Poolside Attractions
Tyler learns that cleaning the pool at this house has its benefits
Raw Junior Doctors - 4way
Raw Junior Doctors - 4way
Player Fucks Judo Coach
Yura is taking lessons from his teacher. Not cutting it, he decides to switch to a game he is much better at,
Naughty School Boys - James and Aiden
James and Aiden are on detention and having nothing else better to do they decide to play with their young, horny cocks right there in the classroom. Aiden bends over on the desk and James gives his hole a good hard fuck and then sprays his sexy tummy with hot cum!
Latin Teen Twink Sucks Cock for Cash
Latin Teen Twink Sucks Cock for Cash
Cock Hungry College Dudes
What began as an innocent shower turns into hard core sex, but what else could you expect when 2 hot naked studs are wet and horny? Alex and Jake seem cock starved as they suck each others' dicks before Jake bends Alex over, rims his tight ass and puts his hard cock in. The guys have a long, rough, passionate fuck and as Jake orgasms; he pulls his throbbing cock out of Alex's asshole and shoots his cum on his back! With jizz still running down Alex's ass-crack, Jake sucks his cock until he sprays his cum on his face. You will love this sensually erotic video of 2 very cute college studs!
Corruption Scene 5
Three's a party for our sexy, young lads. They compare each others cocks sizes having seen so few men with hard ons in their young lives, but as naive and fumbling as they are - they know what they want.
The Aroma of Sex
Masseur Stretches Every Hole
Brock & Billy
Brock Hart is a beefy, hairy man who loves getting his ass dicked. And man, does he have a hot ass � a big man butt with a furry ass crack. Billy mows down on Brock's ass and gets it nice and wet for his uncut cock. After fucking, the two lie side by side and jerk off together.
Wet Massage and Groping
So last week I met this super fine straight guy with an awesome ass. I worked my skills like I always do and I knew I was in. Once I saw that cock get hard I slipped my dick in his mouth then I stuffed him with more of my man meat in his tight ass...
Paddy O!
Oh Paddy! This straight Cockney geezer has taken the world by storm over the last couple of years with his matinee idol looks, his thick, uncut cock and his munchable furry ass. Not only is Paddy one of the hottest performers I've featured on the site, he's also a great guy and a lot of fun to be around. Here's a round-up of my favourite Paddy O moments, both horny and hilarious.
Fruity Group Orgy
Fruity Group Orgy
Jayden's Secret Crush
Jayden has a secret crush on his roommate. He's been doing everything to get his roommat'es attention, but nothing seemed to have worked. So one day Jayden just goes in and starts sucking his roommate's juicy cock. After that, they fucked like men... all night.
Callum's Out with the Cool Kids
We've got another straight lad in the hot seat this week, Callum Astor, and he may try to hide it, but we can tell he's a little nervous! ;-) A London-born steel worker, twenty-one year old Callum describes himself as, "straight-curious." He's only ever fooled around with other guys in his head while having a wank (but we're hoping we can convince him to change that with us!) When he's not working, you're likle to find Callum out terrorizing the local clubs with his mates or swimming to keep his fitness up. He says he loves teasing and foreplay between the sheets, which becomes apparent as he strips down and starts to tease his cock. He's got a very nice piece on him, too, thick and plenty of foreskin! If anything, Callum's nervousness makes him more focused on the task at hand (literally!) He's red in the face by the time he lays back on the couch and announces he's about to cum, splattering his smooth abs with jizz.
Bump And Grind
James Ryder loves to lay around and listen to music on his days off. When he's not lounging to some tunes, he's getting seduced by his horny roommate Johnny.
Carter Aussie Undies
This is the first ever time on camera for cute Aussie boy Carter. He is so sexy and sweet, we thought it would be best to break in his camera shyness by asking him to do an underwear show for us.
College Studs  Bareback - Anthony & Mauricio
Two hot college buddies go into the woods for a camping trip and end up having some gay sexual fun with a dildo on a whim, before deciding to take it further and eat each others ass and suck some cock followed by a spit lubed anal fuck secssion. And of course these hot studs decide to go without a fucking condom.
