New York Doll
New York Doll
Crowded Pants
Brice is this cute skater boy we found walking down Melrose. We told him about our friend with the big cock and his eyes just opened wide. He wanted to meet him so we introduce the two. Just hope this skinny skater can handle a giant cock...
Dirk B & Lucas D
Highly sexed handsome rugged blonde Dirk gets hot n horny with cute young fittie Lucas Davidson. Both lads have thick uncut dicks, very hot oral action.. then Dirk gives Lucas a wet, deep rimming before plowing his arse deep & hard in three positions before spunking his load over him..The lads start off with passionate kissing and groping, getting a feel of each others thick bulges in their sports shorts. They take turns licking and sucking each other nipples, their dicks getting harder in their undies. More kissing, and they pull each others cocks out from their shorts. Dirks dick is rock solid, so stiff it points straight upwards, and Lucas cock hangs over his undies, slightly semi, very thick. They jerk each other off, then Lucas gets down onto his knees. He starts to suck on the end of Dirks throbbing uncut dick, but it doesnt take long before Dirk starts getting forceful, and grips his head to fuck his mouth. Lucas seems to like this, his cock gets good and solid as he gets a hot facefucking from Dirk. Having worked hard pleasuring Dirk, Lucas is eager to get sucked now, and he stands up, they kiss, then Dirk gets down on his knees. He opens wide to take in the meaty girth of Lucass fat cock, and he starts to suck firmly on it, pulling at the foreskin with his lips, then going deep, swallowing as much as he can. He sucks slow and hard, his own dick permanently rock solid too. They move to the sofa and Dirk sits back to get sucked again, Lucas laying on his side next to him. He hungrily starts to suck Dirk before getting his mouth fucked as Dirk grips his head, then slowing it right down to push his mouth deeper and deeper on his juicy meat, getting it right down Lucass throat. Hot. Lucas is on his back on the sofa, legs right back, hole in the air, and Dirk kneels on the floor, big dick throbbing, and he pulls his butt cheeks apart, opening up his hole a little, then spits into it, and starts licking it. Getting it really wet Dirk starts to push his tongue in, and as that tight hole starts to relax Dirk is able to get his tongue right inside. With both lads keen to start fucking, Dirk leans back into the corner of the sofa holding his cock upright, and Lucas lowers himself onto it, facing camera, then leans his body bock and slides himself down Dirks fuck pole. He rides it slowly for a bit, with horny little moans of pleasure, then Dirk grips his arse, holding him firmly and starts thrusting into him, fucking him harder..Next, Lucas leans against the sofa with Dirk standing behind him. He teases his hole, then pushes his dick back inside, all the way, and starts fucking with slow, long strokes, showing plenty of length. He fucks like this for a bit, then starts fucking harder, gripping Lucas as he thrusts in and out. Not quite done yet, Lucas is on his back now, legs wide apart, with Dirk on his knees, who pushes his cock back into that hungry hole, and starts pumping it in and out. He grips Lucas by the ankle, who is still wearing his white sport socks, and starts sniffing his foot as he fucks him. He gets into a good rhythm, keeping the fucking hard and steady, getting himself closer and closer..Dirk pulls out, pulls off the condom, and moves round to stick his cock in Lucass mouth, getting him to suck it.. this turns Lucas on bigtime, and seconds later he is spunking his sticky load all over his six pack, squeezing out every last drop as it dribbles down over his fingers.. The sight of this pushes Dirk over the edge, and his starts squirting powerful jets of hot liquid jizz across Lucass chest, and he shoots loads of it, several big strong squirts.. its a really horny cum shot, so you see it twice, in real time then again in slow motion.. Awesome.
How Many Licks Does It Take?
When sexy young Robbie makes a suggestion and gets his cock out, Jasper isn't likely to turn it down! He loves to lick something tasty, but he gets more than just something so suck on when that hot bottom boy offers the warmth of his snug ass for his friend to sink his cock into! Robbie gets a great fuck all over the place, ending with a messy cum shower!If lean boys with sporty athletic bods and hot tight holes are your type then you will love watching Jasper in action with his scene partners. He has a lot of fuck buddies out there, because he's just so horny all the time, and there are a lot of boys who can't say no to this versatile twink. Could you turn him down? No, didn't think so!Robbie Anthony is the life of the party, always horny and always ready to fuck. This handsome dark twink knows what he wants and he knows how to get it, sucking and fucking like a pro to get the boys off. The versatile twink is totally into getting fucked, but can definitely give it hard and deep when he wants some ass!
