Bath House Male Male Fornications
The showers are my favorite there. Somehow the water temperature is always just right. When no one is looking I finger myself and jerk off in the drain. I wonder what it would be like to be fucked standing up? I could cum all over again thinking about it.
Fuck Loving Criminals, ep. 3
Putting an ex-lover in charge of security is a bad move; at least when the ex-lover is Josh; he's not so bright, lazy and a walking hard-on, so his mind isn't really on the job - especially when he sneaks rent boys onto the premises and spends an hour or so up to his nuts in a heavenly arse. Josh's appointments with ecstasy are so regular you could set your watch by them, which leaves a big, gaping hole in site security, waiting to be used.
Dreamboy Hotel Orgy
It's the day of the grand opening and all the guests have arrived in their sexiest suits, shirts and trousers. With Skylar dishing out the champagne and JP schmoozing with the boys, it's only a matter of time before the celebrations take a hornier turn, and it all begins with resident cock addict JP getting the eye from sexy young Jonny and reaching in for a kiss, swiftly followed by cousin Marcus in a hot three-way snog in front of everyone! Catching them at it, and following their lead, the cute young Aaron reaches in to inspector Jimmy and within minutes, half the group are on their knees with thick long shafts in their throats! We're treated to three distinct groupings of twink on twink action all in one shot, but as soon as they reach the reception sofa, it's a tangle of limbs, dicks and ready and waiting buttholes, most notably Aaron leaned up against the sofa with Jimmy coming in fast and hard from behind, JP getting spit roasted next to them and Skylar getting pounded by Marcus! There's almost too much going on, but as the boys getting really in to it, Skylar head a daisy-chain of fucking, first Luke fucking and then JP fucking Luke all in one go! Lining up along the sofa, JP gets a faceful from two of them and the spunk frenzy begins in earnest, leaving the uber-twink Aaron lying across them all, and cumming last but definitely not least!
Jessy Ares and Justin King
The men have been sent to fix some plumbing. Justin has to climb over the sink to inspect the tubes and in doing so presents his meaty ass to his co-worker Jessy. It’s like a red flag to a bull. Jessy literally dives in and Justin barely complains. The boys kiss, take off their overalls, explore each other’s hairy bodies and feel the hard cocks pushing in their pants. Justin pushes Jessy against the wall and start sucking the thick cock. When the heat of his mouth becomes too much for Jess he pushes Justin back, on the bed and returns the favour by sucking his dick and tasting his meaty hairy ass. He Fucks Justin like that, on his back and gradually turns him over until he lays on his front and Jessy can dig in deep. But that’s not enough. Jessy turns him upside down and drills him more before shooting on Justin’s chest while he works Jessy’s balls with his mouth. Justin is not long to follow and shoots a massive creamy load on the rest of his front.
Dirty Chavs 4
Dark and blonde always a good combination. When our sexy blonde has finished opening his hole with a big dildo its time for our swarthy, hairy brunette to come in and slide his very big dick into the tight, pink, puckering fuck hole.
Ray's First Time
It's Ray's first time with a man and what better place to explore your sexuality than here at ExtraBigDicks. Ray is not shy one bit and neither is Jacques. They take no time in taking their shirts off and getting to the point. Boy do these sexy guys have some big cocks to play with. Super sexy dicks, nice and veiny, just pulsating with cum ready to explode. Ray is going all out for his first time and wants Jacques' thick uncut dick deep inside his tight little ass. He takes cock damn well for it being his first time but by the look on his face you can tell he's enjoying every inch of that fat dick. Lots of slobbery BJs and an eager butt just waiting to get pounced on. If you love big thick uncut dicks than you don't want to miss this high energy scene. Enjoy!
Aarron's First Huge Black Cock
Aaron's has never got his tight asshole stretched before. I stuffed him like a Christmas stocking. He shivered as he came on me, while I fucked him hard!
Virgins Damian & Carl
Damian Boss is interviewing Carl for a junior position at his company. Even though his CV is amazing, competition is fierce and its not long until Carl gets on his knees and shows off what he can do to get this job! Carl sucks the life out of Damians big cock and then gives out his tight asshole to his future boss's merciless hammering until he explodes on his face!
Drake Takes A Beating From Dan
Hunky and horny Dan is back and this time he has the smooth ass of twink boy Drake to use for his own entertainment! The boy is tied down, whipped and flogged, pegged and face fucked by dominant Dan before his ass is used as a fuck toy and Dan slides in to ram him! His slippery cock can't stand that tight hole for too long though, and Dan pulls out to wank his cum all over his slave boy!Dan Jenkins is one of those hot young British boys you might avoid if you saw him in the street, but you'd still lust after him. He has a hunger for cock and ass like you wouldn't believe, always horny and ready for action whether he's giving his uncut 7" cock to other boys or taking some punishment himself!Drake Law has something about him that turns all the dominant guys on. He looks really sweet and innocent, but you know he has a kinky side to him. This bottom boy also has a tight smooth little ass and a 7" uncut cock ready to be worked by his masters, and there are plenty of boys ready to do it for him!
