Easy Lay Up
Two hot guys play ball
Billy Essex
Rough, tough and hairy, with a big dick, this guy was a treat to shoot. Billy Essex claims he only does porn for the money, but this beefy young cub seemed to really enjoy getting his clothes off and getting his big, weighty dick hard for the camera. He's half Arabic and very hairy, he's a horny bi guy, but prefers the ladies. Billy's a big cummer with a big dick, and we'd love to get him back for some man on man action, and see him shoot a hot wad in a guy's face!
You have already seen Martin's flawless body and watched piss flow out of his amazing thick uncut cock! In his first shoot he pissed on himself but this time he got a friend he's going to pee on. Carlos is also 18 but unlike Martin who is straight Carlos is bi. He tells us that he always wanted to suck Martin's big uncut cock and when we suggested they model for the site he could make his dream cum true! You can tell that they are buddies because they have some much fun during the video shoot. Carlos really enjoys having Martin's cock in his mouth and for the first time he get's pissed on! He also pees on himself!
Bedroom Romp
Damon went home to relax after a day at work. However, his roommate had other plans.
Hung Black Dude Sucked!
Hot gay black guy Phrank has it all going on. This handsome and lean young man has a big pair of balls and a long dark dick just begging to be stroked and sucked, which is something Joe is more than happy to provide for this guys first video. He nuts a hot load and lucky Joe gets to taste it as he drains that length!
Knight Stick
They say that 'Knight' time is the right time; and we couldn't agree more as we welcome back Trevor Knight. Trevor is now 29 and holding. Looking like he does this Bostonian ain't going anywhere. If he was to go 'anywhere' he might want to take his co-star this week, Mr. Logan Drake, with him. Logan is 22 and a native Floridian from Orlando. We asked these two if they were deserted on an island and could bring along any TV show series to watch on this deserted island (...which apparently comes with flat screens and free electricity) what would that show be? 'Family Guy' hands down for Trevor who could watch that show for days straight. Logan would take along his 'Friends' and that way he would never be alone. Who wouldn't want Phoebe along on an island adventure? Ok, seriously, put your hands down. We then asked once they got off this island where would they want to eat. Ruth Chris for Logan, whose mouth is already watering for a filet mignon and Trevor would go straight to a little eatery in Los Angeles named St. Felix who also serves up a great steak. Well, all this talk about meat has our mouths watering for more than what is on the menu. Let's get these two better acquainted shall we? '--Let them eat Steak!'Logan is fast asleep on the chaise when Trevor comes in wanting to play. He slowly starts to feel on Logan's chest and arms as he moves south. Logan wakes up as Trevor's hands reach his crotch and they start to kiss. Their shirts come off as their hands fumble to strip each other. They move to the chair as Trevor helps Logan out of his pants and stands to allow Logan to undo his. Logan comes face to face with Trevor's 9'+ monster cock and he knows exactly what to do. He opens wide and shoves as much of that thick cock into his mouth. He strokes the shaft a bit before going back down on it. Logan's own thick cock is at attention as he nurses on Trevor's. Trevor doesn't want to feel left out so they switch places so that Trevor can have some dick to suck as well. He lies between Logan's legs as he sucks on his cock. Logan moans as Trevor swallows every inch of his aching cock with ease. Once Trevor's had his fill he stands up and goes right back to shoving his dick down Logan's hungry throat. Logan can't get enough of his thick cock as he lies back and gets his mouth fucked. ...but wait, there's more.Trevor then bends Logan over and inspects that hot ass he will soon own. He fingers that ass as Logan gets hornier for cock. Trevor then sits back as Logan straddles him and jacks both their dicks together. Trevor's cock is throbbing by now and needs a hot hole to fuck. Logan lubes Trevor's cock up and winces as he sits down on that thick cock. Once his ass gives way he starts to bounce up and down on it, slowly getting more and more inside his tight ass. Trevor lays back and watches as he gets that thick meat ridden. It isn't long before Trevor's balls are slapping that hairy hole as Logan's ass takes all 9 inches deep inside. Trevor loves it and holds Logan by the waist as he helps bounce him on his cock. Logan then gets up and turns around, sitting on his cock again only this time facing him. Trevor spreads that ass open getting his meat in him deeper. Trevor is going nuts as Logan's hot ass milks his thick cock. Missionary is next as Trevor gets Logan on his back and pounds away at that ass. This position always does the trick as he pulls out and unloads all over Logan who isn't far behind with a huge load of his own.
Home Alone House Party - Tom and Aiden
Little scamps with big dicks and men's needs and appetites, tom and Aiden celebrate being left home alone with some cock sucking, rimming and boy-on-boy fucking.
Dave's Not Here
Dave's Not Here
Clay Caught In Public
We caught Clay behind a alley way in day time getting blown by his gay lover. For a while now we been tracking him to confront him about his homosexuality....The evidence doesn't lie.
