Str8 Man Helped Out With Some Sucking
Straight and ruggedly handsome amateur guy Billy is back to stroke some more cum from his cock in another solo, but although it might be a new experience for him he doesn't turn down the chance to get some cock sucking from another guy! His lubed up cock is so hot, and the sucking he gets definitely helps him along to a great cum load
Dirty Work
When your boss calls you a piece of shit, you can bet you're gonna need to do some fast talking...or some good sucking!Conner Maguire has been summoned by his work superior, Johnny Torque, to chat about his performance on the job lately. Conner is a self-admitted slacker. In fact, he tells Johnny he doesn't even know what his duties are! That's why Johnny's decided to let him go. But Conner needs this job! He comes up with a quick plan to stick around; he's willing to take Johnny's long, hard cock deep. And Johnny's willing to entertain Conner's efforts! Watch Conner slurp and bob on Mr. Torque's fully-flared, massive cock. Then you'll see the boss get a taste for himself when he wraps his own mouth around Conner's pulsating beast. And before too long, Johnny's going to take advantage in every way possible by sliding his firm erection into Conner's tight ass. You'll definitely be talking about this one at the water cooler!Enjoy!
James Pershaw And Josh Jared
Two straight acting cock-lovers get together in this video, with muscled and inked hottie James Pershaw sliding his hard one into new lad Josh Jared! Sexy Josh was so eager to get started we couldn't wait to get him on camera with a real hot guy like James. The guys are so hungry for dick as they suck each other, but the sight of Josh getting the semen fucked out of him and then taking James' hot load over his body is the ultimate ending!
Blue-Eyed Avery Gets Covered with Cum
Blue-Eyed Avery Gets Covered with Cum
Knight Sweats
Back with us this week is our favorite
Chatting with Max Martin
Before jacking off and cumming all over his stomach, Max Martin sits down and fields questions from Andy. Apparently it was one of Max's customers at his "day job" as a stripper who recommended he get into porn via BoyCrush. We're certainly glad they did, we've got plenty of uses for a cute, 22 year old bisexual boy!We like young men who pay their own bills, we like it even better when they do it stripping or making porn. Max Martin does both, when he's not shaking his moneymaker for tips, he's with us putting it to good use!
Home-Made Euro Twinks Porn
Home-Made Euro Twinks Porn
Hard Office Tension
Lukas is all about ordering office supplies. He suggests condoms and lube as joke. Matthew takes his humor way too seriously and gets hard. The only way they're gonna have to get rid of the sexual tension is to lock the door and throw away the key.
Sexual Attention
Kody has a really nice farm boy ass. Those hard glutes need my extra special attention. I handled that ass and stuffed my cock inside!
Kurt and Jed are cruising at the (literally) hot new gym, Sweatbox. Their smooth muscles ripple as they workout and they can't help but admire each other. Kurt follows Jed into the steamroom where the men get naked and the temperature quickly gets hotter. Sweat pours from their hard bodies as Jed sucks Kurt's massive uncut cock. Then Kurt eats Jed's perfect gymnast arse. They fuck for all to see and spunk all over the sauna tiles.
Afternoon Sex Games
Andy is enjoying a nice afternoon reading his love stories before his big dick boyfriend interrupts. He wants his playtime with Andy and he wants it now. Andy has no problem giving his man want he wants. No problem at all.
Sneaky Touch
I guess this buddy of mine has been craving me for ages. He took a chance and snuck up on my goods. Nothing gets me harder than a man who takes initiative to get what he wants. And after we came on each other, he left the same way he came in - through the window.
Let's Stay In Instead
As Matthew Stevens makes his way to the bathroom for a shower, his boyfriend, Matthew Stevens, snatches his towel right off! Their plan this morning was to have lunch in the park, but the sight of Matthew's half-bare body has given Steven a different idea. Matthew knows what's up right away, and being the horn dog he is, plays right along with Steven's advances. A morning fuck is exactly what Matthew needs and his boyfriend's big dick is the only thing that'll get the job done. First, Matthew's getting a nice taste of Steven's massive erection. Then Steven's returning the favor by slurping hard on Matthew's fat cock. After some super hot 69 action, Steven slides his pulsating meat into Matthew's tight hole and fucks him like a sex-starved animal. Watch these lovers treat each other's bodies like wonderlands as they make the most of a romantic morning. Enjoy!
My Third Leg
Aiden Morgan is about to experience the supernatural. His very close friend has a gift that he's about to share with Aiden. As his friend un-zips his pants a nice big flesh of meat pops out as Aiden enters the Big Dick Zone...
Man About the House
Rio is very pleased with the new flatmate who arrives, who wouldn't be? - its the handsome, hairy, masculine, donkey-dicked Drake. Rio keeps getting an eyeful of Drake's uncut trouser-snake straining for release from his white undies and he's hungry to taste it and feel it glide inside, but Drake's playing hard to get... until even he has to give into swarthy Rio's cock charming ways.
Sex Traveler Part3
Sex Traveler Part3 scene1
Chav lad, Jacob, has some outstanding debts, and when the debt collector comes to collect he's got only one way to pay, by offering up his mouth and arse to the dominant ( but sexy-as-hell) man who comes to make good on the debt. Dom works the lads mouth and tears up his hot tight hole with a long, fat, monstrous dick, until he's well and truly satisfied.
