Canu and Alexander
It seems we have many interracial fan members!b
Hot Roommate
Austin is left alone with his horny roommate
Introducing Leo Ota
Sexy Leo Ota is 22, from Tokyo and is at the beach today, in a cute Speedo. He is here to introduce himself, show off some of his talents and peek our interest; let me tell you, this boy does. Leo likes Karaoke, hanging out at the water and working out, nice. For, this is Leo, a hottie with an interest in boys; any of you think you could help him out with that? Leo
Seba and Mike
When your boyfriend is trying to pick up on Grindr, there's one way to stop him ! And that is present him with a hard and hung black dick and fuck him ! Mike's black cock is both well-endowed and interestingly shaped, with a circular bump ring in the middle of the shaft, which must feel amazing for Seba when he
Pillow Fight
I met Andy at a club. He looked fine as fuck. I decided to have my way with him at my house. Our "innocent" little pillow fight turned into serious pillow biting.
Rough Tough Office Sex
Alex is timid and shy, which makes him an easy target to get picked on at work. But all that is just show. What he really wants is for someone to ravage him and give him a good nasty fuck in the office. after flirting with a co-worker, he got exactly what he wanted.
Wearing skimpy briefs, jockstraps and cut-off sports tops, they look every bit HotJock! They start off in separate groups of two, Kayden pairs up with Issac and Tyson with Dave… they get dirty together. Each watching the others over shoulders, teasing the audience and themselves. They suck, play and get hard before they cant take it anymore and make the move together, center stage…
Preston Services Mr. Manchester
Teacher Mike Manchester is working late, but he's got his student Preston Andrews to keep him company! They get in some oral action before Preston ends up bent over the teacher's desk. Mike fucks Preston missionary on another desk before they end up in doggy one time. Preston ends up cumming all over the floor before he gets down to eat up a sloppy facial from Mr. Manchester.We popped a bit of a boner as soon as we noticed the grey in Mike Manchester's beard. There's just something sexy about a man with a little salt and pepper going on! The fact Mike is an out and proud man, rocking it as a corporate event planner (when he's not fucking on camera) is also incredibly sexy.This young wonder who goes by the name of Preston came out very early in his life. He digs the twink life as a versatile player. Don't underestimate his size, as his 8 inch cock will surely surprise you! It seems especially large compared to his generally small stature. He loves showing it off with pride.
Lonely Twink Fucks to Forget Ex
Brody Frost and Direly Strait stop at a motel on their way to a concert when poor Direly realizes that his boyfriend is a serial cheater. Brody is there to comfort him by sucking on his huge dick. That does help Direly who says thank you by reciprocating with some delicious 69 action. The boys don't stop there and all of the oral soon leads to a hot twink fuck!Brody Frost is a great star to work with! He loves to play for the camera, showing off his mischievous smile and his killer twink body. He also loves tattoos and seems to have a new addition for every scene!Direly Strait starting shooting porn in order to explore his sexuality. He came to the realization that only men truly know how to handle his big cock and he's been doing a great job on camera ever since! He's really been enjoying all the expert attention his uncut cock has been getting, and found out he loves the feel and taste of a dick too!
Epic Fuck
Epic Novell is back this week and we have a treat for him as we welcome back a blast from CircleJerkBoys past Casey Monroe. Casey who is originally from San Antonio, Texas is 23 now and it
Asshole Work-Out
Mike Demarco has been dealing with a nasty lower back pain. He came to Tyler, and his saintly hands, for some relief. Mike didn't expect getting his asshole worked-out and his face jizz-glazed over too!
Super Bareback Party
Super Bareback Party
Clinton is a 28 year old versatile bottom gay dude who came along to audition for us as the thought had turned him on to get off on camera so others could see it ! Clinton loves sex and loves showing off his impressive 8 and half inches of cut thick cock ! After a brief introduction Clinton stripped naked and showed us what He
Restrained In Strait Jacket
Maxi Gerard is one crazy young man. So much so that we've had to restrain him in a strait jacket. That bondage wear of old has quite an effect on our twink captive and you're going to love seeing his uncut cock get some attention while he remains unable to counter the attempts to expose him.
Brandon Screws Kurt
Kurt chooses Brandon to perform with in his first hardcore sex scene. The chemistry is immediate and obvious as these to roll around on the bed, ripping each others clothes off as they go. Kurt can't wait to take Brandon's big dick and the look on his face shows that he loves every inch of his long member.Super skinny emo local boy. Amazingly skinny hot white body. Very sexy!I had such a great time when I came down. It boosted my confidence and I hope you enjoy my stuff.
