Mariano and Luciano
Mariano and Luciano
Naughty Student is Punished for Plagiarism
Krys Perez is a disciplinary professor in this unbelievably hot scene. His student Adam Scott has plagiarized and is terrified of being expelled. He has to find a way to convince his professor not to get him in trouble and it seems the only way to do that is to get on his knees and put Krys' cock in his mouth. The Prof takes full advantage and has his naughty student bent over and taking it. What a hot fantasy!Adam is a young, slender new bottom with a perfect ass and an adorable attitude. He loves being mounted and taking cock in his mouth.Krys has this "Hollywood" look; he's a future star that's for sure! He is comfortable in front of the camera and is quite a performer.
Adam Video
Adam is a straight man -- sexy with a bald head. He's packing a 9-inch uncut cock in his Calvin Klein's and he can wrap both fists around it. He jerks his cock and even his cum load is big. It squirts out of his cock and flops to the floor with a thud. You can hear it! Flop!
Jeff S & Guy R
Big beefy Jeff and handsome hairy Guy have a passionate sucking session, taking turns on each others stiff dicks, getting them right down into their throats with some hot face fucking, and some great arse play too, as Jeff licks and fingers Guys hairy muscular arse.. climaxing with a hot & messy cum facial.. Tasty!The lads start off standing, in shiny adidas sports kit, getting a good feel of each others cocks as they grope the bulges in their shorts. Some passionate kissing, then Jeff lifts his top to reveal his broad beefy chest, with tattoos, and Guy wastes no time getting in there to lick and suck on Jeffs pierced nipples as he rubs his cock. He takes off his sports vest and gets Guy to sniff and lick his armpits.Jeff removes Guys top, his chest and armpits are very hairy, and he has a seriously fit body. Jeff licks his nipples, then turns him around to show us Guys fit arse, pulling his black shiny shorts down revealing Guys muscular hairy butt cheeks, which he rubs and squeezes. They kiss a little more, Guys dick and balls hang over the top of his shorts, his pubes are thick and bushy and untrimmed, and he reaches inside Jeffs shorts and pulls out his big thick uncut cock, which hangs thick and heavy, not quite hard yet. Jeff also has manly bushy pubes. Guy plays with Jeffs dick for a moment, then gets down on his knees and starts sucking.. As he sucks it gets harder, and Jeff starts gently fucking his mouth a bit, trying to get it deep down, but Guy cant take it so deep, not yet anyway, and he gags slightly, but he keeps going, and sucks it well. After some very hot sucking, they move to the sofa, Guy gets on all fours, pushing his sexy arse out, and Jeff kneels down behind him and starts kneeding his butt cheeks, then pulls them wide apart exposing Guys hairy hole. Jeff spits onto it, then pushes the spit in with his tongue, giving his hole plenty of good long licks, making Guy moan.. Jeff pushes his thumb in, opening him up, then pushes a finger in, sliding it in and out..With his cock now throbbing, Guy lays back into the corner of the sofa, Jeff lays next to him and starts to suck his stiff dick. He gets it really wet with plenty of spit and slowly starts to work the dick right into the back of his throat, swallowing it all the way to the base, making it throb even harder.. Jeff keeps the sucking wet, slow and deep.. very horny.. then Guy grips his head and pushes his head down on it, then starts fucking his mouth.. this is insanely hot!They kiss some more, jerking themselves off, then its Jeffs turn to get sucked again.. having been sucked so well and so deep, Guy is eager to suck Jeff better this time, and he forces himself down on Jeffs big dick, deeper than before.. Jeff starts fucking his mouth and throat, speeding up till its pretty intense in places.. Guy struggles a bit sometimes, but that just makes it hotter, and with a bit of a firm push from Jeff, he almost manages to swallow his cock right down to the base, with a little more gagging..With both lads ready to shoot their loads, Guy moves around to get his dick sucked one last time, and Jeff jerks himself off as Guy fucks his mouth.. Guy pushes his dick right down Jeffs throat as far as it will go, and holds it there. This pushes Jeff over the edge and his dick starts spouting jets of jizz all over his beefy sweaty abs.. Guy pulls his dick out of Jeffs mouth, and jerks off hard.. a couple of seconds later he starts spunking his load over Jeffs face and into his mouth.. And he shoots REALLY hard, the first couple of squirts go clear over his head, but there is plenty more, and he makes a real mess of Jeffs face and beard.. Tasty stuff.
