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Great and long gay threesome action with three sweaty boys who reload their numb mighty male guns who drill and slam each other ass who ends with creampie lesson
Locker Room Tryst
Hello. My name is Trey. I will be at the bath house on the corner of West and Burburry. First one to find me in the locker room gets to fuck me good.
Coach Austin and Jake Norris
Here we have Coach Austin barebacking Jake Norris in this scene with lots of sucking, fucking and a creampie not to be missed. delivers the finest in models doing their best at what they do best. Matter of fact, Jake does his best, three times. Cum along, as you watch with total
Making a Splash
Connor Patricks is enjoying his beautiful day off in solitude. In walks Jimmy Roman, dick hard and ready for an afternoon of lust. Both of them will be making a big splash in a hot and wet frenzy.
Kenzie Madison tortures and sucks Leo Foxx
Dominant and sadistic Kenzie Madison has a special toy to play with in this session with Leo Foxx! Poor Leo can't escape as the sexy twink gets his kicks pouring hot wax over his victims body and dunking his head in ice cold water. His cock is sucked and stroked against his will but the boys shivering shows he's not enjoying it!
Lucas and Jordan fucking a 19yo
Lucas and Jordan fucking a 19yoa
Superb Twink Duo Goes Bareback
Twinks Damien Belle Vie and Craig Ashton are doing their homework and can hardly focus on the task at hand. Craig gets closer and closer to Damien, who promptly asks him why he's being such a homo. Thankfully for Craig, Damien is absolutely homo too so he knows it's a matter of time before he gets to dive in his sweet butt. They start kissing and sucking passionately, before showing us how bareback sex is done! Finally, they share a sperm covered kiss that is sure to make you shoot your load!Craig is a brand new addition to our lineups, fresh and new in porn! He did his first film with us , pounded his partner's ass and came on his face and kissed him deeply.Damien is a young twink with a spunky personality. New to porn, he did his first movie for us to spice up his life and enjoyed every second of it.
Coach Austin & Drew Sumrok
Coach Austin and Drew Sumrok are two men that know how to serve breakfast in bed! Cream with your coffee sir? Once the morning wake-up call has been made and all cocks are showing signs of life and FULLY awake, it's time for the morning workout! Coach starts out with some deep rimming action, great to loosen up those tight sphincter muscles. Done with the warm "up's" it's time for a DEEP sphincter muscle workout. Coach makes sure that Drew works out ALL muscle groups during the workout flipping him over working the back muscle, up on all 4's to work out the legs, pulling his head back by the hair stretching the back muscles... no wonder they call him Coach Austin! What a great workout coach :) Both men are in a full sweat by the end of this morning workout. To bring this scene to a close, watch the cumshot that Coach releases. You'll think that you were watching Old Faithful blow in Yellowstone!
Big Delivery
Standing a the urinal Gio strokes his massive meat, every pump gets him harder and he waits for the cute bar boy to join him… he knows he’ll come. Joining him at the toilet wall Marco can’t miss his big dark weapon. Pushed up against the wall they kiss passionately before Marco gets down on his knees to service Gio’s great cock. Slurping and stripping right there in the bathroom, the club is closed they’re alone and all Marco can think about is taking his fat dick in his muscle butt! One foot up on a urinal he shows his wanting hole, Gio fills him and fills him good! Marco moans and groans with his hole being stretched by Gio’s monster dick.  Finding a stool, Gio sits down so he casn let Marco do some of the work, letting him ride him till he spunks right up himself. Marco is still hungry for something else, Gio’s load, taking it right on his cheek and in his mouth.
Fight For My Hole
Fight For My Hole
Tyler Blue covered in Goo
Tantalizing Tyler Blue hails from San Diego, California and he’s got a smile that could launch a thousand dicks…I mean, ships! This twink describes himself as a versatile bottom. A few minutes into the scene, it was clear to the Bukkake Boys that Tyler was willing, able and well-suited to support his claim. He fell to his knees like a Pentecostal parishioner and swallowed every cock angling for his open mouth with refinement and relish. What happened next? There’s only one way to find out! Question: Why does Tyler call himself Blue when he gets our cocks so hard and red?
Nice Sweaty Big Dick Workout!
