Sean and Miles
You've seen insatiable Miles Racer in action, well this time we wanted to get his arse stretched and porn-virgin, sexy Sean Knight, wanted to see Miles' arse in action too. The horny guys start watching porn and slurping on each others hot, uncut dicks, then Sean's playing with his own thick dick as he dildos Miles' hole with a transparent dildo and they both wank themselves to shuddering climaxes.
Behind The Scenes: June 2012
Catching up with the boys of the DreamBoy Hotel, you're cordially invited to an exclusive behind the scenes preview of the upcoming Grand Opening! With model interviews and some cheeky outtakes - not to mention catching these lads in action supposedly off-camera having their glam shots taken - including a damn hot out-take on the aftermath of a seven boy orgy! It's a big build-up to one of the biggest openings in Eurocreme history and with sneaky previews of the scenes ready to come your way - check out the boys as they tease and dick around on-set!
Str8 Flush
Leave it to Halloween to stir up the caldron and bring about unexpected delights. Well, that's what happened this week discovering none other than Miami hottie, Richie Sabatini at our door. He said 'Trick or Treat' but, like hymens everywhere we were torn with that decision. So, we called on our sexiest ginger devil to make that call for us. Evan Mercy was more than happy to oblige and we're so glad this 21yo Kentucky stud did. Having just survived another All Hallows Eve, next on the list is Thanksgiving. We asked these two what they enjoy most about it. Socializing is what Evan enjoys the most while Richie enjoys stuffing the turkey. In all honesty, we can't be sure he means the actual bird. If they were asked to bring a favorite dish, Richie would bring Sweet Potato Pie and Evan would bring zucchini and squash. We then threw a curve ball at em asking if they had to choose between either, lasting longer in the sack or delivering a bigger orgasm. They both confidently opted out of the endurance challenge and both prefer bigger loads. Who doesn't? We then wrapped it up by asking them to describe the taste of their loads in a word. <cricket> Richie chimes in with 'Bitter-Sweet' for his load. Evan then unwittingly steals the show. 'Well, as long as we don't have to use words we can spell' he grins 'I'm gonna say immaculate... flawless.' Awww...Bless his heart! Richie and Evan are playing strip poker when Evan lays down his winning hands and orders Richie to get naked. Richie stands and drops his shorts. To the victor go the spoils as Evan gets on his knees to inspect his prize. He pulls out Richie's growing cock and gets to work sucking on it. Richie moans as he gets that dick deep inside Evan's throat. Evan knows just what to do to make Richie's cock hard as a rock as he spits and slobbers on his hard cock. After working on that dick a while, Evan gets up and starts to make out with Richie as he drops his own shorts. If he won the game he may as well get his own dick wet as he sits on the couch and has Richie return the favor. Richie gets on his knees and gladly engulfs Evan's hard cock as he swallows it to the hilt. He runs his tongue all along Evan's throbbing cock as his mouth literally waters tasting that dick. He can't wait to give it up as he gets on all four and shows off that ass Evan will soon claim. Evan gets on his knees behind him and takes a closer look tongue first as he eats that ass a bit getting it ready for more.Evan takes out a butt plug and slowly slides it inside wanting to open that tight ass a bit before sliding his own dick inside. Richie groans as he gets that ass stretched. 'Enough of that' he orders 'Fuck me already!' Evan is more than happy to oblige as he suits up and slowly slides his dick in that wet hole. He slides his meat all the way inside until his balls meet that hole. Richie is grunting as he struggles to accommodate that dick in his hole. He's not one to give up so he begs Evan to fuck him harder. That does the trick as Evan gets to work railing his cock deep into Richie's ass. Evan slaps that ass as he fucks his friend doggy-style. He can't get enough of that tight ass so he sits back and has Richie ride him in a reverse cowgirl position. Richie's cock is rock hard as he squats on that dick making it bounce like a trampoline. Evan slides his dick up into that ass wanting to get it in as deep as possible. Missionary is next as Richie gets put on his back. Evan gets back in that hot ass and slams it home. He pounds that hole faster and harder hitting Richie's sweet spot repeatedly. Richie can't hold off any longer and blasts his load all over his abs and chest. Evan isn't far behind as he pulls out and unloads his own batch all over an already glazed Sabatini.
On the shoot for Todger underwear, temperatures are rising. We all love to see Dillon Buck in action; this handsome, all-beef Brit can certainly hand out a pounding with his thick, uncut curved cock. Luckily Braxton can handle all that comes at him. The blue-eyed blond American took the full length of Dillon's dick, feeling it open him all the way up, until Dillon pulled out his cock, leaving a stretched,gaping hole, tingling all over with pleasure. The cum is soon flying and glistening on Braxton's smooth body as the hairy, muscled Dillon adds his huge load to Braxton's hot cum.
