Pizza Delivery Fantasies
It's a classic porno scene: a hot pizza delivery guy, Cameron Greenway, scopes out a rich neighborhood for a hot guy to seduce. Once he finds Tori Andrews he lets himself in and has his way with the guy. Tori is a perfect target to be fucked like a little bitch. He's a lonely twink that just wants some hard action.Cameron is a tall boy with a twinky body. Good features and good sex performance make this guy a good bet!Tori Andrews is a very cute bottom twink with a lot of talent.
Nathan Just Loves Cock!
Approaching a random bloke in person about modeling for porn can be a little awkward, but doing it over something like Grindr is all too easy! We snapped up the charmingly cute Nathan Brookes over Grindr while he was sailing at uni and now here he is on our couch. He may have lost his virginity to a girl on the beach, but even such a whimsical experience couldn't keep Nathan away from the boys, he readily admits, "I love cock!" He also tells us he was a strict top until he was about twenty-one when he gave bottoming a try. And like so many men before him, he realized taking it up the ass is a whole lot of fun. ;-) We could tell he was serious about his love of bottoming when, without any prompting from us, he made quite the show of teasing his hole while stroking his uncut cock for us. Nathan told us about his spit-roasting fantasy, and we wondered if that was on his mind as he shot a huge load of thick cum onto his belly! We might have to do Nathan a favour and arrange that spit-roast for him sometime soon!
Guy Rogers & Justin King
Handsome hairy muscle lads Guy Rogers and Justin King work up a real sweat, with Justin dominating.. passionate kissing, nipple action, plenty of strong oral, horny arseplay, then Justin fucks Guy hard in three positions till they both shoot their hot cum loads..The lads start off on the sofa in Adidas sportswear, both of them have really powerful big hairy legs and even in their sports tops, you can see they have very hairy chests. As they get a feel of each others bodies, they start to kiss, then Justin lifts his top, getting Guy to suck on his big hard sensitive nipples.. Nipple play gets Justin hard, and there is plenty of it in this video. Guy takes off his sports vest, and Justin cant wait to get his lips around handsome Guys hairy nipples as he gropes him. Guy goes back to Justins nipples, giving them another good play and suck as he rubs the bulge in Justins shorts. Justin pulls them down, and Guy rubs and squeezes his dick over his white undies, before taking them off. His dick is uncut, not quite solid, and Guy starts licking the end, jerking him off, then gets into some hot sucking.. With Guy pleasuring his dick, Justin reaches out to rub Guys amazing arse, pulling his shorts down, then his undies, exposing his hairy muscle butt, which he massages as he gets sucked. Justin fucks Guys mouth for a bit, making him suck harder and deeper, and with his dick rock solid now, he stands up to get sucked some more. Guy gets down on his knees and gets back to some very hot sucking, and starts to play with his dick as he sucks. Justin grips his head to fuck his mouth, pushing his dick as deep as Guy can take it, making him struggle a bit. Very hot. Guy stands up, and Justin gets down onto his knees and demonstrates amazing oral skills as he effortlessly swallows the entire length of Guys hard cock, right down to his hairy balls. He gets it really wet and sloppy, then Guy grips his head and give him a good throat fucking.. Awesome..They move back to the sofa now, with Guy on his back, legs apart, held back, showing his hairy arse to camera. Justin kneels next to him and rubs his hole, gets it wet, thne pushes his finger in.. it makes Guys dick throb, and Justin sucks on the end of it as his finger slides in and out of Guys arse, opening him up..Eager to fuck now, Justin gets on the sofa, kneeling, with Guy laying on his back. Justin teases Guys hole for a bit, rubbing his dick against it, before easing the tip in.. he pushes the rest of his cock all the way in, making Guy moan, then starts fucking him slowly.. as Guy gets used to it, Justin speeds up a little, then leans over him to get deeper penetration, as the fucking gets harder and stronger..Next, Guy is leaning against the wall, Justin standing behind him. Again, a little arse teasing before pushing his hard dick back into Guys hairy arse. Justin grips him by the waist and starts fucking him quite strong.. Some very hot, graphic, underneath penetration shots. Justin leans forward to get his arms all the way around Guys chest and gives him a seriously hard pounding, till he cant take any more..Not quite done yet, they fuck one more time, this time Guy in on his back on the sofa again, Justin kneeling on the floor. He holds Guys legs apart as he fucks him, and as he starts working up to a good speed, Guy jerks off his dick, and pretty soon its stiff and throbbing as his butt gets pounded.. He cant hold off too long, and beats away at his meat till it starts shooting out thick white spurts of jizz which spray out and land in his hairy chest and abs... Justin gets on the sofa and has Guy playing with his hard nipples as he jerks himself off.. this seems to get him going, his breathing gets louder and heavier, and his cock pumps out a hot creamy spunk load over his abs.. Justin squeezes out a few more drops of sticky man juice as he catches his breath.. A very hot scene.
