Jaxxx of all Trades
Well, with Valentines Day behind us (no pun intended) there remains a mix of love and lust in the air. We decided we should help our members out with a hot dose of the latter. The former is way too hard to capture in a webisode. As a special treat, we bring you the hunky daddy with ink and pecs for days, Nick Moretti. Nick made quite the debut on our brother site and we knew our members would love him. Nick is a rugged man's man and he's gonna have his hands full with his co-star today Tristan Jaxx. Tristan is 28 and easily gives Rice-a-roni a run for its money as the San Francisco treat. WOOF! Tristan spent his recent holidays visiting Fort Lauderdale just hangin' around while Nick had similar holidays just enjoying the quiet R&R in Ft Lauderdale which is where Nick calls home. We asked these two what turns them on and makes their dicks hard. Tristan is an unabashed ass man. He loves a nice big round ass and a nice smile-a cute face doesn't hurt either. For Nick, it's all about kissing and having that connection. Those two definitely go hand in hand. A bad kisser is definitely a deal breaker. Well, we're about to find out what kind of connection(s) these two will get themselves into...Tristan is relaxing on the couch when Nick comes in bearing roses. Momma always said, 'Better late than never'-so what the hell. Throwing all caution to the wind, these two begin to make out. Their shirts come off revealing their hairy chests. Nick's dick is pulled free as Tristan goes to work on his fat cock. Nick doesn't mind one bit as he gets on his feet to give Tristan easier access to his thick 8' cock. At 46, Nick's body is in peak condition and Tristan is appreciating every bit of it as he continues to nurse on his meat. Nick then wants to return the favor as he gets down and strips Tristan's pants off. 'It's big' he gasps as he sees Tristan's 9.5' cock come out. He starts to suck it but hauls Tristan to his feet to have a better angle at getting all that meat down his throat. Nick hungrily swallows as much of Tristan's massive cock. His own rock hard cock is pulsing on its own as Nick holds Tristan's beefy thighs and uses them to fuck his own face. From there these two cock titans maneuver into a hot 69 where they can get all the cock they want. Nick takes top bunk as he repeatedly plunges down on Tristan's meat, intent at taking every thick inch. Nick will take every inch of that thick meat soon enough. Tristan's tongue then turns its sights on Nick's ass and dives into his muscular ass. Nick who usually ends up on top once his partners see his fat cock is getting something special-he's getting fucked! Tristan slides his thick python deep into Nick's hole and is soon slapping that ass with his low hangers. Nick takes that dick like a pro as Tristan pounds away at that smooth ass. Tristan then pulls out and sits back letting Nick work for it as he impales himself on his big dick. Nick grunts as he rides that thick cock and Tristan is helping him out soon enough as he holds Nick's waist and bobs him up and down to get his cock in even deeper. Nick can't seem to get enough as he leans back giving us an amazing view of Tristan's cock slowly stretching his ass wide and deep. Tristan's eyebrows furl as his face tells us just how good that ass feels on his cock. This will be a fuck session for the books as he puts Daddy Nick on his back and slides his huge cock in for more. Nick's ass is taking his cock easily as Tristan picks up the pace. Tristan's big dick is hitting all the right spots and Nick won't last long before his cock explodes. Once they're about to shoot they sit back and jack their huge cocks to completion busting their payloads all over themselves.
Joe Gunn, Hans Berlin and Geoffrey
Joe leads Hans to the sitting room, and, as planned, the two jump on each other as soon as they hit the couch. Joe quickly takes Hans cock out and leans down to suck him hard and play with his hole. Hans spreads his legs and lets Joe fingers him before kneeling on the floor and working on Joe’s rod to make it hard enough to fill his ass. Joe knows that’s what Hans is waiting for and pushes him over the arm rest of the couch and starts rimming his ass and loosening it up. While Joe is on the floor, face buried in Hans ass crack, Geoffrey walks in and joins the party. He takes his cock out and fills Hans mouth, muffling his moans when Joe pushes his cock inside him and fucks him hard. Hans can’t do anything but let the two men spit roast him and service them ass and mouth, always full. They turn him around and Geoffrey fills his ass again while Joe uses his mouth until he cums all over Hans’s shoulder and collapses down onto the sofa, letting his man to fuck Hans’s ass longer.
