Part Seven of Cum Parade!
They don't call it the "moneyshot" for nothing. In porn, the whole production rides on the shooting, spraying, and oozing of a creamy white substance we affectionately call: CUM! Part seven of Cum Parade showcases some of the finer moments of ejaculation from recent scenes (a couple of them are nearly massive enough to hit YOU!)
A Little More of Miles, Please
Back by request, Miles Pride does a quick interview and a hot dildo solo. He answers your questions on his own before proving once again how cute and sexy he is. There's no doubt this boy will be remembered as a twink star long after he stops doing porn! And with good reason, too, he's incredible to watch!Normally I hate tattoos on twinks, but he really had some cool ones. He has this great mix of young innocent looking boy next door with this edgy emo punk look to him. Super skinny and small with big brown heart melting eyes. He has this great confident and funny personality. An all around great model.
Jake & Ryan: Bareback
Eddie and I go and pick up Ryan King then Jake Riley. We pull up to the park Jake likes to hang out at, and introduce these two. As I tell them this is going to be an anal scene, the boys start to jostle as to,
Up Your Hole
Up Your Hole
Do Some Laps On My Cock!
I've recently taken a side job as a swimming trainer, despite the fact I know fuckall about swimming, except that its bad not to drown. Though that doesn't bother me in the least, expecially when I get to coach this hunk, I show him the backstroke, the brest (tee-hee) stroke, the forward crawl, but the one he really takes to is the cock stroke. He's a pro when it comes to sucking my fat cock, then he offers up his ass to me and I pound the everloving shit out of it. Sorry, I guess he's not air tight anymore :)
Lloyd Adams and Aaron Samuels
Cute twink Lloyd Adams gets a gift from God in the form of everyone's favourite DreamBoy delivery boy Aaron Samuels. Waking up in the middle of the night with no porn, no GPS apps helping him out, he gets a knock on the door and there's Aaron with a heavy box, full of porn DVDs! Thanking the Heavens, Lloyd is pushed back onto the porn-covered bed and gets the blowjob of his life! The devilishly handsome Aaron enjoys Lloyd's dick with a vengeance, almost making him cum at the very beginning, but he's got all night to get attention. As they share each other's dicks, Aaron is soon pulled up over Lloyd and his waiting dick, letting his fuck-mate pound him from below, letting us in on the action as his hole is stretched wide, the tanned Lloyd and the milky white Aaron looking perfect together, especially when his gaping hole is fingered in great close-up, ready for yet another position over the bed! Turning tables on us, this horned up pair flips it around and Lloyd is fucked by Aaron until both lads spunk, leaving only Aaron to wish Lloyd a Happy Birthday... but is it really his birthday?
Splendor In The Ass
This week we have a familiar face back with us and this stud
Patrick Cleans Out Rany's Pipes
Patrick Kennedy shows up to do some plumbing work on Rany Silva's house but ends up cleaning out his pipes instead. He fucks Rany standing up (his favorite position) before pounding him on his back until he jizzes all over himself. When you're getting off like this, who cares if your plumbing isn't working?Patrick is a well known twink star who couldn't resist our offer to get his lollipop sucked! Already with some good experience, this young twink can fuck a bunch, but he is versatile and loves getting some attention to his tight asshole.
