JP Dubois
It's the middle of the night and although he's still on duty, checking in all these hot boys to the hotel has made his balls heavy and dick twitch! Making sure no-one is around to catch him out, JP flicks on some hardcore porn instead of his sales projections and his already semi hard bulge is now rock solid and bursting from his suit trousers. Undoing his shirt and tie, he leans back on his chair for a great slow cock worship and jerk. Rubbing his smooth hotly defined body and teasing his nipples now and again, the ever-hard JP waves his dick salaciously in front of the camera, pulling his trousers down from his smooth, spunk filled balls as he indulges in his covert midnight wank until his spunk erupts from his thick throbbing shaft, over his fingers but hey, there's no towel to clean himself, so the cum hungry JP just licks it all off his fingers before zipping up and heading to the bathroom, still full of spunk...
Hot Ass
After making his debut on MenOver30, and becoming an overnight fan favorite bottoming our resident bad boy Brenn Wyson, we knew we had to share the love with our members here on ExtraBigDicks. By 'love' we of course mean sexy Sean Duran. Sean is 24 years young and hails from North Carolina. Well, who better than to give Sean a proper introduction to the Bigger is Better mindset than Drake Jaden. Drake is just one of the hot, hung locals driving them wild and at 27 this Floridian makes it look so damn easy. Both of these hotties have tattoos a plenty so we decided to ask them where it all began. For Drake it was the eye ball in the center of his tribal tattoo. That's what started it all but his favorite would have to be the Pi tattoo on his chest because he finds it fascinating. 'I was always a big nerd' Drake says, 'still am.' Sean's first tattoo was the wings on his back but his favorite would have to be the cat on his left bicep cuz it always brings him luck. When it comes to what feature in another man makes them weak their choices differ. Drake loves a hot ass where Sean finds forearms sexy. Well, lets get this party started shall we?Sean and Drake are looking through a magazine commenting on porn stars when Sean comments on a hot ass. 'I've been told I have a hot ass' Drake grins. Sean's not gonna miss out on the opportunity as he asks Drake to prove it. Drake stands up and pulls down his jeans showing off that ass framed in a tight jock strap. Sean gets on his knees and dives in face first as his tongue slides inside that ass. Drake moans as he gets that hot hole rimmed making his huge cock strain for release. He pulls down his jeans and lays back to let Sean have some dick. Sean immediately dives for it sucking that cock all the way to the hilt. He slobbers on that fat meat as Drake bobs his head up and down on it. Sean loves that thick meat but his own meat's feeling left out. He stands up and whips out his growing dick and slams it down Drake's throat. Drake chokes and gags on it as he latches on to that dick. He easily slides that dick down his skilled gullet. He spits on that meat and strokes his huge cock as he does. 'You like that dick' grunts Sean as he watches Drake choke and gag on his southern 'charm'.From there these two end up on the floor in a steamy 69 as each gets his fill of cock; bobbing their mouths on all the swollen meat they can handle. Soon a mouth isn't enough for Drake who needs a tight ass on his meat. He sits back in the chair and has Sean sit on his dick in a reverse cowgirl. 'Fuck that's a big dick!' Sean groans as he impales himself on it. His own dick is rock hard as he starts to ride it. He bounces on that dick taking every inch of it deep inside him. He gets his feet up on Drake's knees and starts fucking himself silly on that thick dick. Drake grunts and groans, slapping that ass as he calls Sean a dirty little pig. Sean then gets on all four puts his face on the floor and that smooth ass in the air and orders Drake to fuck it. Drake immediately shoves his dick deep into that ass as he pounds that ass. 'Fuck me harder-Do it!' Sean orders as Drake rails into him even harder. From there they end up on the floor with Drake pounding that hole as he lays behind Sean. He holds his leg up as he buries that dick fast and deep. That does the trick and it sends Sean's load flying all over his thigh and area rug as Drake fucks it all out of him. Drake then pulls out and blasts his own thick batch all over Sean's face and tongue. Once the last of his cum is spent Sean greedily latches on to his knob sucking out every last drop. Mmm, Mmm, Goooo!
Turner & Cooch
Trey Turner is back in the house and looking better than ever. It
Naughty Time
I was watching my boyfriend Sebastian. He looked so cute and comfortable that I had to interrupt. I gave him the best blowjob he ever dreamed of. Rising to the occassion I fucked his brains out.