Dirk B & Lucas D
Highly sexed handsome rugged blonde Dirk gets hot n horny with cute young fittie Lucas Davidson. Both lads have thick uncut dicks, very hot oral action.. then Dirk gives Lucas a wet, deep rimming before plowing his arse deep & hard in three positions before spunking his load over him..The lads start off with passionate kissing and groping, getting a feel of each others thick bulges in their sports shorts. They take turns licking and sucking each other nipples, their dicks getting harder in their undies. More kissing, and they pull each others cocks out from their shorts. Dirks dick is rock solid, so stiff it points straight upwards, and Lucas cock hangs over his undies, slightly semi, very thick. They jerk each other off, then Lucas gets down onto his knees. He starts to suck on the end of Dirks throbbing uncut dick, but it doesnt take long before Dirk starts getting forceful, and grips his head to fuck his mouth. Lucas seems to like this, his cock gets good and solid as he gets a hot facefucking from Dirk. Having worked hard pleasuring Dirk, Lucas is eager to get sucked now, and he stands up, they kiss, then Dirk gets down on his knees. He opens wide to take in the meaty girth of Lucass fat cock, and he starts to suck firmly on it, pulling at the foreskin with his lips, then going deep, swallowing as much as he can. He sucks slow and hard, his own dick permanently rock solid too. They move to the sofa and Dirk sits back to get sucked again, Lucas laying on his side next to him. He hungrily starts to suck Dirk before getting his mouth fucked as Dirk grips his head, then slowing it right down to push his mouth deeper and deeper on his juicy meat, getting it right down Lucass throat. Hot. Lucas is on his back on the sofa, legs right back, hole in the air, and Dirk kneels on the floor, big dick throbbing, and he pulls his butt cheeks apart, opening up his hole a little, then spits into it, and starts licking it. Getting it really wet Dirk starts to push his tongue in, and as that tight hole starts to relax Dirk is able to get his tongue right inside. With both lads keen to start fucking, Dirk leans back into the corner of the sofa holding his cock upright, and Lucas lowers himself onto it, facing camera, then leans his body bock and slides himself down Dirks fuck pole. He rides it slowly for a bit, with horny little moans of pleasure, then Dirk grips his arse, holding him firmly and starts thrusting into him, fucking him harder..Next, Lucas leans against the sofa with Dirk standing behind him. He teases his hole, then pushes his dick back inside, all the way, and starts fucking with slow, long strokes, showing plenty of length. He fucks like this for a bit, then starts fucking harder, gripping Lucas as he thrusts in and out. Not quite done yet, Lucas is on his back now, legs wide apart, with Dirk on his knees, who pushes his cock back into that hungry hole, and starts pumping it in and out. He grips Lucas by the ankle, who is still wearing his white sport socks, and starts sniffing his foot as he fucks him. He gets into a good rhythm, keeping the fucking hard and steady, getting himself closer and closer..Dirk pulls out, pulls off the condom, and moves round to stick his cock in Lucass mouth, getting him to suck it.. this turns Lucas on bigtime, and seconds later he is spunking his sticky load all over his six pack, squeezing out every last drop as it dribbles down over his fingers.. The sight of this pushes Dirk over the edge, and his starts squirting powerful jets of hot liquid jizz across Lucass chest, and he shoots loads of it, several big strong squirts.. its a really horny cum shot, so you see it twice, in real time then again in slow motion.. Awesome.
Stamin's Piston
Today it's 'Bring a Breeder to Work' Day here and we know how you love your breeders. <insert your own joke here> Trey Turner is back and apparently no longer on the market. Trey gushes as we ask him about his new beau. Apparently he pulled a U-Haul (lesbian lingo for fast-tracked) and they are now living together. <GASP> While Trey floats back to earth, we turn our attention to a new face we recently became familiar with, Mr. Peter Stamin. Peter doesn't have a boyfriend waiting for him back home. If he had, his girlfriend of a few years would be really puzzled as to who else is sleeping in their bed. LOL Peter's dating a sexy redhead and assures us the carpets match the drapes. He didn't lose his virginity until he was 16 and admits it was a mess having to be quiet with the girl's mom in the next room. Today Peter is going to be tappin' an ass of a different kind and going where few str8 men have boldly gone before! Well...that may not be necessarily true; but Peter will be burying his larger than average cock inside another guy which doesn't happen all the time. 'Sometimes you gotta open up and explore yourself and see what happens'. We can't argue with that.Trey reaches over and begins to undo Peter's jeans as Peter sits back and focuses on the flick before him. By the time Trey hauls out his cock it is rock hard and ready for attention. He goes down on Peter's massive meat which immediately makes the straight boy start to squirm as he revels in ecstasy. Trey then gets up to give Peter access to his own meat which Peter takes out and samples as well. Peter is apparently committed to this opening up concept as he sucks on Trey's cock. After a bit of oral, Trey wants more of Peter's cock so he goes right back to nursing on his thick meat. Peter's body is naturally smooth and lean. His abs ripple as he slowly fucks Trey's mouth wanting more. The chemistry between these two is perfect as Peter allows himself to explore his new found desires. He goes back to sucking on Trey's cock which by now is rock hard and aching for release. Trey just sits back and watches as the str8 boy plays with his cock like he's discovered a new toy. Peter grabs it by the base, shakes it about before going right back down on it. He can't seem to get enough of a good thing; and things can only get better at this point. Trey goes back to work on Peter's cock getting it harder for what's to come.Trey can't seem to get enough of Peter's uncut meat and he seems to be in good company as they maneuver into a hot 69. The foreplays building towards even more excitement and before we know it we're hearing Trey groaning 'Oh yeah, fuck my ass!' as Peter's balls are slapping his ass. Peter is fucking Trey doggie-style as Trey moans with delight. Peter then flips Trey on his back and slams back in for more of that sweet ass. Peter's thick dick isn't having any problems fucking in new territory as he tears Trey's ass up. Peter is rock hard and slamming deeper and deeper giving Trey the fucking he craves. They both stand as Peter bends over his new conquest and rams that thick dick back inside as he continues to pound his new friend with privileges. Trey is in heaven as he gets his ass fucked by a hung str8 guy. All this fucking is sensory overload for Peter whose balls are feeling that familiar tingle as he pulls out and strokes his cock off all over Trey. He explodes coating Trey's smooth chest and cock with his batter which in turn sends Trey over the edge. Trey grunts sending his own load lassoing into the air as he adds to the milky mess all over his navel and chest.
3Way - Lucas, Ritchie, Cody
Lucas, Cody and Richie are three horny young dudes who love showing off and getting wild on cam
Cowboys 6
We are back on the ranch this week as our two dominant cowboys use and abuse an unsuspecting passive ranch dude. Gigantic 9+ inch cocks face fuck and pound our ranch dudes ass like he
Magic Stick
Magic Stick
Adam Herst & Scott Hunter
Big muscled hairy lads, Adam Herst and Scott Hunter work up a real sweat here, oiling each other up, flexing their muscles, licking armpits and nipples, then getting their stiff dicks out, sucking each other deep.. Adam works on Scott arse with his tongue before fucking him in three positions with his big fat cock.. then they spunk their loads over their bulging sweaty six packs. Adam shoots first, his spunk thick and creamy as it spurts out over his solid sweaty six pack.. the sight of this gets Scott squirting, and the jizz starts spraying out onto his six pack and bushy pubes.. As he squeezes out the last few drops of sticky cum, they catch their breath, and have a final kiss.
