Cute Kenzie For Christmas
Hoe, hoe, hoe! Merry Christmas Boynapped lovers! At the Boynapped home, Sebastian always likes to do this right, which includes having a Christmas tree in the form of the gorgeous Kenzie Madison. Watch as Sebastian entertains himself decorating Kenzie with all the balls and tinsel he can find. Pegging Christmas barbells on Kenzie's toned, fresh body soon gets both of them hot and horny. Ever seen a Christmas tree get fucked? No? Then now's the moment as Sebastian bends Kenzie over - decorations and all - and fucks him hard.He might look like the kind of boy you'd be happy to take home to meet your mother, but when Kenzie Madison has another lad in his grasp he's more than capable of dishing out some hardcore punishment! There's nothing this lad likes more than making a boy cum a hard load against his will, and he'll do whatever it takes!Sebastian Kane is the master when it comes to using and abusing young men and twinky boys in the UK. He has a special warehouse where he likes to take his boys and make them cry out in pain and pleasure, making their cum flood out and splashing them with his by the time they're done! He's one real kinky fucker!
Rocco Redi Video
If you've been around Butch Dixon for any length of time, you'll know that I have a thing for daddies. And Rocco Redi is a hot, silver daddy. He's ruggedly handsome, he's beefy, and he's hairy � just the way I like them. This grey-haired man also has a deliciously fat cock. He's cut, he had his foreskin removed as a young guy due to some health problems, and he dearly misses that "little bit of extra something," as he calls it.He tells a story about being in a gay bar in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was in the rough part of town and everyone warned him not to go there, but he did anyway. As he entered, the doorman greeted him and suggested he try the bar's jelly shots. Behind the bar was the most hunky bear man. Rocco ordered a jelly shot. The bartender rang a bell and another bar man came over, the first bartender hauled out his uncut cock, held open his foreskin, and the second bar man poured the shot into his foreskin. And that's how they do jelly shots in Johannesburg. Yum! Where's my passport? This silver bear also loves daddy-boy scenes, or daddy-son, as he calls them. He likes his boys younger, muscular with beautiful faces, and hairy is a big plus. Oh well, I guess that puts me out the running as I'm neither young or muscular. But still, I can fantasize about getting down on my knees and servicing Rocco's fat cock. And if he were to throw some nasty dirty talk my way, all the better.After telling a few stories about his sexual escapades, this silver daddy strips down to his jockstrap and leans against the brick wall in my livingroom and starts jerking his fat cock. And when he's ready to cum, turn up the volume on your speakers, there's an extra special treat for you. When Rocco dumps his load you can hear it hitting the floor, and I find that so fucking hot.
Fire-Side Romance For Horny Lovers
Fire-Side Romance For Horny Lovers
Cooking with Ass
Cooking with Ass
Tied To The Cross And Fucked!
Tied to the cross with his arse on display for anyone to use, Lincoln steps up to show Dan what a proper ass pounding feels like. Lincoln works over Dan to get him nice and relaxed before forcing his huge dick up Dans arse and milking his dick until Dan can't help but throw his load all over the floor. Punishing his boy for cumming first, Lincoln empties several loads of hot wax over Dan before shooting his own load all over Dans hot ass.
Sinz of the Flesh
This week we have two Titans of the adult industry coming together to steam up our camera lenses. Ricky Sinz and Doug Jeffries are here and have been looking forward to working with each other for a while now. Ricky is 31 now and originally from Chicago. Doug will be 46 this January and proudly calls Brooklyn home. We asked these two studs when the last time they felt proud of something they accomplished was. For Ricky he says everyday. 'Doing the right thing always makes you feel good' For Doug it was a couple weeks ago when he was helping out some kids that were homeless and giving them heart to heart advice on how to stay sober and out of trouble. We then asked them to think back and tell us what the best gift they'd ever received. Doug was thankful that when his father passed away, a couple years ago, he left the house he grew up in to him. That really meant a lot to him. For Ricky he doesn't really get a lot of gifts and even when it comes to giving them it's just not his thing to give material things. 'You have material things and then you have friendship' Ricky admits 'and I think 'friendship' is much more important.' We couldn't agree more, Amigo...Ricky and Doug are catching up on the couch talkin shop and industry awards each has won when Ricky confesses to Doug that he's wanted to work with him for years so he's really happy to be here. Doug calls him over as they start to make out. Doug slips to his knees and explores Ricky's hard cock tenting his shorts. Doug then turns him around and slides off Ricky's shorts to get a closer look at that ass. He spreads those cheeks wide before going in for more tongue first. Ricky moans as Doug slaps that ass as he shoves his tongue inside. Doug flicks his hot tongue on that hungry hole driving Ricky mad. Ricky then stands up and gives Doug something else to work on
Fraser Jacs And Josh Jared
Gorgeous boys with balls full of cum and the need to share them with a buddy, that's what you get with Josh Jared and Fraser Jacs in this anal session! Both boys are expert at oral, but Fraser wants more than that. Josh is soon sliding his long uncut cock deep in Fraser's ass and fucking him hard, and you know that both these guys can deliver the juice when it's time to unload!