Dean & Alex
Alexsander Freitas orders Dean Monroe to strip. "Turn around, show me your ass," Freitas grunts. Alex bends Monroe over the table and fucks him with his stiff uncut cock. When it's all over, Dean is sitting back in a leather chair and his hairy chest is covered in spunk.
Wrong Hood For Car Problems
Dylan is having car issues in the mean streets of Hollywood hills. Izzy James so conveniently happens to be in the area. After calling a tow truck, Izzy takes Dylan back to his pad to wait. The only towing down here is Izzy towing the fuck out of Dylan's ass.
Game of Cocks
Nothing like playing video games with your buddies for hours on end but considering that Jacques is starting to become frustrated, Brian steps in and subdues him. Brian pulls out that massive uncut cock and chokes himself all over that sexy dick. Lots of spit and drool just come flowing out of his mouth drenching that fat long dick of Jacques. BJs and video games always go hand in hand. Thank goodness Brian loves fat juicy cocks deep in his ass because he rides this one like a pro. Jacques pounds that tight hole without mercy taking his frustration out from losing in the game. If you like uncut penis and wet juiced up slobbery goodness dripping all over than you need to take a seat and watch. Enjoy!
Cum Parade Part 9 - Messy Loads
Every cum lovers dream come true is back at Blake Mason in the ninth edition of Cum Parade, gathering together some of the horniest finales and messiest spooge loads we've seen over the last few months. With hot white ball juice splashing about all over the place from start to finish, we're offering you the cream of the crop whether it's a solo wank, a but splashing load or a delicious facial!
4Way - Dan, Sam, Samson, Shane
Dan and Sam are back at Amateurs Do It and this time they've got a couple more hotties with them. Samson.....
Buddy Stroking
We have two strong sexy young boys with us today who are eager to blow some loads for all the viewers. Josh loves to suck cock so much that he pretty much blows Aaron to completion and while doing so busts a fat nut all over his leg. Nothing like a couple young boys hanging out beating off next to each other so cum on and take a seat and watch the explosive ending. Enjoy!
Large And In Charge
Eat your 'Hart' out, fellas. We have none other than Chasen Hart back in the house with us this week and he's gonna be sharing a softer side we haven't seen here on ExtraBigDicks. For those of you unfamiliar with this 6'5', Ft Lauderdale native, Chasen is every size queen's wet dream. Everything about this 21 year old stud is huge from his room brightening smile to that extra thick 9' cock. We also have another surprise with us on set and we couldn't be happier to finally have him back. Dallas Reeves is back and it's been a while since we've seen this now 26 year old son of the lone star state. Dallas has been on several of our sites and he never fails to please. This afternoon Dallas will be pleasing the softer side of Chasen for a change and Chasen's gonna be in for one hell of a ride--Texas style. We asked these two studs to give us a clue on what their sweet spot is, that spot that just launches them into orbit. Dallas blushes as we call him on his, knowing that that long neck of his is his erogenous zone. Chasen just grins as we wait for his response--wait for it--'my cock!' Ya gotta love it and soon Dallas will be. He'll be loving on that 9' pole he wants so much and tappin that ass few get to.They start making out as Dallas lets his tongue roam on Chasen's neck and ear. They pull off their shirts as the exploring intensifies. Chasen undoes his jeans and by the time Dallas hauls out his larger than life cock he's at full mast. Dallas has been looking forward to this for a while now so he wastes little time before wrapping his lips around that extra thick dong of his. He strips himself completely still latched onto Chasen's thick dick. Chasen moans as Dallas shows his appreciation on that now throbbing cock. Chasen's cock is more than a mouthful and thicker than most. His inked frame, donkey dong and swarthy looks make for one irresistible package. Dallas then stands to get some attention on his own 'package'. Chasen goes to work on Dallas' cock as he does his best to return the favor. Chasen's better at getting his cock worshipped so he sticks to what he's knows best. He lies back on the couch and offers Dallas more dick. Dallas is more than okay with that as he lies between Chasen's mammoth thighs to suckle on that fat fuck pole. He licks, jacks and sucks away as Chasen moans and sighs his appreciation. Dallas gets lost in his own world as he worships Chasen's cock to his 'Hart's content.It's 'go time' and all we hear is Chasen grunting, and not in a good way, as Dallas buries his hard cock in that ass. Dallas steadily fucks that beefy ass as Chasen does his best to accommodate his anal intruder. Chasen isn't usually on the receiving end of the cock-o-matic so he's managing as best he can. There is nothing hotter than watching an over-sized stud like Chasen on the end of another stud's cock. Dallas balls slap away at that sweet ass as Chasen continues to grunt and groan. This stud does not look happy; but Dallas, on the other hand, looks like he's somewhere past Cloud 9. <evil grin> He grins as he looks up at the beautiful stud who's now riding his cock. Dallas' cock is buried deep as Chasen bounces up and down on it wanting to get that cock in his ass off already. Dallas isn't in any hurry as he gets all 6'5' of Chasen bent over so he can fuck him some more doggy style. Chasen grimaces as he continues to get that ass fucked. The more Chasen grunts the harder Dallas fucks his hole. 'Awww shit' he grunts as Dallas bounces his balls against that ass over and over. Finally as Dallas gets close to cumming he pulls out and sits back to stroke off a load. Chasen jacks his own hefts wad all over Dallas' chest while Dallas explodes all over his own navel. Whew.
