Micah Caught Red Handed
Micah's ex-girlfriend gave us a call to track him to down. She was unsure about his sexuality. We hacked his laptop, and found this!
Hunks of Papi Cock
Hunks of Papi Cock
Bears Gone Wild!
It's an all out BEARback Orgy Fuck Fest!! Bottom Pigs Chad Adams and Jeff Allan get their bare holes lubed and ready for some cock. Benjamin rams Adams, who grunts like a wild pig. These daddies continue fucking and spreading their seed, until the tops bust their nuts into the bottoms' open mouths.
Hot Body Men Encounters
Alexander is a fucking hottie. He has a super tight body with a perfect dick. We found his naughty tapes and boy were we excited. We finally got to see this hot stud get fucked...
Beefcake Special Ending
Massaging Marc was so fucking hot. I could feel the crevasses of this hard buff body with the tips of my fingers. After I got him all oiled up, I start stroking his cock til it got rock hard. Then I seduced him with my notorious blowjobs. He left a changed man.
Scott Roberts
Horny Scott is a porno first-timer, and he took to it with ease. A natural exhibitionist with a stiff, uncut dick and smattering of hair all over, from his fuzzy butt cheeks to his bristly chest. But Scott's real 'party trick' is his 'cum- cannon' climax.
The Muscles of Kento
WARNING: to enjoy this Japanboyz.com performance, you might want to turn off the sound until 19:10; sorry but the videographer forgot and left his mic on. Now, as for Kento, this hot Japanese boy has got what it takes, twice over.
Oh My Goooodness
John loves the cock but he just met a friend that has a Gi-normous meat dangler. It almost brought tears to the poor guy's eyes when he saw the beautiful massive lumb of flesh. Now if he can only stuff that big jalapeno up his ass...
Kelan Carr Gets Cummed All Over
Austin is so excited about fucking Kelan's tight ass that he strips naked outdoors, while kissing him and exploring his smooth body. Austin and Kelan exchange blow-job and then Austin turns this cute twink around and gives him a very erotic rimming; getting his asshole wet and loose before putting his monster cock in Kelan's awaiting asshole! Austin is so overwhelmed with want, passion and desire that he doesn't even take off his underwear! His huge cock protrudes through the piss-hole as he relentlessly fucks Kelan! Finally, Austin takes Kelan to the bedroom where he continues ass fucking him until Kelan shoots a huge load of jizz! Austin pulls his massive dick from the boy and sprays his hot cum all over him! The boys kiss in super satisfaction while covered in their orgasmic sticky cum.
Boys By The Fire
Stefan Nash and his lover boy, Chris Collins, are enjoying some refreshment and popcorn by the fire. As things steam up, these two chill out with an exhilarating fuck.
Michael Madison the Bukkake Rider!
Michael Madison has one hobby and that´s riding. Riding bikes, riding horses and his personal favourite - riding cocks! Michael came to the perfect place to practise his hobby, the bukkake boys barn! Starting at a gentle pace, Michael stroked one cock after the other, before ramming them into his mouth as far down as possible. After the sloppy warm-up, he then proceeded to straddle the bukkake boys, showcasing his premier riding skills! Hopping furiously on the stiff throbbing poles was not enough for Michael, he demanded a hot sticky finish with all the riders jizzing in his face! Now that was definitely the ride of his life!
Steamy Sex Orgy
I went to this really famous Bathhouse in the underground scene because I was feeling super horny and frisky! Well I knew exactly what to expect and I'm glad I was joined by some super yummy guys with big dicks! We had a great orgy!
Gay HD Porn
Gay HD Porn
Shane fucks for the first time on camera
A hot fucking in the pool!
Andy and Tristan meet up by the pool for this sexy video. They waste no time losing their clothes and screwing on the side of the pool. Then they take the party inside with Andy fucking super hot Tristan bareback in tons of different positions and blowing his huge load all over Tristan's ass and back.Andy is one of the best discoveries I have made. With his great looks and consistently solid performances on camera, he is on his way to being a big star in the industry. He is always professional on and off camera. He now is my right hand man helping me film and edit the movies. He is not only a great model and employee but also one of my good friends. Tristan applied almost 18 months before I brought him out and I wish I would have had him out sooner. He has the very laid back personality. He has very tan, soft skin and big deep brown eyes. His sexy belly and big uncut cock make him the total twink package. I know you will love him.
