James Pershaw & Kai Cruz
Muscle guy James Pershaw is back for some more cock, and lucky Kai Cruz is the one to give it to him in this video! If you've seen either of these guys in action before you know they both love to suck dick, and there's a lot of it to be shared as they swap those shafts and enjoy a horny 69. But fucking James in the butt is Kai's main goal, and once he's in there he's fucking that muscle ass hard and fast until neither can hold their cum in!
Oily Anal Therapy
Ricky Martinez has been going out everyday of the week. His body is worn out and needs some rejuvenation. Jake, our creepy perverted masseur, is going to lube up Ricky's sexy body and prepare him for his deep anal relaxation therapy.
Poolside Fornications
Calvin Koons and Luke Hass are taking a relaxing dip in their exotic secluded pool. Before they even have time to relax, they start touching and kissing each other's sexy bodies. What was a make out session by the pool quickly turns into an erotic episode of fornication.
The Present
Alex wanted to show his boyfriend how much he cared. He left him a gift and a card on the bed of the apartment. He then came out with assless underwear. Then his boyfriend showed him how much he cared.
Afternoon Sex Games
Andy is enjoying a nice afternoon reading his love stories before his big dick boyfriend interrupts. He wants his playtime with Andy and he wants it now. Andy has no problem giving his man want he wants. No problem at all.
Drake Law - Whore On Tour Scene 1
Drake Law is a whore on tour. Follow this hot, hung twink on his European adventure. In this scene, Drake finds himself sharing a dorm with some equally horny twinks, who are keen to get sucked off and fuck some fellow young studs. It's the dorm room that you'd wish you had stayed in!
Horny muscled hunk really likes to pound cute guy in his ass in any hardcore position
Getting Interviewed
Pretty Boy Finn is stepping into the fabulous life of Izzy James famed producer and known for his massive black meat poker. What Finn doesn't know is that this job interview can be gaping with opportunities. Let's just hope Finn can handle Izzy's big demands...
Big James, Little Danny
Latino twink Danny Montero and big, strapping blonde James Pershaw is a pairing we've been excited to share with you lot! We can think of few sights lovelier than Danny with his lips wrapped around James' thick, uncut cock (except maybe for James trying to swallow Danny!) The size difference between these two in person is stark and watching James get over top of Danny, fucking him missionary, is incredibly hot. Danny ends up getting his ass fucked while they spoon, with his legs spread to the camera, before he takes it from behind. As James thrusts inside him, Danny shoots cum all over the bedspread before he turns over and takes James' load to the chest.
Turning Paige Over
You're gonna love these two brand new faces. The first is Leo Paige. Leo is a fresh, clean cut face with a brilliant smile and a bit of a twang in his voice. Leo is from Atlanta, Georgia. He's a ripe 18 years of age. To his right is a tall drink of YUM that hails from our neighbor to the north, Canada. This self-professed gypsy is 19 years old and goes by
A hot fucking in the pool!
Andy and Tristan meet up by the pool for this sexy video. They waste no time losing their clothes and screwing on the side of the pool. Then they take the party inside with Andy fucking super hot Tristan bareback in tons of different positions and blowing his huge load all over Tristan's ass and back.Andy is one of the best discoveries I have made. With his great looks and consistently solid performances on camera, he is on his way to being a big star in the industry. He is always professional on and off camera. He now is my right hand man helping me film and edit the movies. He is not only a great model and employee but also one of my good friends. Tristan applied almost 18 months before I brought him out and I wish I would have had him out sooner. He has the very laid back personality. He has very tan, soft skin and big deep brown eyes. His sexy belly and big uncut cock make him the total twink package. I know you will love him.
Drilling for Cole
We have two new faces joining the circle this week as we welcome Kyle Quinn and Aiden Cole. Aiden Cole is 24 and from Boston. Kyle is 25 and from Washington, D.C. We wondered what these two liked to have when having some ice cream. Mint chocolate chip is Aiden
Trey Love's Huge Cock
Trey hasn't been fucked by a huge cock in a while. Recently, he met his best friends neighbor who gave him the ass fucking of his life in his tight asshole!