Papi Jorge
Papi Jorge
A Solo Quickie with Scott
Brand new exclusive Scott Alexander is up for a quickie solo this week. He may be new to all this, but he knows how to get the job done. Scott strips down to show off his lean, toned body. He uses a glass dildo to work his hole over while stroking his uncut cock. It doesn't take him long at all to milk out a creamy load.Scott Alexander joins Kyler Moss as a BoyCrush exclusive! We first shot this slim twink in Las Vegas and were very impressed with his skills on camera. Scott's versatile, but he's happiest with a big cock in his butt (which is exactly how we like him!)
Married Professionals Cheat On Their Spouses
Kyle owns a magazine company and he's looking to get some advertisers. Kyle's new client gets a bit touchy and then things start getting hot. The ties come off and dicks start popping out. Both of these guys are married and now their striking up a new deal
Muscle Relaxer
Wesley Brooks was feeling tight. He wandered down to a massuese in his neighborhood and asked for the "full body" massage. He wanted to experience everything. He was given the full ride.
The Present
Alex wanted to show his boyfriend how much he cared. He left him a gift and a card on the bed of the apartment. He then came out with assless underwear. Then his boyfriend showed him how much he cared.
Secret Agent Part 1
Villain Tomas Brand flips on the light of his Penthouse suite to find Secret Agent Paddy O’Brian waiting with a loaded gun. The actions quickly turns to the other loaded gun in the room – Paddy’s hot cock that he uses to teach Tomas’ bubble butt the meaning of the word busted.
Sexy Buds Banging In The Bathroom
Sexy Buds Banging In The Bathroom
Geovanni & Powel Part One
This week we have two very straight guys, Geovanni, 25 and Powel, 20. Neither has done anything with a guy, ever. Now, as far as pussy, both have some back stories about women that, well, solidify my homosexuality. Eddie considers Geo his,
Ryota Sato - New Japanese Gay Porn
Ryota Sato is a hot Japanese twink who is new to the gay porn star biz, a friend told him about it. He definitely has that nice, hairless look and, once you see the grower inside his pants, I think you will agree, he was born to do it; porn too. This Japanboyz model is about to have a hard time, and like it. Tsuyoshi, the talent scout, will help lend a mouth. Some people really are hands on; he totally blows Ryota away. Ryota is a little shy and undresses slowly, now, down to just his underwear. This twink rubs himself through his shorts and starts to bring himself up. Tsuyoshi steps in to orally stimulate; Ryota stiffens quickly. Lying naked on the bed, Ryota fingers his hole and is then anally stimulated by Tsuyoshi. As Ryota strokes and Tsuyoshi pumps his finger, the camera zooms into see Ryota
Sean Summers Bukkake Splash
Sean Summers Bukkake Splash
Behind The Scenes: August 2012
Taking a sneaky step behind the set of DreamBoy's latest Hotel showcase, we're invited to meet up with Eurocreme's latest exclusive Billy Rubens as he is shown the ropes by manager and also exclusive, JP Dubois! With interviews with all the models, and introducing their own scenes, some models have even become more than co-stars and love is blossoming across the Hotel! Be ready for oodles of porn being poured everywhere, messed up rooms and plenty of fun times at the worlds sexiest, horniest Hotel!
The Real House Husbands of Miami: Episode Five
In the final episode of the Real House Husbands of Miami, under the pressure of his friends, Angel invites Sean over to make peace. He does his best to kiss and make up in nothing but a towel, but Sean knows all of his tricks and he's not willing to forgive him so easily. If his big dick won't appease Sean, Angel falls back on plan B—his wife's money—and he promises to ease some social tensions between their wives. Anything Sean can do to stay in his wife's good graces (and close to her money) is tempting... and Angel's fat, uncut cock under that towel might sway his mind, after all.Angel is an immense young man, the entire package if ever we saw one. He's good looking, built, cheerful, always horny, and he has an amazing thick and meaty uncut cock that no horny guy could possibly refuse if they had the chance to suck and sit on it! He's a versatile top who knows how to fuck a guy!Thank God Sean discovered one day that he loves cock! To think that this dude was once straight, and then became daring enough one day to get a feel of another dudes dick. That started a journey that leads him to us, a boned-up and gorgeous inked stud with a rock hard cock and an ass just greedy for manmeat!