Olie Jay gets serviced and pissed on by Kieron Knight
Dom boy Kieron Knight has a sexy young lad to play with and use for his enjoyment in this video. Brit twink Oli Jay is tied down to the table, his smooth and lean body vulnerable to all the kinky delights Kieron has in store. He begins with some wanking and sucking, tasting the boys hooded dick and getting him horny. Then it's time for the splashing wax dribbling over him. That's okay though, because Kieron has a massive flood of piss that will help cool the boy down before the dom cums over his cock and uses his jizz to jack out the boys semen too!
Daddy Gets His Dick Drained
Daddy is one of those guys who knows what he likes, and it seems he's realized that he likes sharing his hard cock with other guys! He's enjoying a good jerk and suck in this visit, then gets some ass play, tastes some fuckmeat and slides his raw dick into a hot gay ass for some bareback anal too before delivering a facial to finish!
Jerry Gets A Load To Suck On
Jerry Gets A Load To Suck On
Billy Rubens, Luke Desmond, Damian B.
Faced with a face from his past that handyman Luke Desmond really doesn't wanna see, hairy young daddy Damian Boss knows him from the toolbox and is in charge of his future, putting our hung young twink in a bad position! To make matters worse, straight lad Billy Rubens is caught in the middle of it all, and is coerced into a three-way between to two, all for the sake of a job at the hotel! Stripping each other off and getting throat fucked, these twinks have no choice but to dance to Damian's tune, and he is in a very demanding mood! Peeling off his overalls to show us his tanned, hairy body, nicely toned, but wait for his thick, big dick to push out from his pants, shared between the twinks! Superhung Luke gets what's coming to him, and Damian takes his ass hard right there in reception as Billy gets sucked off! Damian's still not content with what the lads are giving him, so ensures he gets a taste of it all, even spreading his own hairy ass for Billy as he gobbles on Luke's dick and balls - talk about flipping! This hairy man getting fed dick from both sides, and by twinks! That's not something you see every day, but is fucking hot all the same!
Secret Agent Part 1
Villain Tomas Brand flips on the light of his Penthouse suite to find Secret Agent Paddy O’Brian waiting with a loaded gun. The actions quickly turns to the other loaded gun in the room – Paddy’s hot cock that he uses to teach Tomas’ bubble butt the meaning of the word busted.
Testosterone Fix
Joey Cooper woke up to a beautiful morning. His friend and lover is downstairs getting a hard work out. Joey peacefully waits for his arrival. Once he does, his testosterone levels are super high. Joey submits to his partner for a morning full of hot lust.
Aroused During Massage
Alexander Greene is your typical male. He loves women, sports, cars and video games. However, there is more to him then meets the eye. During one of his massages, he got aroused when the masseur was rubbing his thigh. The fun started when Alexander's meaty cock got hard.
Hospital Hook Up
Hospital Hook Up
Ass Burning Workout
Jason needs a special physical trainer to get him in shape. He found Izzy James online with very good reviews. However Izzy is going to give Jason a more physical workout plan. Jason will have to work hard on Izzy 10 inch cock to reach his goals
Horny muscled hunk really likes to pound cute guy in his ass in any hardcore position
Public Toilet Glory Hole Fuck
Calvin croft is lurking in the mill toilets, eagerly waiting for the next horny cock to come along. Calvin's waiting is soon over when he is offered up a hung, young dick to play with. He soon gets to work on the mystery shaft, licking and sucking with all his might. But a suck isn't enough for Calvin, so he offers up his ass to the unknown guy on the other side of the wall before making him cum all over him.
Mutual Sucking And Shared Loads
Jase Bionx and Ashton Cooper are both hungry for some cock loving in this mutual scene. This is what happens when boys make a special arrangement between them, one cock sucking deserves another! Jase is eager to get started and gives some great head to his buddy, but he gets the same back from his willing friend and they take each other to a real splashing with both getting messy!
Lollipop Discussion Becomes Bareback Fucking
Dustin Revees and Leo Page start an argument about the nutritional value of lollipops but soon the talking turns into some hot cock sucking. Leo replaces all of those refined sugars by spreading Dustin's ass and licking his tight hole like a lollipop. They take turns banging each others' licked asses, and finish when Dustin rolls his lollipop in Leo's hot cum so they can both enjoy a salty, sugary treat!Dustin is a small but very energetic top with a penchant for bareback!Leo is new to the business and is really enjoying experimenting with different scenes. He likes being dominated from behind, and gets turned on by any attention to his small, young asshole.
