Guys Take Dick Better
Yes, guys can take a dick better than the ladies and Dylan is about to test drive Van's fat juicy cock to show how it's done right. You know you have a great friend when you both are chilling having a casual conversation about your ladies' abilities to service you and your buddy steps in and wants to help you out so you can get that satisfaction a good friend deserves. Dylan shows Van just how great of a cock sucker he really is and eventually opens his ass up to take that thick cock deep inside his tight hole. <br/><br/>Enjoy!
Big Butt Stuffers
Darrin met Luke a couple of days ago at the park. Luke was sun bathing and Darrin couldn't stop drooling over his body. Darrin also noticed the big bulge of meaty greatness in Luke's pants. Darrin was so horny, he had to get Luke to fuck him real good.
Can't Cum Soon Enough
Can't Cum Soon Enough
Damian Harrison: Small Bloke, Big Cock!
Sometimes it's the small lads who are packing the biggest cocks! Manchester-native Damian Harrison is a fine example. His buzzed head only stands about 165cm, but as we say in the video, he's got a, "mighty fat cock" on him. Originally from Manchester, Damian moved to Blackburn two years ago when he was just nineteen. He still makes it back to the city, though, when he's looking for fun and some trouble. He discovered he was gay when he was just a lad of fifteen after giving girls a go and realizing they just weren't his style. He much prefers to be in between a man's legs, completely in control! Although, he admits, he fancies bottoming every now and then. He even recalls an especially hot encounter with a 10" cock! On that note, Damian strips down and begins to stroke his own monster cock. He may not be 10" long, but Damian has whole lot of girth at his disposable and juicy foreskin, too. Watching that thick cock drizzle cum all over Damian's smooth stomach is just the sort of image to heat our loins! ;-)
Boyfriends in Love
Connor and Kurt came to our studios as boyfriends and you can definitely tell with the chemistry and hot sex seen in this video. Kurt pleasures Connor's big dick who rims him right back in the 69 position. The scene ends with some hot fucking that ends with some even hotter cum.Working at Baretwinks was a great experience. Bryan and Andy are awesome. I had a lot of fun and hope to have more :).I had such a great time when I came down. It boosted my confidence and I hope you enjoy my stuff.
A Hearty Rubdown
Johnathan was feeling sore after the big game. He knew the only way he could get back on the fuck trail is to see his masseuse. Golly, did that make a big difference...a 10" difference.
Popping Cherry and Sucking Big Cock
Aiden Ash is a new comer and he proves he can handle the spotlight in this video. He goes down on Xander Brennan's big cock for awhile and you can see he's had practice! The two make out a lot and when Xander is ready, he puts Aiden on his back and starta fucking him good. He jerks is cock intensely until he cums while Xander's cock is deep inside him. Blond boy Aiden's cherry is popped!18 year old, slim slender body. He loves to be a bottom and despite his small size, he loves huge cocks!Xander is the new twink on the block! He's a natural and it's great to see him have a good time on camera!
In the Leon's Den
Latin Fever has hit the set this week as we welcome back Hispanic hottie, Steven Verano and his sexy Cuban charms. Obviously, by that, we mean his extra big uncut cock that has no idea what it's in for. (Who doesn't love a good 'surprise'?) From the largest Latin country, that also gave us the sultry Samba, is this week's find, sexy Daniel Le
Pump It Hard
Jackson was very excited to be meeting this thick brown dick for some fun. He was a little nervous but once he saw the cock monster he was all game for some hard pumping!
Parker Perry Fucks Tyler Bolt
Parker Perry is the handsome teacher all the gay boys want, and the shape of his big dick in his jeans has had Tyler Bolt's attention for a while. The lad gets the perfect opportunity when he catches his teacher about to light up a joint in the classroom after hours! Tyler demands a taste of his teachers big uncut cock, and he gets it! Parker loves the boys dick sucking skills on his big boner, but he needs to taste some boy meat too!
Happy Anniversary Baby!
Ginger alert! This week we've doubled up as we welcome back Puerto Rican hottie Steven Ponce and his co-star, on and off camera, Mr. Brian Bonds. These two have been together almost a year and just moved in together less than a week ago. This is their first scene together and we're glad we get to be the ones to film it. They met last year at Gay Days in Orlando. Steven knew he was interested as soon as his friend Jason introduced them. As luck would have it the stars aligned and here they are. Steven loves Brian's honesty and confidence. He also appreciates his humility. Brian loves Steven's drive. He doesn't take shit from nobody and when he sets his mind to something he just goes for it. Physically Steven loves Brian's eyes. Brian loves Steven's eyes and ass. Hmm. They are looking forward to this shoot since it's going to be very easy to forget that the cameras are even in the room. When we ask about how they deal with what they do and maintain their own intimacy without the jealousy, they both agree that 'work is work'. At the end of the day they know who they're coming home to. Steven and Brian are toasting to finally moving in together. Once they toss back some bubbly they look at each other and the fireworks begin. They start to make out as they grope each other each one helping the other out of his clothes. Steven slides onto his knees as he laps at Brian's growing cock as it strains to get out of his briefs. Brian just gasps as Steven pulls it out and takes it in his mouth. He sucks on that cock hard and deep as he slides it down his throat. Steven gags on it wanting to take it all down as Brian just watches his lover service his meat. Brian then gets Steven on the couch and kneels before him as he sucks on his toes and licks his feet. Steven plays with Brian's hard on with his feet before Brian goes down on Steven's cock. Steven is rock hard as he finally gets the attention he needs on that cock. From there they take the festivities to the floor as Brian gets on all four and shows off that spectacular ass. Steven gets right to work eating that ass as he buries his tongue deep inside that smooth hole. He tugs on Brian's cock as he buries his face deep into that ass wanting to get as deep as he can.Brian then gets on the floor and has Steven squat on the couch so that his ass lands on his face. Steven then rides his beau's tongue as Brian eats that hole deep. Steven writhes in ecstasy as he gets tongue fucked and hornier for much more than that hot tongue in his hole. Steven gets off the couch and sits right down on Brian's hard cock already waiting for him. He impales himself and starts to ride that dick as he bounces up and down on it. They fuck passionately as Brian slams his dick up into Steven before moving onto the floor as he lays Steven down and keeps tappin' that ass lying behind him. Steven jacks his fat dick as he watches Steven fucking that ass. Steven then sits back down on Steven's meat as they make out and Brian bounces him on his hard cock. Steven grunts as he gets that ass plowed deep. Brian lies back and plows Steven even harder as Steven goes over the edge blowing his load all over Brian. He then gets down and makes out with Brian as he helps Brian bust his own huge wad all over his cum-covered chest as jet after jet of cum shoot all over his abs and chest.
