Breakfast Sausage
This week we have sexy Chris Tyler back in the house to ride the ridge, Ridge Michaels that is. Chris is 26 years young and originally from the Lone Star State. Ridge is 23 and a Florida boy born on Long Boat Key to our north. We thought we'd get an idea on what makes these boys tic and asked if they could be anybody for a day who they would be. Chris would want to be the President for the day while Ridge would want to be the gay Hugh Heffner. Hmmm. Chris tried man-on-man fun about 3 years when he tried taking dick for the first time. It was more work than he thought it would be but admits there's a pay off. Ridge has also experimented with women. He started off with women and is still attracted to women. Ridge has mostly been more of a bottom for us and we wondered if that was what he mostly was into off camera in his personal life. Ridge assures it isn't but that it also has a lot to do with who wants what and the chemistry between them both on and off set. He also admits he's been able to take a lot of what he's learned on cam and applied it to his moves at home. For Chris, it's the opposite. What happens at work stays at work and he doesn't want the two worlds to ever collide. On that note, buckle up boys...'Man, you still got your pants on' laughs Chris 'you got a fucking morning wood, bro!' Chris then pants Ridge, yanking his PJ bottoms and underwear down around his ankles. Ridge's hard cock springs free as Ridge grabs Chris' cock to find he's in the same boat. Chris admits he's always excited as they start to make out. Ridge pulls down Chris' shorts as he gets down on his knees and starts sucking on Chris' thick uncut dick. Chris' nut sack is huge being born with a bonus nut making all the difference as his huge nuts slap away at Ridge's chin. Ridge has Chris moaning and totally impressed with his oral skills as Ridge flips around so he can get that tongue up inside Chris' beefy ass. Chris moans in ecstasy as he gets that hole licked. Ridge then stands to let Chris give him a little of the same. Chris shoves that dick as deep as he can as he sucks on Ridge's smooth nuts and chokes down as much dick as he can take. Ridge moans as Chris uses his hot mouth and fist to pleasure that dick. Chris is hungry for that dick as he savors every inch fucking his face with it as he tugs on Ridge's balls. From there they end up in a hot 69 with Chris taking top bunk sucking more dick as Ridge eats that ass getting it nice and wet.Ridge eats that smooth ass making Chris horny for more than that tongue of his. He slides a rubber on Ridge's thick 8' cock while he's still riding his face then announces he's gonna sit on that dick. He gets off Ridge's face and straddles that thick dick as he holds it steady before slowly sliding it into his ass. 'You like that?' he coos as he starts to ride Ridge's thick cock. Chris starts to ride that dick like a pro bouncing on that dick hard and fast taking every thick inch as deep as he can get it. Ridge then starts slamming his dick up into that ass getting it in even deeper as Chris whimpers in delight. Ridge then gets into position as Chris gets into a push up position with his feet on the couch and his hands on the floor to give up more ass. Chris can't get enough as Ridge slams that dick back inside for more. 'Ride that ass' Chris begs as Ridge pounds him even harder. Ridge easily gets that dick deep by sitting on Chris' thick thighs and having that ass at the perfect position to fuck in and out of. Missionary is next on the menu as Chris gets his ass served up as Ridge holds his legs in the air and slams back into Chris' hole. He fucks him hard and fast sending him over the edge as he pulls out and drenches Chris with his massive load. Chris then jacks his own cock to completion adding more load to the mix.
