Twink Passions Unleashed
Kaiden Ertelle and Levon Meeks' day begins with some relaxing and chatting by the pool. Kaiden makes small talk, trying to find the courage to ask Levon to come to his room inside. He finally comes out and say it, and to his relief Levon doesn't hesitate for a second. Once inside, Kaiden doesn't waste any time - he tears Levon's clothes down and engulfs his sweet cock. This scene is filled with so much action in so many different positions, it'll be impossible for you not to cum midway through it! These two superb twinks kiss, suck, fuck, lick, cumswap, and more. Hands down the best video you'll see today!Kaiden Ertelle is one of our favorite twinks! He clearly enjoys being on the bottom and getting fucked by a big dick.Levon is a sweet twink that's new to porn. Watch him discover the great world of twink sex!
Up Your Hole 3
Three hot fuckers who like to play rough, nice. Looks like daddies know what they like. At, sweat and leather are the only way to play with a boy and his hungry hole. In this
Does the Carpet Match the Drapes
Brian Bonds is a curious boy. Today he's taking some time to get acquainted with another very handsome young man by the name of Logan Vaughn. Logan is quite strapping. He's well built and sports a mildly shaggy, red beard. But his hair is a different story. It's a naturally lustrous, naturally blonde head of wavy strands. Brian can't help but ask the old cliche, 'Does the carpet match the drapes??' Logan has no problem telling him that he does indeed have blonde pubes. And he's proving it! When Brian pulls down Logan's underwear, out pops a healthy cock, ready for sucking. Brian doesn't hesitate to slurp it down his throat. Logan's face says exactly how good the sensation feels. Then it's Brian's turn to feel Logan's warm mouth wrapped around his hard dick. Logan can't get enough of Brian's long, firm boner. Then Brian's having a taste of Logan's sweet asshole. Watch him spread and lick from underneath while jerking his massive erection. Logan can hardly stand the action any longer without plunging his meat vessel deep into Brian's warm hole. Check out his hot body while he pounds Brian good. These two extremely fine boys are a pair you won't forget! Enjoy!
Calvin's First Huge Cock
Calvin got extremely lucky by meeting me at the mall. He got his tight asshole stretched wide open as I fucked him, until I blew my load all over him.
Carlo & U-John
Carlo Cox uses U-John as his play-thing. Carlo makes a welcome return to Butch Dixon and John makes sure his comeback video is unmissable. These guys match each other in weight, height and sexual appetite and it's hot to see U-John taking a big dick up his ass once more. U-John finds himself alone in a darkened room, wearing just boots and a jock. Nothing unusual; except that he's locked inside a cage with his head in a clamp. The door swings open and Carlo, silhouetted in a shaft of light, announces 'it's play time'.
Eric Evans Comes by for a Wank
If you happen to be needing a pair of skis just outside of Birmingham, be sure to hit up Eric Evans at his day job! Although, admittedly, he'd prefer you be snowboarding. ;-) When this twenty-two year old lad isn't snowboarding, he's working his way up the ranks in kickboxing. We can't think of the last kickboxer we had in the studio, if we've ever had one before! With his nerdy charm and glasses, you wouldn't expect Eric to be able to kick your ass. Although, once we get him talking, it becomes apparent he'd rather have his ass fucked than kick any! Before you go falling in love with his perky ass or fantastic, big cock... Eric's engaged! Considering how good he looks stroking his dick, we can only imagine how his fiance looks! When Eric cums, he nearly hits the other side of the room, shooting a few ropes of cum a very impressive distance.
Nipple play starts this duo on some hot ass filled action. A masked man helps himself to Dai, a hot twink. As the masked man works on the youngster
Rough, Buff And Tough
Chad is a hardcore biker always riding his motorcycle around and making fun of all the puny boys. Though He has a secret he doesn't want anyone to know. He loves to be submissive during sex. He loves taking up the ass hardcore with a big wet dripping cock. He doesn't seem so tough anymore...
Huge, Thick Teen Cock Solo
We caught Jordan laying naked by the pool and decided to follow him with our camera as he went for a swim and then into the privacy of his room. Once he closed the door, Jordan began to stroke and rub his huge cock to full erection. His hot, young, smooth body quivered as he neared orgasm and then he shot a thick load of white, creamy jizz on his belly. He scooped his cum with his fingers and ate all his gooey, sticky sperm juice!