Cowboys 7
We are back on the ranch this week as our two dominant cowboys use and abuse an unsuspecting passive ranch dude. Gigantic 9+ inch cocks face fuck and pound our ranch dudes ass like he
Drew Brody & Robbie Turner
Prepare yourselves for a scorcher! Slim twinky lad Robbie is pushed to his limits as he takes on the beercan thick TEN INCH cock of mixed race rugby lad Drew Brody. Inasnely hot jaw stretching oral and intense hole stretching fuck action, climaxing with messy cum facial.. Unmissable!The lads start off standing, in their sportskit. If Robbie seems a little nervous to start with, thats because he is.. He loves huge cocks, but has never had a cock as huge as this before, and while he was really excited to be doing it, he was also nervous as to whether he would really be able to take it.. But dont worry, he took it GREAT.. more of that later.. They kiss and grope each other, Drew is forceful, and after getting a feel of Robbies cock and balls in his shiny shorts, he lifts his vest to reveal his slim defined body, and gives his nipples a good licking. They kiss some more, take off their tops, and Robbie sucks Drews nipples a bit and gets a feel of the massive schlong swelling in Drews tight red shorts.. at one point the end of his dick is poking out the bottom of the shorts.. this dick is way too big for these shorts, and not wearing any underwear gives us a horny preview of whats to come.. They reach inside to take each others cocks out of their shorts. Robbie is still soft, but Drew is almost rock solid now, and its so thick that when Robbie grips it, his fingers dont meet, and not even close. They jerk each other off a bit, then Robbie cant hold back any longer and gets down onto his knees for some serious monstercock worship.. By this point Drews dick is rock solid and throbbing, a full ten inches and insanely thick.. Robbie grips it at the base, his fingers dont even get close to reaching all around the massive girth, and opens his mouth wide, taking in as much as he can, and manages about a third. He starts slowly sucking on the end, going as deep as he can.. Drew clearly loves getting sucked and lets Robbie go to work on him, then grips his head to fuck his mouth a bit, then pulls him deeper down onto his cock, making him gag a little.. We have some REALLY hot shots from underneath Drews balls looking up as Robbie, with his jaw stretched wide apart, gets his mouth forced down that meaty shaft. They move to the sofa, and Drew leans back and hold his cock up at the base for Robbie, who kneels on all fours between Drews legs, and he starts licking the big bulging cock head, then gets back to more sucking, working on Drews cock with his hand, jerking him off as he sucks him.. More very horny shots from Drews point of view, looking down his chest to his cock as his monstercock gets sucked and worshipped..Needing to get his hole warmed up for this, Robbie is laying on his back on the sofa now, with his legs apart, and Drew kneels by his arse and starts working on it.. Drew licks Robbies smooth hairless pink hole, getting it good and wet, then starts probing it with his finger..he eases his finger in gently, pushing it deep inside making Robbie moan.. he fingers him a bit, then pulls his finger out, pulling Robbies cheeks apart to show his wet hole to the camera..Eager to get his monstermeat inside that tight twink hole, Drew lays on the floor on his side, with Robbie on his side in front, spoons type position. Robbie holds his leg up, and Drew eases the tip in.. Robbie gasps a little but takes it, and Drew pushes it a bit deeper till its about halfway.. he slowly edges it in and out a little, letting Robbies hole get used to the mighty girth, then starts fucking deeper, and builds up the speed.. This is SO horny and we get loads of graphic close up penetration shots..Next, Robbie is leaning against the sofa with Drew standing behind him.. He eases his dick in again, and gets back to some awesome fuck action, not too slow, showing plenty of length.. he starts to fuck deeper and a bit harder, but this seems a bit much for Robbie sometimes, and Drew holds back again.. They keep it up a good while till Robbie needs a break..Not quite done yet, they go for a third position, this time Robbie laying on his back, legs apart with Drew kneeling. He inserts his meat which is throbbing and looking thicker than ever.. luckily Robbies arse is warmed up, but even so, its clearly intense watching it go back in.. Drew fucks with long strokes showing us plenty of girth, keeping the fucking steady, varying it a bit, keeping it as intense as Robbie can handle, keeping him on the edge.. Drew pulls out now, whips off the condom and moves round to kneel over Robbie.. with both lads aching to cum, but they want to savour the moment, so Drew sticks his meat back into Robbies mouth, and he sucks on it one last time as he jerks himself off... moments later the cum literally explodes from his dick, Im not kidding, jet after jet of jizz squirts right the way up his body spraying his neck and chest, and all shown in hot slow motion..The sight of this pushes Drew over the edge, and thick white spunk starts streaming from his meat, all over Robbies lips and chin.. Drew cums plenty too, as he he squeezes out the last few drops, Robbie opens his mouth and cleans up the still throbbing spunk covered monstercock.
Knight Stick
They say that 'Knight' time is the right time; and we couldn't agree more as we welcome back Trevor Knight. Trevor is now 29 and holding. Looking like he does this Bostonian ain't going anywhere. If he was to go 'anywhere' he might want to take his co-star this week, Mr. Logan Drake, with him. Logan is 22 and a native Floridian from Orlando. We asked these two if they were deserted on an island and could bring along any TV show series to watch on this deserted island (...which apparently comes with flat screens and free electricity) what would that show be? 'Family Guy' hands down for Trevor who could watch that show for days straight. Logan would take along his 'Friends' and that way he would never be alone. Who wouldn't want Phoebe along on an island adventure? Ok, seriously, put your hands down. We then asked once they got off this island where would they want to eat. Ruth Chris for Logan, whose mouth is already watering for a filet mignon and Trevor would go straight to a little eatery in Los Angeles named St. Felix who also serves up a great steak. Well, all this talk about meat has our mouths watering for more than what is on the menu. Let's get these two better acquainted shall we? '--Let them eat Steak!'Logan is fast asleep on the chaise when Trevor comes in wanting to play. He slowly starts to feel on Logan's chest and arms as he moves south. Logan wakes up as Trevor's hands reach his crotch and they start to kiss. Their shirts come off as their hands fumble to strip each other. They move to the chair as Trevor helps Logan out of his pants and stands to allow Logan to undo his. Logan comes face to face with Trevor's 9'+ monster cock and he knows exactly what to do. He opens wide and shoves as much of that thick cock into his mouth. He strokes the shaft a bit before going back down on it. Logan's own thick cock is at attention as he nurses on Trevor's. Trevor doesn't want to feel left out so they switch places so that Trevor can have some dick to suck as well. He lies between Logan's legs as he sucks on his cock. Logan moans as Trevor swallows every inch of his aching cock with ease. Once Trevor's had his fill he stands up and goes right back to shoving his dick down Logan's hungry throat. Logan can't get enough of his thick cock as he lies back and gets his mouth fucked. ...but wait, there's more.Trevor then bends Logan over and inspects that hot ass he will soon own. He fingers that ass as Logan gets hornier for cock. Trevor then sits back as Logan straddles him and jacks both their dicks together. Trevor's cock is throbbing by now and needs a hot hole to fuck. Logan lubes Trevor's cock up and winces as he sits down on that thick cock. Once his ass gives way he starts to bounce up and down on it, slowly getting more and more inside his tight ass. Trevor lays back and watches as he gets that thick meat ridden. It isn't long before Trevor's balls are slapping that hairy hole as Logan's ass takes all 9 inches deep inside. Trevor loves it and holds Logan by the waist as he helps bounce him on his cock. Logan then gets up and turns around, sitting on his cock again only this time facing him. Trevor spreads that ass open getting his meat in him deeper. Trevor is going nuts as Logan's hot ass milks his thick cock. Missionary is next as Trevor gets Logan on his back and pounds away at that ass. This position always does the trick as he pulls out and unloads all over Logan who isn't far behind with a huge load of his own.