You gotta work that core! Thats the motto I live by, and the best way to work that core? Lots of old school ass fucking. My poor trainer wasn't even prepared to recieve the amount of meat I was sending into his tight ass, with a nice load in his face for good measure. You always gotta give 110 percent when working out.
Ninja Cum Mission
Using his stealth and cunning, this Ninja needs to acquire the cum of Hisoka Botan, a sexy hot Asian twink. In this video of
The Cards Say Fuck Now!
Jason Creed is sitting down with his super cute twink friend Brendan Tyler when he decides to read him using tarot cards. He finds out that Brendan isn't being true to himself and his inner desires, and he wants to fix that. They move to the bedroom and we're treated to some hot kissing and lollipop play. The passion between these two twinks is palpable, as they kiss a gulp on each other's throbbing cocks. Jason then pounds Brendan's tight ass until they both reach ecstasy!Brendan is another new twink we found who just loved sucking on his lollies! How do you like his cute features? We definately loved his innocence!Jason is definately a top, with a strong cock! He loves giving a good ride to his little twinks and never fails to deliver, sometimes more than once!
Felipe, Igor and Junior
Felipe, Igor and Junior
High Score
Hayden Richards is back with EBD for another go round, but he's rather pre-occupied playing video games right now. First timer Eddy Roman is pretty sure he's got something Hayden would be more interested in, if only he could figure out a way to get Hayden's attention. Refusing to be ignored, Eddy unzips Hayden's fly and pulls out his 8.5' dick to begin sucking on it. Taking the head into his mouth, Eddy flicks his tongue up and down the shaft and then takes the whole thing deep into the back of his throat. Hayden's eyes roll back into his head and it is obvious he won't be able to concentrate on what he's doing, so he relents, and puts down the controller to focus on Eddy. And since Eddy was so insistent on getting his undivided attention, Hayden makes sure he gets it in full, shoving his dick down Eddy's throat and then plunging his it deep into Eddy's ass. Eddy grinds and bounces as he rides Hayden, before Hayden throws him face first onto the bed and begins pumping him from behind as Eddy begs for him to do it harder. Eddy strokes his cock as Hayden keeps pounding, until his load comes flying out all over him, just as Hayden pulls out and drenches his face with a load of his own. Enjoy!
Slater Tots
We have two hotties here this week as we welcome Joe Parker to MenOver30. Joe is 31 years young and from the City of Brotherly Love Chilly Philly. Joe is not alone he's with Dean Slater. Dean is 26 and originally from the Lone Star state of Texas. Dean is new and improved and now safe on fabric. We asked these two if they could play a game of 20 Questions with anyone who they would choose. Margaret Cho is Joe's choice and Dean would pick Bob Barker from the Price is Right. Having just survived another holiday season where giving and receiving abound, we wondered what the best gift each of them has ever given someone else. Joe bought his Mom a new dining room set and it made her cry. Awww. For Dean the best gift he ever gave someone was divorce papers. ...ouch. To wrap things up we asked them to fill in the blank. 'My dick gets rock hard when I'm _____.' For Dean it's looking at a nice ass that makes his dick hard and for Joe it's as simple as sucking on a rock hard cock. Well, who doesn't? <evil grin> Well, nice ass and hard cock's are both in the house so let's get this party started...Dean and Joe are kicking back on the couch as they both tug on their boners. They get curious about what each other's packing as they start tugging on each other's crotches. Dean feels its getting hot and they should give their junk some air. Joe hauls out his thick cock as Dean goes down on him. Joe moans as he gets that dick serviced by Dean who shoves it down his throat as deep as he can get it. Dean takes his time worshipping Joe's meat as he runs his tongue along his shaft and smooth balls. Joe then pulls off Dean's tank top as they start to make out. Joe's grabbing at the tent in Dean's jeans before undoing them to get some uncut dick of his own. Dean's been hittin' the gym and it's paying off. His bod is ripped and Joe doesn't mind the view one bit as he kneels between those thick muscular thighs and goes for that dick. Dean gasps as Joe works his swollen cock to the hilt. He sucks on his huge nut sack teasing Dean before swallowing that cock back down his throat. He gets on his knees and lets Dean fuck his face of his. Dean moans loving the attention he's getting on his thick cock. Soon Dean needs more than his cock taken care of as he straddles Joe's thick cock and sits down on it. He grunts as his hot little ass starts to give way. Joe starts to slowly shove his thick meat up into Dean's tight ass as he moans and begs for more. Dean is rock hard and slowly getting used to that fat dick as he starts to ride it. 'How's that feel, huh?' Dean groans as he slowly grinds that ass on Joe's cock. Joe can only moan in appreciation as that tight ass grabs hold of his thick dick. Joe then tries to make things easier and gets Dean on his back. He lifts those legs and slides his large cock back inside Dean's ass. Dean is quivering as he gets that ass stretched. Joe starts fucking him deeper and harder getting that ass used to his meat. Dean is begging for it soon enough as he orders Joe to fuck his ass. Joe gets on his back as Dean sits on his dick again and holds still as Joe slams that dick home. Joe then leans Dean back on the floor as they now end up in missionary yet again. Joe fucks that tight ass until he can't hold off any longer. He pulls out and unloads his thick cargo all over Dean's smooth abs. Dean's right behind him as he busts his nut all over his own already cum-drenched abs.
