Why I Shouldn't Misbehave
Conner Bradley writes an apologetic essay after misbehaving, but his teacher Brock Landon decides to try a little corporal punishment. Conner finds himself on his knees, sucking Brock's dick. Brock gets a taste of his student's big cock before bending the boy over his desk to fuck him doggystyle. When Brock leans back on a student desk, Conner fucks himself on his dick until he cums all over the floor. Conner ends up on his knees again, sucking Brock's dick until the teacher gives the boy a sticky facial.
Gay orgy stimulated by alcohol
Really horny gay boys have a fire burning between crotches as they instantly use their dicks to put out the fire as they fuck really hard and shoot hot juice on each other in amazing and crazy sex party
Fireside Romp
Devin gets a nice bath, massage and fuck
Sex Club Filming Adventure
This is a first for Japanboyz and the crew and unlike anything we've ever done or experienced. Thanks to one of our contacts in Japan being a "friend of a friend" we'll say, we were invited to a rare and unique event. The best I can do to describe it would be sort of like having an "open house" but, by invitation only. On this particular day, a local "sex club" provides a unique service for both their "members" (clients) and a "select few" companies in the porn industry. Yup, you guessed it, we happen to be one of the "select few" this time. Of course, members have to complete the legal documentation, but this is part of their fantasy... to be a famous porn star. As you watch this video, you'll hear conversations and commotion in the background. This is from other members and film crews as they move throughout the facility from room to room. It was a truly a very unique experience for us and nothing or anyone could have prepared us for. Upon entering, the rules are explained to us as a film crew and we are shown where to go. As we walk down a hallway passing room after room, sex explodes in every imaginable form and in some ways that none of you ever even considered or dared think about. We spot a door at the end of the hall with a window and a man sitting in what we now know is a private 2 person sauna. As we approach, the gentleman is alone and pleasuring himself, acknowledges our presence and invites us to open the door. We engage in conversation and learn that he goes by the name of "Ko" within the club. Let's fast forward to the next scene. Moving to a small but empty bedroom nearby, we get to see ALL of Ko and his beautifully sculpted muscular body. (get a load of those abs!) He obviously works out in real life and perhaps a body builder with his muscular chest and upper body. The legs too! He is completely shaven smooth right down to every "crook and cranny." Besides the unique set of cock and ball ring that he wears, he has a butt plug the likes of which none of us have ever seen. It's really magnificent! Ko lives out his sexual fantasies to the fullest here at the club and includes wearing a meshed covered ski mask. While lying on the bed cooling off from the sauna, we get to take in every inch of his body with our camera... WOW! is all I can say and it's not often I say that after having worked in this industry and seen or at least thought I had seen pretty much everything there was to see. After a few minutes, a young man (Kaede) 18 to 20 I would say, enters Ko's room and approaches Ko laying on the bed. Kaede starts to play and suck on Ko's enlarged nipples which seems to drive him crazy with excitement as we see Ko's cock stiffen. Kaede continues sucking on Ko's nipples and twisting them as Ko himself twists and turns in the bed unable to hold back. Kaede then moves down to suck Ko's hard cock. Ko reaches down to undress Kaede and play with his nipples while Kaede is busy sucking his cock and then turns Kaede over on the bed and reaches into his pants and takes the lead of aggressor. Lying on top of Kaede, he kisses and pulls at Kaede's tongue with his teeth and lips before moving down to suck on his nipples. Once removing Kaede's pants, Ko positions himself between Kaede's legs and begins to suck on the boys cock and then aggressively eat and tongue his ass. When the time is right, Ko reaches for the lube and begins to work his fingers in and out of Kaede's hole. Ko then gives Kaede a good face fucking and they exchange some kissing before Ko throws Kaede's legs back in the air and drives his cock, cock rings and all into Kaede's ass until he cums deep inside of Kaede. This is raw, unrehearsed Japanese gay bareback sex at its best! The video doesn't end here. Earlier on and being the "kinky little shit" that I am, I had placed a mini camcorder in the bathroom "just in case" (wink). As fortune would have it, we got to see Kaede jack himself off after being fucked by Ko. So don't think the video is over when Ko cums in Kaede's ass!
Nikko Fucked Hard
This handsome man came by my place for some relaxation. He had a nice tight body...this made me horny. It felt so good when my cock was deep inside his tight greasy asshole.
Chad Pounds Little Roxy
Chad Hollywood may love bottoming, but he's also a great top! He proves his topping abilities in this scene by pounding the hell out of our little Roxy Red. And speaking of Roxy, even though he looks tiny and frail, we can always count on him to take a hard pounding and get off on it, too! We might have to pair these two together again sometime.This blue-eyed cutie is from the sunny Southwest. He enjoys being a bottom but really... he just loves to fuck!My Baretwinks experience was extraordinary !