Igor and Sandro
Igor and Sandro
Trevor Bridge Gets Paid By Kris Anderson
Accountancy is supposed to be an extremely dull job, but for Trevor Bridge it certainly isn't! He's helping out the hunky Kris Anderson with his books and gets paid in a very interesting way as the guys swap some tasty cock sucking and Kris Anderson eases his hard shaft into Trevor's ass for a deep butt fucking! Check out the crazy cum load Trevor delivers after getting a facial!Kris Anderson is one of those hunks you might see at the garage or a local dive bar and just know he's a horny dude with a cock ready to be drained. He's a real hunky top with plenty of inches of meaty dick to share with the boys, and a hot an thick creamy load to splash out for his buds too! The kind of guy we all want to mess with!We love power bottoms. We love power bottoms who say they've been double penetrated even more. In other words, we love Trevor Bridge. In his interview, he says he's considering trying out fisting. He can try anything he wants... as long as he does it on camera!
Papicito Cum Love
Papicito Cum Love
Ich Habe Ein Big Dick
Armon is in the mood for a big thick German bratwurst and gets just what he asks for.
New York Doll
New York Doll
Fucking The Pool Guy
"There's nothing better than treating "the help" like your own personal sex slave like I did with this skinny ass fag. So you're gonna clean my goddamn pool, then you're gonna take your narrow punk ass into the kitchen and make me a fucking strawberry daiquiri and after that you're going to swallow this giant black dick. And just because I can, I'm going to put a stranglehold on you while I fuck your asshole."
Jayden Boyd And Brice Carson
Horny Vamp Brice Carson is out hunting in the park for a new delicious victim, and he certainly finds a tasty treat when he stumbles across newcummer Jayden Boyd. Jayden is no stranger to vampire ways, but perhaps his guard is down being in a new city. He's soon feeding the vamp his hung cut cock and then tasting dick too before sliding his meaty tool into his new friends hole, fucking the cum out of him before laying back to jerk out his own. Only then does he discover that a hard fuck is not all Brice wants from him!Jayden Boyd is a really cute young guy who has the whole package. We all love boys like him, with cute looks and a lean and tight twink body. But when he reveals that cock and gets it hard we find a really long piece of boy meat that deserves a whole lot of licking and sucking, and some tight holes to slide into!Brice Carson is a ferocious and demonic vampire who tirelessly hunts his prey. He takes what he wants and leaves his lovers gratified, ass-sore... and dead!
Steamy Sex Orgy
I went to this really famous Bathhouse in the underground scene because I was feeling super horny and frisky! Well I knew exactly what to expect and I'm glad I was joined by some super yummy guys with big dicks! We had a great orgy!
Poolside Fornications
Calvin Koons and Luke Hass are taking a relaxing dip in their exotic secluded pool. Before they even have time to relax, they start touching and kissing each other's sexy bodies. What was a make out session by the pool quickly turns into an erotic episode of fornication.
Horny Student Cheats with the Teacher
Dean Holland is so horny, he can't stop cheating on his boyfriend. His teacher Danny Brooks suggests he try using a sex toy but Dean insists he needs help figuring out how! Danny sticks the glass dildo up Dean's ass, letting him suck his dick while he does. Eventually the toy is set aside so they can both enjoy the real thing. Danny fucks Dean all over the desk before they both shoot their loads.Danny Brooks may have a wife at home, but considering his success over at Thug Hunter, we know he has no problem fucking an ass. Danny told us he's getting more and more comfortable with things like rimming, we're convinced he won't be able to resist trying a few new things with our boys!Dean is young and cute and can play any part needed in a sizzling porn movie. He delights in the pleasures of hardcore sex so much that he hopes to do twink porn for as long as possible. He loves working with other twinks and hopes someday to get fucked by a hunk.