Hot Stud Rocks his Cock for the Camera
Ryan Conners is the king of strutting his stuff on camera and he makes this solo extra special for everyone watching with frequent sensual eye contact and dickplay that ends with loud moaning and hot, wet cum. True performers can make a solo scene just as hot as a duo and Ryan is one of them, you can't take your eyes off him!This pornstar veteran needs no introduction. His years of experience plus a ripped bod and giant dick makes every scene an instant classic. Ryan has extensive experience in the porn world and performs in his scenes in the hottest way possible. His favorite thing is eating twink's asses and wont stop until we tell him to. Don't miss a single one of his hot, cum-filled scenes.
Alex Marte & Kris Irons
Now thats a big, burly bugger, Daddy Alex Marte makes porno new boy, Kris Irons father-figure-fantasy come true as these two, hairy studs get it on on a sofa. No Blah Blah just straight down to horny, unrestrained Man-on-Man action. Kris is putting on a brave face, as much as he wants that uncut length inside him thats a fat piece of meat for such a tight hole. But he perseveres and once Alex Marte has spit lubed his tight fuck-hole and gently pressed that fat dick inside him Kris is riding that pole like a pro. And when we asked Kris where he wanted Alex's steaming load he begged for it in the face and GOT IT.
New Year's Ball
Today, we welcome AJ Banks to CircleJerkBoys. After the impression he made last week on MenOver30
Gay orgy stimulated by alcohol
Really horny gay boys have a fire burning between crotches as they instantly use their dicks to put out the fire as they fuck really hard and shoot hot juice on each other in amazing and crazy sex party
Fraser Jacs And Toby Banks
Toby Banks might look pretty straight when you first see him, but this lean and handsome fork lift driver is as cock hungry as they come! He's a bottom, loves to get fucked hard and rough, and gets off on the idea of doing a football team - don't we all!? He has a big dick that lucky Fraser Jacs is more than happy to service for Toby's welcome video!
Flip Flop Fucking With Luke Desmond And Olli Dale
As soon as they get the go-ahead Luke Desmond and Ollie Dale are on each other and swapping spit, but fans of Luke will know that he's all about swapping hard cock too, and hes got plenty of it to offer!
Morning Delight with Lee and Tommy
We thought we'd venture out of the bedroom this week and have Lee Smith "interrupt" Tommy Benson during his morning cup of coffee. After they trade blowjobs, Lee finds himself on the counter with his legs in the air and Tommy's face buried in his ass. If he was shy about his ass, as a straight bloke, it certainly doesn't seem that way! And considering he hasn't had much experience with other men, Lee seems pretty capable of serving it up to Tommy just right! The two lads fuck like rabbits, with Tommy mostly bent over the kitchen counter, until Lee fucks the cum out of him missionary style. Lee pulls out and jerks off until he dumps his own load all over Tommy's cock and balls.
Painting body and ass fucking game
Two young and skinny gay lovers try to paint walls but their cocks have other idea. So watch how skinny twink gets ass drilled and slammed viciously
Curious Cock Gets Rocked
My sister's friend would always asking me about being gay and noticing how attractive he is one day I decided to just show him my hard boner he had given me. He was really shocked but was actually curious enough to start sucking me off. Oh fuck it was so amazing to turn this curious straight guy into such a great cock sucker!
Hand Ball 5
Oh daddy, you know what we like. Starting off on a monster dildo, this boy quickly moves in with his own hand. Presenting his rose, covered in grease, he is eager to please himself, for our enjoyment. For, we have
Cabana Sex
Chase Young is looking hot. I invited him over to my penthouse to get a bit of relaxation. What I really want, is to fuck his sweet brown-eye on my cabana. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time.