Thrill of the Chase
We have the hottest boys to show you this week as we welcome Hayden Richards and hung hottie Chase Austin. Chase is 20 years old and hails from the historic southern city originally named after King Charles of England, Charleston, SC. Just when you thought sweet grass baskets were the only things causing a commotion; we find Chase with over 8 more incredibly thick reasons to visit. Road trip anyone? Now Hayden is 22 years old and comes to us from the Mile High City of Denver, CO. Its location being a mile above sea level may have earned Denver its nickname; but it isn't anything we can relate to here on Florida's coast. We asked these studs, given front row seats, who they'd want to see perform. Hayden would want to see Janet Jackson; while Chase would love to see Kylie Minogue. Chase was blessed with more than the average boy in the cock department and once he started showering in gym class that became obvious. Hayden, who has some thick equipment of his own, admits that even though he doesn't have much experience with guys he's found he just loved to get his dick off regardless of who he gets to put it in to make that happen. Vote Richards/Austin 2012. Because behind every curious straight boy there should be a gay one holding a much larger...well, you know!Chase is kicking back and stroking his big dick to a mag when Hayden walks in on him. 'I knew you were gay, you've been checking me out' Hayden brags as he takes the gay mag away from Chase leaving his rock hard cock to speak for itself. 'You can't tell anyone', begs Chase as Hayden decides his silence will cost Chase some head. Chase has no other choice and starts to blow Hayden's rock hard cock. Hayden moans as he watches his dick disappear into his friend's mouth. 'You like that thick ass cock in your mouth?' he moans as he slides his dick in and out of Chase's mouth. Chase licks along the shaft and works his knob a bit before sucking it back down his throat. 'I want you to eat my ass' orders Hayden as he ups the ante. Chase isn't complaining as he shoves his tongue deep inside that hot ass. Hayden spreads his beefy ass wide to get Chase's tongue in as deep as possible. Chase knows just what he's doing as he tongue fucks that sweet ass as Hayden strokes his rock hard cock. Hayden then gets Chase on the chaise as he straddles his face for more head. Chase swallows every inch he's given as Hayden fucks his throat getting his cock rock hard. It seems it'll take more than just head...Hayden flips Chase over onto his stomach and starts to finger that smooth ass. He rams his finger inside, slapping that hot ass as Chase squirms. 'You ready for this dick?' he taunts as he goes in for a kiss. Hayden then sits back as Chase impales himself on his thick dick. Walking in on Chase is the best thing to happen to their friendship as Hayden starts to ram his dick even deeper into Chase's ass. Chase is bouncing on that meat hard as the sounds of balls slapping ass fills the room. Chase lets go of his dick and it twirls like a propeller as he rides that meat for all its worth. Hayden then grabs Chase by his pits and gets up still buried inside him and puts him down on all four on the chaise. Once he's in position he gets right back to pounding that ass. Hayden likes to be on top and we can see why as he owns that hot hole. Chase can't get enough as he begs Hayden for more cock. Hayden is taking that ass doggy style and slamming every inch of his meat deep inside. Missionary is next as he flips Chase over on his back. He slides his dick back in and start to slam that dick home. Missionary does the trick as it hits just the right spot sending Chase over the edge. Hayden pulls out at the same time and they both explode all over Chase's smooth abs and spent cock.
Devin's Ass Cock Stuffing
I stuffed Devin's brown eye with my huge hard cock. I thought I felt the end of his rectum when I was in too deep. After, this sensational cock massage I blew my load all over him!
New York Doll
New York Doll
Balls of Fun
Nothing like a game of pool to start the day off well maybe not a full game but at least some balls get played with. Liam sucks big time at pool but lucky for him Bobby knows exactly how to make him suck even more and not just balls but also a fat long cock. It doesn't take long for Bobby to toss the pool stick out of the way and pull out that massive cock Liam is rocking. That sexy dick gets the king treatment of BJs as Bobby treats his buddy to some tantalizing wet fun. After licking the balls up its time to get his ass perked up for some nice eating and Bobby dives right in face first with some finger play to send Liam over the edge. Don't worry though once that ass is juiced up its time to spread that hole wide open for Bobby's eager cock. Liam loves that dick deep in his ass and those moans will drive anyone over the top so get comfortable for some sensational ass eating and beautiful ass pounding. <br/><br/> <br/><br/>Enjoy!