Exposed to the Elements
Poor Mylo is exposed to all extremes as Sebastian and Adam come at him from both sides. Adam doesn't hold back with the hot wax as Sebastian gets to work on Mylo with the ice and freezing cold water. The guys decide to even the playing field as they swap sides to make sure Mylo has had the full effect of the hot and cold.
Hot Wax Shower For Daniel
Daniel Johnson stands tied to the wall with his big dick surrounded by strawberry blond pubes out there for all to see. It's too much of a temptation for Ashton Bradley who sets upon the hot, ripped lad with hot wax, and burns that beautiful body in front of the camera. The vocal and abusive lad eventually gets his uncut cock drained of cum as real punishment!Ashton Bradley has experienced what it's like to be on the receiving end of some of the kinkiest punishment and domination, and he'd learned a lot at the hands of some other horny guys. Now he knows how to own a boy he loves nothing more than making a lad moan with some horny action before the cum flies!
Sex Traveler Part2
Sex Traveler Part2 scene1
Foot Loving Gay Sex 2
Watch as these cute Asian twinks continue their foot-licking hot fuck session. After a long and hot 69ing, it's time to fuck and they do it bareback style.
Ride and Prejudice
Sound the Big Dick alarm as we welcome a new face to the CircleJerkBoy family, Monsieur Jacques LaVere. Jacques is as French as the Statue of Liberty (She's totally French-look it up!) and packing a colossal cock. Just ask any of our members on our brother site ExtraBigDicks.com where the sexy 22 yr old made his debut last month. Tall, uncut, hung and Parisian: what else could you ask for? lol This week Jacques going to put his charms to good use as we also welcome Andrew Austen to the circle. Andrew is in for a wild ride as this 20 yr old Dallas native gets some French infusion one way or another. We asked these two if they could have front row seats to any artist's venue; which venue would they choose. Andrew would love to see Beyonc
Friends Sucking & Fucking
There's nothing more enjoyable than sharing a warm, naked shower with your best friend, especially if he has a big, hard, horny cock in need of attention! Johnson is delighted to discover that in addition to having a beautiful, round ass, his friend, Kuba also has a massive hard cock. What began as a friendly shower becomes an exchange of delicious blow-jobs and a hard core fucking session! Watch the cum fly as we take you inside the bathroom for intimate, close-up, hard core, boy on boy sex! If you like smooth, horny guys with huge, jizz dripping cocks, then you will love this video!
Lunch time means fuck time for these guys
Lucky dudes enjoy on their work as their lunch time use for some real pumping action as stud prefers friend's tasty salami swallowing it, making him groan of pleasure and drown. Dude lays down and makes already wet and ready ass on friend's mercy. He screwed him hard and spilled white jizz on his chests
Massage Euphoria
Travis Freeman came down for his first massage. He was lookin' hot! I had to get my dick in him somehow. I knew he was straight but he has never had a blowjob as good as mine. Once I got him dripping I took out my big cock and fucked him into euphoria.
Getting To Know Huge
Tyler and Bobby met at concert. They liked what they saw: big and bulgy! They wanted to rekindle their friendship by sucking and fucking each other raw.
10 Inch Hook Up
Ty snagged a great catch at the gym when he met Doug. In fact he reeled-in about 10 inches of awesome, rock hard cock. But not only is Doug packing big dick heat, he's taking Ty's big boner deep into the bottomless pit of his tight asshole.
Sebastian Kane Strokes The Cum From Oli Jay
Oli Jay is tied down to the table with his naked body vulnerable to the massaging hands of cock stroker Sebastian Kane. He loves to make boys wiggle and writhe, and Oli's chubby dick is soon becoming a hard shaft of uncut meat for the dominant master to milk. He really gets off on making a cock explode a cum load, and with some determined edging he does exactly that to his poor boy!Cute lad Oli Jay is one of those boys who loves to have his cock pleasured by a real dominant guy. He likes all kinds of men, and all kinds of action from being edged, getting fucked and being pissed on too. That's a good thing, because there are lots of boys who want to do all of that and more when they see him!Sebastian Kane is the master when it comes to using and abusing young men and twinky boys in the UK. He has a special warehouse where he likes to take his boys and make them cry out in pain and pleasure, making their cum flood out and splashing them with his by the time they're done! He's one real kinky fucker!