Heavy Hitters
This week we have one of ExtraBigDicks favorite sons back in the house as we welcome back hung hottie Mario Costa. It's been a while since we've had this Cuban hottie and his anaconda with us and as lucky as we are to have him back, this week's costar, Isaac Hardy, is going to be even luckier. Isaac makes his debut with us and this 21yo from Malibu, California is definitely in for a good time. We started off by asking these two who the last adult performer they saw that got them hard was. Damian Cross was the last one that made Isaac hot enough to have to beat off and Mario's favorite is Rod Daily. I guess that dispels the myth that porn stars have so much sex they never need to jerk off. We asked Isaac how the reality of shooting porn was versus his expectations. 'It's a lot more work than I imagined' he admits. Mario concurs admitting sometimes it's easy but then other times a shoot can take 11 hours. Well we don't have 11 hours to spare so let's get this show on the road. Isaac is looking forward to that big dick he's heard so much about. Let's not keep the boy waiting...Isaac and Mario come back from a game and make themselves at home as they discuss plans for the night. Isaac takes off his tee as he says he may go for a beer later. Mario can't help but notice his defined chest and abs and tells Isaac he's looking good as he pulls off his own shirt. That just leads to a make out session as they both strip down to their briefs. Mario goes down to check out Isaac's cock as he pulls off his underwear and gets to work on that dick. Isaac moans as Mario swallows his cock to the hilt. After a while Isaac feels he needs to return the favor as he switches places with Mario. 'Holy Shit' he gasps 'it's huge!' Isaac opens wide and takes Mario's meat as far as he can. Mario just moans as he watches Isaac go to town on his thick uncut cock. Isaac swirls his tongue on the head of that fat dick, taking his time as he worships every inch Mario's giving him. From there they maneuver into a hot 69 so they can each get all the cock they could want. All this oral just gets Mario's dick ready for more. He suits up and sits back as Isaac slowly impales himself on his cock. Isaac takes it like a champ as he slides that tight ass all the way down until Mario's balls are up against his ass. He starts to ride that cock as his eyes roll back in ecstasy. He loves that big dick up his ass as he starts to bounce on that dick harder. 'That's huge!' he says over and over as Mario's cock stretches his ass wide open. Mario then bends Isaac over and fucks him doggy as Isaac just groans and begs for more. Mario's cock is buried deep inside that ass and Isaac can't seem to get enough. Missionary is next as Mario gets right back to tappin' that ass with Isaac still struggling to accommodate his fat cock. That fat dick does the trick as they both near climax. Mario pulls out and sits above Isaac's head and jacks his thick load all over Isaac's chest as Isaac blows his own wad all over his happy trail.
Brett Taylor, the Lad from Plymouth
Well, good afternoon, Brett Taylor! This nineteen year old college lad comes to us from Plymouth. After playing coy, he admits our Shane invited him to come shoot with us after they chatted on Grindr. Brett says he's bisexual, but from the sound of things he's pretty popular with the boys! Despite his more reserved nature, we manage to wrestle a few sordid stories out of him, including one about having sex in the sea! But none of us are here for story time ;-) Brett has soon stripped off his pink boxer shorts and gets comfortable as he begins stroking his seizable uncut cock. When he does blow his load, he's sure to keep squeezing his dick until he's drained every last bit of spunk!
Stroke My Meat
I've been obsessing over this guy living with me for months now. I finally said "fuck it" and I literally pulled up a chair and whipped out my cock and started jerking off to his hot body. Lucky me; I got to bury my bone deep up his ass, mouth and glazed his face with my hot spunk! Booya!
Nip it in the Butt
This week we have a special treat for our new friend Damian Taylor, as we welcome back fan favorite Joe Parker. Since you
Cody Domino Gets Rolled
Cody Domino Gets Rolled
James D & Jamie M
A real scorcher.. Super cute little Jamie Mount takes on mega hung horny lad James Dixons monstercock.. Insanely hot jaw stretching oral, deep rimming, then Jamie gets fucked in three positions before getting a face full of spunk.
Good Enough to Eat
David Chase is back and looking hotter than ever as he helps us initial a new member to the MenOver30 club. From the City by the Bay, Adam Herst is redefining the San Francisco treat. Adam is 37 and excited to be working with David Chase. He loves his beefiness and the hair isn
Nathan Stratus in the Nude
Nathan Stratus steps into the shower, revealing his hot, toned body and showcasing every inch of it for the camera. He even uses a big toy which pleasures him so much he shoots a huge load before rinsing himself off. We've seen Nathan take the real thing, but we're just as happy watching him stuff that toy up his butt!Watch as this amazingly cute Twink explores the porn biz! He has a great body, a big cock, and a willingness to learn. Everything he needs to be a successful star!
Brett Screws John harder than ever
Brett premieres in his first Bareback video and goes all out with John Hyde. After some hot kissing, John worships his cock before ramming it bare in his ass and riding it harder and harder, getting Brett closer and closer forcing him to cum inside, he then cums on his chest after being fucked so hard!Very fun, a great experience!His blue eyes and boyish smile just melt my heart. His personality is as sweet and innocent as his looks. A true “boy next door”
Strong Sensual Butt Fucking
Camden's been having some back problems, so he hired the best massuse in town to help him out, ME! but when I show up, and start massaging all over his body, he starts getting aroused. Don't worry, I'm a pro, I'll put you right at ease...
