Dave's Not Here
Dave's Not Here
Supersized X 2
What's new this week you ask? Well we have two studs to introduce to our members. The first is Ayden Anderson. Ayden is from the Mississippi Gulf coast. He's 22 years old and has a compact and amazingly defined 5'8 frame. His costar is Evan Tanner. Evan, also 22yo, hails from Nashville. That subtle twang might've given him away. Who doesn't love a hot Southern boy? Evan is enjoying Florida and loves being near the beach. Having both grown up in the electronic age we asked these two what gadget could they not live without. Evan immediately says it would have to be his phone. He loves all the things he can do with it and couldn't live without his texting and multiple apps. Ayden on the other hand says his weakness would be his XBOX 360. He would die without his Call of Duty. Boys and their toys. <evil grin> They can never seem to get enough of them. Today we've decided they've spent enough time playing with their own toys and about time they play with each others instead. Evan is listening to his music when Ayden comes in with a change of plans. He starts rubbing his crotch as his mind lands in the gutter. Oh Goody! He bends over and kisses Evan as they begin to make out. They kiss passionately as they strip off their clothes. Once down to their briefs, Ayden lies back and watches as Evan goes to work on his thick cock. Once he's had his fill he sits back so Ayden can go to work on his. Ayden swirls his tongue around Evan's shaft as Evan moans. But wait-there's more. He then turns Evan around and puts that tongue to use getting that smooth ass ready for the fucking he intends to give it. He grinds his tongue up into that sweet ass and starts to play with that hole with his fingers. He slowly fingers that ass before going right back down to lick and suck it some more.Ayden moves into position and slides that thick 8' cock in without a problem as Evan's hungry hole takes it deep. The sound of Ayden's balls slapping ass and Evan's groaning fill the room as Ayden starts to fuck him harder. From doggy they move into a steamy missionary where Ayden finds new angles in which to bury that thick cock of his. Ayden's body is chiseled and good luck finding any body fat on his marble like abs. They then move over to the couch where Ayden fucks that ass hard as he bounces Evan on his meat some more. They won't be able to keep this up for long as Ayden's smooth balls are pulling up close to his thick cock. They dismount and lie back side by side as they cum all over themselves while making out. Evan explodes first followed by Ayden who shoots his nut all over Evan's spent cock..
Big Dick By the Poolside
Zachary loves hanging out by the pool. Especially when he knows he's about to get a big fat cock slamming his tight ass.
Brody Hard Ass Fuck
I let my best friend Brody stay at place when came in from out of town. I didn't know he liked me in that way. I ended sticking my stiff rod inside him.
Plugged and Fucked
Roped down to the couch with his ass in perfect position, Kyle Wilkinson has his hole stretched wide with toys from a ruthless Luke Desmond. In a humiliating display, Kyle gets hard from the attention which gives Luke the chance to hop on his cock and go for a ride.
Derek Parker
Derek went for his weekly massage and decided, today would be different. He wanted to show Tyler that he appreciated his services by giving Tyler a massage of his own...a deep anal penetrating massage.
Chad & Jake
I knew how charming and totally hot these guys were from our stills shoot, so I was expecting today's shoot to be a good one. I knew they were into each other physically, but from the minute they arrived (together) at my studio it was clear they'd hit it off on every level. These guys couldn't wait to get started and were all over each other, smooching, nuzzling and quite quickly shedding clothes right there in the office. I know good chemistry looks great on video so I started shooting there and then. There was no need for direction here - I doubt they would have heard me anyway as they licked and stroked every inch of each other, sniffing at pits and musky nuts ansd swallowing each others' hard cock like it was their last meal. Jake Mitchel has a thick, heavy piece of meat between his legs, supported by huge nuts and Chad found himself on the receiving end of all of it. He took it like a trooper and even begged to be banged harder as they slammed together on my (thankfully sturdy) desk. What cum didn't land on sweat-soaked hairy bodies splashed onto mahogany veneer and nourished it.
Jake Mitchel & Ale
More Jake - well once just wasn't enough was it? This time Jake turns his charms on Ale and soon has him on all fours, licking his feet, sucking his sweaty jock and offering up his hole to Jake's huge cock. Jake's a beared bald man who uses all his gifts, including his bald head, to please his partner and Ale's a hungry sex-hound getting high on Jake's supply. Jake feasts on Ale's uncut cock and teaes the piercings in on hairy body, driving him wild and satisfying his own hunger, then taking his just reward and plundering Ale's hungry ass until Ale's cock is shooting hot jets of cum on Jake's hairy belly with no help from his hands. I love this scene.