Getting Familiar
New around the house is Campbell Stevens, quickly becoming a fan favorite, but yet to make the acquaintance of Cody Cummings� �til now, that is. Stretched out on a love seat for two, the guys are getting to know one another. Slowly, taking his time, Campbell strips for Cody and then vice versa, and as Cody unrobes Campbell strokes his cock in approval. Cody joins him on the seat and spreads his legs wide as Campbell sinks down to get a mouthful of Cody�s growing curiosity. Teasing the head, Campbell entices Cody further and Cody strokes his shaft while Campbell sucks on the tip, all while jacking himself to the edge of losing it, which he finally does all over his chest, as Cody follows suit exploding his load in a quivering pulsation of ecstasy. Enjoy!
Kaorukun Gets Fucked
Kaorukun is back with us here on Japanboyz.com and this time he has a sexy friend with him. Did I mention horny too? Watch these two young Japanese boys get down and dirty!
The Foxx from Nottingham
We knew Nottingham had a fox or two, but we had no idea they came in the form of Leo here! Twenty-four year old Mr. Foxx just got back from Spain a few months ago and decided to relocate from Nottingam to Manchester. When he's not working as a chef, he likes playing football and hanging out with his mates. He says he's bisexual, "like, really." Naturally his first experience with a guy was a drunken one with a friend, sound familiar anyone? ;-) We have Leo strip down to show off his lean body, cute little butt and hot uncut cock. Leo's a grower and his dick certainly does grow as he starts to wank for us! You have to wonder if he's not thinking about that hot foursome he told us about as he strokes his cock and plays with his foreskin. Judging by the spurt of cum he shoots all over his belly, he must have had something hot on his mind!
European Twink Jerk Off
Sweet and sexy European twink David Walton spends some alone time with his cock for this horny video. He strokes, rubs and jerks off his thick, teen meat until he shoots a hot stream of deliciously creamy cum on his belly! But this boy is feeling so horny after squirting his load he scoops up his warm jizz to rub it on his face.
AJ Get His Asshole Ironed
AJ was working over time as usual at the office. His boss Tom decided to give him an extra LARGE bonus. He receives a nice long ass fucking for his efforts!
Trojan Rock & Will
Will shows up for a job interview. He's excited when he sees sexy, hairy man Trojan Rock sitting across the desk. But he has no idea his wildest fantasy is about to come true. Trojan tells Will that he's perfect for the job in every way, but so are four or five other candidates. "Is there anything special about you that might help sway my decision," Trojan invites. With that Will gets up and moves over the sexy executive and begins groping his crotch. "How's that?" he asks. "You're headed in the right direction," Trojan says, unzipping his trouser's fly. Will falls to his knees and starts slurping on his future boss's big cock. And with his cock sucking skills there's little doubt that he'll get the job! While the other interviewees waiting outside the office, Trojan and Will take turns sucking one another off.
Heath Gets Barebacked By Blaze
Although Heath is bisexual he's more into giving his cock to guys and sharing some jerking - it's mostly about the dick. But things are about to change in this bareback ass fuck with Blaze! Handsome Heath bends over and takes that big dick like a champ, getting a cum facial and jacking out his own load while Blaze licks his nuts!
Fucked by the New Office Guy
It's hard working with porn all day - real hard! Austin Ried is figuring that out, and when Kirk Cummings tells him he's always horny they waste little time satisfying their hunger! Lots of mutual sucking leads to Kirk bending over for the new boy, and Austin is quickly in that ass and fucking it hard, ending with two awesome loads!Gorgeous Austin Ried is a real star in the making! His handsome face and perfectly lean athletic body make him look like the college boy you always wanted to suck off or have fucking you in the locker room. He has some sexy fur and the perfect cut cock, and a hot ass too, just begging for some attention!Kirk Cummings is infamous for his stint on American Idol. To be honest, we prefer him naked on all fours instead of on stage singing! He's got a great smile and an amazingly toned body, plus a hot cock and ass to work with. He considers himself versatile, and whether top or bottom, you'll be singing his praises.
Bruno & Cawe
Bruno and Cawe are a couple of leather bears who like to play on the kinky side. Bruno lights a cigar and starts sucking Cawe's big-nobbed cock. He blows smoke on the bear's cock, fucks his ass with his cigar, and then, bends him over fucks his hairy ass.