Julian Raw
Chatting up Julian Raw, it seems he likes to play with boys and wants to show us his nice body. His favorite porn is American gay porn and he fanaticizes about a guy with some muscles. This model will be doing a solo today, but might be up for more later. As Julian gets naked, he works his fabulous body well, teasing to please. His sexy bubble but is in sweet contrast to his very fit abs; I count a 6-pack, at least. Playing with his uncut dick, Julian makes it fun to watch, and so tempting to join in. First on the bed, then in the tub, he is all about the rhythm and the pleasure he is feeling. As he blows his load, he has a very creamy happy ending; I hope you did too. After he showers and soaps up that body, Julian will be ready for the next opportunity that
Drake Jayden Outted Again
Drake Jayden keeps denying the first outing calling him out for sucking cock...We found him and followed him around again then confronted him. Here is a video of him fucking his own ass!
Dorm Daze
Jordan is always tired of studying. However his roommate who always tired of Jordan laying naked out in the open. He can't resit Jordan's white milky skin and the redness of his dick from maturating to much. Jordan's roommate is going to creep up on him at his most vulnerable moment...
Ride 'Em Cowboy
Connor wants a piece of the farmhand
Bareback Boyfriends Bonk
Alex and Billy are so perfectly suited to each other. These bareback boys love nothing more than spending an afternoon sharing their dicks and shooting some balljuice! The boys start with some making out, but soon those cocks are being shared in some hot oral. Alex's ass needs some attention though, and he certainly gets it from Billy who makes him cum and then douses his hole with his own warm goo!He's not new to gay porn, but we're happy to have him with us. Alex is a gorgeous you man, really sweet and sexy with a great body a hot ass and a great cock too. He's versatile, but he knows that he loves to get fucked, and with a perfect ass like that we know there are a lot of guys willing to give him what he wants!Check out Billy and you will swoon! He's so handsome, and he has a great body and a rock hard cock too. His ass is one of the best things about him though. He's a real confident versatile boy who loves to play both roles, and with an ass and a cock like that there are a lot of guys who would gladly be either a top or bottom for him!
Kyler and Conner Hook Up After Their Date!
Kyler Moss is all horned up after their date, but Conner Bradley's feeling hungry... so they kill two birds with one stone! Famous over at BoyCrush for being able to take a hard pounding, Kyler gives up his hole to Conner's 8" here, too. He has his ass slammed until he blows his load before Conner pulls out to shoot jizz all over him. The Italian twink licks up their cum greedily before sharing with Kyler.We're calling it now: Conner Bradley is going to be a twink star! He's been doing porn for a few months now and we're confident he's going to get better and better. He has a maturity beyond his eighteen years, not to mention a cute face and a huge cock!Kyler Moss is an exclusive with BoyCrush, so we're thrilled to see him making an appearance on GayLife Network!
Ollie and Brett
Ollie and Brett enjoy one of the most intense scenes when they hook up, Brett's massively thick cock and peachy ass gets used to perfection as Ollie grinds his long cock into him. Pounding hard and fast, he gets just as much of a workout as Brett's hole!! With lots of positions and rough cock slamming, both lads get sweaty, and when they shoot, it's dripping off their hot young bodies. Hungry for spunk, Brett gets Ollie to dump his load all over his face, lapping up every available drop before sharing a kiss, getting Ollie to taste his own as it rests on Brett's sweet lips.
Chase's Happy Ending
Hello, my name is Chase Austin. I was at "Casa De Amor Spa" and I just wanted to leave a comment. My masseur, Jimmy Clay, was very touchy. He gave me a wonderful massage but he did get very physical. I must admit that I enjoyed it. Though I doubt that this is normal. Regardless, I would like to make another appointment with Jimmy. Perhaps I might even join your membership.
The White Stuff