Into The Woods
Into The Woods
Taylor Admits Crush on Teacher
It's graduation day and Taylor Garrett has been dying to spill the beans all year. He comes into his teacher's office to tell him his secret: he has a crush on Mr. Lacroix! Mr. Lacroix is coy at first but is obviously really into it. As a graduation present, he fucks his student and sends him on his way into the real world.Jesse Lacroix is a blonde guy who likes to play the straight man role when topping his guys. He's athletic and enjoys pounding asses.Taylor Garrett is confident, sexy, and always ready to try something new. He's not shy about approaching guys to see if they'll give him a shot.
Boy Meets Toy
CJ Madison is a man over 30 -- masculine, tattooed, bearded and hairy-chested that will get your imagination going in no time. This hot solo starts off with CJ slowly stripping and jerking for your eyes and his strip tease will not leave you hanging as this man has lots to offer to all you real-man lovers out there. But get ready for some hungry manhole action as this daddy shows you all that he can take as he playfully shows off his toy fetish.
Ty One On
Ricky Larkin is back in the house this week looking better than ever. Ricky will be helping us welcome back a blast from the past Ty Tucker who appeared on our brother site a few years ago. We asked these studs if they could have anyone interview them who it would be. Ty would want to be interviewed by Charlie Sheen. Ricky would want to be interviewed by none other than Stephen Colbert. We then flipped the script and asked if they could interview anyone they wanted to whom it would be. Ricky grins as he answers Mila Kunis just to be in the same room with her. Ty would want to 'interview' Super Model Heidi Klum. Both of these boys prefer the ladies off cam but are open minded enough to do male on male work. We wondered what if anything they've learned from being in this position. Ty learned that not everything needs to be so restricted and being open with your sexuality is healthy. Ricky started off not really liking it but he didn't dislike it either. One way or the other both of these studs agree that the best head they've received to date have been from men. 'I heard what you were doing with my sister last night' Ricky tells Ty,
Uni Tournament Scene 3
Uni Tournament
Raw Military Fuckers
Generals Taz Frazier and Allen Morgan are just as experienced on the battlefield as they are on in the bedroom. They start with some rough, hard kisses. Morgan goes down on Frazier's dick and doesn't come up for air. Frazier preps his tight little hole up for his bare dick. He spits in the hole and spreads the saliva around as lube, then gets ready for insertion. He fucks Frazier's hole in many positions for a long fucking time. It looks like Frazier has never been fucked so hard by such a hot, raunchy daddy as he moans and the raw dick slides in and out. The friction continues until he pulls his raw dick from the hole and shoves his dirty cock in the General's mouth. He shoots his load as the General guzzles that jizz.
Yes you guessed it just by looking at the pics, Andy is a total bottom. And there was no way Andy could cum and do jerk off solo without the aid of a hung & thick dildo. Andy self fucked himself in various places before shooting his load over the floor
Beach Volley Boys 3
After a full day practising on the beach you can get a fantastic tan but you have to be careful not to overdo it. Fortunately there are always friends around to rub you with sunburn lotion, even on your most private parts! Great hard fuck and sexy hot cumshots...
Soothing Ass Wax
I went to work thinking it was going to be a boring day. I had no clients at all until late in the afternoon when Ethan arrived to his first session. He didn't say a word. He swam around the pool a few times and gave me a lustful look. He was hot and I knew I was going to wax that ass.
