Business Meeting Fornication
Jayden Grey is tired and bored during his meetings. Such a waste of time. This new year, he's going to try something different. He's going to add some fornication fun to give the meetings some life. Come on, sex is always fun.
Aren't You Forgetting Something?
Back in the house this afternoon is a Windy City Charmer we haven't seen in a while, Mr. Shane Frost. It's been a while since we've seen this 29 year old Chicagoan. Shane's in luck because we brought out the big guns to help celebrate his return. By 'Big Guns' we of course mean Mario Costa. Mario is a local Cuban commodity that needs no introduction; neither does his extra thick uncut 9' dick. These two crazies have hit it off famously so we're in for one hell of an afternoon. Recent events dictate that President Obama came out...for gay marriage! (No pun intended) Both of them agree it was unexpected; but admire him for having the courage to do that for all the right reasons. The 2012 election is around the corner and neither of them is excited about it, since once it's done it all just starts back up again. Shane was excited to hear he was working with Mario and he's looking forward to getting some of that Cuban Anaconda Mario's packin'. Mario admits many have thought they could take his dick without a problem and haven't always emerged victorious. Fortunately our money's on Chicago. For a City that invented the (Extra Big) ferris wheel and the giant game of soft ball-we're sure it can handle an Extra Big...Cock! That's what they call
Love Triangle
Hot Hard Cock Threesome
Home Sweet Home
Tyr I'm heading home on leave. I should be there sometime next week. I've been thinking about you a lot. I can't wait to touch your soft skin and round beautiful ass. It's been hard holding in my secret. When I get there, we'll catch up on some intimacy. Love...your Hero.
Patrick Hill And Shayne Thames
It's been a few months since we've seen blond boy Shayne on camera, but we have a great treat for his return with the hairy hunk Patrick Hill. Patrick has been back since his solo to get his hole filled by Myles, and now it's Shayne's turn to experience that hot and hairy butt! The guys swap some delicious sucking before Patrick is offering his hole, then it's a great fuck leading to a big load fucked out of Patrick, and the salty reward of a spunking across his face to finish!
Holes In One
Being bound tight with no where to run, Maxi Gee finds himself on the receiving end of Leroy Dale's throbbing dick. After getting anchored down tight to the floor with his ass in the air, all Maxi can do is wait for his captor to decide which hole he's going to stick his dick in first. Leroy takes turns ramming his dick down Maxi's throat and pounding Maxi's tight ass, until he blows his load all over Maxi's back.
The Neighbor
Devin has the hots for his neighbor. One day he saw him working out on a warm summer day. Hot and horny, Devin invited him up for some steamy sex play. You can only image what happens next, but you don't need to. Check it out for yourself.
Dick Sucking 101: Travis Cooper &...
Having two hot models work together is always fun and enjoyable to watch. I put Travis Cooper and Nick Kush together today for some oral action; it is the first time they have worked together so we
Harley E & Caleb R
Huge skinhead bodybuilder Harley Everett and cute hung muscled Caleb Ramble work up a sweat, with facefucking and deepthroating each others thick meaty dicks.. Intense arseplay, followed by deep fucking, climaxing in a messy cum facial. Tasty.In their shiny sports kit, our hot muscled lads start off with some passionate kissing and groping. At 6 foot 4, skinhead bodybuilder Harley is a huge bloke, and he towers over cute horny Caleb. Getting a feel of each other bulges, both of them look pretty hard right from the start. Taking off their tops for some hot nipple play, both lads have amazing bodies. Caleb has a tightly honed muscular body, with amazing six pack and great legs. Harley has huge shoulders and biceps, and the biggest pecs I ever saw. After licking and sucking on each other hard nipples, with plenty of crotch grabbing, they reach inside each others shorts, eager to get their cocks out. Both have big thick uncut cocks, Harleys dick has a very large bulging head on it, and his dick curves upwards, and Calebs is dead straight, and thick all the way to the base. Eager to please, Caleb gets down on his knees and gets to work on Harleys meaty 8 incher, sucking it deep and jerking him off, and tugging on his big low hanging balls as he sucks him, which turns Harley on bigtime. Then Caleb tries sucking deeper, and struggles a bit with the last inch, but manages to get all the way to the base, making Harley moan with pleasure, gripping Calebs head making him keep his stiff dick all the way down his throat for as long as he can handle it. After some awesome deepthroat action, Caleb lays back on the floor and Harley gets down to sucks Calebs girthy juicy cock. Not to be outdone, Harley gets right down to some expert dick worship, spitting on it, jerking him off, then sucks him deep with long strokes up and down the length of his shaft, making Calebs dick throb harder than ever. Harley changes position, getting into a 69 position as he kneels over Caleb, who takes Harleys dick in his mouth as he gets sucked again. But in this position, Harley is able to get Calebs dick even deeper down his throat as he swallows the entire length. Seriously hot. Harley lays back now to get some more oral action from Caleb, who lays on his side and gets back to some very hot slurping, and then gets his mouth fucked as Harley grips his head thrusting his cock in and out. Eager to have his hole worked on, Caleb gets on all fours, showing his smooth perfect arse to