Hunks of Papi Cock
Hunks of Papi Cock
Andy fucks for the first time on camera
Fireside Romp
Devin gets a nice bath, massage and fuck
Jessy Ares and Justin King
The men have been sent to fix some plumbing. Justin has to climb over the sink to inspect the tubes and in doing so presents his meaty ass to his co-worker Jessy. It’s like a red flag to a bull. Jessy literally dives in and Justin barely complains. The boys kiss, take off their overalls, explore each other’s hairy bodies and feel the hard cocks pushing in their pants. Justin pushes Jessy against the wall and start sucking the thick cock. When the heat of his mouth becomes too much for Jess he pushes Justin back, on the bed and returns the favour by sucking his dick and tasting his meaty hairy ass. He Fucks Justin like that, on his back and gradually turns him over until he lays on his front and Jessy can dig in deep. But that’s not enough. Jessy turns him upside down and drills him more before shooting on Justin’s chest while he works Jessy’s balls with his mouth. Justin is not long to follow and shoots a massive creamy load on the rest of his front.
The Big Show Off
Ty Lattimore makes his debut with us this week. Ty is 36yo and originally from Oakland. He moved here to Miami after living in Atlanta for a while. He misses the sex life he had back in the ATL. Well, he must be doing something wrong cuz the 305 is swimming with way hotter men. Not that we're biased. He does admit he loves the Latin and bi-racial men here in South Florida. Then there's the foreskin phenomenon he's found himself immersed in. Ty tends to like things on the wild side and admits he's never been a fan of vanilla. The kinky persona he exudes on film is reflective of who he is off cam. He started messing around at 13 and living so close to San Francisco he was exposed to many things. He started fisting at 20 then got into leather and hardcore water sports. He is all about the hardcore and today he's excited to debut the new hardware now that he's sporting his own Prince Albert. Well you can never have enough places to hang your car keys right? Ty assures us he's had no complaints so far.Ty is online showing off on cam for a buddy as he strips off his shirt and starts to flex his muscles. He then stands up and drops his jeans to show off his ass. He bends forward, slapping his ass as he asks if we like what we see. He gets up and starts to tug on his dick through his jock strap before sitting back and getting comfortable. He loses the jock and kicks back to stroke that dick. He gets hard as he strokes his hard cock as he shows off for his online companion. He strokes that dick
Luan and Jorge
Luan and Jorge
Gym Partner Creep
My friend AJ who I work out with at the gym came over to shower then passed out. Their was always this sexual tension between him and I. I decided to relieve him with his cock in my ass...
Pump It Hard
Jackson was very excited to be meeting this thick brown dick for some fun. He was a little nervous but once he saw the cock monster he was all game for some hard pumping!