Fucking The Band, Part 1
Diesel O'Green is having a tough time in the recording studio when hit-maker Paul Walker steps in to show him how to make magic. Paul feeds his straight dick to cock hungry Diesel before giving his ass a well good fucking!
Brody Hard Ass Fuck
I let my best friend Brody stay at place when came in from out of town. I didn't know he liked me in that way. I ended sticking my stiff rod inside him.
Nathan Takes Two Cocks in His Butt
Lexx Jammer and Patrick Kennedy are two big dicked twinks that know how to fuck. Nathan Stratus doesn't hesitate for a second taking both of their dicks in his mouth and tight ass. They fuck him good and even try two dicks at once in his tight little hole before finishing with hot loads on his pretty face.What a knock-out! Lexx Jammer is just that - a powerful top who loves to jam young asses! With his sculpted body and perfect face he doesn't have any trouble finding bottoms. What a pleasure it is to watch this twink in action!Watch as this amazingly cute Twink explores the porn biz! He has a great body, a big cock, and a willingness to learn. Everything he needs to be a successful star!Patrick is a well known twink star who couldn't resist our offer to get his lollipop sucked! Already with some good experience, this young twink can fuck a bunch, but he is versatile and loves getting some attention to his tight asshole.
Auditions - Charlie
There's not much this little chap wouldn't do, a sexy lad with a big appetite for men's cocks and showing off naked.
A Gay Cum Whore Threesome
A Gay Cum Whore Threesome
Toilet Wax and Ride for Lincoln
Luke Desmond is back and this time he has brought along a Boynapped Victim of his very own. Lincoln gates is strapped face up to an old park bench in a public toilet and made to see his captors face as he covers Lincoln's body in hot wax. Luke stares Lincoln in the eye before fucking his cheeky looking face long and hard. Once Luke discovers what a package Lincoln has downstairs he can't help himself but to make it his and ride it till he shoots all over Lincoln!
Bisexual Trio
Alessandra was looking after a friends house whilst
Cum Sucking Twinky Boys
Cum Sucking Twinky Boys
Pinwheel Massage For Ryan Hilton
Ryan Hilton is tied to the bench, with Ashton Bradley initially helping him relax with a slow massage paying special attention to his feet. This is too nice for Ashton though and it isn't long before it's turned up a notch and the pin wheel comes out. With some furious wanking Ashton soon has Ryan moaning and exploding spunk everywhere.
Butt Toy Boys Jax And Joey
You know what they say about boys and their toys! Jax and Joey are two horny boys with one very special toy in this anal exploration video. The guys start things off with some delicious oral, but soon the double ended dildo is sliding into each of their holes and they're both riding it to some jerked out loads!Sexy Bottom twink Jax is ready and eager to appear on video! This cute boy from Philadelphia has very few secrets, and his family and friends know what his chosen career is. He's looking forward to getting it on with plenty of boys, and we know there are plenty of boys ready to fuck his sweet ass too!Originally from Texas, Joey Tiger moved out here to appear in hardcore gay porn. At the age of 18 he already knows what he wants to do in life, and we're more than happy to help him with that! This sexy young man has a tight and smooth body and a hot cock and perfect butt, ready to be shared with our other stars!
Beefcake Special Ending
Massaging Marc was so fucking hot. I could feel the crevasses of this hard buff body with the tips of my fingers. After I got him all oiled up, I start stroking his cock til it got rock hard. Then I seduced him with my notorious blowjobs. He left a changed man.
To Hot in the Sauna
Hey guys, Pillip is in town and I want to show him a good time. Lets meet at the Abby Bathhouse on 6th! He's never been. His ass is super tight. I think he has only been with a few guys. Be gentle with him.
He's Jerking It To A Workout
Levon Meeks and Krys Perez are in a house together. One is pumping iron in his briefs while the other is jerking it to the action. The two guys are both twinks but they like to work their muscles as much as they can. It's a little awkward at first but momentarily it becomes obvious what both guys are after... hot sex!Krys has this "Hollywood" look; he's a future star that's for sure! He is comfortable in front of the camera and is quite a performer.Levon is a sweet twink that's new to porn. Watch him discover the great world of twink sex!