Moving In
Moving In
Just a Little Curious
We heard it before a zillion times; \'I have sex three to five times a week and rarely jack-off.\' But when that was said by Kip Johnson, we believed him as 26 year old tall drink of water with the rock star hair, move star face and porn star dick would make even the straightest man rethink his sexuality & before Kip departed the studio, his sexuality was updated to 'hetero-flexible' thanks to the charms of one Hunter Paige. 18 year old Hunter is 5'11\' of Southern charm with a face to match and big 'ole 8.5\' pole that never seems to go soft...especially when he took one look at Kip. But it is the way Kip returned his gaze that lead to one of the hottest straight guy goes gay encounters ever with the rules and roles out the window. Kip was waiting at his girlfriend's place when her roommate, Hunter, returned home and finally got to see what his roomie said \'was the hottest piece of man flesh on the planet\' sitting right there on the couch. Almost tongue tied looking at this A&F fantasy, \'it's too bad you're not gay\' came out of his mouth...but it's what went into his mouth next that we never saw cumming.We expected if anything, is Kip would be thinking of his girl while he let Hunter service him but what went into Hunter's mouth was not Kip's tip, but his tongue. He reached over, pulled Hunter close and proceeded to passionately kiss him complete with running his fingers through his hair, feeling his smooth, tight body and spreading his legs as Hunter's hands explored the bulge you could see from across the room. As Kip stood, he opened his pants and Hunter got on his knees, licked down Kip's six-pack, lowered his underwear and began to feast on that rapidly growing tower. With his hand on the back of Hunter's head, he guided that hungry mouth up and down his cock until Hunter took all eight inches to the base, stopping only for some remedial ball licking before returning to the prize. They took a seat on the couch and before Hunter had Kip's cock back in his mouth, Kip's hand reached over to Hunter's belly and quickly moved to a bulge that was even bigger than his own. Hunter's cock spilled out as Kip opened those jeans and wrapped those perfect lips on the throbbing pink head of Hunter's cock. He banged Hunter's cock on his tongue as he slid to his knees and looked up into Hunter's eyes. Seeing the untouched, inviting curves of Kip's ass, Hunter gave that hole a deep tongue drilling a chorus of moans emanating from Kip as he discovered his ass was more than just decorative, but a source of pleasure he had never dreamed of and I am sure Hunter never dreamed of what happens next.Rather than push him away, he handed the astounded Hunter a condom and immediately surrendered his hole as Hunter steadily worked in the tip, the shaft and by the time Hunter got down to the short and curlies, Kip was resting his moaning face on the floor and with one hand, reaching back and spreading his cheeks to Hunter could go even deeper. Flipping over onto their sides, Kip's balls were already tightening as Hunter laid behind him, raised one leg and buried that bone to the hilt again...and again...and again, leaning over for a nip suck here and quick kiss there before a final move to the chair as Kip rode that dick keeping a firm grip on his own rock hard cock. Raising himself up and down as Hunter lifted up, this fantasy turned reality fuck moved into over drive as Kip leaned back and fisted himself to a load that landed all over Hunter's chin and chest before Hunter added his own massive blast.
Brutally Fucked Hard And Deep
Leroy Dale has his sexy little emo in an awkward position. With one wrist tied to his ankle via the ceiling and the other wrist attached to his balls by the floor, Max Brown can only pull himself in all directions trying to keep balanced as he is brutally fucked and verbally abused by his sadistic captor.
Pinwheel Massage For Ryan Hilton
Ryan Hilton is tied to the bench, with Ashton Bradley initially helping him relax with a slow massage paying special attention to his feet. This is too nice for Ashton though and it isn't long before it's turned up a notch and the pin wheel comes out. With some furious wanking Ashton soon has Ryan moaning and exploding spunk everywhere.
Gym Locker Room Group Fucking
To tell you the truth, everyone is so friendly here. My family gym doesn't even give out towels when I forget mine. It's my fourth time coming here and I pretty much get most of my work outs done in the locker room!
Where Does It Hurt?
Damien has knots all over his back. He's always getting hurt playing around with other boys. Luckily, Tyler Saint is one of the best masseurs in the business. He'll help ease the tension with a fat cock in Damien's sweet ass.
Tyson Tyler Jerking Off
Tyson Tyler is a hot find for us. This 24 year old dark and sexy dude is a country boy with a love for the city, and with that kind of sense of adventure we know he's going to be eager! We find out a lot about him in this interview, including how hung and horny he is. But then it's time for the real good stuff and Tyson shows us how he likes to use his big dick when he's flying solo!
Anal Relaxation
Tyler Alexander is so tense throughout the day. His work seems to get the better of him. To help, he's trying a new method of therapy...Anal Relaxation. I heard it does wonders for your skin!
Dave's Not Here
Dave's Not Here
Jockstrap Orgy 3 Sc1
Euroboy Fuck Club starts with Mauro Bergamo beating one off in the showers of a sports club. As he thinks about soccer players fucking (images from previous Euroboy films Jockstrap Fuck Party and Soccer Lads 3), his cock gets hard and he caresses his body and cock until he shoots a massive load all over his own face.
