Cum Parade Part 10
We're back with another horny edition of the Cum Parade series, gathering together some of the most delicious and messy cum facials we've captured on video in the last few months. When these dudes shoot their semen there's plenty to share with some incredible gushers! Get wet with us for this edition and blow your own wad with the boys!
Cum Swapping, Fucking, Sucking
Cute, lean, twinks, Timmy and David slip each others hands inside their underwear, while kissing and caressing, working their young cocks to erection before stripping their smooth bodies completely naked. They take turns swallowing each others giant uncut dicks, licking nut sacks and sucking nipples as David reaches for a condom and lube! Once Timmy spies the rubber and lubrication, he bends over onto his knees and anxiously accepts David's rock hard cock. David proceeds to slide his young dick in and out of Timmy's tight hole until he's close to orgasm and them pulls it out and shoots a big load of cum on Timmy's face. The boys exchange kissing while swapping jizz and then relax in perfect contentment!
But I'm not
We caught rob on a chat room talking all kinds of bukake about gays. We followed him around the internet from chat room to the next. We ended up in a gay chat room with him and found out he's in the closet! After getting him to jerk off to us...
3Way - Hobe, Sam, and Steven
38 year old, big dicked stud Sam is back in front of my camera and this time he's got an even older buddy
Pushing The Limits
The last time we saw Jason Lee, he was one fifth of a pretty epic cupcake mishap, but now we've got him in a slightly more intimate setting. Alone with Jayce Asher, the two guys are already naked on the couch when we catch up with them, and though their task is just to mutually jerk off together, there is far too much lust, way too much urge, and much too much ass in the room for Jason to contain himself. He begs to fuck Jayce's sweet ass and once obliged, does not let the opportunity go to waste, sliding his meat deep inside Jayce from behind, then pounding away as Jayce clutches the back of the couch in ecstatic pleasure. Flipping Jayce over, Jason goes for the glory as Jayce strokes himself off. Jayce is ready to cum but before he can, Jason explodes his load all over himself, and the site of that sends Jayce over the edge, causing him to lose his load in the thick healthy blast. Enjoy!
Two tops flip flop fuck
We didn't know what would happen when we put these two sexy tops together but as soon as the cameras started rolling they jumped straight into sucking each others hot dicks, before moving into an amazingly sexy flip-flop fuck. They fuck each other long and hard, both of them cumming globs to top it off.Sexy Mormon boy. He has an amazing body. His sexy blue eyes and blond hair. He was a real sweetheart off camera and a great model. I hope to have him back again at the end of summer '09.Well hung masculine top. He was quite a chatater on and off camera. He has some good videos on boycrush.
Bo Bangor
Welcome big, strapping basted Bo Bangor, as nasty and sexually single minded as he looks, this daddy loves dick! Tanned, tattooed and insatiable, Bo shows off his fat dick and spreads his meaty arse cheeks, he loves feeling a hot, probing tongue exploring his sweaty crack and a hot throat around the shaft and head of his cock. You'd better be ready to serve this strict daddy!
His First Gay Ass - Bareback
Handsome and well built hunk Chris is back to get some hot gay ass wrapped around that delicious dick of his, and although this is all new to him he seems to really enjoy it too. Of course, he gets a lot of sucking, and enjoys a lot of cock stroking too before that cum is gushing out all over thirsty Joe!
Married Professionals Cheat On Their Spouses
Kyle owns a magazine company and he's looking to get some advertisers. Kyle's new client gets a bit touchy and then things start getting hot. The ties come off and dicks start popping out. Both of these guys are married and now their striking up a new deal
Calvin's First Huge Cock
Calvin got extremely lucky by meeting me at the mall. He got his tight asshole stretched wide open as I fucked him, until I blew my load all over him.
Two hot twinks fucks bareback by the fire
Alec and Chase make a little late night magic down by the fireplace. Chase proves that you don't need furniture for a good fuck. Alex gets, sucked and fucked bareback all over the room. Alec takes Chase's big dick, until he cant take anymore fucking, letting chase cum in his hot ass before blowing over his own chest.Sexy Mormon boy. He has an amazing body. His sexy blue eyes and blond hair. He was a real sweetheart off camera and a great model. I hope to have him back again at the end of summer '09.Confident and cocky big dicked twink. He reminded me a lot of myself when I was 19. Made some great videos with Keith and was an all around good model.