Torn Between Two Rubbers
This week we have an old friend back and at 42, Chris Stevens is looking as good as ever. Well, he's not alone; we also have another blast from our past as we welcome Dallas Reeves back as an honorary MenOver30-by injection. Dallas is 27 now and even though we haven't seen him on our brother sites in a while we're happy to have him back. We asked these two if they had the opportunity to take a trip and got to pick out any car they wanted as their means of transportation what would it be. Dallas would want a green Maserati. Chris is torn between an arrest me red Lamborghini or a 1974 Cadillac El Dorado. TV was next on the topic band wagon and we wondered what their favorite TV show of all time was. Dallas loves anything on the Nature Channel while Chris is a diehard fan of the Price is Right. We wondered who is their favorite musical performer or band. Dallas is a big fan of Sade while Chris used to love Zeppelin but his tastes have changed over the years. Yeah that happens. Fortunately time may have changed what these two may like but we know there's one thing that hasn't changed. We're about to see what that is... Chris Stevens-COME ON DOWN!Dallas is kickin' back reading a mag when Chris comes in all embarrassed about a situation that just happened. Apparently he tore his overalls in the most precarious place. He asks Dallas for a needle and thread when Dallas asks him how bad it is. Chris turns around and Dallas realizes his hairy ass is accessible. Well, that's not really a bad thing as Dallas goes in for a closer look. He shoves Chris forward as he falls into a doggy position on the chair before him. Dallas quickly spreads his cheeks and dives in tongue first. Lunch is served! Chris moans as Dallas eats his hot, hairy hole. He then turns around as Dallas continues to strip him exploring his nips and chest. Chris pushes Dallas back on the couch so that he can get some of that dick. He peels off Dallas' shorts a he goes in for that hard cock. Dallas groans as he watches Chris swallow that thick dick. Chris gags on it as he takes as much of it in his throat. They then take turns servicing each other as their cocks throb from all the attention. Soon Dallas' cock is craving more than Chris' hot tongue on it.Dallas lays back and suits up as Chris straddles his cock and starts to impale himself on it. He starts to ride Dallas' cock once he gets used to it as Dallas just lays back and enjoys the view. How much is that showcase worth? Chris bounces on that dick hard as he continues to pleasure himself on that rock hard cock. Dallas loves the ride but he wants more control as he gets up and bends Chris over and gets right back to business. Chris gets that tight ass pounded as Dallas' balls slap away at that ass. Chris bucks that hot ass back onto that rock hard cock wanting to get every inch of it inside him. Fucking Chris doggy style lets Dallas bury his cock all the way inside as he buries his boner balls deep. Chris reaches back grabbing Dallas' ass and thigh wanting to pull him in even deeper as he gets mounted. Missionary is next as they reconvene on the couch with Chris' legs in the air begging for Dallas to fuck him harder. Dallas obliges slamming inside him harder and faster and hitting him in that sweet spot that sends him over the edge. 'I'm gonna cum!' he grunts as Dallas fucks the cum out of him. Dallas then pulls out and unloads his own thick batch all over one cum covered Chris.
Tricks Of The Trade
We all know how important it is to have stellar credit especially when you're out car shopping cause sooner or later it all matters. In Steven's case he is in big trouble and Lance won't budge on his crappy credit score which is way below average. Steven's low credit won't stop him from persuading Lance to offer him a special discount of sorts, wink wink. Eventually Steven gets his way and is down on his knees servicing Lance in all ways possible. He really needs a car and this power bottom definitely takes cocks deep inside. Steven cleans Lance's ass for good measure making sure the deal is closed. Well if you've ever fantasized about fucking your car dealer when $$ is not enough this should do the trick for you. Enjoy!
Best Bros Get Filthy After Some Flirtation
Tyler's best friend from out of town needs to borrow some doe but Tyler seems to be out for the count. Tyler's big cock got hard after a few licks of his ass. Looks like they were more then just best friends
JT Wreck Has A Crazy Fantasy
JT Wreck is a hot little twink... as is Alex Dade. Both are young hot hunks and JT really likes to be dominated. He drifts off to sleep and dreams of Alex being his teacher. He gets punished by getting his ass pounded but this scene features so much more than that. The guys both turn each other on in many ways!Alex Dade is a young clean cut guy that can play the twink or the teacher. He's in between and he looks fucking sexy in any role. This hot sexy teen loves to fuck hot guys in any way possible, pushing his hot twink dick in to every and any hole he can get his dick on! He loves to jizz over there back!JT Wreck is proud of who he is... why else would he have a giant tattoo of his name down his side? He's a twink with a hot attitude.