Jacob Daniels gets waxed and sucked off
Kieron Knight loves to suck the hot cum load right from the meat hose, but he knows how to make a boy cum a lot more with a little playing and teasing. Twink boy Jacob Daniels is his latest meal, tied up and covered in wax as the thirsty cock sucker wanks and sucks on his boner. The boy just can't hold back, finally giving Kieron what he needs and flooding his mouth with semen!
Sealed with a Kris
Sealed with a Kris
A Friendly Shower
EBD has been waiting long and hard for the likes of Trenton Ducati and lucky for him we have big dicked Liam who is ready to be fucked and willing to be pounded. Trenton starts off in the shower cleaning his gorgeous ripped body. He rubs the soap up and down all over his smooth chest and legs getting it all lathered up. While he's rubbing down his own body Liam hears that Mr. Ducati is waiting for him in the shower. Not taking one more moment longer Liam walks right in, ready to service this tall sexy hunk of a man. These two horn dogs frolic in the shower for a bit getting accustomed and loosened up by each other. Once they get to the bedroom it's 3 fingers deep in Liam's eager hole. Trenton gets his hole ready for a nice deep pounding just the way he wants it. Come check Trenton at his debut with EBD. Enjoy!
Young house painters in sexual act
Young gay couple is having rough and brutal ass drilling lesson after whitewashing house walls. Watch carefully how this huge boner goes deep in cock starving ass hole till balls explode and release lot of cum
Pervert Friend Caught
Jonathan's roommate has no manners. He walks in without knocking without any regard to privacy. Meanwhile, Jonathan is lying there almost naked. Jonathan's roommate gets nasty thoughts about sniffing his underwear. You won't believe what' he's up to next...
Knight Rider
This week we have two new faces to introduce to the CircleJerkBoys fold. The first is Bryce Jones. Bryce is 20 and a Kentucky native. Everyone can use some KY from time to time. Leon Knight makes up the second half of our duo. Leon is also 20 years old; he is from Washington, D.C. We asked these guys whether they prefer popcorn or candy when they go to the movies. Leon prefers popcorn if he had to pick just one. Bryce prefers his Raisinets over popcorn any day. Movies are a great place for a date but we asked where they would take a date if they wanted it to be more romantic. Bryce would take his date to the beach. Wasn
A Ridge to No Bear
his week we have 23 year old Ridge Michaels back in the house. Ridge is originally from Florida's west coast and a definite fan favorite. Ridge might be more excited to be here than usual since he's going to help us welcome new comer, J Kohl. J is 21 years old and has a well-stocked arsenal for seduction. He is tall, hung, handsome, has dark featured and slate blue eyes. Oklahoma got it right when they put this package together. We asked these studs what the last purchase they treated themselves to. Ridge bought himself a new iPad and loves it. J bought himself a new phone. We then turned to matters of a more graphic nature and asked them if their past lovers could nominate them in a sexual category what they would win an award for. Ridge says he would take the 'Most Romantic' category while J says he would sweep 'Best Oral'. (Dually noted) In closing we asked them in their opinion what distinguishes good sex from great sex. 'Connection' answers Ridge. A great connection can really make things pop. <pun intended J agrees and says 'passion' is important too. Seems like we have both of those covered this afternoon, so let's let these two put them together...Ridge is groping J's crotch as they make out and get better acquainted. His curiosity gets the better of him as he slides south to see just what the fuss is about. J sits back and watches as Ridge strips off his shorts and starts to play with the tent in his briefs. J gets hard and gets up to give Ridge all access to the 9' cock he has to offer. 'Suck that dick' he coos as Ridge gets to work on his meat. He holds Ridge's head as he fucks that face. Ridge loves it and does his best to pleasure his new buddy even though J's cock makes him gag when it hits the back of his throat. They go back to making out before J's curiosity lands him on his knees exploring what Ridge has to offer. Ridge moans as J hauls out his thick cock and gets to work on it. J wasn't kidding about his oral abilities and Ridge isn't about to complain. J deep throats Ridge's cock with ease as he swirls his hot tongue along the shaft and remembering to pay attention to Ridge's smooth balls. He gets Ridge horny as hell sucking on that meat but then turns it up several notches as he gets Ridge on his back and goes to town tongue-fucking that ass. Ridge's tight, smooth hole is soon spit lubed and ready for more than just a tongue fuck...J suits up and aims his fat dick at that tight hole. Ridge is already on his back with his legs in the air and J uses that to his advantage. He slides his thick dick all the way in as he starts to pound that ass missionary. J holds Ridge's legs as he powers into that tight ass. J then gets on the couch and has Ridge sit on his dick for more. Ridge rides that huge cock as J spreads his smooth cheeks apart wanting to get as deep as he can. 