Cock Does A Body Good
I always love nice surprises. Like finding my buddy waiting to feed me his stiff cock. How does everyone know that I love cock for breakfast?
Jake Marshall and Marco Rios
Silver Daddy Jake Marshall and Super Hairy Hunk Marco Rios soak their fur and muscles under the outdoor shower in this South Florida paradise. Slippery and wet, these two muscle bears can't keep their paws (and mouths) off of each other. After they cool down under the shower's mist, these two hairy muscle beasts get all hot and sweaty again while they take turns fucking each other's hairy muscle butts.
Calvin's First Huge Cock
Calvin got extremely lucky by meeting me at the mall. He got his tight asshole stretched wide open as I fucked him, until I blew my load all over him.
Cute Guys With Really Big Dicks
Alex loves the smaller guys but doesn't like the smaller cocks that come along with a mini dude. Luckily he met Mario at the pool and found him super hot. The best part about Mario is that his cock is HUGE
Alex Marte and Antonio Garcia
Italian Beef on Italian Beef, its festival of meaty Salami, fat uncut cocks, foreskin chewing and Alex Marte giving it up big style to Antonio Garcia. Alex is the model and Antonio the photographer, in this overly intimate porn shoot, we get right in their for the wet close ups, Alex's pouting fuck hole and every steaming drop of jizz.
New Years Cock Hook Up
I met Alex while holiday shopping he was cute. He came back to my place I fucked him with my huge cock while he screamed in pleasure.
Sexy Spring Snack
Ty spent a really nice day with this guys he met at a club. He was really looking forward to getting that cock out of those tight pants since he was able to see the outline. He never imagined how BIG that cock was really going to be!
Frank Valencia and Aaron Steel
Aaron Steel brings his sexual fantasy to us, the tanned, toned, hung hunk - Frank Valencia. Hairy Aaron couldn't wait to spread his hairy arse cheeks, bend over and get his arse filled to the max with Frank's big dick. Frank's a merciless fucker who pushed eager Aaron to the brink, poor lad was begging for him to stop as much as he was begging for faster and deeper. Frank's a born exhibitionist, who loves to strip off and perform, just the thought of all those eyes on him, heightens the pleasures of this exhibitionist until he absolutely cannot hold back his splattering cum.
Dillon & Conner
After showing up to fix Conner Habib's shower, Dillon Buck ends up soaking wet. He strips to put his clothes in Conner's dryer, but it's not long before he's putting his huge cock up Conner's ass. Conner gets a hard fucking, but not before deep throating Dillion's 9.5-inch bone.
Star Search
Alexander Garrett and Matthew Star will be steaming up the set on MenOver30 this week. Matt's sexy drawl only adds to this 20yo Southern Boy's charms and he's in for a real treat as our 35 year old Colombian import takes our Tennessee native for a walk on the wild side. Every once in a while you need to expand your horizons. We asked these studs where they would go if they had won an all expense trip anywhere in the world. Alexander would love to explore Asia. He would love to experience the exciting culture of Japan or China. The cradle of civilization is in Matt's sights; as he admits Greece has always been a dream destination for him. They both discovered their dicks at about 12 by accident while exploring their bodies. Both admit they thought something had gone wrong when they went off. Today, after years of experience, we are pleased to know that they have a handle on that situation. When asked what they are best at, Matt admits he is really good at giving girls oral. Alexander agrees and says he loves oral too. These guys may use different visuals when they jack off; but they have enough in common to make for one hot afternoon. Shall we...Alexander and Matt are hanging out as Alexander starts to coax Matt into a massage to help him relieve some stress. 'You know I don't go that way' Matt says before finally giving into a back massage. Alexander starts to rub his shoulders a bit before moving in for a kiss. Matt hesitantly gives in as they start to kiss. Matt stands as Alexander starts to grope his cock and pull off his underwear. Alexander then drops his pants and lets Matt get a better view of his own meat. Matt's eyes open wide as he slowly strokes that thick uncut cock. 'My God, it's so big' he marvels as Alexander's cock throbs in his hand. Alexander then goes to work sucking on the str8 boy's meat launching Matt into orbit. Alexander can't get enough of his thick cock and soon they are back to making out as they rub their hard cocks together. Matt then plays with Alexander's cock, stroking him for a few before his attention turns to that hot Latin ass. Matt gets into position as he slides his thick dick into Alexander. Matt looks down and watches as his cock easily slides in and out of Alexander's tight ass. Matt then sits back on the chair while Alexander straddles him for more. Once impaled, Alexander begins to ride that dick. His hot ass is milking Matt's dick and as he bounces up and down on that dick. That hot ass feels amazing wrapped around his cock. From here, Matt takes Alexander on the couch where he lifts up his jock legs and slides his dick back in missionary. Matt picks up the pace as his balls slap away at that hungry hole. It isn't long before Alexander's cock gives up its content. He unloads all over his defined abs. Matt then pulls out and jacks his own load all over Alexander adding to an already sticky situation.
Avant Partir
This was the most punishing fuck we've ever recorded, only a power bottom like Tony Axel could have taken the hammering Malik dished out. And still horny Tony wanted more. Malik slammed into his tight fuck-hole bruising his most tender intimate parts with his massive, thick, torpedo of a dick. Tony wriggled onto it thrusting his own arse hard into Maliks hips, and then exhausted, writhing with pleasure as Malik splashed him down with hot, creamy cum.