Anatomically Accurate Doodles
Kirk Cummings is helping Timo Garrett with math when he discovers what's been distracting him in class. He's been filling his notebook with dirty drawings of his teacher! Kirk doesn't think Timo gave his doodle enough credit, though, and decides to show him the real thing. Timo is eager to fulfill his teacher-fantasies and after some zealous oral, he fucks himself on Kirk's long cock.Kirk Cummings may not have won American Idol with his voice, but he knows how to make guys sing with his big cock. He's also no stranger to working his vocal chords while a man works his ass over. Kirk brings energy to every scene along with that hot cock, cute ass and tight body.Timo Garrett is a mischievous twink that has no limits. He likes going after straight guys and older men, proving that they can enjoy a butthole regardless of the gender. Garrett is loud, outspoken, and totally wild in bed. He is a twink that you just can't control no matter how hard you may try.
Australian Meets Japanboyz
The best part of getting boys together and letting them get acquainted, is the sexual heat they share. These two are from Australia and Japan, named Mikael and Julian Raw; I think
Choice of Holes
Wow, my baby sure knows how to spoil me! He brought in his straight friend that has always been curious about experimenting with his cock for my birthday. I enjoyed dipping my stick in two holes!
The HOT action continues in part 2 of the steamy duo encounter between Papito and Chico. Armed only with lube they continue to fuck bareback as Chico tries his best to take all of that dark uncut meat Papito is impaling him with! Papitio takes a break to piss on him and then goes right back to fucking! Chico is so hot for that cock than he takes it right from his asshole into his mouth over and over! Chico busts his nut and then Papito shoots his load on Chicos chest and face before Chico takes his cum covered cock into his mouth to clean it off! Then Papito cleans off his load with by hosing Chico down with a load off his warm piss!
Two Timing Slut
Two Timing Slut
They ALL Want The Big Dick
This week we have a special surprise as we pair up EBD fan favorite Alexander Greene with sexy Alex Adams who finally comes home to the BIG leagues. Alex Adams is from Baltimore and he's 26 years young. Alexander grew up between Jersey and Miami and his hot, hung self is 22 years old. We asked these two if they had the same reactions from guys and girls when it came time to using their big cocks. They both concur that there are size queens on both sides of the sexual fence but guys are way worse. 'Some guys won't take it unless it's huge' smiles Alex. Apparently some girls aren't as willing when they have too much to work with. Alexander assures us that both can handle his big dick just fine. It all depends on the person doing it and not the gender at all. Having big dicks has its advantages and both of these studs agree that they prefer a big dick; or as Alexander put it: 'I'm not a total size queen or anything; but I prefer hung' he grins, 'It looks good.' Who can argue with logic like that? We sure can't. Alex and Alexander are shootin' the shit talkin about what girls they're doing and Alexander confesses he can't be tied down to just one. Alex tells him he's single too and that every time he sees a big cock he can't seem to control himself. Alexander grins and tells Alex he just happens to have a big dick. Alex wastes no time before investigating thoroughly. This of course means he's on his knees with Alexander's cock down his throat in no time. Who can blame him? Alexander moans as he watches his fat cock easily slide down Alex' throat. He bobs his head on that monster cock as Alex grasps for air unable to get enough of it. They get up and start to make out as Alexander helps Alex get out of his own pants. He wants to return the favor as Alex' fat cock springs free. Alexander gets down and swallows it whole as Alex moans his appreciation. Alexander fucks his throat with Alex' fat cock 'til its throbbing. This fat cock's gonna need more than that purty mouth. Alex bends Alexander over and slides his fat cock deep inside his jock ass. Alexander moans as he gets that ass owned by out Baltimore boy. His balls slap away at that ass as he fucks Alexander doggy style. Then they switch as Alexander sits back and has Alex sit on his dick. 'Fuck it's so big!' Alex grimaces as he does his best to take that huge dick inside him. Soon he's riding that cock like a veteran as Alexander revels in the sensation. Alex' own cock is bouncing as he rides that cock hard getting the occasional reach around from Alexander. The party heads south from there as Alexander gets Alex on his back and fucks him silly in missionary. He pounds away at that ass hard and deep and that cock batters that sweet spot just right. 'Oh fuck me' he begs as Alexander obliges. Alex blows his wad all over his smooth abs. Alexander pulls his own aching cock out and jacks his thick load all over Alex' cum-drenched cock.
