Jarrod Woodcock Interview
Jarrod Woodcock is a hot new 18 year old arriving on the site ready to take on some of the other guys. He's a handsome young man who is certainly no stranger to sharing his body with the boys, but performing on film is something new. Thankfully he shows he's a real pro and gets that uncut cock hard and wanking in no time, delivering a great cum shot by the end too. Line up the guys, we have a present for them! lol
Christopher's Big Cock Love
Christopher Daniels had a very special surprise for his favorite big cock. He wanted to romance his way into his lovers pants. Little did he know, he could have skipped all the lovey-dovey stuff and gotten straight to the fucking!
Turner the Beat Around
ExtraBigDicks is in full effect and Trey Turner joins us to make sure. Wild and hung horses couldn't keep Trey away when he heard Mario Costa and his Cuban horsecock were a' cumin'. Who could blame him? We asked these two familiar faces about some of their favorite things growing up. When it came to candy, Trey loved Nerds Rope and Mario loved Nerds as well. Favorite bedtime stories: Trey loved Little Red Riding Hood yet Mario doesn't have one that stood out. So we asked Mario what his favorite TV show was instead. 'I was living in Cuba' Mario laughs, 'in Cuba there are no TV shows'. Oops. Well here in Miami, he admits he loves to watch Dancing with the Stars along with Trey who also agreed he loves the reality TV show craze. We then turned the topic to sex off camera and asked Trey, who has been mostly a bottom for us, if the same applied at home. Trey is actually more of a top at home with his boyfriend. Mario has mostly been a top on cam for us with the occasional foray into the bottom zone. At home Mario admits he's black and white, going with the flow depending on who he's with. Well the flow this afternoon will be directed up into Trey's love canal. Objections, anyone? (...that was completely rhetorical!)Mario is sitting with Trey and asks him why he's wearing a CircleJerkBoys cap. Trey assures him that it's not important cuz they're on ExtraBigDicks and it's exactly what he wants from him as he reaches for it. They start to kiss as their hands and tongues explore each other. Mario licks Trey's impressive abs and works his tongue all over Trey's nips and chest. Trey then goes south to get a closer look at Mario's package. He slips onto his knees and pulls off Mario's shorts. Mario's uncut python is growing by the second as Trey licks at it through his briefs. Trey then sets it free as he takes a moment to appreciate what's coming. He opens wide and shoves as much cock as his mouth can hold as he starts to service Mario. Mario moans as he watches Trey bob on his Cuban meat. Mario then stands to give Trey better access as Trey continues to nurse on his throbbing cock. Trey then turns around; gets on all four and shows Mario just where he's gonna want that dick. Mario strokes his pole as he stares at Trey's hungry hole. Mario then gets on his knees to return the favor as he takes Trey's cock in his mouth, driving him wild.They take turns for a while sucking on each others big dicks and when Mario is ready for more he bends Trey over and shoves his tongue up inside that hole. Trey moans like a bitch as he whimpers at the sensation just begging to get that ass stuffed. Mario isn't about to disappoint him as he stands into position and slides in. Trey's hole takes that fat dick deep, finally getting what it needed. Mario pounds that ass deep as Trey moans his gratitude. Mario then pulls out and sits back and has Trey sit on it. Trey stands in front of him and sits right down on it as he reaches back to brace himself on the chair and ride. He mounts that cock like a seasoned jockey as that ass swallows every aching inch of Mario's monster cock. Missionary is next as Mario gets Trey on his back. Trey spreads them wide to give Mario the ass he needs. Mario slides inside and shoves his dick so deep it makes Trey's eyes roll back. Mario fucks that ass faster and harder as Trey begs him for more. 'C'mon, fuck the cum outta me!' Trey begs as Mario starts to jackhammer into that ass. That does the trick as Trey explodes all over his abs. Mario is right there as well as he pulls out and shoots his thick batch all over Trey's cum covered cock and abs.