Scream if you feel it
Sebastian knows how to keep his boys in line. Luke finds himself quickly gagged after disobeying orders to be quiet. His captor works over his fit body with pegs and the pinwheel. Sebastian keeps Luke blindfolded to make sure he doesn't know what's going to happen next, which he uses to his full advantage as he smacks Luke's dick as hard as he can, making his boy scream.
Dustin Shows Kyler No Mercy!
Dustin Fitch has a thick dick and he's more than ready to fuck down our Kyler Moss this week. He eats Kyler's hole and finger fucks him to open him up before pushing his big cock inside. Kyler moans and screams as Dustin rails him from behind across the bed. Our precious exclusive ends up with a face covered in cum when Dustin shoots his load all over him!Dustin Fitch has a real devil-may-care attitude, we never really know what he might say next. There isn't much of a filter between his brain and mouth, but we like him that way! A quick mouth isn't the only thing Dustin has to offer, though, he's also got a cute ass and a thick 8" x 6" cock!I have absolutely fell head over heals in love with Boycrush! I consider them my second family. The models were friendly and not to mention fabulously gorgeous! I've made a lot of friends and met a lot of interesting people. I've also gotten to live out all my BDSM fantasies. I cannot wait to come back and further all my sexual dreams :D.
Andy Cums for the Camera
Andy Roberts really stands out with his pale skin and deep red hair. Once he gets his pants off, he's got a gorgeous uncut cock that makes him stand out, too! He strips his clothes off throughout the video, while stroking his cock until he's rock hard. Naked and sitting up in bed, he blows his creamy load all over his stomach.Adorable emo boy Andy is new to porn but he soon gets in to the swing of things! Andy has a nice 7 Inch cock and knows just what to do with it!
Johnny's Rocket
Johnny's Rocket
Blake Allen Likes to Give Head
Nineteen year old Blake Allen comes to us from the none-too-exciting Columbus, Ohio. He tells Andy he first heard of BoyCrush simply through his own masturbatory searching on the internet. Blake is more of a top, but he loves giving head, and apparently being watched/filmed is a real turn on for him. Speaking of... when this boy jerks off, cum spurts from his dick!Blake Allen is more of a top, but he has been known to bottom occasionally. This cute boy says one of his favorite things to do is give head! Imagine those big eyes of his looking up at you with your cock down his throat, not a bad mental image, is it?
The Naughty Penthouse
Joey Cooper just moved into his new penthouse. To celebrate he invited his long time friend and lover Bobby Hart. As a house warming present, Bobby gave Joey a long sexy cock massage. Soon enough, things began to get naughty.
Cole in One
This week we have hung hottie Chad Davis back in the studio and we have a special treat for our 21 year old West Florida coast native. We can thank Georgia for Chad
Fucking The Band, Part 1
Diesel O'Green is having a tough time in the recording studio when hit-maker Paul Walker steps in to show him how to make magic. Paul feeds his straight dick to cock hungry Diesel before giving his ass a well good fucking!
Jessies Tough Ass Fuck
Jessie has been working 80 hour weeks lately...he finally got burnt out. He found this lucky dude online to help him relieve some stress. He got his tight yummy asshole pounded, and stretched!
Taking It On The Chin
The sun always shines brighter when we have our very own Golden Boy, Bobby Rail in the house. Yes, we have our local 24 year old hottie back to give us more of what this blonde stud with the surfer locks brings to the table. Today Bobby brought along more than just his delicious self; he brought along a friend
Joe Gunn, Hans Berlin and Geoffrey
Joe leads Hans to the sitting room, and, as planned, the two jump on each other as soon as they hit the couch. Joe quickly takes Hans cock out and leans down to suck him hard and play with his hole. Hans spreads his legs and lets Joe fingers him before kneeling on the floor and working on Joe’s rod to make it hard enough to fill his ass. Joe knows that’s what Hans is waiting for and pushes him over the arm rest of the couch and starts rimming his ass and loosening it up. While Joe is on the floor, face buried in Hans ass crack, Geoffrey walks in and joins the party. He takes his cock out and fills Hans mouth, muffling his moans when Joe pushes his cock inside him and fucks him hard. Hans can’t do anything but let the two men spit roast him and service them ass and mouth, always full. They turn him around and Geoffrey fills his ass again while Joe uses his mouth until he cums all over Hans’s shoulder and collapses down onto the sofa, letting his man to fuck Hans’s ass longer.