Erotic Yoga
Erotica yoga ends in the bedroom
Hot Ass
After making his debut on MenOver30, and becoming an overnight fan favorite bottoming our resident bad boy Brenn Wyson, we knew we had to share the love with our members here on ExtraBigDicks. By 'love' we of course mean sexy Sean Duran. Sean is 24 years young and hails from North Carolina. Well, who better than to give Sean a proper introduction to the Bigger is Better mindset than Drake Jaden. Drake is just one of the hot, hung locals driving them wild and at 27 this Floridian makes it look so damn easy. Both of these hotties have tattoos a plenty so we decided to ask them where it all began. For Drake it was the eye ball in the center of his tribal tattoo. That's what started it all but his favorite would have to be the Pi tattoo on his chest because he finds it fascinating. 'I was always a big nerd' Drake says, 'still am.' Sean's first tattoo was the wings on his back but his favorite would have to be the cat on his left bicep cuz it always brings him luck. When it comes to what feature in another man makes them weak their choices differ. Drake loves a hot ass where Sean finds forearms sexy. Well, lets get this party started shall we?Sean and Drake are looking through a magazine commenting on porn stars when Sean comments on a hot ass. 'I've been told I have a hot ass' Drake grins. Sean's not gonna miss out on the opportunity as he asks Drake to prove it. Drake stands up and pulls down his jeans showing off that ass framed in a tight jock strap. Sean gets on his knees and dives in face first as his tongue slides inside that ass. Drake moans as he gets that hot hole rimmed making his huge cock strain for release. He pulls down his jeans and lays back to let Sean have some dick. Sean immediately dives for it sucking that cock all the way to the hilt. He slobbers on that fat meat as Drake bobs his head up and down on it. Sean loves that thick meat but his own meat's feeling left out. He stands up and whips out his growing dick and slams it down Drake's throat. Drake chokes and gags on it as he latches on to that dick. He easily slides that dick down his skilled gullet. He spits on that meat and strokes his huge cock as he does. 'You like that dick' grunts Sean as he watches Drake choke and gag on his southern 'charm'.From there these two end up on the floor in a steamy 69 as each gets his fill of cock; bobbing their mouths on all the swollen meat they can handle. Soon a mouth isn't enough for Drake who needs a tight ass on his meat. He sits back in the chair and has Sean sit on his dick in a reverse cowgirl. 'Fuck that's a big dick!' Sean groans as he impales himself on it. His own dick is rock hard as he starts to ride it. He bounces on that dick taking every inch of it deep inside him. He gets his feet up on Drake's knees and starts fucking himself silly on that thick dick. Drake grunts and groans, slapping that ass as he calls Sean a dirty little pig. Sean then gets on all four puts his face on the floor and that smooth ass in the air and orders Drake to fuck it. Drake immediately shoves his dick deep into that ass as he pounds that ass. 'Fuck me harder-Do it!' Sean orders as Drake rails into him even harder. From there they end up on the floor with Drake pounding that hole as he lays behind Sean. He holds his leg up as he buries that dick fast and deep. That does the trick and it sends Sean's load flying all over his thigh and area rug as Drake fucks it all out of him. Drake then pulls out and blasts his own thick batch all over Sean's face and tongue. Once the last of his cum is spent Sean greedily latches on to his knob sucking out every last drop. Mmm, Mmm, Goooo!
Lower My Tuition
Lower My Tuition
Matteo Valentine and Carlo Cox
Carlo Cox plays the strict boss, whilst Matteo is the eager salesman ( and bottom boy) who'll do anything to clinch the deal, including eating his boss's hairy hole, sucking his swollen dick and offering up his own sweet bud for a right royal fucking.
Boy Toy Takes Massive Cock
Noah looks like that wolf boy for that one romance vampire movie. He's so fucken hot. Noah loves a man with a big cock. After a nice stretch and making out he was ready to get stuffed. I'm pinching my dick just thinking about it...
A Houseboy's Chores are Never Finished
Kyler Moss' chores around the house may be finished, but he hasn't "finished" daddy Bryan Slater, yet! Bryan makes Kyler writhe as he sucks his uncut cock before the boy swallows his rigid dick on the bed. Kyler is as vocal as he's ever been, moaning and yelping as he slowly impales himself on Bryan's cock. Bryan rails him in a few positions before finally making him cum on his back. Kyler gets to end the scene with a hot facial and mouthful of cum from his daddy!When it comes to the sexy, older man in porn, you could not find a more perfect example than Bryan Slater. A beard, body hair in all the right places--and speaking of body, Bryan's is more ripped than most men half his age. He's also got a big dick and after years of experience, he knows exactly how to use it!You'll be able to see the hot jocks and daddies of Phoenixxx.com inside BoyCrush exclusive, Kyler Moss, and you'll be glad for it! This young man's got a smooth, toned body, uncut cock, and a completely edible ass. He's also a kinky little thing and loves nothing more than a hard, rough pounding!
Love Between Friends
It's always nice to have a tight asshole waiting at home for your dick
Sexual Healing
Tyler Saint is getting his very own massage from Conner Habib. Conner's strong hands are perfect for such a hunk. Once Tyler is nice and relaxed, he's going to get the chance to fuck Conner's beautiful ass. That's what I call sexual healing.
Fucking The Pool Guy
"There's nothing better than treating "the help" like your own personal sex slave like I did with this skinny ass fag. So you're gonna clean my goddamn pool, then you're gonna take your narrow punk ass into the kitchen and make me a fucking strawberry daiquiri and after that you're going to swallow this giant black dick. And just because I can, I'm going to put a stranglehold on you while I fuck your asshole."
Seduce the Jock
Jeremy is a hardcore jock that plays football and enjoys working out. Once in awhile he needs to relax his body and have some pleasure. Especially after spending so much time in the locker room where he gets to see so many cocks. He always gets that horny appetite for a thick cock to please him!
Broken Axel
Today we have 2 new faces for you on MenOver30 and we're happy to welcome Epic Novell and Axel Johnson. Epic is 31 years old and originally from Los Angeles, CA. Axel is a young'n at 22 and he's from North Dakota. We wondered what these two stock up on when they go to the grocery store. It's produce for Axel while Epic makes a mad dash for the meat department. Hmmm art imitates life. To expand on that we asked what is their healthiest love vs. their guilty pleasure in the food department. Axel admits he can eat anything he wants (
Fucked To A Self Facial!