Daniel Takes the Big One
Connor fills up Daniel in his first bottoming video. They start off with some light tickle play and kissing. Connor wastes no time in sticking his big dick in Daniel's tight ass.Working at Baretwinks was a great experience. Bryan and Andy are awesome. I had a lot of fun and hope to have more :).Sexy and talented Latino raver boy who we met locally.
Daddy's Laddy
This week we have a new face on MenOver30 named Junior Verde. Junior is from Akron, OH and is 20 years old. Junior is sitting at the big boy
Naughty School Boys - James and Aiden
James and Aiden are on detention and having nothing else better to do they decide to play with their young, horny cocks right there in the classroom. Aiden bends over on the desk and James gives his hole a good hard fuck and then sprays his sexy tummy with hot cum!
Brent fucks for the first time on camera
Soccer Boys Shared Sucking
Team sports are all about friendship and trust, and some boys take that to the ultimate level! Soccer boys Jasper and Phillip don't keep their ball-play just for the pitch, after enjoying a kick about they share a mutual cock sucking and dick jerking session until their own balls are thoroughly dealt with!If you love sweet and sexy versatile bottom boys, then you will definitely enjoy watching Jasper Robinson on video with the other raw-dicked lads! This boy is a sporty twink with a rock solid shaft and an eager hole too, versatile and hungry for action, he knows how to give and take it like a real pro!Phillip Ashton is a good friend of mine who has been doing porn forever. Phillip is a really small guy with a huge dick. He absolutely loves to top the twinky boys, and has some prominent videos.
Drake Jaden and Bo Bangor
Drake relaxes in the Florida sun and strokes his hairy, muscular chest. And just as he reaches inside his leather jock strap to free his big uncut cock he's startled by his big muscle daddy neighbor. Bo had been watching over the fence but he could no longer resist the hot masculine temptation just inches away. He knows Drake will welcome his surprise visitor because this isn't the first time mature Daddy Bo has come over to play!
Erotic Kabuki
Kabuki Dancers in old Japan were often male prostitutes, who catered to a mixed male and female clientele. Even today, most Kabuki actors are gay. Here we find a Kabuki male courtesan (Toraemon) dancing for his client, Kago, dressed only in a Japanese fundoshi (loincloth) before being sexually seduced. After performing the ancient and traditional 'Kabuki Dance' for Kago, it is time for Toraemon to perform an act of loyalty, by paying homage to his Lord. He gets on his knees to suck on Kago's cock. But Kago needs to be relieved in more ways then only oral pleasure. Soon the 2 are on the bed and our insatiable bottom Toraemon is ready to ride on Lord Kago's cock. The erotic Kabuki Dance continues, in the form of sexual love. The 2 explode in eternal ecstasy together
Tied And Left To Wait For It
Tied and left in an abandoned toilet, all Jacob can do is sit and wait for someone to save him. Although saving him isn't what sadistic Adam Watson has in mind. After throwing him about, Adam wastes no time before getting Jacobs hole lubed up and ready to take Adams throbbing dick. Jacobs head is forced into the toilet as Adam pounds his ass making him scream, before he's turned around so Adam can unload all over little Jacobs face.
Boy Toy Dreams
Stephen Nash is so cute. His ass is perfectly round and fits right in my hands. I've been craving his sweet ass for days now. He's been playing hard to get but I eventually get what I want.
Take a Peak
I've been trying to fuck Jordan for quite some time now. He's been playing hard to get. Though I finally got him to let me take a peak at his man cave and knew then I was in. I pulled out my cock at the right moment and he immediately started drooling.
Massage Boys - Edwin Sykes and Nathan Gear
Nathan Gear is in for far more than he bargained for when he signed up to get a massage from the devious Edwin Sykes. In no time these twinks are in a 69 position and well on their way to full-blown fucking in the massage parlour. This is one of those happy endings that you don't want to miss.
Confessions 5
Ripe, smooth and juicy, two horny little lads are having a photo shoot, which quickly turns into an exploration of each others bodies. The stiff dicks are bursting with boy juice, there's only one way this hot fuck session can end...
Taylor Admits Crush on Teacher
It's graduation day and Taylor Garrett has been dying to spill the beans all year. He comes into his teacher's office to tell him his secret: he has a crush on Mr. Lacroix! Mr. Lacroix is coy at first but is obviously really into it. As a graduation present, he fucks his student and sends him on his way into the real world.Jesse Lacroix is a blonde guy who likes to play the straight man role when topping his guys. He's athletic and enjoys pounding asses.Taylor Garrett is confident, sexy, and always ready to try something new. He's not shy about approaching guys to see if they'll give him a shot.
Sex in the Break Room
Jimmy took a nap in the break room. He decided to get a bit too comfortable by taking off all his clothes. Jason, his co-worker, found him and got all horny over Jimmy's hot body. They have about 45 mins to get a good fuck before everyone goes to lunch.