Getting Ricky with It
Hunter Vance and Ricky Larkin are in the house this week and proudly representing the Sunshine State. Ricky is one of our newest additions and this 24 year old was born and raised in South Florida. Hunter is now 27 and from Tampa over on the west coast. We wondered what these boys love best as comfort food and who makes it the best. Ricky loves pancakes and loves them anytime. He says his mom makes the best pancakes. Hunter eats everything so he doesn't have a specific favorite. He admits he does love a nice fillet, medium rare. He doesn't care who cooks it; as long as they know how to do it. Both of these boys spent a long time in hetero land before discovering that fun could be had in man land. Both agree that girls could learn a thing or two from gay men specially how to suck cock. No teeth, Ladies and don't ask if they're done. You'll know when they're done-trust us. To wrap things up we asked these two if we wanted to make them cum super hard what would that require. Ricky admits he's open to trying freaky things that usually turns him on while Hunter just needs a really good blow job to get him to shoot an impressive load. Hope these two were paying attention...Hunter is busy trying to hang some artwork on the wall. When he's done it's all crooked. 'Great job there Einstein,' Ricky taunts 'I think I'm hung better than that frame' Hunter grins and calls him on it. Ricky gets up on the couch so that Hunter can have a closer look. Ricky's cock is rock hard against his briefs as Hunter goes in for an up close and personal. He strokes it a bit before hauling it out and tasting it. Ricky groans as Hunter takes his cock deep inside his hot mouth. Hunter laps at that throbbing shaft before sliding that thick meat home again. He pays special attention to Ricky's smooth balls as he worships Ricky's thick meat. They start to kiss as Ricky strips Hunter. He doesn't want to be selfish as he gets on his knees and starts to return the favor. Ricky shoves Hunter's cock so deep that he gags on it. Hunter lays back and enjoys the view as Ricky sucks and savors his straight meat.Ricky starts to lap at Hunter's smooth nuts and goes further south getting his tongue all over that tight ass. Hunter groans as he gets that hot ass rimmed. Ricky fingers that ass as he eats it out making Hunter horny for more. Ricky then suits up and sits back as Hunter slowly impales himself on his cock. He starts to ride that dick once his ass gets accustomed to it. Ricky just sits back and watches Hunter's hot ass sliding up and down on his thick pole. He takes that dick like a champ as Ricky starts to bounce him on that meat of his. Doggy is next as Ricky bends Hunter over on the couch and shoves that meat back inside. Hunter grunts as Ricky gets to shove that dick even deeper. He pounds that hot ass over and over wanting to get that dick in as deep as possible. Ricky slaps that ass as he picks up the pace fucking Hunter harder. Missionary is next and it's enough to send Hunter over the edge. He busts his nut all over himself as Ricky pounds his ass. Ricky isn't far behind as he pulls out and sends his own batch flying all over Hunter's cum-covered cock and navel.
Fucking Flic 3
Tom is a houseboy in Bangkok. Today he is on his own and it's time for some privacy. He get's in the shower but feels the urge to get down and dirty on his own so he brings out his dildo collection and starts sticking them in his tight little hole until he shoots all over his smooth body.