This week we have two hung hotties that have become fan favorites. The first is a local stud that is from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. At 23, Trey Turner has an awful lot going for him. Trey is tall, charming and packs an impressive 8' dick. The second charmer is tall, dark and handsome, 25 years old and hails from Wichita, KS. He goes by the name of Jason White. They both figured out they were packin' more than the average bear when they were in middle school. 'Never underestimate the white boy' laughs Jason. They both love having big dicks and Jason and Trey love the initial reaction to it when they aren't expecting it. 'It's hilarious', Jason says, 'some people get up and run from it and others say 'Let's GO!'-and those are the ones I love.' They both agree the down size is all the hot ones that just flat out refuse to do anything with their beefy adages. Pfff. Well we could judge, but Jason does have a thick Midwestern fuck stick that measures in at a rock solid 9'. <sigh> They're both versatile but prefer to top and today Trey's taking one for the team. We're pretty sure he'll take all nine for any team that Jason's on. We'll all be cheerin' him on...from a safe distance.They start kissing as they undress each other. They land on the futon and continue pulling off each others clothes. The passion is definitely not going to be an issue for these two lip-locked lovers. Trey undoes Jason's pants and as he's fumbling to get them undone we can already see Jason's thick 9' cock at full attention sticking str8 out of his briefs and almost completely out of his shorts. Trey finally gets them open and just when he's getting a mouthful, Jason flips the script and has him on his back and goes to town on Trey's own thick dick. He bobs his head up and down on Trey as Trey moans at his every bob. Jason then sits back and lets Trey have more of that dick he wanted earlier. He spreads his legs wide and Trey takes his place on his knees so he can worship on that rock hard altar that is Jason's mammoth cock. Trey engulfs it and swallows it to the hilt. He can't get enough as Jason uses his hand on the back of Trey's hand to get his dick deeper and deeper into Treys' throat. After some dick attention, Jason goes right back to work on Trey as they switch off back and forth servicing each others thick dicks.The sounds of slurping and sucking fill the room and just when you think they can't get enough we get a shot of Trey's hot ass being spread wide by Jason. Jason slowly shoves his thicker than average cock deep and once it hits cock bottom he slowly pulls out and slides it back inside. Trey grunts 'Aww, fuck my ass' as he gets his ass fucked. Jason is bouncing his smooth balls off Trey's hungry ass in no time as all he can do is whimper like a bitch. He spreads his legs wide once Jason puts him on his back before slamming back in him for more. He goes from missionary to giving it to him lying down behind him. His cock is so big he can maneuver him into different positions all-the-while buried inside Trey's hungry ass. 'Your ass feels so good' coos Jason. Trey then sits atop his thick cock and begins to ride his dick. Jason is in awe as Trey grinds his hole all the way to the base. Jason gets so turned on he begins to jack-hammer his cock up into Trey. This boy can fuck in ANY position he's in. DAMN! Jason then puts him on his back and fucks the hell out of him missionary. He fucks him so hard and fast that Trey gets his load fucked out of him as Jason follows suit almost immediately. He pulls out and shoots his massive load all over Treys' defined chest and face.
Fundoshi Master & Takeru - Th...
Today we have a special guest on Japanboyz. His name is Shigeaki. Better known as "Fundoshi Master" and a famous Japanese gay porn star. He has starred in over 100 DVDs in Japan. We met up with Shigeaki at the Matsuri last week and invited him over. Takeru is one of his biggest fans and I would like to get to know more about the history of the Fundoshi and how to put one on. You can probably guess that 'Fundoshi Master's fetish' is...Fundoshis (a Japanese loin cloth). Prior to the end of the war and before underwear, they were worn as a man's undergarment and swimwear. Watch as our Fundoshi Master demonstrates the fine art of putting on a Fundoshi with our sexy hunk Takeru, and teaches his disciple the art of the Japanese loin cloth. After the demonstration, our Fundoshi Master feels a bit 'hot under the collar,' and needs Takeru's help to cool down. They retire to the bedroom, where Takeru sucks off his master and finishes him off with a very nice handjob. Relaxed, the 2 lay arm in arm. Looks like both the Fundoshi Master and his disciple are thoroughly satisfied.
Race Cooper & Jay Roberts
Jay Robert's buns are almost on fire, until Race Cooper steps in and saves his baked goods. Horny Race is a pure, muscle stud with a magnificent arse and tight, juicy hole. Hungry Jay can't resist feasting on Race's wet, fuck-hole before sliding his spit-drenched, uncut dick deep into Mr Cooper's guts.
Jake Lewis
Jake's thick foreskin caught my eye - well you know me and foreskin - it covers a big, thick cock that rests on heavy nuts... Then I meet Jake and my mind is temporarily dragged away from the contents of his jock by the intensity of his piercing stare - not so much a smile as a knowing grin. Jake Lewis dominates on every level, I guess he's what you'd call an alpha male, but he really likes to dominate most when naked and hard, bending a guy to his will and taking complete control.