El Costa Grande
El Costa Grande
Alex Gibson & Justin Harris
Handsome hairy footballer Alex Gibson gives sexy smooth muscle lad Justin Harris a good seeing to as he gets his thick girthy uncut dick deepthroated to the base, then deep fingers Justins hole, before pounding his muscle butt hard in three positions.. Strong, intense, horny action. The lads start off in a conservatory, in shiny sports kit and football socks. They kiss, getting a feel of each other bodies, Alex is dark, hairy and defined, Justin is smooth with a hot muscle body. They reach down to grope each other, neither of them is wearing underwear, only shorts, and it only takes a few seconds before both lads are sporting tent pole stiffies poking through their shorts..They takes off their tops, taking turns licking and sucking on each others hard nipples as they rub and squeeze each others solid cocks through the fabric of their shorts.. unable to hold off any longer, Alex first reaches inside Justins shorts, to pull out his juicy uncut cock, moist with precum.. then Justin does the same, pulling out Alexs throbbing thick uncut meat.. Justin gets down onto his knees and begins slowly pleasuring that fat dick with his mouth, getting it really wet with plenty of spit, then sucking with long slow firm strokes. Clearly loving it, Alex starts to push his dick in a bit deeper now, and fucks Justins mouth.. Then Justin takes a breath, opens his mouth wide, and takes in as much of that thick cock as he can, forcing himself to the base of it, getting it right to the back of his throat. Alex moans with pleasure as Justin deepthroats him a few times, then Alex pushes it deep down and holds it there.. Extremely hot.Next, the lads are in a different room, on a sofa, with Justin sitting back as Alex lays on his side to suck Justin for a bit, and proves he is a pretty good sucker too, and his dick continues to throb the entire time he sucks. Justin reaches for it to jerk him off slowly as he gets sucked. Alex is keen to experience those amazing oral skills again, so its not long before Justin is slurping on his meaty girth, sucking firm and deep, jerking him off, and keeping that cock rock solid, then letting Alex fuck his mouth hard and fast..Aching to get his meat into Justins smooth arse, Alex works on it for a bit with his fingers as Justin lays back. His hole is wet with spit, Alex rubs the spit in gently, then slides two fingers in, pushing them in deep, all the way, then sliding them in and out for a bit, making Justin moan with pleasure as he stretches his hole, preparing him for some fat dick fuck action.Justin loves nothing better, and for the first position, they lay on their sides on the sofa, spoons type position, Justin holding his leg back giving Alex easy access, and us a great view... Alex teases his hole for a bit, then pushes his dick in, slow, all the way to the base. As it goes in Justins dick throbs and twitches as it hits the spot.. Alex starts to fuck slow at first with long steady strokes, but its not lon before he speeds up, gripping Justins leg, to give that hungry hole a good pounding..Next, Alex is sitting back, holding his dick upright, and Justin lowers himself onto it, sliding his hole down the meaty fuck pole, riding it a bit, taking it all in, then Alex grips his arse to hold him up so he can thrust into him, giving him another athletic pounding.. he varies the speed a bit, but keeps the fucking strong and hard. Not quite done yet, Justin is on his back now, and with both lads ready to shoot their loads, they quickly get back into some deep hard thrusting, with Alex plunging his dick in and pulling it all the way before plowing it back in, giving Justins arse a major work out, then banging him hard.. Its not long before Justin is reaching for his dick and jerking himself off.. With Alex pounding strong and steady, it only takes a minute before Justin is squirty spunk strong and fast clear up his chest and all across his bulging sweaty abs.. The sight of this pushes Alex over the edge, and he quickly whips off the condom to aim his dick over Justin, and a second later the spunk starts spraying, several spurts of hot liquid jizz all over Justin chest, leaving him seriously cum drenched.. Both cum shots are so good, we see them in horny slow motion.. The lads squeeze out the last few drops, then Alex leans down to give Justin a final kiss, as they catch their breath.
The Nicks Game
AJ Banks is back this week and he's here to help us welcome Devin Adams to the circle. AJ is 21 and from Daytona Beach, FL and who better to show this sexy 23 year old from Baltimore, MD how it's done here in the Sunshine State? Both of these boys are rather easy on the eyes and we figured we'd ask what the most recent complement someone had paid them was. For AJ, it would be a complement on the Coney Island High Detention shirt he's wearing. Devin has a more interesting answer, 'It was you, Harlan, you said I have big balls' Well who doesn't love big balls? Speaking of balls we then asked how these guys like to keep their bush. Both prefer to keep their own trimmed and prefer their partners trim as well. AJ has a follow up since he bats for both teams. He likes his men trimmed but loves his girls shaved clean. AJ is a bit more experienced than his costar today so we asked Devin about his first time with a guy. Devin's first was at the tender age of 18 when he was a lifeguard on the beach. We asked him if it was everything he'd hoped for. ' was' he beams as his face literally lights up, 'and more!' Awww.Devin is workin' on his homework when AJ walks in and asks him for a Band-Aid. When Devin asks him what for AJ blushes a bit before admitting he sorta cut himself trimming. Devin isn't following his lead so AJ pulls down his shorts and shows Devin exactly where he cut himself while trimming his pubes. Devin sees the small nick at the base of AJ's cock and tells him he doesn't have a Band-Aid but he could kiss it to make it better. <evil grin> We LOVE this guy! AJ grins as Devin goes in for a kiss and makes it a French one as he starts to suck on AJ's growing cock. AJ moans as he gets that dick sucked on, holding Devin's head as he slowly fucks that handsome face. Devin takes his time on that meat until his own dick is screaming for attention. He hops up on a chair and hauls out his own dick for AJ to savor. AJ spits on that dick and goes to town on it as he shoves that dick so far down his throat it makes him gag. 