Pop His Asshole
Pop His Asshole
Anton Thomson solo
Cute athletic 22 yr old black str8 lad Anton Thomson chats first, then strips to his shorts, oils up his fit body, then pulls out massive 9.5 inch uncut cock.. rubbing plenty of oil into it, he gets rock solid, stroking his huge long meat for us in diff positions, then pumps out tons of jizz...We start off with an interview on the sofa. Wearing sports vest, football shorts and football socks, Anton has a deep sexy voice and a big smile. He tells us how he keeps fit, adding that he likes to jerk off at least 3 - 4 times a day. Nice.. Then the solo begins with Anton standing, gently stroking his crotch. He gives us a little look, then lifts his vest to play with his nipples..Anton takes off his top, gropes himself a little more, then reaches for some body oil and rubs it into his chest and abs, making his muscles glisten. He goes back to rubbing his bulge, and it looks bigger now in his white shiny shorts, not hard yet though.He slowly pulls down his football shorts a bit, and pulls out his huge dick and balls, so they hang over the top of the waist band. He plays with his cock for a minute, then takes his shorts off. Anton rubs more oil into his body, reaching down to oil up his thighs and groin.. He pours a little oil directly onto his cock, a long heavy semi, which he rests in the palm of his hand whilst gently rubbing the oil in..Anton starts to jerk off nice and slow for us, and that hung shlong starts getting harder, getting longer and thicker.. as he continues it gets rock solid, swelling to a massive nine and half inches.. He gives us a sexy smile, and continues stroking his meat, keeping himself good and hard.. With his tight muscles glistening, cute laddish smile, and huge cock rock solid, Anton looks sexy as hell.. He tells he has precum, and we zoom into get a horny close up of it as he gently rubs it in the bulging head of his dick..We get lots of great close ups and different angles as he works on his monstercock, and then Anton moves over to the sofa. He sits back in the corner, and works on the head of his dick some more, massaging it with his thumb, then gets back to slow jerking off.. He holds it at the base for us a couple of times, so we get some very sexy close ups, and some hot point of view shots as well..He continues playing with his meat, giving us more sexy little looks to camera now and again, and his dick seems to start throbbing, even bigger and harder than before.. Anton starts to speed up slightly, and his breathing starts to get heavier as he feels himself getting close, but he takes his time, controlling his throbbing monstercock, letting it build up inside him.. At the point of shooting, he slows it right down, prolonging his orgasm for a little longer, till he cant hold it back anymore, and then.. be prepared.. Antons dick starts spewing huge streaming jets of thick spunk, its a really massive load, and an incredibly hot cum shot.. So we see it a second time in slow motion, and trust me, you will want to watch this cum shot several times...Anton squeezes out the last of his hot jizz, his fingers, abs and pubes pretty much drenched in spunk, and he gives us a final horny look to camera.
It's a Beautiful Thing
These are two boys that love sex and love the idea of you watching. It's Shane Jacobs and his new friend, Zach Riley, here at the Circle Jerk Boys pad, ready to get it on. Zach is insatiable and always ready to get down. Shane is a little more shy, but can't wait to feel Zach fucking him hard. The guys start out with some nice, firm jerking. Both of their large cocks are nicely oiled and throbbing. Zach takes some time to enjoy Shane's big dong in his mouth, sucking hard and letting Shane go deep. Then Shane slurps Zach's large boner for a while before climbing on top of it for a very hot ride. You won't believe the intense chemistry between these two eager boys. They'll have you cumming hard, just like them! Enjoy!
Sake Sex Games
Tatsushi and Koji are back. After drinking some delicious Sake, they decide they should play a hot sex game. Paper, Scissors, Rock only the loser must disrobe an item of clothing. The winner will have to be a sex slave to the loser. Can you guess who the lucky loser will be? Looks like Tatsushi won this round and soon gets Koji on the bed to suck his cock. Next he's fucking this boy's hot behind before finally spraying his load all over Tatsushi's face. Tatsushi commands Koji to eat the cum, and our willing slave takes it in his mouth.
Lick a Good Neighbor
MenOver30 is glad to welcome back 24yo Brian Bonds from Little Rock, AR. Brian is going to help us welcome sexy scruffy daddy CJ Parker. CJ is from a little town outside of Philadelphia called Downingtown and is 39 years young. We asked these two what the longest period of time they've been able to not bust a nut. Brian can hold out for 5 days but CJ can hold out for a whole week. Both of these guys have fur on them and the management definitely approves. Both of these guys like hair on their partners as well. When it comes to how kinky these boys get CJ blushes and admits he's about a 5. Brian considers himself a 9.5 on that kinky scale. Nail down the furniture! Well, opposites attract apparently. We have Mr. Vanilla and Mr. How do you want it? This should be an interesting shoot so let's get these two started and see where this combination takes us once those clothes come off.CJ is fixing the sink for Brian and when he's done he gets ready to go. Brian is thankful he has such a \'handy\' neighbor and asks if there's anything he could do to repay him. Friendly neighbor goes from handy to handsy in 2 seconds flat. They start to make out as Brian starts to strip CJ. The shirt comes off revealing CJ's hairy chest. The chemistry between these two is electric as Brian licks his way south to CJ's cock. He undoes his tight jeans and shoves that cock down his throat. CJ moans as he orders Brian to swallow his cock all the way to the hilt. Brian greedily complies sliding that fat cock so deep he gags on it. Brian soon wants some of the same as he stands up and shows off the tent in his own briefs. CJ kneels at his feet as he frees that boner. He slides his mouth on that cock as Brian starts to fuck his face. \'Spit on it!\' he grunts as CJ does what he's told before going back on that white boy dick. Brian then bends CJ over and goes to town eating that manhole. CJ squirms as that ass gets hungry for more than a tongue sandwich. Brian then stands and gets into position before sliding his fat cock right up that hairy ass. CJ gives it up as Brian pounds that pussy doggy style. He rails into that horny hole pulling his cock almost all the way out before ramming it back in. He takes that ass doggy then missionary then sits back and has CJ ride his cock in a reverse cowgirl as Brian hammers that dick up into that sore hole. All that cock makes CJ blow his load all over his hairy crotch. Brian then jacks his own massive load all over his chest and abs.