Andy fucks for the first time on camera
West Ida-hoe
Fur is definitely in fashion and it's nice to know 'manly' is back. Fortunately both of our studs this week are sporting their fur coats au natural. We definitely have an appreciation for two furry, hung men here on and this week we have two of the sexiest. The first is a Utah born native who relocated to Fort Lauderdale. He's hoping to find a greater peace of mind here in Florida which was harder to come by in California where he was living. Fortunately for Ft. Lauderdale, this stud brought his own greater 'piece' with him. (-Sound the Size Queen Alarm!) We are talking about, none other than, Josh West. Josh, the man, the myth, the legend made his debut right here on our site. The second stud this week is definitely excited to be here. Hailing from Peru, this Latin stud has been on our sites a time or two and has amassed his own fan base. Jesse Balboa is here and more than excited to have a go at everything Josh. We have a feeling Jessie heard the alarm and came a'runnin'. Jessie has lived in many places; but in the US he's been in Florida the longest. When asked why, he said he loves Florida mostly for the weather, the beaches and Josh West-of course. ...Shameless. lolThese two are all over each other before we even begin and it only gets better from there. Josh and Jessie begin making out as Jessie's hand immediately makes a move to Josh's growing cock. He peels off Josh's tee and starts to explore his firm abs and hairy chest. Josh returns the favor seconds before these two reposition themselves as Jessie lies on top of Josh and begins to explore again only this time he's using his tongue. He licks Josh's chest and nips and soon Josh is flipping him over so that he too can explore. He licks and sucks along Jessie's furry frame sending one very horny Jessie into orbit. Josh makes his move as he undoes Jessie's jeans and strips him. Jessie's cock is growing by the second as josh takes it into his mouth. Jessie pinches his nips as he looks down and watches Josh work on his meat. Jessie's waited a long time for this; but the best is yet to come. Jessie then kneels in front of Josh who happily begins to fuck his throat. Josh's beer-can 9' cock is stretching Jessie's hungry mouth open as he does his best to accommodate the massive oral invasion.Josh loves the oral he's getting but he needs more. He knows it's going to require some work so he puts Jessie on all four before diving into his beefy ass tongue first. Jessie can only moan as Josh eats that ass out. He's been rendered helpless as Josh's tongue swirls around his smooth, hungry hole. Josh then begins to finger that ass getting tit ready for the fucking of a lifetime. When he's ready, Josh gets up and feeds Jessie his dick again so Jessie can get it rock hard for his ass. Josh then gets into position and playfully slaps his thick meat on Jessie's ass before sliding his thick cock inside. Jessie's ass is hungry and more than ready for that meat and Josh is soon slamming deep inside him. Jessie grimaces as he takes that thick dick. 'Pound that ass' he groans as Josh obliges. Josh then moves him onto a chair where he once again slides his meat in for more. All Jessie can do is hold on and beg for more cock. Josh is more than happy to oblige as he bounces Jessie's ass up and down to the hilt. Both of these masculine studs are grunting and glistening in sweat as they kick it into high gear. Josh begins to pound Jessie as he buries his cock faster and harder. Jessie straddles Josh's cock before impaling himself for more. Jessie rides that thick cock til he can't hold back any longer as they both begin to beat off to completion. Josh and Jessie both explode their loads all over one extremely satisfied Jessie.
Deep Sexual Massage
My client today was Christopher Daniels, and what a nice piece of ass he was. I couldn't help myself as soon as i saw his sexy body. I knew i had to shove my cock into all his tight holes!
Nathan Pops His Duo-Cherry with Brez!
Nathan Brookes is back in the studio for his first duo and we've brought along Brez Wild to pop his cherry! The chemistry between these two is pretty apparent as they kiss, strip down, and laugh with each other. After some wet oral action, including a sixty-nine, Brez suits up and has Nathan sit on his cock. But the look on Nathan's face as Brez fucks him from behind down into the bed is as hot as it is priceless. After they fuck in missionary, you won't want to miss the hot cumshots from both of these horny lads!
Axel & Marco
These guys were absolutely stunning, perfect examples of the Butch Dixon, hairy, masculine man. The massive Belgian bulk of Axel Ryder smashed into Marco De Brute on the long loft table. Most men couldn't take that huge, uncut cock, but Marco De Brute was absolutely insatiable. He and Axel sucked on each other's fat tools, and slurped out each other's hairy holes, before Marco got on the table and lifted his legs, begging for hot meat sliding inside him. Axel is a total top and has the looks of a real mean thug, (the kind of guy that if you met him in a cruising area you'd never be sure if he was going to punch you or suck your dick!) Marco was really into him and took that fat, veiny dick like the pig he is, they fucked up a hairy, sweaty frenzy until they were growling in ecstasy, shooting hot cum all over each other. A personal favourite with two of our most burly, beary, hot guys. You're gonna luv this one!
Cum-Loving Muscle Boys!
Cum-Loving Muscle Boys!
Straight To The Point
AJ didn't want to go to just any massage house. He wanted to get fucked. He went to Jeremy's where he could get a rock hard cock in his mouth. When AJ showed up, he immediately took off all his clothes and got straight to the point.
Jersey Whore
Damien Nero is 31 and a New York City boy. A slightly younger Damien was first with us a few years back on our brother site CircleJerkBoys. Well Damien is all grown up now and we
James and Jace Jump Into Bed
As we mentioned before, James Pershaw's debut duo on the site wasn't actually the first one we filmed with him--this one was! Jace Tyler had the honour of popping that onscreen cherry of James' and he did a bang up job of it, as well. ;-) James may be a little tentative in his cock-sucking (he's not quite the lusty deepthroater that some of our guys are) but those lips of his do great wrapped around a dick! Jace, on the other hand, can hardly wait to swallow as much of James' cock as possible. The lads get into a sixty-nine then Jace has to have one more go at James' dick before they can get to the shag! Maybe one day we'll let James have a chance to bottom, but not yet! He mounts Jace from behind on all fours and fucks him deep. Jace, being the big ol' bottom that he is, loves every minute of it; he takes a pounding from James in missionary before climbing on to ride him as a finale. Jace literally showers James in cum before he dismounts so the big blonde can blow his load, too.