the camera, as Harley pulls his muscular butt cheeks apart, spitting onto his hole then giving him a good rimming, before pushing his finger all the way in. He slides it in and out, spits some more, then inserts a two fingers, pushing them in deep, and then three fingers, giving Calebs hole a very severe intense stretching. He shoves his three fingers in and out pretty hard, he can be quite a brutal top..Ready to fuck now, Caleb stays where he is, down on all fours, pushing his arse up, and Harley climbs on top of him, pushing his cock down between his legs, probing Calebs hungry hole, then pushes it in, all the way to the base. Caleb moans with pleasure. Harley starts fucking with deep steady strokes, then starts to fuck harder, gripping Caleb as he thrusts in and out. Next, they lay on their sides, with Caleb in front, Harley behind, in a spooning position. With his dick throbbing rock solid, Caleb clearly loves to be dominated and loves to get fucked hard. Harley pushes his cock back inside Calebs arse, holding his leg up to get in deeper. He fucks pretty hard right from the start, but with Caleb hungry for more, its not long before Harley is giving him a real good deep pounding, and keeps going till he cant hold off any longer..He pulls out, pulling off the condom, and moves round to jerk off over Calebs face.. Caleb sucks him a bit, then they both jerk themselves off, and very quickly, Harley cums, spraying his hot spunk all over Calebs face and mouth making a real horny mess. This pushes Caleb over the edge, and his big dick starts squirting powerful jets of jizz all the way up his chest to his shoulders, followed by more heavy squirts, covering his chest. Caleb cums hard and he cums plenty.. Both off them squeeze out the last few drops of sticky spunk, as they catch their breath.
The Sales Call
The Sales CallScene 1
Haruo Arata sits and strokes his dick right in front of us. Out of his pants and underwear, we see his nice sized cut cock. As he jerks himself, he spreads his legs far apart. I
Quid Pro Joe
Might wanna turn down the A/C, it's about get hot up in here as this week's duo sizzle on set. After overwhelming response we brought back sexy Joe Parker and teamed him up with Diego Vena. Joe is 32 and originally from Philadelphia while Diego is 33 and originally from Indiana. We asked these two to title their own future memoirs to give people an insight into their lives past and present. 'The Secret or Not So Secret Life of Diego Vena' is Diego's while Joe's memoirs would be titled 'The Making of a Gay Handyman'. We then asked if they were turned into films, which male actor would they cast to play themselves. Diego would want George Clooney and Joe would want Christian Bale. We could see the resemblance there. In closing we asked these studs what sexual encounter from their past still makes them cum thinking about it years later. Joe was in a LTR for 7 years and after breaking up, he took a summer vacation and met a guy a little older than he was with dark hair and a furry chest. Everything he likes in a guy and they went to town. It still makes him horny thinking about it. Diego's was in high school when he slept with his girlfriend's boyfriend. He always wondered why he was always so jealous when they hung out. Well, it wasn't about her at all. ...and that's the way we like it.Diego is hangin' out and playing on his phone waiting for Joe who finally strolls in wearing board shorts and a tee. 'You going to the gym in these?' asks Diego as he tugs at his board shorts. He then hands Joe a pair of gym shorts he can change into so that they can head out already. Joe drops his shorts and his cock is at attention in his briefs. Gym!? What gym? Diego reaches for it and starts to stroke on it through his briefs before getting closer to sample the supply. He pulls down Joe's briefs freeing his aching cock before going down on it. Joe moans as Diego's head bobs up and down on his aching cock. Diego knows just what that cock needs as he repeatedly shoves it deep into his throat. Diego then slips onto the floor on his knees to get a better angle on that dick. He fucks his face with Joe's cock as Joe just moans his approval. Joe pulls Diego to his feet so they can make out for a few before giving Diego even more cock. Joe eventually wants to return the favor and gets Diego on his back as he kisses his chest and abs on his way to Diego's cock that by now is screaming for attention. Joe takes his cock all the way to the hilt and gives Diego some of the same as Diego lays back and enjoys the show.Joe services that dick until his own cock wants 'in' on the action. He flips Diego over and gets him on all four as he fingers that hot hole. His cock rock hard aching with anticipation as he finally pushes his dick inside shoving it all the way in as Diego does his best to accommodate Joe's extra thick cock. Joe starts to pound that ass deep as Diego grunts and moans. 'Gimme that dick' Diego coos as Joe picks up the pace. He fucks Diego doggy style. Diego is moaning as his tight hole is getting stretched wide open. His cock is rock hard the entire time Joe is pounding that ass and he can't get enough. Joe then gets on the couch and has Diego sit on his dick. Diego impales himself on it and then just holds still as Joe fucks that ass slamming his dick up into Diego's worn hole. Diego jacks off as Joe continues to fill that ass full of dick. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. Missionary is next as Joe gets between Diego's legs and goes right back to fucking his hole. This position does the trick as Diego loses his load. Diego jacking off faster about to blow his wad, when Joe pulls out and drenches Diego's dick with his own thick load which then triggers Diego's cock to follow suit...cum bath, anyone?