Boykakke's Top Model Raw Creation
Wow, these two cute Asian twinks are given the basics on what to do; you know, enjoy each other and don’t forget the “Boykakke!” This “Raw Creation,” is filled with tasty treats and cream filled goodies with Paj Beer and Vodga Soda. The sweetness comes from the inside, just ask Paj, who will be topping. The bottom, Vodga is all smiles as Paj helps the boy widen his hole.
Brandon Boinks with Bailey
Brandon and Bailey get hot and heavy in this steamy video. Dominant Brandon takes control right at the beginning, dominating Bailey with some hot face fucking. Then they get down to business with Brandon putting his big hard emo dick to good use, pushing it inside, and even cumming twice at the end.Super cute and twinky bottom boy. He was fun on and off camera. I really enjoyed having him out.Super skinny emo local boy. Amazingly skinny hot white body. Very sexy!
Dungeon Pigs Part Three
Oh damn, DaddyRaunch.com is back with a whole lot of hole and bears to fuck ‘em good. Caged and ready to serve, the first boy even “cums” with an extra talent, holding his daddy’s cigar. As his ass is plowed and his “cage rattled,” he’s brought out. Hearing his favorite words, “spread those legs fucker,” this sweaty bottom opens up fully on the fuck bench; looks like this “benchwarmer” is going to get the full treatment. “Give it up boy,” is all he needs to hear to show his daddy a great time. Picking out a toy for his boy, the top penetrates and palpates the boy’s prostate until he blows all over his leather chaps. A nice furry, cum covered kiss is shared by the two, woof.
Ryker Fucks The Hot Ass Of Andy
Lovers Ryker and Andy are planning a little vacation, but with horny and gorgeous boys like these it never takes too long before they're distracted with the thought of cock and cum shots! Both boys get plenty of stiff dick to suck on between them before stunning new boy Andy bends over to give up his smooth ass! He gets the cum fucked out of him and Ryker delivers a messy and powerful facial!Sometimes a boy comes along that really blows you away, and we think a lot of guys will agree that Texas boy Andy could be the next big thing in hardcore gay porn. This gorgeous young man has a totally hot body, a long and meaty cut cock, a perfect little smooth ass and just the right attitude to go with it all too - a star in the making!When a boy arrives to appear on video for the first time we can usually tell very quickly if he's going to be popular with the members, and we know versatile Californian boy Ryker Madison will be! Ryker knows what he likes, and he likes horny twinks like him. It's a good thing we have plenty of other twinks to team him up with!
Stroking And Sucking With Hot Boys
Hot young guys Blaze and his sexy bi buddy Jay kick back and enjoy some porn as they stroke their hard cocks, but soon those shafts are being sucked and stroked by a pro intent to get them both off, The guys love all the attention, watching each other jacking their meat and being serviced as their cum loads build in their shafts.
Chat Sex Acts
Cameron loves to go online and chat with boys. He also loves to get naked and finger his ass hole while letting random strangers watch him on cam. However, he doesn't realize that all of his acts are being recorded...