New Exclusive Scott Alexander!
Nineteen year old Scott Alexander is our newest exclusive; after shooting him for the first time in Las Vegas, we knew he was a keeper. In this interview with Andy he talks about a few interesting highlights from his sex life, including something of a straight guy gang bang and sex while suspended from the ceiling! He also get acquainted with a dildo before he cums while jacking his uncut cock.Scott Alexander joins Kyler Moss as a BoyCrush exclusive! We first shot this slim twink in Las Vegas and were very impressed with his skills on camera. Scott's versatile, but he's happiest with a big cock in his butt (which is exactly how we like him!)
Dumped by His Lady and Horny for Sexual Release
Preston's lady dumps his ass unceremoniously as the scene begins and Patrick is there to console him. He offers him the chance to take a cock in the ass and find out what that feels like. Will he accept? The young man can't resist! He wants it in the ass and he gets it from behind and while he sits on top. There's lots of kissing and plenty of sucking too.Blonde or not, blue-eyed Patrick Kennedy is probably having more fun than you! He has a long, lean and deliciously smooth body that you want to run your hands all over. Roll him over and you'll find a gorgeous ass you can't wait to bury your face or dick in. We love him as a bottom, but we put his topping skills to great use, as well.Everyone has secrets! - Preston's secret is that he lives to have hot naked guys around when the wife is away to fuck, suck and rim his ass! Although he is a porn veteran, his work just gets better and better every time he does a scene with us! His tight ass and huge dick make him the perfect fuck for anyone!
Fraser Jacs And Toby Banks
Toby Banks might look pretty straight when you first see him, but this lean and handsome fork lift driver is as cock hungry as they come! He's a bottom, loves to get fucked hard and rough, and gets off on the idea of doing a football team - don't we all!? He has a big dick that lucky Fraser Jacs is more than happy to service for Toby's welcome video!
Jumpstart Erection
Looks like Justin's car broke down but this hunky beefcake happened to be watching from afar. He took a look under Justin's hood but wanted to see what was under his pants!
Big Delivery
Standing a the urinal Gio strokes his massive meat, every pump gets him harder and he waits for the cute bar boy to join him… he knows he’ll come. Joining him at the toilet wall Marco can’t miss his big dark weapon. Pushed up against the wall they kiss passionately before Marco gets down on his knees to service Gio’s great cock. Slurping and stripping right there in the bathroom, the club is closed they’re alone and all Marco can think about is taking his fat dick in his muscle butt! One foot up on a urinal he shows his wanting hole, Gio fills him and fills him good! Marco moans and groans with his hole being stretched by Gio’s monster dick.  Finding a stool, Gio sits down so he casn let Marco do some of the work, letting him ride him till he spunks right up himself. Marco is still hungry for something else, Gio’s load, taking it right on his cheek and in his mouth.
Aiden Gets What He Asked For...
Young Aiden Jason told us he liked the brusque, masculine type, so we arranged for one of our favourite brutes to break him in, David Johnson!
Toby & Frank
Muscled, hung, Toby and first-timer Frank are getting horny in the summer heat so decide to retire to the conservatory to 'get to know each other better'. Frank drops to his knees and eagerly takes Toby's heavy, monster, uncut cock in his mouth. He tries his best to swallow it all down and can't wait to feel it sliding inside his tight, hairy little hole. Though it's a struggle, Toby's fat dick stretches his hole and he's soon riding its length in absolute ecstasy.