Champion bodybuilder Cosmo has bulges in all the right places and then some... he loves to pose, flexing his huge muscles and stroking first his nipples, then his uncut cock, until it's standing to attention and ready to shoot hot cum all over those bulging muscles.This straight lad was a little nervous at first but relaxed into it when we distracted him with an iPhone full of porn!
Outdoor Seductions
I knew inviting Randall to a nice barbecue outside would get his manly juices flowing. I've noticed how he stares at my hard body and just knew I could get my thick muscle inside his tightest spots.
Dr. P.Q. Leer's Pervy Practice 1
Doctor PQ Leer the Victorian doc with designs on your cock. Jonny Kingdom strips at the doctors instruction, revealing a stunning, chiselled body, and rock hard abs, but the doctor is more interested in Jonny's hind quarters. Jonny does as he's told, but the gloveless doctor's inspection is a little too intimate, he probes Jonny's anal cavity, loosening it up and getting Jonny revved up for a lengthy piece of hot, hard, uncircumcised dick. Jonny's howling at first as his tight arse is opened up but very soon, he's pushing back to take the Doc's cock right up to the bollocks in his muscle butt.
Beary Furry
We have a hot scene this afternoon, fur real, as we welcome back Josh Long. Josh is 20; furry and, if that wasn't hot enough, he has left Tennessee and moved down to Tampa. Florida just gets hotter and hotter. His costar today is another fan favorite, Mr. Devin Adams. Devin is 24 originally from Maryland and also a recent addition to the Sunshine State. These studs are hot, so we asked them what makes them feel sexy. For Josh, a good haircut makes him feel sexy. He doesn't know why but he loves looking nice. For Devin, he loves running on the beach and having guys check him out. Well we can see how watching this 6'3 hottie running anywhere half naked would be a show stopper. When it comes to watching porn we wondered what kind of porn they like to watch since they are in the industry. For Devin he loves watching amateur porn since he likes seeing a newbie all nervous on set. For Josh he loves to watch porn just to watch porn. 'I watch porn like other people watch TV,' he laughs, 'it's fun when I catch them looking right at the camera and I know they have to be new at this.' Was it not Shakespeare who penned, 'All the world's a stage, and all the men are merely porn actors'...or were they critics? lol Well-he was probably thinking it. lolDevin is horny for dick so he lines up a booty call via text with his hot friend Josh. It doesn't take long before he hears a knock on the door. Lunch is served. He lets Josh in and pins him against the wall as he goes in for a kiss. 'You are hairy, huh?' he teases looking at Josh's furry chest in that tank he's wearing. He drops to his knees, hauls out his cock and goes to work. He swallows that dick to the hilt as Josh just watches his cock disappear. 'I bet that ass is hairy, too' Devin smiles as he turns Josh around to check out that ass. He isn't disappointed as he spreads Josh's furry cheeks apart and slips his tongue as deep as he can into that follicle forest. Josh just moans as he gets that ass eaten out. Devin then gets on his feet and drops his briefs finally freeing his own throbbing cock. He sits back and directs Josh's head to his cock as he helps bob Josh's hot mouth up and down on it. Josh swallows Devin's cock with ease getting Devin super hard and horny for more; which is just what Josh wants.Devin is soon in position on the couch as Josh's cock slowly makes its way inside his tight ass. 'Aww yeah, Fuck that ass' Devin moans as Josh picks up the pace. Josh is fucking that ass nice and steady as Devin jacks his fat cock. Josh gets that cock of his nice and deep fucking him doggy style. Devin then takes control as they take the party to the floor. Devin straddles Josh and impales himself on that hard dick. He gets right to work riding that cock as he bounces on it. Josh jacks Devin's cock as he watches his own getting swallowed up by that hot ass. Devin can't get enough as he leans back and mounts that cock like a seasoned jockey. But wait, there's more. Missionary is next as Josh gets Devin on his back and slides his rock hard cock back inside for more. He holds one leg up as he pounds away at that ass. Devin's cock is rock hard as he gets that prostate prodded. That's gonna do the trick and Devin can't help but explode all over himself as Josh literally fucks a huge load out of him. Josh isn't far behind as he pulls out and busts his nut all over Devin's cum-covered cock.
Erotic Ninja Presents - The Hitma...
In a rented room, a videographer invites a boy to come in and entertain him, while filming all the fun for us to enjoy. At first, the boy servicing is shy and a bit coy about undressing; the videographer helps the boy undress and shows us his nice biceps and abs. In this
Something for the Weekend Sir?