Lincoln Gates And Toby Banks
We recently saw Toby Banks arrive and get his big uncut cock serviced by Fraser Jacs, but with fan favourite Lincoln Gates things are bound to go a lot further! The guys are on each other like they're possessed, wanking and sucking and getting themselves into a horny 69. But Toby is eager to show off his bottoming skills and does a great job taking that dick! Two impressive cum shots await them at the end, with new lad Toby getting a cum shower!
Essex Lads 2
Two big-dicked chav lads get it on. They love the taste of each others big cocks and the salty cum, its a struggle to get that big dick into the tight, juicy boy-hole but once its in these studs fuck like crazy.
Bisexual Trio
Alessandra was looking after a friends house whilst
cadets Jordan & Jesse
What are two horny, smooth, pale, and very highly sexed lads supposed to do. They're pretty new to this, and we re glad we caught there cute, naïve coupling on camera. But as clumsy and frantic as they fuck, they've still got massive loads to shoot - all that hot, young cum is soon spilling out of the lads as they quiver, moan and pant in ecstasy.
A Houseboy's Chores are Never Finished
Kyler Moss' chores around the house may be finished, but he hasn't "finished" daddy Bryan Slater, yet! Bryan makes Kyler writhe as he sucks his uncut cock before the boy swallows his rigid dick on the bed. Kyler is as vocal as he's ever been, moaning and yelping as he slowly impales himself on Bryan's cock. Bryan rails him in a few positions before finally making him cum on his back. Kyler gets to end the scene with a hot facial and mouthful of cum from his daddy!When it comes to the sexy, older man in porn, you could not find a more perfect example than Bryan Slater. A beard, body hair in all the right places--and speaking of body, Bryan's is more ripped than most men half his age. He's also got a big dick and after years of experience, he knows exactly how to use it!You'll be able to see the hot jocks and daddies of inside BoyCrush exclusive, Kyler Moss, and you'll be glad for it! This young man's got a smooth, toned body, uncut cock, and a completely edible ass. He's also a kinky little thing and loves nothing more than a hard, rough pounding!
Fraser Jacs And Josh Jared
Gorgeous boys with balls full of cum and the need to share them with a buddy, that's what you get with Josh Jared and Fraser Jacs in this anal session! Both boys are expert at oral, but Fraser wants more than that. Josh is soon sliding his long uncut cock deep in Fraser's ass and fucking him hard, and you know that both these guys can deliver the juice when it's time to unload!
Stick Ball
As if we didn't have enough with Mario Costa in the house (as if!); we have a new stud making his debut today. Logan Drake told us he was up for a 'challenge' when he recently did his first ever shoot on CircleJerkBoys. What better way to christen this baby-faced 21 year old than throwing him in with 9.5 inches of uncut, local flavor. No es facil! Logan will officially be Cuban by injection by the end of today. Logan is attracted to foreign men and their accents and loves Aussie accents the best. Mario, without question, loves an Italian accent. Being a seasoned veteran we asked Mario to give Logan some advice that might help him on his budding career. 'Be on time and be professional': words to live by on and off set. Logan has yet to be spotted on the street by his newfound fans. That will come in time as more people see him on screen. Mario admits that happens from time to time and the last time was in the mall when a manager at a store came up and discretely asked him for an autograph. Well, this afternoon Logan will be getting a lot more than Mario's autograph and we're pretty sure he'll remember this afternoon for a while. He will have to sit down eventually. <evil grin> Cheers, Mate.Logan stumbles upon a huge dildo and tells Mario that that's a rather big dick. 'Mine's bigger than that' he grins. Logan's eyes open wide as he places the dildo on Mario's crotch and tries to imagine it. Mario leans in as they start to kiss. Logan won't have to imagine for long as Mario drops his shorts and stands before Logan who is lost in a state of wonder. He pulls down his briefs as Mario's massive cock comes out to play. Logan licks his lips before going down on the monster cock. Now would be a good time to wish you were double jointed. Logan starts to lick along the shaft before shoving as much of that Cuban pinga into his mouth. Mario just watches as Logan worships his thick dick. Logan takes his time as he savors Mario's meat making sure to pay attention to his smooth balls. Mario is naturally smooth everywhere and he's in good company with Logan who is also a smooth one. Mario then lays Logan back on the rug as he moves in to return the favor. Logan's eyes roll back as Mario shows him what he can do with that mouth of his. Mario takes all of Logan in his mouth as they get each other hotter and hotter.They can't get enough of each other as they get into a hot 69 so they can each get more dick. Mario's cock needs more than a tongue bath as he lifts Logan's leg to get inside that hot hole of his. He slides inside that hole and Logan definitely rises to the challenge as he starts to get that ass fucked. Mario slides in and out of him as Logan jacks his rock hard cock off. After fucking on the floor they move up to the couch as Mario sits back and watches Logan sit on his cock. Logan impales himself on Mario's cock as he starts to ride that fat cock reverse cowgirl. Logan's cock is throbbing the entire time as he bounces on that delicious dick. Mario just kicks back as he lets Logan milk his dick with that sweet ass of his. Mario then gets Logan on his back as he starts to fuck him missionary. Mario picks up the pace as he's back in the saddle and in control of the dicking. Logan jacks his cock faster as Mario's thick cock hits all the right spots deep inside him. It won't be long before his cock's gonna want to explode. Mario fucks him harder and it sends him over the edge blasting a huge load all over himself. Mario then pulls out and adds his own leche to the mix.