Shane Stone & Caleb Ramble
Super hot ripped hung muscle lads Shane Stone & Caleb Ramble work up a real sweat in this amazing video, sucking deep on each others big meaty dicks.. then Shane works on Calebs hole before pounding him hard in three positions, then spunking over his six pack.. Unmissable.Both Shane Stone and Caleb Ramble have awesome bodies, but Shane is looking seriously ripped and alot more muscled than when we last saw him, with some killer abs .. and both lads are keen to get a really good feel of each others physiques in their shiny sports kit, kissing and groping, rubbing each others pecs and biceps, before getting a good grope of each others bulges..The lads look rock hard in their shorts, and their bulges look really big too.. they take off their vests, and Caleb licks and sucks on Shanes firm nipples whilst rubbing his stiffie, then they swap and Shane gives Calebs chest some attention. they kiss some more, then Shane pushes Caleb down onto his knees..Caleb grips Shanes hardon through the fabric of his shorts, before puling them down, then savours the sight of his stiffie straining against the fabric of his tight white cotton boxers, getting a good feel.. unable to hold back anymore, he pulls down Shanes undies, and his dick springs out.. its big, meaty, strong veins on it, and uncut with plenty of foreskin.. a really hot cock.. Caleb gets to work sucking on it, and clearly likes to get a dick as far down his throat as he can, and he gets right into some intense deep sucking, with Shane pushing his meat right to the back of his throat, fucking his mouth. Caleb pulls his dick out of shorts, and its rock hard, and super thick. If you like girth, youre gonna love these two lads, both have really thick cocks. After some very strong sucking from Caleb, Shane gets down onto his knees, they kiss and jerk each other off, then Caleb leans back against the sofa and Shane lays down between his legs to show off his own oral skills.. and he sucks that fat dick really well, spitting on it, getting it good and wet, jerking him off then sucking deep and slow.. Caleb sucks Shane again, they cant get enough of each others hot cocks, then he gets onto the sofa on his back, arse on the edge, facing us, legs back, pushing his throbbing dick straight up. Shane kneels between his legs, taking hold of his cock to suck on it, and with the other hand, he starts rubbing his finger against Calebs smooth hole making him moan with pleasure..Shane gently pushes his finger in, and keeps sucking, starting to slide his finger in and out as he sucks.. then he pushes in a second finger, to really stretch that hole.. Calebs cock throbs as he gets fingered and sucked by horny Shane, who is now very eager to get his cock inside that hot hole..For the first position, Caleb leans against the sofa, legs apart, pushing his muscular arse out. Shane, standing behind him, teases his hole, rubbing his cock against it, then slowly pushes in the tip.. Caleb makes some very horny noises as it goes in, filling his arse, and Shane starts off really slow, almost pulling all the way, then easing it all the way back in again, making it really horny and intense for Caleb. Shane gets into some good regular fucking now, gripping him as he fucks him, building up more and more till he is giving that muscle butt a major pounding. Next, Shane is on his back the floor, with Caleb sitting astride him, kneeling, rubbing his arse against Shanes cock, then easing it back in.. as it fills his arse once more, he leans forward to kiss Shane, who begins thrusting his meat into his butt.. Shane grips his arse cheeks firmly, pulling them apart, giving us really graphic shots of his cock as it rams in and out of of Calebs arse. Shane gives him such a major pounding here, one of the hardest ive shot in a while.. its really full on. Not quite ready to shoot yet, Shane gives Caleb a final fucking, and has him laying on his back on the sofa, with Shane kneeling between his legs. He pushes his girthy cock back inside Calebs hot hungry hole, and gets right back into some hard powerful fucking.. he keeps it controlled though now, showing us plenty of length as he gets Caleb close to the point of orgasm as he starts to play with his fat meaty throbbing cock..Unable to hold off any longer, Caleb starts to jerk himself off hard as Shane pounds away at his hole, and pretty soon his dick is spurting thick white jizz over his sweaty abs.. Shane continues fucking him as Caleb squeezes out the last few drops, then he pulls out, whipping off the condom, and starts to beat away at his meat.. second later, Shanes big dick starts squirting out hot white spunk, shooting hard, and plenty of it, adding to the cum already on Calebs abs and chest.. Its such a great cum shot, we see it twice, in real time and again in slow motion, as it pumps out creamy spunk.. cum soaked Caleb takes hold of Shanes dick to squeeze out the last few drops as the lads catch their breath.
Peto Coast, Christian Matthews & Santiago Tiro
This is THE BIG ONE, at last I got my hands on Peto Coast, 10 inches of Raw, hammering, relentless Dutch meat. Christian Matthews and Santiago couldn't keep their greedy hands and famished mouths off this magnificent, uncut cock BUT even these pig-boys struggled, as Peto went from raw hole, to raw hole, stuffing his dick right into up to the balls, then pulling it out with a satisfying squelch and stuffing it into the next eager bum boy.
Gym Locker Room Group Fucking
To tell you the truth, everyone is so friendly here. My family gym doesn't even give out towels when I forget mine. It's my fourth time coming here and I pretty much get most of my work outs done in the locker room!