Roommate Surprise
I get so horny looking at my new roommate Tyler Sweet. His body is so yummy and smooth looking. I decided to make my move and play with his cock to see how he would react. Luckily, he enjoyed it and pumped his cock deeper down my throat!
Tooled Up
Who hasn’t fantasised about going into a sleazy sex club or sauna and picking up a stranger to fuck? This (like many of the scenes and movies on UKHotJocks) is pure fantasy from us, JP and Sam.
Chinups and Jerkoffs
Oh, I see you're working the biceps with some chinups? Nice, but can you handle a cock? Expecially a fat one? Oh you can? Well lets see how far I can stuff it in your throat. No talking now, focus on the shaft in your mouth. Not bad, but lets see how you do with a suprise butt attack!
Rain Men
This week Troy Halston is helping us welcome a new member to the MenOver30-by-injection Club, Mr. Micah Andrews. Micah is 23 and originally from Denver, CO. Troy knows a little about Denver himself, since that is his home town. With all the occupy movements going on and so many people unhappy with the ways things are being run, we asked these studs what upsets them these days. Troy is upset that everything is moving toward world domination and the truth behind all of these protests is so real. Micah gets angry with liars and stealers. We then switched it around and asked them what makes them happy. For Micah, he likes to fight competitively so he loves to train. Troy likes even the simplest things in life like a smile from one of his daughters. We then brought the focus back to the hot and present asking them what they feel their one sexual act they are best at. Micah thinks he is a pretty amazing bottom so he'd go with that. Troy tries to be good at all of it so he would answer with that. Humility is in the air this week. lol Well lets let these two get at it and let them figure out who's good at what (while we watch...)Micah shows up at Troy's soaking wet and gets the third degree from his boss. Troy in incensed about how irresponsible he could be going out in the rain like that. Micah tells him to stop acting like his dad already and that sets Troy off. He grabs Micah and pulls his shirt off telling him he knows he's always looking at his cock in the office and maybe it was about time he gets a closer look. He shoves Micah's face into his crotch before undoing his jeans and giving him a taste of the real thing. Micah doesn't struggle as he gets his face fucked. Micah's mouth is soon stuffed full of cock as he sucks it deep. Troy then drops to his knees to see if Micah has anything to offer. He takes out Micah's cock and starts to return the favor. He laps and sucks on Micah's smooth balls before shoving his dick so deep he makes himself gag on it. Micah then bends over as Troy starts to play with his hot ass fingering it as he gets Micah even hornier. Once Troy's done playing with that hot ass he sits back and gets Micah's mouth back on his dick. He fucks Micah's mouth as he bobs his head up and down on his cock. Micah's tongue then moves south as he starts to eat Troy's ass. Troy's cock gets rock hard and that mouth just isn't enough...Troy gets Micah on his knees and pushes him down until his ass is up and begging for it. He aims his cock south and slides inside. Micah moans as Troy takes that ass deep. He pile drives deep as Micah struggles to accommodate Troy's hard cock. Troy pounds that ass and gets tired of looking at the back of Micah's head so he turns him over on his back. He flips Micah's legs up and goes right back to pile driving his dick. He can now watch Micah's face as he begs him for more dick. Micah was right about having a hot ass that could more than take a pounding. Troy then gets up and sits on the chair and watches as Micah lowers himself back onto that meat. He sits on Troy in a reverse cowgirl and takes that dick to the hilt. He rides that meat like a seasoned jockey driving Troy wild. Troy isn't one to just sit back so he too starts to slam his hard cock up into Micah's hungry ass. That does the trick as Micah's cock explodes. He busts his thick load all over his smooth chest and navel. Troy then stands and jacks his cock off all over Micah's face coating it with his thick seed.
Fist Fortunate S4
Cum one, cum all, this new fisting series, “The Fist Fortunate,” exemplifies the best and biggest holes around. Ready to be greased up and plowed, these men know how to give and receive from every angle. Chains rattle and seasoned fuck tables are used; legs are spread and leather scent is in the air. With a voyeur view, we get right in there and “gauge” only the most willing. Sweet greasy asses for the taking as fisting is explored and fucking brings up the rear. Hop on board and enjoy all the scenes our hottest men present, showing you why they stand out, and up.