Young painter makes break from the work
Young paintiers makes break from the work. He is having fun with his young friend who bents over the ladder and gets his ass fucked
Devin Intervention
We are bringing you a special update this week that just screams Double Trouble. Devin Adams is back with us and we are always glad to see this tall drink of water from Ft. Lauderdale. Devin is 24 and he's amassed quite the fan following with that sweet body and a smile that can brighten any room. Devin is helping us welcome a new face to the circle Duncan Black. Duncan, a baby faced cutie from Minneapolis, is just 22 years young. The leaves are changing and autumn's in the air (everywhere but here in the tropics where it's scorchin') so Halloween can't be too far off. We asked these two what their favorite costume to date was. Devin was a Genie last year and he really loved that costume. Make a wish anyone? Duncan was going to be a vampire last year but a wardrobe fang malfunction made him morph into a vampire hunter instead. To wrap it up we asked these two if they still jerk off despite having so much sex on set. Devin admits sometimes it's just easier to jerk off and get it done than to have to go out and look for things to work out. Dustin takes this category with his casting couch confession: 'Not really. I normally just get laid a lot!' <Our hero>Devin is kicking back on the workout bench while Duncan keeps staring at his dick. 'You got something for me?' Duncan grins admitting he's kinda hungry at the moment. He reaches over and starts to grope Devin's growing cock. He unzips his jeans and takes out Devin's cock. Devin gasps as Duncan swallows his dick. He glides his hot mouth up and down on Devin's throbbing cock as Devin moans his appreciation. Duncan is on his knees worshiping that cock and taking it as far down his throat as he can. He takes his time savoring every inch of that hard dick as Devin stands to give him better access as well as allow him to slide it in even deeper. Devin pulls Duncan to his feet and gets behind him to undo Duncan's jeans and help get him out of them. He peels down Duncan's tight boxer-cut briefs that are struggling to contain his boner. Duncan's thick cock is standing at attention and needing some of the same. Devin kneels and goes to work returning the favor as he swirls his tongue along the underside of Duncan's cock. He slides that cock into his mouth getting him horny for more. He then spins Duncan around to get a taste of that smooth ass. Devin shoves his face inside as his tongue starts to fuck that hot hole. Duncan is writhing in ecstasy as he gets that ass rimmed deep. 'I'm gonna fuck that ass' Devin teases 'you ready for it?' He stands up and gets that dick in place as he slides it inside that spit lubed hole. Duncan groans aloud as Devin starts fucking that ass deep. He slaps that ass as he buries his fat meat deep into Duncan's tight ass. Duncan can't get enough as he bucks that ass back onto Devin's meat, begging him to fuck him harder. Devin is getting that ass doggy style as his smooth balls slap away at Duncan's hole. Devin then gets Duncan on his back as he kneels on the floor for more. He holds those legs up as his cock finds its way back inside that hot hole. Devin picks up the pace slamming his dick deep into Duncan's ass as Duncan gets exactly what he was hoping for. The deeper Devin shoves it in the louder Duncan moans with joy. Devin's pelvis is on overdrive as he slams into that hot ass that's milking his sweet dick. The incline bench is doing its best to hold Duncan as Devin intensifies his anal assault nearing his own climax. His thick cock hits Duncan's sweet spot over and over until he can't hold off any longer. 'I'm gonna cum!' he moans as Devin fucks him harder sending his load all over his smooth abs. Devin is seconds behind him as he pulls out and shoots his own load all over Duncan's cum-drenched navel.
