Tory's Deep Anal Massage
This guy Tory was my neighbors good friend who is always stressed out, and tense. I went over to his house for an appointment to literally help him blow some steam. I bent him over, and fucked him hard over the massage table.
Dark Lovers - Robert & Matheus
Dark Lovers - Robert & Matheus
Andy's Sexual Healing
My new roommate has been acting kinda funny lately. I've caught him looking at me when I'm wearing my undies around the house and I'm starting to wonder if he wants some thick cock inside of him!
Eric Christians the BareBack Hunter!
Eric Christians the cryptologist has a love for travelling, hunting and golf. To appease all three of his hobbies, along with his thirst for cock, Eric made the trip from South Carolina for a mind blowing bareback experience! Wielding the Bukkake Boys stiff hard cocks like golf clubs, Eric proceeded to blow every pulsating rod in the room. For a bit of role reversal, Eric the dick hunter soon became the hunted, as all the boys took turns spearing his tight asshole. As the action heated up, soon the boys could take it no more and ended up marinading their score with an explosion of sticky cum!
Next Morning Fuck
Trace and his roommate had a wild night! They don't exactly remember what happened last night but they sure know they had a lot of fun! The boys let their instincts kick in and started to crave each others cock's for breakfast!
Lincoln Gates And Riley Tess
We know you've been looking forward to seeing sporty hunk Riley Tess come back to get his freak on with another guy since his solo wanking video recently, and we had to team him up with just the right guy. Lincoln Gates is one of those men who loves to break in a new hunk, and Riley is just his type too! The hunger these guys have for each other is pretty immense, but check out hard hard Lincoln fucks the new guy!
Three Gorgeous Boys Chain Fuck!
Who could possibly say no to gorgeous boy Krys Perez? His handsome blond cousin Anthony Evans definitely can't when he stops by and find Krys making out with his sexy boyfriend Robbie Anthony. The duo make their move, sucking Anthony and feeding him cock, and before he knows what's happening he's in the middle of a threeway cock fest, getting tag teamed by the boys! Check out the chain fuck with Krys inside Robbie, and Robbie inside Anthony!Some boys are made for porn, and Anthony Evans is most definitely one of those boys. This versatile blond is so handsome, and he has a cock that just will not quit! He's happy to get fucked hard by some of the horniest and hung top boys, but steps up to slide into some ass and really delivers his dick too!Krys has this "Hollywood" look; he's a future star that's for sure! He is comfortable in front of the camera and is quite a performer.Robbie Anthony is the life of the party, always horny and always ready to fuck. This handsome dark twink knows what he wants and he knows how to get it, sucking and fucking like a pro to get the boys off. The versatile twink is totally into getting fucked, but can definitely give it hard and deep when he wants some ass!
Toyed With
Aaron Aurora just loves getting toyed with and Ashton Bradley's the one with the toy chest ready to deploy all manner of object. Chained to the floor and eventually blindfolded, you're going to love seeing Aaron's ass eat up everything it's given.
Submission Win
It doesn't take much to get Kain to give me a blowjob. I barely started rubbing his belly and he gave into giving me a blowjob. No fuss, he just went to town...
Better Than a Alarm Clock!
You ever have trouble waking up? Do what our good friend Max does, set a Blowjob alarm. At preapointed time, Max's BF will come in and suck you awake, cradling the balls, the whole nine yards. Just be sure not to hit the snooze botton.
Bi Black Guy Dee Gets Some Ass
Dee is one incredibly hung black guy who really doesn't mind sharing his lengthy meat with other guys. Joe is on hand to help him out with that long cock, sucking him off and then bending over to take a deep bareback fucking too. It certainly does the trick for Dee who jerks out a hot load of jizz by the time he's done.