Brendan James solo
After a chat, Brendan gets a throbbing stiffie in his cycling lycra, then strips off, oils up his body, lubes up his big uncut cock, showing it off to the camera, before fingering his hole, then inserts a massive thick dildo, fucking himself with it till he shoots..We start off with quite a long interview, and cheerful confident Brendan, wearing his red lycra cycling gear, tells us how he keeps fit, the types of guys he goes for, and what turns him on.. Then the solo begins with Brendan laying back on the sofa, he starts to stroke the large bulge in his lycra and quickly it gets hard and throbbing.. he rubs and squeezes it, gripping it and lifting it through the lycra, putting on a good show, then peels the lycra down to his waist.. he teases a little more, then slowly pulls it all the way off, his hard cock slapping against his abs as he does so..He holds his cock straight up for us, showing it off to the camera, then gently starts to work on it, his foreskin sliding up and down over the bulging head.. he jerks off a bit, keeping it nice and slow, then reaches for some body oil, liberally pouring it over his chest and abs, then down over his legs. Brendan rubs the oil in, his tight six pack glistening.. Then he drizzles lubricant up and down the shaft of his dick and works it in, making it throb..Brendan works on his cock slowly but firmly, holding it up for us giving us some horny close up and some very hot point of view shots.. He reaches for his cycling lycra, pulling it up to his face and takes a big sniff, breathing in the smell deeply.. it makes his dick twitch and throb, and he jerks off slowly as he takes a few more sniffs..He reaches down between his legs and starts to rub his hole with one hand, while gently playing with his cock with the other hand.. he pushes his finger in and starts fingering himself as he jerks off, then pushes his throbbing hardon up between his legs to give us some really horny cock and hole shots.. Leaning against the sofa now, Brendan holds a huge flesh coloured dildo next to his cock.. the dildo is about double the thickness of his own dick, its got some scary girth on it, and its ridged with strong veins on it too.. he jerks off a bit as he holds it, sizing it up and mentally preparing to take it up his arse..Back on the sofa now, and Brendan lays on his back with his legs apart, cock throbbing, holding the dildo against his butt hole... he slowly pushes in the seriously thick head, making him moan as it stretches his hole massively, and holds it there for a moment, before pulling it out. He pushes it in again, this time it goes in further, and he keeps pushing till the whole thing is inside him.. it makes him gasp a bit, but his dick still throbs, and he takes hold of it, whilst reaching round under his leg with his other hand to grip the dildo. He starts to fuck himself with it, and jerks off with his other hand at the same time.. Clearly the intensity is turning him on big time, his cock really bulges and throbs, and as he jerks off slow, its only a few moments later that his thick white creamy jizz starts oozing out of his big dick, forming pools of spunk on his abs and in his pubes.. As he works out the last few drops, squeezing it all out, he gives one last horny look to camera.
Patrick Teaches Dean a Lesson
Dean Holland won't stop bothering Patrick Kennedy while he's trying to study so Patrick takes a quick break to teach him a lesson. Dean loves every inch of Patrick's cut cock and takes it like a champ until they both cum buckets. If interrupting Patrick while he's trying to do his homework gets you a punishment like this...Dean came to us with a dream of becoming a carreer pornstar and even moved to the valley of the sun to fulfill that dream. His charisma and sexual energy comes across plainly on camera and you can't help but get turned on by his smooth, tanned body and hot moaning.Patrick is a well known twink star who couldn't resist our offer to get his lollipop sucked! Already with some good experience, this young twink can fuck a bunch, but he is versatile and loves getting some attention to his tight asshole.
Latina Lover Drools Over Giant Cock
Dominic is such a Latin Lover. He kind of looks likes one of guys from 300. He's super sexy and he's down to fuck a guy with a huge cock. I love watching to sexy men fuck...
Fist Fortunate S2
Cum one, cum all, this new fisting series, “The Fist Fortunate,” exemplifies the best and biggest holes around. Ready to be greased up and plowed, these men know how to give and receive from every angle. Chains rattle and seasoned fuck tables are used; legs are spread and leather scent is in the air. With a voyeur view, we get right in there and “gauge” only the most willing. Sweet greasy asses for the taking as fisting is explored and fucking brings up the rear. Hop on board and enjoy all the scenes our hottest men present, showing you why they stand out, and up.
Dante Knight, Gabriel and Jordan Sins
After giving rich people free theatre tickets, the street boys head round to their empty house for some threeway action! Sucking hard cock and fucking tight ass on the plush, comfy sofa, surrounded by large, expensive pieces of art, this homeless spitroast ends in a jizz explosion! The wealthy owners of the house better employ a good cleaner!
Manly Love
Brandon Lewis is back with us this week, here to help us welcome a new face to CircleJerkBoys. For those unfamiliar with Brandon, Brandon is a Southern son with a room-brightening smile, that Georgia twang in his voice and a thick dick to boot. Brandon is going to help us determine if it's true that they really do grow them bigger in Texas. Wayne Manley is 25 years old and from the Lone Star State.