Barely Legal 3-way
A dull night in is transformed into a hot, sticky three-way by a pair of handcuffs and three dirty minds. These horny chaps prove three into one really does go. Our horny, sub-lad easily takes on his two hung mates, as they take it in turns fucking his tight, smooth hole until he's satisfied and all three guys have emptied their heavy, sagging ball-bags of their lip-smacking juicy loads. It beat watching TV by miles!
Full Of Cum, Desperate To Explode
What an incredible teen duo, both twinks and super cute, both very horny, both pumped full of cum and desperate to explode. Aaron Aurora is star tied, unable to move, his dick is hard and twitching for release. Mylo Jordan in his first ever Dom role, teases Aaron with passionate kisses, intermit body contact, hot wax, a soft blow-job and intense jerk-off. Moaning in pleasure and pain, Aaron reaches climax releasing a hot, hard load of tasty teen cum.
Surprise for sleeping friend
Five gay boys wake up their friend with idea of brutal gay orgy. Boy excepts their game and vicious ass screwing and nailing can begin. Look how every tight ass hole receives dose of hard male meat before all boys get covered with cum
Adam fucks for the first time on camera
Under The Desk Fun
Under The Desk Fun
Bath Time With Atlanta and Jake
Jake and Atlanta decide to take a quick bath together, though it's not long before their horniness takes over. Atlanta gets Jake ready by giving him a good finger bang before replacing his digits with his big twink cock. They move to the bathroom floor, and after a quick hot fucking, they climax all over each other.As everyone knows I love blondes and boys from the south. He is both. He well hung top who pounded several of the boycrush bottoms. He is a very sweet and nice guy off camera and I really enjoyed having him out.Jake was really sweet and caring guy. Everyone like him and we got along great. He was quite the power bottom taking two dicks at once and loving it. Expect plenty of steamy hot videos from this sexy boy.
Ropework and Hard Fucks
Restrained by chains and with his cock in a device that looks like it came straight from a Saw movie, this video is going to be quite a punishing task for Aaron Aurora. Don't miss him get his ass pounded by Ashton Bradley while he's caught in this steel trap.
Scouting Boys Get It On
With the camp to themselves, Billy and Jasper find the perfect opportunity to mess around. If there was a badge for cock sucking, Billy would surely have it by now, and when it comes to using his raw cock in a boys tight ass, not many scouts can claim the experience Jasper has. He fucks the juice out of his tent mate, then delivers his own for the sexy boy to taste!Check out Billy and you will swoon! He's so handsome, and he has a great body and a rock hard cock too. His ass is one of the best things about him though. He's a real confident versatile boy who loves to play both roles, and with an ass and a cock like that there are a lot of guys who would gladly be either a top or bottom for him!If you love sweet and sexy versatile bottom boys, then you will definitely enjoy watching Jasper Robinson on video with the other raw-dicked lads! This boy is a sporty twink with a rock solid shaft and an eager hole too, versatile and hungry for action, he knows how to give and take it like a real pro!