Edward slips in to his local barber shop for a quick trim and gets a whole lot more. He's liking the feel of barber Justin'shands on his head and as Justin leans in and his crotch presses against Edward's hand, it's clear he's enjoying it too... You wouldn't believe such an angelic-faced guy as Justin was such a cock hound, he slurps Edward's big fat cock - and really, its a monster - then sticks his tongue under the foreskin and pulls it back to reveal the sheen of the purple head. he's making a meal of it - but we all know where he reaaly wants it! So its 'about face' and Edward slides the beast right up into the barbers guts and stuffs him again and again, before shooting a fountain of cum and then Justin convulses as he squirts over Edward.
Latin Sauce Spill
This hot piece of Latin fire was all about the ladies, he conquered them all, but lately he's been getting a little bored and experimenting with something a little more exotic. Oh well, I guess their loss is our fat cock- I mean, gain....
Meating the Neighbors...
I just moved into my new home when one of my neighbors decided to intruduce himself. At first he's really weirding me out, but then I see the size of his cock, I decide that a little competition is in order. He nearly chokes on my cock, but I reward him with punging deep into his ass, and fucking him until we both cum on his chest. I hope all the other neighbors are as friendly...
Chase Reynolds
Gorgeous Chase Reynolds has been travelling for the past seven years, but now that he's back he's looking for a little more adventure in the form of on-screen action. He's definitely suited to it with his handsome looks, his hot bod and his 7" uncut cock! He admits that he's a bit of a bottom bitch for dominant guys, and we have a few ideas of who to film him with!
Raw Ass For Daddy Dick!
Daddy is in need of some extra cash, and he has a hot load of cum in his balls that needs to be released too. Thankfully he has Joe on hand to give him some special attention in this suck and fuck video. He gets his tasty pink cock sucked and serviced, then eases it into that hot gay hole for some bareback fucking before giving thirsty Joe a splashing facial - which gets him cumming too!
The Boy Who Tried Wolfie
Lucas Knowles is back this week and we're not about to complain. We know a fan favorite when we see one and this 33 year old import from Poland is definitely top notch. Today, Lucas' playmate is a new comer that goes by the name of Wolfie Blue. Wolfie is 25 years old incredibly charming and from Eastern Europe. Both of these studs are, aside from uncut, well traveled; so we thought we'd ask them for some tips on where to go while on vacation. It seems logical. Given the opportunity, Lucas would go back to Azerbaijan. Bounded by the Caspian Sea to the east and Russia to the north, The Republic of Azerbaijan is a beautiful place to visit still true to its ancient culture and history. (Relax; we had to look it up, too) Wolfie would like to get back to Peru, Tupac Amaru, to be specific. One of the last holdouts of the mighty Incan Empire before falling to the Spanish, Amaru is still unearthing ancient artifacts that shed light of their primitive past. We then decided to make the question a tad easier and asked which country in their opinion has the hottest men. Wolfie has a thing for rugged Aussie men, so
Spread 'em!
With his ass tied in the air begging to be used, Leroy takes it upon himself to fill Mylo's hole with everything he can think of. One by one he uses his toys to fuck Mylo's tight ass before he gets a sudden urge. Leroy gets out the spreader and opens Mylo up so he can fill him to the brim with his warm steaming piss. Poor Mylo's ass isn't big enough to take the whole load, so as it begins to pour out, Leroy decides its time for some heavy face fucking.
Cum Shopping 1
They're so handsome they're almost pretty, but there's nothing 'fem' about these little studs. Just the thought of buying some porn dvds gets their engines going and they can't wait to explore each other innocent young bodies with fingers, tongues, dildos and dicks, innocence well and truly lost.
Sex Traveler Part3
Sex Traveler Part3 scene1
After the Party
It's been a great birthday party and now the guests have all gone, Kennedy can receive the present he's been waiting for all night - a hard fuck from Leo. Their cocks are stiffening as they undress each other and they're soon feasting on foreskin and musky balls until Kennedy can't wait any longer to ride Leo's solid cock and taste the cum that's his prize. His cock bounces as he rams Leo's hard cock in his hungry arse and a shuddering, pounding, intense climax is the icing on Kennedy's birthday cake.
Nick Kush and Travis Cooper - Dic...
Dick sucking 201: Travis and Nick head back to the futon and now, it
Balls Deep
Bryan Cole is stressed out at work and needs a strong massage. His best-friend referred him to Tyler Saint, the muscular beefcake masseur. Tyler has a special massage waiting for Bryan. He'll be balls deep into Byan's sweet ass by the end of the session.