Mike and Colombiano
If you're into some colour and love your black men, then you're gonna love Mike and Colombiano. Set in a private and secure disused garage we just let these two men go for it. With amazingly thick uncut pieces of meat to suck on, it got too much for Mike who needed Colombiano's cock up his ass
Military Relaxation
Calvin just wants to relax and unwind from his military stress on his day off. He was referred to this incredible masseur that he just had to try out. He's glad he made an appointment because his cock got pleasured as well!
Great Scott!
Brenn Wyson is back for more ass pounding action this week. Our neighbors have all been warned. Brenn is back to put that signature ass fucking to use, while trying not to set off any Seismometers in the area. For those of you who aren
Hot Wax Shower
Daniel Johnson stands tied to the wall with his big dick surrounded by strawberry blond pubes out there for all to see. It's too much of a temptation for Ashton Bradley who sets upon the hot, ripped lad with hot wax, and burns that beautiful body in front of the camera.
it's not if... (it's when)
Pent-up lusts run rampant in the exclusive private finishing school that Michael attends. He watches his gym instructor and begins to feel a tightness in his underpants. He's seen the weight in the crotch of Dillon's pants and wanked himself to just imagining his teachers fat cock pressing to his lips and to the aching, twitching hole of his arse. But little does he know Dillon has been taking more than a professional interest in his pupil, and its not a question of if somethings going to happen between them - its when....
Man On The Inside
Man On The Inside
Diego Duro Solo
Our sexy Turk - Diego is back, hairier and hornier than ever, for his first solo. A tour of his totally natural hairy body, musky arse hole and stiff dick, and then he's pounding his meat to release a torrent of gooey juice into his thick patch of pubic hair. You like 'em hairy? you're in the right place.
Lick a Good Neighbor
MenOver30 is glad to welcome back 24yo Brian Bonds from Little Rock, AR. Brian is going to help us welcome sexy scruffy daddy CJ Parker. CJ is from a little town outside of Philadelphia called Downingtown and is 39 years young. We asked these two what the longest period of time they've been able to not bust a nut. Brian can hold out for 5 days but CJ can hold out for a whole week. Both of these guys have fur on them and the management definitely approves. Both of these guys like hair on their partners as well. When it comes to how kinky these boys get CJ blushes and admits he's about a 5. Brian considers himself a 9.5 on that kinky scale. Nail down the furniture! Well, opposites attract apparently. We have Mr. Vanilla and Mr. How do you want it? This should be an interesting shoot so let's get these two started and see where this combination takes us once those clothes come off.CJ is fixing the sink for Brian and when he's done he gets ready to go. Brian is thankful he has such a \'handy\' neighbor and asks if there's anything he could do to repay him. Friendly neighbor goes from handy to handsy in 2 seconds flat. They start to make out as Brian starts to strip CJ. The shirt comes off revealing CJ's hairy chest. The chemistry between these two is electric as Brian licks his way south to CJ's cock. He undoes his tight jeans and shoves that cock down his throat. CJ moans as he orders Brian to swallow his cock all the way to the hilt. Brian greedily complies sliding that fat cock so deep he gags on it. Brian soon wants some of the same as he stands up and shows off the tent in his own briefs. CJ kneels at his feet as he frees that boner. He slides his mouth on that cock as Brian starts to fuck his face. \'Spit on it!\' he grunts as CJ does what he's told before going back on that white boy dick. Brian then bends CJ over and goes to town eating that manhole. CJ squirms as that ass gets hungry for more than a tongue sandwich. Brian then stands and gets into position before sliding his fat cock right up that hairy ass. CJ gives it up as Brian pounds that pussy doggy style. He rails into that horny hole pulling his cock almost all the way out before ramming it back in. He takes that ass doggy then missionary then sits back and has CJ ride his cock in a reverse cowgirl as Brian hammers that dick up into that sore hole. All that cock makes CJ blow his load all over his hairy crotch. Brian then jacks his own massive load all over his chest and abs.