Power Fuck For Bottom Shane
Power Fuck For Bottom Shane
Eating Milanese
Eating Milanese
Waking up in Vegas
JP Richards wakes up with a killer hangover after a night at the casino, he also wakes up with a ring on his finger! He calls over his buddy Dustin Fitch, and instead of thinking about a quickie divorce, these two end up fucking. Dustin loves that black cock, so much so he blows his load halfway through the scene! JP ends up giving him a facial but their snowballing is interrupted by a phone call...Dustin loves to fuck a boy hard! He calls himself a top, but we can't wait to see him bottom. His biggest fantasy is having a young guy, taking all of his dick, bouncing up and down until he's ready to blow his load! The hot body and tight ass also makes Dustin one of my favorite models to date!JP Richards is still fairly new to the porn business, having knocked off a few scenes elsewhere before coming out to work with us. Not only did JP bring a sexy body with him, he brought a great attitude on set, too! You can definitely expect to see him again on Phoenixxx.
Hank Lawton and Christian Matthews
Two hairy buddy bears, Hank & Christian, are tossing a beachball around in the pool when a friendly wager is made... whoever drops the ball, gets fucked. Before the game even starts, Hank already knows who going to win. Not him! Hank rewards the champion with a poolside blowjob before offering up his furry ass for a firm pounding by Christian rock-hard, throbbing cock. Christian isn't shy about making his pleasure known by grunting and shouting loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear.
Spanish Passion
Edin Sol is awaiting his appointment at "La Casa de Love." His host is Jimmy Clay, a muscular specimen of man with a touch of suave. Edin's Spanish passion will be in interesting add to the mix.
Apollo & Fernando
Some of you love your hung monster cocks but how about an abnormally shaped and massively thick shafted cock? Fernando has one of the thickest cocks we have ever seen but Apollo was more than eager to try and suck on it and then be fucked by it! It is all about relaxing muscles to take such a monster fat shaft!
Ace in the Hole
We have two familiar faces back with us this week as we welcome back Cliff Jensen and Logan Drake. Both of these hotties are Florida natives and we
Stuffing the Turkey
Whoever said 'Two is company; but three is a crowd' obviously wasn't in the 'right' company. You won't have to worry about that this afternoon and there are 3 very good reasons why: Ryan Buckley, Ethan Ayers and Parker Perry. Ethan is 32 today and this Austin native is about to have a pretty amazing birthday as he gets better acquainted with 23 year old, Boston boy Ryan Buckley and Parker, a fellow Texan who at 22 is living proof that they really do grow 'em big in Texas. We asked these studs what their favorite classic TV shows were and Golden Girls and Bewitched were among the top contenders. For their modern day favorites Ryan loves The Closer while Ethan and Parker are self admitted fang bangers and all about True Blood. All three of these studs are horny and have all been caught getting their freak on. Ryan had his friend walk in on him which was awkward for her; Parker was caught fucking on the rooftop of a club while Ethan was sucking a dick in the bush when some unsuspecting old man walking his dog got way more than he was looking for. Well, unlike old faithful we're not sure we could ever get enough of these three. Let the games begin.Ethan and Ryan are filling out their paperwork before a shoot when Parker walks in looking for his cell. One thing leads to another and soon Parker is being stripped as he becomes the object of their desire. Parker moans softly as he feels both tongues moving south along his furry chest heading towards his growing crotch. He stands up and starts making out with his new playmates as they haul out his massive 9' cock. They all strip and take each other's cocks in hand stroking as they get their dicks rock hard. Ryan and Parker decide they need to blow out the birthday boy's candle as they kneel and go to work on his rock hard cock. They take turns sucking his dick as Ethan's eyes roll back in ecstasy. The fun then moves over to the couch as Parker sucks Ryan's throbbing cock while Ethan starts to nurse on Parker's. Daisy chains never looked so good. Parker then gets on all four as he offers that sweet furry ass up. Ethan wastes no time before shoving his tongue deep inside him getting that hole ready for more.Ethan slowly slides his thick dick inside as Parker groans and begs for more. Ethan pounds away at Parker as he goes back down on Ryan. Locked in a Chinese Cuff, Parker has dick in both ends as they make use of his hot holes. 'It's my turn for a taste' teases Ryan as he sits back and watches Parker sit on his dick. Parker grinds up and down on Ryan's meat as Ethan goes down on his fat uncut cock. The party moves south as Ryan gets Parker on his back and slides back in for more. 'Fuck me!' moans Parker as Ryan's balls slap away at his hairy hole. Ethan kneels over Parker's face as he strokes his thick dick as he watches Ryan pound that ass. Ethan gets so turned on watching he starts to jack off faster and faster. Ryan's cock is hitting Parker's sweet spot and it sends him over the edge. He explodes all over himself as his thick nut coats his chin and chest. A cum covered Parker sends both Ryan and Ethan over the edge as well as they simultaneously shoot their loads all over Parker. Some guys have all the luck. <evil grin>
Gay Orgy Bukkake Heaven
What started as a lazy day by the pool for 8 of our hot guys turned into an all out cock sucking, bukake party and we caught it all on film! Watch as these eight beautiful, naked guys suck and get sucked until jizz explodes in a chain reaction! Lucky boys, Austin and Phillip get covered in cum icing and then to fulfil their lustful wants; they 69 and finally squirt off their own cum loads!