'Yeah, you like that big dick?' Devin coos as AJ worships his meat and smooth nuts. They take turns sucking on each others cocks until Devin gets horny for more than that dick in his mouth.AJ suits up and sits back as Devin straddles his dick and starts to ride it. He takes that cock to the hilt and goes for it, grinding that hot ass of his all the way down on it. AJ moans as Devin fucks himself silly; until he starts to get that tingle and tells him to take it slow. Devin's own thick dick is springing up and down as Devin rides AJ. AJ then wants to take control and gets up and bends Devin over the same chair. 'Fuck my ass, yeah' Devin begs with that sexy voice of his as AJ delivers. He fucks that sweet ass doggy style as Devin just begs for more. AJ's balls slap away at Devin's ass as he continues his assault. The sexual chemistry is off the charts as these two go at it. Devin then gets on his back so he can watch as AJ pounds his ass harder and deeper. That cock slams into his prostate until Devin can't hold off any more. He starts to nut as AJ pounds him harder. He coats his smooth chest and abs as AJ pulls out and goes for his. AJ jacks his throbbing cock until he shoots a huge load all over Devin drenching everything from his shoulder all the way down to his cum-coated cock. Anyone else need a Band-Aid? lol
A Soapy, Wet Russian Named James
Those of you with a weakness for accents may want to brace yourselves for this one! James Wright is a twenty-one year old mixologist living in Manchester, but he's originally from Russia. While his English is very good, that Russian accent is still very pronounced... and very sexy. ;-) James tells us he's straight but that he may have a fantasy or two involving other blokes. Our curiosity is most definitely piqued! Considering he once fucked someone in a Latvian church, the fact his current fantasy is rooftop-sex seems almost vanilla! We thought he looked like the dirty sort, so figured the shower was the best setting for his first solo. After our chat, James gets the water going and soaps himself up. He scrubs his lean, hairy body until it's squeaky clean, only to get dirty again as he strokes his big, thick cock. After working himself to a lather, so to speak, he ends up blowing creamy cum all over his furry stomach at the bottom of the tub.
Twink Ass Worship Scene
Twink Ass Worship Scene
James D & Scott S
Extra hung horny lad James Dixon pushes Scott Spencer to him limits, getting his huge thick uncut dick sucked, then shoves two fingers up Scotts arse before fucking him hard in three positions then spunking his load over him.. The lads start off on the sofa, in sports kit, getting a feel of each other bodies and rubbing the bulges in their shiny nylon shorts, and get down to some kissing and groping... James lifts his vest to get his nipples licked and sucked by Scott, and then they switch, with James having a good suck on Scotts nipples whilst squeezing his bulge, which starts to get hard in his shorts. They take off their tops and kiss and grope some more, before pulling down each others shorts to get a better feel of each others goods... both lads are sporting pretty hefty bulges in their white undies, and after some horny groping and nipple sucking, both lads get big rock solid boners, and then the undies come off..James has a really massive dick, its thick, veiny, uncut with plenty of foreskin, and Scott wastes no time in getting down to some hot oral action. He tries to suck deep but the girth on James huge meat proves to be a major challenge, and he cant get too deep.. this doesnt stop James from trying to get more of it down his throat though, as he grips Scotts head to push his meat in to his mouth as deep as it will go, making Scott struggle a bit. Next, James proves what a great sucker he is as he noshes down on Scotts big throbbing cock, getting it good and wet with plenty of spit and sucking it deep, taking it right to the back of his throat, giving Scott a really good cock servicing. The lads kiss some more, then James stands up to get sucked again. Scott gets down on his knees, and jerks James off getting the end of his dick wet with plenty of spit, working it in with his fingers, then getting his lips around it for some more horny sucking. He makes a good effort to suck deep, and James pushes it further by fucking his mouth a bit.. very hot. Eager to play with Scotts arse, the lads are on the sofa now, Scott on his back, legs back, letting James work on his hairy hole. He spits liberal amounts onto Scotts arse, rubbing it into his hole, then pushes in a finger and starts sliding it in and out, making him moan. He pushes his hard dick up between his legs as James ramps it up by inserting two fingers to really stretch that hole..Ready to get fucked now, Scott leans against the sofa with James standing behind him. He teases Scotts hole with his dick for a bit, poking and prodding it, then pushes it all the way in, very deep. He goes nice and slow to start with, letting Scott get used to the length and girth, then fucks shallow for a bit showing us plenty of length.. Seems to hit the spot for Scott whose dick is rock solid as that thick meat slides in and out of his arse. James builds up the speed a bit, fucking him harder, and fucks him for quite a while. Next, James is on his back on the sofa, holding his dick upright, and Scott squats down on it, facing us, getting the tip in, then sliding himself all the way down that fat fuck pole. He starts to ride it, slowly at first, and as before, his own dick throbs rock solid throughout.. He speeds up a bit, then James grips his butt cheeks and holds him up so he can thrust his cock into him, fucking him harder.. then he goes up a gear gives him an intense, fast pounding. Not quite done yet, they go for a third position, with Scott on his back on the sofa, James kneeling. He pushes his cock back inside Scotts hot hairy hole, and gets back into some hot thrusting action, getting Scott closer and closer to orgasm, till he cant hold off any longer, and he starts to jerk away at his throbbing cock till it starts spewing tons of thick creamy spunk.. James pulls out, whips the condom off, and moves around to kneel over him, and beats away at his meat till it shoots hot cum over Scotts chest. James squeezes out the last few drops as the lads catch their breath.