Beefy lad Jeremy Feist might not be too impressed with his closeted friend Preston Steel, but the guy wants that cock no matter what! The guys are taking what time they have alone to really appreciate each other in this anal slamming scene, starting off with cock sucking and ass rimming before Preston slides his hard cock into that beefy ass of his lover and fucks the huge cumshot out of him!When we shot in Montreal this year, we had the chance to work with sexy Toronto pup, Jeremy Feist! This boy has a taste for leather, so we may have to bring him back for a kinkier scene (or two!) in the future. When he's not fucking on camera, Jeremy also writes regularly for Xtra.ca!They don't come any sweeter than Preston Steel; you'd be hard pressed to find them much sexier, either! His fun, warm personality is the cherry on top of a furry, masculine body we can't get enough of on film. Working with out and proud gay men is always a treat, Preston is comfortable and confident in his skin and it translates to incredibly hot scenes.
David Ken & Justin Harris
This is INSANELY HOT.. Mega Hung David Ken pushes hot muscle lad Justin Harris to his limits, with his wrist thick ten inch meat.. Justins mouth & arse get majorly stretched as David fucks his mouth & plows his hole in 3 positions, before spraying him with spunk..In shiny sports kit, the lads start off on the sofa, getting a feel of each others bodies as they kiss. David pulls up Justins top to reveal his seriously hot smooth muscular chest, and starts lapping away at Justins nipple, making his dick start to throb inside his sport shorts. Justins hand moves down to Davids crotch, his shorts barely able to contain the enormous bulge theyre hiding.. As Justin strokes it, it throbs.David reaches down to get a feel of Justins equally stiff dick, and pulls it out the side of his shorts.. Unable to hold off any longer, Justin does the same, unleashing Davids monstercock from his little shiny shorts.. This dick is SO thick Justin cant even get his hand all the way around it as he grips it at the base, gazing at the rock solid girthy ten inches in awe and anticipation. He slowly jerks him off, hot close ups of his foreskin sliding back and forth over the end of his bulging bell end.. Justin starts to lick it, getting David aroused, and he is very vocal as Justin starts to suck his monster dick.Justin has to stretch his mouth really wide to suck on it, but he loves huge cocks, and really goes for it, getting it nice and wet with plenty of spit, sucking as deep as he can.. Its never deep enough for David though, and he starts to push Justins head down on it, forcing him to to suck deeper. Justin does struggle a bit, but really tries to get as much down as he can.. They pull off their shorts, and David changes position, laying back into the corner of the sofa, and Justin is on his knees between Davids legs, looking up at him, he gets back to work, slupring on the end of that massive dick, jerking him off, spitting onto it, and then getting facefucked.. The sucking is insanely hot here.Being a horny eager sucker himself, David gets to work now on Justins throbbing uncut meat, some very hot, sloppy sucking and face fucking. Then David stands up to get sucked one more time. Justin gets down onto his knees for a bit of big dick worship, and opens wide again, letting that cock fill his mouth and throat, his own dick throbbing the entire time. David grips his head to fuck his mouth, then goes back to letting Justin pleasure him. On all on the sofa now, Justin has his arse in the air, and David kneels, parting his smooth muscular butt cheeks, and spits onto his hole, then starts lapping at it with his tongue, and pushing it in, giving Justin a real good rimming, which he certainly needs to take this major length and girth.David stands, and slide his throbbing dick between Justins butt cheeks, then teases the hole, rubbing his cock against it. Then slowly, David starts to push it in, making Justin moan loudly.. he eases it in, bit by bit, the thickness really stretching his hole, till its about halfway in, then starts to fuck gently, letting Justin get used to it. After a bit, he starts to push it in deeper, Justin makes alot of noise here as the full ten inches goes all the way in.. David starts to fuck a little harder, keeping it as intense as Justin can handle.David changes the position slightly, climbing up onto the sofa, so his dick is pointing downwards, forcing Justin in really arch his back, pushing his arse up, and in this position, David gets even deeper penetration, but shows us plenty of length, almost pulling all the way out before pushing it all the way back in again.. Incredibly horny. Next, David is sitting back in the corner of the sofa, holding his ten incher at the base, pointing straight up, and Justin, facing us, slowly lowers himself onto it, first just getting the tip in, then sliding slowly down to about halfway, making his own dick throb.. he rides it slowly for a bit, then leans back as david grips him by the arse and starts to push his dick in deeper, getting it all the way in.. they really get into it now, sometimes with Justin riding that monstercock and sometimes with David thrusting into him. Not quite done yet, David goes for another position, this time Justin laying on his back on the sofa, with David kneeling between his legs. He pushes his cock back in and right away gets into a good rhythm, pumping his throbbing cock in and out, its almost too intense for Justin, and has to keep his hand off his dick to prevent him from cumming.. but as David thrusts, it gets to a point where he cant hold off any longer, and he starts to jerk himself off..It doesnt take long before Justins dick is spewing hot white spurts of thick spunk all over his bulging sweaty pecs and six pack.. he shoots quite a lot.. This seems to push David over the edge, and unable to hold back, he pulls out, pulling off the condom, and starts to beat away at his massive meat. Prepare yourselves.. When David spunks, he shoots like a canon, and the hot liquid jizz squirts out so hard it flies clear over Justins shoulder, with several more powerful squirts spraying out over his chest, literally soaking him with his hot cum.. Its such an incredible cum shot that we see it twice, once in real time and then in slow motion.. Still panting with the intensity of it, David squeezes out the last few drops of spunk from his cock, starting to go soft now, but still the thickness of a cucumber.