Nathan Price and Tom Colt
The cameras never lie and they never miss a thing as hairy muscled men Nathan Price and tattooed Tom Colt get down and dirty in a club toilet. Butt naked and sucking hard dick they then jock-strap themselves up for some hard fun on the dance floor and then the stage! Keen to show off their buff bodies they play with their huge bulges in front of us all, with Nathan especially showing what a cock hungry man he is! Never too shy to suck dick in front of a very horned up audience, Nathan loves every second but wants to move things to a higher level as Tom eats his ass, pushing his bearded face deep into his crack as he gets him ready for that nice thick dick of his, fucking him into a wall until he's about to explode, letting his spunk spray all over his bottom mans face, swiftly moving him to orgasm, dripping all over the clubs dance floor!!
The Interrogation
Face fucking the helpless guy is spurring JP on but he wants to test his loyalty further. Unbinding him, he rips open Issacs white shirt revealing his buff, tattooed and tanned torso. He sets to work on his arse, bending him over the chair that kept him captive, fucking so hard you can feel his euphoric mix of pain and pleasure, making him endure every thrust. Moving over to the bonnet of the executive Audi he is fucked over then flipped over. Banged to within an inch of his life and furiously cums up his tight stomach and muscular chest, JP pulls his dick out and angrily spills his load. Issac will not cross him again, JP will make sure of it.
Come On Out
This bitch boy Alex acts all tough and flirty with the ladies but we know his real secrets. He gets himself off by video taping himself pulling on his dangler and send it to other men online! So we're gonna help this mongrel out by just making his video a bit more public...
Sex Club Filming Adventure
This is a first for Japanboyz and the crew and unlike anything we've ever done or experienced. Thanks to one of our contacts in Japan being a "friend of a friend" we'll say, we were invited to a rare and unique event. The best I can do to describe it would be sort of like having an "open house" but, by invitation only. On this particular day, a local "sex club" provides a unique service for both their "members" (clients) and a "select few" companies in the porn industry. Yup, you guessed it, we happen to be one of the "select few" this time. Of course, members have to complete the legal documentation, but this is part of their fantasy... to be a famous porn star. As you watch this video, you'll hear conversations and commotion in the background. This is from other members and film crews as they move throughout the facility from room to room. It was a truly a very unique experience for us and nothing or anyone could have prepared us for. Upon entering, the rules are explained to us as a film crew and we are shown where to go. As we walk down a hallway passing room after room, sex explodes in every imaginable form and in some ways that none of you ever even considered or dared think about. We spot a door at the end of the hall with a window and a man sitting in what we now know is a private 2 person sauna. As we approach, the gentleman is alone and pleasuring himself, acknowledges our presence and invites us to open the door. We engage in conversation and learn that he goes by the name of "Ko" within the club. Let's fast forward to the next scene. Moving to a small but empty bedroom nearby, we get to see ALL of Ko and his beautifully sculpted muscular body. (get a load of those abs!) He obviously works out in real life and perhaps a body builder with his muscular chest and upper body. The legs too! He is completely shaven smooth right down to every "crook and cranny." Besides the unique set of cock and ball ring that he wears, he has a butt plug the likes of which none of us have ever seen. It's really magnificent! Ko lives out his sexual fantasies to the fullest here at the club and includes wearing a meshed covered ski mask. While lying on the bed cooling off from the sauna, we get to take in every inch of his body with our camera... WOW! is all I can say and it's not often I say that after having worked in this industry and seen or at least thought I had seen pretty much everything there was to see. After a few minutes, a young man (Kaede) 18 to 20 I would say, enters Ko's room and approaches Ko laying on the bed. Kaede starts to play and suck on Ko's enlarged nipples which seems to drive him crazy with excitement as we see Ko's cock stiffen. Kaede continues sucking on Ko's nipples and twisting them as Ko himself twists and turns in the bed unable to hold back. Kaede then moves down to suck Ko's hard cock. Ko reaches down to undress Kaede and play with his nipples while Kaede is busy sucking his cock and then turns Kaede over on the bed and reaches into his pants and takes the lead of aggressor. Lying on top of Kaede, he kisses and pulls at Kaede's tongue with his teeth and lips before moving down to suck on his nipples. Once removing Kaede's pants, Ko positions himself between Kaede's legs and begins to suck on the boys cock and then aggressively eat and tongue his ass. When the time is right, Ko reaches for the lube and begins to work his fingers in and out of Kaede's hole. Ko then gives Kaede a good face fucking and they exchange some kissing before Ko throws Kaede's legs back in the air and drives his cock, cock rings and all into Kaede's ass until he cums deep inside of Kaede. This is raw, unrehearsed Japanese gay bareback sex at its best! The video doesn't end here. Earlier on and being the "kinky little shit" that I am, I had placed a mini camcorder in the bathroom "just in case" (wink). As fortune would have it, we got to see Kaede jack himself off after being fucked by Ko. So don't think the video is over when Ko cums in Kaede's ass!
