Feeding Time
And they called it puppy love... You've seen dominatrix, you've seen pup and his master, but oh boy, we can safely say your gonna love these three hot boys; Ashton Bradley, Mark Henley and new boy Brad Holt join us for feeding time at the Boynapped Mill as we get down and dirty with porridge that's never tasted so good. Poor Brad is subjected to the menacing antics of sick and twisted Ashton and shy but fierce Mark Henley. We guarantee you'll be at the edge with this performance in humiliation.
Sucking your way to freedom
Brad Holt is back and this time Adam Watson is ready and waiting to use the poor boy. Bound to a urinal in an abandoned public toilet, Brad is roughed up with ice and cold beer before being made to suck his way to freedom. Adam face fucks and teabags Brad until his shoots his load over his face and pushes it back into his mouth. Adam then warms Brad up with a stream of golden piss all over his body.4 images