Meet our new best friend Shaft. It's easy to see why his friends gave him that nickname once you see what he's got in his pants...he's got a fucking huge uncut cock! He's also got a lean build and a 6 pack abs. He's 19 years old and has never pissed on himself before. So when we told him that we film guys pissing he was not sure he wanted to do it but of course, we got him to change his mind! Shaft first shows off his body then pisses on his smooth dark chest. He gets on the ground and hoses himself down again then he works over that long cock until he shoots his load of thick cum! I think it's pretty clear that he enjoyed his first time at piss play!
Getting Any?
When two delicious guys find themselves at a mutual friend's house with some time to kill, chemistry happens! Nico Diaz is on vacation, visiting a buddy. Nico shows up while his friend is at the grocery store, so he decides to chill out for a while. Alex Adams drops by the house to say hi to the same friend, but finds Nico instead. A little small talk leads to some extremely hot action involving two humungous dicks! Nico is a Latin boy who loves the feeling of warm lips wrapped around his anaconda. Alex has a passion for taking huge cocks deep. Nico's fat erection slides nicely down Alex's throat. After some passionate sucking, Nico goes in for a taste of Alex's throbbing dong. Watch him slurp hard on Alex's pulsating boner while jacking his own meat at the same time. Then Nico's burying his face, tongue first, into Alex's sexy ass. He's priming that tight hole for what comes next. Watch Nico's enormous dick slide into Alex and then deliver a proper, Extra Big pounding! Enjoy!
Zack Gets Two Shots Of Juice
Zack Gets Two Shots Of Juice
Matthew Gets Fucked Good
These two dudes had a fall out from back in the day. Matthew's asshole been aching for a nice huge cock. Santa granted his wish very early this year..he took all 9 inch in his rectum.
The Crotch Rocket
You'll call Tyler Sweet "Tyler Smooth" when you see how he seduces his hot biker friend Colby Jansen. Tyler gives Colby a world class blowjob before turning around to get his ass rimmed and fucked by the hard cock he's been fantasizing about!
Ice, Nice, Baby!
Well guess whose back!? This week, after much fan fare, we have Caleb Colton back to show us what he can do. Our fans really loved watching Caleb stroke his big dick a couple weeks ago so it's only logical we add fuel to that fire. Speaking of fire, we have a hottie we never seem to get enough of, Mr. Ty Tucker. Both of these fit studs take great care of their bodies so we wondered what snacks they like to indulge in. Caleb likes bananas and strawberries when he wants something healthy. For junk food he loves Funions and Fried Chicken. He is after all a 'southern boy'. Ty likes blueberries and fruits as well; but when it comes to junk food he's torn. There's just so much out there to eat. He loves pizza and chips and soda. We then thought it would be interesting to have these boys architect the perfect cock and we were quite pleased to achieve critical mass. They both like dicks that are big-but not too big-with some nice veins so they can feel it pulsing and it has to come with a nice set of balls. Well we definitely think they've come to the right place for that so we should stop chatting and let these get to gettin'! <evil grin>Caleb is hanging out when Ty walks in with the ice he requested. 'Here's the ice for your drink' says Ty as Caleb informs him they're not for his drink at all. Ty's confused until Caleb pulls up his tank and points his nips at him. Ty grins and gets to work icing those bad boys as they stand at attention. His tongue is next as he works his tongue on that hairy chest and nips, slowly licking his way south. He undoes Caleb's pants and finds what he's looking for. Caleb's cock is growing by the second in his sexy draw-string briefs. He takes the ice and teases it as the water makes his brief cling to his growing meat. Ty can't take it any longer and just pulls it out. He opens wide and goes for it. He takes that cock all the way down his throat until he gags on it. Caleb moans his approval as Ty worships his thick dick. Ty deep throats that meat sending Caleb into orbit every time. Ty knows just what he's doing as he makes sure to service Caleb's hard cock and smooth balls. Caleb then gets down on his knees as they make out and gets a chance to return the favor. He takes Ty's meat into his mouth and uses his hand in combination to get Ty's cock rock hard and throbbing. ...and Caleb's just getting started.He then gets Ty up and bends him over so he can check out that hot ass. He slides his finger along the crack before kneeling to take a closer look. He dives in tongue first and starts to lap away at that sweet, furry hole he intends on filling. Ty is rock hard as he gets that hole rimmed and Caleb can't seem to get enough of it. Caleb gets up into position and finally slides his rock hard cock inside. Ty groans in ecstasy as he finally gets that dick inside him. Caleb gets right to it as he pounds that ass deep. Caleb holds on to Ty as he mounts that tight ass wanting to get his cock as deep as possible. Caleb then moves the party south as he gets on the floor and has Ty sit on his dick. Ty just moans as he gets that hole hammered. Caleb slams that dick up into Ty repeatedly as Ty does his best to hold on. Caleb knows what he wants and there's no stopping him. Ty is rock hard and can't help but jack his dick as Caleb's cock slams against his prostate. That does the trick as Ty blows his wad all over Caleb's chest and abs while Caleb's still giving it to him. Caleb then straddles Ty and gives him some of the same as he jacks off all over his sweaty playmate. Seems these two had a lot more in common than a love for big cock after all.
