, turning it into a jungle gym of sex! Kissing turns to sucking and before you know it they’re in a vertical sixty-nine, Marco hanging upside down with his legs hooked over the top rail. Marco then hangs onto another rail, feet up high, giving Jake direct access to his arse so he can eat it. Jake then joins him up on the rail so they can fuck in mid-air, Marco bent over holding the bars, letting Jake pound him again and again. Feet back on the ground, and Marco holding himself up they fuck missionary looking deep into each other’s eyes while Marco cums on his ripped abs. Jake plants his load on Marco’s muscly chest. Back to work boys!
Cody Cums on Jake's Face
Cody Andrews is sporting some new bleached hair when he teams up with red headed Jake Wiles this week. The two trade blowjobs as they strip their clothes off. Cody gets his cock buried in Jake's ass, fucking the other boy around the bed until they're both ready to cum. Lucky Jake ends up getting a facial and a taste of Cody's load!Little skater boy Cody Andrews won us over with his mop of hair and bright blue eyes. He also won us over when he managed to shove a big dildo up his butt during his debut solo!Jake most definitely has a wily little twinkle in his blue eyes, so his porn surname "Wiles" seems fitting. Even though his red hair isn't natural, Jake's still got the smooth and pale complexion of a born ginger!
Boy Sex in the City Sc1
What better way to wake up at work than a hot load up your face?
Cum Parade Part 11
The creamy goo is the star of the how in this collection of cum-tastic jizz eruptions! The Blake Mason boys are known for giving up some of the hottest cum shots ever caught on camera, and Cum Parade 11 is the perfect place to watch all that hot white jizz pumping out and being shared in some truly tasty hardcore action!
Packer In
Today, we have two new faces for you, and we're sure you're gonna be pleased. The first is tall, dark and imported. Addison Andrews is 26 years of age. At 6'3', this international man of intrigue is a 9
Brock N' Roll
Brock N' Roll
Cum Parade Part 10
We're back with another horny edition of the Cum Parade series, gathering together some of the most delicious and messy cum facials we've captured on video in the last few months. When these dudes shoot their semen there's plenty to share with some incredible gushers! Get wet with us for this edition and blow your own wad with the boys!
Lloyd Adams is All Smiles
Lloyd Adams lives just around the corner from the studio, so we have no idea why we haven't nabbed him sooner! This smiley twenty year old spend a lot of time in the bar, either working or having fun with his mates. He's also got himself a boyfriend (surprise, surprise) and tells us, while he may have topped the first time he had sex, he prefers to bottom these days. If you prefer the twinky-type body, Lloyd is definitely the boy for you. He's got a great, smooth and lean body which he seems pretty comfortable showing off. Once stripped down, he gets comfortable and jerks off. At the end of the scene, Lloyd blows his load onto his smooth stomach.
Naughty Time
I was watching my boyfriend Sebastian. He looked so cute and comfortable that I had to interrupt. I gave him the best blowjob he ever dreamed of. Rising to the occassion I fucked his brains out.
Euro Twink Fuck Sandwich
Sexy Euro guys Clark, Micheal and Mark have a steamy hot afternoon passionate three-way that turns into a fucking, sucking cum soaking, double penetration sandwich! Watch as these three smooth European twinks spray cum from their big uncut young cocks as they cover each other in sticky, warm and sweet jizz!
Dick Straighty
Today we have a couple of new faces for you. The first is Connor Maguire. Connor is 19 and he's from Miami. The second addition to the fold is 19 year old Alexander Greene. Alexander was born in Jersey but now calls Miami home. Both of these boys have more than just being 19 in common, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. We asked these two what their dream automobiles would be. Alexander is keen on the new Lexus while Connor wants the 90's Bat Mobile. Excellent, Maguire, excellent. Alexander, like Connor, has a lot more than many between his legs but Alexander didn't even know he had a huge cock until a couple months ago when he showed up to a studio and they informed him of the amazing news. We learn something new every day. Both of these guys are horny all the time and admit they get off a lot and most of it is taking care of the equipment between runs. They each get off a few times with help from a female or three a week which isn't a bad average factoring in the recession and their egos. Fortunately, Connor admits that even str8 guys get curious about each other's junk and will sneak the occasional peak in the showers. Well, today they'll have more than enough time to check each other out. ...Shall we?Connor is checking his cell when Alexander comes in with girlfriend drama. Apparently his dick's too big and she won't take it--AMATEURS! Connor doesn't believe him and asks him to show him. Alexander undoes his jeans and his cock is already rock hard. Connor is amazed at how big that dick is. He strokes it through his briefs a bit before taking it out to get a better look. Alexander just watches Connor stroke his now throbbing cock. He knows exactly where this is going. Alexander strips down to his briefs with Connor still tugging on his meat. He drops his drawers to give Connor better access. 'Can I put it in my mouth?' Connor asks as he looks up at Connor with puppy dog eyes. 'Go for it' Alexander coos as he watches Connor wrap his lips around it. Alexander can only moan as he gets his thick cock sucked. Alexander is naturally smooth and he bites his lower lip as Connor continues to milk his dick paying special attention to those big balls. 'Let me see yours' Alex says as they stand and compare equipment. They jerk each others cocks as they get harder. Connor isn't done with that thick dick so he's soon back on his knees for more of that juicy dick. He sucks on Alexander getting him rock hard for more.'Whoa that's a tight ass' Alexander amazes as his cock slowly makes its way inside. Connor's str8 ass isn't giving it up easily and as Alexander gets that ass used to his thick cock, Connor just grunts and groans while doing his best to accommodate it. Alexander won't have to worry about that case of blue balls anymore since he's soon sliding his thick cock in and out of his buddy's hole. Alexander fucks Connor's beefy ass doggy style as his smooth balls slap away at that ass. He picks up the pace as Connor's ass starts to enjoy the intrusion. Alexander then flips Connor over and fucks him like he wanted to fuck his girlfriend--on his back with his legs in the air. He slides his massive cock back inside that tight hole as he keeps fucking Connor. He starts to fuck him faster hitting Connor in all the right spots. This str8 boy knows how to fuck. Alexander's not done yet as he sits back and has Connor ride his cock. Connor impales himself on that dick and bounces on it as they both get closer to cumming. As they near orgasm they sit back side by side and shoot their loads all over themselves. Proving the familiar adage once again, 'We don't need no stinkin' girlfriends!' lol