Clip This
Back for our fourth personal training session is MenOver30
The Daily Show
We have plenty to be thankful for this week and it's a good thing we can't seem to get enough of Texas native, Parker Perry. In our defense, with a face like that and his mouth-watering uncut cock, we have at least 9 reasons why--and by 'reasons' we mean inches. <evil grin> Parker's in for a treat this afternoon as we welcome Las Vegas native Rod Daily. Rod is 29 and has quite the body on him. We're looking forward to seeing him in a lot less. We asked these two studs what in their closet do they wear when they wanna go out looking hot. Rod likes to rock it in a tank top and shorts since Vegas is kinda hot. Parker likes to dress down in his Diesel jeans and tee shirt. Parker might need to rock a tank were he to visit Vegas; since that sexy coat of fur he was blessed with may make Vegas even hotter. Parker and Rod are both horny boys and Parker likes to wank it at least twice a day. Rod keeps it down to once a day; unless he's shooting that day then it's strictly a 'hands off' policy. They call it the money shot for a reason. Speaking of money shots, we asked what triggers the biggest loads when in bed with another hot guy. For Rod it could be anything depending on who he is with or what he's doing at the moment. Parker, hands down (and legs up), knows exactly what he likes--to get fucked really hard. ...Enough said.Rod's showing Parker a new app he has that makes things appear fat. After playing around trying to take each other's pics, Parker stumbles onto Rod's abs. 'You trying to make my abs look fat?' Rod asks. Parker looks at his rock solid abs and reassesses the situation. His aim suddenly veers south. 'You want something you can take a picture of?' Rod teases, grabbing his crotch. They start to kiss as they grope each other and start to peel off each other's clothes. Parker is on his knees waiting for Rod to free his cock. Once he does, Parker goes down on him taking every inch of it. Rod moans as he watches his cock disappear. Rod then moves to return the favor. He undoes Parker's pants and hauls out his thick cock. He goes to work sucking on that thick dick while Parker moans his approval. Rod's cock is rock hard and his low hanging balls dangle below as he takes as much cock as he can. Rod is naturally smooth and he keeps everything hair free. The definition he's achieved is impressive and Parker's not about to let that go to waste. Parker gets right back to suckin his meat getting it harder for a lot more than oral.'Suck that dick, Dude!' Rod groans as Parker deep throats his meat with ease. Rod's cock is throbbing as they get into a hot 69 and continue pleasing each other. Rod can only take so much before he gets Parker on all four and slides inside. Parker's hairy ass gives way as Rod starts to fuck him deep. Every muscle is writhing beneath his skin as Rod fucks that hot hole. His heavy nuts slap away at the ass he's claiming as he buries his dick. Rod aims to please as Parker gets the rough fuck he wanted. He flips Parker onto his back and shoves his boner in for more. 'Like that dick in your ass?' he taunts as Parker squirms in ecstasy. 'Fuck me with your big dick!' Parker begs as Rod starts to slam in and out of that tight ass. Parker is jackin his dick in time to the fucking he's getting and it gets him close to cumming. As he starts to unload his thick cargo, Rod jack hammers his dick into him. Once Parker's done, Rod pulls out and hovers over Parker's face to give him a hot protein facial. Happy Thanksgiving indeed from all of us at!
You Know What Else Feels Good?
We know our members aren't really size queens; they just like to be impressed. Well this week 'impressive' is definitely one word that's been used to describe the fat, uncut cock that fan-favorite Mario Costa keeps in his shorts. Cuban born Mario is a Miami commodity and he's going to be sharing the wealth (so to speak) with another local hottie by the name of Antonio Kava. Antonio is 23 and a native Miamian. We wondered where these boys would want to spend their next birthdays and with whom? Antonio would want to spend it in Australia and would take his best friend with. Mario would want to spend his birthday back in Cuba surrounded by family. Mario is hung better than most so we've definitely brought the right playmate to the table. Antonio's biggest cock to date was about 12' and he took it like a champ. Antonio admits if he happen to find anything bigger than that he wouldn't be one to back down from a challenge. Well, putting the 'ass' in surpass, we can safely say he will definitely be surpassing Mario's expectations. Let's say we watch!? -Buckle up, Betches.Mario is a bit sore and Antonio is giving him a nice back rub. 'That feels really good' Mario moans as Antonio takes it one step further. He slides his hand down Mario's chest right onto his crotch and says 'this would feel even better-inside me' You don't have to tell Mario twice as he stands up to give Antonio access to his growing meat. Antonio buries his face into Mario's crotch as he feels that Cuban python come to life. He holds back as long as he can before lust gives in and he hauls out that dick for a better view. He opens as wide as he can before sliding that massive meat down his throat. Mario's cock is hard in seconds as it gets worshiped by Antonio. He takes his time sucking and lapping at that cock and smooth balls wanting to pleasure it as best he can. He then stands up and starts to make out with Mario who undoes Antonio's shorts so that he too can return the favor. He sits Antonio down on the chaise; leans him back and gets to work on that cock that had been feeling left out. Antonio's uncut cock is hard as a rock as Mario slurps up and down on it making Antonio even hornier. (...but wait. There's more!)Mario then bends Antonio over on the chaise and kneels behind him to get a taste of that ass. He slips his tongue inside as Antonio bucks that ass back on it. He eats that ass out wanting to get it nice and wet for what he's got in store. Once that hole is ready for more, Mario stands up and gets in position. He slaps his bare cock on that hole making Antonio all but beg for it. He then suits up and pushes his fat knob against that sweet hole. It gives in without much of a struggle as Mario sinks his thick 9' dick deep inside him. He starts to slide in and out as Antonio moans and groans with desire. Mario is getting that ass doggy style as he holds Antonio still and shoves that dick in deep. 'Aww fuck me, yeah' Antonio cries as he feels Mario's balls slap away at his hole. Mario then sits back and watches as Antonio impales himself on that dick for more. He rides that dick as his hot ass milks Mario's cock. Antonio is doing all of the work and Mario is definitely ok with that...for now. Mario then gets Antonio on his back and goes back to fucking that tight hole, missionary. That makes Antonio bust his nut as he shoots all over his smooth chest. Mario then pulls out and blows his cum all over cum-covered Kava.