Johnathan found us on an adult dating site recently. He said his last boyfriend had a small dick. We put in touch with a good friend of ours. The dick was so huge it wouldn't fit in his tight ass...we gaped him good!
Trent Needs A Re-Alignment
Izzy James is acting the fool today. He convinced some unsuspecting guy that he was a chiropractor. What Izzy really wants is a piece of ass for his massive cock. Trent needs to get re-aligned, however he might get more then he asked for
In this edition of
Kyler Welcomes New Boy Jordan
Kyler loves to make kinky home videos, and with a sexy friend like Jordan on hand to help him out with his latest production, you know it's going to result in a great display! The boys get some great cock sucking in before the real action starts, and once Jordan's smooth and tanned cock is deep in tat pale pink ass it makes for a great fuck!Colorado boy Jordan is a 19 year old hottie with a sexy deep voice, a tight and slim tanned body and a great cock that he knows how to use to get other boys off in style! He's not new to the adult business, and he has some experience under his belt already - so to speak! Fans of twinky tops will love watching him!If you like your twinks big-dicked and with a fierce attitude, Kyler Ash must have sprang from your loins. This tall, toned boy has been dicking-down boys (and taking some big cock, too) on a few other sites, but we finally nabbed him for a few BoyCrush scenes. No doubt we'll have him back, too, and once you watch his scenes you'll know why!
Andy And Austin Make a Porno
Austin and Andy Kay are hot for each other, so naturally, we asked them to make a hard core, sucking, fucking, cum soaked porn video for us! Andy Kay has shot, directed and starred in countless gay porns before, but just thinking about having Austin's huge cock up his ass caused him to make a mistake any pornographer would be ashamed of; he forgot to turn on the mic! The video starts out with Andy Kay explaining his mishap but promising that you will love the video anyway. Take a look at these two horny guys as they fuck, suck and jerk the cum out of each other and see if your jizz fetish isn't satisfied!
Scott Shows Mr. Landon His "Handiwork"
Scott Alexander's out of time on his final exam, but he's prepared to work over his teacher, Brock Landon. The young twink gets down on his knees to service Brock before the buff teacher throws him onto the desks to fuck him on his back. Scott gets fucked over the desks and in Brock's lap, too, before he shoots his load. The horny student finds himself on his knees, taking Brock's load in his mouth to finish things off!Brock Landon is almost as wide as he is tall; have you seen the chest on this man? He's built like a brick shithouse, and even though he's straight, Brock is ready to fuck down a couple of our tasty little twinks!Slim and uncut twink Scott Alexander is a BoyCrush exclusive, but we're lucky enough to share him! This 19 year old Portland native is brand new to porn but he's already been impressing the crew with his skills on camera.
Andy Fucks Corey
Andy meets Corey for the first time and can't resist taking it to the bedroom. After some good foreplay Andy lubes up and fucks Corey hard and to completion.Andy is one of the best discoveries I have made. With his great looks and consistently solid performances on camera, he is on his way to being a big star in the industry. He is always professional on and off camera. He now is my right hand man helping me film and edit the movies. He is not only a great model and employee but also one of my good friends. Corey Clark started filming for me when he was just 18 and still in high school. The first time I saw him naked I was totally hooked. He is one of the most popular models on the site. His boyish marvelous looks, pretty blue eyes, and perfectly tanned skin make him one sexy twink.
Detention has its Benefits...like Band Camp!
Jordan Ashton ends up in detention for foul language but when Max Martin comes looking for his lost wallet, the two relive a dirty band camp encounter. They both swallow cock before Jordan's hard dick finds its way up Max's hole. They commit indecent acts against their teacher's desk before leaving it a sticky mess when they both cum!Jordan Ashton isn't like those fragile other boys, with his firm and toned body, you know he can handle the rough stuff! He's the perfect twink if you prefer a little muscle rather than anything too slender.We do love our cute local boys and we're glad we came across Max Martin! He's got a bit of curl to his hair, almost, and a bit of a sly smile. We've seen him top some big-dicked bottoms around here, but we're eager to see what else he can do!
Don't Get Caught, Boys!