College Initiation Scene 2
It's time for some more college initiations. Watch the tormenting initiators go at it again with their young college prey. This time there's more sucking, fucking, and hot twink action, all of which is the price to pay for college initiation.
Milan's Chambers
Luke Milan's new boyfriend surpises him with sensual fellatio
Playful Lust
Playful Lust
Filling tight ass with wads of sticky cum
Two male lovers just enjoy having dick sucked. Continuing as sexy boy raped and destroy dude narrow thirsty asshole until guy expel steamy nut juices in his tight crap hole making it more wider
Kneading the Buns
We haven't seen 33 year old Joe Parker since last December, and his strong jaw, agate blue eyes, lean fur covered body and fat, long cock have been seen here topping a variety a hunky, lucky studs, but when he reported to the set today and said he was going to be on the receiving end for the first time at, we couldn't wait to see the man who made Joe's ankles leave the ground: Jeremy Stevens. Jeremy is a 37 year old blond stunner with six feet of muscle, charisma off the charts and sex appeal oozing out of every pore. When we spoke to the two of them afterwards, we weren't surprised to see they were still leaning over for a kiss now and then, but after what had just transpired between them, the fact they were post-orgasm and yet both still rock hard is almost as much of a miracle as the chemistry between these men.
Boys love pissing games
Two horny and nasty twinks are having fun in plastic home pool where they play some pissing game before naughty dude stuff friend ass with huge bareback cock
Man, You Look Good
Man, You Look Good
Buddies Face Fucking Blinx
Buddies Face Fucking Blinx
Biaggi, Disco & Driver UNCUT...
This uncut footage contains an additional 16 minutes of behind the scenes (BTS) with Antonio Biaggi, Dick Disco and Drew Driver. While the cameraman was underneath Biaggi and Drew, he almost gets splattered and Drew has to go "tidy up" and we see Dick sitting their enjoying a little "alone" time.
Derek Reese The Bareback Masseuse!
Derek hails from Atlanta, Georgia and although he may be a masseuse, it was the BukkakeBoys who had their hands all over him! Not surprising given his pretty boy looks and juicy physique.. he had every rod in the room erect for attention in no time! Skipping the massage oil for natural spunk and saliva, Derek eased the cocks into his tight asshole until he was gasping with pleasure. Being the one usually dispensing the oil, it was a pleasant surprise when the boys unloaded their sticky, creamy goo all over his face!
Sweaty Male Massage Session
Tyr hurt his back at work and now he is in to get re-aligned. The out adjustment part is easy. It's getting into the deep fibers of his muscles that will be the problem. For that, this perverted masseuse has dildos and all kinds of toys to get in there. If that doesn't work, there is always some good old classic fucking that never fails
Vanilla Twinks
Vanilla Twinks
Robert Vanderhoff
Bareback assfucking, wild dick sucking and multiple facial cumshots! Add a gorgeous guy who is into big cocks... you got yourself a front row ticket to an intense orgy! These bukkake boys can do it all night long!
Nipple play starts this duo on some hot ass filled action. A masked man helps himself to Dai, a hot twink. As the masked man works on the youngster
Cruising on Craigslist!
Dustin Cooper wants to give older guys a try and he ends up coming across Preston Steel's ad on craigslist. The young Latino boy heads over to watch a movie, but before long he's getting fucked hard by Preston's big dick. Dustin sits on it, takes it doggystyle, and ends up blowing his load while Preston fucks him missionary. Dustin sits up so Preston can cum all over his face and lips.Dustin Cooper seems to spend more time running around in Hollywood than he does in Phoenix, but we like to get him naked and in front of our cameras whenever we can. Even our smaller daddies like huge compared to Dustin's tiny frame!They don't come any sweeter than Preston Steel; you'd be hard pressed to find them much sexier, either! His fun, warm personality is the cherry on top of a furry, masculine body we can't get enough of on film. Working with out and proud gay men is always a treat, Preston is comfortable and confident in his skin and it translates to incredibly hot scenes.