El Costa Grande
El Costa Grande
Full Moon Rizzing
Packin' more than the average hottie, Jay Rizzing is back this week to show everyone the top 10 reasons why our members love him. By 'reasons' we, of course, mean inches; and who better to appreciate such a monumental task than our good friend, Drake Jaden. Drake is 27 and a local Florida boy. Jay is 24 and a product of the Big Apple. We asked these two what the last thing they watched on TV was and for Drake it was The Grinch with Jim Carry. Jay watched Family Guy which he can't get enough of. We then asked these two what the biggest dick they've ever seen. Drake's thickest would be his buddy Girth Brooks who is EBD alumni and as for the longest dick he's seen it would be a guy he hooked up with this past weekend. 'It was practically down to his knee' he says 'it was insane.' As far as Jay is concerned, his is the biggest dick he's ever seen and just another perk of packing a 10' pole. To wrap things up we asked these two porn lovers what kind of porn they watch to get themselves off. Drake likes to watch any type of porn that he could see himself doing in. For Jay, who used to love watching girls get gang banged now watches his own videos watching himself fuck onscreen... Sign us up!Jay is squeezing his thick dick through his pants as Drake goes in to investigate. He starts to grope at that dick as they make out. Jay then stands up and puts his crotch in Drake's face as Drake pulls down Jay's shorts and wraps his lips around that horse hung dick. Jay moans as Drake takes it all the way to the hilt. Do no try this at home, boys; Drake is a trained professional. Drake hauls out his own fat dick and starts to beat off as he continues to ram that thick cock down his throat. Jay then sits back as Drake continues worshipping his fat dick remembering to pay attention to his smooth balls as well. Drake shoves that dick all the way down his throat and holds it down as long as he can before gagging on it and having to come up for air. Jay is in awe as he watches Drake take his dick better than most. Drake then stands and strips to give Jay the opportunity to give back. Jay grabs Drake's throbbing meat and sucks on it. He bobs his head up and down on that throbbing meat getting as much of it down his throat as he can. He jacks Drake's dick into his mouth as he sucks on his knob. Both of these studs are packing serious meat as they go back and forth pleasuring each other's boners.Jay then gets Drake on the floor as he kneels behind him and starts to rub his fat dick along that hot hole. Drake moans quickly turn to groans as Jay's dick starts to slide inside. 'You like that big fuckin' dick?' Jay taunts 'does that fill you up?' Drake grimaces as his ass gives in and takes that fat dick balls deep. Jay is soon tappin' that ass deep as Drake starts to back that ass up onto his meat wanting every inch of it inside him. Jay's thick meat slides in and out of that hungry hole with ease as Jay moans in ecstasy. Jay then gets Drake to lie on the couch so he could fuck that ass missionary. He grabs Drake's ankles as he goes right back to laying that pipe deep. Drake just begs for more as he gets that hole hammered by Jay's str8 dick. That mammoth meat is feeling damn good as it rams inside; but wait...there's more. Jay then lies on the floor and holds still as Drake sits on that cock. He bounces up and down on that dick fucking himself harder and harder until it sends him over the edge as he explodes all over Jay's smooth chest and abs. Jay is next as he jacks his own thick load all over his already cum-covered navel. Well, welcome back Mr. Rizzing. <evil grin>
Enzo Marino
A hot Brazilian daddy who taught us a few new words, like 'Caralho', 'Pinto' and a few more too. He's a very, very sexy Papi, totally Gustoso. And I loved watching him jacking that big, dark dick to a hot, wet, gloopy climax.
Cowboys - Dillon & Angus
Angus was really anxious to fall into the hay with Dillon Buck and get to work on that huge, uncut cock. I could barely get the video camera fired up fast enough. Much to my surprise, Angus gives Dillon's cowboy boots a spit shine with his tongue. While Dillon watched, the well-hung cowboy fished out that monster dick of his and started stroking it hard. By the time Dillon's boots are cleaned up real good, his uncut cock is rock hard � look at that beautiful banana curve. Angus moves in and starts licking it and teasing Dillon. But Dillon knows how to handle a cock tease. He lies back in the hay, grabs his fat dick, and summons Angus to sit on it. Angus inches on to Dillon's fat cock, impaling his fuck hole slowly until his ass makes room for this mammoth tool. When Angus is buried to the balls, Dillon lives up to his name and starts bucking up into this young cowboys tight hole. Dillon rewards Angus showering his chest, neck, and chin with his huge load of spunk.
Scamps Ep1
Scamps Ep1
Secret Boy Banging
Adam has such a sweet booty. One day I snuck into his bedroom unnoticed. I began stroking my cock till it got harder then a Thors hammer. Almost immediately I pulled his pants down and starting smelling his sweaty dick right before I shove that lump of flesh in my mouth. He opened his eyes and I knew I was done for. Something wasn't the same after that night. My dick just seems to crave his ass...
Morning Would
This week we have a special treat for you as we finally get to showcase one of Miami's own, Van Wilder. Van is 21 and has a lot more than the average guy swinging between his legs and figured that out at about 14 years of age. He always had competitions with his childhood friends and once they started competing for girls the truth became apparent. Once the girls started taking that fat cock of his, the grape vine did the rest. Van admits having a dick as big as his can be a blessing and a curse. Some people love it and others are terrified of it. 'Once some feel it, they don't want to be anywhere near that 'thing' they say', Van laughs. It doesn't matter whether it's a male or female, they're just not used to having a dick as big as mine. Van loves having a big dick and it gives his self-confidence a major boost knowing he doesn't have to over compensate for anything. Van takes good care of his equipment between sessions and admits he likes to jack off but won't do it everyday. Sometimes he'll go for days without touching himself and other days he'll jack off 4-5 times in a day. Hmmm, Lets see what that looks like...Van is asleep on the couch; but his dick isn't. He wakes up to find a tent in his loose fitting shorts. He grabs his cock through his shorts as he starts to tease his boner. His cock strains against his shorts as you see its massive outline wanting to be set free. He works it with both hands enjoying the sensation of the fabric against his growing cock. He pulls his shorts down as his uncut cock finally comes into view. He is hard in seconds as he kicks off his shorts. He spreads his beefy thighs giving his big balls room to breathe as he smacks his fat cock. Van's uncut cock is rock hard and at attention you could see why some would think twice before letting him slide it anywhere. He double-fists his massive cock as it throbs at his touch. He sits up as he continues to work his meat. His big balls are smooth and bounce freely as he works his horse cock harder. Van is naturally smooth and has light fur that starts with a happy trail that leads south to bigger pastures. His light fuzz covers his crotch and his inner thigh then dissipates as you reach those sexy thighs. As he strokes his meat, Van tugs and slaps his low hangers making his cock rock hard. He moves the party to the chair where he keeps stroking and slapping that fat cock of his as he gets closer to climax. He works that cock and all it's sweet spots and as he gets close he stands up to give us a better view of the fireworks. He moans as his balls finally give up their thick cargo. His busts his creamy nut as it splatters all over the glass top below. Whew.