Mates Part 1
Mates is a British porn-drama about the complicated relationship between Paddy O’Brian and his best mate Paul Walker. Sexual tension is in the air but fear causes their mutual desire go unspoken. Paul meets Dean Monroe at a gay bar and eventually becomes the vehicle for Paul to express the passion meant for Paddy.
Three's Company
The last time we saw Geo Reigns on CJB, he was bringing up the rear and finishing last in a race to lose his load, and he paid for it with a culinary bonus that he'd rather forget about. But all that is behind him, and now he's joined by Nick Decker and Damian, two open minded guys who don't mind sharing the couch with each other. Much more subdued without the threat of a limp biscuit looming over their heads, the guys strip down and spread their legs, each of them taking their cock in hand and commencing to flog. Geo steals a look over at Nick's cock as Nick strokes away, while Damian is content to lube up and go at it from the corner. Geo shows new form and finishes first, losing his load all over his chest as Nick follows suit and squeezes one out, leaving only Damian to finish, who is in no hurry. Damian slowly teases the head of his lubed-up cock and works his palm up and down its shaft in a playful manner, until he trips something and realizes he's right on verge of busting his nut, which he does in a milky white explosion, damn near hitting himself in the face as Nick and Geo look on and laugh. Enjoy!
Kenzo the Papi
Kenzo the Papi
Aitor & Carlos
Carlos Caballero is one hot man. He's not hairy, but he's huge, solid and handsome with a big, uncut cock between his legs. I haven't seen him on video for a long time, so when Aitor said he could persuade Carlos back in front of the camera, I was there to shoot it. Carlos stands about 8 inches taller than Aitor (who's no small guy) he's a broad-shouldered, muscled hunk, and in full leather, complete with jackboots and moustache, he's everything Aitor asked for and more when he said he wanted to be dominated. Aitor's soon on his knees, worshipping Carlo's juicy uncut cock, licking his boots and ready to obey. Carlos throws Aitor in a sling and plays with his ass while smoking a fine Cuban cigar... which he slides into Aitor's ass (I swear I see a smoke ring at one point!) and twists gently. He's not so gentle with his cock though, slamming it all the way into Aitor and taking his breath away. He let's Aitor have every inch and his big balls are slapping on Aitor's ass as he fucks him hard and fast. When Aitor can take no more, he's given a faceful of cum from his master, before unloading onto Carlos's shiny jackboots, then licking them clean and swallowing it all down.
King Cobras
Mike King is back in the house after making quite the impression last week when he showed off his thick 9
Kai Cruz And Tommy Benson
Two of our most familiar boys are back for this video! Kai Cruz and Tommy Benson are masters when it comes to sucking cock and face fucking each other, but the hungry lads are not leaving it at just some oral action for this video! After eating out Kai's hole Tommy takes aim and eases his 7.5" tool into Kai's ass, slamming him good and hard! Kai gets some cum fucked and wanked out of his cock, but when Tommy delivers a fat mess of semen on his chest he has to squirt again!
For Wad It's Girth
This week we are proud to bring you one of the 'biggest' names in the industry. Well, he may not be the biggest name around; but at 27 Girth Brooks definitely has the equipment to make even the seasoned size queen take stock. Originally from Massachusetts Girth more than lives up to his name. He has a boyish air about him yet he's definitely a manly man. The physique is delicious, the chest is defined and hairy, the smile could brighten any room and that extra thick dick would make most pray for an unhinging jaw. Lol Girth now calls Florida home and he has no intent of crossing the Mason Dixon line anytime soon. 'Fuck no' he says, 'I'm a fan of the warm weather and lack of clothing that gets to be worn here.' Girth enjoys watching CNN and the sports channel (& porn). Does that give you any clue? Yeah, Girth's a certified str8 guy. He admits he hasn't been recognized much on the street which helps. He's dating a girl now that knows what he does for a living and she's ok with it. I'm sure weighing the pros and cons she's sticking around for everything Girth brings to the table. Next week we'll get to see just what that is when Girth agrees to get some help on that thick cock of his.Girth starts to stretch as he gets comfortable. As he does, he starts to take his clothes off. His tee comes off giving us our first glimpse of that hairy chest. He keeps his chest trimmed short but long enough to form a faint happy trail down the middle of his defined abs. He has a natural 5 o'clock shadow that just adds to his sex appeal. He takes his shorts off and as he does we can already make out the beginnings of a pop tent growing in his boxer briefs. Those briefs look like they're hiding an anaconda. He grabs that thick dick and teases it as he tugs at it and slaps at it with his other hand. Girth then drops his briefs and crawls into bed with a good book. Girth does his best to read but there seems to be a huge distraction below the sheets. Girth grins as he sees the huge pop tent that's formed in the comforter. He reaches in and hauls out his massive cock. His dick is a solid 8' dick that is by far thicker than the average dick, Bubu. He strokes that aching meat with both hands as he starts to give his cock