Birthday Group Sex
t's Aden's birthday and not only does Aden get a cake for his birthday he also gets a 5way sex party too ! Aden gets totally worked over from head to toe before getting his real birthday surprise. A nicely hung cock up his ass. No condoms, no protection - Aden gets fucked up the ass bare back style.! It ends as Aden gets a hot load shot inside and outside of his tight ass ! Dont miss this hot raw amateur 5 way shoot. Over 30 minutes of video in this Wank Off World movie
Luke D & James C
Cute blue eyed muscle boy James cant get enough off athletic hottie Lukes 9 inch monstercock as he struggles to suck deep.. Luke returns the favour & fingers him as he sucks, before plowing his muscle butt in 3 awesome positions making him shoot bucket loads..
38yo Callum came and did a solo shoot for us whilst we were away on vacation ! With a killer smile, Callum loved getting naked and jerking off in various places in our apartment before shooting his impressively big load over himself in the bathroom
Hand Ball 3
In the mood for a little,
Trey Love's Huge Cock
Trey hasn't been fucked by a huge cock in a while. Recently, he met his best friends neighbor who gave him the ass fucking of his life in his tight asshole!
Secret Sex Friends
These two guys can't get enough cock
The Neighbor
Devin has the hots for his neighbor. One day he saw him working out on a warm summer day. Hot and horny, Devin invited him up for some steamy sex play. You can only image what happens next, but you don't need to. Check it out for yourself.
Stroke My Meat
I've been obsessing over this guy living with me for months now. I finally said "fuck it" and I literally pulled up a chair and whipped out my cock and started jerking off to his hot body. Lucky me; I got to bury my bone deep up his ass, mouth and glazed his face with my hot spunk! Booya!
Dylan's Office Overtime Fucking
Dylan has been working a lot of overtime lately at the office. His boss felt this sexual tension between them. Right as the week ended he decides to reward Dylan with a nice hard ass fucking!
Vanilla Twinks
Vanilla Twinks
Hard Cock Tension Relief
Matthew was a bit tense after a tough work week at the office. I went over his place gave him an extra tension relief by shoving my hard throbbing cock inside him!
Playful Pretty Boys
Drake Wild just got back from work to find his boy toy, Alex Vaara, looking sexy. Drake pulls out Alex's juicy cock and starts getting it wet. After the both of them are hard and ready, they get themselves into a hot sex session.
Vlad and Pibe
Vlad loves paying for sex and regularly books a hot male escort. He approached us and wanted to get it shot on film. So the scene was set and we booked Pibe, a stunning twenty something passive escort. After some nervous moments these two soon got into some very heavy fucking action before Vlad shot his load all over Pibe's face and in his mouth
Married Professionals Cheat On Their Spouses
Kyle owns a magazine company and he's looking to get some advertisers. Kyle's new client gets a bit touchy and then things start getting hot. The ties come off and dicks start popping out. Both of these guys are married and now their striking up a new deal
Cody Hung Real Hung
Cody Hung Real Hung
Boyd is a 25 year old versatile gay dude who loves getting naked. He has done some porn shoots before so we were keen to see how experienced he really was ! He certainly knew how to work with the camera and put on a great solo jerk off shoot. Boyd is nicely endowed with a great foreskin. He really got into lubing himself up and pulling his loose false skin back. He was keen to experiment with a flesh light and loved turning himself on, before reverting back to his hand and jerking himself off
Toilet Wax and Ride for Lincoln
Luke Desmond is back and this time he has brought along a Boynapped Victim of his very own. Lincoln gates is strapped face up to an old park bench in a public toilet and made to see his captors face as he covers Lincoln's body in hot wax. Luke stares Lincoln in the eye before fucking his cheeky looking face long and hard. Once Luke discovers what a package Lincoln has downstairs he can't help himself but to make it his and ride it till he shoots all over Lincoln!
Chez Unloads His Curved Dick
Chez is one of those boys with a real hard cock. When this straight boys dick gets erect it's a banana covered in veins and throbbing to be pleasured. He definitely gets exactly that in this jerking and sucking session, pumping out a hot load of ball juice for his new sucking buddy to taste! You'd cum too with that load splashed into your mouth!