100% Bareback Beef 2
100% Bareback Beef 2
The Contest
The Contest
3 Way: Blake and Ethan
3 Way: Blake and Ethan
Full Of Cum, Desperate To Explode
What an incredible teen duo, both twinks and super cute, both very horny, both pumped full of cum and desperate to explode. Aaron Aurora is star tied, unable to move, his dick is hard and twitching for release. Mylo Jordan in his first ever Dom role, teases Aaron with passionate kisses, intermit body contact, hot wax, a soft blow-job and intense jerk-off. Moaning in pleasure and pain, Aaron reaches climax releasing a hot, hard load of tasty teen cum.
Bad Babysitters - Threeway
We've all had those babysitter fantasies, now watch one come to life in this sexy, twink-fueled threeway. As soon as the babysitter relinquishes control of these disobedient children, they all teach each other a thing or two about how to fuck, and be fucked.
Billy & Orson
It's breakfast time at the apartment of Billy and Orson. Billy loves to fuck especially in the morning. What turns out to be a quick blow job, soon turns into a rampant fucking session, both indoors and out! These two love it quick, furious and fast! It is no wonder that Billy is often late for work, but it must be worth it!
Frank Valencia and Aaron Steel
Aaron Steel brings his sexual fantasy to us, the tanned, toned, hung hunk - Frank Valencia. Hairy Aaron couldn't wait to spread his hairy arse cheeks, bend over and get his arse filled to the max with Frank's big dick. Frank's a merciless fucker who pushed eager Aaron to the brink, poor lad was begging for him to stop as much as he was begging for faster and deeper. Frank's a born exhibitionist, who loves to strip off and perform, just the thought of all those eyes on him, heightens the pleasures of this exhibitionist until he absolutely cannot hold back his splattering cum.
Hentai Call Boy 2
Moving their escapades to the shower for
Jake Tied Up And Abused
This time, handsome crew member Luke Desmond is in charge taking control of buff, teen Jake Kelvin. Kelvin begins to understand that power is all about who's in chains and who's not. Very nervous, Jake takes Luke's 9.5-inch dick in his virgin ass and cries out as it pounds deep into his hole. Lowering his head with shame, Jake finds himself ordered to suck Luke's dick as he calls to the crew, inviting everyone in to jerk-off over Jake. Sebastian and Kieron join Luke's fun, cocks out, hard and being wanked until each crew member releases their hot loads over humiliated Jake's face.Jake is a gorgeous young man with an awesome jock body from dedicated gym visits. He's straight, but his cock cannot refuse the pleasure when another guy is working it and trying to get him off. The handsome boy is becoming pretty popular with the other kinky dominant lads, and it's no surprise to us!Kieron Knight is one of those British guys who loves to pleasure and tease a boys hard cock against his will. That's what this kinky fucker is all about. The dominant top gets off on making a lad hard in his hands, sucking him off and making him squirm and squirt a hot load - but he's not always the one giving it!Luke Desmond has to be one of the hottest British boys in the business, and his immense uncut 9" cock is now pretty famous. But that's not all that makes this boy one of the hottest, he's a great lad to have in a scene totally dominating another boy with that massive hard uncut tool between his legs!Sebastian Kane is the master when it comes to using and abusing young men and twinky boys in the UK. He has a special warehouse where he likes to take his boys and make them cry out in pain and pleasure, making their cum flood out and splashing them with his by the time they're done! He's one real kinky fucker!
Epic Fuck
Epic Novell is back this week and we have a treat for him as we welcome back a blast from CircleJerkBoys past Casey Monroe. Casey who is originally from San Antonio, Texas is 23 now and it
Bad Babysitters - Scott Williams and MJ
Scott Williams and MJ are the epitome of the Bad Babysitter series. While his babysitter is fast asleep on the couch, the young twink begins to fool around with his carer, until he's woken up by the warmth of his young counterparts lips around his cock. This scene has a twist though, it's the babysitter who is going to get fucked. These hot twinks defile the family couch in a hot session of sucking and fucking that shouldn't be missed!