the attention it requires. Even with both fists wrapped around his monster cock there's room for more.Girth then moves over to the chair where he continues to stroke his swollen meat. He puts his left hand behind his head showcasing his sexy pits. He slowly runs his tongue along his bicep and pit which just makes his dick throb harder. Girth is stroking that meat faster as he focuses on his meaty knob. He stands to give us a better view as the cam goes in from below giving us a spectacular view of those smooth balls and that thick cock. Girth knows just how to show off what he's packing. He then gets on the couch and assumes a more revealing position as he gets on all four. He arches his back a bit as his beautiful ass gets put on display. Look all you want boys, that's as close as you're gonna get to that ass. There isn't a bad angle on this stud. He strokes that cock underhand as he shows off that sweet ass that's framed by his sexy tan lines. Girth's cock is getting close so he flips over and lies back to give that cock the release it's now begging for. He grabs that thick cock by the base as he jacks off faster. His smooth nuts pull in tight as he prepared to unload. His abs contract as he starts to moan and groan aloud as his rock hard explodes coating his furry happy trail with his thick load. <evil grin>
Home-Made Euro Twinks Porn
Home-Made Euro Twinks Porn
Behind The Scenes: November 2012
Taking us Behind the Scenes at the HustlaBall and Hot Rods Awards, we’ve been given exclusive access to the models on and off stage, treated to sexy interviews, voyeuristic angles we’d all be guilty of in person! With the ultimate Alphamale Trojan Rock himself hosting the awards show and some very exclusive shots of US stars Morgan Black and Dominic Sol getting down and dirty after the awards are all handed out and the mood turns towards the sweaty business of man on man sex!
Erotic Ninja Presents - The Hitma...
In a rented room, a videographer invites a boy to come in and entertain him, while filming all the fun for us to enjoy. At first, the boy servicing is shy and a bit coy about undressing; the videographer helps the boy undress and shows us his nice biceps and abs. In this
Leed's Oily Massage Happy Ending!
Sore from stress at the office Leed hire us to give him a massage. A massage turned into just a little bit more then a Happy Ending...
Prison Shower
Prison Shower
Kayden Daniels And Kenedy Alves
Gorgeous dancer Kayden Daniels introduces us to his sexy Latino boyfriend Kenedy Alves, and what a catch he has too! Both boys are so horny on screen, but seeing that uncut bottom boy taking his boyfriends hard cock and hearing him loving every moment of it is especially awesome! He knows how to take Kayden's big dick, and a hot load to the face too!Kayden Daniels is a pretty strict top who likes to put on a hot show for his audience, and being a dancer suits that exhibitionist nature. He definitely has a lot to show off and share though with his sexy slim body and a delicious juicy pink dick too!Kenedy Alves is a natural on camera. This cute Latino boy is so horny all the time, he's constantly showing his appreciation with his encouraging words and his hard uncut cock too. He loves to get fucked, and hearing him moaning and groaning as he takes it might be enough to have you unloading before him!
Top Model
Tyler is interested in getting into modeling. Angel is more than happy to show him the way
John & Allan
Real-life hairy lovers John Connery and Alan Knight have awesome chemistry. This fully versatile couple take turns sucking each other's hard uncut cocks. Then they each get down on all fours to get their asses pounded hard. The dirty talk in this video is something else!
Jake Tied Up And Abused
This time, handsome crew member Luke Desmond is in charge taking control of buff, teen Jake Kelvin. Kelvin begins to understand that power is all about who's in chains and who's not. Very nervous, Jake takes Luke's 9.5-inch dick in his virgin ass and cries out as it pounds deep into his hole. Lowering his head with shame, Jake finds himself ordered to suck Luke's dick as he calls to the crew, inviting everyone in to jerk-off over Jake. Sebastian and Kieron join Luke's fun, cocks out, hard and being wanked until each crew member releases their hot loads over humiliated Jake's face.Jake is a gorgeous young man with an awesome jock body from dedicated gym visits. He's straight, but his cock cannot refuse the pleasure when another guy is working it and trying to get him off. The handsome boy is becoming pretty popular with the other kinky dominant lads, and it's no surprise to us!Kieron Knight is one of those British guys who loves to pleasure and tease a boys hard cock against his will. That's what this kinky fucker is all about. The dominant top gets off on making a lad hard in his hands, sucking him off and making him squirm and squirt a hot load - but he's not always the one giving it!Luke Desmond has to be one of the hottest British boys in the business, and his immense uncut 9" cock is now pretty famous. But that's not all that makes this boy one of the hottest, he's a great lad to have in a scene totally dominating another boy with that massive hard uncut tool between his legs!Sebastian Kane is the master when it comes to using and abusing young men and twinky boys in the UK. He has a special warehouse where he likes to take his boys and make them cry out in pain and pleasure, making their cum flood out and splashing them with his by the time they're done! He's one real kinky fucker!
