Anatomically Accurate Doodles
Kirk Cummings is helping Timo Garrett with math when he discovers what's been distracting him in class. He's been filling his notebook with dirty drawings of his teacher! Kirk doesn't think Timo gave his doodle enough credit, though, and decides to show him the real thing. Timo is eager to fulfill his teacher-fantasies and after some zealous oral, he fucks himself on Kirk's long cock.Kirk Cummings may not have won American Idol with his voice, but he knows how to make guys sing with his big cock. He's also no stranger to working his vocal chords while a man works his ass over. Kirk brings energy to every scene along with that hot cock, cute ass and tight body.Timo Garrett is a mischievous twink that has no limits. He likes going after straight guys and older men, proving that they can enjoy a butthole regardless of the gender. Garrett is loud, outspoken, and totally wild in bed. He is a twink that you just can't control no matter how hard you may try.
Jake and Rocco - Gold
Real-life couple Jake and Rocco grind and pummel their way to explosive, cum-filled climaxes!
Scamps Ep1
Scamps Ep1
Straight To The Point
Two hairy studs over 30 with a sexual connection that will drive you nuts. Joe Parker and Jake Jennings couldn't wait to start so we let them get right at it. These luscious men have a strong intimate desire which you can see throughout this sexual encounter. When two beefy guys have this type of sexual tension anything can happen. They move slow, fast, with lots of kissing and rubbing to get it going and once the engines were fully in gear the passion hits full force. If you enjoy hot steamy sex with a deep connection then grab your seat. Enjoy!
Creepy Workout Buddy
Max's workout buddy wants to go to the gym earlier today. Max isn't ready. To get warmed up, Max starts sucking some juicy dick. After a bit of fellatio, Max does his power bottom thrust-crunches. Looks like it's going to be a rough workout.
Beach Volley Boys 5
Time for relaxation and what better way to do that than a hot fuck round the swimming pool? Michael get's his ass drilled hard and gets rewarded with hot cum all over his sunburned body... and then a dive to wash it all off...
James Pershaw Fucks Luke Desmond
It seems everyone loves muscled hunk James Pershaw, and what's not to love?! I think we can add the horny and hung Luke Desmond to the list of fans after this video. The guys are quick to suck on those hard uncut shafts, with some really great 69 action. But the hardcore fun really starts when Luke impales his ass on that hard dick and takes it like a champ!
Going West Part3
Going West Part3 scene1
Taken For A Ride
We have two new faces for the CircleJerkBoys stable
Cumming and Blowings
Cumming and Blowings
Make It Quick I Got a Half Hour
Joey Cooper is a man on a mission. He had a half hour lunch break and it would take that long to devour an 8.5\' cock that Jadyn Daniels brought to the lunch room. Joey Cooper is in possession of the one of the finest sets of globes on the planet: round, tanned, tight and willing. With his platinum hair smattering of ink, Jadyn might look try to look like a bad boy, but his sweet dispositions peak for himself though that fat, uncut clobber of a cock does a lot of his talking for him and boy does it have a lot to say. Just ask Joey's hole which summed it up in two words; blissful surrender.Joey told Jadyn to hurry over and he barely got in the door before Joey started opening Jadyn's jeans to unleash the beast of his desire. In a frenzy, Jadyn's jeans were down, the shirt was off and that mighty cock was up. Those skinny one will surprise you sometimes and Jadyn's surprise was not just big, it was eight inches plus, thick as a wrist is covered in a criss cross of veins that kept it rock hard from the first moment we saw it. Joey leaned over and starting at the top, he circled his tongue around the head, licking down the shaft down to Jadyn's matching oversized balls before he got himself out his shirt and pants, slid to the floor and starting up into Jadyn's eye, he kept swallowing till he conquered his pole. Taking one look at the aforementioned vista that is Joey's ass now framed in the white straps of his jock, it was Jadyn who was now hungry and proceeds to feast on Joey's hole like a man who hadn't eaten in a week before flipping Joey on his back and having that cock for dessert. Finally coming up for air, Jadyn asked Joey if he was ready to be fucked and he didn't have to be asked twice. As Jadyn bent Joey over, Joey's cock was rock hard in anticipation. Aiming that fat head right at Joey's pucker, he begins sliding in a long steady push that must have dead ended in Joey's pleasure center as Joey raised up on leg for leverage and began to move back as Jadyn pressed forward, until the entire length was buried deep inside and that cock and Joey's ass played a game of push-me, pull you, until they moved over to chair for a different game: ride'em cowboy. Joey lowered himself on the colossal cock beneath and now open and ready, he proceeded to bounce his way to heaven and back again and again and again. His quads may have needed a rest, but the hole was raring to go as he got up, took a seat and did the crab walk on that cock, leaning back for deep kissing while the fucking was going even deeper. Joey's cock remained rock hard as well, swinging around like a helicopter blade as Jadyn began thrusting up and Joey pressed down. Finally on his back, Joey said \'take that dick\' and Joey's hole was happy to oblige. Jadyn increased the speed until his now tight balls slapped against Joey's worn in cheeks and fucked a load out of Joey that went at first over his head and then the second blast landed right on his own upper pec as he continued to spray a white shower all over himself before Jadyn took a seat and worked out a load of his own. As for this half hour, they definitely made the most of their time, and each other!