Alexandre & Guy
Alexandre & Guy
Boys Will Be Boys Part 2
In Boys Will Be Boys Part 2, we find Jo home alone after Kaede and Fuji went to the mall when Kaoru shows up. Jo decides it's his turn to have some fun and Kaoru will serve as a nice play toy. After getting Kaoru worked up and stripped down on the patio, Jo binds Kaoru's hands to wall and starts rubbing and massaging Kaoru's body and cock. A little nipple sucking and tongue action between them and Jo bends down to suck Kaoru's uncut cock working him into a frenzy. Not once during this entire scene did Kaoru lose his hard and the closer he gets to blowing his load the harder and bigger it gets until he blows all over the patio and Jo works his cock to get every last drop out.
Fresh Meat Episode 4
Dan J is desperate for some cock in this episode, hanging around outside the sauna and waiting until he sees someone he fancies walk in. And of course, seeing young and hunky Callum Astor heading inside is enough to get him following. The boys meet up anonymously in the glory hole, with hungry Lewis sucking on Callum's uncut sausage as hung Jack Hall watches on and wanks his big dick to the live show. Callum gets a taste back before he's ready to blow his load and joins his oral buddy for a messy facial, but poor Lewis is not happy about being left to deal with his own cum load after taking a face full!
Igor and Sandro
Igor and Sandro
Nathan Just Loves Cock!
Approaching a random bloke in person about modeling for porn can be a little awkward, but doing it over something like Grindr is all too easy! We snapped up the charmingly cute Nathan Brookes over Grindr while he was sailing at uni and now here he is on our couch. He may have lost his virginity to a girl on the beach, but even such a whimsical experience couldn't keep Nathan away from the boys, he readily admits, "I love cock!" He also tells us he was a strict top until he was about twenty-one when he gave bottoming a try. And like so many men before him, he realized taking it up the ass is a whole lot of fun. ;-) We could tell he was serious about his love of bottoming when, without any prompting from us, he made quite the show of teasing his hole while stroking his uncut cock for us. Nathan told us about his spit-roasting fantasy, and we wondered if that was on his mind as he shot a huge load of thick cum onto his belly! We might have to do Nathan a favour and arrange that spit-roast for him sometime soon!
Fresh Meat Episode 3
Horny Henry Samson has been settling in nicely with the guys at his new job. He's already sucked off hunky straight muscle dude Tyler Hirst, and fucked around with his new boss too. Now it's time for him to get to know Lincoln Gates after his first night out on the town. Lincoln can't wait to get that cock inside him, and after the guys suck each other off he really gets a hard pounding before shooting all over his furry chest - with Henry adding to the cummy mess and giving Lincoln a taste!
Vampire Brice Gets Fucked by Matthew
Vampire Brice Carson is aching for a good fuck and human-but-horny Matthew Hunter is here to give it to him. After Brice sucks his dick, Matthew flips him over to eat his ass before sliding his dick into his tight hole. The mortal fucks Brice's bubble butt until he makes him cum hard on his back. Matthew pulls out and shoots his load all over his vampire lover's smooth stomach.Matthew Hunter is more on the hunky side than twinky, but with those cheekbones, he can stay. And once he goes vampire, we can just see him preying upon smaller, vulnerable, mortal twinks!Brice Carson is a ferocious and demonic vampire who tirelessly hunts his prey. He takes what he wants and leaves his lovers gratified, ass-sore... and dead!
Cameron Davis' Christmas wish
Cameron Davis' Christmas wish: a HOT orgy with the Bukkake Boys! Since this is the season of GIVING, the Bukkake Boys decided to grant his wish! They gave him hard cocks and tons of fresh cum! Cameron accepted the presents with open MOUTH and open ASS! A nasty Holiday bukkake orgy indeed! It's the season to be horny!!!
Jack Blaze
Incredibly cute Jack Blaze will never forget being Boynapped by Sebastian and his crew. Invited back after a drunken night on Canal Street, Jack had no idea what Seb and his crew had waiting for him. Stripped of his clothes, Jack is left in a dark corner bound and gagged and awaiting his fate. The following afternoon, the crew drag Jack to the examination table and strap him down. Sebastian takes his turn first, roping the pleading boy to the table with his legs stretched and naked body for all to see. Ashamed, Jack screams as Seb turns to punching the lads perfect feet with hot wax, pegs and the pin-wheel. Not content - and with Jack still screaming - Seb moves up the lad's fit body to abuse the crying boy's cock and balls. As Jack's dick hardens with the constant attention he starts to moan as he becomes close to climax. Finally he's taken over the edge, releasing a shot gun of cum loose over Jack's head. The final pain is inflicted as Seb removes the pegs demanding that Jack thank him for every shot of pain delivered.