Justin Time
This week, we have two brand new faces for you on The first debutante is Justin Cox. Justin is tan and chiseled. He's 23 years old. He proudly tells us he's from Jersey, with that trademark accent. I think we got ourselves a 'situation'. Can't you just picture this ripped hottie shirtless at a bar, pounding the beats with a sexy fist pump remix session on an episode of 'Jersey Shore'? Justin would have all those girls drooling over this jaw dropping hottie. Well back off, Bitches
Jocked and Loaded
This week we have a familiar face back and a blast from the past here on MenOver30. Joe Parker is back in the house with that handsome face, big guns and even bigger dick. Joe is helping us welcome back Brant Dickson. The chemistry is great between them. Joe loves Brant's beautiful eyes while Brant is in lust with Joe's big arms. They've both been taking care of themselves. Brant's been living it up, trying to work out as much as possible and has been able to put on some muscle mass since the last time we saw him. Joe's always looking delicious and he's mostly a home body. We wondered if they could go anywhere in the world where it would be and who they could take with them. Brant would want to go on Safari to South Africa and he would want to take his Dad with him. Joe has always wanted to go to Bali but recently his interests have shifted to Sydney, Australia instead. When it comes to being men of a certain age, we asked them what the best thing about being over 30 is. Brant says that with age comes experience and Joe agrees that with the years gone by you gain a level of maturity and experience that allows you to better express yourself sexually. 'Express Yourself!'-that sounds oddly familiar.Joe walks in to the locker room and finds Brant admiring a jock strap that's hanging off an open locker. 'Is that yours?' Joe asks as Brant tell him it's not his. He has his on but he really likes it. Joe pulls Brant's shorts towards him as he peeks into his pants and tells him he likes his instead. Need we say more? The two start to make out. Their hands start to roam all over their bodies as Joe's tongue explores Brant's smooth pecs. Their shorts get pushed farther south until they hit the floor leaving them in their tight jock straps. Brant takes the opportunity to get a better grasp of the situation as he kneels and takes Joe's big cock into his mouth. Joe grunts as he revels in the warm sensation now engulfing his hard cock. Brant bobs his head up and down on Joe's throbbing cock taking as much of it as he can down his throat. Joe then gets Brant up so that he can go down on Brant's cock. He sucks on that dick getting it rock hard before turning Brant around and getting him bent over towards the locker showing off that ass.Brant moans as Joe's tongue slides deep inside him. His head writhes from side to side as Joe eats that hot hole out. Brant is getting hornier for more than that tongue and he isn't going to have to wait for long. Joe stands up and suits up before sliding his fat cock into that spit-lubed hole. Brant grimaces a bit as his ass slowly gives in. 'Fuckin' great hole' Joe coos as his thick cock slides all the way inside. He starts to fuck that ass with ease as Brant takes every inch of it inside him. 'You like that cock' Joe taunts him as he buries his face in the back of Brant's neck as he fucks him deep. Brant bucks that hot ass back onto Joe's dick wanting to get every inch inside. Joe then pulls out and sits back on the bench and has Brant ride his meat. Brant straddles Joe and impales himself on that same dick as he starts to ride it with the same conviction. Joe holds him by the waist as he helps bounce him on his meat. Missionary is next as Joe gets Brant on his back before sliding his fat dick inside for more. Brant's begging for more as he gets that ass stretched. That cock does the trick as it hits Brant's sweet spot making him bust his nut all over himself. Joe slams inside him making him cum harder before pulling out and unloading his own batch all over Brant's cum-covered chest.
Max's Giant Cock Stud
Max just got a new boyfriend. Max seems to be drooling over the giant cock bulging out of his pants. It is HUGE! Max has to prove that he can take it. Once he got on all fours and starting sucking the magnificent dick, he knew he was in for more than he bargained for.
Strung Up and Pegged
dam Watson is back to his wicked ways in this video, and this time he has Troy Henley at his disposal. Strung up and ready for him, Adam begins making Troy's body red and raw from a nasty pegging. Then it's on to a fierce hand job to add to the humiliation.
Penetrating Fun
Me and Connor went shopping for some sexy underwear. We loved modeling our intimate articles to each other until I couldn't resist his plump, smooth ass. I wanted to pump him all night!
Behind The Scenes: April 2012
This has been the funniest and horniest lot yet! Each day of filming has been absolutely hilarious. We had attitude, sensual love making, cum eating, fashion, precum tasting (must remember to create a new club), philosophy, hairy cracks and clubbing. More than once I found myself enjoying the fucks resulting in shaky camera work, sorry. I’m sure you can gloss over a few technical mistakes. I just couldn’t resist. I got inappropriately touched by a couple of my models and got covered in Lucio’s hot cum (it’s such a hard job!!) First Felix and Thierry could not keep it straight for the camera, although they had no problem in keeping it hard. Those 2 got on like a house on fire and fucked each other senseless for their and our delight. Watching Spencer and Scott on set was idyllic to say the least. Those two didn’t just fuck; they fucked and made love at the same time. All by myself I had the pleasure to film Lucio wank for us and even if I say so myself, that cumshot angle was a stroke of genius! Tate was sweet as usual and as benefits a young man like him, he turned up full of energy and eager to get shafted by Thierry’s thick cock. He did. He loved it. A lot. It was a battle of the semi-irish with Nathan and Conner but the parentage was the only semi on set. Me included. The chemistry was so good that Trojan could not leave and kept interfering with the models. I suppose that’s what you can ”and would” do if you are the boss. Enjoy.
Halloween Special With Chad
With the spirit of Halloween hanging over The Mill, Luke Desmond can't help but take advantage of the boy caught in his trap. Chad Chambers is entangled within the giant spider's web that has appeared for this ghostly holiday. He can do nothing but squirm as Luke attacks his body with pegs and wax, then covers him in his own special 'webbing'.Chad is without a doubt one of the hottest young twinks we have for all the fans of massive uncut cocks. All the boys who have played with him and abused this boy have loved working his cock! They love feeding him their own dicks too, because although reluctant, he's so good at sucking cock the guys have to work to hold back their cum!Luke Desmond has to be one of the hottest British boys in the business, and his immense uncut 9" cock is now pretty famous. But that's not all that makes this boy one of the hottest, he's a great lad to have in a scene totally dominating another boy with that massive hard uncut tool between his legs!
Matt Stevens and Isaac Hardy
Mean, bald fucker Matt Steven's is back, by popular demand and this time he's with fresh faced Issac Hardy. Two very big, fat cocks to enjoy as this totally revved up, beefy guys get down to some nasty cock sucking, ass licking and flip-flop fucking. Matt's trip to the barber shop is every man's dream!
