Colby Jansen

Colby Jansen is quite a renaissance man: he’s got a BS in Physics, served in the Marine corps, played professional rugby, worked in the defense industry… he’s also pursuing an MBA, playing baseball, football, wrestling, likes to have sex with guys, girls and transsexuals, shoots porn movies and he can bench press 325 pounds! Is there anything else that needs to be said about him?

Colby is beefy and looks absolutely intimidating with his proto-masculine good looks; he loves to have sex on camera, and his seven incher is more than enough to get the job done! His bulging muscles and beard (he’s one of the rare guys in the business who can pull it off) are what made him famous, and he’s very simple when it comes to food: steaks, pizza, peanut butter and this muscle bear will be happy! He’s also a voracious reader of SF and fantasy comics!

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  • fitnesstop
    I love hearing more about these guys. Colby is a classic hunk, and he'd look innocent if it weren't for the ink. Def need more of him on here.
    Colby, I have enjoyed your work for some time. It intrigues me that we have common interest at heart - SF/fantasy (I am working on a novel that combines both in technomagic). One last comment ,rugby players have leather balls and they eat their dead. With respect, P
  • Anonymous
    i love colby