Jonny Kingdom And Luke Desmond
Cute Jonny Kingdom has been eager to get back on the site since his first solo jerk off not so long ago, and this defined top deserved a great partner for his first duo. Member favourite Luke Desmond is an obvious choice considering his love for sucking big dicks. But it's the sight of him powering into Luke's ass and dripping with sweat that really impresses. Someone get the dude a cold drink and towel, STAT!
Versatile Latino Gets Covered in Cum
Versatile Latino Gets Covered in Cum
Alexander's horrbile Boss
Alexander Garret is a hard working boy. Apparently, Izzy James doesn't seem to think so. Izzy is about to make Alexander work overtime without a break. Hope he can hang.
Enzo Marino
A hot Brazilian daddy who taught us a few new words, like 'Caralho', 'Pinto' and a few more too. He's a very, very sexy Papi, totally Gustoso. And I loved watching him jacking that big, dark dick to a hot, wet, gloopy climax.
One Night Stand
Sometimes a roommate can be a pain in the ass, but sometimes the ass that the roommate has, can bring lots of pleasure. has
Stress Relief
We all know the stress of the daily grind no matter what job you might have. Billy here has been crunching numbers for the past few hours and its driving him crazy. Fed up with work Mr. Blast decides it's time for a nice JO session just him and his trusty computer. Thank god for internet porn and the stress relief it so kindly gives. Billy loves to enjoy himself by stroking that thick cock of his even double handed. We can relate so stop any work you might have and join Billy by watching his meat being played with all for you satisfaction.Enjoy!
Make Mine a Double!
We have two new faces for you this week on CircleJerkBoys and we're sure you're gonna enjoy watching these boys as much as we did filming them. The first, Johnny Murad, is a lean, dreamy-eyed 21 year old from Monroe, LA. His costar this afternoon is a Colorado import by the name of Brenden Pierce who at 24 proudly represents the Mile High City. These studs are young and eager so we wondered what their first time was like. For Brenden he was 17 and was with a girl. He had a great time but hasn't been back to that side of the buffet table. Johnny was 16 when he lost his cherry. It was awkward and he didn't know what to do but the guy he was with was experienced and knew what to do. He has no regrets. Mmhmm. Both of these boys have come a long way since their awkward beginnings and we wondered if there was anything they hadn't had a chance to try but really wanted to. Brenden's always wanted to experiment with a bisexual couple which would suit any desire that might 'come up'. Shameless, we know. Johnny, however, takes this category hands tied with 'I would say having some really aggressive sex like choking, throwing (me) around, slapping maybe? ...Any takers, gentlemen?Brenden comes home to find Johnny's drank all his liquor. Johnny assures him it's not a big deal and that he'll pay him back. He sure will and Brenden knows just how to collect. He walks over and shoves Johnny's face into his crotch. Johnny isn't about to struggle as Brenden moves in for a kiss. They make out for a bit before Brenden realizes Johnny's rock hard. He pulls off his pants and goes to work on that hard cock. Johnny just moans and watches as Brenden swallows his thick dick. If this is the price for a drink in these parts-make ours a double! Brenden tongue roams north as he licks and sucks on Johnny's chest and neck. 'Suck my cock' Johnny orders as Brenden goes right back down on his cock wanting to get every inch of it down his throat. He bobs up and down on it wanting to get it in as deep as possible. Brenden loves the meat course but soon decides his own aching cock could use some attention. He straddles Johnny's chest and feeds him some cock. Johnny is happy to oblige and gets to work milking that throbbing cock. He tongues all over the shaft and smooth balls making Brenden horny for more... They start to make out and soon Brenden is checking out that sweet ass he wants to tap. He starts to slap that ass as he teases that hole with his fingers. 'I bet your ass tastes good' he grins 'nice and sweet.' Brenden then dives in tongue first and starts to eat that hot hole out. Johnny is in heaven as he gets that hot hole spat on and tongue-fucked. But wait-there's more. Brenden takes out a thick dildo and shoves it inside that spit lubed hole. He crams that dildo in anyway he can as Johnny just moans for more. Brenden is getting that hole loosened up for more. The dildo just may be the main event as the next thing we see it that they've both reconvene on the floor as they lay hole to hole to share a ride. Sharing is caring as Brenden's holds that lucky dildo inside his own ass as Johnny's writhing back and forth on it. Brenden's cock is throbbing as he moves to feel that hard rubber up against his sweet spot. That dildo is on double duty as it plunges into both of their hungry holes. They sit up and start to make out as they continue to fuck themselves silly. Brenden is the first to nut as he shoots his thick wad all over his cock and balls. Johnny's still going at it as he too leans back and sends his own thick batch shooting up all over his fuzzy navel. Well it seems two is company; and in this case three is a party!