Summers Lovin'
Sitting across from each other they start groping their meat. Isaac immediately comes over and starts undoing Troy's jeans. Isaac's not wasting any time as he hauls out Troy's Latin meat and begins to suck it. Troy moans his approval as Isaac spit-shines his now throbbing cock. Isaac explores north as he licks Troy's chest before finally landing a kiss on Troy's sexy full lips. Troy wants to return the favor as he gets Isaac to sit back as he slides off his pants and starts to lick at his tenting briefs. It isn't long before Isaac's meat is too big to be contained as his uncut cock gets bigger and bigger. Troy pulls them down and goes to work on Isaac's thick uncut meat. Isaac's naturally smooth and his thick cock is in good hands. Troy works his cock getting as much of it as he can down his throat then coming back to lick all along his shaft and naturally smooth balls sending Isaac into over drive. Isaac strokes his massive meat giving us a private show of what he'll soon bury in Troy's hot ass. Isaac then goes back down on Troy to get more of that rock hard cock. Troy isn't complaining one bit as Isaac sucks his cock while getting his own pole ready to fuck. These two then get on the floor in a hot 69 as they each help themselves to all the cock they can handle. While Isaac's nursing on Troy's meat his fingers begin to explore that hot ass he'll soon plow. It's only a matter of time...Isaac looks up at Troy's face as he watches him start to slide down on his thick meat. Troy's ass gives way as Isaac's meat starts to sink inside. Troy starts riding him within minutes loving all the dick he's getting. Isaac's bone is stretching Troy's ass wide and Troy can't seem to get enough of it. Isaac looks amazed as he stares up in awe at just how well Troy's riding his meat. Isaac then gets Troy bent over as he moves into position. He aims that meat south and slides back inside him. He starts pounding Troy's hungry hole with ease as Troy takes it ball deep. The cam closes in on the anal action as we see Isaac's cock sliding deeper and deeper into Troy's hole. Troy is in ecstasy as he continues getting his ass pounded. Troy then gets on his back and Isaac fucks him missionary. Isaac watches his pole slide in and out of Troy's hot ass and now Troy has access to his own dick that's screaming for attention. Isaac fucks Troy faster and deeper and it's only a matter of time before these two explode. Without much ado Troy is sent over the edge with an ass crammed full of Isaac and sends jet after massive jet all over his face and chest. Isaac follows suit as he too douses an already cum-covered Troy with an even larger explosion of thick cum. Geez! Imagine if these two actually liked each other! lol
Sweet Ass Seduction
Devin knew what he was getting himself into. A straight guy looking for a masseur. Come on, you are not fooling anyone Devin! He was just looking to experiment with cock up his ass. HE loved it too. What man could resist an oily rub down, taint massage and a big buff man with strong hands?
Male Roommates Get Physical
Jordan hates it when Roberto looses the remote to the TV. He's about to get physical with Roberto...butt sex physical. Roberto packs a big cock, and Jordan would love nothing more then to suck the sweet dick juice. Hope things don't get awkward between these two over a stupid remote.
Group Big Cock Fucking
These 3 hot studs love to fuck other dudes. Pillip never had such a huge cock in his ass before. On this day he got lucky, and got fucked by 2 huge cocks!