Scott Spencer solo
21 year old Scott Spencer has a massive throbbing bulge in his shiny sports right from the start and it never goes down.. He strips off, showing off his huge uncut dick, rubbing plenty of oil into it, jerking off in different positions.. and spunks TWICE!Scott starts off on the sofa, laying back, in shiny sports shorts and sports vest. He has a slim defined body with smooth chest and hairy legs. And Scott has a massive bulge in his shorts, clearly his dick is rock hard already. What becomes clear is that Scotts cock never goes even slightly soft, not even for a moment. He seems to enjoy showing it off, giving us lots of confident little looks as he starts stroking it, gripping it at the base, showing us the shape of it as it strains against the fabric. Scott takes off his vest and rubs his nipples a little bit with one hand whilst playing with his bulge with the other. After that, he slips off his shorts..Scotts bulge looks enormous now in his little tight white boxer briefs. He teases us a bit more with some horny groping and squeezing, then pulls his undies off. What a great cock, uncut, straight and smooth, a good eight inches, a nice thickness at the base, and a big bulging head too. He starts gently playing with it, and holding it up at the base giving us some horny close ups. He reaches for the oil, and pours quite a liberal amount onto his dick, rubbing it into the head and up and down the stiff shaft. He jerks off slow, switching hands now and again, then reaches down between his legs to play with his hole as he jerks off.. it just makes his dick throb even harder, and he pushes it straight up as he starts to finger himself. Scott starts to jerk off a little harder now, then gets into a good rhythm, beating away faster at his shiny oiled up cock, and its not long before the spunk starts flying, landing in thick puddles on his abs.. he squeezes out the last few drops as he catches his breath..But this is only half of the solo, because a few minutes later, Scott is rock solid again, and ready to shoot again! He is standing up now, cock looks even harder than before, if thats even possible, and he pours loads of oil all over it, then works it in.. We have a really hot close up point of view shot here as he pours oil over it, then rubs it into the bulging head and stiff shaft.. Scott jerks off a little, then gives us some horny hands free action as he plays with his nipples. Very hot low angle shots here. Then Scott gets back to jerking off, giving us plenty of sexy little looks as he works on his impressive dick.. Lots of great footage here, as he builds up for a second spunk load.. and then Scott shoots an insane amount of cum, its pretty explosive, and he shoots tons of it too, so thick and heavy you can hear it landing on the floor, and it keeps on cumming.. Its such an amazing cum shot, I had to show it twice, in real time and then again in horny slow motion... SpunkTastic!
Matteo Valentine and Ale Tedesco
Tats, toys, gear & a lot of ass play! When Ale comes to visit, he always brings new gear. We're more than happy with black leather & steel, but Ale's colourful pig-play gear's a welcome change now and then. Pig play is Ale's specialty & Matteo loves his sex good and sleazy, so I knew this one would shoot itself. Matteo is as hairy, sexy and horny as ever and if his perma-stiff dick wasn't enough he's brought his evil 'raven tail', an arse ripping double ended dildo, that loosens Ale Tedesco's infamous arse in preparation for a good, hard dicking. Nobody loves cock like Ale Tedesco, this truly anally obsessed slut really can't stuff enough man-meat into his hole. We do our damnedest to satisfy him, Matteo's using every trick at his disposal, but Ale wants more more more,. He pushes back to take every inch of Matteo's manhood inside him, Matteo thrusts into Ale, smashing his hips into Ale's ass cheeks until his cum filled balls are bursting.
3Way - Lucas, Ritchie, Cody
Lucas, Cody and Richie are three horny young dudes who love showing off and getting wild on cam
Rock Hard and Rammed
Hot new crew member Adam Watson is in the house and he's toping the beautifully boyishJustin James. Adam fucks his face first, asserting his dominance before getting to work on his ass. With toys at the ready, Adam makes light work of loosening Justin's hole before giving him a good hard fuck. Rock hard throughout the video, Justin moans and groans as Adam makes him his bitch and finishes off with a sticky cum facial.
Jacob Daniels Really Squirmed
Sebastian thought it was about time Jacob really squirmed, and he was the best man to do it. Sebastian works over Jacobs body, tickling and teasing him as he strokes his hard dick. Jacob gets the wax treatment as Sebastian pours the wax up and down his body. Finally Sebastian takes Jacob to the edge and makes him shoot his load before drowning his dick in a sea of wax.
Nick Kush and Jacob Jake
I brought in Nick Kush and Jacob Jake in order to see what Nick is willing to do with a guy; so far he
Strapped To The Cross And Milked
Strapped down to the cross with no where to go, Liam has to endure being worked over by Sebastian and having the most intense knob polishing of his life. Liam is left writhing around as Sebastian dripped and poured wax all over Liams body before going back to rubbing his hard and tender dick. When he thinks he's had enough, Sebastian goes for the finish as he makes Laim scream and throw his load.