Herculean Penetration
Spencer is one of my favorites. He's hot,muscular, and perfect for one of my famous oily fucks. Once I stuffed his juicy cock in my mouth, I knew he wouldn't resist. I fucked his hard tight ass and fondled his Hercules like body. He enjoyed every minute of it.
Tiko and Pete Finland
Kitting themselves out for a heavy night on the dance floor and stage, gorgeous mixed race Tiko, tattooed and hairy and bound in leather teams up with Pete Finland, the hulk of man muscle looking great in a white jock and very little else! Getting themselves suitably turned on before the big show in the toilets, it's very close quarters and very hot and sweaty, so much even the camera gets steamed up! Partying hard and getting even harder, Pete can't help but have his dick on show to all the audience and Tiko fucking loves the taste of it, jerking it off whilst sucking it dry, these leather men are performing for your pleasure, and we all love it!
An After School Special
Elijah White arrives home from school and he'd much rather jack off than start on his homework! He gets comfortable in a chair before rubbing his hand over his denim clad crotch. He's not clothed for long though, stripping down to nothing but his hat soon enough. He strokes his big cock before pulling a glass dildo out of his lunchbox, working himself over until he cums.Elijah White has been making the rounds on twink sites with very good reason, he's gorgeous! He's the ideal twink: smooth, slender boy, boyish good lucks, and a cheeky, charming personality. For only eighteen years old, Elijah is full of confidence; we love our boys when they're lively!
Bareback welcome for young friend
Two gay boys are enjoying in each other company as they receive third twink to make their cock explode. Look how he sucks numb cocks and gets ass drilled in threesome bareback action as he also gets covered with yellow nectar juices
Oh My Goooodness
John loves the cock but he just met a friend that has a Gi-normous meat dangler. It almost brought tears to the poor guy's eyes when he saw the beautiful massive lumb of flesh. Now if he can only stuff that big jalapeno up his ass...
3-way Euro Jizz Shooting
3-way Euro Jizz Shooting
Prison Shower
Prison Shower
Happy Anniversary Baby!