Wrong Hood For Car Problems
Dylan is having car issues in the mean streets of Hollywood hills. Izzy James so conveniently happens to be in the area. After calling a tow truck, Izzy takes Dylan back to his pad to wait. The only towing down here is Izzy towing the fuck out of Dylan's ass.
Thick Dicked Black Teen
Krock is only 18, but he needs some money and when he found out he could jack out some cum to porn to make it he was calling us up. He's a hot young slim black guy with a really impressive cock, so impressive that Blaze has to give him some hot stroking and even tries to get a taste too! The boy's not ready for that though.
Getting Ricky With It
Alexander Greene is back home on ExtraBigDicks; and he's not the only one here to show off all his mother gave him. Ricky Larkin has also shown up to play and if nothing else we can assure you we have plenty of cock. Alexander is 27 years old and from New Jersey. Ricky is 24 years young and a local commodity. He was born and raised right here in sunny south Florida. We asked these two studs what makes them happy and gets them in a good mood. Ricky loves blow jobs; specially receiving them. Alexander likes just kicking back and chillin' with friends lying out on South Beach. Next we asked how long they fantasized about experimenting with a guy before they acted on it. Alexander always had fantasies. He always knew it turned him on. For Ricky he ended up fooling around with a guy that led him to have jack off fantasies about guys. Ricky actually first experimented with guys when a girlfriend wanted to see him with another guy and actually set everything up-DAMN, Gurl! He played along and not only was he pleasantly surprised; but claims she unleashed the 'freak' in him. Well, we might just have to send that girl a toaster oven. Ricky is kickin' back and horny as fuck when Alexander walks in to find him covering up on the couch. He notices the 'vase' on the desk. He admits whenever he uses one of those things it makes him horny as hell. Ricky tells him he can relate as he shows Alexander what he's covering up. Alexander doesn't see that as a problem at all as he starts to grope Ricky's boner. They start to make out as Ricky undoes his shorts to give Alexander access to his throbbing cock. He kicks off his shorts as Alexander goes south to see what he can do to help a buddy out. He opens wide as he takes Ricky's throbbing cock in his mouth. Ricky groans as he gets that cock worked. Ricky's curiosity gets the best of him as he pulls Alexander off his cock and strips his shorts off to get an idea of what Alex is working with. He hauls out Alexander's 9' uncut cock as they stroke their cocks together. Ricky licks his way south along Alexander's smooth chest til his tongue reaches his intended target. He takes that cock as deep as he can as Alexander watches his head bobbing on his meat. Ricky then lies on the couch and orders Alexander to fuck his face. Alexander obliges making him repeatedly gag on his thick meat. Careful what you ask for, str8 boy. They take turns worshiping each other's thick cocks until Ricky needs more on his dick. He suits up and sits back as Alexander straddles him and slowly impales himself on that thick cock. Ricky's meat slides deep inside until it's completely buried. Alexander loves it as he starts to ride that cock. He leans back and lets Ricky take the lead as he shoves his cock up into his tight hole. Ricky loves getting that dick ridden and Alexander is doing one hell of a job. Ricky then pulls out and bends Alexander over to get more of that sweet ass doggy style. Alexander's hard cock swings in time to the pounding he's getting. Ricky can't get enough of that hot ass as he holds Alexander tight and rails that big dick of his into him. Alexander loves it and reaches around to grab that ass and pull him in even deeper. Missionary is next as Alexander gives it up on the couch. Ricky slides his thick cock back inside. 'Yeah, gimme that ass!' he grunts as he pounds away at that tight manhole. He starts to fuck him faster hitting Alexander's sweet spot as he begs him to fuck him right there. Alexander explodes as Ricky jack rabbits that dick deep inside him. Ricky is next as he shoots his own load all over Alexander's cum-drenched abs.
Zack Lemec
Scanning the rural countryside, you are likely to see many wonders of nature, but none so striking in this landscape as the picturesque physique of Zack Lemec. Perched on a boulder underneath the bright sun, he smolders and shimmers as the light glistens off his sun drenched body. Stripping naked to soak in the rays, he basks in the warmth and fondles himself by a deep blue pond. Working himself into a frenzy, he sits back against rock and reclines amidst the foliage, natural as can be, and without a care in the world. The good life, he thinks, as he explodes forth in a gooey offering to the day the good life indeed.Enjoy!