Player Fucks Judo Coach
Yura is taking lessons from his teacher. Not cutting it, he decides to switch to a game he is much better at,
Ryker Fucks The Hot Ass Of Andy
Lovers Ryker and Andy are planning a little vacation, but with horny and gorgeous boys like these it never takes too long before they're distracted with the thought of cock and cum shots! Both boys get plenty of stiff dick to suck on between them before stunning new boy Andy bends over to give up his smooth ass! He gets the cum fucked out of him and Ryker delivers a messy and powerful facial!Sometimes a boy comes along that really blows you away, and we think a lot of guys will agree that Texas boy Andy could be the next big thing in hardcore gay porn. This gorgeous young man has a totally hot body, a long and meaty cut cock, a perfect little smooth ass and just the right attitude to go with it all too - a star in the making!When a boy arrives to appear on video for the first time we can usually tell very quickly if he's going to be popular with the members, and we know versatile Californian boy Ryker Madison will be! Ryker knows what he likes, and he likes horny twinks like him. It's a good thing we have plenty of other twinks to team him up with!
Jamie Mount & Luke D
Super cute little Jamie Mount gets pushed to his limits as he takes Lukes massive 9 inch monstercock.. Lots of awesome oral action and insanely hot fucking as Jamie gets fucked in 3 positions before taking Lukes cum load in his mouth.. Unmissable!The lads start off on the sofa, both in shiny sports kit, rubbing their bulges for a bit, then reaching to get a feel of each other.. they indulge in some hot nipple sucking as they grope each other, with both lads getting rock hard stiffies in their shiny sports shorts..They take off their shorts, leaving them in just their white undies, cocks throbbing under the white cotton, and they rub and squeeze each others dicks for a bit, before pulling down their undies letting their cocks spring out.. Both lads are uncut and rock solid.. Jamie can barely believe the size of Lukes massive nine incher, having never been with such a hung lad before, and he takes it in his hand, and starts to suck on the end. Jamie is an enthusiastic sucker, getting it nice and wet with plenty of spit, licking the end, then noshing down on it, sucking as deep as he can.. being just a little lad, he cant suck it very deep, but he has a damn good try, and keeps that monster dick rock hard as he pleasures Luke with his mouth. Luke reaches round to play with Jamies stiff cock, moist with precum, and he jerks him off as he gets sucked.Luke is eager to get Jamies hot cock in his mouth, and lays on his side as Jamie leans back to get sucked. Luke sucks pretty deep and works up to a good speed with deep hard sucking, getting Jamies cock really wet, then Jamie grips his head to fuck his mouth.. He might only be a little lad, but he can be pretty tough and forceful. Luke stands, and Jamie kneels down on the floor, eager to get that nine inch meat back into his mouth, and he sucks a bit deeper this time, jerking Luke off in between horny oral action. Seems to be turning him on bigtime as his dick throbs throughout. Jamie is on all fours on the floor, arse facing the camera, with Luke kneeling next to him. He drops a good dollop of spit onto Jamies tight little hairy hole, then gets his tongue in there, licking it and giving the lad a good hot rimming.. Luke pushes his finger in now, making Jamie moan, who pushes his hard cock down between his legs. Luke reaches for it and jerks Jamie off as he works on his hole with his tongue..The lads are on the floor, Jamie on his side, facing us, with Luke laying behind him. Luke rubs his big dick against Jamies arse, teasing his hole, then slowly pushes the tip in.. Its a tight fit, Jamie has not been fucked much, and never had a cock this big before.. Luke gets about a third of his dick in, making Jamie moan, making his dick start to twitch, and then Luke starts to very gently fuck his tight arse.. As Jamie gets used to it, he starts to jerk himself off and Luke gets deeper into his hole, and fucks him a bit harder.. Lots of noise from both lads, this is insanely hot fucking. Next, Jamie is leaning against the sofa, legs apart, and Luke rubs his dick between Jamies butt cheeks, then pushes his dick back inside that hot hole.. he doesnt fuck deep, so shows plenty of length as he stretches Jamies arse with his huge meat.. as they get into it, the fucking gets a bit harder and deeper, with Luke pulling Jamies butt cheeks apart as he fucks him, giving us some really horny graphic shots of huge dick plowing tight little hole..Not quite done yet, the lads are on the sofa now, Jamie on his back, with Luke leaning over him, kind of in a press ups position, so we can see the entire length of Lukes meat as it slides in and out of Jamies arse... with his legs right back as he gets fucked, Jamie starts to jerk off his precum covered cock, and Luke keeps the fucking steady with long, steady strokes showing loads of awesome length.. With Luke really hitting the spot, it doesnt take long before the cum is oozing out of Jamies cock as he jerks himself off, and as he squeezes out the last few drops, Luke pulls out, whips off the condom and moves around to jerk off over Jamie, who opens his mouth, eager to get a taste of Lukes cum.. the sight of this seems to tip Luke over the edge, and thick white spunk starts pouring from his dick, landing all over Jamies mouth and chin.. Luke squeezes out more jizz onto Jamies tongue, as the lads catch their breath.