Ginger alert! This week we've doubled up as we welcome back Puerto Rican hottie Steven Ponce and his co-star, on and off camera, Mr. Brian Bonds. These two have been together almost a year and just moved in together less than a week ago. This is their first scene together and we're glad we get to be the ones to film it. They met last year at Gay Days in Orlando. Steven knew he was interested as soon as his friend Jason introduced them. As luck would have it the stars aligned and here they are. Steven loves Brian's honesty and confidence. He also appreciates his humility. Brian loves Steven's drive. He doesn't take shit from nobody and when he sets his mind to something he just goes for it. Physically Steven loves Brian's eyes. Brian loves Steven's eyes and ass. Hmm. They are looking forward to this shoot since it's going to be very easy to forget that the cameras are even in the room. When we ask about how they deal with what they do and maintain their own intimacy without the jealousy, they both agree that 'work is work'. At the end of the day they know who they're coming home to. Steven and Brian are toasting to finally moving in together. Once they toss back some bubbly they look at each other and the fireworks begin. They start to make out as they grope each other each one helping the other out of his clothes. Steven slides onto his knees as he laps at Brian's growing cock as it strains to get out of his briefs. Brian just gasps as Steven pulls it out and takes it in his mouth. He sucks on that cock hard and deep as he slides it down his throat. Steven gags on it wanting to take it all down as Brian just watches his lover service his meat. Brian then gets Steven on the couch and kneels before him as he sucks on his toes and licks his feet. Steven plays with Brian's hard on with his feet before Brian goes down on Steven's cock. Steven is rock hard as he finally gets the attention he needs on that cock. From there they take the festivities to the floor as Brian gets on all four and shows off that spectacular ass. Steven gets right to work eating that ass as he buries his tongue deep inside that smooth hole. He tugs on Brian's cock as he buries his face deep into that ass wanting to get as deep as he can.Brian then gets on the floor and has Steven squat on the couch so that his ass lands on his face. Steven then rides his beau's tongue as Brian eats that hole deep. Steven writhes in ecstasy as he gets tongue fucked and hornier for much more than that hot tongue in his hole. Steven gets off the couch and sits right down on Brian's hard cock already waiting for him. He impales himself and starts to ride that dick as he bounces up and down on it. They fuck passionately as Brian slams his dick up into Steven before moving onto the floor as he lays Steven down and keeps tappin' that ass lying behind him. Steven jacks his fat dick as he watches Steven fucking that ass. Steven then sits back down on Steven's meat as they make out and Brian bounces him on his hard cock. Steven grunts as he gets that ass plowed deep. Brian lies back and plows Steven even harder as Steven goes over the edge blowing his load all over Brian. He then gets down and makes out with Brian as he helps Brian bust his own huge wad all over his cum-covered chest as jet after jet of cum shoot all over his abs and chest.
Rainy Day Fuck
Just hanging out in Los Angeles, with my good BFF Jake. he doesn't quite believe the rumors that I'm the biggest meat on the street. So I decide to whip it out and give him a show, he's so shocked his goes cross eye'd. But that doesn't stop him, he starts trying to gobble it as best as he can, then begs me to fuck his tight ass with it. Well don't threaten me with a good time...
Jason & Robin
Jason Torres is waiting in the Butch Dixon studio for a photo shoot. When my assistant Robin Fanteria shows up, Jason informs him that I'm going to be late. Robin decides to start filming, but then takes matters in hand � or his mouth � and the two horny men get it on.
Beach Volley Boys 4
Fran is the slut of the beach and Santiago is dying to have a go with him. Before he even realises it he's got his wet tongue up his sweet asshole and soon after his hard cock sliding in with full force! Fran is righteously the 'Beach Slut'!
Seduce the Jock
Jeremy is a hardcore jock that plays football and enjoys working out. Once in awhile he needs to relax his body and have some pleasure. Especially after spending so much time in the locker room where he gets to see so many cocks. He always gets that horny appetite for a thick cock to please him!
Tristan Tyler is Back in Action!
If you think back to the last time this boy was on our site, you might pop wood remembering Tristan Tyler! Well, he's back, and the handsome young thing has turned into quite the stud-twink! He talks about his porn career with Andy before pulling out his uncut cock to remind everyone what he's got between his legs. And with a glass dildo up his ass, he blows his load while jacking off.Tristan applied almost 18 months before I brought him out and I wish I would have had him out sooner. He has the very laid back personality. He has very tan, soft skin and big deep brown eyes. His sexy belly and big uncut cock make him the total twink package. I know you will love him.