Soho Hustle
Soho, home of 'queer street' and peep shows. An area in which every other bar is gay and every other flat is a brothel. Joey struts his stuff down Old Compton street and manages to pick up a punter in the shape of horse-hung Aaron. These two men get naked and bash their way through a flip-flop fuck as Joey skewers Aaron and then returns the favour, impaling Joey on his mammoth uncut cock.
Harley Everett & Ben Statham -- Bareback
Ben Statham and Harley Everett are getting cozy in the Butch Dixon studio…the pair are getting so tender that Harley even offers to massage Ben's tired muscles after a hard workout. Ben's eager to feel the healing touch of the tattooed hulk and he moans softly as Harley gives him a sensual oil rubdown. But Harley's ultimately a purely sexual beast, and after about 2 minutes of massage, he's fingering Ben's asshole and getting ready to tongue him out. Ben's brief flirtation with romance slips away, but the feeling of Harley rimming out his hole more than makes up for the tender intangibles. Soon the rough and tumble muscle men are sucking cock and probing holes…Harley's thick, uncut member is pulsating and he's going all in on this scene. No cover, he's going to fuck Ben's hot hole bareback and Ben loves it! Harley's fat dick pounds away in Ben's raw hole and both hard Brit men love the flesh-in-flesh feeling. Harley bathes Ben in his massive cum dump and Ben's own emission rivals his lover's; he soaks himself with sticky jizz and Harley is still unloading all over his face.
Cuffs & Collars
Not only is this an intimate fantasy of one of our viewers its also the first time 'straight' Stefan has fucked a man. The lucky guy on the receiving end of that thick, hard cock was Andro who obviously enjoyed every minute of it. The two lads are smart for town but Andrea has a trick up his sleeve - a pair of handcuffs. Stefan doesn't mind being restrained, and though he's straight he can't stop himself getting a hard on from Andrea's hot, expert lips. But when Andrea presents his, smooth fuckable arse, pushing it up into the air, making it clear that Stefan can do as he likes with it..... what is a curious, straight man to do.....?
Do You Want Me?
Lee is here to show off his rock hard abs and to tease you to the fullest. His sexy demeanor and strong confidence will make your cock rock hard. He loves being the center of attention and showing off all his manly goods. Lee has one of the thickest cocks we have ever seen and it's a smooth tasty beauty. Indulge and fantasize about wrapping your mouth around his man meat and make sure to blast that nut all over your keyboard. Enjoy!
Albert & Carlo
Carlo Cox and Albert Victor are moving boxes. Albert can't resist how hot Carlo looks in his tight jeans. These hairy men fall into a passionate kiss; and then, they swap blowjobs. Then they use a ladder as a creative prop for this hot, hairy ass fuck session.
Jack Union and Scott Hunter
When Scott agreed to take a pic of Jack in the locker room for Trojan, he only hoped the joke would turn into something more palpable. And palped he got. Jack starts trying to get the phone off his friend’s hands as grantically as Scott tried to evade him. Until Jack’s hand finds its way onto Scott’s cock. awkward moment. they lock eyes onto each other. hand still firmly on the crotch. inevitably this mountain of a man and the hairy muscle pup lock in a hot and passionate kiss. they both have fantasied about this moment and they are certainly not gonna rush it through as they taste each other’s mouth and muscles. Jack moves down to Scott’s ass and the gave is given away when discovers the young hunk has been wearing a cockring/buttplug all this time. the sucking and licking continues with Scott taking his turn on Jack’s cock. he savors it thoroughly and turns around to offer his butt to him. Jacks is instead in the mood for toys, after all that’s what they stuffed his locker with. he takes the clear plug away and replaces it with xxxx before shooting a hot load on Scott face seconds before Scott unloads all over himself.
Mathew Gets Wet Broner
Mathew is a repressed individual. His whole life he's been trying to act all manly trying to get all the ladies. After some time his frustration catches up with him. He finds his buddy relaxing in his room. Secret spying on him Mathew begins to jerk his man meat. Then he goes for the plunge...