Brenn Pounces Ponce
We can never get enough 'Wyson'. Brenn Wyson is back with us on MenOver30, giving yet another eager buddy the signature Wyson pounding. Brenn is one of a kind. He brings 'it' like only Brenn can. With an accent that screams New England, he's decided he's from Mississippi this afternoon. A far cry from Jamaica but at least he keeps us on our toes. That's also something that can be said about the boys that end up on the other end of that dick of his. This afternoon, it will be 29 year old Steven Ponce. Steven can definitely hold his own with the big boys. This spicy slice of ginger is looking better than ever. We asked these two studs if they could be Kings of any country which country would you want to be crowned King of? Brenn laughs as he answers Miami Beach. If you've ever been to South Florida and have experienced the unique salad bowl of cultures here, we're sure you'd agree at times this does feel like a separate country. Steven rolls his eyes before answering Finland as his choice. 'You never hear about them on the news; so if there's a war anywhere you know you'd be safe in Finland.' Well, Steven's about to have his borders invaded so he better start worrying about his 'ass'-ets a lot closer to home. They start kissing as Brenn starts rubbing his cock as it stiffens in his jeans. Steven's hands begin to roam as he pulls off Brenn's tee before getting stripped down himself. These two aren't wasting any time. Once their clothes come off, they go to work on each other. Brenn is in the mood for some Puerto Rican cuisine as he savors every inch of Steven's rock hard cock. Brenn spit-shines and gets Steven rock hard before standing up so that Steven can return the favor. Brenn holds his head as he starts to fuck his throat. He knows what he likes on his cock, and he's gonna get it. Steven keeps working on Brenn's massive meat as best he can as Brenn starts trying to get a better idea of what's in store. He paws at Steven's smooth ass as he fingers and tries to explore as best he can with Steven still latched on to his throbbing cock. Steven knows just what to do to reign in Brenn's focus as he starts to throat fuck himself with Brenn's cock. Brenn lies back in awe as he watches the hot Hispanic tongue fest he's receiving. Don't try this at home folks
A Cummy Wet Hole For JR
JR and Jason are a perfect twinky match in this bareback fuck. The boys have some jizz to pump out and they both know how to achieve their goal. With some delicious sucking and some intense bareback fucking, Jason gets his semen splashing all over JR's freshly fucked hole, and then he gets a tasty reward from JR's big dick too!Sexy twink boy Jason calls himself Omnisexual and that he falls for the person and not the gender, but regardless of that we have a lot of horny bottom boys ready to take that long cut cock of his in their tight little ass. He's a horny guy who can cum once, and cum again soon after, so plenty of videos can be expected!JR loves all kinds of guys but he has a thing for both twinks and muscled older hunks too. As a dedicated bottom he's really into taking it from a powerful partner, and we have a lot of guys who would love to have the chance to show him what they can do too. There will definitely be a lot of opportunities for that!
Fucking the Boss' Son While on the Job
Julian Smiles was hired to paint, but he'll fuck the boss' son for free! After Ryan Sharp comes onto him, he lets the other boy get down on his knees to service him. Once his dick is wet, Julian throws on a condom and fucks Ryan doggy against the ladder and on the floor. In missionary, Ryan cums while getting fucked before Julian shoots his load all over him.This twenty year old stud-pup found his way to us in Arizona all the way from Alaska! He's new to porn and got himself a pretty fitting name: Julian Smiles. He says he's bisexual but he's rockin' that straight-boy look pretty hard!The stunning Ryan Sharp only just turned eighteen years old and he's very new to porn, but he's eager to show off what he's got. Being signed exclusively with BoyCrush means he'll also be appearing underneath the hot jocks and daddies featured on Phoenixxx. We can't wait to see him put those gorgeous lips and round ass to good use!
Steve Philips And Tommy Benson
Ex-Army lad Tommy Benson is back in the bedroom and this time he's doing the work as he services a brand new boy. Steve Philips is just starting out in porn, but this gay lad is about to receive perhaps the best cock sucking he's ever had! He's cute, a little nervous but ready to enjoy it as Tommy greedily sucks and wanks on the new boys long and slim dick, taking a hot load to the mouth before wanking out a massive load!
Diesel Power
It's been far too long since our studio has been Diesel driven but this week we're in for a treat as we welcome back Diesel Washington. The Man, the myth, and this afternoon, the lover as Diesel decides to take things down a notch and show us and his co-star, Dylan Roberts, the 'softer side' of Diesel. You heard it here first! This will be 21 years old Dylan's 2nd time on EBD and we're pretty sure this Valentine
Hello Daddy
Father and Son Shopping Spree
Football Fuck 5
Daniel is cleaning the changing rooms but the sight of dirty jockstraps and football kits makes him super excited and horny. He takes a Jockstrap and smells it while stroking his cock and then imagines what it would be like to have a guy there willing to give him permission to touch him all over and cum all over!