Calvin Office Cock Cravings!
Calvin and I have been co-workers for the last 2 years. I always thought he was hot. I didn't have the nerve to approach him at work. We were working overtime one night, and he came on to me. I ended up fucking him in his tight asshole!
Full Haus
This week, back by popular request, is Mr. Seth Haus. Seth made his debut with us on Valentine's Day of 2K11, when he gave that massive pole of his to one lucky Tony Royce. Well we got so many requests that we were glad to bring this 22yr old Colorado native back. Wanting to get this hung hottie a bit more personal we decided to ask a few questions. As for what his favorite comedy to watch on TV is Seth loves Tosh.0. We then wondered what he likes to do on his spare time. He loves to be outdoors and is very active and playing sports like golf. As for sports he likes to watch on TV it would have to be basketball. Seth was about 14 when he realized he had a bigger than average dick when he started fooling around with other partners. Seth considers himself to be str8 but admits there are things he can enjoy with men that he can't with women. As for where he loves his thick 9' cock he admits he prefers to be on top. Seth, having had experience on both sides of the fence, admits that one isn't better than the other; it all depends on age and experience. Well, today we'll get a chance to get a better look at that sweet equipment he's packing. So sit back and enjoy.Seth is sitting back groping his growing crotch as the outline of his massive cock starts to become visible. He teases and tugs at it for a bit before standing up to give his cock more room. It takes both hands to squeeze and grab his fat dick. He drops his shorts and continues to play with that fat dick until those briefs can no longer hold it captive. He lowers his underwear as his huge cock springs out. His cock is thick and juts out as it slowly fills out to its full length. Seth slowly strokes his meat dry as he plays with his smooth nuts with one hand and methodically strokes with the other. He takes his time as he strokes his thick dick and lubes it up a bit to make it easier to tease and tug. Seth has a naturally smooth chest and has a series of stars tattooed starting on his clavicle and running along his right arm ending near his wrist. It's nice to see Seth no longer shaves his pubes bare and keeps his huge cock looking more 'au natural'. Seth then gets comfortable on the chaise as he sits back; spreads his legs and gets right back to stroking that fat cock. His cock is throbbing at this point and he's jacking it with both hands wanting to give every inch of it attention. He under hands the knob wanting to give it more attention with one hand as he holds his big dick steady at it's base. Seth's cock is feeling really good with all the attention it's getting and it won't be long before it wants to release its cargo. Seth stands up and goes over to the coffee table as the cam takes cover underneath it. We get a great shot of Seth stroking his hard cock faster as his huge nut sack pulls up tight to the base of his cock. Seth lets out a soft moan as his cock explodes sending wave after wave of hot cum raining down all over the glass top. Wave after wave of thick cream splatter all over the glass and our camera doesn't miss a single thick stream. Whew. We're definitely glad we brought back this hung Colorado native and his cocky mountain peak. -Experienced climbers always welcome.
Ayato Shower & Jerk
This is Ayato's first time on camera and he's a bit reserved as with a lot of the new models. We start with Ayato, a 20 year old Japanese twink in the shower with his already hard dick. Watch as he showers and washes his lean body and tempts us to join him as he strokes and plays with himself. After his shower and "play time" we head to the bedroom for a chat to find out a little more about Ayato. He's 20yo, gay, likes to play tennis and eat macaroni salad. Then it's time to see what he can do with his own "macaroni noodle" :) Ayato lays back on the bed and starts stroking his cock. You'll notice that he's all natural with a full crop of "nature's dental floss" and when he turns over on the bed with his ass in the air, we get a great shot and close up of a tender ass ripe for the squeezing :) When it came time and Ayato could hold back no more, his body tightens as he winces and unloads a thick creamy pool of jizz on his stomach. There was nothing reserved about this young man at this point!