Stick Ball
As if we didn't have enough with Mario Costa in the house (as if!); we have a new stud making his debut today. Logan Drake told us he was up for a 'challenge' when he recently did his first ever shoot on CircleJerkBoys. What better way to christen this baby-faced 21 year old than throwing him in with 9.5 inches of uncut, local flavor. No es facil! Logan will officially be Cuban by injection by the end of today. Logan is attracted to foreign men and their accents and loves Aussie accents the best. Mario, without question, loves an Italian accent. Being a seasoned veteran we asked Mario to give Logan some advice that might help him on his budding career. 'Be on time and be professional': words to live by on and off set. Logan has yet to be spotted on the street by his newfound fans. That will come in time as more people see him on screen. Mario admits that happens from time to time and the last time was in the mall when a manager at a store came up and discretely asked him for an autograph. Well, this afternoon Logan will be getting a lot more than Mario's autograph and we're pretty sure he'll remember this afternoon for a while. He will have to sit down eventually. <evil grin> Cheers, Mate.Logan stumbles upon a huge dildo and tells Mario that that's a rather big dick. 'Mine's bigger than that' he grins. Logan's eyes open wide as he places the dildo on Mario's crotch and tries to imagine it. Mario leans in as they start to kiss. Logan won't have to imagine for long as Mario drops his shorts and stands before Logan who is lost in a state of wonder. He pulls down his briefs as Mario's massive cock comes out to play. Logan licks his lips before going down on the monster cock. Now would be a good time to wish you were double jointed. Logan starts to lick along the shaft before shoving as much of that Cuban pinga into his mouth. Mario just watches as Logan worships his thick dick. Logan takes his time as he savors Mario's meat making sure to pay attention to his smooth balls. Mario is naturally smooth everywhere and he's in good company with Logan who is also a smooth one. Mario then lays Logan back on the rug as he moves in to return the favor. Logan's eyes roll back as Mario shows him what he can do with that mouth of his. Mario takes all of Logan in his mouth as they get each other hotter and hotter.They can't get enough of each other as they get into a hot 69 so they can each get more dick. Mario's cock needs more than a tongue bath as he lifts Logan's leg to get inside that hot hole of his. He slides inside that hole and Logan definitely rises to the challenge as he starts to get that ass fucked. Mario slides in and out of him as Logan jacks his rock hard cock off. After fucking on the floor they move up to the couch as Mario sits back and watches Logan sit on his cock. Logan impales himself on Mario's cock as he starts to ride that fat cock reverse cowgirl. Logan's cock is throbbing the entire time as he bounces on that delicious dick. Mario just kicks back as he lets Logan milk his dick with that sweet ass of his. Mario then gets Logan on his back as he starts to fuck him missionary. Mario picks up the pace as he's back in the saddle and in control of the dicking. Logan jacks his cock faster as Mario's thick cock hits all the right spots deep inside him. It won't be long before his cock's gonna want to explode. Mario fucks him harder and it sends him over the edge blasting a huge load all over himself. Mario then pulls out and adds his own leche to the mix.
Chocolate Pop
Scott Alexander is in the house today and he's giving us a 'behind the scenes' look at all that is Scott. We decided he would be great to do our first
Home Alone
The very hot Jacques LaVere is chilling with his caffeine and dirty magazine when his roommate Sean Duran enters the room, interrupting his jerkoff session.Sean's eyes say lots about his appetites and in no time he eagerly offers a helping hand. Jacques LaVere and Sean Duran are so eager to get at each other that there is no time for kisses and even their clothes stay on!
Nocturnal Emissions
Wish they all could be California boys? Well relax cuz this week they are. Christian Wilde is back in the house and this sexy blue eyed morsel is always a good time. Dylan Roberts is also back and both of these 21 year old studs are from Northern California. This year has been a journey of self-revelation for Dylan as he finds himself and his career takes off. Christian sums up his year as 'Chaos, awareness and seeking a path'. Along that line of thinking we asked these two if they had $5K to donate to charity what would that charity be. Christian would donate to African water organizations which bring potable water to remote villages. Dylan would want to help needy children because it's such a growing issue. Speaking of 'growing', Christian didn't realize he had a bigger than average dick 'til he was 18?really!? It wasn't until he heard there were rumors about his size which made him realize he wasn't as small as he thought. Both of these studs consider themselves bisexual and they are both avid lovers of both sexes. They both agree that it all has a lot to do with how well they mesh with a person whether it is male or female. Well, today we just wanna see how well they 'mesh' and by mesh we mean...You know... <evil grin>Christian is taking a nap when Dylan wanders in and sees an opportunity. He sits on the couch and lets his fingers do the walking as he gropes Christian's cock. Christian wakes up and grinds his head down into his crotch as he grins. What a way to wake up. They start to kiss as they begin undressing each other. Christian stands up as Dylan pulls open his button-fly jeans to get at that growing cock. Christian's cock is straining against his sexy briefs and it only takes Dylan a few seconds to remedy that situation. Dylan wraps his lips around that thick cock and goes to work. Christian groans as he gets his cock worshipped. Dylan expertly swirls his tongue along his shaft as he nurses on all that meat. Dylan then gets up on the chair and watches as Christian returns the favor. He grabs Dylan's cock by the base as he bobs his head on it. He looks up at Dylan with those baby blues as he continues sucking that cock. He playfully slaps his tongue with Dylan's rock hard cock which only turns Dylan on even more. Dylan then gets even more dick to suck as Christian gets in position to fuck that pretty face of his.All this oral action has these two ready for a lot more than oral. Christian holds Dylan legs up as he slides his thick dick inside that hot ass. 'Feels so tight' he groans as Dylan's ass slowly gives way. Christian is soon burying that baby maker deep inside him as he picks up the pace. Christian jacks Dylan's hard cock as he fucks him. Christian's smooth balls slap away at Dylan's ass as he takes what's his. Dylan then straddles that big dick for more as he starts to ride it. Christian sits back and watches as his cock disappears in and out of that tight ass. Dylan is riding him like a bouncy ball unable to get enough of Christian's dick inside him. They make out as they keep fucking. 'You like that?' teases Christian (obviously rhetorical!) Christian then bends Dylan over and plows him doggy style. His cock plunges deep inside as he fucks his ass faster. It won't be long before that load needs an out. When he's ready to cum he stands over Dylan and sprays his massive load all over Dylan's smooth frame. Cum-soaked Dylan is next to cum as he jerks his own load all over himself. Mighty fine 'MESH' we got ourselves into, eh!? lol
Pool Boners
My friend has the most gorgeous swimming pool. I come over frequently to take a dip when the heat gets unbearable. What a tasty surprise when I saw Devin chillin' by the pool. No matter how much cool pool water there is, it doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to avoid this summer heat. In fact, all I got on my mind is getting as much of Devin's dick heat as possible!