Conner Bradley and Scott Alexander sneak into the basement to fuck. Scott's already hard in his boxers by the time Conner strips them off to suck his dick. The new exclusive ends up on his knees to return the favor before the two end up on the floor. Conner fucks Scott's hole missionary and doggy before Scott gets on top. While he's riding Conner's big dick, Scott shoots his load then finds himself the lucky recipient of a hot facial!San Francisco-native Conner Bradley is eighteen and he's only been doing porn for about five months, but we think he's got major star quality. His toned body, appetite for sex, and surprisingly mature voice all combine for a very attractive package. Look out for his scene with real life boyfriend Hunter Starr!Scott Alexander joins Kyler Moss as a BoyCrush exclusive! We first shot this slim twink in Las Vegas and were very impressed with his skills on camera. Scott's versatile, but he's happiest with a big cock in his butt (which is exactly how we like him!)
Lexx Nails Nathan Aggressively
Lexx Jammer takes Nathan Stratus for a spin on his 8 incher and doesn't stop til he's satisfied. Nathan loves every minute of this hunk's fast and heavy ass-pounding. Lexx fucks the cum right out of him to finish the scene. From the way these two turned out this hot scene, we might have to book them for an encore.What a knock-out! Lexx Jammer is just that - a powerful top who loves to jam young asses! With his sculpted body and perfect face he doesn't have any trouble finding bottoms. What a pleasure it is to watch this twink in action!Watch as this amazingly cute Twink explores the porn biz! He has a great body, a big cock, and a willingness to learn. Everything he needs to be a successful star!
Tommy fucks for the first time on camera
Star Stuck
Alexander Garrett is back this week and making his debut on EBD is Matthew Star. Matthew is 19 from Tennessee. The sexy drawl only adds to this Southern Boy's charms and he's in for a real treat as our 35 year old Colombian hottie takes him for a walk on the wild side. Every once in a while you need to expand your horizons. We asked these studs where they would go if they had won an all expense trip anywhere in the world. Alexander would love to explore Asia. He would love to experience the exciting culture in Japan or China and he would bring along his family or good friends. The cradle of civilization is in Matthew's sights; as he admits Greece has always been a dream destination for him. He would definitely share the experience with the love of his life and their 4 year old daughter. Both of these studs discovered their dicks at about 12 by accident while exploring their bodies. Both admit they thought something had gone wrong. Today, after years of experience, we are pleased to know that they have a handle on that situation. When asked what they are best at, Matthew admits he is really good at giving girls oral. Alexander agrees and says he loves oral too. These guys may use different visuals when they jack off; but they have enough in common to make for one hot afternoon. Shall we?Alexander and Matt are hanging out as Alexander starts to coax Matthew into a massage to help him relieve some stress. 'You know I don't go that way' Matt says before finally giving in to a back massage. Alexander starts to rub his shoulders a bit before moving in for a kiss. Matt hesitantly gives in as they start to kiss. Matt stands as Alexander helps him out of his clothes. He starts to grope his cock as he pulls off his underwear. Alexander then drops his pants and lets Matthew get a better view of his own meat. Matthew's eyes open wide as he slowly strokes that thick uncut cock. 'My God, it's so big' he marvels as Alexander's cock throbs in his hand. Alexander then goes to work sucking on the str8 boy's meat launching Matt into orbit. Matt playfully slaps his dick on Alexander's face as he feeds him his thick country cock. Alexander can't get enough of his thick cock and soon they are back to making out as they rub their hard cocks together. Matthew then gets down and starts to play with Alexander's cock, stroking him off for a few before letting his attention wander to that hot Latin ass of his.Matthew gets into position as he slides his thick dick into Alexander. Alexander grins and bares it as he starts to get that ass fucked deep. Matthew looks down and watches as his cock easily slides in and out of Alexander's tight ass. Matt then sits back on the chair while Alexander straddles him for more. Once impaled back on that meat, Alexander begins to ride that dick. His hot ass is milking Matt's dick as he bounces up and down on that dick caught up in the moment. That hot ass feels amazing wrapped around his cock. From here, Matthew takes Alexander on the couch where he lifts up his jock legs and slides his dick back in missionary. Alexander starts to jack his dick off as the sensation of Matthew's dick hitting him in all the right spots. Matt picks up the pace as his balls slap away at that hungry hole. It isn't long before Alexander's cock gives up its content. He unloads all over his defined abs. Matt then pulls out and jacks his own load all over Alexander adding to an already sticky situation.