Fueled by Diesel
Diesel Washington is back in the house this week; and the only one happier to see Diesel is this week's costar Marxel Rios. For those of you unfamiliar with Diesel, Diesel is 41 and originally from New York. Diesel's had a successful career in the industry and even though the persona he played as a big tough top brought him much fan fare he's really just a comic loving softy. Marxel is relatively new to the biz. He's 26 years old and from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We asked these studs what their favorite animated TV show or character was. Marxel loves Family Guy and especially Stewie in drag. Ooooh, YES! Diesel's favorite Superhero would be Silver Surfer; but admits he loves Family Guy. He's a Quagmire man himself. Marxel's knew what he liked early on after his first sexual experience with another boy when he too was a lad on a childhood sleep over. He woke up to find his best friend rock hard. He got hard too and they just did what felt natural. Those sleepover's get you every time. For Diesel, being 6'6 and lookin like he does, it made it harder to come out as a gay man. 'When people see a large or big guy they think Alpha male and though I have those characteristics' Diesel smiles 'we all need to be loved'. Awww. Get in line, boys!Marxel is on his hands and knees looking under the futon for something he's lost when Diesel walks in and is greeted by the visual of Marxel's ass in the air. 'Looking for something?' Diesel asks as he comes in for a better look. 'Yeah, I'm looking for a controller' Marxel says. 'So am I' Diesel grins as he reaches for Marxel's ass and grabs his cock and balls. Someone's found the controller they were looking for as Diesel gets Marxel on his feet and gets this growing cock out of his shorts and into his mouth. Marxel moans as he gets his dick polished by Diesel who loves to suck dick. He works that hard cock as Marxel starts to fuck that face of his. Diesel shoves that dick so deep he gags on it as he pulls out his own cock and starts to jack off. Diesel's cock is rock hard and in need of some attention as well as he lays back and lets Marxel return the favor. Marxel gets on that thick black dick and takes as much of it as he can, wanting to please his horny buddy. He bobs his head up and down on that hard cock as he swirls his fist around it as well making Diesel moan. Diesel and Marxel then get into a hot 69 as Marxel swallows that dick and Diesel eats that sweet ass getting it ready for more than his tongue. Diesel then suits up and watches as Marxel straddles his cock and impales himself on it. That ass slowly concedes as it takes Diesel's dick all the way in. Marxel then starts to ride that dick as he groans still getting used to it inside him. Diesel then holds his tight ass and starts to pound that dick up into him as Marxel takes that fucking like a champ. Marxel then holds himself in place as Diesel continues to slam his fat dick up inside that hole. Diesel then holds on to Marxel as he gets up still buried inside him to change position. He bounces Marxel on his dick as he stands up before turning around and sitting back on the bed. Marxel's ass never gives up that sweet cock as Diesel lays back and has Marxel ride him in a reverse cowgirl. Marxel bounces on that dick faster and harder and it does the trick as he starts to feel that familiar tingle in his balls. He can't hold back any longer and starts to shoot his load still riding Diesel's meat. He then lies on his back as Diesel straddles his chest and gives him a hot cream facial drenching that face repeatedly with his huge load.
Erotic Foot Rub
Sebastian Keys and his roommate, Luke Hass, are chilling out on the couch while giving each other foot rubs. The foot can hold some erotic zones that can make anyone horny. Luke fell victim to Sebastian's amazing foot massages. His cock got rock hard and Sebastians went to town, extending the massage onto Luke's throbbing cock.
Club Reps 18-21 - Aaron and X
It's a sunny day and what better way to spend it than having a hot fuck right by the pool? Our two sexy twinks settle on a sofa and start taking off their clothes till they have nothing but their hard cocks out in the sun. They suck each other off and then Aaron get's into a pose ready for some hard fuck!
Rough, Buff And Tough
Chad is a hardcore biker always riding his motorcycle around and making fun of all the puny boys. Though He has a secret he doesn't want anyone to know. He loves to be submissive during sex. He loves taking up the ass hardcore with a big wet dripping cock. He doesn't seem so tough anymore...
Tristan Tyler is Back in Action!
If you think back to the last time this boy was on our site, you might pop wood remembering Tristan Tyler! Well, he's back, and the handsome young thing has turned into quite the stud-twink! He talks about his porn career with Andy before pulling out his uncut cock to remind everyone what he's got between his legs. And with a glass dildo up his ass, he blows his load while jacking off.Tristan applied almost 18 months before I brought him out and I wish I would have had him out sooner. He has the very laid back personality. He has very tan, soft skin and big deep brown eyes. His sexy belly and big uncut cock make him the total twink package. I know you will love him.
Ale & Myles
British bruiser Myles Bentley and Italian stallion Ale Tedesco prove that EU harmony does exist and we all have a lot to give each other - eight inches of uncut cock are shared each way and Myles gets to play with Ale's nipple rings before taking his hard length in his furry hole.
Bone Breaker
Have we got a hot episode in the making this week as we welcome back Hunter Vance. Hunter couldn
Brokeback Bareback
Broke back mountain comes to life in this scorching hot gay porn scene, when two hot studs in cowboy hats and even hotter bodies, grab each others cocks out on the farm and slide themselves into a extreme hardcore bareback fuck party!
Arcanjo & Sandro
Arcanjo and Sandro are two hot and horny guys into leather, whips and dog collars, while also enjoying raw anal sex together as well
Showing Off for the Secuity Camera
Wesley Marks is working a gas station job, but when he visits Kirk Cummings' at his office, Kirk gives him some work to do--fucking him hard! Kirk's head bobs furiously as he sucks Wesley's uncut cock. Kirk gets his own dick wet in Wes' mouth before he he impales himself on his cock. Wesley gives Kirk a hard fuck, spanking his ass and jacking him off until he cums.Kirk Cummings is infamous for his stint on American Idol. To be honest, we prefer him naked on all fours instead of on stage singing! He's got a great smile and an amazingly toned body, plus a hot cock and ass to work with. He considers himself versatile, and whether top or bottom, you'll be singing his praises.This short haired jock, is full of life and definitely loves nothing more than fucking a hot guy when his wife is not around! With his slim toned body and super hot dick, that gets SO hard, he's a gorgeous guy who's always down to play with any man who comes his way - definitely one of our favorites!