Best Friends Fuck Fest
Seth's best friend has been holding back his feelings for Seth. Today is the day he's going to let his feelings rule themselves. After seducing Seth into a horny frenzy. This hot sweaty sex might be to much to handle...
Straight Boy Daniel
Straight boy Daniel Johnson gets a massage from resident dom Sebastian Kane. After feeling relaxed and even having a cigarette, Daniel finds himself tied to the bench and blindfolded before being edged and teased until Sebastian milks a load out of him.
Riding Bruno Scene 1
Hot threesome at the office!
Into The Woods
Into The Woods
Horny guy finish with ass full of sperm
Sexy gay boys are getting naked in the room before having incredible hard banging and ramming asshole which ended in guys butt hole filled to the top with juice creamy hole
Cadets 4way
Skylar Blu is the rudest and horniest boy on the site, he just doesn't know right from wrong and he's always leading his naïve, young friends astray. These, smooth, hung lads are soon stripping out of their uniforms, feeling very grown up as they eat each others' tight, almost virginal holes, and stuffing each other with big, uncut dicks. They can hardly wait to shoot their hot loads, and can't hold back as they wank themselves into quivering orgasms of geyser-hot cum shots. Nobody cums as hard and far as a young Euroboy.
Show Me The Goods
Sal Michaels was checking out boy Bobby out, specifically his big giant bulge. Bobby invited him over and unveiled his giant monthra cock, Sal nearly passed out!
Just Say Beau
We have a special treat this week on CircleJerkBoys as Kevin Cavallie makes his return. For those of you unfamiliar with this sexy, inked New Yorker it's about time you got reacquainted. In order to appreciate this 6' stud we figure the best way would be to see this open minded str8 boy in action. Making his debut on ExtraBigDicks a while ago, Kevin's costar Beau Kennedy hails from our gulf coast. Beau is 21 and originally from Fort Myers, FL. Beau has a rather large reason he's gonna do well this afternoon and Kevin will know all about that soon enough. Kevin has dipped his 'toe' in porn both gay and str8; while we got to make Beau's first adult venture ever happen. He admits he's had a few women take a look at his 9'+ cock and say 'Hell no!' but most of the time they end up rising to the occasion. Maybe he'll realize on this side of the fence, it's never big enough. <evil grin> We asked these two players what their dream cars as well as their dream girls would be. Kevin wants a white on white Lamborghini and Kim Kardashian. Well Beau isn't one to be rivaled with, so he wants a Bugati Veyron and as his dream date he'd want Lacey Duvalle. Well, their choices in women may range from Flashy to Exotic but this afternoon we'll get to see what it looks like when they're left to their own devices.They sit on the couch and start comparing tattoos. They both have tattoos all over their bodies. As they play show and tell the clothes come off. First their shirt come off then Beau drops his pants to show Kevin where he wants his next one. He wants 4 Aces across his lower obliques. Kevin notices what's hangin' inside those loose fitting boxers and makes his move. He starts to tug on Beau's cock as Beau lets him do his thing. Kevin's impressed with that cock and they start to compare cocks. Beau tells Kevin he's got about 9'. Kevin doesn't believe him so Beau moves his dick front and center so that Kevin can find out for himself. Kevin tugs on his boxers as they come off exposing Beau's thick dick. Kevin goes to work on that cock as it grows...and grows. Beau's cock is a monster and has a natural curves south. Kevin gags on it trying to take all of it down his throat. 'This thing hangs down to you knee.' Kevin teases as Beau just beams and watches Kevin nurse on that cock of his. Beau dribbles Kevin's head on his massive 9'+ cock as Kevin continues gagging on that huge cock.Now its Kevin's turn as he offers the new comer some cock. Beau strokes it tentatively at first before taking it in his mouth. Beau does his best to imitate the oral attention he'd just received as he sucks on his first cock. Kevin moans as Beau slobbers all over his throbbing cock. After a bit Beau is ready for more as he strokes his rock hard cock. He bends Kevin over and slides that python into that sweet ass. Beau's cock shoves into his first ass as Kevin starts to buck back onto his meat. Beau just holds still as Kevin rides him. 'Awww, that's a tight ass', Beau grunts as he watches his dick disappear into Kevin's beefy ass. Beau takes control as he starts to fuck Kevin harder grabbing him by the waist as he impales him back onto his pole. 'Fuckin' big dick feels good' groans Kevin as Beau continues to stretch that ass open. Beau then sits back and has Kevin straddle him so he can ride that dick for more. Kevin eases himself up and down on that cock taking as much of that cock as he can. Beau fucks that tight ass with a few inches never making it inside that hot ass. Beau bounces Kevin on that dick trying to get it in deeper as Kevin's ass works its magic on Beau's smooth balls. As they get close they sit back side by side and jack themselves off blasting their heavy loads all over themselves.