Big Black Dick Goes Deep
Demetrius has such a big hard black dick that it's no surprising he loves it when a gay guy takes every inch of that thing. He's getting the kind of servicing no chick can give in this visit, with Joe sucking on that big tool and then taking it in the butt for a hot and hard fucking, ending with a load to the face for Joe!
Edu & Miles
Hairy and tattooed man Edu Boxer made his debut here a couple of months back. He was fucking some hot older ass and it's one of my favourite videos to date. (Check it out Edu Boxer Fucking Ass.) And it turns out that you guys really like Edu Boxer, too! I got quite a bit of e-mail about this hairy, Italian stud, so I called him up and invited him over for another hot fuck session. This time I paired him up with Miles, who has also showed off his hot cock in Beefy Uncut Hunk. And together, these two tattooed men have quite a bit of ink. In this gay sex video, Miles is down on his knees in the laundry room, sorting through the dirty clothes. He comes across a pair of Edu Boxer's underwear and he gives them a sniff. Then he finds Edu's sweaty jockstrap and starts rubbing his own crotch. As Miles is snorting on Edu's jockstrap, the hairy Italian hunk enters the laundry room. He scolds Miles in Italian and then invites the bald man to suck his thick uncut cock. The two men swap blowjobs right there on the laundry room floor, and then, Edu starts working over Miles's ass. This bald, hairy and tattooed hunk looks so hot bent over the washing machine, and he's begging for Edu to fuck his ass. You're going to love watching this dirty Italian hunk taking care of his buddy's ass.
First Time Massage
This is the first time Jake has visited me for a massage, so I decide to break him in gently, massaging his big muscle bound arms and chest before slowly moving down to his nice tight ass. Jason has never had a massage before, so he thinks this is all normal, even when I get on top of him, pounding that tight ass. He figures its just a deep tissue rub down.
Rocco & Kinky Boy
Rocco Banks is on duty at Master U's leather shop when KinkyBoy comes in. Wearing his shirt and tie, KinkyBoy definitely looks out of place. Rocco, on the other hand, looks hot wearing his leather pants and vest. His well-defined bare, hairy chest and pumped up guns look pretty tempting. He helps KinkyBoy pick out a shirt, and then, Rocco fetches a leather jockstrap from the wall. KinkyBoy has no idea how to put it on, so Rocco helps him. As KinkyBoy slips off his trousers he asks, "Is it safe, I'm not wearing any underpants?" Rocco assures him the door's locked and KinkBoy slides his pants around his ankles. His huge, uncut cock flops free. Rocco helps him into the leather jockstrap, commenting on his big cock. KinkyBoy notices Rocco's own huge dick in his leather pants and reaches for it. "Can you pull your cock out?" KinkyBoy asks. And when Rocco fishes out his own uncut cock, KinkyBoy squats and swallows it. After servicing this leather man's beautiful uncut dick, KinkyBoy lies back on the work bench and hoists his legs. Rocco plays with his shaved smooth fuck hole and drives the bottom crazy. "Will you fuck me with that?" he asks Rocco. "Gently," he adds. Rocco slides his monster deep inside and just about splits Kinky Boy open. And then Rocco wants to show this guy how to take a cock, so he hopes up in the sling and KinkyBoy buries his 9-inch uncut dick deep inside Rocco. This video was shot on location at Master U. Rocco Banks will be appearing there on July 2 to help the leather shop launch their new website. Butch Dixon will join the festivities to premiere this movie. Check out the Butch Dixon news section for more information.
Dylan Thompson and his Curve
At thirty years old, Dylan Thompson is a bit more... mature than most of the fellas we have through our studio. But considering his handsome face, striking blue-eyes, and huge curved cock, we thought you all might be interested! ;-)
College Cum Sluts 3way
Three horny, slightly tipsy young boys chilling out in the living room. Not long before they start sucking and fucking, shooting hot loads into the younger ones face!