Johnny's Hole
Johnny's Hole
Oh Fuck! What is That?!
Spence and Oliver really hit it off, especially when Oliver has the cock of a brontosaurus. For fuck sakes man, how the fuck did this white end up with a Lebron meat pole? Spence was teary eyed when Oliver slipped his mutant dick into his sweet Latin bang hole. Spence new from that day forward that his ass would never be the same again...
John Connery
John Connery is another hot, hairy Scottish man � you're going to love his thick accent. He's also got a fat uncut cock and this man fucks his own ass with it! Once he's done with his ass tricks, he jerks off and spews a creamy load all over my shelf, then licks it all up!
Kent Riley sizzling hot and very nasty!
Kent Riley's weakness: DICKS! He's a tough guy but once he sees a dick he'll turn soft... But he won't be running away from it! He'll surrender! We're talking about an intense fuckfest and BUKKAKE! OH YEAH! Kent is an amazing cock sucker and he enjoys getting buttfucked bareback! Oh and before we forget he's also addicted to man juice!!!
Callum Jones And Myles Andrews
Gorgeous Myles Andrews is back in the bedroom, and this time he has a hot young and hung friend with him too! We're introduced to his new buddy, Callum Jones, and we find out a little about him before we see what he's packing. This is a video for all the cock sucking fans like Myles out there, totally hot and deliciously cum-drenched by the end!
Gay Boy Gangbang 3
Soaking the sun, playing in the jacuzzi, swimming in the pool with a beer in one hand, the boys are having a great holiday in Gran Canaria. What would make such a great day even better? Well a hot foursome is a definite crowd winner!
Menage a Trey
This week we have a pairing that's been months in the making. We've wanted to get these two together ever since our MenOver30 by injection, Trey Turner, told us he would love to be in a scene with Matthew Rush. Trey is a hot 23 year old that hails from New Jersey. Matthew is in his 30s and is originally from Pennsylvania. We asked these two how politically savvy they were on a scale of 1-10. Matthew says he's about a 5 after that it gets to be too much. Trey seconds that emotion and says he's about a 5 as well. We then wondered what their favorite TV network and show are. Trey loves HBO and is a fang bangin' fan of True Blood. Matthew likes FOX and is hooked on Hell's Kitchen. On the line of favorites, we asked these two what is their favorite thing to do sexually and what do they considered themselves great at. Trey loves to bottom and considers himself a damn good one. Matthew agrees. For Matthew he loves to rim. That is the one thing he can single out as his favorite to do in the bedroom among so many other possibilities. Well, let's not keep the young'n waiting and give him what he's been craving-one hell of a Rush.Trey is laying on the bed looking at a pic of Matthew in a folder thinking all sorts of things when Matthew comes in; takes the folder out of his hands and replaces it with the real thing. They start to kiss as Trey starts to strip Matthew. He goes to work licking at his massive chest as Matthew groans his approval. Trey moves south to the growing bulge in Matt's shorts as he starts to work that cock through his shorts. Trey figures he's waited long enough as he undoes Matt's shorts and gets to work on that swollen cock. He takes that dick into his mouth and finally gets to run his tongue along Matt's smooth balls and cock. He sucks it all the way down his throat as he looks up at Matt for approval. Matt holds his head as he helps bob him on his meat. Trey deep throats that thick cock with ease and soon they are making out as they rub their cocks together. Trey then gets back on his knees for more of Matt's dick. Matthew begins to feel left out as he takes his turn at bat. Trey sits back and watches as Matt sucks on his cock greedily swallowing every inch he's given. Trey is rock hard and not about to complain any time soon. Things then turn around (literally) as Matt gives Trey access to that ass so that he can get his tongue up in it. Trey rims Matt getting that ass nice and wet. It makes Matt horny as Matt then wants to taste Trey's ass. He gets that tongue deep inside Trey's ass and shows off his best skills. Trey's backing that ass up onto Matthew's face as he gets that hole teased. Once it's nice and slick, Matt gets behind him and pushes that dick inside. He fucks Trey doggy style as Trey's ass slowly gives in. Matt fucks that sweet ass deep and once that ass gets used to his cock he switches it up and has Trey sit on his cock. Trey obliges finally getting that dick he's wanted for so long shoved deep as he starts to ride it. He squirms and grinds that hot ass all the way down as Matt bounces him on his cock. Matt grunts and groans as Trey rides that meat hard. Missionary is next as Matt gets Trey on his back to fuck him some more. Trey is moaning as he gets that ass stretched. Missionary always does the trick and as Matt pounds him deeper Trey loses it, shooting his load all over himself. Matt then follows suit shooting his load all over Trey.