Noah Deep Anal Massage
I went over to Noah's condo in the Valley. He just got back from a long stressful business trip. I rubbed down his back, and down to his cock which was solid hard. I fucked him hard in the ass.
Novice Dean is having trouble keeping to his holy vows, he secretly lusts for Father Buck. Night after night, he imagines the father's naked body on top of him, his hard, uncut cock, pushing deep inside him. He decides to tell the father his secret within the security of the confessional, and though the secret remains untold, father Buck takes action... Visiting the novice priest's bedroom that night, he makes the young man's secret, shameful fantasies a shuddering, hard, wet reality.
Cruising on Craigslist!
Dustin Cooper wants to give older guys a try and he ends up coming across Preston Steel's ad on craigslist. The young Latino boy heads over to watch a movie, but before long he's getting fucked hard by Preston's big dick. Dustin sits on it, takes it doggystyle, and ends up blowing his load while Preston fucks him missionary. Dustin sits up so Preston can cum all over his face and lips.Dustin Cooper seems to spend more time running around in Hollywood than he does in Phoenix, but we like to get him naked and in front of our cameras whenever we can. Even our smaller daddies like huge compared to Dustin's tiny frame!They don't come any sweeter than Preston Steel; you'd be hard pressed to find them much sexier, either! His fun, warm personality is the cherry on top of a furry, masculine body we can't get enough of on film. Working with out and proud gay men is always a treat, Preston is comfortable and confident in his skin and it translates to incredibly hot scenes.
Pole Position
This week, we have one of our favorite cock slingers in town. Whenever Jessie Alan is in town, it's good to be reminded why. You're gonna be in for a treat this week cuz we stumbled upon the perfect chemistry that made this hung hottie give us an 'aha' moment we weren't expecting. (Size queens prepare to salivate in ...3,...2,...1) Jessie's 23 years old and from the west coast of Florida. Today, he and that 9' cock of his have met their match in 20 year old Jon Estevez. For those of us that on rare occasion have been in a torridly hot situation and looked south to find your equipment is bigger than you remember it will completely relate. It's those 'Whoa, where did YOU come from?' moments we all live for that makes this week's webisode so tantalizing. Jessie was SO horny to fuck his baby-faced playmate that you'd think we filmed this thing in 3D! We're in for a really hot session this afternoon. Jessie is into Jon's dark hair, his facial hair, and that hot ass of his. Jon is into Jessie's pretty eyes and totally loves his ink. Jessie definitely has some impressive ink but that's not all that ranks impressive on this Hyde Park native. They also both love math as well so I say we do a refresher on simple division and find out how many times Jessie can go into Jon.They start kissing softly as Jon's hand starts to explore and undress Jessie. Jessie undoes his pants as he stands up to give better access to that growing cock. Jon starts to lick and suck on that cock as he hauls it out and takes that uncut monster in his mouth. Jessie's cock grows by the second as Jon sucks that massive dick. He holds Jessie's smooth balls in his hand as he swirls his tongue around his shaft taking as much of it as he can. 'You like the way that tastes?' Jessie coos as he slaps his rock hard cock on Jon's face and tongue. Jessie's cock is throbbing as he watches this Latin hottie slobber all over his meat. Jon can't get enough of that dick as he shoves it down his throat over and over. Jessie grabs his head with both hands as he face fucks Jon's pouty lips. Jessie then returns the favor as he goes down on Jon's aching cock. They kiss some more before Jon gets right back on Jessie's meat. Can't say we blame him. As he's servicing that meat, Jessie moves his hairy ass above his face so he can start prepping that sweet ass with his tongue. Jessie rims that hole deep, making Jon want that dick in more than just his mouth.Face down on the chaise, Jon is in position as Jessie moves into position and buries his cock to the hilt. Jon braces as his ass gets stretched wide and Jessie starts to give him every thick inch of it. He pounds that ass, gyrating it up and down and around as Jon's grimace tells us everything we need to know. He's awash in a sea of both pleasure and pain. Do NOT try this at home, this boys obviously a trained professional. Jessie slams that cock deep making Jon wince. Jessie then gets Jon on his back so he can fuck him missionary and get his cock even deeper inside that ass. Jon moans almost whimpering as Jessie pounds away at that ass. Jessie softly kisses Jon as he fucks him. Jon lays back with those thick thighs spread wide as he watches Jessie fuck his hot little ass. The visual is intense for both of them as watching Jon's facial expressions sends Jessie over the edge. He pulls his cock out and explodes all over Jon's smooth chest and abs. He then goes to work on Jon's ass as he fingers that worn hole helping Jon shoot a massive load all over himself. Whew.
Macanao & Sergio
Macanao's a dirty, horny fucker who can't get enough hairy ass to fuck and cock to suck - and that suits Sergio just fine because he's hungry for cock, he wants to feel Macanao's big tool deep inside him and feel his heavy nuts slapping against his ass as Macanao rams it home. It's gonna get messy...
Fresh Air Massage
Adam was on vacation when he decided to check out the local "massage" parlor. It was the best thing he had ever discovered. The fucking and pounding he got to take part in was his fantasy come true.