'Aww Fuck me!' begs Ridge as he rides that big dick. J just lays back and watches as Ridge pleasures himself on his throbbing cock. Ridge's own 8' cock is rock hard as he gets fucked and its inches from J's face. Ridge gets close and gets off J's meat and shoves his dick down his throat. 'Suck my dick!' he orders as he jacks his load off all over J's face and tongue. Once he's done shooting his load all over J's face he bounces leaving J with the age old question...Trick or Treat? Looks like someone hadn't gotten all of the Halloween spirit out of his system. But judging from the huge messy treat on J's sexy face, we're guessing that was probably the last of it... <evil grin>
Erotic Yoga
My yoga instructor, Luke, came over the other day for an in-call lesson. He guided me through the positions and I could feel his big cock rubbing behind my back. I got so horny, I decided to pull his cock out and start blowing him. His cock is so big. It's like a dream come true.
Gio Pays the Price for Snooping
Giovanni Lovell is snooping around Conner Bradley's room for a sweet snack--when Conner turns up! The Spanish twink tries to hide in the closet, but of course he's discovered and he has to fuck Conner as punishment (fitting, no?) The two take turns sucking dick before Conner gets Giovanni's uncut cock up his ass. Giovanni ends up covering Conner's face in a cumshot not to be missed!We're calling it now: Conner Bradley is going to be a twink star! He's been doing porn for a few months now and we're confident he's going to get better and better. He has a maturity beyond his eighteen years, not to mention a cute face and a huge cock!If you like your twinks on the exotic side, just wait for Giovanni Lovell to open that pretty mouth of his and start talking! Spanish born and bred, Giovanni's been in the United States for a couple years, but his accent is still strong!
Andy Kay's Boycrush Tryouts: Dean
Dean Holland is next up for Andy Kay's tryout videos and this one is filled with even more hot fucking and cum-drenching than ever. Dean loves every inch of Andy's cock and takes a huge load all over his face. This is yet another super hot scene in the Andy Kay Tryouts line, be sure to pick up your copy!Andy is one of the best discoveries I have made. With his great looks and consistently solid performances on camera, he is on his way to being a big star in the industry. He is always professional on and off camera. He now is my right hand man helping me film and edit the movies. He is not only a great model and employee but also one of my good friends. Dean came to us with a dream of becoming a carreer pornstar and even moved to the valley of the sun to fulfill that dream. His charisma and sexual energy comes across plainly on camera and you can't help but get turned on by his smooth, tanned body and hot moaning.
Horny Student Cheats with the Teacher
Dean Holland is so horny, he can't stop cheating on his boyfriend. His teacher Danny Brooks suggests he try using a sex toy but Dean insists he needs help figuring out how! Danny sticks the glass dildo up Dean's ass, letting him suck his dick while he does. Eventually the toy is set aside so they can both enjoy the real thing. Danny fucks Dean all over the desk before they both shoot their loads.Danny Brooks may have a wife at home, but considering his success over at Thug Hunter, we know he has no problem fucking an ass. Danny told us he's getting more and more comfortable with things like rimming, we're convinced he won't be able to resist trying a few new things with our boys!Dean is young and cute and can play any part needed in a sizzling porn movie. He delights in the pleasures of hardcore sex so much that he hopes to do twink porn for as long as possible. He loves working with other twinks and hopes someday to get fucked by a hunk.
Meet our new best friend Shaft. It's easy to see why his friends gave him that nickname once you see what he's got in his pants...he's got a fucking huge uncut cock! He's also got a lean build and a 6 pack abs. He's 19 years old and has never pissed on himself before. So when we told him that we film guys pissing he was not sure he wanted to do it but of course, we got him to change his mind! Shaft first shows off his body then pisses on his smooth dark chest. He gets on the ground and hoses himself down again then he works over that long cock until he shoots his load of thick cum! I think it's pretty clear that he enjoyed his first time at piss play!