Jayson Park and Drew Sumrok
It's a first here on DaddyRaunch! Our favorite little "piggy bottom boy" becomes a "full blown hog!" Jayson Park tops in his first bareback scene for HDK and coaches Drew Sumrok on how to be a good little boy. Starting out with some cock sucking lessons, Jayson holds the back of Drew's head teaching him how to be a "good boy"... "all the way down, there ya go, c'mon boy, fuckin' enjoy it" we hear Jayson telling Drew. "Gonna be fucking your ass," yeah, "that's gonna be your fuckin' ass", "good boy, c'mon c'mon" as Jayson lays back to give Drew access to his ass for some rimming. DAMN I'm ready to blow already and they're just getting started!! Drew now gets to face fuck Jayson laying back on the bench while twisting on his nipples. Jayson then breaks it up and man handles Drew throwing him up on the bench and starts rimming Drew's ass and then the moment we've all been waiting for. Jayson drives his cock into Drew's ass, no easing it in, no steady as she goes, just WHAM and drives his cock deep in Drew's ass. Listen to the sound of Jayson pounding Drew's ass... "FWAP FWAP FWAP" and Drew's grunts and groans "fuck yeah, yeah, fuck." Watching Jayson put Drew through the ringer you definitely get the idea this isn't the first time Jayson has topped a guy, but it's the first on camera for HDK and he's one formidable top! Jayson pulls out to blow his load all over Drew's asshole and then shoves it back in to finish cumming before he leans down to lick it up and clean Drew's ass and then takes Drew's load in his mouth and across the face. This is one intense scene you won't want to miss!
Dan Ryder
Dan Ryder is a sexy, hairy man who loves wearing rubber. "Rubber makes me feel dirty," he says. After unzipping and fingering his hairy ass, Dan lubes up his elbow-high rubber gloves and jerks his thick cock until he spews his creamy load all over his rubber singlet.
Guys Having Fun
Jace and his sexy lover decided to take a weekend off. They rented a Villa out in the warm,sunny desert to get away from it all. The boys really enjoyed fucking and sucking each other outdoors everyday!
Auditions - Dave
Dave, a handsome, young blonde with a great body and suckable dick, AND an exhibitionist streak a mile wide.
A Gay Cum Whore Threesome
A Gay Cum Whore Threesome
Innocence 5
Innocence 5
Buff Brody Surprised!
My trainer from the gym came over to go over some stuff work out routines. During our work out I felt this sexual tension...I fucked him in his ass and blew my cum all over him!
Extra Slippery Massage
Trace came in for his usual massage. Except today, the female masseuse is out on vacation. Jake is filling in and is going to fill Trace's sweet ass with some seminal lubrication. Fuck it, call it a "rainy day special."
Picnic Invitation
Tyr, I wanted to thank you for inviting me to that special picnic. I loved the way you set everything up for my first time. Though I must admit, you felt so fucking nice. You gave the best head I have ever gotten. And fucking you was better then fucking any of my ex-girlfriends. Yours Truly, Evan Mercy.
Huntler fucks for the first time on camera
Jake Marshall and Marco Rios
Silver Daddy Jake Marshall and Super Hairy Hunk Marco Rios soak their fur and muscles under the outdoor shower in this South Florida paradise. Slippery and wet, these two muscle bears can't keep their paws (and mouths) off of each other. After they cool down under the shower's mist, these two hairy muscle beasts get all hot and sweaty again while they take turns fucking each other's hairy muscle butts.
Boykakke on the rentboy
Nok is alone at home, horny and wishing for some company. Time to order some room...or shall we say cock...service from the local escorting company! After making his outcall, two hot studs arrive at his door: newcummer Chang and one of our favorite Boykakke models Maitree. First the 2 guys are hungry to get down to sucking on Nok's visibly hard cock. Of course Nok is hungry as well and eager to please these two Thai hunks with his mouth.
Matteo Valentine and Robin Fanteria
Our favourite hot French stud, Robin Fanteria is back; he of the famously thick, big-helmeted dick, and he'll be using it to full effect with hot, hairy, Scottish, Matteo. Matteo thought he could take the thick member easily, but he's struggling, the warm, wet entrance to his fuck-hole is stretched to capacity, but once it's in and Matteo's hot hole has swallowed the heavy cock, he's in for a hell of a ride. But Robin wants 'dicking' too, he can't wait to turn tail and offer up his ripe buns...