Diesel for President
Diesel for President
Fraser and James Bang It Out
We've filmed James Pershaw in a duo already, but this scene with Fraser Jacs is the first you all get to see. ;-) As soon as we got these two sexy studs on the bed, we knew it was going to be a hot pairing to watch. Fraser and James are both beefier, jock kind of guys and they look great together. And they look even better as they suck each other's big uncut cocks! James told us before he enjoys bottoming, but Fraser is the lucky one who gets to mount up in this scene. First he impales his furry butt on James' cock, riding it to loosen himself up. And even though he may like bottoming, James shows he's a great top too as he fucks Fraser in doggy and missionary. As he tugs on his own nipple, Fraser jacks off while James slams his hole. It doesn't take long before Fraser is shooting his load all over his hairy stomach. James pulls out and adds to the sticky mess with his own load.
The Neighbor
Devin has the hots for his neighbor. One day he saw him working out on a warm summer day. Hot and horny, Devin invited him up for some steamy sex play. You can only image what happens next, but you don't need to. Check it out for yourself.
Obedient Student Gets Sex Lesson
This kid, Atlanta Grey, is 18 and totally horny. He spends his time afterschool drawing naked pictures of his idol, drama teacher Braden Phoenix. When the teacher catches him, he takes advantage of the teen's devotion. Soon the young man has his ass spread and there's a lollipop going in and out of his crack. The teacher doesn't let him go just yet. He needs to feel his tight ass against his dick before he's totally satisfied. This heated first time sex scene is not something you should miss. You know for sure the student will never forget this experience!Atlanta is a very nice and expressive young twink. He loves to be on the bottom!Braden is a tall 20 year old red headed twink, that loves nothing more than to dominate other young twinky guys! Braden could be considered something of a porn veteran. Having worked on loads of porn scenes over the past two years, he definitely knows how to show the new guys the ropes, in his own way!
Dominic Belko Fucks Dylan Thompson
Sometimes I immediately know who to team a new guy up with, and when it came to Dylan Thompson and his huge 9" uncut cock I knew horny hunk Dominic Belko was the man for the job. The dude is such a cock hound, but after sucking on that massive shaft he gets just as good a blow back from the new guy too! Dominic Belko is one of the hottest guys to watch when he's fucking a guy, but the massive cum loads at the end are the real proof of that! Seriously, I think we might need to start waterproofing the bedroom with all the big loads our guys a squirting everywhere!