My Little Cocksucker
We have none other than Girth Brooks in the house. We will give you a minute to let that sink in. lol Born in Massachusetts, Girth just hit the big 3-0! We're sure he hit it in stride since he's used to all things 'big'. We're getting ahead of ourselves; and besides we don't wanna spoil his costar's surprise. Back by popular request is Brazilian hottie Daniel Le
Spanked, fucked and sucked
Luke Desmond starts Aaron Aurora - roped to a length of chain - off with some spanking. The boys then sway blowjobs before Luke is ready to pound the gorgeous captive's ass. He looks so hot getting pounded while restrained.
The Sexy Tamer
He's a strong man who has the biggest balls around working to tame horses. It's a dangerous job but someone has to do it and lucky for us he's hot and has a long cock. Topher is here showing off his ripped abs and hot bod for all to see. This guy keeps a strong grip on his rock hard cock for all to see. If you love tall dark studs with a handy grip and a great physique you need to see how wild of a cum shot this tamer releases. Enjoy!
Going Deep with Brendan Tyler
Going Deep with Brendan Tyler
Large Dong Duke Out
Luke Milan called out Luke Hass, claiming he had the bigger dick. Hass took up the challenge and came over to hold up his reputation. After comparing the two large cocks, Hass won the competition by an inch. Hass then claimed Milan's sweet ass as his prize.
Too Big To Fail
We have a larger-than-life edition of ExtraBigDicks and you'll understand just why in a minute. <evil grin> With us this week we have an industry favorite that has blown up and has amassed quite the following so we thought we'd have him back with us, none other than Tommy Defendi. Tommy is a 22 yo Chicago native who now calls Ft Lauderdale home. Tommy is tall, dark and hung like a horse packing a 9.5' cock. What else could you ask for? -wait for it. Alongside Tommy sits our newest find, Mr. Devon Moss who is also 22 hails from Greensboro, NC. This baby-faced country boy is a size queen's wet dream. Packing 10' of Carolina cock, Devon reminds us all to never judge a book by its cover; cuz this boy could split you in two. lol Tommy blushes as he admits this is the first time he's ever been with someone that has a bigger dick than he does. Even though most of the time the guy with the biggest dick ends up on top, that's not the case with Devon. We imagine most guys are just afraid of his dick. (AMATEURS!) Fortunately Devon is truly versatile so he doesn't mind either way. Fortunately both of these hung studs are single and loving their freedom. Well enough bragging from these two-let's get 'em nekid.Tommy starts rubbing Devon's foot as he breaks the ice. As he massages his foot, Devon begins to rub his foot on Tommy's growing cock. They begin to kiss as they lie back on the bed. Tommy hovers over Devon, slowly kissing him before pulling off their tee shirts. The jeans come off next as they are left in their underwear. Devon goes to work on Tommy's meat as he licks it through his underwear. It isn't in there for long as he hauls it out and engulfs it. Tommy can only moan while Devon's head bobs on his meat. Tommy wants some too and he gets between Devon's thighs for some cock of his own. Devon's massive uncut meat is rock hard in seconds as Tommy worships his 10' rod. Devon's cock is massive, not only in length but incredibly thick as well. This is not for the faint of heart (...or ass). They get into a hot 69 so that each has access to all the cock they want. Devon and Tommy savor every inch of their meat as they slowly enjoy their oral session. All this cock sucking and oral attention can only lead to one thing and that's Devon's smooth ass-Oh, goody, goody. Eyebrows furled Devon winces as Tommy slides his thick cock deep inside him. Devon does his best to relax as Tommy continues to take his ass. Tommy is steadily pounding his ass as Devon takes every thick inch he's given. Tommy looks down and watches as his massive meat disappears into Devon. 'You're so fucking big!' Devon grunts as he gets his ass stretched. Tommy continues to thrust his cock into Devon fucking him doggie style and enjoying the show below as Devon does his best to manage the dick he's giving him. 'Spank my ass' Devon grunts between moans as Tommy keeps impaling him. Tommy then lies back on the bed as Devon climbs aboard for more. He impales his sweet ass on Tommy's cock and starts to ride. Tommy is soon thrusting his hips up into Devon wanting to get his fat dick deeper inside him. Devon grinds his ass down onto Tommy making sure he gets every inch inside him. Missionary is next as Tommy slides his cock back in for more. Devon's whimpers get louder as Tommy fucks him harder and deeper, his fat cock easily claiming its prize. Devon won't be able to handle much more of this before his cock explodes. He pulls out and sits next to Devon as they both jack off. Tommy is the first to nut exploding as his load skyrockets all over him. Devon follows suit as his beer can thick dick unloads its own creamy cargo.
Tory's Ass Stretching
Tory's last couple boyfriends had small dicks...he wasn't too happy about it. He came by for me to cheer him up by giving a hard fucking. I stretched his asshole until I blew my load on him.