Jacques Off
Jacques Off
Sleazy Drake's Oven
Get out the party hats we have a birthday boy in the house this week as we welcome Drake Jayden who's celebrating his 27th birthday. Well, it was yesterday, but close enough. To help make his day special, mostly a coincidence, we got a 22 year old hottie from northern California that all of our members love, Mr. Dylan Roberts. We know these boys work hard so we wondered if they could have a dream vacation what it would look like. Dylan would love to got to Ireland and see all the old castles and learn about the history. Maybe go to an authentic Irish pub and help himself to some ale or lager and become immersed among their thick accents. After 2 beers he may not understand a thing. For Drake he's going on what he hopes will be a dream vacation and will be spending a long weekend in Mexico with four other adult stars. Now that's a party right there. We wrapped things up asking if the ratio is even off camera in their personal life. They both like it 50/50 and Dylan admits he prefers to top at home; but when he's working he gets the opportunity to be with guys that are larger in some areas so he always makes the best of that. ...What a trooper.Drake is thumbing through a magazine when Dylan comes in to say hello. Drake is excited to see his old friend and they start to catch up and compare notes. Drake notices Dylan's a lot leaner and bigger and they both start to show off their chiseled abs. 'You still got that big dick?' grins Dylan. Dylan wants a closer look as he gets Drake up on the chair. He starts sucking Drake's nips and chest before making out. Dylan's hands find their intended target and as his shirt comes off so do Drake's pants. Dylan goes down on Drake's hard cock that is already at attention and eager to see him. Drake moans as Dylan swallows that meat all the way down his throat. Drake shoves his hard cock all the way down Dylan's throat as Dylan services his hard cock. Dylan then gets on his knees to work on Drake's dick some more and once Drake's had enough of that sweet mouth he returns the favor. Dylan groans as Drake deep throats his uncut cock. Drake knows exactly what he's doing as he swirls his hot mouth around Dylan's throbbing dick. From there it's a hot 69 as Drake gets that ass tongue-fucked by Dylan as he continues to nurse on Dylan's cock. It isn't long though before Drake's hot tongue finds its way to Dylan's back door.Drake then lubes up Dylan's cock and straddles it. He sits on that uncut dick as Dylan starts to slide that meat up into his hot hole. Drake grunts as he tries to accommodate that thick dick inside him as Dylan piston fucks up into him. He bounces Drake's hot little ass on his meat without any mercy, taking that ass deep. Drake doesn't mind one bit as he bucks back onto that dick wanting every inch of it. Dylan then gets Drake on his back and lifts his legs way up and over so that he can pile drive his dick back into that ass. Drake watches as Dylan owns that ass of his. He starts to do squats in and out of that ass as he repeatedly plunges his dick all the way inside. Drake is stroking his own throbbing cock that's hard as a rock as he gets fucked. From there they slide all the way down to the floor where Dylan continues to pound that ass missionary. Drake can't help but beg Dylan for more as Dylan's smooth balls slap away at his sore hole. Missionary does the trick as Dylan nears his climax. He fucks Drake harder and faster actually sending Drake over the edge as he bathes his furry abs and chest in his load. Dylan then pulls out and adds his own thick batch to Drake's matted mess.
Antonio Biaggi & Kriss Aston ...
Never before seen footage from Bareback Big Guns Scene Three with Antonio Biaggi and Kriss Aston. Includes an additional 14 minutes of raw footage.
Working Stiff
The Man, the Myth and of course the 'Girth' of it all has come a'callin to MenOver30 now that one of ExtraBigDick's finest, Girth Brooks turns the Big 3-0! Having just turned 30 this past summer it's nice to have more ways to enjoy him. Girth is from Massachusetts originally but lives in Florida now. With the recent political climate and the recent elections we discovered that Girth loves all the debates and has been following things since the GOP elections and likes being very involved in the process. Girth is hung and considers himself to be str8 even though he's open to things that make that big dick of his feel great. He's become more comfortable in his skin and as he starts to charter his thirties that will come in handy. Girth is currently single and enjoying the freedom that being a man-whore affords him. Girth likes tiny, fit girls that are short with a nice ass. He's also attracted to women that are nurturing and affectionate since he wants to have a family someday. Well, that may be down the road a ways; but today we're all about 'Man-whore' Girth who has done everything he's ever wanted to do sexually... <lucky fuck!>Girth's at work trying to get stuff done but unable to concentrate with his dick standing at attention in his slacks. He gives in and decides to take care of business in the break room. He locks the door and strips off his suit and shirt as he fondles his fat cock through his pants. He unzips them and after squeezing that fat cock through his briefs he takes it out, giving it the breathing room it needed. Girth's cock is extra fat and rock hard in his hand as he starts to stroke it. He sits back on the couch and keeps playing with his huge boner as he moans with delight. He strokes his cock dry for a bit before spitting on his knob a bit. He uses a porn rag for inspiration as all the images of tits and snatch get that dick hard. He lubes up and gets to work on his meat making it much easier to pleasure himself. His cock is throbbing by the time he stands up to give us a better view. He bends over to show off that hot ass we'll never get a crack at. (...pun intended) He spreads his smooth ass cheeks apart as he pushes his hard cock back so we can see everything on the menu. Girth's hairy chest is trimmed short and his body is looking better than ever. He stands up and gets back to work stroking that cock as the camera slides beneath him to give us a better view of those swollen nuts and fat cock getting ready to unload. Girth picks up the pace feeling that familiar tingle in his balls. He grunts as his cock explodes sending his thick load splattering everywhere and just inches above our lens. He squeezes out every last drop finally giving his cock the relief it begged for. Whew!
Always Up For Fun
James is a sweetheart. He loves carnivals and fairs. That's how he met Luke, our big dick of the day. James is excited to see what Luke is packing. However, I think he under-estimated the massive bulge in Luke's pants. It is huge! James is going to get fucked really hard by that giant dick. We gave him a pillow to brace for the penetration.
A Hot Facial For Blaze!
Eskimo and Blaze are perfectly matched in this shared jerk off and cock sucking session. Joe gets things started by trimming Eskimo's out of control bush, but soon those cocks are springing to life and the boys as tasting those boners and getting some hot sucking from Joe too. The facial Blaze gets is real impressive!
Keith Hunter hunts for cocks and cum!
Keith Hunter is always on the hunt... FOR COCKS! He usually hunts naked with his mouth open! Whenever he spots a cock he will quickly give it a good sucking and let it ram his hot ass bareback! Today is his lucky day! Why is that? Because not only did he spot ONE cock he spotted a BUNCH of cocks!
Lucas fucks for the first time on camera
Free To Play
Devin Adams and his new boyfriend are home alone and free to play. They've been waiting for some time alone so that they can fondle each other all over the house. They're games are cute but what they really want is one good, long day of fucking.
Cowboys 8
Bar Ariel