Tasting It All
Cody basks in the late afternoon sunlight pouring in through the glass doors. It's cool inside the guest house. He enjoys taking a break from the heat outside. As he lays, letting his body discover the wrinkles and folds of the bedding, he feels his sore muscles stretch. It feels good to Cody. His host, Colton Fox, enters. Colton has welcomed Cody to his home for a weekend of relaxation and general carelessness. As Colton watched from the window, he saw Cody writhing sexually on the bed. Now he wants a taste. Well, much more than just a simple nibble or lick. Colton wants to taste the whole thing. Cody's allowing him to run his tongue back and forth along Cody's tight hole. Colton enjoys licking Cody's rim. It's one of the main reasons he invited Cody for the weekend. Sure, they participate in other activities together during these long weekends, like rowing, gardening, lifting weights, and midnight polo in the orchard. But nothing really compares to when Colton finally gets to wrap his soft lips around Cody's pulsating erection, working him up into an explosive frenzy of sexual power. Witness for yourself. Enjoy!
Paddy & Bryce
UK porn sensation and everyones favourite 'straight' lad Paddy O Brian, is back. When Bryce Cruiz can't quite hit the spot with a big box of dildos, Paddy steps in to pound his tight hole, with his famously thick, hard dick. Bryce can't wait to get every hole filled with Paddy-meat, and ends up taking a hot, thick sticky load of Paddy's cum all over his face.
Poke 'is Face
At a men only game of cards, our three smart gents are playing for high stakes, but when the money's gone, closely followed by Nicolas Torri's clothes, there's any one way the poor loser can pay up, by giving up his hot arse. The winners take it in turns to stuff his hot throat and arse with their fat uncut dicks, Conner loosens him up, then David plunges his fat tool into Nicolas' guts, stretching him wide, before they both shoot their hot loads on him. The greedy cock-sucking, cum pig can't get enough and cums as their loads splatter all over him.
Dungeon Pigs Part One
Damn, I smell leather and hole down here in this dank cage. The only way “in” or out, is to fuck; these boys fight for it as they pleasure all in charge. would like you to get stiff and learn some manners in this “Fuck-A-Thon” chapter 1. As a pair “sling up” and the top checks the goods, fuckin’ rock hard to this “ass-ersion” of what a real man is. “Oh daddy, moans the boy man-handled by the cock in charge. As all the boys get their fill and the bears seed, the hairy holes start to look alike and feel even better.
Strapped Down and Stimulated
Sebastian has blond bombshell Max Brown strapped down and ready for a sizzling encounter - and we do mean sizzling. Sebastian has one particular form of sadistic sexual encounter in mind and it's electro-stim. Watch and see if Max can take the pain from his mature pursuer.
Study Group
It's three Twinks who know how to make studying fun! Christian Collins is one of the most popular boys in school. He's invited over Sebastian Conally and Luke Allen to work on their art projects. Sebastian and Luke are, in Christian's opinion, the hottest guys in the class...that he hasn't hooked up with yet! But things just may change tonight. As Christian works on a pencil sketch, he notices Sebastian is rubbing his crotch. It looks like he's squeezing a boner! Christian takes a chance and goes in for a passionate smooch. Luke likes what he's seeing and moves in closer to join the action, making a three-way kiss! Christian takes out Sebastian's cock and strokes it. Before long each of the three are naked, tugging their stiffies. Sebastian goes down and puts Christian's dick in his mouth. As he sucks, Luke takes the opportunity to slurp Sebastian's hard dong. Then Luke moves up to share Christian's boner with Sebastian. After they take turns on the fat pole for a while. Sebastian decides to move around into fucking position on Luke. Luke's butthole puckers at the thought of having Sebastian pound it. Christian continues to face fuck Luke as Sebastian bangs him from the other side. Check out these class hotties release their finals week stress in this sweaty cram session! Enjoy!
Afternoon Sex Games
Andy is enjoying a nice afternoon reading his love stories before his big dick boyfriend interrupts. He wants his playtime with Andy and he wants it now. Andy has no problem giving his man want he wants. No problem at all.
Brandon Jones & Ken Ten
Brandon Jones booked his massage in the hopes of getting a break from his hectic work schedule to completely relax and forget the stress of his very busy life. The toned, fit young man hits the jackpot when biracial stud Ken Ten walks in to deliver the rubdown. Ken is a true "10" - perfect lean muscularity, sharp, sexy tattoos, and a handsome face that could grace the cover of fashion magazines. And his physical blessings also include a 10 inch cock that looks more like a club. Ken crosses the line during Brandon's massage, rubbing oil into his shoulder's and back, but also slipping a meaty finger into Brandon's tight ass. Soon all pretense of therapy is dropped and these horny English studs are on the table fucking, sucking and swallowing thick loads of hot semen. Ken tops Brandon, ramming his massive dick into Brandon's maxed-out hole like a piledriver. Ken muscles Brandon into extreme positions to allow his thick battering ram cock to penetrate to maximum depth. He leaves Brandon covered in a sheen of his spunk, and Brandon jerks his own cock and shoots his own payload, mixing it with Ken's seed.