360 Degrees Of Fornication
Making his debut on ExtraBigDicks this week is a Sarasota native who made quite the impression on our brother site MenOver30 a while back. This Floridian with the Abercrombie & Fitch air about him is none other than Ridge Michaels. Ridge is 22. We've decided to pull out all the stops and give him a HUGE welcome. Literally! Yeah, Ridge will definitely remember this day after his smooth, jock ass gets officially introduced to Diesel Washington. Diesel, the man, the myth, the 9' python in his pants, needs no introduction. At 39, Diesel has made himself quite the reputation as an accomplished actor in the adult industry. We've gotten to know this New Yorker a lot better than most; and it's nice to see Diesel in person is nothing like his on-screen ruff-n-tuff persona. For example, we asked these two if they could be any animal, what it would be. Ridge said without question he would want to be a jaguar. Diesel (the self-professed Comic book geek) then turns and asks Ridge what cartoon he would be? Ridge was stumped but Diesel already had a vision of his own cartoon creation: 'Some kind of granite rock life form that comes to life, has super human strength, can fly and has teleporting capabilities.' OMG--Geek alert, Geek alert! Lol Ya gotta love it.They break the ice, kissing softly on the couch as their hands begin to explore each other. The clothes start coming off as these two get better acquainted. Ridge's curiosity gets the better of him as he slides off Diesel's jeans and gets a better idea of all he gets to play with. After a bit more kissing, Diesel stands up and just watches as Ridge unwraps his new toy. He hauls out Diesel's thick black cock through the fly of his boxers and goes to work. Ridge wraps that pretty mouth around Diesel's 9' cock as Diesel moans and groans his appreciation. 'Show me those beautiful eyes' Diesel moans, as Ridge stares up at him with a lustful stare. Ridge knows exactly what he wants--and he fixin to 'git it'! Diesel then wants some dick too, as he gets Ridge on his back so he can suck that pretty dick. Diesel goes to town on Ridge's rock hard cock as Ridge writhes in ecstasy. Diesel uses his tongue all over that hot cock and balls before turning this Sarasota Stud around and getting that expert tongue up that hot ass. Diesel buries his face deep in Ridge's crack, as Ridge pushes his cock back towards Diesel's mouth, wanting more on his cock too. It's an all-u-can-tongue fest for Diesel--and it can only get better.Diesel then sits back and groans as Ridge starts sitting on his thick cock. 'Just have to get used to it' Ridge grunts, as his ass slowly concedes. Once that hot ass is fully impaled, Ridge starts to grind his ass on that dick, sending Diesel into a frenzy. Diesel helps Ridge put his feet atop his knees so he can get better leverage and ride the ride a lot better. After a few minutes of taking that dick in a reverse cowgirl, Ridge wants a better view. He twirls around on that dick so he can face Diesel and get to make out with him as he gets that ass stretched. Diesel coaches the young stud into a better position so that he can better take that cock. This is a teaching set, and Ridge is definitely gonna learn a thing or two about taking a big cock in that ass. 'Aww, fuck me' is all Ridge can say as Diesel impales that ass and even moves him from the couch and props him onto the adjacent chaise into a doggie position without ever pulling his python out of his ass. Show off! As Diesel fucks him in a doggie position, Ridge is getting that ass stretched and fucked deep and he does his best to accommodate all that cock Diesel's burying. Diesel then literally spins him around while on his dick into a missionary position then stands up with Ridge still attached to this cock and moves him back to the couch to fuck him missionary. Grand standing we say! Diesel buries his cock deeper and deeper. Soon, they are both ready to explode. They dismount and unload as they jack their loads all over themselves before basking in the afterglow.
Mike and Colombiano
If you're into some colour and love your black men, then you're gonna love Mike and Colombiano. Set in a private and secure disused garage we just let these two men go for it. With amazingly thick uncut pieces of meat to suck on, it got too much for Mike who needed Colombiano's cock up his ass
Jake Green loves WHITE juice!
White juice = CUM! Of course Jake Green also loves BIG DICKS! Put big dicks and cum together you got yourself a wet and wild gangbang! Loads of passionate cock sucking, rough ass fucking and nasty cum spraying! Jake and the boys are here to make your dreams cum true!
Punk Waxing British Boys
Punk-haired beauty Drake Blaize joins the Boynapped team with this scorching hot video. It'll burn up your screen watching this footage of the pale cutie having his skin set aflame with hot wax. His hot, blond dominator gets so hard watching him suffer, he has to jerk off his beautiful cock and leave him with a cum facial too.
Knead Attention
Levi was the king of squats at his local gym. He was until his leg gave out. He knew a massage would get him back to where he needed to be; he just didn't know how deep the massage would be.
Street Meat
Big dicks galore this week as we welcome back Cole Streets to help us introduce a new face to the stable. Ricky Larkin finally makes his debut with the big boys
Boy Toy Takes Massive Cock
Noah looks like that wolf boy for that one romance vampire movie. He's so fucken hot. Noah loves a man with a big cock. After a nice stretch and making out he was ready to get stuffed. I'm pinching my dick just thinking about it...
Aren't You Forgetting Something?
Back in the house this afternoon is a Windy City Charmer we haven't seen in a while, Mr. Shane Frost. It's been a while since we've seen this 29 year old Chicagoan. Shane's in luck because we brought out the big guns to help celebrate his return. By 'Big Guns' we of course mean Mario Costa. Mario is a local Cuban commodity that needs no introduction; neither does his extra thick uncut 9' dick. These two crazies have hit it off famously so we're in for one hell of an afternoon. Recent events dictate that President Obama came out...for gay marriage! (No pun intended) Both of them agree it was unexpected; but admire him for having the courage to do that for all the right reasons. The 2012 election is around the corner and neither of them is excited about it, since once it's done it all just starts back up again. Shane was excited to hear he was working with Mario and he's looking forward to getting some of that Cuban Anaconda Mario's packin'. Mario admits many have thought they could take his dick without a problem and haven't always emerged victorious. Fortunately our money's on Chicago. For a City that invented the (Extra Big) ferris wheel and the giant game of soft ball-we're sure it can handle an Extra Big...Cock! That's what they call
Hot Chavs sc4
Hot Chavs
Harley & Justin
Sometimes when I meet a guy my mind starts to run ahead as I'm mentally pairing him up and imagining the hot scenes we're gonna shoot. That's what happened when Justin King came in for his first ever porn shoot; we're chatting away and I'm thinking 'Harley Everett, leather, sling...' and the finished video exceeded even my dirty imagination. Harley's the current reigning king of porn over here and I've been lucky to have captured some of his finest moments for both Butch Dixon and UKNM. This massive guy's a phenomenon, never failing to put on an eye-popping performance. His big-headed cock shoots legendary loads and guys are queuing to 'work' with him. Justin's fast making a name for himself, the perfectly-toned personal trainer has a naturally furry body and a full beard, he can ride a cock for hours, using his muscular bubble-butt to milk it dry, so this pairing was a must-have for my members. Aren't they lucky?