We know what you like and that's why we keep our videos short and to the point without adding a lot of "filler" that we know you fast forward through to get to the good stuff anyway - so, here we present "Piss and Cum - Solos" and give you even more tightly edited video of ONLY the highlights of first 5 of our hot young Latin Piss models! In this video you get just what you want - the piss flowing from those uncut cocks and then each hot model busts his nut and shoots that hot load of creamy boy jizz - Here are the 5 steamy hot Latin Piss models for your viewing pleasure in part 1!
Dylan's Office Overtime Fucking
Dylan has been working a lot of overtime lately at the office. His boss felt this sexual tension between them. Right as the week ended he decides to reward Dylan with a nice hard ass fucking!
Ernie and Cody Part1
Eddie and I are not miracle workers, but fantasies, we got that. Straightrentboys.com has a pairing of two strangers, Ernie and Cody. Ernie contacted me because although he
Paul Bolton Interview And Solo
Sporty and fit bisexual hunk Paul Bolton might have a girlfriend right now but he's not a complete stranger to cock. He might have started out with some mutual wanking with other lads, but now he's into all kinds of things (we think he's more kinky than he's willing to admit). His body is so hot, inked and toned, but his 8 inch uncut cock is the real delight!
Geoffrey Paine & Pedro Paliza
These two horny gay men are hot for each other and watching them fucking is a real treat. Pedro Paliza has a huge, uncut cock and tattooed stud Geoffrey Paine slobbers all over it before shoving it up his ass, fucking it, and shooting two loads of cum!
Tommy's Salami
Back with us this week is Chicago's infamous meat packer, Tommy Defendi. Tommy who is now 22, was a late bloomer and he knows to take his time with his partners so not to hurt them with the 9.5' cock he's packin'. This will come in handy with a cutie from Nebraska that's with us today, Krist Cummings. Krist is 23 and now lives in Miami. Krist is currently dating and he beams when he admits he's dating his perfect guy. He's 5'4, just like him, and a twink with a really big dick which he loves. The down side is that his beau lives in Arizona...for now. They've been dating for a bit and Krist assures us he loves him and they're gonna make it work. Aahh, young love. We then asked them to turn it up and give us the hottest sex they'd had to date. Tommy tells us his hottest sex was with a str8 couple. He fucked them both and he loved knowing that she was totally turned on watching him pound her husband. Tommy loves masculine guys and likes to dominate and be a man with a woman but loves to feel like he's with a 'man' when he's with a man. When asked, Krist blushes and admits his hottest was his first time with Phillip, you know 'the one', and how they had sex for 3 hours str8 and it was all 'romantical' and there were angels and harps playing...yeah, he's got it bad!They begin to kiss, breaking the ice as we prepare to give Krist something else to love. He wastes little time before undoing Tommy's shorts to get at that thick dick he's heard so much about. They kiss and grope each other as they slowly explore the other. By the time Tommy's shorts hit the floor, his thick dick is straining to be free. Once it is, Krist takes his place on his knees and immediately wraps his lips around Tommy's massive meat sending out boy Tommy into a moaning frenzy. 'Aaww, that feels so good' he coos as Krist works his thick dick with his hand and mouth. Tommy isn't a selfish top so he gets Krist up and gets on his knees to give Krist a little of what he'd been getting. Krist's eyes roll back as he gets some help on his own meat. Tommy then lays Krist back down on the couch and straddles his chest, dropping his horse hung cock back into Krist's hungry mouth. Krist can't seem to get enough of his thick dick (and who could blame him?) From there, they switch over into a hot 69 with Krist nursing on Tommy's dick like a milk-starved calf and Tommy bobbing for Krist apples. Tommy then gets up and continues to feed Krist his dick, telling him to get that fat cock wet for what's to come.'You want that cock in your ass?' Tommy teases before putting little Krist on his back and sliding ball deep into Nebraska's back woods. Krist may be a compact 5'4 but he sure can accommodate some thick dick. Tommy is moaning as he feels Krist's tight ass slowly begin to milk his meat. Krist's face says it all as Tommy begins to slowly pull his cock almost all the way out before slowly sliding it back inside. Tommy wasn't kidding when he said he likes to take his time fucking a hot ass so that his partner gets the best experience on the end of his dick. He then orders Krist to get on his stomach and once he does, Tommy lines his thick cock up with that sweet ass and lowers himself into Krist. Krist's mouth gapes open as he feels every thick inch of Tommy's cock sink even deeper inside him. Tommy's sexy ass goes into a blur as he now fucks that ass faster and faster driving Krist nuts. He fucks him deep for a bit then jack rabbits that cock and repeats. The combination is insane. He then pulls out, lays back and has Krist ride his meat. Krist's ass is getting the impaling of a lifetime as Tommy pounds up into him. Tommy's fucking Krist and watching him stroke when he suddenly realizes he's about to nut. He quickly pulls out and explodes all over Krist's back and ass as load after heavy load go airborne. Krist then unloads his own load all over Tommy's chest.