Creme of the Crop
Gallons and gallons of cum, all the best (and juiciest) cum shots from several yards of uncut cocks, as splash down after splash down - after squirt after squirt. There's enough cum here to drown the horniest cock hound, so stand back, its a wet one. Our greatest, wettest, hottest, sloppiest cum shots ever compilation.
Spark it in the Rear
This week we have a special duo here to share their passion. We say that because the two making their debut are boyfriends. Their romance is one of epic modern day proportions (brought to you by Grindr) Jason Sparks and Connor Patricks are enjoying the weather down here in Miami, though they're both southern boys. Jason is 35 and originally from Atlanta. His beau to the left is 25 years young and from Charlotte, NC. These crazy kids met while Connor was on vacation in Charleston, SC and got on Grindr and met Jason. They are meant for each other since they both admit they are incredibly silly. They love the same about the other and get to drive everyone else crazy running around doing really silly shit like two silly boys. Pffffff, that's just silly!! When it clicks it clicks. When it comes to physical characteristics Connor loves Jason from the ass down. He loves his ass and thick legs. For Jason he loves everything about Connor. -Awww. Connor blushes as Jason brags about his man, telling us Connor's a tri-athlete and due to that he has the 'perfect' lean, swimmers build. Hmmm...Discuss amongst yourselves. Jason and Connor aren't new to having people watch them being intimate with each other. They actually have a cam site where many get to peek in on what these silly kids are up to. Today they decided it was time to take their act to a new venue and we were more than happy to help. They start to make out as they embark on their first webisode as Jason starts to grope on Connor's growing crotch. He licks his nips and smooth chest as they take turns teasing the other. Jason finally gets to his feet as Connor peels off his briefs to get at his growing cock. He takes his cock in his warm mouth and starts to nurse on his meat. Jason gasps as he gets his cock serviced by his young lover. Jason's hands start exploring Connor's sweet ass and soon he's hungry for some dick himself. He hauls Connor to his feet and goes to work on his hard cock. Connor's dick is rock hard as Jason bobs his head on it. He laps at his smooth balls and shaft as he strokes his own cock. 'Let me see that ass', Jason orders as he turns his boy around. He dives in tongue first as he eats that sweet hole sending Connor into orbit. Connor sits on his face for more before going head first into a hot 69 where they both get what they want, more cock and ass! Once Jason's ass is nice and wet he gets on all four and gives it up to Connor who is more than happy to slide his hard cock inside. He is fucking that ass with ease as he pounds Jason's hole. He looks down and watches as his cock disappears into that smooth ass before him. He picks up the pace and fucks Jason deeper as he coos his appreciation. They then switch it up as Jason suits up and sits back and has Connor sit on his cock. He loves that tight ass on his dick as Connor bounces on his meat. Connor's hard cock bounces up and down as he impales himself repeatedly on that hard cock. This boy must've learned some rodeo tricks back home in North Carolina 'cause he sure knows how to ride some dick. He is grinding on Jason's dick hard and wants every inch of it inside him. Missionary is next as Jason gets Connor on his back. He lifts those thick thighs and slides his meat back into that beefy ass. Jason delivers the goods while Connor strokes his hard cock. Missionary does the trick as Connor blows his wad all over his smooth chest. Jason isn't far behind as he pulls out and empties his nuts all over his cum-drenched partner.
Don't Tell My Girlfriend
This guy thought his secret was safe, that every weekend, he would sneak off to a cheap motel and get his ass fucked by a manly stud. He liked to feel that fat cock up his ass and the cum splashing on his face. Oh well, I guess its out in the open now...My bad.
Cigano & Nicolas
Hispanic horn dogs Cigano and Nicolas are another real couple, who love to put on a show. Tattooed, muscle boys, with big, fat, dark, uncut cocks, are always welcome here. Cigano offers up his eager hole for a right royal ploughing and Nicolas is more than happy to slide his dick all the way inside, until our two sexy studs are hosing each other down with cum.
Chad Gets Outted!
We hacked Chad's computer and found some gay photos. He was claiming he was straight for a while but now we have outted him!
Strung and Filled by Adam Watson
Adam Watson loves to push his boys to the limits, and damn does he push Aiden. Adam stretches Aidens hole out with everything he can find as he makes his way from finger to fist. Baby faced Aiden cant help but show the pain as Adam fills his arse with a length of chain then rips it back out. The anal pounding doesn't stop little Aiden from giving up a hot teen load.