Alexander's horrbile Boss
Alexander Garret is a hard working boy. Apparently, Izzy James doesn't seem to think so. Izzy is about to make Alexander work overtime without a break. Hope he can hang.
Calvin Office Cock Cravings!
Calvin and I have been co-workers for the last 2 years. I always thought he was hot. I didn't have the nerve to approach him at work. We were working overtime one night, and he came on to me. I ended up fucking him in his tight asshole!
Giant Cock Ass Pumping
Matthew is a bit shy. However there one thing we all know he really loves, a giant cock. We paired him up with the biggest cock we could find. He was shocked to find our guy had the biggest cock he had ever seen. And he's a white guy!!!
Into The Woods
Into The Woods
The Interrogation
Face fucking the helpless guy is spurring JP on but he wants to test his loyalty further. Unbinding him, he rips open Issacs white shirt revealing his buff, tattooed and tanned torso. He sets to work on his arse, bending him over the chair that kept him captive, fucking so hard you can feel his euphoric mix of pain and pleasure, making him endure every thrust. Moving over to the bonnet of the executive Audi he is fucked over then flipped over. Banged to within an inch of his life and furiously cums up his tight stomach and muscular chest, JP pulls his dick out and angrily spills his load. Issac will not cross him again, JP will make sure of it.
Enzo Marino
A hot Brazilian daddy who taught us a few new words, like 'Caralho', 'Pinto' and a few more too. He's a very, very sexy Papi, totally Gustoso. And I loved watching him jacking that big, dark dick to a hot, wet, gloopy climax.
Doctor It's Hard
What's a bloke to do? Drew's massive, (truely huge) dick seems to be permanently hard, so he takes his weighty problem to a professional. Dr Justin tried to take the matter in hand, but this big, fat, uncut cock is a two hander. There's only so far he can take his Hippocratic oath and poor horny Justin gives in to temptation, slurping on the massive tool and gingerly taking it inch by inch by inch into his swollen, aching arse hole.
Made In Australia
The Aussie is back in town and ready to hit the clubs hard until his buddy Logan crushes his dreams by ragging him about his pants. His jeans are just not good enough for the club scene and Logan does not want to be seen with an out of style Aussie. After all the complaining Tate finally agrees and just drops his pants for the cock feast to begin. There is definitely a hot sexy connection between these two studs that easily cums across the screen. The amazing slobbery BJs go both ways but the ass eating is all up to Tate and he loves that hairy blonde ass of Logan's. Once that ass is juiced up Tate is balls deep and making the best of the night considering the jeans incident. If you love a man with a sexy accent and another with some luscious golden locks all around a nice round ass than this scene is all you. Enjoy!
Just when you thought it couldn't get any hotter we introduce 2 of the sexiest Latin Piss models on the site to each other for the first time! Danilo is showing off his motorcycle to Alex. Although they have never met before today since they are both on our site we told Alex about Danilo's big cock. Alex wants to see for himself so he asks to see it. Danilo says that it's not hard so there is nothing to see but Alex has an idea - give him a little &quot;help&quot; so he offers him head! We know that Danilo is straight but we also know that he doesn't have a problem getting his big cock serviced by a guy since we have seen that before with Chico so we weren't surprised when he agrees. It was more surprising is that straight boy Alex is going to suck cock! Once he gets that thick uncut hose hard it's only a matter of time before Alex is pissing on Danilo's rock hard chest and abs! Alex decides to piss on himself and then he wants more of Danilo's huge uncut cock! The action continues in part 2...
Nathan Price and Tom Colt
The cameras never lie and they never miss a thing as hairy muscled men Nathan Price and tattooed Tom Colt get down and dirty in a club toilet. Butt naked and sucking hard dick they then jock-strap themselves up for some hard fun on the dance floor and then the stage! Keen to show off their buff bodies they play with their huge bulges in front of us all, with Nathan especially showing what a cock hungry man he is! Never too shy to suck dick in front of a very horned up audience, Nathan loves every second but wants to move things to a higher level as Tom eats his ass, pushing his bearded face deep into his crack as he gets him ready for that nice thick dick of his, fucking him into a wall until he's about to explode, letting his spunk spray all over his bottom mans face, swiftly moving him to orgasm, dripping all over the clubs dance floor!!
Full Haus
This week, back by popular request, is Mr. Seth Haus. Seth made his debut with us on Valentine's Day of 2K11, when he gave that massive pole of his to one lucky Tony Royce. Well we got so many requests that we were glad to bring this 22yr old Colorado native back. Wanting to get this hung hottie a bit more personal we decided to ask a few questions. As for what his favorite comedy to watch on TV is Seth loves Tosh.0. We then wondered what he likes to do on his spare time. He loves to be outdoors and is very active and playing sports like golf. As for sports he likes to watch on TV it would have to be basketball. Seth was about 14 when he realized he had a bigger than average dick when he started fooling around with other partners. Seth considers himself to be str8 but admits there are things he can enjoy with men that he can't with women. As for where he loves his thick 9' cock he admits he prefers to be on top. Seth, having had experience on both sides of the fence, admits that one isn't better than the other; it all depends on age and experience. Well, today we'll get a chance to get a better look at that sweet equipment he's packing. So sit back and enjoy.Seth is sitting back groping his growing crotch as the outline of his massive cock starts to become visible. He teases and tugs at it for a bit before standing up to give his cock more room. It takes both hands to squeeze and grab his fat dick. He drops his shorts and continues to play with that fat dick until those briefs can no longer hold it captive. He lowers his underwear as his huge cock springs out. His cock is thick and juts out as it slowly fills out to its full length. Seth slowly strokes his meat dry as he plays with his smooth nuts with one hand and methodically strokes with the other. He takes his time as he strokes his thick dick and lubes it up a bit to make it easier to tease and tug. Seth has a naturally smooth chest and has a series of stars tattooed starting on his clavicle and running along his right arm ending near his wrist. It's nice to see Seth no longer shaves his pubes bare and keeps his huge cock looking more 'au natural'. Seth then gets comfortable on the chaise as he sits back; spreads his legs and gets right back to stroking that fat cock. His cock is throbbing at this point and he's jacking it with both hands wanting to give every inch of it attention. He under hands the knob wanting to give it more attention with one hand as he holds his big dick steady at it's base. Seth's cock is feeling really good with all the attention it's getting and it won't be long before it wants to release its cargo. Seth stands up and goes over to the coffee table as the cam takes cover underneath it. We get a great shot of Seth stroking his hard cock faster as his huge nut sack pulls up tight to the base of his cock. Seth lets out a soft moan as his cock explodes sending wave after wave of hot cum raining down all over the glass top. Wave after wave of thick cream splatter all over the glass and our camera doesn't miss a single thick stream. Whew. We're definitely glad we brought back this hung Colorado native and his cocky mountain peak. -Experienced climbers always welcome.