Hentai Call Boy
Toraeamon is home pleasuring himself when he decides he's not going solo tonight and makes a call. Next we see Ko show up and do a strip tease showing off his muscular smooth body. Toraemon sits back on the bed to enjoy the show and Ko's body furthered enhanced by a sexy leather body harness. After the show, Ko joins Toraemon on the bed and they begin making out. Toraemon drives Ko nuts sucking and licking on his nipples. You may recall that both of these men have sensitive nipples and thoroughly enjoy the nipple play. As for Toraemon, I don't think there's an "un-sensitive" spot on his body as we watch him twist and turn throughout the entire scene. This is the first time we get to see Toraemon as the top and apparently not a bad top at all as we watch Ko squirm, moan and groan the entire time Toraemon fucks him. These two together with their sensitive bodies and neither of them the kind of guys that hold back anything on camera, make for one hot fuck. Watch Ko as he continues to jerk himself off after cumming and shows us what a good jerk off should look like!
Nervous Jitters
Nervous Jitters
Soccer Lads 3 Sc2
Dirty and sweaty after the match, Tobias and Daniel head for the showers
Onesie Direction - Jay and Aaron
It's cold this time of the year and our sexy twinks stroll along in their cute onesies. Jay is getting quite horny and being all alone in his room, gets his cock out and starts wanking but as soon as he gets into the spirit his flatmate Aaron walks in wearing his cow onesie. What happens next? Stripping, kissing, sucking, fucking and two hot loads of cum!
Office Cock Seduction
Jimmy Fanz had no clue what he was in for when he walked into the office. Luckily he was surprised with a hard, thick cock that was going to train his ass!
Dante is a young Latino who seems to really enjoy pissing a lot so much that he pisses 4 different times in this fucking hot video! He starts by pissing in his baseball cap. He must have gotten really turned on because he jerk off and busts his nut! He then pisses immediately after he shoots his load...like we said, he really enjoys pissing because he pisses 2 more times for you to enjoy!
The Big Finnish
This week we have a special treat as we welcome back Steven Daigle. Steven is gonna have his hands full with one of our alumni that is coming out of retirement after 8 years. Peter Finland is back and looking hot as ever at 45. Steven is now 38 and we know Peter's in good hands with our resident exhibitionist. Both of these guys love to be in front of an audience and they both have current projects underway. Steven, of 'Big Brother' fame, will be featured in a new gay movie called 'Eating Out 4
BIG Coxx
Mason Coxx is back with us again and with a namesake like Coxx we
Taken For A Ride
We have two new faces for the CircleJerkBoys stable
Austin and Travis
Austin Grant and Travis Cooper have not been together before so when our member,
Austin Chandler has just returned from a trip, and Sean Duran has been waiting anxiously for him to do so. As Austin unpacks his clothes, Sean has ideas about unpacking something else, sneaking up from behind and pulling Austin's pants off in one fell swoop. Austin is somewhat startled, but as soon as Sean falls to his knees and unleashes Austin's huge 8' cock from its restriction, he eases up and realizes how good it is to be home. Flipping Sean over on the couch, Austin moistens up his asshole with his tongue, before plunging his cock deep inside Sean, as both guys emit a grunt of satisfaction upon entry. Austin plows Sean from behind, then gets down on the floor and Sean rides him to climax, where Austin pulls out and blasts Sean with a massive load that covers Sean's face and trickles down the rest of his body. Enjoy!
James D & Scott S
Extra hung horny lad James Dixon pushes Scott Spencer to him limits, getting his huge thick uncut dick sucked, then shoves two fingers up Scotts arse before fucking him hard in three positions then spunking his load over him.. The lads start off on the sofa, in sports kit, getting a feel of each other bodies and rubbing the bulges in their shiny nylon shorts, and get down to some kissing and groping... James lifts his vest to get his nipples licked and sucked by Scott, and then they switch, with James having a good suck on Scotts nipples whilst squeezing his bulge, which starts to get hard in his shorts. They take off their tops and kiss and grope some more, before pulling down each others shorts to get a better feel of each others goods... both lads are sporting pretty hefty bulges in their white undies, and after some horny groping and nipple sucking, both lads get big rock solid boners, and then the undies come off..James has a really massive dick, its thick, veiny, uncut with plenty of foreskin, and Scott wastes no time in getting down to some hot oral action. He tries to suck deep but the girth on James huge meat proves to be a major challenge, and he cant get too deep.. this doesnt stop James from trying to get more of it down his throat though, as he grips Scotts head to push his meat in to his mouth as deep as it will go, making Scott struggle a bit. Next, James proves what a great sucker he is as he noshes down on Scotts big throbbing cock, getting it good and wet with plenty of spit and sucking it deep, taking it right to the back of his throat, giving Scott a really good cock servicing. The lads kiss some more, then James stands up to get sucked again. Scott gets down on his knees, and jerks James off getting the end of his dick wet with plenty of spit, working it in with his fingers, then getting his lips around it for some more horny sucking. He makes a good effort to suck deep, and James pushes it further by fucking his mouth a bit.. very hot. Eager to play with Scotts arse, the lads are on the sofa now, Scott on his back, legs back, letting James work on his hairy hole. He spits liberal amounts onto Scotts arse, rubbing it into his hole, then pushes in a finger and starts sliding it in and out, making him moan. He pushes his hard dick up between his legs as James ramps it up by inserting two fingers to really stretch that hole..Ready to get fucked now, Scott leans against the sofa with James standing behind him. He teases Scotts hole with his dick for a bit, poking and