Erotic Ninja Presents - The Hitma...
In a rented room, a videographer invites a boy to come in and entertain him, while filming all the fun for us to enjoy. At first, the boy servicing is shy and a bit coy about undressing; the videographer helps the boy undress and shows us his nice biceps and abs. In this
Muscle Seduction
Bobby Hart is so cute and hot! I noticed my new roommate as he walked around without a shirt. We grabbed each others cocks until one thing lead to another and we were filling our holes with pleasure!
Interview And Jerk With Tanner
Horny and confident twink boy Tanner has a lot of potential fans out there, and there are always guys looking to find out more about their favorites. He's kicking back and sharing some info in this lengthy interview before hauling out one of the most delicious thick cocks we have ever had the pleasure of filming!Oregon boy Tanner has a lot going for him, and there's a lot about him that our fans absolutely love too. This confident boy has a love of cock that really shows through in his appearances on camera, and there is no denying that a lot of the other boys want to be seen on film with him. They're lining up right now!
A Very Boynapped Christmas
It's the silly season and our Boynapped crew are unwrapping their presents early with Luke Desmond. Jonny and Ashton restrain him to a festive frame and set about humiliating the ripped fucker - jerking him off, fucking him and decorating him like a Christmas tree. Happy holidays for everyone but Luke!
Czech Bate
It's been 5 years since we've seen Peter Stallion on our brother site CircleJerkBoys. Now that this sexy Czech import is back making a rare appearance state side it turns out he's now lucky enough to be a member of the MenOver30 club. Peter is originally from Prague in the Czech Republic and these days he spends a lot more time behind the camera than he does in front of it. At 34 years of age Peter has only gotten better with age. He's leaner and even more handsome if that is even possible. Peter got his start in porn by first doing large sex parties for horny drunk women. That madness led to film opportunities and today is incredibly busy spending most of his time directing films and searching out new talents to film. Peter fucks just about everything from 18 to 60 years old. He's a total ass man and loves to just grab a girl and fuck her really hard and if he can fuck her doggy style that would be even better. Peter loves it when a girl can handle it a bit rougher so he can slap her around and have his way with her. Even in his personal life he likes her to know who's in charge. Today we get to see Peter in charge of the show as he gives us a refresher on everything 'Stallion'. -So, Saddle-up Gentlemen. Wearing a tight tee and white shorts, Peter begins by pulling up his shirt to show off his smooth abs and flexes his pecs. He's leaned down over the last few years and in better shape than ever. He takes off his shirt and shows off his huge biceps, his obliques, his triceps and his well defined back. He's definitely been dedicating time at the gym and its paying off. He undoes his shorts and starts to play with that other muscle. You know the one, <evil grin>, as it starts to tent his briefs. He lets his shorts fall off as he slips his hand inside his underwear to tug on his uncut cock. He looks at the camera and gives us a grin as he jacks his cock giving it the attention it needs. Peter is naturally smooth and he keeps it that way. Peter peels off his briefs and shows off his throbbing cock. He then gets on the couch and bends over showing off that spectacular ass. His ass, also hairless, is perfection. It's beefy and muscular and winking at us as he plays with his cock and spreads those cheeks wide. He looks right at the camera with those bedroom eyes knowing exactly what you're thinking. (...but you're never gonna get it!) He then sits back on the couch; spreads his thick legs apart and goes back to work jacking that meat. He grabs his hard cock at the base and squeezes as his cock throbs inside its foreskin. He spits on his knob and picks up the pace as his smooth balls begin to pull up tight around the base of his cock. He gets closer to climax and as he does he gets on his feet to unload that meat. Our cameras take cover and get a great view of Peter's cum blasting wave after wave of thick load as it splatters all over the glass above. Let's hope we don't have to wait another 5 years for more Peter.