A Ridge to No Bear
his week we have 23 year old Ridge Michaels back in the house. Ridge is originally from Florida's west coast and a definite fan favorite. Ridge might be more excited to be here than usual since he's going to help us welcome new comer, J Kohl. J is 21 years old and has a well-stocked arsenal for seduction. He is tall, hung, handsome, has dark featured and slate blue eyes. Oklahoma got it right when they put this package together. We asked these studs what the last purchase they treated themselves to. Ridge bought himself a new iPad and loves it. J bought himself a new phone. We then turned to matters of a more graphic nature and asked them if their past lovers could nominate them in a sexual category what they would win an award for. Ridge says he would take the 'Most Romantic' category while J says he would sweep 'Best Oral'. (Dually noted) In closing we asked them in their opinion what distinguishes good sex from great sex. 'Connection' answers Ridge. A great connection can really make things pop. <pun intended J agrees and says 'passion' is important too. Seems like we have both of those covered this afternoon, so let's let these two put them together...Ridge is groping J's crotch as they make out and get better acquainted. His curiosity gets the better of him as he slides south to see just what the fuss is about. J sits back and watches as Ridge strips off his shorts and starts to play with the tent in his briefs. J gets hard and gets up to give Ridge all access to the 9' cock he has to offer. 'Suck that dick' he coos as Ridge gets to work on his meat. He holds Ridge's head as he fucks that face. Ridge loves it and does his best to pleasure his new buddy even though J's cock makes him gag when it hits the back of his throat. They go back to making out before J's curiosity lands him on his knees exploring what Ridge has to offer. Ridge moans as J hauls out his thick cock and gets to work on it. J wasn't kidding about his oral abilities and Ridge isn't about to complain. J deep throats Ridge's cock with ease as he swirls his hot tongue along the shaft and remembering to pay attention to Ridge's smooth balls. He gets Ridge horny as hell sucking on that meat but then turns it up several notches as he gets Ridge on his back and goes to town tongue-fucking that ass. Ridge's tight, smooth hole is soon spit lubed and ready for more than just a tongue fuck...J suits up and aims his fat dick at that tight hole. Ridge is already on his back with his legs in the air and J uses that to his advantage. He slides his thick dick all the way in as he starts to pound that ass missionary. J holds Ridge's legs as he powers into that tight ass. J then gets on the couch and has Ridge sit on his dick for more. Ridge rides that huge cock as J spreads his smooth cheeks apart wanting to get as deep as he can. 'Aww Fuck me!' begs Ridge as he rides that big dick. J just lays back and watches as Ridge pleasures himself on his throbbing cock. Ridge's own 8' cock is rock hard as he gets fucked and its inches from J's face. Ridge gets close and gets off J's meat and shoves his dick down his throat. 'Suck my dick!' he orders as he jacks his load off all over J's face and tongue. Once he's done shooting his load all over J's face he bounces leaving J with the age old question...Trick or Treat? Looks like someone hadn't gotten all of the Halloween spirit out of his system. But judging from the huge messy treat on J's sexy face, we're guessing that was probably the last of it... <evil grin>
Trey Love's Huge Cock
Trey hasn't been fucked by a huge cock in a while. Recently, he met his best friends neighbor who gave him the ass fucking of his life in his tight asshole!
Shooting Stars
Hunter Vance is back in the house and looking better than ever. Hunter is here to help us welcome Camden Christianson. Camden is a sexy, inked 21 year old from South Georgia but currently splitting his time between the Tampa Bay area and Los Angeles. Hunter, for those of you who aren
Barely Legal Fucks Himself
Kelan has the body & ass of Adonis! In this video, Kelan took us to his laundry room for a special treat. He slowly undressed and stood in his sexy red bikini underwear as we scanned his body with the camera, then he stripped naked and climbed onto the washer and began finger fucking his asshole. After completely lubricating his tight ass, he reach in the cabinet for his secretly stored dildo. To our amazement and delight, Kelan pushed the massive rubber cock in his ass and began to fuck himself. To add more excitement, Kelan went back to the shelve and removed more dildos, butt-plugs and anal sex toys. One after another, Kelan experimented with how each toy felt inside his tight, teen asshole; all while fondling his growing cock. Finally, this young hottie, stood and jerked off a big load of cum on one of his dildos and then fucked himself again with his own cum!
Hospital Hook Up
Hospital Hook Up
Wounded Knee
AJ Monroe is back and we are certainly glad to have him return, even if he is a bit banged up. Pike Young, much like his name suggests, joins him for his CJB debut, and though he comes in perfectly healthy, if AJ has anything to say about it, Pike will be leaving sort of banged up, too. Or at least banged out. Pike eases into position with his ass grinding on AJ's crotch, as AJ's member grows and Pike's curiosity is piqued. Taking off their clothes, AJ's 7' cock flops out stiff and ready for action, so Pike takes it deep into his throat. AJ takes of his shirt and works his way down Pike's body before bending him over a chair and spit-lubing his asshole for the pounding that lay ahead. Pike mounts AJ and spreads his legs wide to fully allow AJ's member to do its damage. Pike likes it hard and rough, so AJ flips him over and goes at from behind, pulling Pike's hair as he pounds away before firing his load all over Pike's waiting body, before Pike strokes himself off and blasts himself as well. Enjoy!