Collegiate Rubdown
Home from college, Jake's finally finished his finals and thought he would celebrate with a nice massage. But little does he know, the final test has just begun, when the I see how much he can actually take when I shoves his giant cock deep into his throat, Jake being the overachiver, tries his best not to gag or scream while I'm fucking him in his tight asshole. "A" for effort Jake!
Ty One On
Ricky Larkin is back in the house this week looking better than ever. Ricky will be helping us welcome back a blast from the past Ty Tucker who appeared on our brother site a few years ago. We asked these studs if they could have anyone interview them who it would be. Ty would want to be interviewed by Charlie Sheen. Ricky would want to be interviewed by none other than Stephen Colbert. We then flipped the script and asked if they could interview anyone they wanted to whom it would be. Ricky grins as he answers Mila Kunis just to be in the same room with her. Ty would want to 'interview' Super Model Heidi Klum. Both of these boys prefer the ladies off cam but are open minded enough to do male on male work. We wondered what if anything they've learned from being in this position. Ty learned that not everything needs to be so restricted and being open with your sexuality is healthy. Ricky started off not really liking it but he didn't dislike it either. One way or the other both of these studs agree that the best head they've received to date have been from men. 'I heard what you were doing with my sister last night' Ricky tells Ty,
Growing Pains
Blue was just having one of those days where his back couldn't act normal. He decided to go to a massage therapist. The muscles Blue ended up working on ceased all the pain.
The Lay-Over
Trey Turner is back this week and he's brought along Alexander Garrett. There is plenty of dick to go round with these two in the house. No complaints here! It being the holidays and the aftermath thereof we wondered what the last purchase they made for themselves was. 'Shoes' answers Trey and Hugo is quick to concur. Hugo, who apparently has a bit of an Imelda Marcos complex, loves shoes so much he tries to get a new pair every weekend. We then asked them what their favorite desert is since we figure it can't be all gym all the time. Key Lim Pie is Trey's weakness while Hugo loves Cr
Latina Lover Drools Over Giant Cock
Dominic is such a Latin Lover. He kind of looks likes one of guys from 300. He's super sexy and he's down to fuck a guy with a huge cock. I love watching to sexy men fuck...
Lukas Long Solo
Dark, hairy, sexy, a total exhibitionist and a heavy cummer, Lukas Long lost his porno cherry to me, with a Kerpow! It was his first time, but there were no nerves or trepidation from this charming, cocky young man, he loved getting his big, dark dick out and stroking it for me and you're gonna luv watching him jack a fat load of creamy man-goo!
Two Cock Love
Doug and Luke are in love. Not your normal type of love though, the boys enjoy some pleasurable moments together. They just love to play with each others big dicks!
Cowboys 6
We are back on the ranch this week as our two dominant cowboys use and abuse an unsuspecting passive ranch dude. Gigantic 9+ inch cocks face fuck and pound our ranch dudes ass like he
Nicky Six's First Time!
Nicky Six kicks off his first gay experience with Miles Pride who worships his nine incher with relish. He sucks Nicky's long dick before taken every inch inside his tight ass. They finish with a hot facial and cum eating. He might be straight, but even Nicky couldn't resist a naked Miles Pride servicing him!Normally I hate tattoos on twinks, but he really had some cool ones. He has this great mix of young innocent looking boy next door with this edgy emo punk look to him. Super skinny and small with big brown heart melting eyes. He has this great confident and funny personality. An all around great model.
Big Holiday Celebration
Keegan wants to go big for the holidays. When we brought Luke over, Keegan knew he was in for a treat. Keegan unzipped Luke's pants and pulled out his big thick cock. Keegan needed two hands to handle the giant thing.