Pumpkin Seed
It's Halloween weekend and keeping in the spirit we decided to bring our members a treat by the name of Richie Sabatini. It's been a while since we've seen this 23 year old Miami boy; but we're always happy to have him. Tyler Shields is here as well and making his debut. This 22 year old Indiana native may be enjoying himself here in Florida; but things are about to get even better. We asked these two after all their bills were paid what was the last thing they treated themselves to. Tyler recently bought himself a crotch rocket. For Richie it was clothes from Armani Exchange. We then asked them if money was no object what they would want to acquire. Richie would want a jet ski. For Tyler he would just spend the money on more parts for his new bike. We then decided to wrap things up by asking if they could be in the middle of a hot fantasy three-way who would they pick as their partners. Richie has a partner so he would be behind him and in front he isn't sure at the moment. For Tyler, he also has a partner that would be bringing up the caboose. As for who would be in front of him, he wouldn't mind Johnny Hazzard to slide into. Well, get in line, who wouldn't?! Well, enough talk- let's get these two naked...Two demons walk into a bar with a bottle of lube in one hand and a boner in the other... well, not exactly; but somehow they make it home together. Richie and Tyler are back from a night of trick or treating and start to explore each other still wearing their masks. They are short lived as they join Richie's pants on the floor. Tyler hauls out Richie's thick cock as he gets to work sucking his dick. Richie moans as he gets his cock worshiped. Tyler takes his time as he savors Richie's rock hard meat. Tyler then gets up to make out with Richie for a bit before Richie gets on his knees to return the favor. Tyler gasps as Richie wraps his lips around his aching cock. Richie slowly services Tyler's dick as he runs his hot tongue along the length of Tyler's shaft down over his smooth balls. An amazing shot from below shows off Richie's oral skills as Tyler orders him to suck his dick. Tyler and Richie go back to making out as their hard cocks rub together. They haven't had enough of each other so they reconvene on the floor in a steamy 69 where each can get as much cock as they want before moving on to bigger and better things.These two studs are rock hard and Richie's cock needs more than Tyler's sweet mouth. He sits back and watches as Tyler straddles him in a reverse cowgirl. Tyler's stroking his hard cock as he impales himself on Richie's. He takes it like a champ as Richie's cock claims that ass. Tyler starts to grind that hot ass up and down on that dick driving Richie nuts as he moans in ecstasy. Tyler wants every inch of it as he leans back and bucks that hot ass back onto Richie's dick. Tyler then gets up and gets right back on that dick only facing Richie this time. Richie grabs Tyler's taught waist as he helps bounce him on that dick of his. Tyler has a hot ass and knows how to use it as he bounces up and down on that dick. Richie then gets on the couch and braces as Tyler gets behind him and gives him some of the same. Tyler slides his cock into Richie's hungry hole as he grunts and takes it deep. Richie does his best to accommodate Tyler's fat dick as he gets that ass stretched open. Tyler slowly fucks that ass and soon they are both ready to blow. They stand opposite each other and bust their loads all over a very lucky jack-o-lantern and themselves. Mmmmm Trick...Or treat?-you decide!
Bangers & Mash
We have Leo Castro in the house this week. Leo made quite the splash a while back as this 28yo, 6'4 'Brasileiro' made his debut and we were only too eager to help. Tall with dark features and a chiseled frame this stud could give the infamous girl from Ipanema a run for her money. Originally from Sao Paolo, Brazil, he currently lives in the UK. Leo first discovered he was hetero-flexible while attending his brother
James Pershaw And Riley Tess
Hairy and handsome Riley Tess is back again to offer his tight hole to another of our hotties after getting fucked by Lincoln recently. James Pershaw has been hungry for more action too recently, so it was a great opportunity! The guys are so into sucking all that hard uncut cock, pausing their fuck to taste each other some more before James sinks right back in and fucks a hard load out of his bottom boy, then pulling out to decorate Riley's back with his ball juice!