Brett Screws John harder than ever
Brett premieres in his first Bareback video and goes all out with John Hyde. After some hot kissing, John worships his cock before ramming it bare in his ass and riding it harder and harder, getting Brett closer and closer forcing him to cum inside, he then cums on his chest after being fucked so hard!Very fun, a great experience!His blue eyes and boyish smile just melt my heart. His personality is as sweet and innocent as his looks. A true “boy next door”
Butch Grand and Tim Kelly
Rediscover this Alpahmales classic in HD and on your tablet! Butch returns for more fun in the Vauxhall leather club, this time with muscle bound Tim. Looking like a man who likes to be in control, Tim is dressed in leather pants and cap like a real hot copper ready to order you around!! Butch obediently looks after his cock with his hot mouth and then has his butt munched on by our hairy daddy. Holding his butt open for him, it's soon pounded hard and fast, feeling every inch being thrust inside!!
Straight Roommate Perversions
Some guys just love having sex. Travis is one of those guys. Travis and his roommate have been getting nasty late at night. They've been fucking each other secretly like two horny males in heat.
Jonny Kingdom Fucks Toby Banks
Johnny Kingdom is back and not a moment too soon. This tight bodied newbie has already shared his delicious rock hard uncut cock with some of the other guys, but this time it's sexy and slim guy Toby Banks getting it in the arse! These guys are so well matched you can almost smell the lust as they get sucking on each other, but it's Johnny's big dick in his tight hole that gets Toby cumming hard, and then he gets an extra big splashing of jizz from Johnny too!
Fresh Meat Episode 4
Dan J is desperate for some cock in this episode, hanging around outside the sauna and waiting until he sees someone he fancies walk in. And of course, seeing young and hunky Callum Astor heading inside is enough to get him following. The boys meet up anonymously in the glory hole, with hungry Lewis sucking on Callum's uncut sausage as hung Jack Hall watches on and wanks his big dick to the live show. Callum gets a taste back before he's ready to blow his load and joins his oral buddy for a messy facial, but poor Lewis is not happy about being left to deal with his own cum load after taking a face full!
Outdoor Jacuzzi Orgy
Summertime is the best for outdoor spa activities. Let's see, there's drinks with friends, catching some rays... oh and yeah! And a party train on the deck! I suck a pretty mean dick when I'm outside and other guys are watching. I'll even suck yours if you'd let me.
Marc & Brenton Hugely Hung
Marc & Brenton Hugely Hung
Fucked To A Self Facial!
Beefy lad Jeremy Feist might not be too impressed with his closeted friend Preston Steel, but the guy wants that cock no matter what! The guys are taking what time they have alone to really appreciate each other in this anal slamming scene, starting off with cock sucking and ass rimming before Preston slides his hard cock into that beefy ass of his lover and fucks the huge cumshot out of him!When we shot in Montreal this year, we had the chance to work with sexy Toronto pup, Jeremy Feist! This boy has a taste for leather, so we may have to bring him back for a kinkier scene (or two!) in the future. When he's not fucking on camera, Jeremy also writes regularly for!They don't come any sweeter than Preston Steel; you'd be hard pressed to find them much sexier, either! His fun, warm personality is the cherry on top of a furry, masculine body we can't get enough of on film. Working with out and proud gay men is always a treat, Preston is comfortable and confident in his skin and it translates to incredibly hot scenes.
Fondle With Care
Braxton is sweetheart. He works all day helping old people in the convalescent homes. His best friend was so touched by this that he became attracted to him. Braxton though is not interest in men what so ever. At least he wasn't before...