Massage That Ass Open
Cole Harvey paid really good money to get some nice relaxing work done on his body. The Only problem is, he didn't know he was going to get rubbed down and fucked hard by this horny beefcake!
Scott Takes Control of Jeremy
Our exclusive Scott Alexander has proves he's just as good on top as he is on the bottom! This week he takes control of new boy, Jeremy Sanders. After sucking the tall blonde's dick, he bends him over the bed to fuck him from behind. Jeremy rides Scott and takes a pounding in missionary, too, before the two of them cum.Tall, white-blonde hair, blue eyes and a big smile... Jeremy Sanders is about as twinky as they come! He's only eighteen and decided to apply to BoyCrush thanks to his friendship with Dylan Chambers and Nathan Stratus.Scott Alexander joins Kyler Moss as a BoyCrush exclusive! We first shot this slim twink in Las Vegas and were very impressed with his skills on camera. Scott's versatile, but he's happiest with a big cock in his butt (which is exactly how we like him!)
Tied Down and Fucked Hard
When Ashton Bradley heard Aiden Jason was back in the mill he couldn't resist the chance to use the twink's tight little ass once again. After tying Aiden down he starts to work on his boy, teasing his uncut cock but never letting thehim cum. Ashton soon gives into his urges and rams his hard cock into his captive. He fucks him hard and fast before cuming all over Aiden's little baby face.
Gavin's Spa Anal Fucking
God, I never thought in a million years I?d be saying ?I love it here!? This place has got it all: gym, sports bar, sauna, video room, even a day spa. I've met some pretty cool bros too? Too bad I didn?t see. their faces.
Bareback Youth Squad - Thomas and Chris
In the locker room with the bareback lads, Thomas and Chris couldn't wait to get down to it, we had to stop them and suggest more foreplay they just wanted to dip their, stiff, uncut cocks deep into each others, smooth, wet, tight holes.
Made In Australia
The Aussie is back in town and ready to hit the clubs hard until his buddy Logan crushes his dreams by ragging him about his pants. His jeans are just not good enough for the club scene and Logan does not want to be seen with an out of style Aussie. After all the complaining Tate finally agrees and just drops his pants for the cock feast to begin. There is definitely a hot sexy connection between these two studs that easily cums across the screen. The amazing slobbery BJs go both ways but the ass eating is all up to Tate and he loves that hairy blonde ass of Logan's. Once that ass is juiced up Tate is balls deep and making the best of the night considering the jeans incident. If you love a man with a sexy accent and another with some luscious golden locks all around a nice round ass than this scene is all you. Enjoy!
Luke's First Duo with Leo
Luke Shaw is back for his first duo scene and it involves sticking his dick in Leo Quin's butt! These two start off by making out as they strip down before working each other's uncut cocks with their mouths and tongues. Leo gets on all fours and offers up his hole, and even though Luke is a newcomer, he knows just what to do. He fucks Leo doggystyle and gets ridden, too, before the two boys jack off until they cum.Hot, Firey and Horny are just a few words to describe Leo Quin! Leo is one hot emo boy who just loves to show off! Leo loves getting down and dirty, flirting and showing off, and boy does he know how to do it. Leo has a firey personality and attitude that show through in his videos ;)Nineteen year old Luke Shaw comes to us from Redding, but he's eager to get to the big city of London. He tells us he's bisexual and has even had a few threesomes! Not to mention he's a card carrying member of the Mile High Club!
Beefy Papi
Beefy Papi
Thiago and Robert
Thiago and Robert
Going West Part3
Going West Part3 scene1
Japanese Cum Party
Oh fuck, has for you a
Str8 to the Cock
Str8 to the Cock
Picnic Invitation
Tyr, I wanted to thank you for inviting me to that special picnic. I loved the way you set everything up for my first time. Though I must admit, you felt so fucking nice. You gave the best head I have ever gotten. And fucking you was better then fucking any of my ex-girlfriends. Yours Truly, Evan Mercy.