Fuck Me Bareback - Ethan and Shaun
Ethan and Shaun are two twinks that aren't planning games; both of them know exactly what the other wants: bareback fucking. Get amongst the incredible hot eurotwink bareback action offered in this brand new EuroBoyXXX scene.
Jonny Kingdom And Luke Desmond
Cute Jonny Kingdom has been eager to get back on the site since his first solo jerk off not so long ago, and this defined top deserved a great partner for his first duo. Member favourite Luke Desmond is an obvious choice considering his love for sucking big dicks. But it's the sight of him powering into Luke's ass and dripping with sweat that really impresses. Someone get the dude a cold drink and towel, STAT!
George Coster Solo
18 yr old first timer George is super cute. Stripping down to his undies, he shows off his smooth defined body, playing with his bulge.. He gets naked and works his thick uncut meat for the camera, before shooting a ton of spunk over his chest..
Boys Will Be Boys Part 3
In Boys Will Be Boys Part 3, Kaede agree's to have his wrists bound behind him in the chair and allow Fuji, Jo and Kaoru to do as they will. This isn't a bondage or S&M scene, but it certainly is a form of torture as you'll see. Kaede is stripped bare and appears "up" for the occasion even before the clothes come off. Fuji, Jo and Kaoru all take turns working his hard cock while the others rub and suck his nipples. They don't spare the lube in this scene either and a good thing they brought along a big dispenser of it too. Kaede is brought to the peak of cumming and each time, the boys stop short. This is also known as "edging" where you stop just before you cum and let things calm back down before proceeding. This is done numerous times and builds up quite an explosive release when you do let it rip. However, in this case with Kaede, the other boys have something else in mind. One by one, they all start to walk away and just as Kaoru has him ready to blow, Kaoru stops short and walks away leaving Kaede sitting there. Watch what happens.
Cody Domino Gets Rolled
Cody Domino Gets Rolled
Sex Toy Session For Twink Lovers
When Andrew arrives with a bag of toys Tanner wastes no time in getting the action started! The boys are making out within seconds, stripping down with an obvious hunger for each other, which just becomes more intense as Tanner's ass is offered up for some toys to slide into! He gets a great anal play session from his lover before they suck those cocks to a cummy finale!Size queens and twink fans rejoice! Not only is Andrew a total sweetie, he's one of the sexiest young twinks we've had the pleasure of presenting to you all here. And, as if all that wasn't enough, this gay boy is blessed with an immensely long curved cock that every single one of you would love to worship!Oregon boy Tanner has a lot going for him, and there's a lot about him that our fans absolutely love too. This confident boy has a love of cock that really shows through in his appearances on camera, and there is no denying that a lot of the other boys want to be seen on film with him. They're lining up right now!
Wilbert is a amazing young Latino who enjoys surfing and swimming so it was only natural that we centered his shoot around the pool! You can tell by his rock hard pecs that he does a lot of swimming and he enjoys rubbing his sensitive nipples when he jerks off! Wilbert was a little pee shy for this shoot but we did manage to get him to piss on his hot 6 pack abs! It really turned him on because after that his uncut cock got rock hard and he just had to bust his nut! So what do you think? Should we have him back for a second chance?
Surprise Big Cock
Oh Tanner, I knew you would blow your top off and my cock as well as soon as you saw my big dick. I saw your eyes light up and got wide open when my cock popped out of my jeans. Thanks for taking it out and showing it some sexy hospitality with your holes.
Behind The Scenes: November 2012
Taking us Behind the Scenes at the HustlaBall and Hot Rods Awards, we’ve been given exclusive access to the models on and off stage, treated to sexy interviews, voyeuristic angles we’d all be guilty of in person! With the ultimate Alphamale Trojan Rock himself hosting the awards show and some very exclusive shots of US stars Morgan Black and Dominic Sol getting down and dirty after the awards are all handed out and the mood turns towards the sweaty business of man on man sex!