I'll Show You Mine
Aaron White is making his debut with us this week and we're glad to have this sexy 21yo from Santa Rosa, CA. Aaron is a cute jock lookin' morsel who has been doing competitive gymnastics since he was five. He no longer competes but maintains his defined body by working out on the mat and the high bar. Aaron lost his cherry at the age of 17 and he admits it was a good experience. He's currently single and into older guys that take care of themselves. If they can also 'help' and take care of him he's all for it. We bet! He's also drawn to guys that have a good sense of humor and a work ethic as well. When he does have time to spare and up to watch some TV, Aaron loves to laugh watching Family Guy. He's a huge Seth McFarlane fan. In closing we wondered when he gets horny the most and he confesses that after working out there is that possibility. He blushes and admits that he's seen guys going at it in the locker rooms. He's never been one to pass up a free show, but Aaron' not about to go about getting his rocks off in public. Lucky for us, we're about to get a front row seat as Aaron doing just that...in private.Aaron starts checkin' himself out in the reflection of his phone, he decides to start taking pics of himself. First his face, then his abs and after pulling up his shirt he starts playing with his sweet nipples. He takes off the shirt and shorts as he snaps away taking more pics. Aaron is naturally smooth and the years of gymnastic have sculpted his tight body into a delicious work of art. He holds out his boxers as he takes one last pic before losing them altogether. His hard cock is aching to be released as he drops his drawers. His hard cock springs out as Aaron wraps his hand around it and starts to stroke it. It is at full mast as he teases and tugs on it wanting to give it the pleasure it needs. He sits back and plays with his dick as he takes turns stroking it with both hands. As the camera heads south to give us a better view, Aaron shows off his smooth nut sack and hard cock. Aaron then sits back to continue working his rigid boner and give us all a better view. He then sits back on the couch, spreads those legs out and keeps working that dick a bit more. Aaron knows exactly what he's doing as he gets on the incline bench face down and arches his lower back putting that smooth, muscular ass on display. He spreads his cheeks apart as he slaps and shows off that hot ass. Aaron then flips over onto his back and gets back to work on that hard cock of his. He picks up the pace as he gets closer and closer to climax. His cock throbs as Aaron beats off and with a grunt signals the inevitable. His hard cock shoots its cargo sending jet after jet of hot load all over Aaron's smooth abs and chest.
The Hoover Maneuver
When was the last time you begged for mercy? Well, hold that thought cuz after this week's webisode you'll be beggin us for mercy alright-Evan Mercy. Evan is a 21 yr old blue-eyed ginger import from the Bluegrass state of Kentucky. Apparently tobacco, horses and whiskey aren't the only things Kentucky's managed to get right. <evil grin> Wait, there's more... His costar today is a blast from our not so distant past, Tony Douglas. Tony is 24 now and he was also born in Kentucky. KY is in the house. With all the lottery winning these days we asked these two if they were to hit it big what would be the first thing they'd get with their winnings. Tony would get a new car for sure; but while Tony was thinking locally Evan was thinking globally. 'My own clothing line' beams Evan. He'd want to launch a brand that would be recognizable world wide. In the spirit of a celebratory toast, we asked these studs what their drink of choice was. It's Jack for Tony who likes it neat; though a splash of Coke works too. Evan once again steals the show, 'Personally I like some stuff that's brewed in the hills; but legally I'd have to say Tequila.' Evan's getting ready to vacuum when he finds a titty mag under the couch. Boner break! He sits on the couch and starts to feel his crotch as he flips through the mag. Soon that cock needs more room as he hauls it out and starts to jack off. Sitting next to the vacuum gives Evan a good idea as he pulls out the hose and flips it on. He teases the head of his cock with the suction of the hose then rubs the hose along his shaft and near his balls. He aims that hard cock back towards the hose and is about to go for it when Tony walks in and takes over. He startles Evan who suddenly has Tony on his knees between his legs. 'You don't need this, Evan' Tony grins as he takes Evan's hard cock in his mouth. Evan just moans as he gets that country cock and balls worshiped. Tony swallows every inch of it as he pleasures his buddy. Evan's cock is rock hard as it disappears down Tony's throat. Evan can't get enough of that hot mouth. He knows girls can't do this anywhere near as well; so when he needs it done right it takes a man to do the job.Tony then slides a rubber on Evan's dick and sits back on it. He gets that dick inside him and then starts to ride Evan in a reverse cowgirl. Evan just gasps at the sensation of Tony's tight ass wrapped around his meat. He starts to slam his cock up into Tony's ass fast and hard making Tony whimper with delight. Evan's balls slap away at that ass as he jack rabbits into his hole. Tony then gets up and straddles that dick again but facing Evan as they go right back to fucking. Tony gets his groove going and gets that ass used to that meat as he grinds down on it sending Evan into orbit. 'Aw just like that' Evan moans as Tony bucks back and forth on that dick. Tony fucks himself silly riding Evan's dick. Evan then gets Tony to stand up and gets a taste of his cock. He works on Tony's meat for a few sucking that dick and licking those balls. Evan then gets Tony back on the couch where he holds his leg up and shoves his hard dick back inside. He lies behind Tony as he continues to rail into his tight ass. He picks up the pace as he slams back into that hole sending Tony over the edge. Tony bust a load all over himself and Evan isn't far behind as he pulls out and shoots all over Tony's ass and balls.