Milan's Chambers
Luke Milan's new boyfriend surpises him with sensual fellatio
Three Cream BB
Three Cream BB
Such a cute, toned lad, Caleb, luvs to show off and from his wiggling toes, to his handsome face with a LONG pit stop at his uncut cock - he's a whole package of delicious!
Rough Ryders
Zachary likes to take some very rough rides. When he meets this thick muscle cock, he opens up and gets ready to take the sexual ride of his life! Watch Zachary enjoy his ride!
Balls Loving Bear
I like my guys to be aggressive and sometimes even a bit tender. Well when I met this guy at a straight bar, he noticed I was in great shape and needed a gym buddy. Things went from buddy buddy to bed buddies fast! I would always stare at his sweet ass in the gym and needed to get my cum all over those delicious cock sucking lips!
Ultra Sensitive Cut Cock
Handsome Adam loves to make a boy cum a hot load and then make him squirm as he continues to play with that throbbing wet cock. Reece is the unwilling blindfolded victim, with Adam wanking and sucking the boy, treating him to some hot and cold fun, draining his balls and then making him cry out as he rubs his spent helmet!Adam Watson is a gorgeous young British boy with a hot inked body and the kind of dominant attitude that makes him a perfect performer for us. He loves to make boys squirm and squirt, and his own juicy 7.5" uncut cock is often sliding into a hot mouth or a tight little ass to get himself off at their expense!Reece Stewart might have started out with us as a curious guy with a cock needing to be milked, but after a little experience with Sebastian and then Dan, he really discovered his love of hard cock and a hot cum load! He did a great job of getting a boy unloading for the first time, and there's plenty more fun to be had since!
Hart Broken
Chasen Hart is back looking all sorts of manly sporting a rugged beard and trimmer than we've seen him before. Steven Ponce is also back and we know he'll be able to handle anything Chasen throws at or 'in' him. Chasen is 22 years old and originally from Hollywood, Florida. Steven Ponce is 31 and he's from San Juan, Puerto Rico. As for colors Chasen's favorite is purple while Ponce loves blue. As for their favorite things to watch, Chasen loves Swamp People while Steven loves watching World's Dumbest Criminals. To round up the favorites hit list we asked what their favorite comfort food was. Chasen loves skylight chili or sushi. Steven loves 'comida criolla' or home spun Island food like rice and beans and pork chops. Summer is almost over and we asked these two what they were looking forward to starting. Chasen is looking forward to starting school. Ponce just wants to get to travel as much as he can. We asked Chasen who favors the ladies if he could see himself dating women exclusively in the future and he says he wouldn't want to be limited to just girls. Well we couldn't agree more...Chasen's showing off his boner through his shorts teasing Steven. 'Think you can suck this better than my girlfriend?' Not one to back down from a challenge, Steven gets Chasen on his feet as he kneels before him to get a better look. 'That's a man's dick in need of a man's mouth' Chasen chuckles as he watches Steven strip him and awe at his massive meat. Steven rubs his face on the tent that Chasen's sporting before finally setting it free. Once the boxers come off he laps at Chasen's heavy nuts and runs his tongue up along the shaft. He then opens wide and starts to slurp on Chasen's thick dick. Chasen moans as he gets that extra thick cock sucked on. Steven slurps on that pole getting it nice and wet. Chasen loves the attention his fat knob is getting and he doesn't want it to end anytime soon. Chasen gets back on the couch where Steven lies between his massive thighs and gets back to worshipping that meat. Chasen's hands start to roam as he checks out Steven's hot ass. Steven just deep throats his cock even deeper wanting to please Chasen and show him what a man can do. Chasen then starts to fuck Steven's hot mouth as he buries as much of that beer can cock as Steven's throat will permit.Steven then strips his own jeans off and bends Chasen over to get a taste of that sweet ass. He can't get enough of that beefy ass as he shoves his tongue deep inside Chasen's hole. Steven is rock hard as he buries his face inside that str8 ass. They stand and compare cocks before Chasen gets Steven back on his knees to fuck that face some more. Steven gets him rock hard before handing him an XL rubber. Chasen grins and watches as Steven slides that cock loving ass of his down on his fat pole. It isn't long before Steven is bouncing on that cock as he groans and licks on Chasen's neck. 'You're ass is gonna be so sore' Chasen groans as Steven helps himself to all the dick he can get. Chasen's monster cock has met its match. Chasen then pulls out and bends Steven over and fucks him doggy style. Steven groans and just begs for more. Chasen is totally into it loving how cock crazed Steven gets on the end of his. He starts to slap that ass as he pounds away at that ass deeper than he ever has. Chasen moves them to the couch where he lays behind Steven and keeps fucking him until he explodes all over himself. Chasen then pulls out and shoots his own thick batch all over his happy trail.