Group of twinks playing poker in stripping
Just ordinary game of card becomes fantastic gay orgy with 6 lovely, skinny young boys who have big cocks. Watch how their small ass holes are stretched and nailed before two guys get double dose of delectable male spunk over their faces
By the Fire
Shane Frost was feeling a bit under appreciated lately and his good friend Jeremy wanted to do something nice for him. He lit a fire and gave sweet Shane a nice sensual massage. After, Shane got what he really wanted...a good fuck to get him through the day.
Fucks and Fists
Here's young Calvin, back once more to see how far Ashton can push him. Bent over and tied down Calvin is unable to do anything but take what's coming to him as Ashton fucks the twink's tight hole. Ashton fucks him harder and harder until shooting his load all over his back. Once emptied, Ashton returns to work on Calvin's ass until he can get a fist all the way into his hungry hole.
Macho Man vs Giant Cock
Nikko is a buff tough guy. He doesn't play around...except with some cock. Nikko likes them big and today they are as big as they come. Hope this tough guy can handle it.
Married Professionals Cheat On Their Spouses
Kyle owns a magazine company and he's looking to get some advertisers. Kyle's new client gets a bit touchy and then things start getting hot. The ties come off and dicks start popping out. Both of these guys are married and now their striking up a new deal
Jean Franko & Harley Everett
Jean Franko turns tail for Harley Everett. I love seeing Jean Franko topping because he has such a fantastic cock, so it was a huge pleasure to see him taking an equally impressive cock in his furry ass. Harley's mushroom-headed weapon is known for hitting the spot and seeing Jean Franko riding it while with his cock bouncing around made my day.
Sneak Creep Hipster
Michael was looking soo fucking hot laying there with his ass in the air. I couldn't resist copping a feel on his sweet ass. I mean, if I'm sly he will never know. I just hope he's ok with it...
Get Fruity
Hot-headed chef Justin isn’t getting any of the good stuff from his girl at home and he’s frequently lashing out at the waiting staff at the Jock Inn. Frustrated and horny he makes a little time after service to relieve some tension. If he cant get it from his missus at home he’ll just have to… improvise? Picking a particularly good looking watermelon out of the fridge, he cuts a cocksized hole out of the hard exterior and gouges enough of the flesh out to fit his super long dick inside! Service is over and he’s not expecting anyone to come in the kitchen, naturally he’s gonna get caught! JP walks in on him doing the nasty with a prime piece of fruit, shocked at first he pulls out and tells him to ‘Fuck off’, it doesn’t take long for JP to get on his knees and do a far better job! Sucking him deep he gets him harder than he was before. JP tells him he’s going to do ‘something his girlfriend can’t do’, i.e. fuck him! Bending him over the cold steel surfaces of the kitchen he takes advantage of his horny state. Service is well and truly back on!