Ass Burning Workout
Jason needs a special physical trainer to get him in shape. He found Izzy James online with very good reviews. However Izzy is going to give Jason a more physical workout plan. Jason will have to work hard on Izzy 10 inch cock to reach his goals
Sex Cinema
It's the late night show at the sex cinema and the on-screen action is hot, but Kennedy and Sebastian are more turned on by each other. Sebastian edges closer, slides a hand over Kennedy's thigh and wraps it around his stiff, uncut cock. The pair stroke each other's meat in the dark and by the time the film ends and the house lights go up, they're sucking and kissing without a care for who might be watching. When they find they have the cinema to themselves, they soon get naked and get down to some rimming before Kennedy can't wait any more and slides Seb's uncut, fat dick right inside him. Seb rides him over the seat backs until they're both shooting thick loads on the plush velvet!
The Crotch Rocket
You'll call Tyler Sweet "Tyler Smooth" when you see how he seduces his hot biker friend Colby Jansen. Tyler gives Colby a world class blowjob before turning around to get his ass rimmed and fucked by the hard cock he's been fantasizing about!
Gay HD Porn
Gay HD Porn
Bend Me Over
Connor Patricks is a heart breaker. He comes in for his weekly massage all the time and teases me with his hot body and big cock. Today I won't take it! I am going to fuck his heart out until my juicy man-goo is all over his sweet face.
Toy & A Boy
We’ve all picked up something a little extra when we’ve been out shopping, right? Well Kayden certainly got more than he bargained for when he went to his local sex shop! This story introduced by Sam and JP is adapted from one of Sam’s real life experiences, when he went out shopping for his first ever dildo.
Sean Smith
We went to a local park to pick up Sean Smith, a 19yo straight boy wanting to make some money. As you watch the video you'll find out that this straight boy is all business and takes care of a "sizable" business matter here on StraightRentBoys! First things first, yes, Sean is a real red head and the "drapes match the carpet" as Eddie puts it. All I have to say is that I hope they ordered enough of both to do the job when you see the size of Sean's cock. Yes, dynamite does come in little packages! We don't get many red heads coming through the studio and if it's a tall, thin red head hung like a horse on your wish list, I think we got a winner! Sean says he's never been with another guy and I actually got to touch and stroke that mammoth cock of his during the shoot. When I asked him if it felt weird, he said no. At the end of the video when asked if he would like to say anything to anyone interested in renting him, Sean said he wouldn't mind getting a blowjob from a guy and even consider sucking a dick. Sean is all business and a "show me the money" kind of guy. If the money's right, I think Sean is willing to explore new possibilities. Even Eddie says "I'd have sex with him!"
Uni Tournament Scene 5
What happens when the jock comes in the changing room horny as hell and bumps into the cleaner? Well he forgets he's straight and fucks his eyes out!
Amateur Trio Sex
Amateur Trio Sex
Harley Everett and Tate Ryder
A little scene reversal here as we get a younger guy having his way with an older, bigger male. But let's not kid ourselves... when the younger guy is Tate Ryder, who wouldn't? Tate and Harley are like a house on fire "certainly their pants were" and can't get enough of each other. It's an even game; they both enjoy doing everything to each other. Here we have a tattooed mountain of English muscles against a lean and hard Australian beach body. After some time spent feeling of Harley's experienced tongue on his body and cock and on his ass "time that we all enjoyed watching", Tate can't wait any longer and turns Harley face down on the bed and buries his face into Harley's crack. He licks and prods that smooth hole until Harley is literally begging Tate to fuck his ass. "a Beta male fucking an Alpha male? Hot" Tate first fucks Harley face down on the bed then turns him on his back and fills him up to the balls until he shoots a fresh hot load on Harley's cock. Harley finishes himself off.