Dreamboy Hotel Orgy
It's the day of the grand opening and all the guests have arrived in their sexiest suits, shirts and trousers. With Skylar dishing out the champagne and JP schmoozing with the boys, it's only a matter of time before the celebrations take a hornier turn, and it all begins with resident cock addict JP getting the eye from sexy young Jonny and reaching in for a kiss, swiftly followed by cousin Marcus in a hot three-way snog in front of everyone! Catching them at it, and following their lead, the cute young Aaron reaches in to inspector Jimmy and within minutes, half the group are on their knees with thick long shafts in their throats! We're treated to three distinct groupings of twink on twink action all in one shot, but as soon as they reach the reception sofa, it's a tangle of limbs, dicks and ready and waiting buttholes, most notably Aaron leaned up against the sofa with Jimmy coming in fast and hard from behind, JP getting spit roasted next to them and Skylar getting pounded by Marcus! There's almost too much going on, but as the boys getting really in to it, Skylar head a daisy-chain of fucking, first Luke fucking and then JP fucking Luke all in one go! Lining up along the sofa, JP gets a faceful from two of them and the spunk frenzy begins in earnest, leaving the uber-twink Aaron lying across them all, and cumming last but definitely not least!
Spreading The Word
JP is finding his mission to convert sinners a real challenge and he's about to be stretched even further when he calls on Lucas Knowles. Lucas can be a very persuasive man himself and as we know, he possesses the thick uncut dick of the devil... and who can resist such temptation? JP tries, but before he knows it, he's feeling that big cock slide inside and Lucas's huge nuts are slapping against his peachy arse cheeks as he slams into our hapless preacher. JP's spreading more than the word, he's spreading a lot of happiness too.
Papi on a Boat
Papi on a Boat
Lucas and Ant tattoo
Lucas and Ant tattoo
Innocence 4
Innocence 4
Getting to Blow You
They're just a couple of sweet boys that happened to have large dicks and appetites for hot sexual connection. Meet Derek and Joshua Evans. If you've already been a fan of Circle Jerk Boys, you might remember these guys from their 'Glazed Muffin' exploit. Now they're back and ready for some action of a bit more intimate nature. As they stroke their own fat, swollen cocks next to each other, Derek's eyes wander over and take a look at how Josh is getting along. Our CJB director notices and suggests the boys try their hands at tugging one another. The guys quickly realize how much better it feels when a buddy does it. When Derek asks if it's ok to suck Joshua's pulsating piece, our director and Joshua both wholeheartedly affirm it would be a fine course of action. Before you know it, Derek is going deep on Josh's hard dong. By the look on his face, Joshua is clearly in ecstasy. Then Joshua goes in for a nice, thorough taste of Derek's stiffie. Josh enjoys the awesome Prince Albert piercing, through the head of Derek's beautiful cock. Check out these gorgeous boys as they get to know each other much, much better. Enjoy!
Adrian Adams
Adrian Adams puts our new Fleshjack to the test and the results are explosive! He's hairy, hung and darkly handsome, he's also 23 and always horny. Adrian loves showing off his big uncut cock but is less keen on showing his hairy ass. He can't make his mind up between men and women and until he does, he'll fuck anything that comes his way. I reckon he'll put in many years of 'research' and then settle down in a cosy 3-way.
Down & Dirty
Patrick Hunter's best friend is in town from NY. They have been partying all night and day for the past week. Both of them haven't scored a single fuck all week. After the frustration builds up, Patrick finds himself accommodating his friend to a night of nasty fornication.
Sunny Day Sex
Aj Irons gets oiled up during his erotic massage
Brice Farmer
We've been meaning to get our mits on Brice for quite some time. This bundle of red-hot fun has been whipping up a cum-storm in Europe with his fat uncut cock and an arse you could munch for days on end. We chat in Paris and instantly feel his allure... We'll be seeing more of Brice quite soon in a scorching duo scene, but here we have him all to ourselves, lucky lads aren't we?
Tristan James & Luke Rivera
Luke Rivers likes to worship daddies cock and do exactly as he's told. .. just as well because burly daddy Tristan likes an obedient boy and a hot, muscle hole to milk his stiff uncut pole.
Happy Halloweeny
Tyler and Ethan are celebrating their first Halloween together. Of course they didn't get much done because they were too busy fondling each others' body parts.
Xtra Large Lads 4way
It's hard to guess which of these horny boys is the most well hung, I'm guessing Luke, he's definitely the dirtiest as innocence slips away amid the throes of passion. These slender, tender-holed young lads are going at it every which way, but Luke seems to be getting more than his fair share of dicks as he spreads his smooth butt cheeks for anyone who wants to fuck him and then spreads himself out beneath the three rock hard dicks and takes three heavy, heavy loads of sticky juice in his face... ...and when these young lads squirt, they really squirt!