prodding it, then pushes it all the way in, very deep. He goes nice and slow to start with, letting Scott get used to the length and girth, then fucks shallow for a bit showing us plenty of length.. Seems to hit the spot for Scott whose dick is rock solid as that thick meat slides in and out of his arse. James builds up the speed a bit, fucking him harder, and fucks him for quite a while. Next, James is on his back on the sofa, holding his dick upright, and Scott squats down on it, facing us, getting the tip in, then sliding himself all the way down that fat fuck pole. He starts to ride it, slowly at first, and as before, his own dick throbs rock solid throughout.. He speeds up a bit, then James grips his butt cheeks and holds him up so he can thrust his cock into him, fucking him harder.. then he goes up a gear gives him an intense, fast pounding. Not quite done yet, they go for a third position, with Scott on his back on the sofa, James kneeling. He pushes his cock back inside Scotts hot hairy hole, and gets back into some hot thrusting action, getting Scott closer and closer to orgasm, till he cant hold off any longer, and he starts to jerk away at his throbbing cock till it starts spewing tons of thick creamy spunk.. James pulls out, whips the condom off, and moves around to kneel over him, and beats away at his meat till it shoots hot cum over Scotts chest. James squeezes out the last few drops as the lads catch their breath.
Jason Alcok & Harry Cox
Walking unknown dark streets at night can be dangerous, especially when there are horny predators around. But little does young Jason Alcok know he's walking right into the lair of the beast. Harry Cox has changed, although he might look the same on the outside, there's a sexual demon lurking within. One look and an instruction is all that's needed and his victim is under a spell, sucking Harry's huge uncut cock and taking it in his ass like the slave he's become!Harry Cox is a really cool guy, the kind of guy you'd want to spend a Sunday afternoon with. He's sexually dominant and loves being little twinks over a table and fucking the shit out of them. He's a bit hairy, a little muscular, and very good looking. His facial hair is thick and furry and a total turn on.Jason Alcok is a very small guy... a teen without an ounce of fat on him. Sometimes he thinks he's tough, but when he finds himself out in the darkness at night, things change quickly. There are creatures lurking around and waiting for him. How will he fare against the vampires that want his blood and more?
Bareback Boat Cum
Bareback Boat Cum
Taking it to the Banks
CircleJerkBoys has a native overload this week as we welcome two fine Floridians. AJ Banks is back and we
Sumo Beach Buttfuckers
Two cute Japanboyz.com twinks decide to take the day off and head to a secluded beach for some
Special Delivery
Forgive us for the Sinz we intend to revel in whole-heartedly as we indulge ourselves to even more Ricky Sinz. Yes Ricky is back this week as we welcome back the Windy City's inked, heart throb aged 31 years to perfection. Ricky is looking better than ever; and the only one happier to see him than we are would be 22 year old Tristan Sterling. Tristan is a Florida native from Orlando and he's a familiar face on our brother sites but today he becomes a member of the MenOver30 gang...by injection. We asked these two what their favorite type of cuisine is. Ricky likes Asian but admits he likes to eat strange things. He'll try anything. Tristan likes all kinds of food except seafood. As for favorite cuisine he likes Italian and Thai. Thai being one of his favorites, Tristan admits that he had one of his best dates ever that started at a Thai restaurant. As far as dating is concerned, Ricky's never had much luck. 'I can't think of any good ones, just bad shit' moans Ricky 'like losing my keys in China Town.' Well Ricky won't be losing any keys this afternoon. We're not that kind of studio. <evil grin>Tristan's hanging out when Ricky comes in to deliver a package. Tristan notices he's packing more than one as he reaches for the one in his pants. 'Oh you want a good package delivered!?' grins Ricky as Tristan hauls out his growing cock. He licks all over the shaft before sliding it all the way down his throat. No gag reflex has its privileges. Ricky moans as he grabs Tristan's head and starts to bob it on his rock hard cock. He can't get enough of that hot mouth on his dick as Tristan lands on his knees in complete submission to better worship that meat. Ricky skull fucks him deep and hard as he shoves every inch he can down Tristan's willing throat. Ricky then pulls Tristan up by his tank top and bends him over on the couch. He pulls down his shorts and spits on that hole before roughly fingering it. Tristan moans like a bitch as Ricky fingers that tight ass. He spits on that ass some more as he continues to work that hole making Tristan moan like a str8 girl. 'Spread that fucking ass!' Ricky orders as Tristan holds his ass wide open.Ricky then puts Tristan on his knees again so he can get his dick back in that mouth for more. His cock gets the service he needs before he turns around and offers that hot ass up for Tristan's tongue. Tristan buries his face up inside as Ricky tells him to eat that hole like a good boy. Tristan can't get enough of that ass as he stands up and slaps his cock on Ricky's ass. 'Think you're gonna fuck me, Bitch?' Ricky muses as he grabs Tristan and forces him down. Tristan whines as Ricky takes that ass hard. He slams that dick inside him as Tristan just moans uncontrollably. 'Fuck my hole!' Tristan begs as Ricky obliges. He pummels that ass giving him all the dick he needs. Tristan gets cocky ordering Ricky to fuck him like he means it. Ricky grabs him and hoists him into the air while still inside him and bounces him on his dick while standing up. Tristan's eyes bulge open as he gets that hole stretched wide open. Ricky, still fucking Tristan, sits down on the couch and orders Tristan to ride that fucking cock 'til he says otherwise. Ricky pounds up into Tristan so hard it makes Tristan cum. He shoots all over his happy trail as Ricky slams inside. One hot facial coming right up as Ricky then stands over Tristan's face and unloads his hot cum all over Tristan's sweet face.