Stamin's Piston
Today it's 'Bring a Breeder to Work' Day here and we know how you love your breeders. <insert your own joke here> Trey Turner is back and apparently no longer on the market. Trey gushes as we ask him about his new beau. Apparently he pulled a U-Haul (lesbian lingo for fast-tracked) and they are now living together. <GASP> While Trey floats back to earth, we turn our attention to a new face we recently became familiar with, Mr. Peter Stamin. Peter doesn't have a boyfriend waiting for him back home. If he had, his girlfriend of a few years would be really puzzled as to who else is sleeping in their bed. LOL Peter's dating a sexy redhead and assures us the carpets match the drapes. He didn't lose his virginity until he was 16 and admits it was a mess having to be quiet with the girl's mom in the next room. Today Peter is going to be tappin' an ass of a different kind and going where few str8 men have boldly gone before! Well...that may not be necessarily true; but Peter will be burying his larger than average cock inside another guy which doesn't happen all the time. 'Sometimes you gotta open up and explore yourself and see what happens'. We can't argue with that.Trey reaches over and begins to undo Peter's jeans as Peter sits back and focuses on the flick before him. By the time Trey hauls out his cock it is rock hard and ready for attention. He goes down on Peter's massive meat which immediately makes the straight boy start to squirm as he revels in ecstasy. Trey then gets up to give Peter access to his own meat which Peter takes out and samples as well. Peter is apparently committed to this opening up concept as he sucks on Trey's cock. After a bit of oral, Trey wants more of Peter's cock so he goes right back to nursing on his thick meat. Peter's body is naturally smooth and lean. His abs ripple as he slowly fucks Trey's mouth wanting more. The chemistry between these two is perfect as Peter allows himself to explore his new found desires. He goes back to sucking on Trey's cock which by now is rock hard and aching for release. Trey just sits back and watches as the str8 boy plays with his cock like he's discovered a new toy. Peter grabs it by the base, shakes it about before going right back down on it. He can't seem to get enough of a good thing; and things can only get better at this point. Trey goes back to work on Peter's cock getting it harder for what's to come.Trey can't seem to get enough of Peter's uncut meat and he seems to be in good company as they maneuver into a hot 69. The foreplays building towards even more excitement and before we know it we're hearing Trey groaning 'Oh yeah, fuck my ass!' as Peter's balls are slapping his ass. Peter is fucking Trey doggie-style as Trey moans with delight. Peter then flips Trey on his back and slams back in for more of that sweet ass. Peter's thick dick isn't having any problems fucking in new territory as he tears Trey's ass up. Peter is rock hard and slamming deeper and deeper giving Trey the fucking he craves. They both stand as Peter bends over his new conquest and rams that thick dick back inside as he continues to pound his new friend with privileges. Trey is in heaven as he gets his ass fucked by a hung str8 guy. All this fucking is sensory overload for Peter whose balls are feeling that familiar tingle as he pulls out and strokes his cock off all over Trey. He explodes coating Trey's smooth chest and cock with his batter which in turn sends Trey over the edge. Trey grunts sending his own load lassoing into the air as he adds to the milky mess all over his navel and chest.
Tied Down and Jacked
Roped up to a chair by Ashton Bradley, Steven Prior can't resist the handjob being given to him - and we mean that literally and figuratively, the guy can't move. With black wax still staining his thighs and cock, this is going to be one messy jerk-off session.
Popping Cherry and Sucking Big Cock
Aiden Ash is a new comer and he proves he can handle the spotlight in this video. He goes down on Xander Brennan's big cock for awhile and you can see he's had practice! The two make out a lot and when Xander is ready, he puts Aiden on his back and starta fucking him good. He jerks is cock intensely until he cums while Xander's cock is deep inside him. Blond boy Aiden's cherry is popped!18 year old, slim slender body. He loves to be a bottom and despite his small size, he loves huge cocks!Xander is the new twink on the block! He's a natural and it's great to see him have a good time on camera!
Secret Boy Banging
Adam has such a sweet booty. One day I snuck into his bedroom unnoticed. I began stroking my cock till it got harder then a Thors hammer. Almost immediately I pulled his pants down and starting smelling his sweaty dick right before I shove that lump of flesh in my mouth. He opened his eyes and I knew I was done for. Something wasn't the same after that night. My dick just seems to crave his ass...
Jake Marshall and Marco Rios
Silver Daddy Jake Marshall and Super Hairy Hunk Marco Rios soak their fur and muscles under the outdoor shower in this South Florida paradise. Slippery and wet, these two muscle bears can't keep their paws (and mouths) off of each other. After they cool down under the shower's mist, these two hairy muscle beasts get all hot and sweaty again while they take turns fucking each other's hairy muscle butts.
School of Hard Knoxx
Handsome devil Mason Coxx is in the house this week so you know you're in for a real treat as he helps us welcome 21yo Johnny Knoxx to the fold. Little does Johnny know that Mason has 9 really good reasons why he should stick around; but he'll take all 9 of those soon enough. <evil grin> This is Johnny's debut shoot with us as well as the rest of the adult world and we can assure West Palm Beach's finest that he's in good hands. Mason is now 26 and originally from Connecticut. We started off by asking these studs what's a movie they never get tired of watching. 'Pretty Woman' is Mason's favorite while 'Avatar' never gets old for Johnny. Well Pandora may not be the easiest place to visit but we asked these two where they would love to visit if they could. Mason wants to go to Egypt and Johnny has his sights set on Australia. Foreign lands are full of foreigners so we wondered which they thought were the sexiest. Mason loves Parisian men while Johnny prefers Latin men so we figure his interests would again take him south where the Latinos are a plenty. Well, that's enough chit chat for now and we have those 9 really good reasons to get to... nMason and Johnny are kickin' it on the couch when Johnny holds up an extra large condom he found and asks Mason about it. 