Jessy Ares solo
There’s only a few things that can fix a bad day. Having a wank right after clocking off is one of those. Jessy didn’t even wait to get home. His cock had been rock hard all day. He feels the rough material rubbing on the head of his cock. He lets it out and keeps the fabric wrapped around his cock to heighten the feeling. Rough is so good he slots his cock in another overall and literally fucks the locker. Jessy sits down, indulges in a more classic wank but the space between the wooden slats of his bench look just big enough to fit his cock through… Jessy really goes for it and fucks anything available that will help him release the tension. He turns around, lay on his back and finally convulses from the orgasm and spews a thick load that slowly drips off his cock. The day is truly over, time to hit the showers and go home.
Lollipop Boys Love Hard Cock Too
The hardcore scene between Colby London and Skyelr Bleu starts with them sucking on a lollipop and resting in bed. The sugary treat is big and colorful and all that licking and sucking turns them on to the point that a good hardcore fuck is inevitable. Colby is quite the cocksucker and his oral skills are very much appreciated by Skyelr, a top twink that loves to fuck a tight ass. The BJ gets him to that place and the anal fucking isn't far behind. The doggy style is particularly hot since much of it is filmed from behind with a perfect view of the anal entrance.Amazingly cute! Those two words don't even start to describe Colby London. He's sweet, hot and sexy!Skyelr says he's done girls before, but put a cock in front of him and we quickly see what gender he prefers!
Jock Heat Starring Tetsuya and Kiyomine
After some hot jogging, Tetsuya needed to cool off on a bench. That's when he met Kiyomine. Although he promised Tetsuya he'd 'cool off' at their place with their aircon, quite the opposite happened. The heat from their passionate kissing and sucking was enough to set the room on fire!
Joe Bondi and Damion Harrison
Laying back and dreaming of his ideal DreamBoy's, blond Aussie Joe Bondi plays with his stunningly beautiful twink body as he gives us a tour of his deepest darkest fantasises. Rocking up to a working farm yard, Blond beauty Joe meets the slim pale labourer Damion hard at work getting the logs ready for the winter. Stripping off in the blinding sunshine, milky white Damion shows our stunning Aussie Adonis that it's not all about tanned skin, even though the contrast is fucking brilliant as they get together, stripping until almost naked under the summer sun. Rock hard and with the kind of sexual appetite reserved for beautiful twinks, their dicks are soon slick with spit and Joe's amazingly smooth ass is gagging for Damion's thick dick!! Legs spread wide, Damion takes Joe right there, sliding his shaft up to the hilt, over and over, giving the lad from Down Under his first taste of Brit dick, and from the way his own beautiful cock twitches as he's fucked hard, he's loving it!! Spunking thick loads as he sucks Damion's dick until he climaxes, he's treated to a final cum facial, and yet still sucks that dick dry until the sun goes down!!