Dreamboy Hotel Orgy
It's the day of the grand opening and all the guests have arrived in their sexiest suits, shirts and trousers. With Skylar dishing out the champagne and JP schmoozing with the boys, it's only a matter of time before the celebrations take a hornier turn, and it all begins with resident cock addict JP getting the eye from sexy young Jonny and reaching in for a kiss, swiftly followed by cousin Marcus in a hot three-way snog in front of everyone! Catching them at it, and following their lead, the cute young Aaron reaches in to inspector Jimmy and within minutes, half the group are on their knees with thick long shafts in their throats! We're treated to three distinct groupings of twink on twink action all in one shot, but as soon as they reach the reception sofa, it's a tangle of limbs, dicks and ready and waiting buttholes, most notably Aaron leaned up against the sofa with Jimmy coming in fast and hard from behind, JP getting spit roasted next to them and Skylar getting pounded by Marcus! There's almost too much going on, but as the boys getting really in to it, Skylar head a daisy-chain of fucking, first Luke fucking and then JP fucking Luke all in one go! Lining up along the sofa, JP gets a faceful from two of them and the spunk frenzy begins in earnest, leaving the uber-twink Aaron lying across them all, and cumming last but definitely not least!
The Carpenter Solo
Welcoming Shun in, the cameraman asks if he
Sinz City
Marxel Rios is back in the house after leaving quite an impression on our members. Marxel made his debut right here and is now an honorary MenOver30... by injection. Marxel is a local flavor from Fort Lauderdale, FL and is 26 years old. Today he's in for a real treat as we welcome a well known Windy City native by the name of Ricky Sinz. Ricky is definitely a hot man over 30 and this hunky, inked Chicagoan has made quite the name for himself in the industry. Wanting to get to know these two cultured souls better we asked what the last major museum each attended. Marxel's most recent museum venture was visiting Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Washington. Ricky is an avid art collector and his most recent delve was into the whimsical and colorful realm of Fabio Napoleoni where he was able to pick up a piece at an artist signing to add to his collection. Speaking of collections of art, both of these studs have their own inked onto their bodies. We asked them of all their ink which means the most to them. For Marxel it would be a tattoo on his left bicep that's dedicated to his late Grandmother who lost her battle with cancer; while for Ricky it would be the cross on his right arm. It was his very first tattoo at 16 and he 'promised' his mother he wouldn't do it again. Boys will be boys... Marxel's phone goes off and as he goes to answer it, Ricky beats him to it. Marxel begs him to give him back his phone while Ricky teases him about who could be calling him. Ricky wrestles him to the ground and sits o his chest and starts to go through Marxel's pics and teases him more about the cock pics he has on it. Ricky decides he'll give Marxel something but it won't be his phone. He takes out his cock and slides it into Marxel's mouth as Marxel starts to suck his dick. Ricky slaps his cock on Marxel's tongue for a bit before feeding him some more. Ricky then stands and loses his jeans and gets right back in that hot mouth as he assumes a push up position over Marxel's face and starts to fuck his throat. He can't get enough as he buries that meat and soon flips around and puts that ass of his in Marxel's face. Marxel gets to work eating that ass as Ricky takes out Marxel's thick cock and returns the favor. Ricky takes it as deep as he can and makes himself gag on Marxel's thick meat. Ricky then stands and gets up against the wall so that Marxel can eat that ass some more. Marxel's mouth is at his service as Ricky gets right back to fucking his throat some more. Ricky then hauls Marxel to his feet and bends him over as he takes that ass. He slides his thick meat inside as Marxel struggles to accommodate his hard dick. Ricky pounds that ass deep and hard as he grabs hold of Marxel and impales every inch of his cock into him. Ricky teases that hole by slamming it deep inside and taking it out making Marxel wince with every thrust. Ricky knows just how to make Marxel crazy for his dick and its working. Ricky's balls go back to slapping that ass as he fucks him doggy style. Ricky then gets Marxel on his hands and knees for more fucking. He gets behind that hot hole again and pushes Marxel's lower back down making that smooth ass arch up for his dick. 'Where you going?' he teases as Marxel tries to move forward as he gets that ass stretched open. Ricky is relentless as he takes that hole harder. He pushes Marxel onto his stomach and just starts to pile drive this cock deeper into Marxel's tight ass. His cock disappears into that ass over and over and it sends them both over the edge. Ricky pulls out and watches as Marxel blows his load all over himself. Ricky then gets Marxel to sit up so he can blow his load all over Marxel's face.
Dude got hard fuck and sprayed deep inside ass
These two horny dudes are hotter than hell, banging and plowing tight crap hole and getting their mouths fed with stiff boners. Watch screw ultimately, probing harder till jizz shoots out from his power tool right into boy craving craphole
Biaggi, Disco & Driver UNCUT
This uncut footage contains an additional 16 minutes of behind the scenes (BTS) with Antonio Biaggi, Dick Disco and Drew Driver. While the cameraman was underneath Biaggi and Drew, he almost gets splattered and Drew has to go "tidy up" and we see Dick sitting their enjoying a little "alone" time.