Cum Shopping 3
A filthy, young fucker, explores his darker side, as he prowls an S and M cage and finding himself aroused by his captivity, he feels the urge to slam-bang his prostate with a huge dildo. Not backwards at cuming forward - this little whippersnapper
Bukkake with Nervous Nathan
Bukkake with Nervous Nathan
Skyline Lovers
Hot Hunks After Work Overtime
Boy, Toy, Joy
Caleb Colton makes his debut with us this week and he's a long way from Nashville, TN. Caleb is 26 years young and looking forward to his birthday next month. This sexy Gemini started watching porn at an early age and knew it was something he'd want to look into. Caleb is packing more than many and he didn't even know it. When Caleb first started having sex with girls he shied away from it since he thought he had a small one. He lost his virginity at 17 to a girl then started getting head from guys at 19. By the time he was 25, head wasn't enough and he started fucking guys. After fucking a couple guys he got to compare equipment and came to the realization that he wasn't small at all. We then asked Caleb if he could win a gold medal in a sexual category what it would be. 'Fucking' he grins. Well seems like he's come a long way since he was 25. His hottest encounter to date was walking home with a date and ended up sneaking into someone's backyard where he got his big dick sucked on and got to do some backyard exploration of his own as he got to bury his meat right then and there.Caleb comes in after a long flight and had to deal with lost baggage and the usual airport hassle. He kicks off his shoes and reaches for the only package that matters-his own. He grabs at his growing cock through his shorts as it grows by the second. He stands and drops his shorts getting more comfortable after the long ordeal. He bends over in his jock strap as he shows off his sweet ass. His smooth ass is tempting as he lubes up that hole for some more fun. He tugs at his cock as his fingers start to tease and explore his hot ass. He finally decides to give his meat the breathing room it deserves and slides his hand into his jock strap. His cock throbs at his touch and soon the jock strap is pulled aside as he gets that thick dick in his palm. A little spit goes a long way as he lubes up his hard cock. Caleb is naturally smooth and has some pretty impressive ink adorning his chest and biceps. He's rock hard by now and freely stroking his hard cock as his low hanging nut sacks enjoy the fresh air. Caleb is giving his dick the attention it deserves and decides to lay back and get the party started. He strokes his rigid dick as he goes back to that ass for more fun. He takes out a fat dildo and lubes it up. Once it's nice and ready he does the same to his hot hole as he gets it ready to take some dick. He kneels on the bed and aims that dildo north as he impales himself on it. His hot ass concedes as he moans and groans. The chaise is perfect for this since he can bounce up and down on it delivering more dick with every thrust. He loves that dildo inside him and pushes it as far as he can. He then switches to a much longer double header dildo and bends over. He shoves that long dildo into his hole and fucks himself with it, ramming it in and out hitting all the right spots. This toy won't bring him home so he gets right back on that fat dildo and goes back to sitting on the first one. He puts it on the floor as he starts to shove it in and out of his hungry ass. That does the trick and soon Caleb is shooting his massive load all over the rug before him. We're definitely glad he didn't lose this package in transit. <evil grin>
Well Done, Boys
As the boys return to the locker room after a hard-fought game on the diamond, they each breathe a sigh of relief now that playoffs are over. Landon Terry, unofficial team leader in the morale department, issues a verbal invitation to his three teammates, Nick, Jake Piper, and Kaiden Haskins. They all heartily accept the invite to Landon's house for a BBQ. Who doesn't love a good, old-fashioned burger after playing hard? When Landon asks how his friends want their burgers cooked, he can tell their responses suggest they're all in the mood for some fun, sexy action. Landon and Kaiden begin making out while Nick and Jake work on their growing dicks. That meat looks so good being sucked under the warm sun. While the burgers continue to cook on the grill, the boys move to some patio furniture where the pace picks up. Jake lets Nick slide his stiff cock into his ass. Simultaneously, Kaiden licks Landon's sweet hole. Jake uses the opportunity further by having a nice taste of Kaiden's hot dick. Landon moves around to have a turn slamming Jake's tight hole. Then the guys pair up for a while so Nick can fuck Landon hard and Jake can ride Kaiden. Kick off your cleats and come along. It's summertime and these boys are hungry for your tasty load! Enjoy!