Cum Parade Part 11
The creamy goo is the star of the how in this collection of cum-tastic jizz eruptions! The Blake Mason boys are known for giving up some of the hottest cum shots ever caught on camera, and Cum Parade 11 is the perfect place to watch all that hot white jizz pumping out and being shared in some truly tasty hardcore action!
Kyle Marks - the Bukkake Target!
Soccer fanatic Kyle Marks had no idea how intense his next game would be! The All Star Team wasted no time getting all its whistles blown by Kyle. Not satisfied by their preliminary offensive, Kyle countered with some sloppy defending, leaving him wide open for a deep, penetrating assault through the backdoor! The squad took turns crossing Kyle’s tight goal line. One after the other, wave after bareback wave rendered the goaltender exhausted and giddy with pleasure! At the final whistle, every player lined up and fired off a spectacular cumshot! The victor this day? Team Bukkake!
Wild, Wilder.. Bukkake with Cody Ryder!
As a self-proclaimed “demanding type” who loves to shop, Cody wasted no time getting what he wanted... a savage gangbang crowned by a Bukkake finish! The kinky consumer held up his end of the deal by deep-throating every stiff cock in the showroom. Keen to reciprocate, the Bukkake Boys flipped him on his stomach and provided their counter-offer, barebacking his inviting ass until that hole was gaping and gasping grease and spunk! 10 cocks for the price of 1? Did Cody crawl away a satisfied customer, or did he get more than he bargained for?
Seth's Other Side
We been following this guy named Seth around for a while online. I hacked his computer and found some hot photos and videos for you.
Brandon Screws Kurt
Kurt chooses Brandon to perform with in his first hardcore sex scene. The chemistry is immediate and obvious as these to roll around on the bed, ripping each others clothes off as they go. Kurt can't wait to take Brandon's big dick and the look on his face shows that he loves every inch of his long member.Super skinny emo local boy. Amazingly skinny hot white body. Very sexy!I had such a great time when I came down. It boosted my confidence and I hope you enjoy my stuff.
Tennis Lads 5
This boy has a very big dick, and you can see his heavy dangling balls up the leg of his shorts. That must be a good eight inches of boy-meat. It would take a brave young lad to take this on, luckily we have one at hand who can't resist sucking the huge pole and sliding his tight, tight little hole onto it. Watch his fuck hole pucker and stretch!
Gape Spa
Devin loves going to the gape spa to get his fuck fix. They will lick his deep crevice to get it moist and loose. Then they will stuff his brown-eye until he creams himself to pleasure.
Giant Cock Ass Pumping
Matthew is a bit shy. However there one thing we all know he really loves, a giant cock. We paired him up with the biggest cock we could find. He was shocked to find our guy had the biggest cock he had ever seen. And he's a white guy!!!
Creepy Workout Buddy
Max's workout buddy wants to go to the gym earlier today. Max isn't ready. To get warmed up, Max starts sucking some juicy dick. After a bit of fellatio, Max does his power bottom thrust-crunches. Looks like it's going to be a rough workout.
Cole fucks for the first time on camera
Vampire Ties Up Twink and Makes Him a Sexual Slave
In this hot extended scene a Vampire (Rad Matthews) has Elijah (Levon Meeks) tied up in his Vampire lair. He wastes no time plunging his fangs into the boys neck, devouring his blood with dark intensity. Elijah is more than happy to oblige after this fateful encounter and a sexy, bloody blowjob follows. It isn't long before the vampire holds Elijah's hands behind his back and thrusts into him deeply.Elijah doesn't intend to get caught up in the world of vampires, but when they insist on giving him the gift of eternal life and the gift of rough, carnal fucking he takes it all greedily.The screen always lights up when Rad Matthews is on. He plays the perfect vampire with an incredible body and soulful eyes. Oh yah and his big, hard cock doesn't hurt either!