GBOB2 Episode 2
Jessy arrives tired and stressed after a long journey and his first impressions of the bar don't help his mood. Fortunately, Fabio is on hand with to smooth out the situation. Fabio knows just what to say to make stars feel better, and what he can't say with words, he says with his strong hands, his lips, his cock and hot arse. As he empties his balls onto Fabio's hairy body, the stresses of the morning are the last thing on Jessy's mind.
Tennis Lads 5
This boy has a very big dick, and you can see his heavy dangling balls up the leg of his shorts. That must be a good eight inches of boy-meat. It would take a brave young lad to take this on, luckily we have one at hand who can't resist sucking the huge pole and sliding his tight, tight little hole onto it. Watch his fuck hole pucker and stretch!
Wasabi Boyz part 2
Now that Tsuyoshi has plundered Ryota, turnabout is only fair, and fun. As the boys kiss in this
Essex Lads 4
Essex Lads 4
The Erector Detector
This week we have David Chase back in the house and looking better than ever. David's in for a real treat this week as he gets to christen a smoking hottie from right here in the 305. Jimmy Fanz makes his debut today and one look at this swarthy 20 year old with the furry chest and that killer smile and you just know he's all sorts of trouble. Line forms to the left, boys. David, for those of you unfamiliar with him, is now 31 and from Jacksonville, FL where he admits he's lived his whole life and he'll never escape the place. We wondered how handy these two studs were around the house so we asked what the last Do it yourself project around the house. David created a nice Spring Garden of vegetables, herbs and flowers to surprise his girlfriend. Jimmy grins and admits the last DIY project he did was doing the dishes a couple days ago. (Hot and a smart ass!?) We then wrapped it up by asking what the last thing they fantasized about while jacking off. Jimmy says he bust his nut thinking about Ana, a girl he knows that may or may not know she's working overtime in his lurid fantasies. For David, being sentimental, he hardly watches porn and likes to think of his girlfriend when he beats off. Mmhm, Check please!David is at Jimmy's installing a smoke detector. He's on the ladder and as he reaches for the unit his hand lands on Jimmy's head that is conveniently at cock level. Jimmy's head makes more sense as David chucks the smoke detector and pulls Jimmy's face into his crotch. Jimmy isn't objecting as he hauls out David's cock and goes to work on it. David's hard in no time as he starts to fuck Jimmy's face. Jimmy swallows every inch of David's thick cock as David moans and starts to slam his cock down his throat til he gags on it. Jimmy savors that dick as he runs his tongue along the shaft before signing up for some more throat fucking. David can't get enough of that mouth but soon he wants to see what else Jimmy's good for. He gets down off the ladder and puts Jimmy against the wall as he pulls down his jeans to check out his furry ass. He dives right in eating that hole while Jimmy moans his appreciation. David flips around so Jimmy can sit on his face as he gets tongue fucked by the repairman. Jimmy then turns around and slides his cock into that hungry mouth. David shoves that dick deep taking every delicious inch of it. 'Smack it on my lips' he orders as Jimmy obliges.They then get down and get into a hot 69 so they can each have all the dick they want. Jimmy's on top as he bobs that mouth on David's rock hard cock. David is nursing on Jimmy's meat that's hanging in his face and his finger starts to explore Jimmy's tight hole. Jimmy slides a rubber onto David's thick cock and straddles it. He grunts as that sweet ass gives in. He slowly takes it all before bouncing up and down on it like a pro. Jimmy arches back and rides that cock giving David a view of that sweet ass taking his fat meat. David then holds Jimmy still as he starts to ram his dick up into that tight ass making Jimmy moan for more. Jimmy then twirls around while still sitting on that dick and leans back onto David's chest as David starts to take that ass deep. He pounds away at that hot hole as Jimmy strokes his hard cock. David then wants Jimmy's dick inside him as he bends over and gives it up. Jimmy rams his meat into him doggy style as he slaps that ass and mounts him. Jimmy fucks him for a while before getting him on his back for more dick missionary style. Jimmy's cock hits David's sweet spot and in no time David's cum is airborne. Jimmy then pulls out and follows suit busting his own nut all over David.