Professor Student Relations
Trent has to score a B or higher to be on the lacrosse team. After failing the midterm, it looks as though he won't make the cut. However, his Professor is giving him some extra credit if he can perform better
Wrapped Up and Strapped Down
Wrapped in cling film and secured tightly to the bed by handsome captor Luke Desmond, Ashton Bradley is made to endure a handjob and blowjob without being able to move any part of his body. In a huge finish, Luke takes Ashton's load in his mouth and feeds it back to the boy.
Pissing and cock sucking in bathroom
Fat daddy has some fun in his bathroom with friend cock who pisses his face and body with warm nectar juices before DILF gives him round of blowjob
Restrained In Strait Jacket
Maxi Gerard is one crazy young man. So much so that we've had to restrain him in a strait jacket. That bondage wear of old has quite an effect on our twink captive and you're going to love seeing his uncut cock get some attention while he remains unable to counter the attempts to expose him.
Big Boys Like To Play
Chase Young likes to hang out with the older crowd. He ends up getting all the attention because of his boyish good looks. However, he forgot one thing, big boys like to play rough. Lets see if our pretty boy can handle some mature rough housing.
Drake & Robin
Drake and Robin open up this scene as two men in leather - no story - they're just getting it on. There's a lot of kissing, nipple sucking, and armpit nuzzling in the first few minutes. Drake releases Robin's cock from his leather pants. It's a nice one! I loved watching Drake roll his tongue around Robin's fat cockhead. Robin keeps groping Drake's cock through his jeans and finally fishes it out. Robin swallows all 9 inches right down to the balls. The guys carry on slobbering and in some interesting positions on the platform. Robin is sitting on the box and Drake stands over him; bending over to suck Robin's stiff cock, Drake pushes his ass into Robin's face. I love creative 69ing! Until now, Drake has done all the fucking on Butch Dixon. But in this scene, it's Drake who takes the first bone. Robin bends him over and slides his bulbous nob into Drake's hairy hole. And after dicking him good, Robin takes his turn riding Drake's 9-inch cock. The cumshot is impressive with Drake squatting over Robin and jerking off while Robin chows down on his manhole, suddenly Robin is covered in a shower of cum! It's an awesome load. Way to go, Drake!
Blow Me with Harry Louis
Set in the 60's, our hommage to 'swinging London', is a steaming hot-bed of pounding cocks and poor Jake Ryder's battered arse hole. Stunning Harry Louis is lured back to Jake's studio, but quickly turns the tables and teaches Jake a thing or two about English manners. (watch for where Harry's cum jets too;he nearly blinded a camera man!
Andrew And Drew Rugged
Andrew And Drew Rugged
That's Really Big!
Tory was told to never go around chasing waterfalls. Instead he preferred to chase a nice piece of ass. When he saw that cock come out of its bathing suit he thought to himself "That's really big!".
Jose joins our lineup of first time pissers...he's 19 and says bi-sexual. He tells us that he has never pissed on himself. He says that he enjoys sex a lot and that he prefers girls but if there is no one around he will fuck with a guy. He starts as they all do by getting naked while we watch. Next it's time to try pissing on himself for the first time! He shoots a fountain of pee up and over his smooth chest. I guess him on because the next thing we know is that he jerking off that hard uncut and busting a load of sweet jizz on himself. After that kick back and let the golden liquid flow one more time before hosing off and getting dressed.
Juan and Alejo
This week we are invited into the apartment of Juan and Alejo. An amateur couple who agreed to us shooting them at home !If you're into muscled and bulked up dudes with muscles then both Juan and Alejo will please. They love to worship their biceps and muscles before getting into some hot oral sucking action. Its great to see the younger Alejo fucking his old partner Juan, who is more passive
Biaggi, Disco & Driver UNCUT...
This uncut footage contains an additional 16 minutes of behind the scenes (BTS) with Antonio Biaggi, Dick Disco and Drew Driver. While the cameraman was underneath Biaggi and Drew, he almost gets splattered and Drew has to go "tidy up" and we see Dick sitting their enjoying a little "alone" time.