Yohan Banks solo
Sexy hairy muscled skinhead Yohan chats first, then strips to his shorts, oiling up his big strong body, flexing his huge biceps, before getting naked to work on his hard cock in different positions, shooting a hot spunk load over his abs. Looking at him from low down between his legs, Yohann catches his breath, and his cock twitches several times, his balls lifting up and down in his ball sack, and Yohan gives one last horny look to camera.
Devon Takes On Ten
Devon Takes On Ten
Tony, Black Bull & Ben
Ben Statham likes 'em big, the bigger the better, so we called on Tony Greco with his permanently hard eight inches of uncut meat and a brand new stud, horse-hung Black Bull. And that greedy little fuck slut took them both, spreading his hungry hole as wide as he could to squeeze every inch deep into his hot guts. This nasty lad is a real cock hound and never says no to a pounding.
Liam Wants to be a Marine
For those of you who get all boned up over a handsome straight guy, this bloke Liam's one for you! He talks as length about how he gave up a job putting up scaffolding to pursue the Royal Marines (we pursue the Royal Marines, too, but somehow I imagine Liam does so with a different purpose!) Liam says he isn't interest in messing around with lads, but his gym buddy (our very own Andy Lee) convinced him to give a solo effort a try. When he strips down and jerks off, we can't help but cross our fingers that he'll be back for more than just a solo!
Cock Does A Body Good
I always love nice surprises. Like finding my buddy waiting to feed me his stiff cock. How does everyone know that I love cock for breakfast?
Drake Law Interview And Solo
Could Drake Law be the perfect twink? He's confident, so good looking, with a sexy slim body and a good attitude. Of course, he has a hot and tight little ass and a really hard 7 inch uncut cock that he really gets off on playing with in his solo. He's a bottom boy, and we know there are plenty of guys who will love to fuck his ass for him! Stay tuned for more from Drake Law!
Joe Services Two Hard Cocks
Hung straight boy Blaze and sexy bi boy Tommy team up to feed Joe their hard cocks in this stroking and sucking session. Both these boys have some great inches of tasty meat to play with, jacking themselves off, and after some really tasty oral Joe gets a prize of a hot load of boy juice right on his tongue.
Romantic Tryst
Jackson never knew how he got into it with his best friend. All he knew is that the feeling felt good. After some sweet love making, Jackson's life changed. They can have secret affairs with each other at enjoy their sexual tryst.
Super Bareback Party
Super Bareback Party
Trevor Romero the Bareback Romeo
Once everyone in the room gets naked Trevor instantly goes wild! What will he do? He will pleasure all the cocks with his mouth and ass and take a hot sperm bath! That's why everyone loves Trevor!
Part Eight of Cum Parade
We've got another hot and sticky installment of Cum Parade for all you cum shot lovers out there! We've got dribblers, shooters, and every type in between in this compilation. Some blokes stroke it out alone while others have the cum fucked out of them hard (newcomer Henry Samson seems to have a real knack for driving the cum out of a lad with his dick!)
Jayden Ass Fuck Massage
I went over to Jayden's house for a quick massage. This session turned into a straight up fuck fest. I put my cock deep into his tight asshole!
Ulysses & Robin Fanteria
Our super charged cock-hound Ulysse chose Robin Fanteria from all the studs in the stable. Ulysse just LUVS big, uncut cocks, and Robin couldn't wait to squeeze his over sized member into Ulysse aching, hairy hole. Ulysse rode the fat meat like a pro, squeezing it with the hot, muscular walls of his arse - this guy is a dick milking pro and never leaves a set of aching bollocks undrained. It gets pretty sweaty as these hairy boys collide!
Adam Herst & Scott Hunter
Big muscled hairy lads, Adam Herst and Scott Hunter work up a real sweat here, oiling each other up, flexing their muscles, licking armpits and nipples, then getting their stiff dicks out, sucking each other deep.. Adam works on Scott arse with his tongue before fucking him in three positions with his big fat cock.. then they spunk their loads over their bulging sweaty six packs. Adam shoots first, his spunk thick and creamy as it spurts out over his solid sweaty six pack.. the sight of this gets Scott squirting, and the jizz starts spraying out onto his six pack and bushy pubes.. As he squeezes out the last few drops of sticky cum, they catch their breath, and have a final kiss.