'That's mine' blushes Mason, 'you don't believe me?' Johnny grins and wants proof that he has what it takes to fill it as he reaches over and grabs Mason's growing cock. They start to make out and Mason is rock hard in seconds as Johnny proceeds to give that thick dick some room. Johnny then strips as Mason loses his pants and underwear. His cock is rock hard and ready for more as Johnny gets on his knees and takes that dick deep. He opens wide and starts to work that knob and shaft as Mason sits back and enjoys. Mason then stands to give Johnny all the access he needs to that dick and even helps out by fucking his mouth. 'Damn you got a big dick' Johnny coos before getting right back on Mason's thick cock. Mason then gets Johnny to his feet to make out some more and also give him a chance to score some dick himself. Mason sits Johnny on the armrest and lands between his legs as he sucks and savors Johnny's rock hard cock. Both of these studs are rock hard and take their time sucking each other's cocks. Soon, sucking dick won't suffice...Mason then gets up and opens up that rubber Johnny found and slides it on his massive cock. Perfect fit just like the fit Johnny's tight ass is about to give him as Mason slowly slides inside. Mason wastes little time before bending Johnny over pounding away at that hot ass doggy style. Johnny just moans as he gets his ass stretched by that thick meat. Mason picks up the pace shoving that dick in faster and deeper as Johnny whimpers doing his best to accommodate all that dick. Careful what you wish for, Johnny. Mason then pulls out and sits back on the couch as Johnny sits on it for more. In a reverse cowgirl position Johnny can have as much dick as his hot little ass can take as he grinds up and down on it. He can't get enough of that dick and Mason's not about to complain as Johnny just bounces on his rock hard cock. Mason then gets Johnny on the floor and slides into him again as they lay on their sides. Mason holds Johnny's leg up as his balls slap away at that smooth hole. Johnny can't help but jack off as Mason's cock hits him in all the right spots. It quickly sends him over the edge as he unloads all over himself and the rug. Mason is next as he straddles Johnny's spent cock and busts a huge wad all over Johnny's face and chest. Mason and Johnny are kickin' it on the couch when Johnny holds up an extra large condom he found and asks Mason about it. 'That's mine' blushes Mason, 'you don't believe me?' Johnny grins and wants proof that he has what it takes to fill it as he reaches over and grabs Mason's growing cock. They start to make out and Mason is rock hard in seconds as Johnny proceeds to give that thick dick some room. Johnny then strips as Mason loses his pants and underwear. His cock is rock hard and ready for more as Johnny gets on his knees and takes that dick deep. He opens wide and starts to work that knob and shaft as Mason sits back and enjoys. Mason then stands to give Johnny all the access he needs to that dick and even helps out by fucking his mouth. 'Damn you got a big dick' Johnny coos before getting right back on Mason's thick cock. Mason then gets Johnny to his feet to make out some more and also give him a chance to score some dick himself. Mason sits Johnny on the armrest and lands between his legs as he sucks and savors Johnny's rock hard cock. Both of these studs are rock hard and take their time sucking each other's cocks. Soon, sucking dick won't suffice...Mason then gets up and opens up that rubber Johnny found and slides it on his massive cock. Perfect fit just like the fit Johnny's tight ass is about to give him as Mason slowly slides inside. Mason wastes little time before bending Johnny over pounding away at that hot ass doggy style. Johnny just moans as he gets his ass stretched by that thick meat. Mason picks up the pace shoving that dick in faster and deeper as Johnny whimpers doing his best to accommodate all that dick. Careful what you wish for, Johnny. Mason then pulls out and sits back on the couch as Johnny sits on it for more. In a reverse cowgirl position Johnny can have as much dick as his hot little ass can take as he grinds up and down on it. He can't get enough of that dick and Mason's not about to complain as Johnny just bounces on his rock hard cock. Mason then gets Johnny on the floor and slides into him again as they lay on their sides. Mason holds Johnny's leg up as his balls slap away at that smooth hole. Johnny can't help but jack off as Mason's cock hits him in all the right spots. It quickly sends him over the edge as he unloads all over himself and the rug. Mason is next as he straddles Johnny's spent cock and busts a huge wad all over Johnny's face and chest.
Billy Rubens, Luke Desmond, Damian B.
Faced with a face from his past that handyman Luke Desmond really doesn't wanna see, hairy young daddy Damian Boss knows him from the toolbox and is in charge of his future, putting our hung young twink in a bad position! To make matters worse, straight lad Billy Rubens is caught in the middle of it all, and is coerced into a three-way between to two, all for the sake of a job at the hotel! Stripping each other off and getting throat fucked, these twinks have no choice but to dance to Damian's tune, and he is in a very demanding mood! Peeling off his overalls to show us his tanned, hairy body, nicely toned, but wait for his thick, big dick to push out from his pants, shared between the twinks! Superhung Luke gets what's coming to him, and Damian takes his ass hard right there in reception as Billy gets sucked off! Damian's still not content with what the lads are giving him, so ensures he gets a taste of it all, even spreading his own hairy ass for Billy as he gobbles on Luke's dick and balls - talk about flipping! This hairy man getting fed dick from both sides, and by twinks! That's not something you see every day, but is fucking hot all the same!
Halloween Special
With the spirit of Halloween hanging over The Mill, Luke Desmond can't help but take advantage of the boy caught in his trap. Chad Chambers is entangled within the giant spider's web that has appeared for this ghostly holiday. He can do nothing but squirm as Luke attacks his body with pegs and wax, then covers him in his own special 'webbing'.
Call Me!