Good Morning Fuck
Valentin woke up in a great mood today. He was very excited to see his partner's hard thick cock. Valentin had his morning coffee and was now ready to start to work on that cock!
Dildo Solo For Twinky Andy
Handsome and horny Andy knows how to have a good time even when he's all alone. He has some special toys, like the glass dildo he fucks himself with in this horny video! It does the job too, making this gorgeous young man unload a hot wad of ball juice all over his smooth and tanned body by the end!Sometimes a boy comes along that really blows you away, and we think a lot of guys will agree that Texas boy Andy could be the next big thing in hardcore gay porn. This gorgeous young man has a totally hot body, a long and meaty cut cock, a perfect little smooth ass and just the right attitude to go with it all too - a star in the making!
Pervert Masseuse Fondling Therapy
Finn Daniels was a piece of stinky man meat I could not resist. He came in with a smile and left confused for the next few weeks. You see, after I gave him the rub down of his life, I gave him the fuck of his life. I even came on his sweet straight face.
Big Guys Love Big Cocks
Body Buffer Michael Vaughn is one hot stallion of man. But can Michael handle a the Troy of cocks? He may be a big buff dude, but he is no match for the giant cock that lies before him.
Lacrosse Player Comes Out to Play
David West is Captain of the Lacrosse team, but do his teammates know that he is also making little Gay videos on the side, jerking off his fat cock for the internet to see? I wonder how they would react to seeing him jam his fingers up his ass and cumming on his ab's?
Inner Peace
Horny Dads Weekly Sexual Session
Andrew's Cock Hungry Roommate
Andrew was always hot in my eyes. Even though we are just roommates, I alwasy find myself fantasizing about sucking his juicy cock. Today is the day I will at least try to fullfil this lust. I just want to feel the joy of fucking him and rubbing his body. I can't say whether this is a good idea, only that this is something I need to do
Hand Ball 2
Fisters beware, this video is so hot, it may melt your grease before you even get a change to open the can. has two hot fuckers for you today and one sweet hole that keeps puckering for more,
Fresh & Clean
Lather up the hard cocks
What Are You?!
Kevin is a training to be a MMA fighter. He's getting some training from a veteran two time champion Devin The Kong Dong. Devin though has a secret he's been holding inside for a long time. After he gets a hard on watchin Kevin workout then the truth comes out. Devin has a fat cock looking to give some personal ass training...
Cards DOWN Arse UP
Guess what, Troy folds and Harley grabs him from across the table into a steamy kiss. The cards litter the floor and the boys begin to strip. Getting down onto his knees, Troy takes out Harley’s dick. He licks around the bulbous head, teasing him before swallowing the lot. Harley forces Troy onto his fat knob, making him gag and slobber. He picks Troy up, throws him on the table and spreads his legs, spitting in his eager hole juicing it right up ready to be fucked. He slides in, writhing in muscle, tattoos and spit. He fucks him rough, choking and slamming him on the table, up against the wall and down on the floor amongst the mess of clothes and cards. Harley gets up to spunk on Troy’s exhausted, blushing but willing face. Then Troy cums up himself with excitement. Break time over.
Dwight fucks for the first time on camera
Full service for Sean McKenzie
Sean McKenzie is tied up and at the mercy of master Sebastian Kane, and his hot lean body and hard uncut cock is ready to be used by the dominant man as he starts working that dick and pegging his nips. With his sensitive nuts tugged and his shaft wanked and sucked, poor Sean needs to cum so bad! Eventually his master lets him, stroking his pole and making it squirt ropes of hot goo!
Igor and Sandro
Igor and Sandro
Sunny Day Sex
Aj Irons gets oiled up during his erotic massage
Jacob Daniels Eats The Chain!
Tied down to the bed with his legs in the air, Jacob is in the perfect position to have his arse used by Dan, who decides to see just how big Jacobs ass is. Dan works on Jacobs hole to get it ready before fucking him using the chains. Dan slides them in, one link at a time, before pulling them back out. Dan quickly gets bored of this though and decides to fuck Jacob himself. Dan pounds his arse before shooting all over Jacobs smooth body.