Aiden Gets Some Raw Ass
Aiden and Jake both have some cum in their nuts that needs release, and they're going to get some help with those loads in this session. The boys start off with some male grooming in the bathroom, but soon they're jacking off and Jake is watching Aiden bareback fucking some hot gay ass! Jerk off finishes get the job done, with some facial action too!
Fucking The Band, Part 1
Diesel O'Green is having a tough time in the recording studio when hit-maker Paul Walker steps in to show him how to make magic. Paul feeds his straight dick to cock hungry Diesel before giving his ass a well good fucking!
Cute Guys With Really Big Dicks
Alex loves the smaller guys but doesn't like the smaller cocks that come along with a mini dude. Luckily he met Mario at the pool and found him super hot. The best part about Mario is that his cock is HUGE
Penis Chirapsia
Patrick Hunter needs a set of strong hands to apply some friction to his pleasure zones. He came to the right place. Tyler is a beefcake and he's going to take care of our friend Patrick. Except, it won't be his hands causing the friction.
Hotel Amsterdam 3
Lee is doing the housekeeping today but he is feeling quite horny and when he finds some porn magazines thrown around in one of the rooms he prefers to make it more messy and then clean it! He strokes his soft cock until it gets super hard and then pulls it out and gives it a good wanking. He gives his hole a little attention and the cum's all over his sexy smooth body.
Get On This Dick
Brockton's own Brenn Wyson is back in the house and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us this week. After Brenn's last appearance, where he put Sebastian Keys in check while aggressively redecorating the set, our members have been begging for more. Sometime being left to your own devices is a good thing. In Brenn's case, it's ideal and this week's handsome addition to the MenOver30-by-injection club is about to find out. Sean Duran, a sexy 24yo from Charlotte, NC, is in for a real treat. All Hallows Eve came but a moon ago (just go with it)...so we wondered what these trickster's favorite costumes have been in the past. Brenn loves dressing up as Dracula while Sean liked being a skanky devil. Hmmm. We asked them if they had Trick or Treaters stop by tomorrow night catching them unprepared, what they could expect to walk away with. 'An egg in the face!' laughs Brenn; who quickly assures us he's (mostly) 'kidding'. Sean follows that gem up with this, 'An apple', he beams, 'because I'm always an advocate for children's health.' Yeah we're totally egging this kid's house later. LOL Well enough about Halloween trickery lets leave these two to figure out what treats are still left to be had. And by 'had' we mean...well, you know! <evil grin>Sean is texting on the couch looking for some action when Brenn comes home and catches him in the act. 'Who you fuckin' texting?' he barks as he takes the phone away. 'This is what you should be taking care of' as he undoes his pants and instructs Sean to pull them down and to get on that dick. Sean swallows that cock all the way to the hilt as Brenn starts to fuck his pretty face. Brenn's rock hard as he gets his cock serviced. 'Look at me!' he orders, holding Sean's head in place as he slides that cock down his throat repeatedly. He slows it down to enjoy the view as Sean worships his thick cock. Brenn then pulls Sean up off the floor before pushing him back onto the chaise where he strips his pants off. He takes out Sean's cock and gives him a little of the same as he swallows Sean's hard cock. Sean is well defined and like Brenn has his share of tattoos that just add to their charm. They then work their cocks in a hot 69 so that they both get more of what they want before Brenn gets his tongue up Sean's ass. He slaps that ass as he rims it deep getting it ready for more...Bent over on the chaise, Sean grunts and bears it as Brenn slides his fat cock deep into Sean's hairless hole. He knows what he wants and gets right to pounding that ass as he hammers his dick deep into Sean's gut. He forces Sean to bend lower so he can mount him harder. Brenn lays on top of a face down Sean and pistons that cock deep. His balls slap away at that ass as he gives him every thick inch he can take. Brenn then pulls out and sits on a basketball as he gets Sean to straddle him and sit on his dick. Suddenly Basketball got a lot more interesting as Brenn dribbles Sean's tight hole up and down on his dick. They make out as they fuck and Brenn eventually gets Sean on his back as Brenn continues to fuck that ass still sitting on the ball. He holds Sean's legs up as he gets to it and pounds that ass missionary. He needs to bring it home and he gets Sean on his side and slides his cock back inside for more as he pounds him harder. Sean can't help but jack his throbbing cock and is soon sending his massive load all over the rug and himself as Brenn fucks every drop out of him. Brenn then gets on his knees and unloads his own massive nut all over one incredibly satisfied Sean.
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Biaggi, Disco & Driver
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