Beach Volley Boys 1
Out in the open air, hidden from view, no one will tell... The two handsome boys get down and dirty in the sand, kissing passionately, before our overly willing bottom boy offers up his virginal rump for a 'right-royal-cherry-popping'.
Blaze Gets A Big Black Dick
It's hard to believe that horny Blaze started out in solo videos as a straight boy dealing with his own cock, now the hung young man is sucking on a big black cock and even bending over to take that cock in his ass and a cum load in his face too! Keith certainly seems appreciative of all that action though!
Leisure Time
Jimmy, I met you the other day. You were Tyler's friend. I wanted to know if you wanted to come by and hang out. I have a nice outdoor patio where we could chill. I'll prepare a nice lunch that I know you will enjoy. Where are my manners? This is Tyr Alexander...I'll be waiting.
Nico heard about the site from a friend and thought he would ask about modeling. We took one look into this 18 year old's dark brown eyes and wanted to see more! Once he got his shirt off well, that sealed the deal! He was unsure about pissing on himself since he never did it before but we told him that all the boys feel that way their first time so he decided to give it a chance! This guy is fucking hot pissing on himself and even gets it all the way to face and in his mouth! We get to enjoy watching Nico piss several times in this hot video and of course we also get to see him jerk off that thick uncut cock and bust his nut before he just has to piss a few more times!
Reece Gets Anally Abused
Adam is one of those boys who really loves to claim another boys arse as his own personal sex toy, and when there's a gorgeous young twink with a real tight and smooth opening laying there and unable to refuse, he's gonna make the most of it to get himself off! Reece gets anally abused in this session, fingered, eaten out and then fucked until Adam is satisfied and Reece is covered in cum and piss!Adam Watson is a gorgeous young British boy with a hot inked body and the kind of dominant attitude that makes him a perfect performer for us. He loves to make boys squirm and squirt, and his own juicy 7.5" uncut cock is often sliding into a hot mouth or a tight little ass to get himself off at their expense!Reece Bentley is a hung young hottie always horny and leaking precum from his big uncut cock. He's a versatile boy able to play both roles, getting off on being a total bottom slut for the right guy, while being able to own another lads arse like a total top too. Giving it or taking it, he's one truly immense twink!
Rivers Edge
Bells are ringing this week as we help celebrate a special occasion. Alexander Garrett, a MenOver30 favorite and Mike Rivers, his real life boyfriend, are here this week sharing their 7 month anniversary. That's like 2 reincarnations with the same mate in heterosexual terms. For those of you who aren't familiar with them, Mike Rivers is 27 and originally from Jersey. Alexander is 36, a Colombian import and looking even hotter than ever with that scruff on. These two crazies met through their mutual agent who put them to work a booth together at the Erotica Convention in Orlando. Little did they know that sparks would be flying. Their first official date was back down in South Florida having a romantic night on Las Olas Boulevard, a strip of restaurants, cafes and high end boutiques located in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale. When it comes to having your significant other working in the industry we wondered if jealousy was ever a problem. Mike answered 'Yes' immediately admitting that sometimes it has come up. Alexander grins and chimes in with '...sometimes'. Mmmhmm. Depending on who the other is paired up with has at times caused friction; but with the proper communication everything works out. Mike is kicking back with sore feet as Alexander begins to give him a foot massage. Mike is getting turned on as Alexander decides those toes are too delicious to pass up. He starts to lick and suck on them making Mike's cock stir. Alexander kisses his way up to his boyfriend's face as they start to make out. Mike pulls Alexander's tee off and goes to work on his chiseled frame. He licks his nips and pits as he gropes that cock he wants. He lowers Alexander's shorts as he sets that uncut Colombian cock free. Alexander moans as Mike wraps his mouth around it. Alexander slowly starts to fuck that face as he holds Mike by a fistful of hair. Mike gets on his back as he nurses on that meat from below unable to get enough. Mike's cock is now rock hard and Alexander knows just what it needs. He leans forward and starts sucking on Mike's dick landing them in a steamy 69. They each have as much cock as they want as they suck and savor to their heart's content. Alexander then flips Mike up and over so that he can get at that ass he will soon fuck. He shoves his tongue inside and along with a few fingers gets Mike hungry for more.He teases his beau's ass as he gets a fat dildo, lubes it up and shoves it in. His tight ass gives way as that dildo disappears inside. Mike loves that toy stretching his ass open and knows it will soon be replaced by the real thing. After teasing that ass a bit, Alexander gets that ass primed and in need. He then suits up and gets behind that ass and replaces that big toy with his real one. 'Gimme the real thing' Mike coos begging for that dick. Alexander fucks him doggy style as Mike eggs him on. 'Ugh, This is the best anniversary gift ever' he groans as he begs Alexander to give it to him. Alexander fucks that ass deep, pulling out almost entirely before slamming it back in for more. He then gets Mike on the floor and hoists his legs up over his own head so he can pile drive that dick in for more. Alexander pistons his thick dick in and out of that hot ass as Mike just watches him fuck and strokes his own dick. Alexander picks up the pace and soon he gets that familiar tingle in his smooth balls. He pulls out and unloads all over Mike's face and neck. Mike cums seconds later as Alexander is still bathing his neck and face with his massive creamy load. Mike may have thought that that fuck was the best anniversary present ever
Avant Partir
This was the most punishing fuck we've ever recorded, only a power bottom like Tony Axel could have taken the hammering Malik dished out. And still horny Tony wanted more. Malik slammed into his tight fuck-hole bruising his most tender intimate parts with his massive, thick, torpedo of a dick. Tony wriggled onto it thrusting his own arse hard into Maliks hips, and then exhausted, writhing with pleasure as Malik splashed him down with hot, creamy cum.