Steamy Sex Orgy
I went to this really famous Bathhouse in the underground scene because I was feeling super horny and frisky! Well I knew exactly what to expect and I'm glad I was joined by some super yummy guys with big dicks! We had a great orgy!
Sake Sex Games
Tatsushi and Koji are back. After drinking some delicious Sake, they decide they should play a hot sex game. Paper, Scissors, Rock only the loser must disrobe an item of clothing. The winner will have to be a sex slave to the loser. Can you guess who the lucky loser will be? Looks like Tatsushi won this round and soon gets Koji on the bed to suck his cock. Next he's fucking this boy's hot behind before finally spraying his load all over Tatsushi's face. Tatsushi commands Koji to eat the cum, and our willing slave takes it in his mouth.
Waynes Worlds
We have a special episode today as we welcome back Girth Brooks. The Man, the Myth, the Cock is back to show us how it's done and welcome a new edition to the site, Tanner Wayne. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, Girth's a sexy Bostonian that's 30 years young and packs an almost 9' cock that's about 7.5' in circumference. He credits his Polish descendents for giving him his High School nickname 'The Polish Hammer'. Tall and hunky Tanner is 24 years young and originally from Nebraska. We asked these studs what was the last thing they watched on TV. Girth caught some political spin on CNN. Tanner worked up his appetite watching The Food Network. Other than TV, Girth likes to either work out or fuck some dudes on his free time. <TEAM GIRTH!> Tanner likes to work out on his spare time as well; and likes pushing himself and going on long runs to blow off steam. Everything seems to be falling into place as Tanner admits he's not a size queen; but he can be impressed. Well today, Girth is going to show Tanner just how all that big equipment works; the proper care for it...and then some.As we begin we have Girth standing as he gropes his growing crotch. His hands run under his tee as he feels his hairy pecs and abs. His shirt comes off and hits the couch as he continues his sexy strip tease. He undoes he belt and shoves his hand in his pants to accommodate his fat cock that by now is growing by the second. He pushes his jeans down and starts to tug on his cock through his boxers. The outline of his massive cock strains against the cotton longing to be released. (Enter Tanner: stage right) 'Get your fuckin hand on my cock' moans Girth as Tanner kneels and starts to grope his cock and rubs his face all over it. Tanner soon pulls that underwear down to get at the real deal; opens wide and takes that fucking dick. Girth moans as he gets that thick cock sucked on giving it the attention it craves. 'Lick my balls you dirty fuckin whore' Girth grunts as Tanner does as he's told lapping at his huge nut sack. Tanner takes that dong all the way down his throat driving Girth wild as he talks dirty to him and tells him exactly what to do on his throbbing meat. 'Stick your tongue out' Girth orders, slapping his cock on his tongue before turning around to give him something else he could lick, 'fuck yeah get that ass you dirty whore' Tanner eats that ass out shoving that tongue deep inside.Girth can't wait any longer and pulls Tanner to his feet before shoving him against the wall and ripping off his tee. He manhandles Tanner as Girth climbs on a chair and has Tanner get under him so he can keep licking his hole. Girth then sits on the floor and orders Tanner to drop his pants and sit on his fat dick. Tanner doesn't need to be told twice and is soon sliding onto that meaty pole. Tanner is rock hard as he starts to ride Girth as he bounces up and down on it. Girth groans as he helps bury his meat in that sweet. Girth then gets Tanner and bends him over as he slides inside him and takes that sweet ass doggy style. 'Take all that fuckin dick, filthy whore' Girth moans as his balls slap away at that tight ass he's stretchin' wide open. The hornier Girth gets the dirtier he talks as he slams that huge cock deep into Tanner's hole. Tanner is grunting as he does his best to accommodate that monster dong. Pile driver is next as Girth gets Tanner on the floor and hoists his legs up over his head giving up that sweet ass for more pounding. Girth slams inside and starts to do squats into that ass and it sends them both over the edge. Girth pulls out and sprays all over Tanner who joins him in covering his chest abs with thick load. As soon as Girth is done, he bounces leaving Tanner on the floor in puddle of cum saying those three little words ...'Girth, Call me!'