Jay Dawson solo
Wearing trackies & trainers, chav lad Jay Dawson chats first, then gets a stiffie in his trackies, strips off & lubes up his big uncut dick. He sniffs his trainers making his dick throb harder & jerks off in different positions before spunking plenty. Starting off with an interview, wearing grey trackie bottoms, polo shirt and trainers, Jay chats about the type of guys he goes for and keeping fit. Then the solo begins with Jay laying back on the sofa stroking the bulge in his trackies. As he rubs and squeezes it, it gets very stiff. He lifts his top revealing a smooth toned body with a couple of tatts. He plays with his nipples a bit and takes his top off. A little more groping, then Jay pulls his trackies down to his ankles. His hard is rock solid and straining against the fabric of his white boxers, and he grips it at the base for us, showing us the shape of it, and rubs and squeezes it some more, before taking off his undies. His dick is big, straight, uncut with plenty of foreskin, and it has a big fat throbbing head on it too. Very hot. Jay jerks off slowly, then pours a liberal amount of clear lube over it, rubbing in into the head and up and down the shaft. He grips his cock and jerks off slow and firm. As he plays with his throbbing meat, Jay plays with his nipples a bit as well. He holds his dick up at the base for us, giving us some great shots of it, then continues playing with it nice and slow. Some very hot point of view shots of it as well. He gives us some foreskin action, sliding it back and forth over the head. Jay reaches for one of his trainers, lifts it up to his face and inhales deeply, taking a big sniff. It makes his dick throb, and he takes several more deep sniffs as he plays with his raging stiffie. Standing up now, Jay pours more lube onto his cock and massages it in.. He jerks off slowly, and we have a horny low angle shot looking up at him from under his cock, and it looks huge from this angle. He lets go of his cock to play with his nipples again, and his throbbing cock bulges pointing straight up, giving us some seriously hot hands free action. Jay goes back to cock play, keeping it nice and slow, his dick so stiff it never goes even slightly soft, it just throbs the entire time. Awesome. He goes back to sofa and lays back with his legs apart, and continues playing with his cock, but he starts jerking off a bit faster now.. with his big meat throbbing so hard, it doesnt take him long before he gets close, and his six pack tightens as his breathing gets faster and heavier.. He jerks off really hard now, and moments later, the spunk starts squirting from the big bulging cock head.. He shoots hard and plenty of it, spraying his chest and abs with several jets thick hot cum..As he squeezes out the last few drops of jizz, which dribbles down over his fingers, he gives a final horny look to camera.
Tory's Deep Anal Massage
This guy Tory was my neighbors good friend who is always stressed out, and tense. I went over to his house for an appointment to literally help him blow some steam. I bent him over, and fucked him hard over the massage table.
Gym Partner Creep
My friend AJ who I work out with at the gym came over to shower then passed out. Their was always this sexual tension between him and I. I decided to relieve him with his cock in my ass...
Inner Peace
Horny Dads Weekly Sexual Session
Dylan fucks for the first time on camera
A Recap with Little Roxy Red
Roxy Red sits down for an impromptu interview which gets very hot and steamy as it progresses. He can't help but use his porn star prowess to wow you with his sexy ass play skills with more than just his big toy. What is it with tiny little boys like Roxy looking so hot with big toys up their butt? We want more!My Baretwinks experience was extraordinary !
Apollo & Fernando
Some of you love your hung monster cocks but how about an abnormally shaped and massively thick shafted cock? Fernando has one of the thickest cocks we have ever seen but Apollo was more than eager to try and suck on it and then be fucked by it! It is all about relaxing muscles to take such a monster fat shaft!
Nick and Ryan
When Eddie and I are down at the beach, we meet a guy named Ryan King. He
Anal Pheromones
When it comes to Shane sniffing around for what's getting his dick hard it's easy. His buddy seems to produce pheromones in his asshole. For a straight guy, Shane is feeling pretty confused on what he should do. I'm it's pretty fuckin blatant when I smell sweet man-ass juices my dick gets harder then steel...
Troy Loves Them Big
Troy was searching for the big one. The big hard cock that would make him moan in pleasure. It looks like he finally found what he was looking for. His eyes and asshole opened wide when he saw that big cock.
Damon and Dan Get Right To It!