Toilet Wax and Ride for Lincoln
Luke Desmond is back and this time he has brought along a Boynapped Victim of his very own. Lincoln gates is strapped face up to an old park bench in a public toilet and made to see his captors face as he covers Lincoln's body in hot wax. Luke stares Lincoln in the eye before fucking his cheeky looking face long and hard. Once Luke discovers what a package Lincoln has downstairs he can't help himself but to make it his and ride it till he shoots all over Lincoln!
Puppy Eyed Twink Gets His Way
Levon Meeks is one of the coolest twinks ever, and he shows off his charm in this scene with Brendan Tyler. He's watching a documentary about wildlife when Brendan comes in his room. He asks him for a lollipop but Brendan is playing hard to get. Levon asks with his puppy eyes and he can't resist; he hands him a lollipop... and his huge lollicock! Watch until the end when Levon lets out a big cumshot while taking Brendan's big cock deep in his ass!Brendan is another new twink we found who just loved sucking on his lollies! How do you like his cute features? We definately loved his innocence!Levon is a sweet twink that's new to porn. Watch him discover the great world of twink sex!
Giovanni Lovell And Carson Evans
Sexy vampire Giovanni Lovell has a new prey in lean young lad Carson Evans. The boy doesn't know the mess he's getting himself into, but when they're back at Giovanni's place he doesn't seem to care about much more than getting the vampire's cock inside him! Giovanni fucks him all over the room before he claims his victim forever!Carson Evans is a sexy and handsome lean guy with the kind of pale skin you want to lick all over. This rock hard cock is seemingly always ready for action, but his tight ass is even more willing and able. This versatile bottom is one horny lad with a hunger for cock and some real skill when it comes to pleasuring his buddies!If you like your twinks on the exotic side, just wait for Giovanni Lovell to open that pretty mouth of his and start talking! Spanish born and bred, Giovanni's been in the United States for a couple years, but his accent is still strong!
Hard, Hot and Heavy with Kameron Scott
Kameron Scott works in a non-profit organisation and so decided to donate his most valuable assets to the BukkakeBoys - his mouth, his cock and his asshole! Dishing out sublime, sloppy blowjobs and handjobs like charitable donations, Kameron made sure every cock was left pulsating with lust! Moving into round 2, the BukkakeBoys flipped him around and slammed his backdoor over and over, until the boys could handle it no more, and decided to donate some goods of their own - a shower of sticky cum all over his pretty face!
All Tripped Up
First time for everything they say, and today is Aiden Tripp's first time with us here at ExtraBigDicks. He is 24 years old and originally from Orlando, FL. Aiden's in college these days working on his degree and 'trying' to stay out of trouble. We wondered once he makes it big what kind of car he'd want to treat himself to. Well, Aiden would want to go back to the future in his very own Delorean. Aiden is packing a lot more than the average but didn't realize he was much different than anyone else until he was about 20. There've been a few girls that have told him it's nice but 'No Way' <Amateurs> Aiden measures in at a little over 8' and he admits he has certain benefits that come with having a big dick. He can't say he's ever had the urge to dabble in the man-to-man end of the wading pool, but he's all about people doing what ever works for them. He's sticking to what he does best-pussy. Having a big dick, for example, also lets him please women the way he likes to, like after he's pleased a girl totally by fucking her like 5 times in one night. Some girls have all the luck, but for now we got 'ALL' the dick we need...right here! Aiden walks in and finds a stack of DVDs. He tosses out the gay and bi ones and settles on one with hot girls with loads all over them. He sits back and gets comfortable as his dick gets bigger. He peels off his tee to reveal a sweet smooth upper body. His pecs are nicely defined and draped by his muscular shoulders and biceps. He walks over and puts the disc in as we get our first glimpse at that hot ass. His shorts hit the floor as he starts to stroke that dick staring at all the pussy on screen. His body frame is well proportioned and naturally smooth. His quads are solid and hold up his delicious frame. His cock is another story altogether. This Orlando boy is packing. His cock is rock hard as he uses both hands to fist his fat 8' cock. 