Sexing the Intern on a Business Trip
Wade Westin doesn't want his intern Jacobey London to be bored on their business trip, but Jacobey's got an idea how they can entertain each other. They make good use of the hotel room the company's paying for as Wade fucks Jacobey up the ass on the coffee table and couch. Jacobey blows his load all over his stomach while being fucked before Wade paints him with cum, too!Jacobey London has worked in retail and he hopes to work as a dance choreographer one day, but for now he's making money making hot porn! This toned, brunette is quite the bottom, too, and we've put him through his paces with some very hot tops.Wade Westin has the kind of flawless caramel skin that everyone envies, the fact that he'd also got a great body and a handsome face just isn't fair! We've seen Wade top and bottom and he does both well; versatility really is best, no?
Foster Care
Aiden Lane is back this week and we love to have this native Floridian in the house. Aiden is going to help us welcome a new face to the circle Mr. Jordan Foster. Jordan has a bit of Southern swagger with a slight accent. Jordan is 20 years old and originally from Bowling Green, KY. We asked these boys whose fan club they would want to be a member of. Aiden would want to be a member of Taylor Lautner
Dolan Wolf, Delta Kobra and Sam Bishop
Dolan Wolf is always eager for more, and we know Delta Kobra is insatiable, so we had to throw Sam Bishop into the mix and punish him from both ends with two big, fat uncut dicks. Its a steaming, sexy combo as the lads take it in turns smashing Sam's hole to sopping smithereens, thrusting their meat deep into him from both ends and cumming in his slutty, satisfied face. Big dicks, big loads and big appetites for sex.
Buff Brown Papi
Buff Brown Papi
Latino Love
Tyler Alexander has a new Latino roommate, Bobby Hart. Bobby is a heart throb, better yet a cock throb. He's been eying Alex ever since he moved in. Alex has no clue that his roommate wants to fuck him. He's about to find out.
Sneaky Touch
I guess this buddy of mine has been craving me for ages. He took a chance and snuck up on my goods. Nothing gets me harder than a man who takes initiative to get what he wants. And after we came on each other, he left the same way he came in - through the window.
Special Invitation
Hunter Page gave Luke a very special invitation to come and fuck anytime Luke desired. Hunter prepared himself for the big bulge that was going to be penetrating him into pleasurable bliss.
100 Dollar Bet 2
100 Dollar Bet scene2
Macho Man vs Giant Cock
Nikko is a buff tough guy. He doesn't play around...except with some cock. Nikko likes them big and today they are as big as they come. Hope this tough guy can handle it.
Seth Takes It BIG
Seth never had such a huge cock before he was completely caught off guard by it. I fucked his tight asshole while he screamed in pleasure...
All Choked Up
Sit back and buckle your seat belts cuz we have a doozy for you as we welcome back Brenn Wyson as well as David Chase. Brenn is 39 and this Bostonian now calls Ft. Lauderdale home. David Chase is 30 years old and from Jacksonville, FL and although he is making his debut with us this week he
Cock Sounding Twink Billy
Who would have thought that innocent looking twink boy Billy would have some experience with something as extreme as cock sounding? But here we are, joining the boy as he fucks his ass with a toy and then slides a metal sounding rod down into his cock for some intense sensations before jacking out his load!Check out Billy and you will swoon! He's so handsome, and he has a great body and a rock hard cock too. His ass is one of the best things about him though. He's a real confident versatile boy who loves to play both roles, and with an ass and a cock like that there are a lot of guys who would gladly be either a top or bottom for him!
A New Job with Cock on the Side
Jake Steel's wife doesn't like the constant travel of his new job, but she does like all the money. Little does she know he's off fucking Aaron West! They suck each other's dicks before Aaron bends over the bed to take Jake's dick up his ass. Jake rides Aaron's tight ass in a few positions before they both jerk off to creamy finishes.The only thing more captivating than Aaron West's bright blue eyes is his perky butt! This eighteen year old Southern boy is new to the porn industry and excited to get his start with Phoenixxx. He says he's usually into younger guys like himself, but if the model is hot, he's willing to try anything!Jake Steel looks like he could have walked right off a fashion runway and onto a porn set; how lucky are we that this gorgeous stud is getting naked on camera? At 6'2" and with a lean, stunning body, we're happy to see Jake Steel get freaky with anyone and he's ready for it! At Phoenixxx, he fucks and gets fucked by a variety of older and younger men.