Diesel Genes
This week we have Chris Cox and Trent Diesel in the house steaming up our cameras. Chris Cox our 26 year old local hottie is here to put that Cuban cock to use welcoming back Trent Diesel. Wisconsin native Trent is 27 now and it's been a year since we've seen his hot ass. (literally...) With all the political turmoil going on these days we figured we'd pose a hypothetical question and asked these hotties if they were President of the United States and could push any law through what that law would be. El Presidente Cox would make gay marriage legal across the land; while President Diesel would enact a law making it mandatory for those who look good naked to BE naked... all the time. We applaud his efforts to make America beautiful; but some things should not be done naked...or in public. lol We asked Chris what he felt bottoms wanting to take huge cocks like his should know. 'They need to be more gentle' he says. We then asked the reverse of Trent who concurred and felt that advice works both ways then he added his own twist. 'I seem to find a lot of guys with big dicks think just having a big dick is good enough', he grins 'you still gotta know how to fuck sweetie! ...just saying. Enough said...'How big is that?' Trent asks wanting to know if that dick lives up to the hype. Chris isn't about to pass up an opportunity so he undoes his pants and lets Trent find out on his own. Trent's not disappointed as he grabs Chris' thick meat in his hands then in his mouth. Chris moans as Trent services his throbbing cock. He licks all over the shaft and heads south to lick and suck on his heavy balls. Trent gets right back on that dick for more as he chokes down as much of it as his throat will let him. Trent spit shines that dick as Chris helps bob his head on it. He fucks that face wanting to get his dick as deep as possible. Trent then stands and drops his pants giving his dick some much needed breathing room. Chris has other plans as he bends him over to inspect that hot ass he'll soon have on his dick. He spreads those smooth cheeks apart and sinks his hot tongue inside. Trent moans as Chris eats that hot ass out getting it nice and wet and ready for a proper fucking. Trent pushes his ass back onto Chris' face as he gets that sweet ass tongue-fucked. Chris then gets up and fucks Trent's face some more getting rock hard for what's next on the To Do list ...TRENT!Chris suits up and sits back as Trent straddles him and begins to lower himself onto that pole. Trent grimaces as his ass slowly gives in. Once he gets that fat dick inside him he starts to ride it like a champ. That tight ass feels amazing on Chris' cock as he grabs Trent by the waist and helps bounce him on it. Chris then gets up and bends Trent over to tap that ass doggy style. Trent braces himself on the arm rest as Chris goes back to pounding that sweet little ass of his. Chris' balls slap against that ass hard as he picks up the pace. Trent grunts and groans as his ass gets stretched wider. Chris then moves the party back on the couch as they lay down. Chris lifts Trent's leg and slips that dick in for more. He slowly taps that ass as Trent moans his approval. He starts sliding that dick in deeper and faster as Trent beats off. That Cuban dick's hitting that prostate just right and it sends Trent over the edge. He shoots a huge load all over his chest and abs. Chris then gets Trent on his knees and beats off his own massive load all over Trent's face as Trent opens wide wanting to taste every drop he can. With an intense protein facial such as this, Trent's sure to be looking his best this coming year. Sign up now, Gentlemen. Supply IS limited.
Michael Vargas - Bukkake Veteran!
You may recognise Michael Vargas from previous BukkakeBoy scenes.. not one to shy away from the limelight, this Puerto Rican bareback stallion finally decided to step into the ring! Always at ease, whether giving or receiving, Michael started with luscious, sucking blowjobs and hand jobs for the entire BukkakeBoys gang. And when the time came to receive, Michael eagerly exposed his bangin´ butt for some serious penetration. Bareback after bareback, his juicy hole was ravaged until they all orgasmed with a sticky explosion all over his face!
Adam Russo and Tony Thorn
Battle of the hairy, naked chefs. Tony Thorn, one of our favourite ever models is head-to-head with sexy, hairy, hung newcomer - Adam Russo. Tony's caught in just an apron and Adam can't keep his wandering eyes, hands or tongue to himself. Tony hoiks Adam up onto a kitchen counter to eat his hairy hole and fill it full of dark, uncut meat. And when he's finished sliding up to his heavy balls in Adam's hole Adam does 'the-slut-drop' to his knees to get a mouthful of Tony's seed ( and swallows the lot)
The Carpenter Solo
Welcoming Shun in, the cameraman asks if he
Alexander Hard Anal Fucking
Alexander hasn't gotten laid in about 3 months. I had to help his tight ass out. I shoved my hard throbbing member deep into him...he screamed in pleasure with a smile.
Cum Parade Part 10
We're back with another horny edition of the Cum Parade series, gathering together some of the most delicious and messy cum facials we've captured on video in the last few months. When these dudes shoot their semen there's plenty to share with some incredible gushers! Get wet with us for this edition and blow your own wad with the boys!