Bear Necessities
Making his debut on MenOver30 this week is Adam Rogue. Adam is 38 years old and originally from Chicago. Adam is relatively new to the adult industry. He befriended a hottie that was into doing porn. It was as easy as that. That
Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular Activities
He's All That
He's All That
Good Enough to Eat
Johnny Parker is freshly 30 and this hairy hottie from Arkansas proudly makes his debut on MenOver30. Johnny loves to keep that beefy body au natural and we ain't mad at him for wanting to leave all that sexy fur right where it belongs. Johnny, sporting a neatly trimmed beard and a big smile is rockin a sexy scruffy look. It's complemented by a sweet tattoo that wraps around his left bicep. He's not done with it. He knows he wants to fill in his shoulder completely then figure out how much more he'll add. Tattoos are addicting. Johnny is just waiting to find the right artist to make his even better. Johnny is recently partnered and he lucked out finding a guy just like the one he's always wanted: 'a guy with short hair; bit scruffy with lighter hair than his own; has a hairy body; knows his way around the gym and an all around good guy.' Wow that's pretty specific but when it's meant to be you can't fight fate. Johnny is versatile in his sex life, both on and off camera, and admits he loves the new 'on-camera' experience. Porn is always something he wanted to do; so he's gonna do it 'til he gets tired of doing it. Pfff!
Secret Sex Friends
These two guys can't get enough cock
Alec and Patrick Bump Uglies
Patrick is jacks off alone in his bedroom. It's not long before Alec walks by and asks to join up. They start off slow but erupt into hardcore passionate sex with Patrick ramming his uncut cock in Alec's tight whole.Sexy Mormon boy. He has an amazing body. His sexy blue eyes and blond hair. He was a real sweetheart off camera and a great model. I hope to have him back again at the end of summer '09.Patrick is a well known twink star who couldn't resist our offer to get his lollipop sucked! Already with some good experience, this young twink can fuck a bunch, but he is versatile and loves getting some attention to his tight asshole.
Rub Me Some More
Hot stone massage gets Phillip Aubrey hard with desire
Lyon's Deep Tonite
Christian Ray is back in the house this week and we
The Courtship of Eddie's Culo
We have a new face for our members this week that will be sure to please those of our members who appreciate a tall, furry drink of water. Hailing from right here in the Magic City, 22 year old Brent Biscayne is with us to show us what Miami flavor is all about. Taller than the average bear, Brent measures in at 6
Shaved Bare and Fucked!
Angelic looking Jake Cody is in for more then he could imagine when he is found in The Mill by the amazingly sexy Luke Desmond. Luke begins to assert his dominance on Jake by shaving away his pubic hair making his boyish looks even more prominent. Once Jakes manhood has been stripped Luke begins the real fun and its not long before Jake is taking Luke's oversized dick hard and fast up his ass.Luke Desmond has to be one of the hottest British boys in the business, and his immense uncut 9" cock is now pretty famous. But that's not all that makes this boy one of the hottest, he's a great lad to have in a scene totally dominating another boy with that massive hard uncut tool between his legs!
New Years Cock Hook Up
I met Alex while holiday shopping he was cute. He came back to my place I fucked him with my huge cock while he screamed in pleasure.
Shafting Dad
Shafting Dad
Deep Anal Massage
Aaron had a very tense week. A close friend invited him over for a massage, but he wasn't expecting his friend's big cock to be massaging his ass.