Andro de Luca Video
This sexy bear cub is Andro and he's brand new to Butch Dixon. Andro taunts us with his beefy, hairy ass before finally settling back to jerk his uncut cock. A delicious thick load gushes out of his plump olive-shaped cock head and slides down his dick in sticky streams.
Italian Lessons
Well gentlemen, have we got a treat for you this week as we welcome back none other than Fabio Stallone. For those of you who missed Fabio's solo last week, this Italian demigod is 32 years young and packs a rather impressive sausage. Unhinging jaws might come in handy trying to handle this piece of meat. Our members unanimously begged for more and who are we to deny them? We found the perfect hottie, that's just a little bit Italian and a whole lot of Bayou, that fit the bill. Ethan Slade makes his debut with us here and Louisiana definitely did a wonderful job making all this happen. Ethan attributes his sexy look to his Native American and German ancestry as well as a LOT of Italian in there as well. Well, he's gonna have a lot more Italian in him soon enough. We asked these two studs which country they feel has the hottest men. Fabio loves Spanish men. Oh those boys in Barcelona. <sigh> Ethan can't decide on a certain country but just admires well defined athletic men regardless of where they're from. Ethan rarely bottoms and Fabio appreciated the struggle it took to get his dick in there. 'It was good' Ethan blushes 'I might let him get it again.' Oh my, what have we done!? <evil grin>These two are getting to know each other on the couch as Ethan tells Fabio he loves his accent. 'How do you say you're hot?' in Italian he grins as Fabio replies with 'Ce bello'. Ethan smiles before asking Fabio how he would say 'Kiss me'. Fabio is more into action than words as he goes in for that kiss Ethan really wants. They make out a bit before Ethan realizes the tent that's developed between Fabio's legs. He goes down as he starts to lick and nibble on it through his soft shorts. It feels massive and he can't help but need a closer look. Fabio stands up and gives Ethan all the freedom he needs as Ethan gets on his knees and continues to lick and tease that bulge. Fabio takes off his tank showing off that amazing body as Ethan finally hauls out his fat cock. Fabio moans as Ethan gets that dick down his throat. He laps inside that thick foreskin making Fabio shiver with desire. He knows just what to do with that fat cock as he repeatedly takes it down his throat. Ethan is pleasantly surprised as he reaches around and discovering that impressive, firm ass as he uses it to push that dick even deeper into his throat. Ethan then stands and licks his way back up to Fabio's full lips. They continue making out as Fabio takes his turn undressing Ethan and giving him some of the same.Ethan sits back as he watches Fabio on his knees deep throating his own hard cock. This Cajun delight packs his own party in those pants and Fabio is happy to help himself. Fabio then turns Ethan around and bends him over so he can taste that sweet hole. He buries his face in that smooth ass as he gets that tongue up inside him. As he does, we get our own amazing view of Fabio's hot ass on display. <apply bibs now> Fabio then suits up and sits back as Ethan straddles his cock and impales himself on it. He starts to ride that monster cock slowly as he picks up the pace once he gets used to its girth. That fat cock is stretching that ass wide and Ethan isn't about to complain. He starts to buck back and forth on it loving the sensation. Fabio then gets him on his feet and bends him over to get that hole doggy style. Ethan can only grunt and take it now that Fabio's back in the driver's seat. He slams that fat cock deep inside as his balls slap away at that hole. Ethan's own cock is rock hard the entire time he's getting fucked. He takes that dick like a champ before Fabio gets him on his back for some missionary. That does the trick as his fat cock pounds that prostate making Ethan cum all over himself as Fabio shoves it in even deeper. Fabio then pulls out and busts his own cannoli cream all over Ethan's chest and cum-covered abs. Now that's Italian.
Brad is 37yo gay dude who loves working out to stay fit and gets off showing his defined, solid & tattooed body ! He was keen to impress us and loved posing naked, working out and then getting hard and jacking himself off
Big Cock Boss Barebacks The Train...
Well, what a giving workplace. A trainee is reading over his Facebook page, on company time, and when the boss finds out, the boy is admonished with a massage and more. Stripping the newbie down and licking him up, the supervisor show the newbie, it
The Carpenter Solo
Welcoming Shun in, the cameraman asks if he
Blue-Eyed Avery Gets Covered with Cum
Blue-Eyed Avery Gets Covered with Cum
Jarrod Woodcock Interview
Jarrod Woodcock is a hot new 18 year old arriving on the site ready to take on some of the other guys. He's a handsome young man who is certainly no stranger to sharing his body with the boys, but performing on film is something new. Thankfully he shows he's a real pro and gets that uncut cock hard and wanking in no time, delivering a great cum shot by the end too. Line up the guys, we have a present for them! lol