Derek Reese The Bareback Masseuse!
Derek hails from Atlanta, Georgia and although he may be a masseuse, it was the BukkakeBoys who had their hands all over him! Not surprising given his pretty boy looks and juicy physique.. he had every rod in the room erect for attention in no time! Skipping the massage oil for natural spunk and saliva, Derek eased the cocks into his tight asshole until he was gasping with pleasure. Being the one usually dispensing the oil, it was a pleasant surprise when the boys unloaded their sticky, creamy goo all over his face!
Pushed To The Limit With A Fist
Lincoln has been waiting for a boy who's hole he can stretch to its limits and can still bounce back to take his 8&quot; dick, and little Aaron and his arse make the perfect boy. Lincoln breaks out the biggest toys he has to plough into Aaron and test the limits of his shaved little hole. The results turned out to be everything Lincoln had wished for, as not only could Aaron take his toys and his dick, but Lincoln pushed him to take his fist.
All Tripped Up
First time for everything they say, and today is Aiden Tripp's first time with us here at ExtraBigDicks. He is 24 years old and originally from Orlando, FL. Aiden's in college these days working on his degree and 'trying' to stay out of trouble. We wondered once he makes it big what kind of car he'd want to treat himself to. Well, Aiden would want to go back to the future in his very own Delorean. Aiden is packing a lot more than the average but didn't realize he was much different than anyone else until he was about 20. There've been a few girls that have told him it's nice but 'No Way' <Amateurs> Aiden measures in at a little over 8' and he admits he has certain benefits that come with having a big dick. He can't say he's ever had the urge to dabble in the man-to-man end of the wading pool, but he's all about people doing what ever works for them. He's sticking to what he does best-pussy. Having a big dick, for example, also lets him please women the way he likes to, like after he's pleased a girl totally by fucking her like 5 times in one night. Some girls have all the luck, but for now we got 'ALL' the dick we need...right here! Aiden walks in and finds a stack of DVDs. He tosses out the gay and bi ones and settles on one with hot girls with loads all over them. He sits back and gets comfortable as his dick gets bigger. He peels off his tee to reveal a sweet smooth upper body. His pecs are nicely defined and draped by his muscular shoulders and biceps. He walks over and puts the disc in as we get our first glimpse at that hot ass. His shorts hit the floor as he starts to stroke that dick staring at all the pussy on screen. His body frame is well proportioned and naturally smooth. His quads are solid and hold up his delicious frame. His cock is another story altogether. This Orlando boy is packing. His cock is rock hard as he uses both hands to fist his fat 8' cock. 'I wanna cum inside you so bad' he groans as he stares at all the hot whore action on the screen. The camera then pans round back and we get a better view of his amazing ass. It's smooth, round, has a sexy board short tan line. It's basically the kind of str8 boy ass you wanna shove your tongue inside-if you're into that kind of thing. <Twiddling thumbs>Aiden is transfixed with the action on screen as he double-fists his fat dick. He keeps his pubes natural but tidy which is a nice change of pace from all those boys who feel the need to shave everything clean off. Aiden then sits back on the floor and spreads those thick thighs to work on that thick dick. 'I wanna fuck you so bad and cum inside you, you dirty little whore' he moans as he strokes that throbbing dick. Any takers? (...you know who you are!) Aiden then decides to show off that ass we can't have as he bends over and starts to dry hump the chaise leaving his milky ass and furry hole up in the air for us to dream about. He then gets up on his knees and tugs on that cock still showing off that hairy hole. <Apply all-u-can-eat bibs now> All this teasing has his fat dick ready to blow. He gets on his knees and jacks that thick dick for all its worth. 'Oh I'm cummin' he groans as he works his aching cock focusing all his attention on his knob. He explodes, sending jet after jet of hot cum flying everywhere. The first one splatters all over the chaise beneath him while the second shoots so far it clears the chaise altogether. The rest of his huge wad soaks the chaise as he empties the rest of his nut one hefty stream of batter after the other...lucky chaise! <evil grin>
Twelve Fucks and a Funeral, Part 3
Poor Adam; the procession of horned-up guys isn't finished yet! Following directly from the nine big, uncut dicks he's had rammed up inside him - we decided he needed some even bigger dicks to fill that battered, ruined, sopping fuck-hole - enter Woody and Ken Ten (Have there ever been more apt names) Adam can barely take anymore but Woody and Ken are just getting started, and there's no holding these studs! If JP were here to witness it, he'd be very impressed!