Massage Envy
Aiden Marx and Brody Wilder are all set to demonstrate how to give a sensual massage, as Brody climbs up onto Aiden's table and strips out of his clothes. Aiden takes time work all the nooks and crevices of Brody's body, and the pressure on his muscles loosens Brody up and gets him worked up all at the same time. Aiden rolls Brody over to discover his hard on, and without missing a beat, he begins to work Brody's member, first with his hand, firming it up a bit more, and then with his mouth. Brody lets out an exhaustive moan as Aiden's tongue dances on the tip of his cock, and Brody quickly has flipped Aiden onto his own table and he's moistening up Aiden's hole, then slipping his hard cock inside, as Aiden closes his eyes and grabs a hold of the side of the table. Brody pounds his ass doggystyle then has Aiden flip over onto his back, where he continues his thrusting as Aiden works his cock to the brink of explosion, flipping over one more time for Brody to go all out as they stand against the table. Brody pulls out and gushes a load all over Aiden's back and the two of them agree: that's the way to do a masssage.Enjoy!
Sebastian Gone Wild
We have two hotties back in the house this week and with the likes of dreamy Christian Wilde and Sebastian Keys we know it
Frank Valencia Solo
Our favourite Spanish exhibitionist - Frank Valencia is a true, born-to-perform exhibitionist and he has all the equipment for a great show, a weighty, uncut cock, ripped body, tattoos and a handsome face. This sexy Guapo is rock hard just at the thought of being watched, his big thrill sexually is knowing that guys are wanking 'with' him!
Alberto & Andre
Alberto by day is a professional gardener and maintains many private gardens. On this particular day his mate Andre turned up and the garden hose soon turned into each others hoses ! This is outdoor public sex at its best, as they both take it in turns to fuck each other ! The cums loads at the end of this shoot are massive
Ice, Nice, Baby!
Well guess whose back!? This week, after much fan fare, we have Caleb Colton back to show us what he can do. Our fans really loved watching Caleb stroke his big dick a couple weeks ago so it's only logical we add fuel to that fire. Speaking of fire, we have a hottie we never seem to get enough of, Mr. Ty Tucker. Both of these fit studs take great care of their bodies so we wondered what snacks they like to indulge in. Caleb likes bananas and strawberries when he wants something healthy. For junk food he loves Funions and Fried Chicken. He is after all a 'southern boy'. Ty likes blueberries and fruits as well; but when it comes to junk food he's torn. There's just so much out there to eat. He loves pizza and chips and soda. We then thought it would be interesting to have these boys architect the perfect cock and we were quite pleased to achieve critical mass. They both like dicks that are big-but not too big-with some nice veins so they can feel it pulsing and it has to come with a nice set of balls. Well we definitely think they've come to the right place for that so we should stop chatting and let these get to gettin'! <evil grin>Caleb is hanging out when Ty walks in with the ice he requested. 'Here's the ice for your drink' says Ty as Caleb informs him they're not for his drink at all. Ty's confused until Caleb pulls up his tank and points his nips at him. Ty grins and gets to work icing those bad boys as they stand at attention. His tongue is next as he works his tongue on that hairy chest and nips, slowly licking his way south. He undoes Caleb's pants and finds what he's looking for. Caleb's cock is growing by the second in his sexy draw-string briefs. He takes the ice and teases it as the water makes his brief cling to his growing meat. Ty can't take it any longer and just pulls it out. He opens wide and goes for it. He takes that cock all the way down his throat until he gags on it. Caleb moans his approval as Ty worships his thick dick. Ty deep throats that meat sending Caleb into orbit every time. Ty knows just what he's doing as he makes sure to service Caleb's hard cock and smooth balls. Caleb then gets down on his knees as they make out and gets a chance to return the favor. He takes Ty's meat into his mouth and uses his hand in combination to get Ty's cock rock hard and throbbing. ...and Caleb's just getting started.He then gets Ty up and bends him over so he can check out that hot ass. He slides his finger along the crack before kneeling to take a closer look. He dives in tongue first and starts to lap away at that sweet, furry hole he intends on filling. Ty is rock hard as he gets that hole rimmed and Caleb can't seem to get enough of it. Caleb gets up into position and finally slides his rock hard cock inside. Ty groans in ecstasy as he finally gets that dick inside him. Caleb gets right to it as he pounds that ass deep. Caleb holds on to Ty as he mounts that tight ass wanting to get his cock as deep as possible. Caleb then moves the party south as he gets on the floor and has Ty sit on his dick. Ty just moans as he gets that hole hammered. Caleb slams that dick up into Ty repeatedly as Ty does his best to hold on. Caleb knows what he wants and there's no stopping him. Ty is rock hard and can't help but jack his dick as Caleb's cock slams against his prostate. That does the trick as Ty blows his wad all over Caleb's chest and abs while Caleb's still giving it to him. Caleb then straddles Ty and gives him some of the same as he jacks off all over his sweaty playmate. Seems these two had a lot more in common than a love for big cock after all.
Cute Twink Services Mystery Dick
Stripped naked in the mill toilet, so we can see his gorgeous mosquito bite nipples and uncut cock, Aiden Jason is the latest Boynapped recruit to find himself on the receiving end of a cock through our very busy gloryhole. Watch him practice those oral skills on a cock that's dying for some boy mouth.