Straight Thai Hunk
It’s been a while since we have had a real straight boy on Gay Asian Amateurs. Mac is a 25 straight Asian boy who has a girlfriend. (We are not sure if she knows that he is doing this, so please don’t tell.) The cameraman asks him if he can suck him in the video. Mac asks how much and after a 4000 baht offer is placed on the table, he accepts the deal.
Full Service Valet
Jake's a hard man to please, as Issac is finding, as runs his white-gloved hand around the recently dusted furniture. It seems Jake's housekeeping skills are lacking and there's only one thing the eager-to -please young man can offer to keep his job - his hard, uncut dick and perfectly toned naked body. Jake takes absolute advantage, pressing his hard dick to Issac's tight hole until it yields and his stiff tool is swallowed up in hot, muscular arsehole. Being a valet can be demanding, but Issac loves his job.
Joe Parker
Joe Parker knows how to manipulate his cock. He's a very hot, very horny dude who's stopped by to yank his fat dick and play with his sweet hole for your viewing pleasure. When Joe lets his imagination take him to erotic corners of his mind, his large dong swells and pulsates, begging for attention. Join him as he works his boner slowly at first, caressing the most sensitive parts of his body. Once Joe gets on his feet, completely nude, you'll see him bend over and crank his swollen piece. As he tugs his meat nice and hard, watch him finger that tight, eager hole. This is a hot, sexy solo session you'll wanna see again and again! Enjoy!
Alex Marte and Antonio Garcia
Italian Beef on Italian Beef, its festival of meaty Salami, fat uncut cocks, foreskin chewing and Alex Marte giving it up big style to Antonio Garcia. Alex is the model and Antonio the photographer, in this overly intimate porn shoot, we get right in their for the wet close ups, Alex's pouting fuck hole and every steaming drop of jizz.
Callum Jones And Myles Andrews
Gorgeous Myles Andrews is back in the bedroom, and this time he has a hot young and hung friend with him too! We're introduced to his new buddy, Callum Jones, and we find out a little about him before we see what he's packing. This is a video for all the cock sucking fans like Myles out there, totally hot and deliciously cum-drenched by the end!
Packer In
Today, we have two new faces for you, and we're sure you're gonna be pleased. The first is tall, dark and imported. Addison Andrews is 26 years of age. At 6'3', this international man of intrigue is a 9
Spanish fly makes all boys fucking horny
They can't wait any moment more so clothes falls down on floor and cock sucking and ass fucking gay session begins. Threes young gay couples are really having fun during long sexcapade which ends with facial cumshoots
Stern Mitch Loses His Cool
Handsome muscle hunk Mitch is the one responsible for holding students in detention, but with unruly Aaron the only boy there and the twinks hunger for cock, things get a little out of control! The hunk can't refuse the boys advances, and gets some sucking, and the boys massive cock in his mouth too. But that's nothing compared to the fucking Mitch gives him, or the massive cum shower he gives the boy!There is so much about young Aaron that you will love. First of all, this Colorado boy is gorgeous, and he has a really hot tanned twink body too. He's also versatile, and considering the size of that massive cock he has it's going to lead to some amazing action for all the greedy dick lovers out there!Mitch might not be a stranger to many of you. This muscled hunk has been in the business for a few years now, always delivering in scene after scene of hardcore action. It's hard to believe that this hunk used to be a twink, but the gym has obviously paid off and now he's one of the hunkiest men in the business!
New Years Cock Hook Up
I met Alex while holiday shopping he was cute. He came back to my place I fucked him with my huge cock while he screamed in pleasure.
U- John & Malakai
Malakai has that bad-boy look that I love and when he told me his favorite Butch Dixon man is U- John I knew what a great combination that would be. Malakai's extreme piercings, all-over tattoos and sparkling blue eyes are just parts of what makes up his dirty fucker image, the facial scruff and number 1 crop are others, and of course his big uncut cock and low-hanging balls complete the picture...U-John is on his best form right now; bearded, very toned and permanently hard - being single certainly suits this guy and he's hungrier than ever. They both loved the dirty old cellar at my place and wanted to fuck right there on the mud floor and over some old crates.There's an extra element to this shoot I wish I could capture - the sheer animal scent these guys gave off as they went at each other; that pungent man-scent was filling the small space until I could taste it - so fucking horny. A powerful cum-shot from U-John was a challenge for Malakai to beat, but he did it, shooting over four feet, right over John's head and almost out of shot. This one's dirty - you'll love it.