It's been awhile since we've seen Damon, but he's back and ready to give it to Dan! We don't waste much time talking to these two, we'd rather they strip and get on with it as soon as possible. ;-) When Dan starts to work his cock with his mouth, Damon doesn't hesitate to push his head down on it and encourage him. He's quick to return the cock-sucking favour, though, and before long they find themselves in a sixty-nine. "You ready for some ass action?" Damon asks, judging by how Dan gets on all fours and offers up his ass, we'd say yes! Damon wets Dan's hole with spit and his tongue before asking him, "you ready to get fucked?" Damon is so considerate with all these questions! ;-) With a breathy "yeah" in response from Dan, Damon suits up and eases his cock up his mate's ass. These two grunt and sweat in a few positions, starting with Dan ass-up-face-down on the bed and progressing to hard pounding missionary. While Damon rides his ass, Dan coats his stomach with cum, only to be covered in more jizz when Damon pulls out and shoots his load as well.
Top Model
Tyler is interested in getting into modeling. Angel is more than happy to show him the way
Clinton Wet And Dirty
Clinton Wet And Dirty
Ryan Conners' Interview
This big dick porn veteran comes into the studio for some hot interview fun. His animated interview is complete with a hot hot jerk off solo. Ryan Conners never disappoints and this video is no exception. We can't wait to work with him more; namely, we can't wait to serve up some of our hottest bottoms to him!This pornstar veteran needs no introduction. His years of experience plus a ripped bod and giant dick makes every scene an instant classic. Ryan has extensive experience in the porn world and performs in his scenes in the hottest way possible. His favorite thing is eating twink's asses and wont stop until we tell him to. Don't miss a single one of his hot, cum-filled scenes.
This week we have a special treat for those of you who appreciate your men with a bit of fur on 'em. Swarthy Nicko Morales makes his industry debut with us right here on MenOver30 as he takes it all off and shows off what this sexy, 31 year old New Yorker has to offer. Nicko first visited the US as a child; but grew up and studied in his native Guatemala, finally moving here after he finished college. He admits he loves his New Yorkers, but misses the warmth of the people he left behind. In Guatemala the people are naturally open and friendlier. It took him a while before he was able to feel that kind of warmth from The Big Apple. New Yorkers can be cliquish? -who knew!? lol Nicko was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to having sex with men and his first was a personal trainer in his early 20s. Coming to the US after college also made it easier for him to come out seeing as the culture here is more receptive more so than Latin America. When it comes to men he likes men that take care of themselves and are fit. He
Wild, Wilder.. Bukkake with Cody Ryder!
As a self-proclaimed “demanding type” who loves to shop, Cody wasted no time getting what he wanted... a savage gangbang crowned by a Bukkake finish! The kinky consumer held up his end of the deal by deep-throating every stiff cock in the showroom. Keen to reciprocate, the Bukkake Boys flipped him on his stomach and provided their counter-offer, barebacking his inviting ass until that hole was gaping and gasping grease and spunk! 10 cocks for the price of 1? Did Cody crawl away a satisfied customer, or did he get more than he bargained for?
Justin Cross and Chris Blake
Chris Blake has been a fan of mine for years. This 30 year old, bi guy wants to rent a boy, as a toy. I usually don
First Time Massage
This is the first time Jake has visited me for a massage, so I decide to break him in gently, massaging his big muscle bound arms and chest before slowly moving down to his nice tight ass. Jason has never had a massage before, so he thinks this is all normal, even when I get on top of him, pounding that tight ass. He figures its just a deep tissue rub down.
Cum Parade Part 10
We're back with another horny edition of the Cum Parade series, gathering together some of the most delicious and messy cum facials we've captured on video in the last few months. When these dudes shoot their semen there's plenty to share with some incredible gushers! Get wet with us for this edition and blow your own wad with the boys!
Massive Dildo Slut
Massive Dildo Slut
Puppy Eyed Twink Gets His Way
Levon Meeks is one of the coolest twinks ever, and he shows off his charm in this scene with Brendan Tyler. He's watching a documentary about wildlife when Brendan comes in his room. He asks him for a lollipop but Brendan is playing hard to get. Levon asks with his puppy eyes and he can't resist; he hands him a lollipop... and his huge lollicock! Watch until the end when Levon lets out a big cumshot while taking Brendan's big cock deep in his ass!Brendan is another new twink we found who just loved sucking on his lollies! How do you like his cute features? We definately loved his innocence!Levon is a sweet twink that's new to porn. Watch him discover the great world of twink sex!
Arthur - Aussie 19yo Hairy Virgin
We have a hot fresh boy for you for Christmas! Meet Arthur, a 19 year old Australian hairy virgin.