Jack Brave and Jayson Park
We see Jayson Park is back up to his old tricks again on DaddyRaunch and this time he's with Jack Brave. Licking arm pits, taking it raw and hard with all the dirty talk and nasty sex a man can throw at him. Watch Jayson deep throat Jack's big cock all the way to the base and rim his ass while Jack jerks off with Jayson's nose buried in his balls. "Like to smell my nuts boy?" we hear Jack say. Up on the bench on his knee's as we watch Jack bury that monster deep in Jayson's ass. It's like watching a scene from the movie "Deliverance" and this time we get to see ALL of the action! Jack says "I'm gonna cum" and Jayson tells him "cum in my ass"... "shove it my ass." Jack's cock is so big we can see the vein on the back of his shaft swell and pulse as he unloads inside Jayson. "Like that cum up your ass?"... "Now that hole is real nice and wet" Jack says. Jayson asks Jack to do him a favor and sit on his face while he jerks off. Jack loves the good rimming Jayson is giving him sitting on his face and blows another load all over Jayson's stomach. Jack hops down and fingers Jayson while he finished himself off... "you're covered in cum bro" we hear from Jack as the camera zooms in on Jayson's torso.
Hot Frenzy of Twink Fucking
Nathan Stratus ordered a big package and it finally arrives. He gets a huge, juicy lollipop that he says is an orgasm with every lick! Him and Chad Hollywood try it out, licking and sucking on it together. They erupt into a hot frenzy of twink fucking, with Chad taking the lead and bending Nathan over to show him what an orgasm really feels like.Chad Hollywood is a super fun twink with a great sense of humor and a love for dick that makes him perfect for the industry! You'll have fun following his career as he sucks cock all the way to the top!Watch as this amazingly cute Twink explores the porn biz! He has a great body, a big cock, and a willingness to learn. Everything he needs to be a successful star!
Sweeney 5 - The Cut
Dillon Buck returns to UK Naked Men in the latest episode of The D.I. Sweeney Files. Detective Sweeney gets a tip that his ex-partner is at the barbershop for a trim. He empties out the shop hoping for a some old-time fun. Soon both men are "buck" naked and the passion is reignited. Sweeney's huge uncut cock is thoroughly polished from knob to base. He returns the favour by ramming Jaxson's tight hole and then shoots his load in Jaxson's mouth.
London Ridge
Parker London makes his debut with us this week and we can
Wet Ass & Sex Swings
I've been around these places for a while now. You haven't been fucked until you get fucked in a sling. The sounds of the chains and the thrust of his cock get my asshole begging for more. Once, he's done I've got my eye on another guy to fill me up with his jizz.
The very hairy guy is a scientist by day and he's got one big, honking pair of nuts. He strips naked in my studio and jerks his cock in front of a full-length mirror. Hugh takes his time, admiring his body, and then he blasts a super-sized, creamy load of cum all over the mirror.
Sauna Slut
SaunaSlu scene1
More Bukkake with London Moore
London Moore gets down and dirty with the Bukkake Boys! He showcased his dick sucking skills and his ability to handle rounds of intense bareback fucking! His effort paid off because in the end he got completely soaked in warm man juice! After that hot orgy London Moore will surely be looking for MORE!
Bareback Youth Squad - Thomas and Chris
In the locker room with the bareback lads, Thomas and Chris couldn't wait to get down to it, we had to stop them and suggest more foreplay they just wanted to dip their, stiff, uncut cocks deep into each others, smooth, wet, tight holes.
Older Massage Turns Kinky
John Marcus is a real DILF, so when the massuse comes by, he can barely control himself when he see's John's well toned ass. He starts massaging all over his body, finally slipping his client's cock into his mouth. John protests for just a second, but then gives in to the younger man's advances until they are both sweaty and covered in cum.
Latin Sauce Spill
This hot piece of Latin fire was all about the ladies, he conquered them all, but lately he's been getting a little bored and experimenting with something a little more exotic. Oh well, I guess their loss is our fat cock- I mean, gain....
Twink Ass Worship Scene
Twink Ass Worship Scene
Junior Office Sluts - Jake & Kaden
Jake and Kaden work at the same company but there is a new guy that is making them feel hot and horny! Thinking about him makes their cocks stiff and hungry for some playtime. Will they calm themselves down and get back to work or steam it up and fuck hard right there in the office? Being young and randy they go for the latter option and soon they are stripping off and sucking each other with no mercy before flip fucking to shoot their loads all over their chests and finally get back to work fresh and relaxed!