Fucks and Fists
Here's young Calvin, back once more to see how far Ashton can push him. Bent over and tied down Calvin is unable to do anything but take what's coming to him as Ashton fucks the twink's tight hole. Ashton fucks him harder and harder until shooting his load all over his back. Once emptied, Ashton returns to work on Calvin's ass until he can get a fist all the way into his hungry hole.
Choice of Holes
Wow, my baby sure knows how to spoil me! He brought in his straight friend that has always been curious about experimenting with his cock for my birthday. I enjoyed dipping my stick in two holes!
The Boss
With a boss like Atsushi Tanaka, one must probe further to see his true talents. As the videographer talks to him, all I can think is if he were to get naked, we could really see his abilities. As he backs up from the desk, I look forward to seeing his skills shine forth. Capturing all his manly goods, the videographer films from taint to toe to seize his essence. For Japanboyz.com,
Beach Volley Boys 5
Time for relaxation and what better way to do that than a hot fuck round the swimming pool? Michael get's his ass drilled hard and gets rewarded with hot cum all over his sunburned body... and then a dive to wash it all off...
Dildo Play
Billy is with us today to show off his tight ass and ripped bod. This manly man takes good care of himself and loves to show off for all his fans. He brought with him his very own dildo to show just how deep he can go. Billy fucks himself damn good with that big thing in a few wrist bending positions that would make any man hurt with pleasure. The moans he makes from pounding his sweet ass and pulling on his hairy chest will make you cum just as intense as him. Enjoy!
Up Your Hole 2
Up Your Hole 2
Preston and Valentino
Valentino wearing glasses, is 23 and our straight but curious boy is Preston, 21. Valentino has recently come out of the closet and still experimenting. This is the first time with another guy for Preston. I suggest they start out by kissing and I asked Preston "does it feel weird to kiss another guy?" and he replies "not really, just close your eyes." Now they take off their shirts and continue with the kissing and Valentino reaches over and twists a nipple. Preston seems to be taking charge as he lays Valentino back on the bed while still kissing and helps Valentino out of his pants. Then Preston gets a little help taking his off and Valentino wastes no time in grabbing a handful of cock. Apparently Preston's cock doesn't know the difference between a girls hand or a guys as it has no problem getting hard. After feeling one another up, off come the boxers and on go the lips as they maneuver into a 69 position. Now we start to hear the moans and groans. I think Preston is pleased to be exploring his curiosity... and so is his hard cock! I think it's obvious by now that Preston is a quick learner when it comes to sucking a dick. Valentino starts to rim Prestons virgin ass while Preston continues sucking Valentino's cock. Even while sucking a dick, we hear Preston moan and groan as he gets rimmed. Rolling Preston back over on his back, Valentino starts sucking and jerking Preston and we're soon rewarded with a great cumshot from Preston. Valentino has a little surprise of his own for us. You'll have to watch the video to find that out.
Marco Van & Tony
Tony Greco has long had a fantasy that involved bending his hairy doctor over the examination room table. Greco is a sexy and hunky bear cub with a juicy, uncut cock. He's paired up in this video with hairy hunk Marco. When Marco starts out his exam, Greco notices the doctor's big cock stiffening in his scrubs. Without asking, Greco releases the drawstring and the doctor's scrubs inch down his hairy thighs. Greco swallows Marco's thick dick and sucks him right down to the balls. And then, Greco turns the tables on this top man and slides his eager and stiff cock deep inside the doctor's hairy fuck hole. Marco climbs up on the exam table and rides Greco's cock as if it were the last dick he'll ever feel up his ass!