Sexy Spring Snack
Ty spent a really nice day with this guys he met at a club. He was really looking forward to getting that cock out of those tight pants since he was able to see the outline. He never imagined how BIG that cock was really going to be!
Troy Scott
Troy's a suited daddy-bear with a strong character and a stronger sex drive. He loves being watched and gets off on the thought of this turning you on. He recounts sexual adventures whilst stroking his fat uncut cock and shoots the biggest, thickest load we've seen in years.
Auditions - Stephan
Sweet, sweet Stephan, slender, pale, hung and of course - uncut. He couldn't wait to strip down and stretch his 'almost' virgin hole wide for my prying, probing....lens!
And just look at the body he's guarding - British power-bottom Dean Monroe, the insatiable cocksmith. No wonder Leo loses control. He runs his hands and his tongue, all over his precious cargo, spit-lubing up Dean's hungry man hole for a rigorous pounding. You can see Dean's loving that hard Teutonic cock bollocks-deep in his hole. The gun isn't fired, but in the end both guys are shooting
Sex Toy Boyz
We found Ryu was rated as the #1 model at Japanboyz after his awesome solo video, so finally brought this twink back for some hardcore action with Tatsushi. This time we wanted to find some new sex toys for Tatsushi to play with. We went with him for a walk to the Sex Toy shop, where he purchases some great goods, including a gigantic vibrating cock and ass massager. Watch as he uses our gorgeous cute twink boy Ryu some amazing pleasure!!
Shower Games
My lover Brandon Ford showers five times a day. It's his thing. He wants to stay clean. I like going in there with him and play some shower games with him. I get him nice and hard then I take him to the bedroom where we get dirty. Like I said...he showers five times a day.
Anoa and Alexandre
If you're into stocky, but muscled, smooth dudes then this is for you ! Anoa and Alexandre could almost be related but judging by the chemistry they had not ever met until the day of our shoot. They both love to fuck unprotected and never held back for our cameras
Star Search
Alexander Garrett and Matthew Star will be steaming up the set on MenOver30 this week. Matt's sexy drawl only adds to this 20yo Southern Boy's charms and he's in for a real treat as our 35 year old Colombian import takes our Tennessee native for a walk on the wild side. Every once in a while you need to expand your horizons. We asked these studs where they would go if they had won an all expense trip anywhere in the world. Alexander would love to explore Asia. He would love to experience the exciting culture of Japan or China. The cradle of civilization is in Matt's sights; as he admits Greece has always been a dream destination for him. They both discovered their dicks at about 12 by accident while exploring their bodies. Both admit they thought something had gone wrong when they went off. Today, after years of experience, we are pleased to know that they have a handle on that situation. When asked what they are best at, Matt admits he is really good at giving girls oral. Alexander agrees and says he loves oral too. These guys may use different visuals when they jack off; but they have enough in common to make for one hot afternoon. Shall we...Alexander and Matt are hanging out as Alexander starts to coax Matt into a massage to help him relieve some stress. 'You know I don't go that way' Matt says before finally giving into a back massage. Alexander starts to rub his shoulders a bit before moving in for a kiss. Matt hesitantly gives in as they start to kiss. Matt stands as Alexander starts to grope his cock and pull off his underwear. Alexander then drops his pants and lets Matt get a better view of his own meat. Matt's eyes open wide as he slowly strokes that thick uncut cock. 'My God, it's so big' he marvels as Alexander's cock throbs in his hand. Alexander then goes to work sucking on the str8 boy's meat launching Matt into orbit. Alexander can't get enough of his thick cock and soon they are back to making out as they rub their hard cocks together. Matt then plays with Alexander's cock, stroking him for a few before his attention turns to that hot Latin ass. Matt gets into position as he slides his thick dick into Alexander. Matt looks down and watches as his cock easily slides in and out of Alexander's tight ass. Matt then sits back on the chair while Alexander straddles him for more. Once impaled, Alexander begins to ride that dick. His hot ass is milking Matt's dick and as he bounces up and down on that dick. That hot ass feels amazing wrapped around his cock. From here, Matt takes Alexander on the couch where he lifts up his jock legs and slides his dick back in missionary. Matt picks up the pace as his balls slap away at that hungry hole. It isn't long before Alexander's cock gives up its content. He unloads all over his defined abs. Matt then pulls out and jacks his own load all over Alexander adding to an already sticky situation.