Mason Coxx is back in the house with us this week. Mason is helping us welcome a new face to the EBD Club, Mr. Aaron Felix. Aaron is a baby-faced 20 year old that is originally from California but is spending a few months right here in sunny South Florida. Mason, for those of you unfamiliar with this hung 25 year old hottie, is originally from Connecticut. We wondered how health conscious these two fit hotties were and it turns out they are both very aware of what goes into their bodies. Aaron eats lots of small meals a day and buys organic whenever possible. Mason is a self-professed
For Wad It's Girth
This week we are proud to bring you one of the 'biggest' names in the industry. Well, he may not be the biggest name around; but at 27 Girth Brooks definitely has the equipment to make even the seasoned size queen take stock. Originally from Massachusetts Girth more than lives up to his name. He has a boyish air about him yet he's definitely a manly man. The physique is delicious, the chest is defined and hairy, the smile could brighten any room and that extra thick dick would make most pray for an unhinging jaw. Lol Girth now calls Florida home and he has no intent of crossing the Mason Dixon line anytime soon. 'Fuck no' he says, 'I'm a fan of the warm weather and lack of clothing that gets to be worn here.' Girth enjoys watching CNN and the sports channel (& porn). Does that give you any clue? Yeah, Girth's a certified str8 guy. He admits he hasn't been recognized much on the street which helps. He's dating a girl now that knows what he does for a living and she's ok with it. I'm sure weighing the pros and cons she's sticking around for everything Girth brings to the table. Next week we'll get to see just what that is when Girth agrees to get some help on that thick cock of his.Girth starts to stretch as he gets comfortable. As he does, he starts to take his clothes off. His tee comes off giving us our first glimpse of that hairy chest. He keeps his chest trimmed short but long enough to form a faint happy trail down the middle of his defined abs. He has a natural 5 o'clock shadow that just adds to his sex appeal. He takes his shorts off and as he does we can already make out the beginnings of a pop tent growing in his boxer briefs. Those briefs look like they're hiding an anaconda. He grabs that thick dick and teases it as he tugs at it and slaps at it with his other hand. Girth then drops his briefs and crawls into bed with a good book. Girth does his best to read but there seems to be a huge distraction below the sheets. Girth grins as he sees the huge pop tent that's formed in the comforter. He reaches in and hauls out his massive cock. His dick is a solid 8' dick that is by far thicker than the average dick, Bubu. He strokes that aching meat with both hands as he starts to give his cock the attention it requires. Even with both fists wrapped around his monster cock there's room for more.Girth then moves over to the chair where he continues to stroke his swollen meat. He puts his left hand behind his head showcasing his sexy pits. He slowly runs his tongue along his bicep and pit which just makes his dick throb harder. Girth is stroking that meat faster as he focuses on his meaty knob. He stands to give us a better view as the cam goes in from below giving us a spectacular view of those smooth balls and that thick cock. Girth knows just how to show off what he's packing. He then gets on the couch and assumes a more revealing position as he gets on all four. He arches his back a bit as his beautiful ass gets put on display. Look all you want boys, that's as close as you're gonna get to that ass. There isn't a bad angle on this stud. He strokes that cock underhand as he shows off that sweet ass that's framed by his sexy tan lines. Girth's cock is getting close so he flips over and lies back to give that cock the release it's now begging for. He grabs that thick cock by the base as he jacks off faster. His smooth nuts pull in tight as he prepared to unload. His abs contract as he starts to moan and groan aloud as his rock hard explodes coating his furry happy trail with his thick load. <evil grin>
Our New Toy
Dear Diary, It's Hunter again and I just wanted to drop a line today. My sweet boyfriend bought us a brand new toy for us to enjoy. Andy is so sweet. He bought us a double-sided toy that we both can enjoy. Of course it's just a tease, but that leads us up to the real thing nicely. What a man.
This week we have a special treat for those of you who appreciate your men with a bit of fur on 'em. Swarthy Nicko Morales makes his industry debut with us right here on MenOver30 as he takes it all off and shows off what this sexy, 31 year old New Yorker has to offer. Nicko first visited the US as a child; but grew up and studied in his native Guatemala, finally moving here after he finished college. He admits he loves his New Yorkers, but misses the warmth of the people he left behind. In Guatemala the people are naturally open and friendlier. It took him a while before he was able to feel that kind of warmth from The Big Apple. New Yorkers can be cliquish? -who knew!? lol Nicko was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to having sex with men and his first was a personal trainer in his early 20s. Coming to the US after college also made it easier for him to come out seeing as the culture here is more receptive more so than Latin America. When it comes to men he likes men that take care of themselves and are fit. He
Aren't You Forgetting Something?
Back in the house this afternoon is a Windy City Charmer we haven't seen in a while, Mr. Shane Frost. It's been a while since we've seen this 29 year old Chicagoan. Shane's in luck because we brought out the big guns to help celebrate his return. By 'Big Guns' we of course mean Mario Costa. Mario is a local Cuban commodity that needs no introduction; neither does his extra thick uncut 9' dick. These two crazies have hit it off famously so we're in for one hell of an afternoon. Recent events dictate that President Obama came out...for gay marriage! (No pun intended) Both of them agree it was unexpected; but admire him for having the courage to do that for all the right reasons. The 2012 election is around the corner and neither of them is excited about it, since once it's done it all just starts back up again. Shane was excited to hear he was working with Mario and he's looking forward to getting some of that Cuban Anaconda Mario's packin'. Mario admits many have thought they could take his dick without a problem and haven't always emerged victorious. Fortunately our money's on Chicago. For a City that invented the (Extra Big) ferris wheel and the giant game of soft ball-we're sure it can handle an Extra Big...Cock! That's what they call
Pool Boners
My friend has the most gorgeous swimming pool. I come over frequently to take a dip when the heat gets unbearable. What a tasty surprise when I saw Devin chillin' by the pool. No matter how much cool pool water there is, it doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to avoid this summer heat. In fact, all I got on my mind is getting as much of Devin's dick heat as possible!