Sex in the Break Room
Jimmy took a nap in the break room. He decided to get a bit too comfortable by taking off all his clothes. Jason, his co-worker, found him and got all horny over Jimmy's hot body. They have about 45 mins to get a good fuck before everyone goes to lunch.
A Father's Permission
A Father's Permission
Gorgeous Woody Fox Beats His Meat
Gorgeous Australian traveller Woody Fox doesn't know it, but we're not letting him go home. Seriously, if we get our hands on his passport we'll burn it! This gay guy is so hot, but although he claims to be "vanilla" and talks about romance, after watching him stroking the cum from his 7 inch uncut cock and really getting into it, we're not so sure he's so mainstream after all!
Tied to Cross and Flogged
Restrained against a cross, Justin James can't even see what's coming when Ashton Bradley gets his whip out for a good flogging. When he's done getting his captive red and raw, Ashton fucks him deep in one final act of humiliation.
Alex & Arnold
If you've ever put your car in for a service and the mechanic was hot, then this shoot will certainly turn you on! Alex is a full time mechanic and even when at home loves to service his car. Arnold his neighbour mate and friend, not only uses his mechanical experience but uses his sexual experience too
Boy Toy Sex Trap
"The sex trap in full effect. Order food back at the pad, get a little snack in the belly then offer up some thick hot chocolate cock for dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth. This fool couldn't resist my fat chocolate cock so after I fucked his face and pummeled his ass I blasted a nice little frosting treat all over his lips for good measure."
Timo's Hot Tub Adventure
Timo Garrett wows the camera with a relaxing hot tub solo that ends with a dildo show. The way he moves it in and out of his ass is almost as hot as the real thing and he finishes with a cumshot that's just a hot. This solo is just a hint at the incredibly sexy performances Timo is just aching to give!Timo started modeling and immediately because a staple model for Boycrush purely due to the passion and intensity he puts into every since one of his videos. Every scene he performs in is an instant classic.
Lube Job
Back with us this week is Jarred King and today he
Rods Fantasy
Rod Daily has a fantasy and a magic computer that makes it come true! Rod selects 4 hot studs to join him for a Jizz Orgy where he tops and bottoms with Andrew Stark, Colby Jansen, Duncan Black and Bobby Clark!
The Line Up
What happens when you leave five bad-ass horny studs in a holding room? Well, they have a Jizz Orgy! This hot group fuck session features Tommy Defendi, Landon Conrad, Marcus Ruhl, Liam Magnuson & Trevor Knight.
We like 'em hot and we love 'em uncut, Leigh might be straight but he did mention that he's curious and adventurous? So as your eyes wander over his hard cock and virgin-tight arse hole, you can wonder how far he'd go... He might let you suck his dick, he might squirt a throat full of hot jizz into your eager mouth. But for now we're just happy that he likes to show off his muscular body and stiff dick. Leigh gets very turned on by watching himself wank, so he at least finds one man attractive!
Fire-Side Romance For Horny Lovers
Fire-Side Romance For Horny Lovers
Shane Asshole Stretched!
Shane hasn't been fucked hard lately...he decided to try something different. This is his first huge black cock in his tight asshole. He definitely wasn't ready for this...