Fappin' & Fuckin'
Jack King is back with us on CircleJerkBoys and he is not alone this time. Jack made quite the impression when this 26yo Florida boy did a solo for us. This week his playmate comes from Boston and goes by the name of Casey Phillips. Both of these boys have healthy libidos and jack off often. Jack loves to watch young petite girls getting fucked while Casey likes watching blowjobs to get off. Jack lost his cherry at about 14yo and Casey about the same at 15yo. Casey started fooling around with guys by the time he was 17. Jack's perfect girl would have long dark hair, blue eyes, tick hips and waist with a nice ass. For Casey, who likes both sides of the buffet, he likes girls that are fit and tone. For guys he likes them with short blond hair if possible, blue eyes and a big dick. Well, that's always a good thing. Well that's enough chat for now, let's get these two studs naked and see what happens. Jack is home and gets horned up. So he takes out his cock and starts to jerk off. He lubes up that sweet cock and gets it rock hard hoping to get some relief. Casey comes out of his room and walks in on him and offers to help him out. Jack drops his jeans and spreads those thick thighs wide as Casey goes down on his hard cock. Casey swallows that cock til his nose hits Jack's pubes wanting every inch of it. Jack loves it and helps bob Casey's head on his aching dick. Casey gets on his knees as Jack stands up to give Casey better access to that dick. Jack fucks his face as Casey undresses. Once he does he gets on the chair and lets Jack return the favor. Jack gets to work sucking that uncut dick as he jacks his own. Casey's getting hornier by the minute and is soon bent over that same chair as Jack fingers his tight ass. Jack's cock needs some of that. He sits back on the couch and has Casey sit on his meat. Casey grimaces as he takes that hard cock up that ass. Jack can't get enough as he pumps that dick up into that hole. From there, Jack gets Casey bent over the chair again and gets back to fucking that ass doggy style. Casey just whimpers as Jack buries his cock even deeper. He pounds that ass harder and deeper and soon he's ready to bust his nut. He pulls out and jacks that hard cock off all over Casey's back. Once he's done he gets up and goes to shower leaving Casey with a boner and a glazed back. Casey slowly picks up Jack's underwear and claims it as his own.
Hooker HookUp
Hooker HookUp scene1
Candy and Toe-Sucking
Kyler Moss and Nick Duvall get into some sweet and sticky foot play. Nick wakes Kyler at the beginning of the scene, massaging his feet and sucking his toes. Kyler was only pretending to be asleep, though, and he's happy to return the favor! After running his tongue all over Nick's feet, Kyler stradless the other boy and sits on his hard cock. The two fuck hard and noisily; Kyler cums while he's being fucked, before Nick pulls out to cum on his foot and lollipop. The two twinks end the scene by licking Kyler's foot and their lollipop free of cum!Kyler Moss is an exclusive with BoyCrush, so we're thrilled to see him making an appearance on GayLife Network!Nick Duvall is a California boy who loves the outdoors. He's not really into the whole partying scene, but he definitely gets enough action anyway. This gorgeous blonde boy likes to top, but even he admits that for the right boy he's happy to take it. I think there are a lot of boys who would love to help him expand his... horizons!
Biaggi, Disco & Driver UNCUT
This uncut footage contains an additional 16 minutes of behind the scenes (BTS) with Antonio Biaggi, Dick Disco and Drew Driver. While the cameraman was underneath Biaggi and Drew, he almost gets splattered and Drew has to go "tidy up" and we see Dick sitting their enjoying a little "alone" time.
Ali's a Strapping Lad from Manchester
Motocross riding, fucking his friends' mums, we almost thought Ali Richardson was a super straight-acting bisexual... until he mentioned he once tried to bottom for a sausage. These days, Ali spends most of his time working out (which is evidence by that strapping body of his) and chasing the girls and the boys. He confesses if he had to chose between girls and guys, he'd probably go with the fellas!
Toby Park
Toby Park is a hot, Latino guy. He's got a well-defined body and a fat, uncut cock. Look at how it hangs heavily between his legs. Toby strips naked and gets to work on his meaty cock. He spits into his foreskin and strokes it fast, dumping a watery load all over his leg and foot.
Geovanni & Powel Part One
This week we have two very straight guys, Geovanni, 25 and Powel, 20. Neither has done anything with a guy, ever. Now, as far as pussy, both have some back stories about women that, well, solidify my homosexuality. Eddie considers Geo his,
Pop His Asshole
Pop His Asshole
Poking Around
My new patient, Ethan Slade, is working out to hard. His muscles have locked up they need to be relaxed. I have the perfect remedy, my fat cock.
Daddy's Bareback Cum Piggy...