Deeper in Debt
We're curious to know about the well-dressed man in dark glasses, but Dean keeps us at arms length while he ushers him into a private room...but Dean seems to have forgotten about all the security cameras in this place - and what he thinks is a private room isn't that private at all, so while Dean's taking care of business, we're taking it all in. It soon becomes clear that Dean has an 'investor' we didn't know about and that he expects a huge return. Huge isn't something Dean can give right now, but he can certainly take it, as we see when all 11 inches of Drew's cock disappear into Dean.
Tony Haas
A big, hairy Dutch guy, with an exceptionally long, elastic foreskin, Tony Haas loves to please, and he really loves cock. He's a big fan of Butch Dixon, and when he sent us a few dick pics, we just had to meet him in person. This hairy guy proves that the guy in the office next to you or sitting across from you on the train could be a secret sexual powderkeg. He's pretty experimental when it comes to sex -- there are few limits for a horned up guy like Tony, especially when it comes to getting fucked. It's best when the cock is massive and hard, and judging by the way he holds up his hands to show how big he likes it, his idea of a big cock is more like a thermos. Woof! What a greedy pig! Check out Tony getting his thick dick greased up and fucking a ribbed cuff until he splatters his hairy belly with hot cum.
Joseph Jacobs the Bukkake God
Joseph Jacobs may may sound strictly religious but dont let that fool you! He may just be the ultimate sinner after this hair-raising bareback gangbang! Joseph follows his own 10 golden rules.. and by golden rules we mean stiff, hard cocks! Starting off with deep, sloppy blowjobs dripping with spit and cum, it culminates with furious ass fucking until all the bukkake boys shoot their sticky load all over his eager face! Not one to miss - this sin-fueled bareback bukkake orgy has it all!
A Sweet Treat
Bobby Hart is looking fine today. I wonder if he has ever pictured me in his tasty ass. I think today I'll make my move.
Welcum Back
It's been over a year since we've had our favorite comrade here in the studio, so it is with great pleasure that we welcome back Valentin Petrov. Valentin is now 34 years old and this hung, uncut Russian can definitely heat up any chilly winter's eve. No blanket needed. Valentin took a break from the industry and he admits he missed shooting scenes and all the fun he had on set. He admits he doesn't make a lot of friends when he shoots. He likes to keep work, work. He's single at the moment and admits he's open to the right guy preferably a smooth guy with a big ass and a big dick. Here on our set he's been mostly a bottom but he assures us that in his personal life he's completely versatile. He's very affectionate and likes to kiss and cuddle if the chemistry is there. He's traveled extensively and he thinks Miami has the hottest men. The mixed hotties, Brazilians, & Latin boys keep him on point. Valentin is fortunate to be packing more than the average guy and admits it comes in handy when he wants to fuck a nice ass. Ultimately though chemistry always dictates what goes in where.Valentin is flipping through a mag admiring a hot blonde twink with a big dick when his own dick starts to stir. He starts to rub his cock through his denim shorts as it slowly comes to life. He peels his shirt off and as he does its obvious someone's been hitting the gym. Valentin's abs are ripped and his body is more defined. He undoes his shorts and starts to play with his cock that is now straining to be set free. He stands and drops his jeans giving us a show with his cock now fully engorged and demanding attention. He finally lets his tight briefs hug his ankles as he starts to pull on his massive dick. He strokes it and watches as his thick foreskin runs up and down his shaft. His balls are smooth and his chest is smooth as well to showcase his ripples. Valentin sits back; spreads those thighs apart and makes himself at home stroking his fat cock. He slows his stroking down and toys with his knob making it leak precum as he rolls it around in his foreskin. He takes his rigid cock and slaps it against his palm making it get even harder. He then takes the party south as he lies on the floor and goes to work stroking that dick off the way he likes to so he can cum. He runs his hand along his defined abs and chest as his right hand becomes a blur beating his Russian rod. It doesn't take too long before his abs tighten up and he lets out a grunt and sends hot load shooting out all over his hairy abs and navel pooling into a creamy mess. Clean up, anyone?
Got Anything To Eat ?
The boys are just chilling and reading some magazines when Jessie Colter starts getting hungry. James Hamilton doesn't waste a second to offering up his hard meat to take care of James's big appetite. Before long it's a regular sausage fest - Jessie has lots to offer and gives his hungry friend more than enough to keep any guy's mouth full and content. James' edible ass wants a piece of the action so he gets on his knees to get a hot rim job from Jessie followed by some hot intense fucking. From reverse cowboy, doggy and missionary these guys get up to every position possible.Hot scene the guys are definitely into each other!