Brenno and Gabriel
We have met Brenno and Gabriel before but never together and it was an obvious good match ! Two hot blooded full of testosterone and cum young males ! Brenno demanded he wanted to get fucked nice and hard by Gabriel and that certainly did happen and a lot more ! We especially loved the rimming action in this shoot
Three dudes in dirty threesome spanking game
Guys in leather know how to satisfy their lust for cocks! Three horny knights with their swords high up in the air as helpless slave sucks cock and gets ass fucked
It Has a Zip Code
Bradley is in awe of the dick in his hands right now. It has a gravitational force for fuck sakes. He's a bit nervous whether he should shove that huge cock up his ass but his libido is practically drooling over it. I'm it's a gorgeous piece of flesh...
Pissed On
With the gorgeous Mylo Jordan kneeling helplessly in a public urinal, Ashton Bradley begins punishing the boy with a flogger. Once he can't take anymore, Ashton uses his own tool to fuck Mylo hard before completing the humiliation by covering him in piss.
Alex & Robert
Alex and Robert love to constantly practise their Judo with each other. Just the physical aspect alone is enough to turn them both on, especially as Alex grabs hold of Robert and flips him over. Their Judo practise consistently turns into sex before they get too worn out over Judo. Alex loves to finger Robert's tight hole before fucking him long and very hard
A Cum Tasting Solo With Jacob
A Cum Tasting Solo With Jacob
Alexsander & Marcelo
It's Mardi Gras festival time and Alexsander and Marcelo have been partying most of the night together, but now need to get off ! Albeit risky, they find an empty room and go down on each other. Often disturbed by members of the public in the background, they eagerly suck each other, before fucking unprotected and shooting their massive cum loads out
Wax And Wank For Adam Watson
Ashton Bradley loves nothing more than playing with a body like Adam Watson's. He works his hand all over his body - from his sexy, hairy legs to his hot, defined pecs. But it's not all smooth sailing for for Adam, as Ashton starts pouring wax all over his thick, uncut cock. it doesn't take long for Ashton to extract a good load of hot cum.
Photo Booth Fun
Photo Booth Fun
Anoa and Alexandre
If you're into stocky, but muscled, smooth dudes then this is for you ! Anoa and Alexandre could almost be related but judging by the chemistry they had not ever met until the day of our shoot. They both love to fuck unprotected and never held back for our cameras
Roberto is hot and has all the stuff we love in a model here at Latin Piss! He's got a handsome face, killer fuckin body with tattoos, and a thick uncut cock that looks fuckin amazing when pissing! Like I said, he's str8 and makes no bones about it. He's in it for the money...ok, no problem! But - it seems like he was enjoying pissing on himself just a little bit too much and I think even he was surprised at how much he liked it. Any way, he drenches himself in his own piss his cock is rock time to relieve some of the pressure in those big balls! He shoots his load and then has another hot piss for us to enjoy!
Haruo Arata sits and strokes his dick right in front of us. Out of his pants and underwear, we see his nice sized cut cock. As he jerks himself, he spreads his legs far apart. I
Two Cock Love
Doug and Luke are in love. Not your normal type of love though, the boys enjoy some pleasurable moments together. They just love to play with each others big dicks!
Before He's Made to Tie the Knot...
Jackson Miller is being made to marry his pregnant girlfriend, so like a good friend, JP Richards offers him one last gay fling. These two young studs end up flip fucking on the couch after some wet oral action. They both have their round asses eaten before fucking each other hard. JP ends up cumming on the bottom with Jackson's cock in his ass before the groom-to-be pulls out and shoots on his friend's face.Jackson Miller got his start on twinkier sites, but now he makes his Phoenixxx debut as a full blown twunk! For Jackson, porn is all about having fun and getting to fuck around with hot guys, because when he's back in San Francisco, he's doing some major scientific work with DNA sequencing!JP Richards is still fairly new to the porn business, having knocked off a few scenes elsewhere before coming out to work with us. Not only did JP bring a sexy body with him, he brought a great attitude on set, too! You can definitely expect to see him again on Phoenixxx.
Naked Shower Fornications
I always thought it was a little too gay to shower with another dude. But dude! Hanging out in the showers is like when my girlfriend goes to get her hair done. It's like we all just catch up on what's most important at the time. For me, I don't get all caught up in 'feelings'. I'm just like this is how it is and we're all just guys. No homo, right?