Chinups and Jerkoffs
Oh, I see you're working the biceps with some chinups? Nice, but can you handle a cock? Expecially a fat one? Oh you can? Well lets see how far I can stuff it in your throat. No talking now, focus on the shaft in your mouth. Not bad, but lets see how you do with a suprise butt attack!
Sloppy Seaman
Enjoy watching hunky gay men with oozing creampie ass after long anal fucking fun in hardcore porn action
Caught Out In Gym Class
After being caught passing notes in gym class, Jacob is punished by his cruel teacher, Mr Jenkins. Jacob is made to count as Mr Jenkins brutally spanks his pupil before changing the position and doing it over again. Jacob is then forced to suck his teachers big cock before being laid down and shown what a real facial is.
Straight Guy Changes Teams
Jeremy is a real ladies man, never questioning his sexuality, But he's never recieved a massage from me before, and strange feelings start to emerge. Soon enough I'm fucking in all his holes and shooting my load all over his chest. I guessing he'll be back around for a lot more
Haruo Arata is in today
The Gift of Challenge
We've pushed Riley Tess to his limits but each time he wants more, so this time we called Jonnostore and asked for 'the big gun'. Daniel James is a big-dicked, merciless fucker, (luv that tight foreskinnned, pale cock of his), and this time the insatiable, super-bottom takes on not just Daniel's big-uncut tool but a huge dildo, and he still wins. Daniel loosens him up with his dick and then ruins Riley's hole with the huge toy. Riley's struggling, but even as he struggles …he's loving that stretching feeling.
Jack Brave and Jayson Park
We see Jayson Park is back up to his old tricks again on DaddyRaunch and this time he's with Jack Brave. Licking arm pits, taking it raw and hard with all the dirty talk and nasty sex a man can throw at him. Watch Jayson deep throat Jack's big cock all the way to the base and rim his ass while Jack jerks off with Jayson's nose buried in his balls. "Like to smell my nuts boy?" we hear Jack say. Up on the bench on his knee's as we watch Jack bury that monster deep in Jayson's ass. It's like watching a scene from the movie "Deliverance" and this time we get to see ALL of the action! Jack says "I'm gonna cum" and Jayson tells him "cum in my ass"... "shove it my ass." Jack's cock is so big we can see the vein on the back of his shaft swell and pulse as he unloads inside Jayson. "Like that cum up your ass?"... "Now that hole is real nice and wet" Jack says. Jayson asks Jack to do him a favor and sit on his face while he jerks off. Jack loves the good rimming Jayson is giving him sitting on his face and blows another load all over Jayson's stomach. Jack hops down and fingers Jayson while he finished himself off... "you're covered in cum bro" we hear from Jack as the camera zooms in on Jayson's torso.
Big Cock Party
Guy Holiday is in town and has met some new hot boys to play with. He's looking for a good time and a big cock for that extra kick. We all know he loves to play, but can he play with the big boys.
A Knight at Cole's
Georgia's favorite son is back with us this week as we gladly welcome back Cole Harvey. Cole is 22 and with the blond hair, blue eyes and that Southern twang we just can't get enough. His costar this week, JT Knightley, is also 22 but isn't from these parts. No, this week's d
Jordan Takes a Break with Tyler
Jordan Ashton is taking a break when his boss, Tyler Andrews, catches him slacking off. Tyler is soon leaning back against the ladder with his pants around his ankles as Jordan sucks his dick down. Tyler gets a taste of Jordan's cock before teasing his hole with his fingers. Jordan's ass is wet with lube as Tyler's cock slides in and out of his hole. He's even picked up and fucked right off his feet before taking Tyler's load in the face.After just his first scene with Phoenixxx, Jordan Ashton says he's already having more fun with the jock guys. The cute blonde was rocked in his scene with Tyler Andrews; how will he handle the other guys we have in store? Jordan can take cock with the best of them, so we're betting he'll handle them just fine!Tyler Andrews has a body we'd love to go up one side of and down the other. Firm, athletic, and a modest amount of body hair (when he lets it grow in!). The 22 year old Georgia-native may be straight, but he's a great performer and an energetic top we're thrilled to work with at Phoenixxx.