Business Meeting Fornication
Jayden Grey is tired and bored during his meetings. Such a waste of time. This new year, he's going to try something different. He's going to add some fornication fun to give the meetings some life. Come on, sex is always fun.
Kyler Breaks in Jeremy!
Jeremy Sanders confesses he's pretty terrified for his first hardcore scene but we've got exclusive Kyler Moss on hand to make him feel more comfortable. Never one to disappoint, Kyler deepthroats Jeremy before fucking him in his signature jackrabbit style. Jeremy takes the fucking with ease and Kyler barely has time to pull out before he shoots his load. The new kid finishes off the scene by cumming on Kyler's face.Tall, white-blonde hair, blue eyes and a big smile... Jeremy Sanders is about as twinky as they come! He's only eighteen and decided to apply to BoyCrush thanks to his friendship with Dylan Chambers and Nathan Stratus.I have absolutely fell head over heals in love with Boycrush! I consider them my second family. The models were friendly and not to mention fabulously gorgeous! I've made a lot of friends and met a lot of interesting people. I've also gotten to live out all my BDSM fantasies. I cannot wait to come back and further all my sexual dreams :D.
Erotic Yoga
Erotica yoga ends in the bedroom
Low Back Pain Relief
Drew is getting a massage because he has lower back pain. This creepy masseuse will relieve Drews pain by rubbing every inch of his body. Drew's dick started getting hard and lost all his inhibitions
Daddy-O 'Gasm
Today we bring two titans together and watch the epic sparks fly. Back after an entirely too long absence is fantasy daddy Doug Jeffries. Doug is 44 now and is originally from New York. Brenn Wyson is the second half of this action-packed ensemble. Brenn is originally from Boston and this hot hung stud is an unpredictable one. It's never a dull moment when Brenn is in the house. Today we'll see a different side of the boxer from Boston. We asked these two if they could go back in time and pick a different career to pursue what would that be? Neither of them would have done anything different. They both love what they do. Brenn loves the fact he gets to beat people up for a living as well as meet all sorts of people. Doug likes the opportunities to travel that this business affords him. He also enjoys working with all the different people he'd never had the opportunity to otherwise. These two are hot and horny and no matter how much sex they get on set and off they both admit they love to jack off. Well we've wanted to see these two together for some time now; so let's get this party started... As we start to roll, Brenn already has Doug groping his crotch. He pulls off his shirt as Doug starts to explore Brenn's smooth, defined chest and abs. He undoes his jeans and as he pulls them down he discovers Brenn
Tony Thorn makes a welcome return and what better way to welcome him back than a hot fuck from our favourite French stud? Issac Jones is mixing the cocktails at Black's and Tony's running them to the customers. It's been a long, busy night and the guys end their shift still buzzing. A cocktail will begin to calm them down and a hard, frenzied fuck session will finish the job nicely. Watch out for the famous Issac Jones 'cum-cannon' shot - the crew got wet!
Travis Cooper and Jordan Kline
Travis Cooper has been working hard at his gay-for-pay jobs; he
In the Frame
When top guy, Korben saw Kennedy's beautiful arse and hard, uncut dick so completely exposed for his tongue, fingers and cock to explore, he couldn't resist trying Master U's sling himself. So it was Kennedy's, fat, juicy dick that slid bollocks deep inside Korben's arse. And the fiery red head furiously worked the wet hole until both lads were shooting their hot loads over each other's muscular bodies.