In Germany's Berlin Dungeons, the hot, hung Daddies don't like to waste time on small talk; they get straight to the fucking point. Muscular Daddy Mike Tom's has a huge horse hung cock, and this 6 foot 5 Stud takes no prisoner. He forces his little German Cum Pig Slut (Lucas Stein) on his knees to take all of his fat, long juicy dick down his throat until he gags on that cock. After sharing some spit, Mike prepares Tom's ass for his bare dick. What follows is one hard, deep and raw anal insertion as Mike fucks that fresh ass with reckless abandon. You can see Lucas's man twat quivering as it expands wide open to fit that huge meat. Finally Toms pulls out his raw rod just in time to shoot his milky cum right down Stein's throat. Stein cleans that cock up good with his tongue, just like a good little piggy should.
Cute Rocker Seduced
James Ryder looks like a rocker and he is very cute. I oiled his body up and rubbed him down really good. I got his dick hard and wet, that's when I knew I had him. I slipped my throbbing cock in his ass and he didn't even say one word about. So I did what I do best.
Sweet Butt-hole Bro
Jason Crew is a horny mothafucka. He's been humping everything all day! Now he's found his buddy looking mighty cute in this underwear. After a few minutes massaging his buddy's body, Jason start by getting his dick wet in his buddy's ass hole...
Matthieu & David
Well-hung David Castan gets his fat, uncut cock serviced by Matthieu Paris. This hungry cocksucker slobbers all over David's huge cock before treating David's cock in a docking session. Then David drives his stiff cock up Matthieu's hairy ass in a hot fuck session. Dildos, too.
Aitor Crash and Adam Killian
Leaving the horny young twinks running around the lobby, muscle bound men Aitor Crash and Adam Killian set about fixing up a bedroom that's fallen to pieces. As Adam takes a very suggestive nap on the bed, ass and jockstrap in the air...Aitor proves that he's no amateur when it comes to butt munching! After men and not boys, these two hairy hunks are soon stripping each other naked, with Aitor unable to get enough of Adam's famed bubble butt! Giving us plenty of bearded kissing, it's amazing to see these two Alpha males hard at work and hot and sweaty with each other. With loads of face fucking and cock slapping, it's Aitor who takes the bottom role as Adam works that beefy dick into his ass, making the whole room shake with his brutish thrusts into his playmate. The close-ups and ass gaping pull outs by Adam are heaven to watch, and check out that big cumshot, the length of Aitor's back!
School Blows
It's that time of year again, and by that I mean school is in session, and it blows big time. Alexander called Kip over to help him with his school work but Kip always has strings attached if he is going out of his way. Hook, line, and sinker Alexander fell for it and now he has to blow and fuck Kip which I guess isn't that bad. Kip is a tall glass of water with meaty muscles and a sexy long cock. His ass is ready to be schooled and Alexander is going to teach him a lesson or two. School is out and cock is deep inside that big round ass of Kip's. Come watch these two big dicked studs school each other EBD style. Enjoy!
Rugby Lads Sc5
Tiago and Alan play boyfriends who are getting aroused by watching sexy vids on the net.
Gay Teacher Fantasy Comes True
Today is the day that this teacher, Andy Kay's wildest dreams come true. He's always had this student Spencer London in mind and now that he's stayed after class, it's time to make the move. Soon the two of these guys are wrestling around naked in a classroom and in broad daylight. It's a pretty ballsy move but when hormones take over, nothing can stop them. The fucking is outrageous, hot, and everything else you want it to be. There's sucking and screwing and it's all so fresh and new for the 18 year old kid. I don't think he'll ever forget this experience.Andy is really playful and loves to pull pranks on his friends. He has a nice 7" inch dick that he loves to fuck with. This versatile twink not only loves to fuck, he also loves to be fucked by hot guys! He always lightens the mood up. As soon as the pants come up, he fiercely works to make his partner come!Phillip Ashton has a small body and loves to suck cock.Spencer is a shy twink... until the pants are off!
Johnny fucks for the first time on camera
Tommy Brookes Wanking Solo
Tommy Brookes is a new boy just starting out, but he has something that a lot of the Blake Mason fans are going to enjoy... this twink is HUNG, with a really thick and meaty cock that's just so heavy you can totally imagine spending a night just sucking and stroking the cum from that thing! He delivers a great solo in the bathroom, stroking his heavy dick to a really tasty load!
A Very Boynapped Christmas
It's the silly season and our Boynapped crew are unwrapping their presents early with Luke Desmond. Jonny and Ashton restrain him to a festive frame and set about humiliating the ripped fucker - jerking him off, fucking him and decorating him like a Christmas tree. Happy holidays for everyone but Luke!