'I wanna cum inside you so bad' he groans as he stares at all the hot whore action on the screen. The camera then pans round back and we get a better view of his amazing ass. It's smooth, round, has a sexy board short tan line. It's basically the kind of str8 boy ass you wanna shove your tongue inside-if you're into that kind of thing. <Twiddling thumbs>Aiden is transfixed with the action on screen as he double-fists his fat dick. He keeps his pubes natural but tidy which is a nice change of pace from all those boys who feel the need to shave everything clean off. Aiden then sits back on the floor and spreads those thick thighs to work on that thick dick. 'I wanna fuck you so bad and cum inside you, you dirty little whore' he moans as he strokes that throbbing dick. Any takers? ( know who you are!) Aiden then decides to show off that ass we can't have as he bends over and starts to dry hump the chaise leaving his milky ass and furry hole up in the air for us to dream about. He then gets up on his knees and tugs on that cock still showing off that hairy hole. <Apply all-u-can-eat bibs now> All this teasing has his fat dick ready to blow. He gets on his knees and jacks that thick dick for all its worth. 'Oh I'm cummin' he groans as he works his aching cock focusing all his attention on his knob. He explodes, sending jet after jet of hot cum flying everywhere. The first one splatters all over the chaise beneath him while the second shoots so far it clears the chaise altogether. The rest of his huge wad soaks the chaise as he empties the rest of his nut one hefty stream of batter after the other...lucky chaise! <evil grin>
Wes Dynasty's Bukkake Adventure
Wes Dynasty came all the way from the US midwest to star in this unforgettable Bukkake Boys video! Wes is an earnest little twink with sweet eyes. But don't let his eyes fool you. Wes was blessed with a mouth and ass that were made for taking cocks deep. How does this deep throat artiste stand up to the Bukkake Boys onslaught? Can he handle 8 cocks in his mouth and ass? How will he handle wave after wave of wet, sticky cum explosions? There's only one way to find out!
Major League
Baseball scout Andrew Stark has his eye on talented young Mike de Marko but would rather have his hands, mouth and cock on him. Luckily Andrew has something Mike wants and the guys strip down for an intense locker room fuck!
Sauna Virgins - Ethan and Rhys
Ethan and Rhys are fooling around before getting a massage, which soon turns into a full on hardcore suck and fuck between these two hot twinks. Watch as these sexy twinks sixty-nine each other, before they unforgettably fuck. A scene not to be missed with an unforgettable happy ending.
Party ends in my apartment
That was a hell of a night where us four had best party ever! But we want it more so we came in flat where we can enjoy in magic of bareback group sex
But I'm not
We caught rob on a chat room talking all kinds of bukake about gays. We followed him around the internet from chat room to the next. We ended up in a gay chat room with him and found out he's in the closet! After getting him to jerk off to us...
Wet Ass & Sex Swings
I've been around these places for a while now. You haven't been fucked until you get fucked in a sling. The sounds of the chains and the thrust of his cock get my asshole begging for more. Once, he's done I've got my eye on another guy to fill me up with his jizz.
Phillip Dives Into Bailey
Phillip starts out this video looking back on his years here at BoyCrush, then quickly focuses on the present going at it with Bailey. This hot video features lots of oral and tons of rimming with plenty of cum eating to make it an instant classic!Super cute and twinky bottom boy. He was fun on and off camera. I really enjoyed having him out.Phillip Ashton is a good friend of mine who has been doing porn forever. Phillip is a really small guy with a huge dick. He absolutely loves to top the twinky boys, and has some prominent videos.