Dan Gives Nathan A Facial
Dan Jenkins was in the room ready to pounce, and after only a few moments of watching Nathan Brookes wanking his hard uncut cock he was going in to give the hot guy his own uncut one! Dan and Nathan suck and fuck real deep, like they've wanted each other for months. It leads to Nathan getting the cum fucked out of him, and then Dan wanking out his own mess to give his new bottom guy a facial!
Bath Time With Atlanta and Jake
Jake and Atlanta decide to take a quick bath together, though it's not long before their horniness takes over. Atlanta gets Jake ready by giving him a good finger bang before replacing his digits with his big twink cock. They move to the bathroom floor, and after a quick hot fucking, they climax all over each other.As everyone knows I love blondes and boys from the south. He is both. He well hung top who pounded several of the boycrush bottoms. He is a very sweet and nice guy off camera and I really enjoyed having him out.Jake was really sweet and caring guy. Everyone like him and we got along great. He was quite the power bottom taking two dicks at once and loving it. Expect plenty of steamy hot videos from this sexy boy.
Thick Dicked Black Teen
Krock is only 18, but he needs some money and when he found out he could jack out some cum to porn to make it he was calling us up. He's a hot young slim black guy with a really impressive cock, so impressive that Blaze has to give him some hot stroking and even tries to get a taste too! The boy's not ready for that though.
Dyan Loves Being Fucked
This cute dude Dylan loves being fucked in his tight asshole. He screamed in pleasure as I shoved my hard cock deep inside him...I blew my load all over chest when I was done!
Roman HOLE-iday
You never want to rush a good thing. We certainly know all about that as we entertain Matthew Rush this week. Looking hot as ever the Lauderdale Hunk is back in the house to show us a good time. This week Matt
Blond Boy Austin Lucas Takes His Own Jizz
Austin Lucas is one of those gorgeous guys you can totally imagine is a bit of a cum whore. You know what I mean right? He has that kinky look about him, like he would try anything at least once. Well, jerking out his own load into his mouth after a cock stroking session isn't something he just tries, this boy loves to make a meal of his own cock juice, and we get to watch - and join in of course!
Timmy Treasure solo
Tall, dark, handsome lad, Timmy strips down to his football socks to show off his smooth slim defined body and big rock hard uncut cock.. As he plays with it, Tommy spreads his legs to show us his hole, fingering himself as his dick throbs, till he shoots a strong juicy load..Timmy starts off standing, in shiny blue sports vest and shorts and football socks. He starts to stroke his crotch, and lifts his top to reveal a smooth, slim, defined body. He takes his top off, and plays with his nipples a little, and continues rubbing and squeezing the bulge in his shorts.. it doesnt take long before it gets rock hard, and wearing no underwear, its very visible straining against the fabric of his shiny shorts. As he plays with it, we have a very hot low angle shot, you can see right up through the leg of his shorts, getting horny glimpses of it.. teasing over, Timmy pulls the shorts down, and his rock hard dick springs out. Timmy starts to wank it very slowly, giving us a horny close up of his uncut meat and he slides his foreskin back and forth over the head of his dick. He works it nice and slow, giving it a tight squeeze, working up some juicy precum for us, and he rubs it into the cockhead with his finger, all shown in close up.. very hot. Timmy pulls down his shorts now, leaving him wearing nothing but his footie socks, and continues playing with his dick.. We get a very hot low angle shot, as he massages the top of his cock with the palm of his hand, then takes his hand off to play with his nipples, giving us some great hands free shots of his solid cock, which never goes down...Timmy is on the sofa now, legs apart, holding his dick straight up between his legs.. He takes his time on it, sliding his foreskin back and forth giving us more horny close ups and great point of view shots too.. Then he pulls his legs back, showing us his hole, and reaches under his thigh to pull his butt cheeks apart..He starts gently rubbing his hole, probing at it with his fingertip, and pushes his cock up between his legs, giving us such a horny view.. Timmy pushes his fingertip into his hole and works it for a bit, and jerks off slowly, his breathing getting deeper and heavier as he gets more and more turned on..Aching to cum now, Timmy starts to jerk off harder, and his muscles tighten a little.. He speeds up, and moments later, his cock starts spurting out strong jets of jizz, all the way up to his chest, and then as he pumps more of it out, it lands in pools in his tight abs, the rest of it running down between his pecs to his six pack.. As he squeezes out the last few drops, Timmy catches his breath and gives us a final horny look to camera.