Twinky Teen Fuckers Riding Hard
This is an amazing combination of two hot, barely legal, young smooth guys that begins with kissing, cuddling and dick sucking. Dylan is a tall, skinny, smooth twink with a huge cock and Jacob is a long haired skater with a tight ass. Dylan drills Jacobs asshole in multiple positions as he power fucks his young friend. Jacob loves his ass being filled and expanded as his young cock stays rock hard until he explodes a thick load of jizz on his belly. Dylan continues to fuck the cute skater until he has a massive orgasm, then he removes his condom and pours his sweet cum in Jacobs open mouth. The teen boys kiss and swap cum as this highly erotic video concludes in perfect, cum soaked contentment.
Afternoon Pool Time
Felix cleans up before afternoon ass play. He gets super wet in the pool.
Scorpio Rising
This week we have a special treat for you so grab your junk cuz this one
Leo Domenico & Chase Reynolds
Leo Domenico is a truly handsome guy, as sexy and hung as Chase Reynolds is cute and horny. But Chase isn't a boy whole took it lying down, he pushed back hard on Leo's big Greek dick, and just wait until you see leo's magnificent 'drencher-fountain' cum shot.
Body Shop
Body Shop
Better with a Friend
The more the merrier. After a nice day at the beach Brandon invites a friend over for a surprise. A nice, 12 inch surprise.
Attack Of The Giant Cock
Fuck this guy's cock is fucking huuuuuuge!!! Scottie got what he asked for, a giant cock to stuff his purple starfish so he can get that massive orgasm he always wanted. Though this half ton meat pole might be too much for him....
Cum Shopping 4
An exotic young Thai boy and his British boyfriend are in the shower, soaping each others smooth, firm bodies. There uncut dicks stiffen against each others hot, wet bodies, as they get down to some hot sucking and fucking.
Lower My Tuition
Lower My Tuition
Stud Urto
One of the few 'real bears' I've shot in a while, this horny Sicilian has more than enough personality and sex drive to fill the gap. He bounded into the studio and was soon naked, hard and very, very horny.Stud Urto?It means stuborn apparently (one word though...) and it suits this bear who won't take no for an answer.
Sam Barclay and Jordan Sins
Out begging on the street, Ollie encounters a handsome young businessman (Sam Barclay) who looks like a fine, upstanding citizen! As they head back to the young man's place, Ollie is taken into a sex dungeon in the basement, where his nubile young body is strapped into a sex swing! The dirty banker whips out a massive cock and gives Ollie to suck down every fat inch of him! Soon the stud is fucking Ollie's smooth just-18 year old ass hard, bringing him over the edge slurping down his thick wads of cum, before spurting his own across Ollie's eager face!
Gilson Goes Papi
Gilson Goes Papi
Lollipops Will Make You Fat (Unless You're a Twink!)
Aiden Summers gives up on being skinny, indulging in yet another lollipop, but Conner Bradley thinks he looks pretty sexy. The two start to wrestle before things take a sexual turn (of course!) Conner sucks Aiden's dick before straddling the other boy's chest so he can face fuck him. The Italian twink puts his big cock to good use, too, fucking Aiden hard until they both cum!Aiden Summers recently moved from New York to Colorado for love, how sweet is that? And how sweet is his body! He's got himself some toned ass and a tasty bubble butt, too. Aiden says he's versatile, but admittedly, we LOVE to see him bottom! The boy knows how to take a cock!We're calling it now: Conner Bradley is going to be a twink star! He's been doing porn for a few months now and we're confident he's going to get better and better. He has a maturity beyond his eighteen years, not to mention a cute face and a huge cock!