Giant Cock Ass Pumping
Matthew is a bit shy. However there one thing we all know he really loves, a giant cock. We paired him up with the biggest cock we could find. He was shocked to find our guy had the biggest cock he had ever seen. And he's a white guy!!!
Kyle Needs A Big Pick Me Up
Kyle just flew in from Chicago and he needs an energy cock to give me some energy through out the day. After he sees Kayden's giant cock, his eyes got bigger and immediately got a burst of energy
Cocky reveller Hayden spills the wrong beer as he staggers around the night club. Stefan's bouncer decides on what punishment to extract from Hayden, but to this cock and cum hungry young pup its a pleasure to service the hard, uncut dick of burly Nathan and Stefan's monstrous, fat tool. As Straight Stefan has his cock sucked by a guy for the first time, Nathan is eagerly up to his nuts in Hayden's tight hole. As they shoot their hot loads this spunk crazed man can't wait to lick up every last drop.
Dolan & Max
Dolan - the estate agent is eager to make a sale, and if it means putting out to a handsome American client - then thats the extra mile he'll go. Handsome Max is packing a surprisingly, long, thick dick in his pants and though Dolan's eager, his eyes are tearing up as it squeezes down his throat. He strips out of his suit and eagerly pushes up his rump for Max's pleasure...
Sexy Latino Takes it Big
Ricky is a cutie. He seems to be bored with all the men in his area. That's what usually happens when you fuck all your friends, friends of friends and next door neighbors. When he met Luke, he was like DAMN! Luke has a big cock and it's throbbing for Ricky's sweet juicy Latino ass.
Woody Fox
All the way from 'down under' Woody's destination is Scotland (lucky Scotland) - and lucky us, being en route! Woody's special mix of Antipodean charm, stunning smile and perfectly proportioned, sexy body leaves us gasping for more - and we will have more, very soon. Gentlemen, this time, it's just you and Woody - enjoy.
Pool Boy Cleans My Cock!
Its so hard to find good help, take my pool boy for example, he comes over to skim my pool and he stands out there like a idiot. I have a good eye for talent and think he needs a new job, like sucking my cock. He’s barely able to swallow my fat cock, when I flip him and shove it in his tight ass. I think I’ll keep him around.
Hard Candy
Halloween is in the air and for many of us it reminds us of the Great Pumpkin. Poor Linus of Peanuts
Giant Cock Close Out Sale
"I'm trying to buy a shirt and this dude at the department store just kept eyeball fucking the hell out of me. He was putty in my hands and needed instant proof my long black dick was as big as a giant candle so I took him in the dressing room and stretched out his pretty little mouth. Then we went back to the crib and I loosened that asshole up and then some."
Corruption Scene 2
mike and his two, young friends are getting horned up in the changing room after a sweaty game on the pitch. The smell of man sweat in the changing rooms adds to their pent up teen lust and they can't help groping, snogging and sucking each others beautiful, stiff, young dicks.
Gio Cruz and Mark Coxx
Gio Cruz is a talented masseur, who's strong, probing fingers are almost as sensitive as his thick, hard, curved, uncut cock and warm, hot tongue. This is our warm welcome to Mark Coxx, a lithe, toned, BIG dicked young man with a big appetite for hot studs, foreskins and stiff tools. Gio can't stop his wandering hands, that's the horny Latin in him, his oily fingers slip and slide into every slick crevice of Mark's beautiful body, he's getting much more than 'over familiar'. But Mark's not complaining as Gio's dark, oily dick falls into his hand and Gio's strong fingers push into his aching, twitching, welcoming hole. Gio's customers never refuse and this handsome young man, is about to become another notch on Gio's massage table.
I Wish That I Was Jessie's...
We have a meat overload this week as we welcome back 24 year old Tampa boy Jessie Alan and his oversized, uncut dick. Not that we're complaining. Jessie is all smiles as he sits next to Max Gunnar. Max is 19 years old and he's from Largo, FL. We have a feeling there may be more going on with these two than meets the eye. Hmmm. We asked these two what their favorite drinks were, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Jessie loves Grey Goose and Red Bull. For Max his preferred drinks would be Coke and Tequila for the hard stuff. We then wondered what the last thing they treated themselves to. They both came up with the same answer with a really nice pair of shoes. Jessie admits he's been with a guy that has an even bigger dick than he does. Fortunately for Jessie he was a bottom. We then asked Max what the perfect cock would look like. He blushes as he looks over at Jessie who is grinning ear to ear. To wrap things up we then asked Jessie to describe the perfect ass. 'Not too firm, not too plump just right in the middle.' Most likely have a pink little hole that I could stretch open. Well, Max can definitely handle that request.No time's wasted as they start to make out even before we start filming. The chemistry is obvious between these two as they start to undress each other. Max kisses his way south along Jessie's inked torso until he reaches the obvious tent in those jeans. Once they come off he goes down on that thick uncut cock. 'Like that dick?' Jessie moans as he watches Max bob on his dick. Max worships that dick, taking his time as he makes Jessie's cock throb. He takes as much of that cock as he can down his throat. Jessie writhes with pleasure as he gets his dick worked. Max then stands and gives Jessie some dick to work on as well. Jessie gets on his knees and returns the favor as Max holds his head and fucks his face. Max' cock is rock hard as he watches it disappear into Jessie's hungry mouth. Max loves the attention but he isn't done working Jessie's cock as they move back over to the couch so that Max can keep working on Jessie's massive python which he now deep throats with ease. Jessie then bends Max over and spreads his smooth ass open going in tongue first as he preps that hole for his fat dick.rJessie laps away at that pink hole sliding his finger into it. He gets Max horned up for more and he won't have to wait long. Jessie suits up and sits back as he watches Max sit on his cock. He rides that dick in a reverse cowgirl as Jessie slams that meat up into his hole. Max just stands still as Jessie pumps that thick dick up into him. Max then goes right back to bouncing on that thick cock. He rides that meat like a pro as he bucks that ass back taking every thick inch inside. Then they switch it up as Jessie bends Max over and fucks him doggy style. His heavy balls slap away at that tight ass as Max grimaces taking one hell of a pounding. Max' own cock is rock hard as he gets that hole stretched open. From there they end up back on the couch with Max' legs in the air and Jessie buried deep inside him. Jessie slowly fucks that tight ass burying his dick deeper as it gets Max closer to the edge. He finally explodes all over himself as Jessie continues to pound him fuckin' him even harder once he starts to nut. Jessie then pulls out and shoots his thick load all over Max' face and open mouth. He slowly rubs his spent cock all over Max' cum soaked face and lips. Milk, it really does a booty good.