Gio Cruz & Eric North
Gio Cruz is a firm favourite at Butch Dixon, we love to give him the porn virgins, knowing he'll take them in hand. Eric is a sexy sub lad, who did everything he was told, but when Gio had finished tearing him up, using every hole he could get his dick into he stamped on Eric's dick! Perversely Eric loved that kind of pleasure.
Splendor In The Ass
This week we have a familiar face back with us and this stud
School of Hard Knoxx
Handsome devil Mason Coxx is in the house this week so you know you're in for a real treat as he helps us welcome 21yo Johnny Knoxx to the fold. Little does Johnny know that Mason has 9 really good reasons why he should stick around; but he'll take all 9 of those soon enough. <evil grin> This is Johnny's debut shoot with us as well as the rest of the adult world and we can assure West Palm Beach's finest that he's in good hands. Mason is now 26 and originally from Connecticut. We started off by asking these studs what's a movie they never get tired of watching. 'Pretty Woman' is Mason's favorite while 'Avatar' never gets old for Johnny. Well Pandora may not be the easiest place to visit but we asked these two where they would love to visit if they could. Mason wants to go to Egypt and Johnny has his sights set on Australia. Foreign lands are full of foreigners so we wondered which they thought were the sexiest. Mason loves Parisian men while Johnny prefers Latin men so we figure his interests would again take him south where the Latinos are a plenty. Well, that's enough chit chat for now and we have those 9 really good reasons to get to... nMason and Johnny are kickin' it on the couch when Johnny holds up an extra large condom he found and asks Mason about it. 'That's mine' blushes Mason, 'you don't believe me?' Johnny grins and wants proof that he has what it takes to fill it as he reaches over and grabs Mason's growing cock. They start to make out and Mason is rock hard in seconds as Johnny proceeds to give that thick dick some room. Johnny then strips as Mason loses his pants and underwear. His cock is rock hard and ready for more as Johnny gets on his knees and takes that dick deep. He opens wide and starts to work that knob and shaft as Mason sits back and enjoys. Mason then stands to give Johnny all the access he needs to that dick and even helps out by fucking his mouth. 'Damn you got a big dick' Johnny coos before getting right back on Mason's thick cock. Mason then gets Johnny to his feet to make out some more and also give him a chance to score some dick himself. Mason sits Johnny on the armrest and lands between his legs as he sucks and savors Johnny's rock hard cock. Both of these studs are rock hard and take their time sucking each other's cocks. Soon, sucking dick won't suffice...Mason then gets up and opens up that rubber Johnny found and slides it on his massive cock. Perfect fit just like the fit Johnny's tight ass is about to give him as Mason slowly slides inside. Mason wastes little time before bending Johnny over pounding away at that hot ass doggy style. Johnny just moans as he gets his ass stretched by that thick meat. Mason picks up the pace shoving that dick in faster and deeper as Johnny whimpers doing his best to accommodate all that dick. Careful what you wish for, Johnny. Mason then pulls out and sits back on the couch as Johnny sits on it for more. In a reverse cowgirl position Johnny can have as much dick as his hot little ass can take as he grinds up and down on it. He can't get enough of that dick and Mason's not about to complain as Johnny just bounces on his rock hard cock. Mason then gets Johnny on the floor and slides into him again as they lay on their sides. Mason holds Johnny's leg up as his balls slap away at that smooth hole. Johnny can't help but jack off as Mason's cock hits him in all the right spots. It quickly sends him over the edge as he unloads all over himself and the rug. Mason is next as he straddles Johnny's spent cock and busts a huge wad all over Johnny's face and chest. Mason and Johnny are kickin' it on the couch when Johnny holds up an extra large condom he found and asks Mason about it. 'That's mine' blushes Mason, 'you don't believe me?' Johnny grins and wants proof that he has what it takes to fill it as he reaches over and grabs Mason's growing cock. They start to make out and Mason is rock hard in seconds as Johnny proceeds to give that thick dick some room. Johnny then strips as Mason loses his pants and underwear. His cock is rock hard and ready for more as Johnny gets on his knees and takes that dick deep. He opens wide and starts to work that knob and shaft as Mason sits back and enjoys. Mason then stands to give Johnny all the access he needs to that dick and even helps out by fucking his mouth. 'Damn you got a big dick' Johnny coos before getting right back on Mason's thick cock. Mason then gets Johnny to his feet to make out some more and also give him a chance to score some dick himself. Mason sits Johnny on the armrest and lands between his legs as he sucks and savors Johnny's rock hard cock. Both of these studs are rock hard and take their time sucking each other's cocks. Soon, sucking dick won't suffice...Mason then gets up and opens up that rubber Johnny found and slides it on his massive cock. Perfect fit just like the fit Johnny's tight ass is about to give him as Mason slowly slides inside. Mason wastes little time before bending Johnny over pounding away at that hot ass doggy style. Johnny just moans as he gets his ass stretched by that thick meat. Mason picks up the pace shoving that dick in faster and deeper as Johnny whimpers doing his best to accommodate all that dick. Careful what you wish for, Johnny. Mason then pulls out and sits back on the couch as Johnny sits on it for more. In a reverse cowgirl position Johnny can have as much dick as his hot little ass can take as he grinds up and down on it. He can't get enough of that dick and Mason's not about to complain as Johnny just bounces on his rock hard cock. Mason then gets Johnny on the floor and slides into him again as they lay on their sides. Mason holds Johnny's leg up as his balls slap away at that smooth hole. Johnny can't help but jack off as Mason's cock hits him in all the right spots. It quickly sends him over the edge as he unloads all over himself and the rug. Mason is next as he straddles Johnny's spent cock and busts a huge wad all over Johnny's face and chest.