Troy Michaels Cum Heaven
When you see a beautiful ass crack staring at you in the face what would you do!? I quietly approached my longtime friend's bedroom and had to take a chance! Either ruin our friendship or make one hell of an unforgettable night with each other's naked bodies rubbing hard and heavy against each other...
Let's Get In Shape
Ricky Larkin is back and this time he is with a rookie by the name of Kevin Grover. Kevin is 19, very young and a quite one at that, but Ricky does a great job getting this young meat to squeal. Ricky and his big dick have been staying in shape and Kevin is very curious how he keeps that hairy firm body. A few pointers from big Rick and bam, Kevin is slurping on that fat cock like it could be his last. That big cock of his takes no prisoners and little Kevin gets a nice pounding in that sweet hole of his. Lots of ass eating and cock sucking plus some explosive endings that will stick in your memory as you bust a nut to these sexy men. Enjoy!
Kick Flip To Dick Lick
Davey gets to try some tricks out on his new board, before grinding into a railstand
Lincoln and Nick Get Hot and Heavy
We had a suspicioun Lincoln and Nick would get on famously, but we weren't expecting this! These two aren't even out of their underwear before they seem to be fighting to deep throat and gag on each others big uncut cocks. These two can't keep their fingers and tongues out of each other, either; Lincoln has a finger buried in Nick's ass while he gets facefucked! And since both these lads are versatile, we thought it best to make this duo a flip fuck. Lincoln is first to top and he rails Nick hard in missionary before making him ride it. When it's Nick's turn, he eats Lincoln out before sticking him on all fours. On his back, and with Nick's cock hammering his ass, Lincoln blows his load. When Nick asks him where he wants him to shoot, Lincoln fires back, "all over my face!" He doesn't get quite the facial he wanted, but he does end up with a mouthful of Nick's balls while the tattooed stud jerks off until he cums!
Jackson's Huge Cock Fuck
Jackson came by the house for some hard ass fucking...he was so excited. I penetrated him slowly inch by inch until I blew my load all over his chest!
Luke D Soothes Ash's Nerves
Ash Khan is a little nervous for his first duo, but we've got him set up with one of our best, Luke Desmond! Nerves or not, these two are awfully quick to kick their clothes off and get down to business. Now these two blokes both have seizable equipment between their legs and they seem to enjoy goading each other about trying to deep throat during oral. Whether or not they're successful, they're both pretty determined to try! ;-) While he eats Luke's ass, wetting his hole, Ash asks repeatedly if the blonde wants to be fucked. Luke is obviously ready for that dick up his ass, he finally exclaims, "go on!" Ash doesn't tease Luke much longer after that, shoving his thick cock up Luke's ass while he's on all fours. Once he's been loosened up a bit, Luke pushes Ash onto his back so that he can ride him. But it's when Ash has him on his back, legs in the air, that Luke explodes all over his abs. After pulling out and stroking off, Ash's cum erupts in streams all over Luke's tight torso.
Adam's Rib
Adam Rogue makes his action debut with us this week on Adam is a big boy and carries a bigger than average club. After originally doing a sexy solo scene, we figured it was about time to watch this hunk get it on. Adam is originally from Chicago and still a head turner at 44. When you got it, flaunt it. Helping us welcome back Mr. Rogue is our very own, Alexander Garrett. Alexander is a hot Colombian who now calls South Florida home. Alexander is a natural fit since he too is packing quite the big, uncut cock. These two are bound to have a good time and the chemistry seems to be working. We asked these two if there was any other country they could live in which would it be. Adam wants a cultural destination steeped in history. Italy is his top pick which has more than just culture to admire. <evil grin> Alexander would love to live in Brazil. Brazil has many things to offer and the men aren't bad to drool over either. Neither of these studs realized they were packing more than the average guy down below until they were in their 30s. Makes you kinda wonder what they weren't doing in their 20s, huh? Well, this afternoon you won
A Bit Of Anal Bullying
"Here's the deal. I'm about to bully your ass all over the map starting with taking your stupid ass frisbee and you're not getting it back until you deep throat this big black dick. Then I'm going to bend you over and stretch your asshole wide open. After I get mine, you're going to take your stupid fucking frisbee and get the fuck out. Are we clear."