Tyler Blue covered in Goo
Tantalizing Tyler Blue hails from San Diego, California and he’s got a smile that could launch a thousand dicks…I mean, ships! This twink describes himself as a versatile bottom. A few minutes into the scene, it was clear to the Bukkake Boys that Tyler was willing, able and well-suited to support his claim. He fell to his knees like a Pentecostal parishioner and swallowed every cock angling for his open mouth with refinement and relish. What happened next? There’s only one way to find out! Question: Why does Tyler call himself Blue when he gets our cocks so hard and red?
Straight personal trainer Fabricio has been sculpting his body since he was 15. Now 29, he has that perfectly proportioned torso that only the truly dedicated acheive and as I let my camera roam over every inch, I'm very impressed. He's friendly and relaxed - more than me even, and we're soon talking about all kinds of things, while he gently strokes his uncut cock, rolling the foreskin back and forth over the swelling head as it rises to attention. Talking sex and getting off with another guy watching can be a pretty strange experience for a straight guy who's only posed for a few photos before, and Fabricio was worried he might find it difficult, but before long he's relaxed right into it (and ok, I'm massaging his ego a little...) and his rock hard cock is twitching and throbbing as he stares into my lens and his breathing gets louder... he looks almost surprised to have shot an impressive load and a big, sexy smile breaks accross his face. Pure man, pure sex.
Cadets 3-way
A bossy sergeant and two young cadets lost in the woods... looks like its time for some rampant, al fresco fucking. The sergeant is pretty hard on them and orders the lads to strip and bend over then he's spit slathering up their holes with his fingers, getting them ready for his very big dick. Its the biggest dick either of the lads have ever taken and he's pretty mean, using them one after the other. Nervous as they are, they're so turned on that the big dick easily slips in. They offer up their sweet, little holes filled with apprehension as they wait their turn to be spread wide by the fat tool.
Gym Partner Creep
My friend AJ who I work out with at the gym came over to shower then passed out. Their was always this sexual tension between him and I. I decided to relieve him with his cock in my ass...
Wake and Bang
Wake and Bang
Cameron's Huge Presentation
Cameron's pressed for time. He's got a presentation due in about 40 minutes and has butterflies in his stomach. The problem is, he's not much of a confident speaker. Parker comes in to give Cameron some pointers on how to imagine the audience in their underwear. Cameron takes the lesson one step further and imagines Parker's stiff dick in his mouth. Parker has got just enough time to give Cameron the confidence he needs before the big presentation.. In no time, those butterflies are soon replaced by loads of hot cum and a certainty that anyone will buy what Cameron's selling.
Getting Dirty in the Tub
Poor Camden, who knew that his secret hobby included filming himself jacking off in the bathtub? They way he strokes that hard cock of his, you know he's enjoying the hell out of this. He wanted it to stay secret, but we here feel that its better for him to get this all out in the open...
Kurt's First Dildo
Kurt stars again in this sexy solo and uses his first dildo ever. He shows off his big uncut dick before shoving the glass dildo in his ass. You can tell his first won't be his last when you see the big cumshot that follows.I had such a great time when I came down. It boosted my confidence and I hope you enjoy my stuff.