Shooting Star
Stars may have fallen on Alabama; but today Alabama has nothing on us as we finally welcome back Brad Star. Brad is all grown up and at 27 we're glad he decided to return to his rightful place in front of the camera. Sometimes a few years away from the industry helps you attain a good perspective on things. We're definitely glad he's back and you'll know why soon enough. Here to help welcome Brad is our very own Colombian 'estrellita', Alexander Garrett. Tall, dark and hung: 34 year old Alexander is a Latin dream. Alexander has done his fair share of work and admits he's been recognized on the street. Even though their lives seem like open books, it's refreshing to know that Brad prides himself on his cooking while Alexander loves being a family man. Both of these studs are packing more than the average guy. They both learned at an early age that they were 'gifted' in certain areas. Having the type of equipment they have they both have run into situations where their partners were willing but just weren't able to accommodate them. --amateurs! Well, fortunately they are in good company and we're sure we speak for size queens everywhere when we say...Let's get this party started.Brad and Alexander are chillin' when Brad asks Alexander if he's ever been with anyone that wanted to fuck him and had a bigger cock than him. Alexander tells him that that's never happened. 'Well, today's your lucky day' Brad grins as he pounces on Alexander. They strip their clothes off as their hands explore each others cocks. They stand and unleash their meat as we get our first glimpse of the all you can eat meat buffet. Alexander's thick uncut cock is huge but no match for Brad's 9'+ boner. Yeah, today is definitely his lucky day as Brad goes down on his thick cock. Brad takes his uncut cock deep in his throat while jacking his dick as he sucks it. Alexander moans his approval as he watches the All American jock gagging on his thick Latin meat. Brad then sits back and wants some in return as Alexander gets to work. He kneels between Brad's legs and worships that cock, taking as much of it as he can. Brad moans as Alexander polishes his knob. From here they maneuver into a hot 69 so that they're both happy getting as much cock as they want.'I think it's about time I fuck that ass' announces Brad to Alexander who is still latched onto his meat. He gets Alexanderon all four and spreads that hot ass; teasing his intended target. Brad then suits up and starts to slide his cock inside. Alexander's tight ass gives way and soon you can hear his muffled moans as he gets that cock rammed up his ass. Brad holds Alexander by the waist as he impales him, slamming his rigid dick deep inside him. Brad's ripped abs tense as he pumps away at Alexander's hungry hole. 'Awww fuck yeah' grunts Brad slamming his meat deeper and deeper. Alexander is taking one hell of a fucking--but wait, there's more. Brad then flips Alex over on his back lifts those muscular legs and gets right back to fucking that tight ass. Alexander grunts and moans as he does his best to take that cock stretching him wide open. Brad fucks deep and doesn't ease up as he makes that ass his. Brad's definitely met his match and as they switch positions he gets served. Alexander sits on his cock and starts to bounce on that cock like a spring board as Brad's eyes light up in awe. Alexander grinds his cock deep sending Brad over the edge. Brad unloads all over Alexander's chest setting off Alexander who unloads all over his cum covered abs and chest as well. Whew.
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Marc Dylan
Marc Dylan and his associate are presenting a new product. In order to break the ice, they started talking about sex. However this took things to a new level. All three guys were making out and stroking their cock til they got incredibly horny. Nothing like a good fuck during a business meeting.
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Fred Faurtin and Pier Sias
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Three for the Price of One
Every once and awhile a bloke comes along who really... really leaves an impression. Jake Holter is one of them.
My Man Muscle Is Bigger
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Seth's New Job Tension
Seth feels the blow from the recession. He's been trying to find work everywhere. He found a pool boy gig and became stable. However his boss, Ziggy James, seem to give him lots of pressure. A pressure Seth will soon begin to like.
Rugby Lads Sc4
Tomy Lima heads to a sex club, still dressed in his rugby gear. Three cocks peep through glory holes, which he sucks happily.
One Size Fits All
Marc has always considered himself an adaptable person. He loves all size cocks with no discrimination. However, today we will test his limits and really see if he is as flexible as he says he is. We have a HUGE cock waiting to penetrate Marc. He is definitely going to freak when he sees it...