Keith and Chase fuck hard
Keith and Chase go for a roll in the sheets in their first hardcore porn video. Chase lets Keith use his big cock anyway he wants. After a quick lick and a long suck, it isn't long before it's in his ass, he plows him harder and harder, making him scream with ecstasy! Before rolling him over and cumming in his ass!Confident and cocky big dicked twink. He reminded me a lot of myself when I was 19. Made some great videos with Keith and was an all around good model.Keith is really something special. He just has the underlying animal sexual attractiveness that just drives me wild. Miss having him around, but he has some great videos on the site.
James' Gay Fantasies Come Alive
James Wright told us during his interview that he's had fantasies about guys before and we convinced him to make them a reality! And to help out, we recruited the sexy Trey Matthews and his big uncut cock. ;-) James and Trey kiss deeply as they grope each other and strip their clothes off. Trey gets things started first by sliding James' cut cock into his wet mouth. Straight boy James is obviously curious for a taste because it doesn't take long before he's sucking on Trey's foreskin and cock. After sixty-nining, James is ready to feel a cock up his ass for the first time! James straddles Trey and slowly sits down; Trey has no beginner-sizec cock and James definitely feels it as he impales himself. After riding for awhile and loosening himself up, James gets into missionary so Trey can fuck him harder. They fuck briefly in doggy, with Trey's cock firmly planted in James' furry ass; but no one wants to break the new bottom just yet. ;-) When Trey shoots a huge load, James has to dodge to miss getting hit right in the face! After his first gay fuck on camera, James jacks off and shoots a thick, stringy load of cum.
Curious Friends Playful Encounter
Bryce is a really hot guy. When I look at his sexy body all I want to do is touch myself. I like sneaking in his room a sniffing his underwear. The smell of wet cock really turns me on. I am going to fuck him and I don't' care if he is not gay. This will definitely happen
Fisted in Daddy's Dungeon
Steve Wilde is having a relaxing time in a sling, just wishing a hot Daddy would come along to fist fuck his horny cumhole. Fortunately he's in Mike Tom's dungeon, and anyone who knows Mike knows that this is one Daddy that knows how to work an asshole. Watch as Mike works Steve's pink hole slowly working his hand into a fist and digging into that ass. Mike spreads that ass open wider and wider until he gets his full huge arm inside Steve's wet and juicy man pussy. Finally he fist fucks that ass HARD causing Steve to squeal like the fisting pig he is.
Suspended and Fucked
Suspended up above the floor with his hole at the perfect height, Chad Chambers is ready to receive the cock of Luke Desmond. Watch him get pounded like the filthy piggy boy that he knows he is in this video.
Cody Hung Fleshlight
Cody Hung Fleshlight
Part Eight of Cum Parade
We've got another hot and sticky installment of Cum Parade for all you cum shot lovers out there! We've got dribblers, shooters, and every type in between in this compilation. Some blokes stroke it out alone while others have the cum fucked out of them hard (newcomer Henry Samson seems to have a real knack for driving the cum out of a lad with his dick!)
Breakfast & Cock in Bed
Christopher is trying to be sweet with his lover and wanted to make him breakfast. Once he got upstairs though, he noticed a large thick cock that was waiting to get munched on as well. So he slipped out that cock and sucked and fucked it like a breakfast for champions!
Mean Looking Gage Sucked Off
When it comes to mean looking guys you can't get much meaner that Gage. He's back and sporting a lot more ink, and although he has a lot of attitude and a real angry personality, the guy needs to pump the cum out of that big dick and he doesn't mind much if it's another guy sucking him off. We all would!
Boys Will Be Boys Part 3
In Boys Will Be Boys Part 3, Kaede agree's to have his wrists bound behind him in the chair and allow Fuji, Jo and Kaoru to do as they will. This isn't a bondage or S&M scene, but it certainly is a form of torture as you'll see. Kaede is stripped bare and appears "up" for the occasion even before the clothes come off. Fuji, Jo and Kaoru all take turns working his hard cock while the others rub and suck his nipples. They don't spare the lube in this scene either and a good thing they brought along a big dispenser of it too. Kaede is brought to the peak of cumming and each time, the boys stop short. This is also known as "edging" where you stop just before you cum and let things calm back down before proceeding. This is done numerous times and builds up quite an explosive release when you do let it rip. However, in this case with Kaede, the other boys have something else in mind. One by one, they all start to walk away and just as Kaoru has him ready to blow, Kaoru stops short and walks away leaving Kaede sitting there. Watch what happens.
Call Me "Harley" and Ride Me, David!
Straight bloke David Shannon has a real affinity for riding motorbikes; why can't he wrap his legs around one of us, instead?