Paint Break
Painting is so much fun when you have a helper and Doc has Alex who is not only willing to help him paint but also willing to help him with that round firm bubble butt. Alex can't keep his hands off that round tasty ass so he takes Doc's pants off to reveal his tight jockstrap and ready hole. Being bent over the ladder ass up and tongue deep inside sends Doc over the edge and he can't contain himself. It's time for the rock to come out and get his ass taken care off. Alex has his cock ready and dives head first into that eager hole and pounds it out in an array of positions that would leave any novice in awe. If you like older men who are ripped with tasty cum loads than you need to check this out. Enjoy!
Reeding the Page
Reeding the Page
Up Your Hole
You aren't going to find any twinks here. However, you want to see it 3-Ways with the horniest, nastiest muscular daddies on God's green earth, then get your lube ready. The fucking and fisting in this video is fast paced, high energy, butt banging, heart stopping, ass stretching and sure to keep you cumming and cumming.
The Athletic Supporter
Bronson Gates is making his debut with us this week and we couldn't be happier to have finally landed this west coast hunk. Bronson is 'slightly' over 30 these days and originally from Los Angeles. Here today to show Bronson how the hot boys in the south do it is Reed Royce. Reed is 24 years old and from the very 'Heart of Dixie', historic Alabama. We asked these studs if they won $1K in a lottery what they would do with their winnings. Bronson would get a membership to (...shameless plug) then spend the rest on a ticket to Hawaii. Reed would go out and party with his Mom. We then got a bit more personal and asked what part of a man's body they most like to put their tongues on. Bronson loves to use his tongue on a hot ass. Reed's more of a chiseled chest man. I sense a bit of foreshadowing. We then flipped it around and asked where they most want a man to put his tongue on them. 'In my mouth', eagerly replies Bronson; only to be out done by 'In my ass!' by Reed who is now grinning ear to ear. These two are going to get along just swell. <Mmhmm>Reed finds beefy Bronson's jock and picks it up to get a closer look. He sniffs it and starts tugging on his crotch thinking about the hairy daddy it belongs to. Bronson comes out of the shower and finds Reed on his knees with a face full of jock strap. He startles Reed as he pulls the jock away and goes in for a kiss. Bronson drops his towel as Reed starts to play with the cock growing in his camouflage briefs. The underwear is short lived as Reed pulls them off to suck on Bronson's cock. Bronson moans as his cock gets the attention it needs. Reed gets more than a mouthful as Bronson stuffs his underwear into Reed's mouth teasing him a bit before sliding his cock back in it. Reed teases that dick and gets Bronson rock hard. Bronson then pulls Reed to his feet where they make out a bit before Bronson goes south to return the favor. Reed is naturally smooth and keeps everything hair free. Bronson gets to work on Reed's smooth balls and hard cock as he savors every inch of Reed's throbbing meat. He then turns Reed around and uses that hot tongue to get that hot ass wet. He slides his skilled tongue deep into Reed's hungry hole making him squirm with anticipation.Once that ass is prepped and begging for it, Bronson suits up and slides his cock inside. His cock sinks all the way inside as Reed braces for a hot fucking. Bronson holds on to that tight waist as he starts to pound away. He grunts and groans, slapping that ass as he fucks Reed's hot ass. Reed is taking that dick doggy style and loving it. Reed arches his back making that ass easier to stuff as Bronson plows on. Bronson then gets Reed on his back; spreads those smooth thighs wide and slides his thick dick back inside. Reed plays with Bronson's hairy chest as he watches him take his hole. Bronson holds Reed's ankles like handle bars as he slams in and out of that hot ass. Bronson then moves the party south as he lies on the floor. Reed straddles his cock and lowers himself on it. He impales himself on that dick and starts to ride it. He bounces on Bronson's cock like a pogo star as Bronson enjoys the view. Bronson's thick cock is hitting Reed in all the right spots as it sends him over the edge. He explodes, sending his load all over Bronson's hairy chest and abs. Bronson cums next jacking his aching cock all over his hairy cock and cum-covered abs.