This week, MenOver30 has a big piece of Cuban cuisine in the house, and he goes by the name of Mario Costa. For those of you unfamiliar with this Hispanic hottie who speaks softly but carries a huge stick, where have you been?! This week 23yo Mario has a sexy playmate with dark features and an evil grin named Ricky Martinez. Ricky is 24 and originally from the Windy City. Mario and Ricky are both single now. Mario just recently got out of a long term relationship and admits he loves his newfound freedom. These two are just two typical guys. Ricky loves Comedies and things that make him laugh...Mario loves all shows. When it comes to music, Ricky likes Cold Play, Dave Matthews and an alternative mix of others. Mario loves- you guessed it -'all' music. Hmmm, Well he's either has a vast range of entertainment likes...or he's just not big on chit chat. Ricky would win the creative award in the 'getting your nut' department; since he now likes to jack off while driving. Well, Lucky for Mario, he'll be the only one doing the driving this afternoon. Gentlemen, Start your engines! They begin to break the ice as they slowly kiss. Ricky is the first to head south as his mouth explores Mario's exposed chest. He kisses and licks his nips as he makes his way down to his sexy briefs that are already beginning to show an expanding bulge. As Ricky pulls down his briefs, his thick uncut cock comes into view. He takes it and begins to tease and lap at his hooded knob before going down on him. He sucks on that meaty monster as it begins to grow to its full length. Ricky takes his time as he worships the fat 9.5 inches he now gets to savor. The look of amazement on Ricky's face is classic as he continues to chow down on the all you can eat buffet. Mario has had enough and wants the real deal. He quietly gets up, and Ricky knows to get on his back. Mario gets in position and slowly begins to slide his meat deep inside. Ricky can only groan as his ass gets stretched wide. 'Fuck me with that big cock!' he grunts, as Mario obliges. Mario then gets up and sits on the chair to give Ricky the control he needs to get that cock in his tight ass. Ricky slowly impales himself on his thick meat and it isn't long before Ricky is sliding that thick cock in and out of his ass. Ricky is breathing deep and trying his best to relax as he continues taking Mario's fat pinga deep inside him. Once Mario knows his ass is stretched open for his meat, he bends Ricky over and begins to fuck him doggy style. Ricky can only moan aloud as Mario slams his cock deep inside him. Ricky's doing his best to take the pummeling he's being given; but Mario wants to get that load off and isn't showing him any mercy. Ricky is groaning like a broken record as he gets that asshole stretched wide. Mario picks up the pace as he nears climax. Once he's ready, he pulls his fat dick out and explodes his load all over Ricky's back. Once he's done, Mario bails, leaving Ricky to get himself off. Ricky's famous last words: 'Mario,Call me!?'
Broken Axel
Today we have 2 new faces for you on MenOver30 and we're happy to welcome Epic Novell and Axel Johnson. Epic is 31 years old and originally from Los Angeles, CA. Axel is a young'n at 22 and he's from North Dakota. We wondered what these two stock up on when they go to the grocery store. It's produce for Axel while Epic makes a mad dash for the meat department. Hmmm art imitates life. To expand on that we asked what is their healthiest love vs. their guilty pleasure in the food department. Axel admits he can eat anything he wants (
White Boy Gets Big Black Cock.
Jon Estavez is chillin relaxing while his roommate comes home after playing basketball. He goes upstairs to say hello and finds all his adrenaline kicked in. Ready for some raging ass hole pounding Jon Estavez realizes dick might be the way to go...
Huge, Thick Teen Cock Solo
We caught Jordan laying naked by the pool and decided to follow him with our camera as he went for a swim and then into the privacy of his room. Once he closed the door, Jordan began to stroke and rub his huge cock to full erection. His hot, young, smooth body quivered as he neared orgasm and then he shot a thick load of white, creamy jizz on his belly. He scooped his cum with his fingers and ate all his gooey, sticky sperm juice!
Aaron Cage & Drew
There's nothing that hairy muscle guy Aaron loves more than a huge cock, so when he saw Drew's pics his eyes lit up and we were all set for a great video. Drew knows just how to use his foot-long uncut dick to please even the greediest of guys and the sight of Drew's smooth dark member sliding deep into Aaron's white hairy ass is one I'll remember for a long time.
Pacifico Time
After almost a year and a half, it is with great pleasure that we welcome back swarthy Dominic Pacifico. Scruffy, dark and handsome with bedroom eyes and a thick dick, Dominic is the complete package. Dominic has been quite industrious since we've seen him last. He's been working on his music and is actually releasing his first album in stores locally. Appropriately called Porn Star DJ, his first album of mixes is set to do well. He started dabbling in music back in 1998. After 12 years, he's matured into quite the stud. He's also been in the industry for about 12 years, and has been able to make it work for him. He's also glad he's been able to merge both of his passions to work together. Working in the adult industry it's also afforded him the type of jet set lifestyle he particularly enjoys. He's been able to see many places and meet incredible people along the way in a journey that would've been much different had he not pursued porn. 'If you wanna do it for fun then do it for fun, if you want to do it as a career then think twice and give it a shot' Words to live by from an amazing man who is on top of his game.Dominic begins his own episode of Dominic Pacifico 'Unplugged'. His hands begin to roam over his defined frame. He pulls his shirt over his head showing off those chiseled abs and furry navel. He opens his board shorts and slides a hand inside while the other is exploring his smooth chest and nips. He slides his shorts off, showing us that thick cock of his straining against his briefs that are just barely containing all he has to offer. He strokes and tugs at that thick meat through his underwear as it throbs aching to be set free. Dominic then stands on the chaise and continues to tease his dick. He finally pulls his briefs down and gives his dick the breathing room it needs. It is rock hard. Dominic begins to give it the attention it requires. His massive balls are smooth. He keeps everything trimmed and under control. Dominic then loses his underwear and turns his attention to that spectacular ass of his. He bends over on the chaise and starts to finger himself. He licks his fingers before shoving them deep inside this tight ass. He stares right at you knowing very well you have other plans for that ass that don't involve his fingers!Dominic then sits back on the futon as he lubes and strokes his cock, which by now is at full mast. He lifts his muscular legs in the air as his fingers find that sweet ass of his. He fingers himself a bit while jacking his engorged member. He tugs on his balls and pulls them away from his cock with one hand while burying more fingers inside that hungry hole. This stud definitely knows how to make a boy work for it as he continues to tease u and that ass. Dominic then just sits back and slowly strokes that cock. He puts his hand behind his head giving us a peak at those sexy arm pits of his. There isn't a bad angle on this 29 year-old. He just looks better and better. He grabs his thick meat at the base and squeezes it hard between strokes. Soon he's breathing heavier, muttering under his breath, 'I'm ready to bust' as his pecs and abs begin to tense and flex. Dominic then grabs his massive dick and starts to jack it off with both hands on deck. Soon, he's double fisting out a massive load that splatters up all over his heaving chest and coats his abs and furry happy trail. Someone was a bit backed up. We're just glad we could help.