Straight Boys First Time
Blaze breaks in new straight boy Wrench in this hot bareback flip flop fuck! The gorgeous young man might not be experienced when it comes to dick, but when he gets a taste of Blaze's big cock he seems to like it enough to try taking it in his virgin hairy hole! He's much better as a top though, and cums after sinking his dick into Blaze instead!
Latin Persuasion
Cole Harvey has been in the mood for something very spicy.He was looking for a hot Latin cock and found the hard stiff dick he needs to get stuffed with.. Watch him go down on that spicy Latin cock and take it inside!
Giant Cock Ass Pumping
Matthew is a bit shy. However there one thing we all know he really loves, a giant cock. We paired him up with the biggest cock we could find. He was shocked to find our guy had the biggest cock he had ever seen. And he's a white guy!!!
Luke D Soothes Ash's Nerves
Ash Khan is a little nervous for his first duo, but we've got him set up with one of our best, Luke Desmond! Nerves or not, these two are awfully quick to kick their clothes off and get down to business. Now these two blokes both have seizable equipment between their legs and they seem to enjoy goading each other about trying to deep throat during oral. Whether or not they're successful, they're both pretty determined to try! ;-) While he eats Luke's ass, wetting his hole, Ash asks repeatedly if the blonde wants to be fucked. Luke is obviously ready for that dick up his ass, he finally exclaims, "go on!" Ash doesn't tease Luke much longer after that, shoving his thick cock up Luke's ass while he's on all fours. Once he's been loosened up a bit, Luke pushes Ash onto his back so that he can ride him. But it's when Ash has him on his back, legs in the air, that Luke explodes all over his abs. After pulling out and stroking off, Ash's cum erupts in streams all over Luke's tight torso.
Kiss and Make Up, Boys!
Hunter Starr is trying to make it up to Giovanni Lovell after fucking his ex-boyfriend, but it's going to take more than an lollipop and a massage. Gio makes Hunter suck his dick before he gets the blonde on his knees to fuck him doggy style. Hunter ends up riding Gio's Spanish cock until he cums before the other boy jerks out a creamy load himself.If you like your twinks on the exotic side, just wait for Giovanni Lovell to open that pretty mouth of his and start talking! Spanish born and bred, Giovanni's been in the United States for a couple years, but his accent is still strong!Twenty-one year old Hunter Starr comes to us from San Francisco via a couple BoyCrush models he calls friends, Timo Garrett and Jackson Miller. He's your stereotypical twink in the best way: blonde, slender, and cute as hell. And just to add to his appeal, if you're a fan of foreskin, Hunter's uncut!
Papi Pounder Here
Papi Pounder Here
Eric Hunk Sex
Eric Hunk Sex
Two tired workers except friend big cock
Hard work is over so now its time for fun! Three young twinks are ready to work hard but on their ass holes as numb and hard dicks will satisfy them completely!
Kick Flip To Dick Lick
Davey gets to try some tricks out on his new board, before grinding into a railstand
Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter we introduce 2 of the sexiest Latin Piss models on the site to each other for the first time! Danilo is showing off his motorcycle to Alex. Although they have never met before today since they are both on our site we told Alex about Danilo's big cock. Alex wants to see for himself so he asks to see it. Danilo says that it's not hard so there is nothing to see but Alex has an idea - give him a little &quot;help&quot; so he offers him head! We know that Danilo is straight but we also know that he doesn't have a problem getting his big cock serviced by a guy since we have seen that before with Chico so we weren't surprised when he agrees. It was more surprising is that straight boy Alex is going to suck cock! Once he gets that thick uncut hose hard it's only a matter of time before Alex is pissing on Danilo's rock hard chest and abs! Alex decides to piss on himself and then he wants more of Danilo's huge uncut cock! The action continues in part 2...
Creepin On The Homie
Kameron looked so peaceful resting on the couch with his ass in the air. We've been buddies for years, but now I want to take my fantasy to the next level. My dick is hard and I'm going to get his ass all nice and juicy....
Horny gay boy creampied on bed
Horny gay couple having sex on couch. They start off by sucking on big dicks, then one dude gets his naughty crap hole pounded and creampied
Sex For Breakfast
Rise and shine folks, it's time for Blue to wake Aaron up by the best way known to man and that of course is by BJ. Waking up to a sexy stud gulping on your cock is the best way to wake up. Blue is so cock hungry he devours that thick sexy cock of Aaron's. He loves playing with big dicks in and out of his eager ass. Aaron needs his breakfast as well so he bends him right over and starts eating his smooth ass while using a 2 finger attack to get Blue nice and ready for a wide throbbing dick. We have lots of pounding and slow sexual movements for any onlooker to feast on. Grab a drink, put your robe on for kicks and get that cock hard while these two sexy big dicked men take advantage of breakfast. Enjoy!