Guitar party becomes bareback ass fucking orgy
Six sweet twinks are having party while one of them is playing a guitar. But his close friend has something else on mind - his big dick in lusty mouth. You can see how three gay twink couples are having no condom fucking orgy which ends with facial and cum swallowing
Adonis Trapped and sucked off
Muscle bound adonis Jake Kelvin is back and sexier then ever. Tied by his hands with his arms in the air is Herculean body oozes pure sex as Luke Desmond rubs massage oils into him. Luke starts working Jake's pecs and down over is deadened abdomen before taking advantage of his more the amble uncut dick. Luke lacks and sucks Jake's cock before sliding his own cock in-between jakes pert ass cheeks and inside is tight hole before shooting all over his face.
Blonde Ambition
This week we have our favorite Cuban cock in the house, Mario Costa. Mario is in for a treat.
Strung Up, Stroked And Sucked
Toned, blond beauty Luke Desmond has to contend with the will of Sebastian in this video. Restrained and held in place high above the ground, he'll have to stay and suffer the wandering hands and mouth of Seb who's going to give that hot cock a real work out with some oral and edging until he's stolen the hot cum from his dick.
Sloppy Seaman
Enjoy watching hunky gay men with oozing creampie ass after long anal fucking fun in hardcore porn action
Post Boy Chad & Tristan
Working in the packing room of a sex shop can be pretty arousing as a young man lets his mind wander. These two horned up lads stretch each others tight holes with dildos but its teen cock they really want. The insatiable guys suck and fuck right over the packing table, their holes all lubed and ready to take uncut cock deep, deep inside them.
Two hot studs grace our site this week and we have a feeling you're gonna more than like what you see. Phillip Aubrey is new to the site and will be making his debut. Along side the hung 27 year old North Carolinian is a familiar face; that of William Vos. William is now 31 and originally from the west coast of Florida. We asked these boys what they were most looking forward to happening in the coming year. Phillip is looking forward to all of it, looking to take the New Year by storm. William wants to go back to school and hopes to change everything he wants to change about himself. We then asked them how they prefer to communicate in these digital times. William texts constantly; where as Phillip makes more phone calls than he does text. We then wondered if these two ever jerk to mobile porn. They both laugh as they admit they do however they both prefer computer porn. Well we're thinking
Hot Chavs sc5
Hot Chavs
Big Surprise
Stefan was in for a big surprise when his new partner pulled out his big dick! So much so, that it poked him in the eye before he got on his knees to suck!
Strapping Hot Boy Luke!
Luke Desmond's ripped, naked body is strapped down to a massage table and it's not long before his massive cock - at full attention - is being jerked off. You need two hands to manage this beauty and Luke, who's blindfolded, is made to lay there and take the attention as his meat is pleasured and made to erupt!
Furry Wilderness Threesome!
Sweet young Benjamin is being harbored by his new furry friends, but although Jason and Alex come from a different tribe he soon discovers that they love sex as much as he does! Barebacked and spit roasted in their desert hideaway, he's initiated into their clan with oodles of hot cum as Jason gives Alex a facial, Alex unloads over Benjamin's perfect ass, and their guest is helped to his own climax!He's not new to gay porn, but we're happy to have him with us. Alex is a gorgeous you man, really sweet and sexy with a great body a hot ass and a great cock too. He's versatile, but he knows that he loves to get fucked, and with a perfect ass like that we know there are a lot of guys willing to give him what he wants!Southern boy Benjamin is so cute, and so sexy too. The blond boy describes himself as "gay-curious", occasionally thinking about lesbians when he's drunk. But he's all about the boys when he's with us, and there are a lot of boys who want to get that juicy dick in their ass. He loves to top, and has plenty of experience.Sexy twink boy Jason calls himself Omnisexual and that he falls for the person and not the gender, but regardless of that we have a lot of horny bottom boys ready to take that long cut cock of his in their tight little ass. He's a horny guy who can cum once, and cum again soon after, so plenty of videos can be expected!