Morning Would
This week we have a special treat for you as we finally get to showcase one of Miami's own, Van Wilder. Van is 21 and has a lot more than the average guy swinging between his legs and figured that out at about 14 years of age. He always had competitions with his childhood friends and once they started competing for girls the truth became apparent. Once the girls started taking that fat cock of his, the grape vine did the rest. Van admits having a dick as big as his can be a blessing and a curse. Some people love it and others are terrified of it. 'Once some feel it, they don't want to be anywhere near that 'thing' they say', Van laughs. It doesn't matter whether it's a male or female, they're just not used to having a dick as big as mine. Van loves having a big dick and it gives his self-confidence a major boost knowing he doesn't have to over compensate for anything. Van takes good care of his equipment between sessions and admits he likes to jack off but won't do it everyday. Sometimes he'll go for days without touching himself and other days he'll jack off 4-5 times in a day. Hmmm, Lets see what that looks like...Van is asleep on the couch; but his dick isn't. He wakes up to find a tent in his loose fitting shorts. He grabs his cock through his shorts as he starts to tease his boner. His cock strains against his shorts as you see its massive outline wanting to be set free. He works it with both hands enjoying the sensation of the fabric against his growing cock. He pulls his shorts down as his uncut cock finally comes into view. He is hard in seconds as he kicks off his shorts. He spreads his beefy thighs giving his big balls room to breathe as he smacks his fat cock. Van's uncut cock is rock hard and at attention you could see why some would think twice before letting him slide it anywhere. He double-fists his massive cock as it throbs at his touch. He sits up as he continues to work his meat. His big balls are smooth and bounce freely as he works his horse cock harder. Van is naturally smooth and has light fur that starts with a happy trail that leads south to bigger pastures. His light fuzz covers his crotch and his inner thigh then dissipates as you reach those sexy thighs. As he strokes his meat, Van tugs and slaps his low hangers making his cock rock hard. He moves the party to the chair where he keeps stroking and slapping that fat cock of his as he gets closer to climax. He works that cock and all it's sweet spots and as he gets close he stands up to give us a better view of the fireworks. He moans as his balls finally give up their thick cargo. His busts his creamy nut as it splatters all over the glass top below. Whew.
Manly Love
Brandon Lewis is back with us this week, here to help us welcome a new face to CircleJerkBoys. For those unfamiliar with Brandon, Brandon is a Southern son with a room-brightening smile, that Georgia twang in his voice and a thick dick to boot. Brandon is going to help us determine if it's true that they really do grow them bigger in Texas. Wayne Manley is 25 years old and from the Lone Star State.
Roberts' Rules Of Orgasm
Roberts' Rules Of Orgasm
Cody Banks Fucks Dan Jenkins
Dan Jenkins is one of those guys who looks like a bit of a mean straight lad, but this gay guy has proven that he's all about the cock! He's all over Cody Banks as soon as he has permission, and the moment those cocks are out they're hard and being sucked and stroked! Both these guys are so into it you might think they've been denied cock for months! Cody is covered in a sheen of sweat as he really fucks the load out of Dan, making him splash his hard abs with his cream. And the sight of that gets him wanking out his own jizz all over the guy too!
Winning Ball
Winning Ball
Fraser Jacs And Josh Jared
Gorgeous boys with balls full of cum and the need to share them with a buddy, that's what you get with Josh Jared and Fraser Jacs in this anal session! Both boys are expert at oral, but Fraser wants more than that. Josh is soon sliding his long uncut cock deep in Fraser's ass and fucking him hard, and you know that both these guys can deliver the juice when it's time to unload!
Wanna taste my fresh warm spunk?
Good looking twinks with big cocks and stretched ass holes are having hardcore anal sex. Look how throbbing boner goes in and out from tight shit hole before ass is fully filled with sloppy creampie
Tension Relief
Devin's snowboarding accident has left his back sore. Too bad the massage he's going to get is going to make it 10 times worse!
Inside The Intern - Scene 3
Oscar has an issue with his laptop but the company's technical staff don't seem to know how to fix it resulting in a very aggressive Oscar who thinks its a good idea to fuck with the IT department just to calm down his nerves! Instead of working these boys decide to strip off and suck each other until they get hard and horny ready to give a hard thrusting. Our three professionals's hot office session climaxes with a fuck-train on the desk with cum exploding all over!