Dreamboy Hotel Orgy
It's the day of the grand opening and all the guests have arrived in their sexiest suits, shirts and trousers. With Skylar dishing out the champagne and JP schmoozing with the boys, it's only a matter of time before the celebrations take a hornier turn, and it all begins with resident cock addict JP getting the eye from sexy young Jonny and reaching in for a kiss, swiftly followed by cousin Marcus in a hot three-way snog in front of everyone! Catching them at it, and following their lead, the cute young Aaron reaches in to inspector Jimmy and within minutes, half the group are on their knees with thick long shafts in their throats! We're treated to three distinct groupings of twink on twink action all in one shot, but as soon as they reach the reception sofa, it's a tangle of limbs, dicks and ready and waiting buttholes, most notably Aaron leaned up against the sofa with Jimmy coming in fast and hard from behind, JP getting spit roasted next to them and Skylar getting pounded by Marcus! There's almost too much going on, but as the boys getting really in to it, Skylar head a daisy-chain of fucking, first Luke fucking and then JP fucking Luke all in one go! Lining up along the sofa, JP gets a faceful from two of them and the spunk frenzy begins in earnest, leaving the uber-twink Aaron lying across them all, and cumming last but definitely not least!
Adam Herst solo
Big beefy rugby dad Adam strips from sportswear to jock, oils up his muscular hairy chest and massive powerful legs, then shows off his thick dick, jerking off in different positions before spunking his load.Adam starts off standing, in white Adidas vest and black shorts. The first thing you notice is Adams powerful muscular build. Broad, strong shoulders, big biceps and pecs and massive legs, his thighs and calves are huge. If youre a fan of big legs, youre gonna go nuts over Adam Herst. Fortunately he is not shy about showing off his legs and he gives us a really hot show.First, he rubs his bulge and starts stroking his chest, then lifts his vest to show off his great six pack, lifting it further to reveal his firm pecs and hairy chest. He tugs on his nipples a bit, starting to get really turned on, then takes off his top. Adam has one seriously hot body. He starts rubbing body oil in to his arms, pecs and abs, making his muscles glisten. Adam goes back to his bulge, gripping it and rubbing it, then pulls down his shorts, nice and slow, leaving him in just a jockstrap. He reaches for the oil again, and starts rubbing it into his huge legs, flexing them for us, showing them off.. incredibly hot. Then he turns around to give us a view of his meaty arse, bending forwards, he rubs the oil into his butt cheeks and in his butt crack, then starts to rub his hole and push his finger in..He stands again, and his bulge has grown inside his jock, and is poking out the side of it.. Adam gently rubs and strokes it, and it gets longer and thicker, then he takes off his jock. His dick hangs thick and heavy, semi hard, his pubes are untrimmed and bushy, and he starts playing with his dick, nice and slow, showing it off to us as he gets himself hard. He frequently tugs on his firm nipples as he works his dick, turning himself on, and giving us lots of sexy little looks. Adam is on the sofa now, laying back, legs bent, wide apart, looking even bigger than before at this angle. As he strokes his meat with one hand, he starts to rub his hole with the other, making his dick throb. Keeping himself hard, we gets lots of very horny angles, from down between his huge thighs, from above, and also some horny point of view shots looking down his body to his cock as he wanks it for us. He reaches for a black rubber butt plug, and rubs lube into it. He gently rubs it against his hole, teasing it, then pushes it in, letting out a horny grunt as it fills his arse.. this really seems to make his cock twitch, and taking his hand off the butt plug, leaving it inside, stretching his hole, he starts to work his dick harder.. He takes his time, getting more and more turned on.. His cock throbs harder than before, and he speeds up.. Adams muscles start to flex and tense all over, and he beats away at his dick, working himself to a great climax, and then his spunk starts squirting out over his sweaty bulging pecs, and as the jizz flows, he keeps on working his dick, squeezing out the last few drops as he catches his breath, giving us a final sexy look.
Jacques Off
Jacques Off
Cameron's First Black Cock
Cameron lately been fucked with small cock...he came over we played a causal game of pool. He couldn't help himself he kept staring at my crouch region. I took out the beast I fucked him deep in his anus!
Cum Sucking Twinks
Rad and Jase started out naked; there was no need for clothes! What could be better than two hot horny naked twinks with big hard dicks? The guys explored each others bodies with their hands and tongues; sucking and jerking from different positions. Our cameras take you so close that it's almost like sucking the young cocks yourself! Open wide, because Rad and Jase are about to deliver mega amounts of delicious cum right down each others throats! If you like it close-up with hot angels and plenty of 69 action, then you're going to love this video!
Soccer Jocks - Scene 3
Berdoing! there's some choice uncut, twink-meat on show in this sporty special. Its a wonder their jock straps can contain their oversized meat!
Sexual Healing
Tyler Saint is getting his very own massage from Conner Habib. Conner's strong hands are perfect for such a hunk. Once Tyler is nice and relaxed, he's going to get the chance to fuck Conner's beautiful ass. That's what I call sexual healing.