Quinner Takes Al
We have a new face for all of you this week, Kyle Quinn. Kyle is 25 and originally from the District of Columbia. To help make him feel welcome we invited our favorite Colombian Alexander Garrett. Alexander is 35 and now lives in South Florida. Kyle is a skeptical Gemini who doesn
The Boston Marathon
Handsome came to town this week as we welcome two handsome hotties, Boston Miles and his boyfriend Dylan Hauser. Boston is 35 years young and originally from Milford, DE and now resides in Atlanta where he met 28 year old Dylan. These two met through mutual girlfriends that wanted them to meet. Boston tried to do the polite thing and meet him for a couple minutes on a ride along taking his girlfriend from a restaurant to the bar. As soon as he picked up Dylan, he knew he was in trouble. Unable to ditch him as planned, Boston dropped them off and came back later. They spent the evening together and the next... and every weekend since. They've moved in and have been together 6 months now (-which is 3 reincarnations with the same mate in hetero terms). Dylan appreciates that Boston is direct and you always knows where he stands. Boston appreciates Dylan's sincerity and youthful energy. That energy recharges his own since he's been around the block and seen a lot of things that have made his outlook on things 'different'. Hmmm These two have an intense connection between them and it's not just physical it's also spiritual. That's nice; but about that 'physical' connection...As we start Dylan is giving his lover a private show as he models in an orange jock strap. Boston is rock hard as he hauls out his thick cock and starts to jack off. He can't resist that ass as he goes for it, diving in tongue first. Dylan moans as he gets that sweet ass tongue-fucked. Boston can't get enough as he spits on that ass and buries his face in it. Boston's thick 8' cock is rock hard and Boston wants to return the favor as he stands up to make out with Dylan. Dylan's cock is straining to get out of his jock and Boston does the honors before going down on him. Boston takes his time as he savors every inch of his beau's cock as Dylan fucks that hot mouth of his. Dylan appreciates the attention but he needs some dick too as he gets on his knees and gets busy worshipping Boston's thick fuck tool. He shoves that extra thick cock deep down his throat making Boston squirm with ecstasy. The chemistry between these two is off the charts and oral isn't going to cut it anymore as Dylan gets up and straddles Boston's fat cock. Boston holds his fat cock still as Dylan sits on it. His smooth ass gives in as he takes it all the way to the hilt. Once inside Dylan starts to ride that meat like a seasoned jockey. Boston holds that waist of his as he helps bounce him on his cock. 'Fuckin bounce on it, baby' Boston moans as Dylan obliges taking every inch of it deep inside him. They make out as they continue fucking and Boston can't seem to fuck him deep enough as he twirls Dylan around while still sitting on his dick into a reverse cowgirl so he can stroke Dylan's hard on as he fucks him. Boston leans back and just watches as Dylan grinds his hot ass some more. Doggy is next as Boston gets Dylan on his stomach. He slides his cock back inside and starts to slowly slide it in and out as they make out. Dylan flips over onto his back giving that ass up once again as Boston slides it home. He starts to fuck that ass harder and deeper as Dylan beats his meat. Boston's cock hits that sweet spot just right and it makes them both want to nut. Dylan jacks off and drenches Boston's face with blast after blast of thick cum. Boston then jacks his own thick load off all over his cum-drenched chest and abs.
I Love Loosely
This week we have an extra big surprise for you. Here to help us out with that is Jersey
Freshers Week Luckas Layton & Sam A
These two hung lads can't take their eyes off each others' cock as they piss in the restroom of their student union bar. They are soon kissing and getting hard, and when Lucas says to Sam 'come home with me' Sam doesn't hesitate. Back at Lucas's flat, they undress and suck each others' big, uncut cock before taking it in turns to fuck and ride the pole. This flip-flop scene is one of our favourites and both guys produce lots of cum!
Champ Robinson & Kriss Aston...
Champ Robinson with his big black "night stick" and Kriss Aston are in the dungeon for this scene. With Kriss bent over the bench, Champ plows his ass from behind while standing. The cameraman gets us some great shots of the action from below. After riding Champs cock while sitting in the chair, Kriss hops off and unloads all over Champs chest. Champ isn't done though and bend Kriss back over and delivers an explosive cumshot on Kriss back and shoves his cock back in to finish it off.