To Hot in the Sauna
Hey guys, Pillip is in town and I want to show him a good time. Lets meet at the Abby Bathhouse on 6th! He's never been. His ass is super tight. I think he has only been with a few guys. Be gentle with him.
Damian Harrison: Small Bloke, Big Cock!
Sometimes it's the small lads who are packing the biggest cocks! Manchester-native Damian Harrison is a fine example. His buzzed head only stands about 165cm, but as we say in the video, he's got a, "mighty fat cock" on him. Originally from Manchester, Damian moved to Blackburn two years ago when he was just nineteen. He still makes it back to the city, though, when he's looking for fun and some trouble. He discovered he was gay when he was just a lad of fifteen after giving girls a go and realizing they just weren't his style. He much prefers to be in between a man's legs, completely in control! Although, he admits, he fancies bottoming every now and then. He even recalls an especially hot encounter with a 10" cock! On that note, Damian strips down and begins to stroke his own monster cock. He may not be 10" long, but Damian has whole lot of girth at his disposable and juicy foreskin, too. Watching that thick cock drizzle cum all over Damian's smooth stomach is just the sort of image to heat our loins! ;-)
Huntler fucks for the first time on camera
Cum Parade Part 9 - Messy Loads
Every cum lovers dream come true is back at Blake Mason in the ninth edition of Cum Parade, gathering together some of the horniest finales and messiest spooge loads we've seen over the last few months. With hot white ball juice splashing about all over the place from start to finish, we're offering you the cream of the crop whether it's a solo wank, a but splashing load or a delicious facial!
Stefans Lesson
Stefan was new around town and he had that charming innocent look. I quickly wanted to teach him the ways of the city with my rock hard rod. Thankfully, he wanted to get pounded good!
Sex Traveler Part2
Sex Traveler Part2 scene1
Chained and Fucked
We just love seeing a boy fucked mercilessly and incapable of doing anything about it, and Chad Chambers is no exception. Watch Ashton chain him up and pound his ass while he looks on helplessly, his big dick swinging between his legs with each slam.
Twinks now to satisfy each other in orgy session
Prepare you big cocks for hardcore bareback sex game between 6 twinks who fill and drill each other dirty crap hole and shoot fresh male milk all over each other chests and face
Asshole Work-Out
Mike Demarco has been dealing with a nasty lower back pain. He came to Tyler, and his saintly hands, for some relief. Mike didn't expect getting his asshole worked-out and his face jizz-glazed over too!
Haruo Arata sits and strokes his dick right in front of us. Out of his pants and underwear, we see his nice sized cut cock. As he jerks himself, he spreads his legs far apart. I
Big Dick Fitness
Calvin Koons works out every morning, preparing himself for the long day ahead. Then he gets his favorite workout. He gets his boyfriend's big cock to ride.
We Found Another Sexy Polish Lad!
We could tell Lucas Davidson was a dirty lad the moment he turned up at our studio, so we thought it best to have him start things off in the shower! He's got himself a fit body, nice uncut cock, and a very tasty looking bum; all of which look even better sopping wet and soapy!
Two Boys, Two Dildos, Two Holes
Dustin Cooper and Jordan Ashton each get a taste of cock after kissing and dressing out. The boys end up stretched out on the bed, heads at each others feet, working each others hole with a dildo. Dustin gets a glass dildo up his butt while Jordan contends with some big and red. Both boys jack off and cum all over their smooth bellies with the toys deep inside them.It's hard to say what the first thing you notice about Dustin Cooper is; his caramel skin, flashy green eyes, or maybe his perfect dick-sucking lips? Bottom line, he's a pretty little thing! Dustin comes to BoyCrush through his friends, Ashton Cody and Nathan Stratus. If he plays with boys like that, we're happy to have him!It's so much fun to watch Jordan Ashton fuck! He has a great body and that sexy, confident attitude that's so alluring. You'll love seeing this twink in action!