Diesel Genes
This week we have Chris Cox and Trent Diesel in the house steaming up our cameras. Chris Cox our 26 year old local hottie is here to put that Cuban cock to use welcoming back Trent Diesel. Wisconsin native Trent is 27 now and it's been a year since we've seen his hot ass. (literally...) With all the political turmoil going on these days we figured we'd pose a hypothetical question and asked these hotties if they were President of the United States and could push any law through what that law would be. El Presidente Cox would make gay marriage legal across the land; while President Diesel would enact a law making it mandatory for those who look good naked to BE naked... all the time. We applaud his efforts to make America beautiful; but some things should not be done naked...or in public. lol We asked Chris what he felt bottoms wanting to take huge cocks like his should know. 'They need to be more gentle' he says. We then asked the reverse of Trent who concurred and felt that advice works both ways then he added his own twist. 'I seem to find a lot of guys with big dicks think just having a big dick is good enough', he grins 'you still gotta know how to fuck sweetie! ...just saying. Enough said...'How big is that?' Trent asks wanting to know if that dick lives up to the hype. Chris isn't about to pass up an opportunity so he undoes his pants and lets Trent find out on his own. Trent's not disappointed as he grabs Chris' thick meat in his hands then in his mouth. Chris moans as Trent services his throbbing cock. He licks all over the shaft and heads south to lick and suck on his heavy balls. Trent gets right back on that dick for more as he chokes down as much of it as his throat will let him. Trent spit shines that dick as Chris helps bob his head on it. He fucks that face wanting to get his dick as deep as possible. Trent then stands and drops his pants giving his dick some much needed breathing room. Chris has other plans as he bends him over to inspect that hot ass he'll soon have on his dick. He spreads those smooth cheeks apart and sinks his hot tongue inside. Trent moans as Chris eats that hot ass out getting it nice and wet and ready for a proper fucking. Trent pushes his ass back onto Chris' face as he gets that sweet ass tongue-fucked. Chris then gets up and fucks Trent's face some more getting rock hard for what's next on the To Do list ...TRENT!Chris suits up and sits back as Trent straddles him and begins to lower himself onto that pole. Trent grimaces as his ass slowly gives in. Once he gets that fat dick inside him he starts to ride it like a champ. That tight ass feels amazing on Chris' cock as he grabs Trent by the waist and helps bounce him on it. Chris then gets up and bends Trent over to tap that ass doggy style. Trent braces himself on the arm rest as Chris goes back to pounding that sweet little ass of his. Chris' balls slap against that ass hard as he picks up the pace. Trent grunts and groans as his ass gets stretched wider. Chris then moves the party back on the couch as they lay down. Chris lifts Trent's leg and slips that dick in for more. He slowly taps that ass as Trent moans his approval. He starts sliding that dick in deeper and faster as Trent beats off. That Cuban dick's hitting that prostate just right and it sends Trent over the edge. He shoots a huge load all over his chest and abs. Chris then gets Trent on his knees and beats off his own massive load all over Trent's face as Trent opens wide wanting to taste every drop he can. With an intense protein facial such as this, Trent's sure to be looking his best this coming year. Sign up now, Gentlemen. Supply IS limited.
Canu and Alexander
It seems we have many interracial fan members!b
Holiday's Brings Lucas A Huge Cock!
During the holiday our good friend Lucas was lonely. We set him up with a huge cock to fuck him deep in his asshole.
Free To Play
Devin Adams and his new boyfriend are home alone and free to play. They've been waiting for some time alone so that they can fondle each other all over the house. They're games are cute but what they really want is one good, long day of fucking.
Mason Coxx is back in the house with us this week. Mason is helping us welcome a new face to the EBD Club, Mr. Aaron Felix. Aaron is a baby-faced 20 year old that is originally from California but is spending a few months right here in sunny South Florida. Mason, for those of you unfamiliar with this hung 25 year old hottie, is originally from Connecticut. We wondered how health conscious these two fit hotties were and it turns out they are both very aware of what goes into their bodies. Aaron eats lots of small meals a day and buys organic whenever possible. Mason is a self-professed
Lukas Long Solo
Dark, hairy, sexy, a total exhibitionist and a heavy cummer, Lukas Long lost his porno cherry to me, with a Kerpow! It was his first time, but there were no nerves or trepidation from this charming, cocky young man, he loved getting his big, dark dick out and stroking it for me and you're gonna luv watching him jack a fat load of creamy man-goo!
Jake Richards
Appearing for the first time on camera, sporty lad Jake Richards is a horny little power house. He might not be tall, but he has a well built, strong body with very sexy powerful muscular legs and beefy biceps. To top it all, Jake has a huge uncut dick, at 8.5 inches, and its a really thick one too.
Shaved Bare and Fucked
Angelic looking Jake Cody is in for more then he could imagine when he is found in The Mill by the amazingly sexy Luke Desmond. Luke begins to assert his dominance on Jake by shaving away his pubic hair making his boyish looks even more prominent. Once Jakes manhood has been stripped Luke begins the real fun and its not long before Jake is taking Luke's oversized dick hard and fast up his ass.
D.I. Sweemey - The Diamond Smuggler
D.I. Sweeney (played by Dillon Buck) is making his debut on Butch Dixon, and as you'll see, this detective always gets his man! Con man Ulysse is hauled into the interrogation room for a round with D.I. Sweeney. The cop knows that Ulysse has stolen thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, and he's hiding them somewhere. Sweeney decides there's one place left to look, so he pulls Ulysse's pants down, gloves up, and greases the con man's butt hole. But after a thorough and deep anal search, the copper is still coming up empty. As Sweeney demands to know where Ulysse's has stashed the diamonds, he suddenly notices that Ulysse's is holding onto his cock pretty tightly. You won't believe where Ulysse's been hiding them. With the diamonds recovered, this con man needs to be punished, so Sweeney rams his huge, 9.5 inch cock down Ulysse's throat. After a long and punishing oral scene, Ulysse is parked on the table and Sweeney fucks his criminal ass. I love listening to Ulysse moan and groan and dirty talk through his thick Italian accent. When Dillon Buck first slides his stiff cock into Ulysse's ass, the con man says, "Oooooh, it's big!" And it certainly is. Get ready for 30 mintues of the sweatiest, hardest suck and fuck scene you've seen all year! And Dillon Buck shoots a geyserous load of cum all over his hairy torso with Ulysse watching in amazement. It's fucking hot!
LaVere Thought of You
After giving our members something to gawk at last week, Jacques LaVere is back to show us not only that fat uncut dick-but what he can do with it. For those of you who missed his solo last week, this 22 year old Parisian morsel of Middle Eastern and Nordic ancestry has a smooth frame, a muscular build and over 9 uncut reasons to stick around. On that note, we introduce a new face to our site Mr. Travis Irons. Travis is 24 and a native of the Lone Star State. Travis is from Texas so we're hoping he has experience with things grown a bit 'larger'. We asked these two what kind of music they liked to listen to and Jacques is all about dubstep. Travis' tastes differ depending on his moods; that being said, on a good day he loves David Guetta. Who doesn't!? When it comes to lightening the mood Travis likes Family Guy. Jacques prefers old skool classics like Bill Cosby to make him laugh. Well, enough chit chat about what makes them feel good and more hands on and dicks in action that will make them feel amazing-at least that's the plan. Shall we...'See what I got here? It's really big', grins Jacques as he plays with the huge boner in his loose fitting shorts