Arnold & Santiago
Arnold & Santiago
Boy Sex in the City Sc4
Boy Sex in the City
Poles Royce
Connor Maguire comes home after way too long and he's looking better than ever. Connor is now 20 and he's originally from Washington. Connor is in luck as he helps us welcome a new stud to the CircleJerkBoys' stable, sexy Reed Royce. Reed is 24 and comes to us from Sand Mountain, located at the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountain chain. Alabama never looked so good! We asked these boys if they were on a deserted island (that somehow had electricity) and you could bring one CD to listen to forever which would it be. Reed would bring anything by Adele; while Connor would bring 'The Golden Age of Grotesque' by Marilyn Manson. Obviously they would not be on the same island. We then wondered what they love to eat most. Reed loves sushi while Connor loves Italian cuisine. Following that up, we wondered if their tastes in food reflected their taste in men. Connor would be just fine with Italian men; but Reed's more into boys like Connor-hot white boys. Both of these boys admit they're not as picky when it comes to banging girls; but when it comes to other guys they have standards. Imagine that! Well, fortunately, so do we. All standards aside, let's get this party started!Connor and Reed are spent on the couch, still drinking after Southern Decadence. Connor tells Reed that he's all bloated as he notices Reed's abs still seem hard. He moves his hands over Reed's abs and south to his crotch. He realizes Reed's hard somewhere else too. They start to kiss as they slowly begin to undress each other. Connor stands to give Reed access to the bulge in his jeans. Reed undoes his jeans for him, freeing his hard on before standing to let Connor do the same for him. They rub their boners together as they continue to make out. Connor's curiosity gets the better of him as he drops to his knees to get a taste of Alabama. Reed groans as he gets that cock worked. He is rock hard as Connor savors every thick inch. After working Reed's meat for a while he wants some attention on his own cock and stands to let Reed return the favor. Reed runs his hot tongue all over Connor's smooth balls, up under his shaft then engulfs his aching cock. He strokes his shaft as he nurses on Connor's swollen knob sending him into a very happy place. From there they fall on the couch together to make out some more.As they lay next to each other kissing and stroking each other's cocks, Connor's finger finds Reed's smooth ass and he slips it inside. Reed's legs are in the air as Connor starts to finger his tight ass. Connor needs more as he slides south; gets Reed's thick legs up in the air and dives into that sweet ass tongue first. Reed strokes his hard cock as Connor eats that ass out. Legs in the air and a spit lubed ass give way to Connor's dick as he slowly slides it inside. 'That's a big cock' Reed grunts as Connor continues to bury his meat. Once inside he picks up the pace fucking that ass deep. Reed's so turned on he's afraid he'll cum any minute. Connor tells him to hold off as he starts fucking him even harder. Reed obliges and it's a good thing because soon enough it's his cock deep inside Connor's tight ass as Connor rides his cock. Reed slams his dick up into that hot hole as his balls slap away at that ass. Reed loves that ass but wants Connor back inside him as they flip again. This time it's Reed sitting on Connor's cock as he takes that dick all the way inside his sweet ass. That does the trick as Connor's cock hits his sweet spot sending wave after wave of thick load all over Connor's chest and abs. Connor is next as he too unloads all over his cum covered self. There's a whole lot of cum everywhere!
Luke Desmond, Mike Andrews And Ryan Stewart
These three boys are so eager for cock they barely register the instruction to "crack on" before Mike Andrews and Ryan Stewart are working on Luke Desmond's gigantic fuckmeat!
Leo Video
This is another video from my buddy in Argentina. I met Marcelo a few months back online and he's a big Butch Dixon fan and wanted to show you guys how hot the men are in Argentina, so I get him to film a video for me every so often. This time he's bringing us Leo, a horny guy who loves playing with his asshole. As the video opens, Leo is in bed. The sheet is draped around his waist allowing us to admire his firm body, hairy chest, and ripped abs. Marcelo's in the closet filming Leo as he is busy. Then Leo reaches under the sheet and starts playing with his cock.Leo is a hot guy with a few day's worth of face scruff and pouty, kissable lips. He slides the bedsheet off his body and starts playing with his cock. It's uncut and a little on the fat side. He's got sexy, long hairy legs and he's packing a heavy pair of bull balls between those furry legs. As he continues jerking his cock, his fingers find their way to his hairy asshole and Leo starts massaging it. He licks his fingers and slides one into his puckered butt hole. He swirls his fingers around his manhole, he taps it, he fingers it and shakes his fingers inside; and eventually he gets on his knees and rears his ass at the camera. Leo spreads his butt cheeks wide so we can have a good look at his rosebud. Then he fingers it some more.And just to give us a little tease in this jerk-off session, Marcelo the cameraman pulls out his own fat cock and Leo slobbers all over it. Marcelo continues to film as Leo sucks his dick. (Nice dick, Marcelo, but I'm not paying extra for that!) Leo sucks Marcelo's cock for a few minutes, and then sensing that Leo is getting close, Marcelo gets back to work holding the camera. With his big balls flopping between his legs, Leo finally lets out a few grunts and spews a delicious load of spunk across his hairy belly. What a hot jerk-off session. But if Leo loves his asshole this much perhaps Marcelo better find someone to fuck it.