Johnes' Crown Massacre
Twenty one year old Johnny Johnes and nineteen year old Pauly Pomano make their respective debuts with us this week as we welcome these two Ft. Lauderdale natives. We asked these two if they won some money in the Lottery what they would do with that money. Pauly would want to take a cruise somewhere in the Caribbean. Johnny would want to go out and have a great dinner. We can assume there would be lobster, caviar and some bottles of Cristal at that table. We hear that Johnny has a big dick but this humble hottie keeps it on the down low. Bragging isn
Ass Rammers Raw
Ass Rammers Raw
Let's Play a Game, Shall We?
Jacobey London likes to keep his hook-ups interesting, so before they fuck, he makes Dylan Chambers find the hidden candy on his body with nothing but his mouth! Big ficked Dylan is successful and he's ultimately rewarded with Jacobey's hard cock up his ass. He cums while riding that dick before laying back so Jacobey can cum on his chest.Standing at an impressive 6'7" tall, Dylan Chambers is the tallest guy we've worked with yet. Despite his size, in his personal life he's more of a bottom. Lucky for him, our boys aren't intimidated by size; they're ready to climb him like a tree! Besides, once you're naked and horiztonal, height means nothing.Some boys are nervous on camera and then there are boys like Jacobey London who seem to have a flare for performance. You can just tell this boy loves the attention of the camera! And with that cute face, flashy smile, and smooth, toned body...who could argue he doesn't deserve the attention?
Mike's Hard Cock Creep
Between Mike and I we always had this sexual tension that couldn't be avoided. We finally decided to hook up and I fucked his tight asshole!
Seki Tabuchi - Sexing the Park Bo...
Seki Tabuchi is a cute 18 year old Japanese student. We caught him as he was running around the park, practicing for a University race. After watching this cute twink run in the park and then take off his shirt, showing his sweaty body and 6-pack abs, our camera man just had to see if there was a way he could convince him to show us more. Being that he is a college student in need of cash, it didn't take a huge amount of convincing. This gorgeous boy was soon naked on the bed, letting the camera man show us his beautiful virgin pink asshole, low hanging balls and sizable big cock. After a 'helping hand,' it didn't take much for this sweetie to blow a huge load.
Alex Gibson & Justin Harris
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Dwight fucks for the first time on camera
G.I.Jizz 4
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The WATERing Hole
The WATERing Hole
Piece on Girth
These two sexy men over 30 start by comparing their hairy chests to see who has the most hair to show off with Girth Brooks easily taking the win. Cole Streets isn't a sore loser and wastes no time in worshipping his hirsute hunk and giving him all the attention he deserves. As these two skilled veterans get down and dirty Cole Streets seems delighted to make his partner's every wish come true.
Oh Mr. Brant
Brant Dickson is in the house and finally making his debut with us. Brant is 30 and originally from California
Ploughing foreign ass
Foreign boy Luke Winters finds himself strapped up between two posts at the mercy of a very horny Adam Watson. Adam can't wait to plough his new boy's tight hole. He gets so excited that he rips the ass from Luke's jeans and fucks him hard and rough, leaving Luke screaming. Poor Luke can't even get anything back from his brutal captor, as he finds out when Adam undoes the front of his boy's jeans.
Bear Fun
It's winter but the Bears are far from hibernating. These manly hairy chested men rub and grind their fur together to get things a bit warmer. There is nothing like two big beefy men on top of each other kissing, sucking and making lots of body contact. We have lots of ass play and some nice long face fucking by a big round booty, but don't worry, neither one of the bears will be hurt by the constant rubbing of butt cheeks along their face. This duo goes for it all and the passionate kissing will make that pre-cum ooze on out but keep edging yourself and wait for the explosive hairy ending that will send you right over the edge. Enjoy!
Naughty School Boys - Jesse and Lloyd
Our horny boys soon find time to get up to some monkey business. Jesse and Lloyd LUV playing with each others big, fat, juicy dicks and puckered, hairless, sweet arse holes. .
100 Dollar Bet 2
100 Dollar Bet scene2