Cock Monsters
This week we get to revisit the epic classic 'Clash of the Titans'; though it won't be the one you're thinking of. We recommend a salad to help choke down all the meat this week's webisode is packing as we bring together a smorgasbord of Cuban cuisine. Mario Costa is back in the house packing over 9' of uncut goodness. Here to enjoy that carne Cubana is another Cuban morsel that never shows up empty handed, Chris Cox. Chris, like Mario, is a Miami native with a 9' Cuban cock to boot. This week's menu selection is definitely Atkins approved. <evil grin> We asked these studs what they watch when they aren't watching porn. Vampire Diaries for Chris while Mario loves to watch 'Dancing with the Stars'. Both of these studs are Cuban and they somewhat agree that most Cuban men are blessed in that department. Hmm. Living in Miami you soon realize Cuban men talk a big game. lol We then wondered if there was anything that they do sexually that they could use some work on. 'I would say I'm pretty good at everything' Chris humbly answers trying not to laugh. We then turn to Mario who says, 'I would say the same'. Really!? Sit back, it seems we are about to have the 'perfect' shoot with 2 perfect Cubanitos. 'You know I've always wanted to work with you' Chris blushes 'I hear you have a really big dick.' Mario grins as he sits back and lets Chris figure that out. Chris gropes Mario's growing boner as Mario stands to give him better access. Chris pulls off Mario's jeans and frees his massive meat. He strokes it a bit before finally getting that dick in his mouth. Dreams really do cum true. He swirls his fist on Mario's python as he runs his tongue along the shaft as well as Mario's smooth nuts. Mario is naturally smooth so Chris' tongue has plenty of real estate to explore. Mario watches as Chris worships his meat. Mario then joins Chris on the floor where they make out some more. Mario strips Chris to give him some of the same. Chris moans as he gets that dick sucked by Mario who's still stroking his own meat. There's plenty of dick for everyone so they capitalize on that by getting into a steamy 69 where they can have all the meat they can savor. Having huge cocks makes 69ing SO much easier as they bob up and down on each other's fat dicks. All this dick suckin is getting Mario horny for more than just some head...Mario then bends Chris over and gets a taste of that smooth hole. He laps at that ass driving Chris crazy as he stroked his hard cock. Eating ass has Mario's own meat throbbing and he's about to do something about it. Mario sits back as Chris sits on his huge dick. Chris was definitely looking forward to working with Mario; cuz his tight ass swallowed that mammoth dick like it was made for it. He starts to ride Mario's cock with ease as they kiss. Mario gets comfortable watching Chris bounce on his dick as Chris strokes his own huge cock. Chris can't get enough as he grinds his ass on that dick. Chris then twirls around and takes more dick in a reverse cowgirl. Chris leans back and braces himself on the couch as he continues to ride that hard dick hitting his spot just right. Mario has the best seat in the house as he watches Chris fuck himself silly. They transition onto their sides as Chris keeps riding that dick for all it's worth. Mario lays there, watching as Chris gets the fucking he's always wanted. Chris can't hold off anymore and shoots a huge load all over himself with Mario still inside him. Mario then sits back and quietly gives his dick the release it needed, shooting all over his smooth navel. -Perfect.
Power Bottom Buddy
Marc was looking for a work out buddy. Instead he found himself a guy with a huge cock. Marc can handle large weights but can he handle a giant dick? Being a power bottom wasn't his specialty though it looks like he's going to do just fine.
Riding a Big Hard Cock!
Riding a Big Hard Cock!
Little Ricky
Alexander Greene is making his debut on CircleJerkBoys and he's not the only one here to show off all his mother gave him. Ricky Larkin is also making his CJB debut and if nothing else we can assure you we have plenty of cock to go round. Alexander is 27 years old and from New Jersey. Ricky is 24 years young and a local commodity. He was born and raised right here in sunny South Florida. We asked these two studs what makes them happy and gets them in a good mood. Ricky loves blow jobs; especially receiving them. Alexander just likes just kicking back and chillin' with friends lying out on South Beach. Next we asked how long they fantasized about experimenting with a guy before they acted on it. Alexander always had fantasies. He always knew it turned him on. For Ricky he ended up fooling around with a guy that led him to have jack off fantasies about guys. Ricky actually first experimented with guys when a girlfriend wanted to see him with another guy and actually set everything up-DAMN, Gurl! He played along and not only was he pleasantly surprised; but claims she unleashed the 'freak' in him. Well, we might just have to send that girl a toaster oven. Ricky is kickin' back and horny as fuck when Alexander walks in to find him covering up on the couch. He notices the 'vase' on the desk. He admits whenever he uses one of those things it makes him horny as hell. Ricky tells him he can relate as he shows Alexander what he's covering up. Alexander doesn't see that as a problem at all as he starts to grope Ricky's boner. They start to make out as Ricky undoes his shorts to give Alexander access to his throbbing cock. He kicks off his shorts as Alexander goes south to see what he can do to help a buddy out. He opens wide as he takes Ricky's throbbing cock in his mouth. Ricky groans as he gets that cock worked. Ricky's curiosity gets the best of him as he pulls Alexander off his cock and strips his shorts off to get an idea of what Alex is working with. He hauls out Alexander's 9' uncut cock as they stroke their cocks together. Ricky licks his way south along Alexander's smooth chest til his tongue reaches his intended target. He takes that cock as deep as he can as Alexander watches his head bobbing on his meat. Ricky then lies on the couch and orders Alexander to fuck his face. Alexander obliges making him repeatedly gag on his thick meat. Careful what you ask for, str8 boy. They take turns worshiping each other's thick cocks until Ricky needs more on his dick. He suits up and sits back as Alexander straddles him and slowly impales himself on that thick cock. Ricky's meat slides deep inside until it's completely buried. Alexander loves it as he starts to ride that cock. He leans back and lets Ricky take the lead as he shoves his cock up into his tight hole. Ricky loves getting that dick ridden and Alexander is doing one hell of a job. Ricky then pulls out and bends Alexander over to get more of that sweet ass doggy style. Alexander's hard cock swings in time to the pounding he's getting. Ricky can't get enough of that hot ass as he holds Alexander tight and rails that big dick of his into him. Alexander loves it and reaches around to grab that ass and pull him in even deeper. Missionary is next as Alexander gives it up on the couch. Ricky slides his thick cock back inside. 'Yeah, gimme that ass!' he grunts as he pounds away at that tight manhole. He starts to fuck him faster hitting Alexander's sweet spot as he begs him to fuck him right there. Alexander explodes as Ricky jack rabbits that dick deep inside him. Ricky is next as he shoots his own load all over Alexander's cum-drenched abs.