Steady Eddie
This week we have 2 fresh faces on MenOver30 that are both packing some serious dick. The first is a Windy City's son named Eddie Kordova. Eddie is 36 and this sexy Latino has a lean defined body and an 8'+ dick to boot. This week Eddie's in good company with one of our local Florida boys by the name of Ken Tanner. Ken is 26 and originally from Ocala, FL. Ken has that all-American jock look with the dirty blond hair and the athletic frame to go with it. We asked these studs if they could be any character from either the Star Trek or Star Wars series, what character would it be. Eddie went with Darth Vader. He must love to be in control and own the force. Ken also went with a Star Wars character and chose Yoda. How appropriate, since he will soon feel the force-inside him. We then asked them if they could be a panelist for CNN and they could be an expert on a certain subject what subject it would be. Eddie chimed in with big dicks. Well alright for Eddie and his phallic expertise. Ken went a tad safer and went with Music. He loves rock and his favorite band is, believe it or not, Blink 182. Sweet! They both like big muscular guys and both get tongue tied around guys they find intimidating. Well, it's nice to know even they have moments of weakness. <evil grin> They start making out as they start to explore each other's body. Eddie peels off Ken's shirt as he starts to lick his chest and suck at his nips. Ken follows suit, taking off Eddie's tank top and going to work on his smooth chest as he makes his way south past his pierced nips to the tent that's popping his jeans. He undoes his jeans and explores the bulge straining against his briefs. Ken slowly hauls out Eddie's fat cock as his tongue begins to sample the goods. He laps at Eddie's heavy hangers a bit before going to work on his uncut cock. Anticipation-look into it! Ken loves every inch of Eddie's dick and sucks away at it looking up at Eddie's face while he does. Eddie gets so hot with Ken on his dick he can't wait to get a sample of that smooth ass. He bends Ken over a chair before shoving his hot tongue deep into his ass. The look of lust and awe that come over Ken's face as Eddie rims his ass is inspiring. Ken then turns around and shoves his own thick meat down Eddie's throat. Eddie does his best to keep up as Ken slaps and fucks his face with his heavy cock.They then get up and make out as they play mock sword fights as they show off their fat cocks to each other. All this show and tell is working them up into an even hotter frenzy and by now Ken wants more. Eddie lies back as Ken straddles his defined frame and starts slowly lowering himself onto that thick cock. Little by little his tight ass concedes and starts to take it inside. Ken needs to accommodate as soon as he can because Eddie has plans for that hole and they involve fucking it. Ken moans and groans as Eddie starts to pump his thick dick up into his tight ass. Ken can only jack his meat to distract him from the fucking he's getting. If he keeps this up he may not last very long as he tries to deal with the pain and pleasure all produced by Eddie's huge cock. As Ken bounces and grimaces on that meat he jerks noticeably faster. Sure enough he moans and grunts out an 'Oh, I'm cumming' as he jacks his load all over Eddie's smooth chest. After he shoots his load, Ken gets on his knees to help Eddie out. He sucks and works his beefy uncut dick with his mouth and hands. Eddie doesn't need much more to blow his wad and once he's ready he strokes off an impressive batch that flies everywhere. Damn, these two definitely had some mad hot chemistry going on and we're glad we had front row seats.
Long-Dicked Straight Boy Sucked
After seeing his interesting jerk off solo we were eager to get this skinny straight boy back for some more action. His long cock was definitely deserving of some sucking, and he seems happy to go with it too as his inches slide between lips and he gives Joe some teabagging action too before using his double-handed cock stroke to get the cum load out!
Salty And Sweet Cummy Treat!
After being woken from his sleep by a playful Etienne Liam's annoyance is soon replaced by horniness! Etienne's uncut cock is hard and needs some sucking, but that long cock wants more than a mouth. Thankfully Liam is more than able to take that cock, getting his hole fucked until his own boner is spewing an impressive load! Hung Etienne has his own load to wank out, pumping it over his tasty treat and getting a taste!What can we say about sweet and sexy twink boy Etienne? This cutie is a star in the making, not least because of his immense uncut cock! It's a smooth and long shaft of pink fuckmeat that will have all of you drooling. But check out his smooth and pale butt too, thoroughly fuckable! He's the total twinky package.Sexy and horny Liam is the perfect combination of twinky boy and straight acting lad. He's handsome, horny as hell and always ready to shoot some cum with whoever wants to help him get there. He's a great top, starting off slow and smooth and then really fucking a bottom boy until cum is erupting everywhere!