Gentle Cock Massage
Tony Newport is in pain. He's been playing football and got tackled hard. In need of a good massage, he went to Tyler's Casa de Amor for a re-alignment. Tony was so relaxed that he let Tyler give him a full body massage. Which began with his cock...
Bruce Gets Some Cock On Cock
Bruce is always in need of some more money, so it's no surprise that he's willing to try all kinds of things to earn more too. He's certainly willing in this visit, getting his cock sucked, rubbing dicks with his new black buddy, then fucking some ass and taking it too before both unload their impressive cum loads!
Turning the Tables
Kirk Cummings was in for a surprise when he went to get a massage. He was getting fondled, sucked and rubbed in all the right places. He couldn't take it any longer so he decided to turn the table on the beefcake masseur and fucked him hard!
Rope Bound Leo James Gets Used
Sexy, Cute, Innocent Leo James is found by Adam Watson covered from head to foot in various ropework. Adam is soon using this to his advantage playing with Leo's huge dick and running his hands over Leo's body & ropes. Adam is soon filling Leo's face with mouthfuls of his hard thick cock before making his way around him and finking Leo hard. Adam then Pumps loess cock till he explodes his juicy load all over the floor.
Manly Massage Turns Erotic
Kain had some back issue. He went to a masseuse to get sorted out and in return the masseuse sorted out his sexual perverted desire to fuck a man full of body oil. Kain was so relaxed that he didn't even care if there was someone fucking him. As far as he knew, it was all part of the package
Tony, Joe, Geoffrey
Tony is a horny cocksucker who takes on two big dicks. Geoffrey Paine and Joe Gunn take turns fucking Tony's mouth and ass. When they're ready to cum they put Tony on his knees and squirt two of the biggest loads of spunk on this cocksucker's face. Tony is drenched.
Mirror Mirror On My 3 Balls...
We are fortunate enough to have some alone time with one of our fan favorites, Mr. Chris Tyler. Chris is 25 now and originally from Houston, TX. Chris works out religiously but says he doesn't really watch his diet. Out of the mouth of babes! Lol Chris was very active athletically in high school. 'I played football, baseball, basketball, soccer, did wrestling-I was active' he grins '...and now I do porn,' All those short sprints have done wonders for that outrageous ass of his. He admits it wasn't til last week when he actually had a girl want to play with it even though we've had the pleasure of watching that hot ass take a dick...or two. He admits he's never had a 3way and if he could have a fantasy 3way it would be with Vin Diesel and Carrie Underwood. He'd probably be in the middle getting and giving since he loves to do both. He's convinced Vin's gay so that might make that whole fantasy thing easier should he find himself in his company. We wish him the best of luck with that. lol He is a horny one and has a high sex drive and even though he's str8 and has grown to appreciate things in his outrageous ass, he's never really played with his own. Well, we're here to change all that. ...Shall we?As the camera finds Chris, he's in front of a full length mirror inspecting his progress as he poses and flexes his triceps and biceps. He is pleased with his progress (...and he ain't the only one) as he pulls up his tee to inspect those abs. The abs are kickin and looking hotter than ever. His dedication is really paying off as he strips and admires his defined cum gutters that frame those delicious abs as they disappear into his tight briefs. It's getting hot in here as Chris drops his jeans and starts to admire that ass. He pulls his briefs down giving us a sneak peak as he gropes his bubble butt before turning back around to grope at his cock. He tents his briefs as his dick strains for more room. Chris was blessed with a bit more than most and when it comes to balls he was born with a spare one already installed. You could say his massive nut sack always runneth over. He rubs on his cock through his briefs a bit until he can't stand it anymore. He pulls down his briefs as his rock hard cock spring out. It is definitely at full mast and happy to play as Chris starts to stroke his uncut cock.Those balls are naturally smooth and appear massive as we get a shot from below of him stroking that cock. He tugs on his cock pulling his entire foreskin over his knob before stroking it all the way back. The more he strokes his hard cock the hornier he's getting as his attention wonders elsewhere. He gets on the floor and spreads his legs getting a great view of his ass and balls that are a few inches from the mirror. He gets a small toy and runs it up inside that furry hole teasing his ass with it as he continues to stroke his boner. He gasps a bit as he pushes the dildo inside his tight hole. One deep grunt is all we hear as he shoves the rest inside. He can't help but moan as he starts to shove it in deep, gyrating that hole around as the sensation heightens. He holds the toy in place as he lifts his hot ass up off and then right back down on it over and over. Chris then gets up to keep jacking his meat while admiring it in the mirror. His cock is straining for release as his massive nuts pull up tight around the base of his cock. He gets that cock closer to the mirror as he feels the impending orgasm coming over him. 'I'm gonna fucking cum!' he grunts as he blasts his hot load all over one lucky mirror. His hot nut splatters all over it as it slowly drips south towards the floor. ...Clean up, anyone?