Marc's Big Power Point
Marc Dylan captured the audience during his business presentation. He got everyone's spirits up. Well, get something up. One co-worker was so inspired, that his dick was rock hard for Marc. Looks like business is good.
Bisexual Trio
Alessandra was looking after a friends house whilst
The Big Cum On
Crank up the A/C Fellas; it is going to be a scorcher this week. As if summer wasn
Tony Haas
A big, hairy Dutch guy, with an exceptionally long, elastic foreskin, Tony Haas loves to please, and he really loves cock. He's a big fan of Butch Dixon, and when he sent us a few dick pics, we just had to meet him in person. This hairy guy proves that the guy in the office next to you or sitting across from you on the train could be a secret sexual powderkeg. He's pretty experimental when it comes to sex -- there are few limits for a horned up guy like Tony, especially when it comes to getting fucked. It's best when the cock is massive and hard, and judging by the way he holds up his hands to show how big he likes it, his idea of a big cock is more like a thermos. Woof! What a greedy pig! Check out Tony getting his thick dick greased up and fucking a ribbed cuff until he splatters his hairy belly with hot cum.
First Time Meeting
These kinky gays make all their wild fantasies true during the first time meeting. Deepthroating, rimming and hardcore fucking are here to enjoy.
Hard Rub
Luke needs a big release. He's got so much pent-up stress through out his body. He's about to explode like a human volcano. Lucky for him he gets a hard rub and more from his hot massues.
Intervention scene1
Bukkake: Cure for the Common Cold!
Bukkake: Cure for the Common Cold!
Guiltless Pleasure
Lucas Knight and Josh Long are home alone with no one in sight to view their scandalous affair. Josh has a girlfriend but has had this fantasy about fucking Lucas. Now that no one is around, they can do all naughty things they desire in guiltless pleasure.
Mates Part 1
Mates is a British porn-drama about the complicated relationship between Paddy O’Brian and his best mate Paul Walker. Sexual tension is in the air but fear causes their mutual desire go unspoken. Paul meets Dean Monroe at a gay bar and eventually becomes the vehicle for Paul to express the passion meant for Paddy.
Angel Kelly Knows How to do a Solo
Angel Kelly has been busy at college for the last couple years, but he's finally back in our studio! He hasn't lost his touch, either, and he doesn't look a day older than when we saw him last. Judging by how hard his uncut cock is, we'd say he's glad to be back. Angel moans loudly as he works his hole with a dildo as he jacks off. And his intense cumshot will not disappoint!Angel Kelly is one of the first models I had the ability to film, and one of my favorites. I saw him at Gay Pride; he had just turned 18. He showed up for his first shoots with his schoolbooks. Over the last 3 years, he has made 30+ videos, and is still going strong. He may have a small boyish appearance, but has a huge personality. He loves getting fucked and being on camera.
Learning With A Hot Young Teacher
The classroom is empty except for Maddox Johnson and Spencer London who have to stay late for detention. The lesson today isn't History or Math: it's sex! Sexy guys can do things to each other without women being around to please them. Watch these two hot teen studs turn into twinks in the blink of an eye. They suck off the teacher, Braden Phoenix, and some fucking starts immediately after. Soon there are three large hard cocks on your screen, each of which is aching to be stroked band sucked and so much more. Can you handle this sexy anatomy lesson or not?Braden is a tall 20 year old red headed twink, that loves nothing more than to dominate other young twinky guys! Braden could be considered something of a porn veteran. Having worked on loads of porn scenes over the past two years, he definitely knows how to show the new guys the ropes, in his own way!Maddox is a superb twink with an amazing smile. He's one of a kind!Spencer is a shy twink... until the pants are off!
Trey's Deep Anal Tissue Massage
This hot dude Trey I have been seeing called me over. He came by for a massage and some relaxation...I ended up shoving my hard cock deep inside him.
Prison Shower
Prison Shower
Damian Boss and Aaron Samuels
There's nothing quite like watching a hairy young man in the shower, and when he's playing with his huge dick which is rock solid, it's perfection in a cubicle! Disturbed just as he's about to shoot his load, tool man Damian takes delivery of a package, and sexy young twink Aaron makes his own package quiver back to full mast! His cute face, slim body and lovely blue eyes bust be the draw for our daddy as he makes it all too clear his intentions to the little delivery guy. Unable to resist that massive dick standing there, he's on his knees with a face covered in spit covered dick and balls and couldn't look happier! Aaron's tiny frame and milky white skin looks perfect next to Damian's tanned hairy body, and they can't get enough of each other! Fingering this twinks ass, ready for his thick shaft to destroy, and as he fucks from below, we're treated to some of the best fuck motion ever seen between a dad and his lad! Slamming repeatedly in and all the way out, Aaron's gaping boy hole is there for us to love, and Damian to build to his own cum fueled climax, squirting his prize all over the hungry twink!
Dillon & Conner
After showing up to fix Conner Habib's shower, Dillon Buck ends up soaking wet. He strips to put his clothes in Conner's dryer, but it's not long before he's putting his huge cock up Conner's ass. Conner gets a hard fucking, but not before deep throating Dillion's 9.5-inch bone.