Bareback for the Bear
Bareback for the Bear
Justin Time
This week, we have two brand new faces for you on The first debutante is Justin Cox. Justin is tan and chiseled. He's 23 years old. He proudly tells us he's from Jersey, with that trademark accent. I think we got ourselves a 'situation'. Can't you just picture this ripped hottie shirtless at a bar, pounding the beats with a sexy fist pump remix session on an episode of 'Jersey Shore'? Justin would have all those girls drooling over this jaw dropping hottie. Well back off, Bitches
Dark Disco Massage Room
The lights are off and the door is cracked open. Feel free to dump your load all over me. I want to be your pillow queen bottom boy. Tell me what to do and I'll cum for you.
Outdoor Seductions
I knew inviting Randall to a nice barbecue outside would get his manly juices flowing. I've noticed how he stares at my hard body and just knew I could get my thick muscle inside his tightest spots.
Cody Aussie Hung Surfer
Cody Aussie Hung Surfer
Can We Get a "Bat Signal" for Dean?
Is Dean Wills gay porn's answer to Hal Sparks? They both have that adorable boy-next-door look, and as soon as Dean revealed he was a big comic book fan (he has a Batman tattoo for protection!) we couldn't get the idea out of our heads.
My Best Friend
Christian has been my best friend since forever. Now that he's all grown up and I'm mature, I can finally do what I always fuck his sweet ass till he has tears in his eyes. I've always wanted to fuck my friend and now is the time. I hope he feels the same...
The Lyon King
Christian Ray is in the house this week and we're always happy to see this hot, hung Cubanito. Christian is 21 years old and he's here to heat up our set with Windy City native Chase Lyon. Chase is 22 and enjoying a warm break from the frigid Chicago temperatures. We asked these two scholars if they had the opportunity to ask President Obama anything they wanted what that would be. Christian would wanna know if Barrack had ever hit it with another guy; while Chase would want to know what the President plans to do with taxes and about job creation in his second term. Both of these studs are packing some impressive bulges and we asked them if they could add 1' to their cocks would they add that inch length-wise or to its girth. They both agreed they'd want to split that inch half and half. These studs are relatively new to the scene and we wondered if all the fucking they've been doing on cam has influenced their sex lives at home. 'It makes it feel weird' says Chase, 'towards the other half'. Christian hasn't noticed any difference at all. He's comfortable with all the sex he can get. Well this Cubanito Caliente better hold on tight cuz he's about to get a Midwestern meat injection, Chicago style.They sit back admiring each others jeans as Christian comments on the hole in Chase's. He slips his hand inside the large hole in his pant leg as his hand discovers Chase's growing cock. They start to make out as they slowly strip off their clothes. Chase stands as Christian starts to play with his meat through his boxers. He lowers them to discover Chase's fat cock. He opens wide as he starts to suck on that thick 8' cock. They stand as they stroke their cocks together as they make out. Christian then lets Chase return the favor as Chase works that uncut Cuban cock. Christian helps bob his head up and down as Chase spit shines his cock. 'You like my cock?' coos Christian as he watches his dick disappear. 'You wanna fuck me?' teases Christian, which is all the invitation Chase needs. He gets Christian on all four as he spreads that bubble butt. He slowly teases that hot hole with his fingers before sliding his thick cock inside. He's soon fucking that sweet ass as Christian struggles to accommodate his thick cock. Chase fucks Christian doggy style as his smooth balls slap away at that ass. Chase then gets Christian on his back as he slides back inside missionary. Christian starts to stroke his throbbing cock as Chase gets back to fucking his tight ass. Chase pumps in and out of that ass as Christian's legs sway in the air. From there they switch it up as Christian sits on Chase's cock. He starts to bounce on that cock as Chase sits back and lets him do all the work. Christian can't get enough dick as he grinds his tight ass all the way down on his meat. As they near climax they lie side by side and unload their massive loads all over themselves.
Office Stiff Cumming's
Getting your own office takes hard work and determination. The new intern, Kirk, is in for a surprise if he wants to move his way up the corporate ladder. Hunter and Steven tag team this twinkie till the cream comes out. Office threesomes have never been so rewarding.
The Ass is Greener on the Other Side
The Ass is Greener on the Other Side
Hospital Hook Up
Hospital Hook Up