The Big Show Off
Ty Lattimore makes his debut with us this week. Ty is 36yo and originally from Oakland. He moved here to Miami after living in Atlanta for a while. He misses the sex life he had back in the ATL. Well, he must be doing something wrong cuz the 305 is swimming with way hotter men. Not that we're biased. He does admit he loves the Latin and bi-racial men here in South Florida. Then there's the foreskin phenomenon he's found himself immersed in. Ty tends to like things on the wild side and admits he's never been a fan of vanilla. The kinky persona he exudes on film is reflective of who he is off cam. He started messing around at 13 and living so close to San Francisco he was exposed to many things. He started fisting at 20 then got into leather and hardcore water sports. He is all about the hardcore and today he's excited to debut the new hardware now that he's sporting his own Prince Albert. Well you can never have enough places to hang your car keys right? Ty assures us he's had no complaints so far.Ty is online showing off on cam for a buddy as he strips off his shirt and starts to flex his muscles. He then stands up and drops his jeans to show off his ass. He bends forward, slapping his ass as he asks if we like what we see. He gets up and starts to tug on his dick through his jock strap before sitting back and getting comfortable. He loses the jock and kicks back to stroke that dick. He gets hard as he strokes his hard cock as he shows off for his online companion. He strokes that dick
Sweet Sound of Sex
Luke, you're so sweet. Thank you for serenading me yesterday. You got me so horny. I just wanted you to put that big cock of yours in my sweet brown-eye. I didn't get enough of you, please come over and do me again!
Alex and Poax
It is a hot summers day and Alex is frustrated when trying to change a flat tyre on his vehicle. Luckily for him Poax comes to the rescue and lends a hand in more ways than one ! After hurting his hand the two of them end up in Alex's unit and soon after the two of them are bare backing. Check out the amazing amount of multiple fucking positions
Three Bareback Boys Get Horny
After being tied up by the leader in a display of scouting skills, Billy finds himself the focus of attention for horny twink boys Tanner and Jason! They can't resist using the opportunity and get their cocks out for the tied up boy to gobble on, but soon his ass is being filled in with raw dick too as they share him between them!Check out Billy and you will swoon! He's so handsome, and he has a great body and a rock hard cock too. His ass is one of the best things about him though. He's a real confident versatile boy who loves to play both roles, and with an ass and a cock like that there are a lot of guys who would gladly be either a top or bottom for him!Sexy twink boy Jason calls himself Omnisexual and that he falls for the person and not the gender, but regardless of that we have a lot of horny bottom boys ready to take that long cut cock of his in their tight little ass. He's a horny guy who can cum once, and cum again soon after, so plenty of videos can be expected!Oregon boy Tanner has a lot going for him, and there's a lot about him that our fans absolutely love too. This confident boy has a love of cock that really shows through in his appearances on camera, and there is no denying that a lot of the other boys want to be seen on film with him. They're lining up right now!
Just fill my ass with fresh jizz
Guy deepthroats on that big cock and hen gets ass fucked. Dude goes in and out like mad and sprays his cum inside dude's asshole
The Troy Fuck Club
Troy Halston is back this week and this Buckeye is in for a treat as we welcome back hunky 30 year old David Chase. Troy is now 41 and though he was born in Akron he has considered Florida home for the last couple decades. We wondered if either of these two have ever lived through a natural disaster. Troy got here 2 years after Hurricane Andrew clear cut a path through South Florida and he doesn
Fucking The Pool Guy
"There's nothing better than treating "the help" like your own personal sex slave like I did with this skinny ass fag. So you're gonna clean my goddamn pool, then you're gonna take your narrow punk ass into the kitchen and make me a fucking strawberry daiquiri and after that you're going to swallow this giant black dick. And just because I can, I'm going to put a stranglehold on you while I fuck your asshole."
Army Privates
Army buddies Dean and Charlie are making out and sucking cock when hairy bodybuilder Aaron walks in. He asks if they want another cock and the three men start sucking cock. Dean continues to service his military buddies with his ass and mouth. And cumshots? Woof!
A Juicy Str8 Black Dick!
Martez is a really gorgeous young black man with an immensely tight body that any one of you guys would love to play around with! And of course, he has a long cut black dick to stroke the cum from too in his first visit. The hot amateur guy puts on a hot show for the fans, jacking on that big black cock and emptying his balls of cum.
Gym Locker Room Group Fucking
To tell you the truth, everyone is so friendly here. My family gym doesn't even give out towels when I forget mine. It's my fourth time coming here and I pretty much get most of my work outs done in the locker room!
Daddy's Workout
Is there a Doctor in the house?
Auditions - Ricky
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