Albert Victor & Bruno
Real-life hairy lovers Albert and Bruno share one of their hot suck and fuck sessions with us. Albert takes charge in this video and fucks his lover's ass. Albert has only bottomed until now, but shows he's a skilled top man, too. He sprays his lover with a huge load of spunk!
Ever wondered why your post is always late? Well if your postman's like ours, he's busy round the neighbour's house delivering a big load... and if your neighbour's Ross Hurston you'll be waiting even longer, because Ross knows how to get first class service from his postman by delivering the goods himself. Ross sucks on Tyson's thick uncut cock like it's the last delivery for a while, devouring it's whole uncut length in one swift motion and letting his throat muscles work their magic, then via 69 and some deep rimming, Ross slides Tyson's hard tool deep inside his hot hole and rides him like a bucking mule. He gets justly rewarded with a huge load from Tyson who pumps hot cum all over his hairy, muscled torso, to which Ross adds his own load before scooping it all up and swallowing it down. So if your postman, when he finally turns up, looks a little tired, but has a big, satisfied grin on his face, you'll know why.. and if you'd like to get your mail earlier, perhaps you should do what Ross does... to get first class service you have to give it. Use this as an instructional video and see the results!
Bryan's Big Catch
Bryan Cole is from Ohio and came to LA to visit the sunny beaches. While he was there he caught something really big--he caught a glimpse of Luke's big bulge. After some flirtation, Bryan got Luke to go back to his hotel room for some fun.
JP, Billy Rubens and Lucas Davidson
The lights are out and a confused and jealous Billy is told by his unrequited boss to fetch some candles whilst he works on restoring the power to the hotel. Thick dicked Lucas has in the meantime been disrupted from a hot webcam wank and is still rock solid and in need to drain his balls! Finding some company with an alone JP, the cock sucking is almost instant, and Billy catches them in the act! Not one to miss out on action, Billy pulls Lucas away from JP and gets himself involved - not that JP minds, it's just another body to play with! Moving to the sofa with the soft candle light showing off their toned young bodies perfectly, JP is the first to get his end away with Lucas, as Billy provides the other end of a spit-roast, his delicious dick getting the oral workout from the very cock hungry new employee! Swopping role, it's Billy who gets his own way with JP, pushing his dick into his wannabe lover, but JP seems very preoccupied by Lucas' big member and completely lost in the moment. The mix of tanned limbs, huge dicks and slammed holes will leave you breathless, and this is only the first scene! Just wait until Lucas dumps his load over JP's face, JP sprays buckets of spunk all over himself, swiftly followed by Billy mixing his cum with JP's, all over his abs and smooth chest as Lucas licks his thick wads off JP's face- pure spunk heaven!
Anal Play Between Friends
Kyle has been my friend for years now. I've secretly had a crush on him since we first met. Although he doesn't know it yet, his sweet ass is mine. I'm going to fuck his hot sexy body till he comes through anal. I'll have to see where I will release myself on him.
Cristian Torrent
I love it when a man really gets into his jack off session. I'm so endless bored of guys sitting on a couch jacking their uninterested cocks while they watch a porn video set up behind the photographer. But Cristian Torrent's video is definitely not one of those kinds of jack off sessions. And man, does he let loose with a a noisy orgasm. He starts off wearing a wrestling singlet, and he reaches both hands inside his gear and massages his cock and balls. He teases us, showing off his big bulge; and as he gets more and more excited, a droplet of precum stains the fabric. When he finally strips out of his singlet, he mounts a white box that I've placed in the center of the floor. He rubs his cock all over that box. What a beautiful dick � big, fat, and uncut. He spits on his dick and smears his saliva around with his finger, even fucking his piss slit with his pinky. Then Cristian sits back on the box and starts jacking his fat dick furiously. He pumps his cock with one hand and fingers his hairy fuck hole with another. When he started grunting and groaning very loudly, I figured he was ready to shoot his load any second; but he continued jacking his cock hard for another couple of minutes; finally shooting one of the noisiest orgasms I've seen in a while. He sits up and dumps a huge load of juice all over my studio floor, and I loved watching his body spasm for several minutes after he finished shooting.