Can't Cum Soon Enough
Can't Cum Soon Enough
The Spank Bank
A new face for you this week as we welcome yet another hung hottie to the site. Darius Suave is a young 20 and hails from the Aloha State. Darius is the perfect mix of Hawaiian and Latin heritage. He admits he thinks Spanish girls are by far the hottest girls anywhere. His ideal girl would be short, with light brown eyes, long black curly hair, cinnamon skin, well dressed with a tight body and have to smell really good. Someone's been dreamin' bout this girl a while. Darius knew he had a larger than average dick from the first time he had sex with a girl back in junior high. Having a big, uncut dick has its perks but it has it's drawbacks as well since there are some girls that take one look and say 'Hell no!' lol It's more the girth that gets to them. Having a big dick we wondered if he had any advice for people who want to take a big dick like his. Darius suggests that you relax your jaw and if you want it inside just prepare for a bit of pain. Well, sometimes to get that dick that feels like it should; it's gonna...hurt SO good!Darius sits back in his boxers as he plays with his growing cock. He has a smooth upper body with a sexy happy trail that disappears into his briefs. His briefs are having trouble containing his large cock as he pulls it out the side. His heavy nuts spill out as he frees his massive dick. He tugs on his smooth balls with one hand as he strokes his cock with the other. We can see why Darius knew he was gifted early on; this kid's hung like a small horse. He stands up and towers over the camera to show off his equipment as he drops his briefs. He takes both of his hands, clasping them together as he uses them to stroke his fat cock. He slowly pumps into his hands like he's tapping some ass before spitting on his swollen member. He slicks that cock up some as he continues to play with his dick that's definitely in a league all its own. Darius spits on his big cock from time to time as he continues to tease that cock and foreskin until its rock hard and throbbing.Darius then decides to show off that ass you can admire but you just can't touch. His bubble butt is muscular and he spreads his cheeks apart knowing he's giving you a peek at the impossible. Darius then turns his attention back to his throbbing uncut cock as he lies back on the chaise; spreads his legs and takes all the time he needs to double fist and work that cock until his smooth balls start to pull up tight around the base of his meat. Darius then gets back on his feet as he goes back to stroking his fat dick and teasing us as he swings it from side to side. All the attention on his cock is getting him closer to climax as Darius picks up the pace. His hand works his meat focusing on his sensitive knob as his muscles begin to tense and writhe anticipating the impending boom. <please put on your splatter shields now> Darius lets out a soft moan as his thick load shoots off and rains down all over the glass coffee table below. Stop licking the screen! (You know who you are!) lol
Beefcake Special Ending
Massaging Marc was so fucking hot. I could feel the crevasses of this hard buff body with the tips of my fingers. After I got him all oiled up, I start stroking his cock til it got rock hard. Then I seduced him with my notorious blowjobs. He left a changed man.
The Gay Frat
There comes a time in every gay frat house when the guys have to admit they're gay, they're hot and they're horny. Bobby Clark is the last young man to give into this truth but doesn't take much convincing as one of the hottest Jizz Orgies yet breaks out with 4 of's hottest studs: Tommy Defendi, Mike De Marko and Micah Brandt.
Glory Hole Switch
Glory Hole Switch
Summer Heat
An afternoon in the sun turns Jace into one horny guy. He'll turn anyone into a sex machine
Brokeback Bareback
Broke back mountain comes to life in this scorching hot gay porn scene, when two hot studs in cowboy hats and even hotter bodies, grab each others cocks out on the farm and slide themselves into a extreme hardcore bareback fuck party!
On the Quiver Banks
Halloween is here and, all tricks aside, we have a new treat on MenOver30 that goes by the name of Sean Banks. Sean is 23, a Florida native and a first timer from Gator Country. Well Gainesville is in the house and in good hands as veteran Troy Halston does the honors and shows Sean the ropes. In keeping with current affairs, we asked these studs if they had the ability to address both Houses of Congress to fix one thing, what it would be. On Sean
Itchin' & Scratchin'