Too Big To Fail
We have a larger-than-life edition of ExtraBigDicks and you'll understand just why in a minute. <evil grin> With us this week we have an industry favorite that has blown up and has amassed quite the following so we thought we'd have him back with us, none other than Tommy Defendi. Tommy is a 22 yo Chicago native who now calls Ft Lauderdale home. Tommy is tall, dark and hung like a horse packing a 9.5' cock. What else could you ask for? -wait for it. Alongside Tommy sits our newest find, Mr. Devon Moss who is also 22 hails from Greensboro, NC. This baby-faced country boy is a size queen's wet dream. Packing 10' of Carolina cock, Devon reminds us all to never judge a book by its cover; cuz this boy could split you in two. lol Tommy blushes as he admits this is the first time he's ever been with someone that has a bigger dick than he does. Even though most of the time the guy with the biggest dick ends up on top, that's not the case with Devon. We imagine most guys are just afraid of his dick. (AMATEURS!) Fortunately Devon is truly versatile so he doesn't mind either way. Fortunately both of these hung studs are single and loving their freedom. Well enough bragging from these two-let's get 'em nekid.Tommy starts rubbing Devon's foot as he breaks the ice. As he massages his foot, Devon begins to rub his foot on Tommy's growing cock. They begin to kiss as they lie back on the bed. Tommy hovers over Devon, slowly kissing him before pulling off their tee shirts. The jeans come off next as they are left in their underwear. Devon goes to work on Tommy's meat as he licks it through his underwear. It isn't in there for long as he hauls it out and engulfs it. Tommy can only moan while Devon's head bobs on his meat. Tommy wants some too and he gets between Devon's thighs for some cock of his own. Devon's massive uncut meat is rock hard in seconds as Tommy worships his 10' rod. Devon's cock is massive, not only in length but incredibly thick as well. This is not for the faint of heart (...or ass). They get into a hot 69 so that each has access to all the cock they want. Devon and Tommy savor every inch of their meat as they slowly enjoy their oral session. All this cock sucking and oral attention can only lead to one thing and that's Devon's smooth ass-Oh, goody, goody. Eyebrows furled Devon winces as Tommy slides his thick cock deep inside him. Devon does his best to relax as Tommy continues to take his ass. Tommy is steadily pounding his ass as Devon takes every thick inch he's given. Tommy looks down and watches as his massive meat disappears into Devon. 'You're so fucking big!' Devon grunts as he gets his ass stretched. Tommy continues to thrust his cock into Devon fucking him doggie style and enjoying the show below as Devon does his best to manage the dick he's giving him. 'Spank my ass' Devon grunts between moans as Tommy keeps impaling him. Tommy then lies back on the bed as Devon climbs aboard for more. He impales his sweet ass on Tommy's cock and starts to ride. Tommy is soon thrusting his hips up into Devon wanting to get his fat dick deeper inside him. Devon grinds his ass down onto Tommy making sure he gets every inch inside him. Missionary is next as Tommy slides his cock back in for more. Devon's whimpers get louder as Tommy fucks him harder and deeper, his fat cock easily claiming its prize. Devon won't be able to handle much more of this before his cock explodes. He pulls out and sits next to Devon as they both jack off. Tommy is the first to nut exploding as his load skyrockets all over him. Devon follows suit as his beer can thick dick unloads its own creamy cargo.
Lee Fucks Our Favourite Polish Lad, Janusz!
Janusz Gol and Lee Smith get started with a kiss and things heat up quickly. The two roll about the bed kissing before Janusz straddles Lee's chest, sinking his uncut cock into the other lad's mouth to face fuck him eagerly. Janusz wants to taste cock on his tongue, too, and these blokes swap cocks and mouths a few times before getting into a wet and sloppy sixty-nine.
CBT - Calvin's Brutal Torture
Kenzie Madison decides to play nice today, or does he? Massaging Calvin Croft and making him orgasm seems far too nice for the evil Kenzie , and it is. He soon shows his true motives for making Calvin cum so soon - to make his head ultra sensitive for some hard, rough, CBT. With pegs, crops, and sprays, Kenzie really hurts Calvin's freshly emptied cock until he can take no more, and then some!