Cock Bent for Leather
Cock Bent for Leather
Kain is Able
Josh West is with us this week and we're always glad to have this hairy hottie in the house. Josh is hairy, hung and makes 37years of age look amazing. Maybe it's the weather in Los Angeles? Josh has always had a high sex drive and having a thick 9' cock makes it all the better. He realized he was 'larger' than the rest of his friends at about 12 and it made him slightly self conscious when it came to coming out. Josh came out late at the age of 26 but he has no regrets. He's more than made up for lost time. He's currently single and content for now. To help us out with Mr. West, we invited a native Floridian (they really do exist) along that goes by the name of Kain Warn. Kain is 28yo and has a smile bright enough to light a room. He is originally from Gainesville and is in for a treat this afternoon. Bravely into battle he will go... Kain is really into older men and if the daddy's hung that just sweetens the pot. Well, Kain is in for the ride of his life. Josh not only has the big gun but he knows how to use it. This afternoon, we firmly believe Kain will be getting 'the' cr
Club Reps 18-21 - Josh and Skye
Josh and Skype enjoy a sexy romp, with a very wet, cummy finish.
Two tops flip flop fuck
We didn't know what would happen when we put these two sexy tops together but as soon as the cameras started rolling they jumped straight into sucking each others hot dicks, before moving into an amazingly sexy flip-flop fuck. They fuck each other long and hard, both of them cumming globs to top it off.Sexy Mormon boy. He has an amazing body. His sexy blue eyes and blond hair. He was a real sweetheart off camera and a great model. I hope to have him back again at the end of summer '09.Well hung masculine top. He was quite a chatater on and off camera. He has some good videos on boycrush.
This week we've asked a good friend we haven't seen in a while to help us welcome a new, and rather hung, stud to the ExtraBigDicks' fold. We knew Connor Maguire would help us out as soon as he took one look at his costar, newcomer Van Wilder. Van is new to the industry and at 19 years of age, this Miami boy has a promising future packing that big ol' dick. For those of you unfamiliar with Connor, he's a California boy and now legal at 21 years of age. Oh goody! We asked Van when he realized he had a bigger than average dick. Apparently his Mom broke the news when she walked in on him showering and was shocked to find him packing since his Dad apparently didn't. (...awkward) Van was freaked out at first (really?!) but when all the girls he was with told him the same thing he knew he had something special. Connor, no stranger to our site, also has a big dick. We asked if after having bottomed on cam if that made a difference on how he tops. 'Yeah, I go slower now' Connor admits 'now I kinda feed it in versus just slamming it in.' Yeah, it often helps to know what it's like to be on the receiving end of that big dick to make you a more considerate top. Well, let's hope Van's bottomed...Van and Connor are hanging out before their shoot when Van asks Connor what the hat he's got about. It's a CJB hat which he explains stands for CircleJerkBoys. Van is confused thinking he's shooting for ExtraBigDicks when Connor checks him and says 'Well to shoot for EBD you need to have an Extra Big Dick.' Van grins and informs Connor he's in luck because he just happens to have a really big dick. He gets up and undoes his pants so that Connor can find out for himself. Connor does and soon the only thing open wider than his eyes with awe is that mouth of his trying to wrap it around Van's huge cock. Van just watches as Connor sucks that dick on his knees. He can't get enough as he grabs that thick cock by the shaft and takes as much of it as he can into his mouth. Van lets Connor have his fill before wanting some cock himself. He gets Connor on the couch as he kneels between his legs and starts to work Connor's thick dick. Van runs his tongue around Connor's knob before sliding it down his throat. Connor moans his appreciation as he watches the bi boy work his hard cock but soon has another mouthful of Van's meat as Van straddles his chest and goes back to fucking his face.Soon that hot face isn't enough as Connor gets bent over and railed. He moans and groans as Van shoves his dick inside. It looks like someone's had more experience being on 'top' of things. Van's fat dick slides into Connor's tight hole over and over as Connor does his best to accommodate its girth. Van loves that sweet ass on his dick and he continues to pound that ass deep feeling his balls slap at Connor's ass. Van then switches it up as he sits back and has Connor ride his huge cock. Connor impales himself on that dick again as he starts to bounce up and down on it. He has more control of how much dick he takes but that extra big dick Van's got is stretching him wide open. Not one to back down from a challenge, Connor powers through it as he rides that dick determined to make Van blow his hot nut. Connor's own cock is hard as he rides that meat. Missionary is next as can gets Connor on his back. He fucks him deep like he does his girlfriend and Connor can't help but jack his throbbing boner. Van's fat dick slams into Connor's sweet spot sending his load flying all over himself as he drenches his navel with cum. Van then pulls out and unloads his thick load all over Connor's cum-covered cock. ...whew.
Ethan fucks for the first time on camera