Cock Office Threesome
Trent and his co-worker were chit-chatting about Spence having a big cock. They cock horny over Spencer. When Spencer came into the room they laid out their business. It's amazing how proactive three guys can get while they are horny.
Fuck Loving Criminals, ep. 4
Fabio meets Antonio's driver Tony at the arranged time for the exchange that will secure his future. He's wanted Tony's big paws all over him for months and realising this is his last chance, he makes his move. Tony's soon devouring the boss's pretty-boy ex, pushing into his smooth, peachy arse with rough thrusts, fucking the breath out of Fabio. Beauty and the beast? Not exactly, as Tony's a stunningly handsome guy, but the contrast between hairy and smooth, muscled and youthful, rough and smooth makes this coupling all the more powerful. Fabio's face looks less innocent with Tony's thick cum dripping from it.
Real ASState
This week we have Matthew Rush back in the house and he
Sling Fuck
Aaron Aurora is found hanging in the mill tied to a sling by uber-hung hottie Luke Desmond. Luke is overjoyed with the boys cute angelic looks and this comes across in his passion for using and abusing the Aaron's ass. Luke is soon pushing his 9 1/2" uncut monster of a cock into Aaron's hungry hole, giving him what is sure to be the ride of his life. Luke then brings the boy down and fucks his face until he fills Aaron's mooch with his creamy load.
Party Boys - Tyler Brooks
Tyler Brooks has stumbled home from a party, bottle in hand, and collapsed onto his bed. Tyler's not quite ready to sleep off his big night though, he's got a large, uncut boner to relieve first. Check out Tyler give himself an impeccable ending to a great night.
Travis Cooper and Justin Cross
The boys are back, ready to fuck. Travis is not in a chatty mood, he
Raw Beef
Here I paired up 2 of the wildest masculine daddies, Steve 'the Titpig' Hurley and Steve Parker. Who would have thought 2 hot, big, goateed and beefy studs would have the same name? Parker has a big round ass and Hurley just loves sliding his thick cock in and out of it. You can see why he's called 'the titpig' as he twists and pinches Parker's ass as he makes him scream for his thick man meat. After a hot round of deep bareback pounding, both of these hot men release their full loads of jizz, with Parker busting the biggest nut of all!
Blond Boy Austin Lucas Takes His Own Jizz
Austin Lucas is one of those gorgeous guys you can totally imagine is a bit of a cum whore. You know what I mean right? He has that kinky look about him, like he would try anything at least once. Well, jerking out his own load into his mouth after a cock stroking session isn't something he just tries, this boy loves to make a meal of his own cock juice, and we get to watch - and join in of course!
Reece Ryder & Trey Matthews
We had Trey Matthews out not too long ago for some action in the hallway, but this time we've got him on a more comfortable bed with the very cute Reece Ryder. This is only Reece's second duo, but he seems like an old pro as he and Trey get into some deep-kissing as they undress. Reece wraps his lips around Trey's very thick uncut cock before Trey returns the favour. Good chemistry often shows in the kissing and oral part of a scene and we get the feeling these two like each other. ;-) After a hot sixty-nine, and more kissing as they jack each other's dicks, they're both itching for more. Trey gets Reece on his back, easing his huge cock up his furry butt (he's even sweet enough to pause and ask Reece if he's alright!) Discomfort or not, Reece wants it all, though, and Trey is soon rocking against him. Both lads work up quite a sweat as they fuck in missionary and doggy before Reece fires off a thick load while riding Trey's cock. He dismounts and does Trey the favour of licking and sucking his balls while he strokes out his own big load.
Str8 Acting Myles Andrews
Local guy Myles Andrews is only recently officially gay. After being bi for many years, a five year relationship with another dude has convinced him that cock is the way to go! It seems that might be contagious too, because he has a history of fucking around with straight guys.
Staying In
Spencer Fox and his lover are staying in this weekend. They're going to catch up on some R&R and an intimate fuck session. These guys are super hot so you know you're in for a sexy time.