Jeff S & Guy R
Big beefy Jeff and handsome hairy Guy have a passionate sucking session, taking turns on each others stiff dicks, getting them right down into their throats with some hot face fucking, and some great arse play too, as Jeff licks and fingers Guys hairy muscular arse.. climaxing with a hot & messy cum facial.. Tasty!The lads start off standing, in shiny adidas sports kit, getting a good feel of each others cocks as they grope the bulges in their shorts. Some passionate kissing, then Jeff lifts his top to reveal his broad beefy chest, with tattoos, and Guy wastes no time getting in there to lick and suck on Jeffs pierced nipples as he rubs his cock. He takes off his sports vest and gets Guy to sniff and lick his armpits.Jeff removes Guys top, his chest and armpits are very hairy, and he has a seriously fit body. Jeff licks his nipples, then turns him around to show us Guys fit arse, pulling his black shiny shorts down revealing Guys muscular hairy butt cheeks, which he rubs and squeezes. They kiss a little more, Guys dick and balls hang over the top of his shorts, his pubes are thick and bushy and untrimmed, and he reaches inside Jeffs shorts and pulls out his big thick uncut cock, which hangs thick and heavy, not quite hard yet. Jeff also has manly bushy pubes. Guy plays with Jeffs dick for a moment, then gets down on his knees and starts sucking.. As he sucks it gets harder, and Jeff starts gently fucking his mouth a bit, trying to get it deep down, but Guy cant take it so deep, not yet anyway, and he gags slightly, but he keeps going, and sucks it well. After some very hot sucking, they move to the sofa, Guy gets on all fours, pushing his sexy arse out, and Jeff kneels down behind him and starts kneeding his butt cheeks, then pulls them wide apart exposing Guys hairy hole. Jeff spits onto it, then pushes the spit in with his tongue, giving his hole plenty of good long licks, making Guy moan.. Jeff pushes his thumb in, opening him up, then pushes a finger in, sliding it in and out..With his cock now throbbing, Guy lays back into the corner of the sofa, Jeff lays next to him and starts to suck his stiff dick. He gets it really wet with plenty of spit and slowly starts to work the dick right into the back of his throat, swallowing it all the way to the base, making it throb even harder.. Jeff keeps the sucking wet, slow and deep.. very horny.. then Guy grips his head and pushes his head down on it, then starts fucking his mouth.. this is insanely hot!They kiss some more, jerking themselves off, then its Jeffs turn to get sucked again.. having been sucked so well and so deep, Guy is eager to suck Jeff better this time, and he forces himself down on Jeffs big dick, deeper than before.. Jeff starts fucking his mouth and throat, speeding up till its pretty intense in places.. Guy struggles a bit sometimes, but that just makes it hotter, and with a bit of a firm push from Jeff, he almost manages to swallow his cock right down to the base, with a little more gagging..With both lads ready to shoot their loads, Guy moves around to get his dick sucked one last time, and Jeff jerks himself off as Guy fucks his mouth.. Guy pushes his dick right down Jeffs throat as far as it will go, and holds it there. This pushes Jeff over the edge and his dick starts spouting jets of jizz all over his beefy sweaty abs.. Guy pulls his dick out of Jeffs mouth, and jerks off hard.. a couple of seconds later he starts spunking his load over Jeffs face and into his mouth.. And he shoots REALLY hard, the first couple of squirts go clear over his head, but there is plenty more, and he makes a real mess of Jeffs face and beard.. Tasty stuff.
Patrick Cleans Out Rany's Pipes
Patrick Kennedy shows up to do some plumbing work on Rany Silva's house but ends up cleaning out his pipes instead. He fucks Rany standing up (his favorite position) before pounding him on his back until he jizzes all over himself. When you're getting off like this, who cares if your plumbing isn't working?Patrick is a well known twink star who couldn't resist our offer to get his lollipop sucked! Already with some good experience, this young twink can fuck a bunch, but he is versatile and loves getting some attention to his tight asshole.