Manly Massage
Damon's shoulders and back were bugging him. He knew the only way to get the knots out would be to get a professional massage. That's why Tyler is here. Tyler decided to give Damon the best package he offers...his humongous cock.
Youth Offenders - Governor's Office
John has been a bad boy again! Causing fights and hiding keys is not the best behaviour behind bars so it's time for a visit at the governor's office for the punishment he deserves. A big juicy cock get's shoved up his throat and soon after up his tight hole. John gets pinned on the governor's desk and get's banged hard but will he ever learn his lesson?
Hart Broken
Chasen Hart is back looking all sorts of manly sporting a rugged beard and trimmer than we've seen him before. Steven Ponce is also back and we know he'll be able to handle anything Chasen throws at or 'in' him. Chasen is 22 years old and originally from Hollywood, Florida. Steven Ponce is 31 and he's from San Juan, Puerto Rico. As for colors Chasen's favorite is purple while Ponce loves blue. As for their favorite things to watch, Chasen loves Swamp People while Steven loves watching World's Dumbest Criminals. To round up the favorites hit list we asked what their favorite comfort food was. Chasen loves skylight chili or sushi. Steven loves 'comida criolla' or home spun Island food like rice and beans and pork chops. Summer is almost over and we asked these two what they were looking forward to starting. Chasen is looking forward to starting school. Ponce just wants to get to travel as much as he can. We asked Chasen who favors the ladies if he could see himself dating women exclusively in the future and he says he wouldn't want to be limited to just girls. Well we couldn't agree more...Chasen's showing off his boner through his shorts teasing Steven. 'Think you can suck this better than my girlfriend?' Not one to back down from a challenge, Steven gets Chasen on his feet as he kneels before him to get a better look. 'That's a man's dick in need of a man's mouth' Chasen chuckles as he watches Steven strip him and awe at his massive meat. Steven rubs his face on the tent that Chasen's sporting before finally setting it free. Once the boxers come off he laps at Chasen's heavy nuts and runs his tongue up along the shaft. He then opens wide and starts to slurp on Chasen's thick dick. Chasen moans as he gets that extra thick cock sucked on. Steven slurps on that pole getting it nice and wet. Chasen loves the attention his fat knob is getting and he doesn't want it to end anytime soon. Chasen gets back on the couch where Steven lies between his massive thighs and gets back to worshipping that meat. Chasen's hands start to roam as he checks out Steven's hot ass. Steven just deep throats his cock even deeper wanting to please Chasen and show him what a man can do. Chasen then starts to fuck Steven's hot mouth as he buries as much of that beer can cock as Steven's throat will permit.Steven then strips his own jeans off and bends Chasen over to get a taste of that sweet ass. He can't get enough of that beefy ass as he shoves his tongue deep inside Chasen's hole. Steven is rock hard as he buries his face inside that str8 ass. They stand and compare cocks before Chasen gets Steven back on his knees to fuck that face some more. Steven gets him rock hard before handing him an XL rubber. Chasen grins and watches as Steven slides that cock loving ass of his down on his fat pole. It isn't long before Steven is bouncing on that cock as he groans and licks on Chasen's neck. 'You're ass is gonna be so sore' Chasen groans as Steven helps himself to all the dick he can get. Chasen's monster cock has met its match. Chasen then pulls out and bends Steven over and fucks him doggy style. Steven groans and just begs for more. Chasen is totally into it loving how cock crazed Steven gets on the end of his. He starts to slap that ass as he pounds away at that ass deeper than he ever has. Chasen moves them to the couch where he lays behind Steven and keeps fucking him until he explodes all over himself. Chasen then pulls out and shoots his own thick batch all over his happy trail.
Riding A Straight Muscle Man
Beefy Brock Landon might be straight, but when young blond lad Evan Stone arrives at his door and offers him a warm place to slide his cock into, the massive man is quickly stripping and feeding the lad his meat! Even straight muscle men like Brock Landon can't refuse a tight ass like the one Evan has to offer and he fucks him hard and deep before giving him a hot facial too!If the idea of a straight guy built like a brick shithouse turns you on, Brock Landon is here just for you. He's nearly as wide as he is tall! Brock says he's strictly straight off camera, but on Phoenixxx he's fucking ass, sucking dick, and even bottoming!Blond boy Evan Stone is so gorgeous, and although he might look a little innocent on the outside, when he has the chance to get some cock he's all about the hardcore action! This lad is hard from the start, sharing a long and slender cut cock and a hot smooth ass with his co-stars, getting off on every moment of it!