Chris Tyler and Ty Tucker are back in the house and it's never a dull moment with these Sun Coast boys around. Chris is 26 years young and from Tampa and O-Town boy, Ty is 23 years young. Orlando has more to offer than the Magic Kingdom? Who knew! With the Summer Olympics looming we wondered what event these studs would go to if they had their pick. Chris would want to see men's gymnastics, 'Cuz the boys are SO hot' Chris says in his best effeminate voice. Mmhmm. Ty would want to go see Swimming. (surprised?) When it came to playing sports in high school, Chris played football, baseball and did wrestling. Ty was an avid weight-lifter, played football and ran track as well. If sex was an Olympic event we wondered what category they'd win gold in. 'Tea-bagging!' grins Chris, packing more balls than the average smart ass. He's definitely qualified. Ty would win gold in the fucking category cuz he's a 'Grade-A Cock Star'. Ty, given the choice, would love to have a hot orgy scene with beautiful women. Chris's fantasy scene hits a little closer to home as he admits his secret fantasy is to find someone that can fit all three of his balls in their mouth... Jaws of Life coming right up.Ty and Chris are chillin' when Ty starts to tease Chris about his recently shaved chest. 'Doesn't that itch?' he says as Chris gets up to show off what doesn't. He peels off his tank to reveal his washboard abs. Ty starts to run his hands all over Chris' pecs and abs and his hands roam south to the bulge in his pants. 'What's going on here?' he grins as Chris undoes his pants and gives him the chance to find out. Ty pulls out Chris' massive nuts as he gets to work lapping at those huge nuts. Chris just moans as he gets his nuts then his uncut cock serviced. He holds Ty's head as he starts to fuck his face. 'Suck that cock, Boy!' he grunts as Ty slobbers all over his throbbing meat. Chris then straddles Ty's face fucking his throat so deep he repeatedly makes him gag on it. Not one to be deterred, Ty goes right back to swallowing that meat and licking those meaty balls. Chris then gets on his knees to return the favor as he swallows Ty's dick. His hot little ass is in the air as he blows Ty on all four. Ty's cock is rock hard as he watches Chris savor every inch of his thick dick making it all wet and ready for more.Chris is getting horny for more as he straddles Ty's cock and eases himself down on it. 'Tight little ass' Ty teases as Chris' hot hole continues to take his cock. Chris struggles to take it all but soon he's riding that dick like a champ. Once he gets used to it inside he starts to bounce up and down on Ty's dick. 'I bet you love that fuckin' ass, don'tcha!' Chris grunts as Ty begins to slam his cock up into him. Ty then turns Chris around and fucks him in a reverse cowgirl as Chris helps himself to as much cock as he can take in that tight ass. Chris' own cock is hard and bobbin' like a trampoline as he grinds that hot hole down wanting to get every inch Ty has to offer in his str8 ass. Fortunately, what comes around goes around. 'Fuck that hole feels so good' Chris groans as he bends Ty over and fucks that ass doggy style. Ty whimpers as he tries to accommodate the pounding he's getting. Chris spanks that ass as he owns Ty's tight hole. Chris' balls slap away at that sore ass as Ty just whimpers and begs for more. As they get close they stand side by side and bust their loads all over the glass table each one impressed with the other's huge load. Whew. Str8 boys!-Go figure.
Soccer Boys Cum Massage
Super sexy soccer player Clark Fox lets us watch as he slowly undresses and strokes his beautiful uncut European cock. Tour his firm body, while he works up his almost always erect dick, until he lets a load of cum shoot in his hand! Then this fine, sexy guy rubs his own cum around his asshole, chest and face! A perfect lotion for a sensual self massage!
You Know What Else Feels Good?
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A Waxy Hole For Zacary!
After taking control of Zacary's dick and locking it up, Leroy takes his time to abuse and tease his new boy. Leroy lights up the candles and begins working over Zacs back, making sure to get as much flesh as possible, before parting his boys tight ass cheeks and pouring the wax straight onto his virgin hole.
Fucked To A Self Facial!
Beefy lad Jeremy Feist might not be too impressed with his closeted friend Preston Steel, but the guy wants that cock no matter what! The guys are taking what time they have alone to really appreciate each other in this anal slamming scene, starting off with cock sucking and ass rimming before Preston slides his hard cock into that beefy ass of his lover and fucks the huge cumshot out of him!When we shot in Montreal this year, we had the chance to work with sexy Toronto pup, Jeremy Feist! This boy has a taste for leather, so we may have to bring him back for a kinkier scene (or two!) in the future. When he's not fucking on camera, Jeremy also writes regularly for!They don't come any sweeter than Preston Steel; you'd be hard pressed to find them much sexier, either! His fun, warm personality is the cherry on top of a furry, masculine body we can't get enough of on film. Working with out and proud gay men is always a treat, Preston is comfortable and confident in his skin and it translates to incredibly hot scenes.
Horny Patient
Horny Patient
Switched OFF & Turned ON
They are chilling out, watching some of the show back to pass the time. Junior says he’s sick of the show and he doesn’t care who wins now, he just wants to get back to normal life, disagreeing Tyson says he’s in it to win it and he’s gonna do what it takes, even if that means being fucked by his only competition. This scene is such a hot mix of dark skin, dirty talk and massive cocks. Tyson blows Junior for all he’s worth, he’s got some serious head skills. All the while sticking his big bubble butt in the air, just begging to be played with. Junior tongue fucks his sweet hole, and then plows into him. He smashes his ass up! They both shoot over Tysons abs making a big sticky mess.