Ben Statham


Ben Statham is the epitome of rugged masculinity: with just the right amount of body hair and pumped muscles, Ben is always the center of attention in every scene!

Ben comes from northern England and is a real Brit through and through; his shaved head and beard only add to his hotness!

His manhood reaches seven inches, but it's his foreskin that's always the center of attention and is the joy of all foreskin lovers out there.


Ben started working in adult entertainment thanks to Christian Torrent, but he has extensive modeling and promotional experience even before transitioning into porn. And with studios like Alphamales, UKNM and Butch Dixon behind him, Ben really has nothing to worry about!

He was nominated for Raven Even awards, Prowler Porn awards and many others, and he loves to bareback! He is mostly bottom but he also enjoys live performances and go-go dancing whenever he can!

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