Power Fuck For Bottom Shane
Power Fuck For Bottom Shane
Switched OFF & Turned ON
They are chilling out, watching some of the show back to pass the time. Junior says he’s sick of the show and he doesn’t care who wins now, he just wants to get back to normal life, disagreeing Tyson says he’s in it to win it and he’s gonna do what it takes, even if that means being fucked by his only competition. This scene is such a hot mix of dark skin, dirty talk and massive cocks. Tyson blows Junior for all he’s worth, he’s got some serious head skills. All the while sticking his big bubble butt in the air, just begging to be played with. Junior tongue fucks his sweet hole, and then plows into him. He smashes his ass up! They both shoot over Tysons abs making a big sticky mess.
First Time Teens Kyle & James
Kyle sneaks downstairs to the kitchen to help himself to a midnight snack of ice cream. James wakes up too and comes into the kitchen looking for something more than ice cream to satisfy the strange hunger he's feeling. The two lads start to explore each others' bodies and their urges lead them to places they haven't been before; it's new territory; they don't want to stop, but they don't want the other housemates knowing their secret, so they keep as quiet as they can, exploring each other and enjoying a silent but intensely wonderful fuck.
Wade in the Shade
Niko Reeves and Wade Riley make their ExtraBigDicksdebut this week. Nikko is 23 and is originally from Los Angeles. West coast meets the South as 18 yr old Wade proudly represents Alabama. We wondered what these two liked to watch on TV and what series they like enough to buy. Wade loves Grey
Kayden Gray solo
Kayden is one of those rare lads that ticks all the boxes and more.. great looking, super fit with a tight ripped body, amazing 6 pack.. and one of the biggest thickest dicks you ever saw.. a massive wrist thick uncut 9.5 incher which never goes soft. The solo begins with Kayden on the sofa, wearing a loose black sports vest, black football socks and shiny black adidas shorts. He lifts his top to reveal his incredible torso, tight and lean and ripped with bulging abs, and he plays with his nipples a little.. Kayden starts to rub his crotch a little, giving it a good squeeze, opening his legs wide to give us a peek of his white undies, under his shorts. He pulls his shorts to the side, so we can see more, and he pulls out his growing bulge, which even when soft, is huge. As he strokes and squeezes it, it gets harder and thicker, till you can see the shape of his massive hard on as it lays sideways inside his tight white boxers. He grips it at the base, showing off the shape of it, giving us some seriously hot huge bulge in underwear action, before pulling his cock out the side of his underwear. Kayden has one of the biggest and thickest dicks I ever saw. Major girth from base to tip, uncut with plenty of foreskin too.
The Spirit of XXX-mas
When Bad Santa (John Connery) returns to find his horny helpers covered in cum, he lays down the law, but the elves turn the tables and soon Santa's getting his ho-ho-hole double penetrated and is sprayed with six hot jets of cum. It's his whitest xxxmas ever! Uncut cocks and hairy nuts are all around him and he surrenders himself to a feast of foreskin and the scent of arousal and the push of hard meat against his puckered hole, then, while he's riding the hard pole, another cock is pushing into him and he's beeing stretched to capacity, taking both cocks deep inside with a that's somewhere between agony and extasy.What starts as our most hilarious trilogy of scenes, ends as our hottest of 2011, with six hung and hairy uncut guys sucking and fucking each other. John Connery, very much a top, somehow ended up being bottom to Valentin, who'd never topped on video and Alan Knight - at the same time... When John decides to do something, he goes all the way... so this scene is full of hot surprises.In this final scene, John Connery, Alan Knight and Valentin Alsina are joined by the three guys from scene 2 for a six-man cum-drenched ending. A whiter xxxmas you're unlikely to see, and what a way to lead us towards a hot, horny 2012.
Stiff Encounter
Kneading a hot cock and bringing it's hardness to life is such a turn on for me. Get a hard cock in my hands and it won't be long before it's down my throat and up my ass!
Calvin Office Cock Cravings!
Calvin and I have been co-workers for the last 2 years. I always thought he was hot. I didn't have the nerve to approach him at work. We were working overtime one night, and he came on to me. I ended up fucking him in his tight asshole!
Dick Friction
Hey boys, I just got back from this amazing spa. Tyler was a saint and he really took care of my needs. I went in frustrated and left floating on air. Check me out. Yours truly, Levi Madison.
Swinging Cock
When Blake's man decides to come over for a nooner, they don't even make it up the stairs before they're all over each other
Nothing Like A Clean Cock
After a long day of work Bobby has returned back home to relax in a warm bubble bath. All lathered up he rests easy as he gently strokes his cock and lets his hands wonder along his ripped body. At a nice steady pace he rubs his chest and thighs up and down and stopping from time to time to pinch his nipples as he grabs his balls gently and pulls and his long thick dick. Next he stands up to reveal his sweet round ass. Grabbing it firmly with his hands he enjoys himself as his fingers explore his tight wet hole. Jacking and tugging on his cock he slips a finger deep inside his tight hole and starts fingering it and showing it off for all to see. Soaked, lathered and clean he is now ready to let loose the juice. Enjoy!