Yuletide Log
The Holidays are approaching and the men just seem to get hotter; not that we're complaining. Here to make his debut as well as wet our holiday appetite is Brock Russell. Brock's a familiar face on some of our other sites and this sexy 37 year old from Cape Cod is always a welcome sight. In the Christmas spirit, we pulled a few strings and got him what he's been wishing for this year--9.5 inch uncut inches of Cuban cock. Yes, the man, the myth, the python is back. Miami's own Mario Costa... will be getting more than his stocking stuffed today. Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Christmas dinner will soon be served and we wondered what they are looking forward to the most. 'Lechon' is what Mario's looking forward to, like any good Cuban, since roast pork is the tradition on Christmas Eve. Brock's favorite is a dish his mom makes that consists of ham in a honey mustard sauce. They both admit they are economically responsible when it comes to Christmas spending. The economy always dictates the gift giving one way or another. But as far as gifts go this year, Brock is beaming since he's about to unwrap one he's been itching to for quite some time. Mario is grinning ear to ear at the thought, so buckle up, Betches! Mario's in for one hell of a ride.Brock's waiting for Mario to get dressed and once he is done, he looks too delicious to pass up. Brock starts to kiss him as he lets his hands roam. He slides Mario's tee off as we see his smooth chest. Brock's tongue has an agenda of its own as it makes its way down Mario's pecs and abs. There's only one thing stopping Brock from getting what he really wants--Mario's damn jeans! Brock undoes them and as they come down Mario's massive meat springs out ready for action. Ready is Brock's middle name as he quickly wraps his lips around Mario's massive meat. He savors that Cuban cock for a bit before hauling out his own to feed to Mario. Mario sucks on Brock's cock but it is short lived since Brock really wants more of that throbbing cock in his mouth. He kneels between Mario's legs and gets back to worshipping that meat. He does his best to take as much of that dick into his mouth as Mario moans his approval. They then get into a hot 69 so that they can both get their needs met. MmmmBrock's tongue, at it again, wanders south towards Mario's smooth ass. He eats his hole out making Mario squirm as he gets ready for more. Brock flips Mario over and slides his cock inside. Mario winces as he gives it up. His dick is rock hard as Brock starts to tap his ass. It's always a treat to watch Mario take a dick since he's usually the one on top. Brock is in ecstasy as his cock revels in that tight ass. He bends forward and sucks on Mario's knob as he continues to fuck him. Bigger IS better--who knew? He then gets Mario from behind as he starts fuckin him doggy style. He holds Mario still as he grinds his thick cock deep inside him. Mario is jacking his rock hard cock. It hasn't wavered since they started and as the action gets hotter his dick just seems to get harder. He sits on Brock's cock next as he rides that dick. Brock helps bounce him on his meat as his balls start to pull up needing release. Mario jacks his dick faster as he gets fucked and it sends him over the edge. He blows his 'leche' everywhere as he bounces on Brock's cock. Brock then jacks his cock off all over himself as he makes out with Mario. Guess someone's gonna be late for that Christmas party...
Boy Toy Sex Trap
"The sex trap in full effect. Order food back at the pad, get a little snack in the belly then offer up some thick hot chocolate cock for dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth. This fool couldn't resist my fat chocolate cock so after I fucked his face and pummeled his ass I blasted a nice little frosting treat all over his lips for good measure."
Beary Furry
We have a hot scene this afternoon, fur real, as we welcome back Josh Long. Josh is 20; furry and, if that wasn't hot enough, he has left Tennessee and moved down to Tampa. Florida just gets hotter and hotter. His costar today is another fan favorite, Mr. Devin Adams. Devin is 24 originally from Maryland and also a recent addition to the Sunshine State. These studs are hot, so we asked them what makes them feel sexy. For Josh, a good haircut makes him feel sexy. He doesn't know why but he loves looking nice. For Devin, he loves running on the beach and having guys check him out. Well we can see how watching this 6'3 hottie running anywhere half naked would be a show stopper. When it comes to watching porn we wondered what kind of porn they like to watch since they are in the industry. For Devin he loves watching amateur porn since he likes seeing a newbie all nervous on set. For Josh he loves to watch porn just to watch porn. 'I watch porn like other people watch TV,' he laughs, 'it's fun when I catch them looking right at the camera and I know they have to be new at this.' Was it not Shakespeare who penned, 'All the world's a stage, and all the men are merely porn actors'...or were they critics? lol Well-he was probably thinking it. lolDevin is horny for dick so he lines up a booty call via text with his hot friend Josh. It doesn't take long before he hears a knock on the door. Lunch is served. He lets Josh in and pins him against the wall as he goes in for a kiss. 'You are hairy, huh?' he teases looking at Josh's furry chest in that tank he's wearing. He drops to his knees, hauls out his cock and goes to work. He swallows that dick to the hilt as Josh just watches his cock disappear. 'I bet that ass is hairy, too' Devin smiles as he turns Josh around to check out that ass. He isn't disappointed as he spreads Josh's furry cheeks apart and slips his tongue as deep as he can into that follicle forest. Josh just moans as he gets that ass eaten out. Devin then gets on his feet and drops his briefs finally freeing his own throbbing cock. He sits back and directs Josh's head to his cock as he helps bob Josh's hot mouth up and down on it. Josh swallows Devin's cock with ease getting Devin super hard and horny for more; which is just what Josh wants.Devin is soon in position on the couch as Josh's cock slowly makes its way inside his tight ass. 'Aww yeah, Fuck that ass' Devin moans as Josh picks up the pace. Josh is fucking that ass nice and steady as Devin jacks his fat cock. Josh gets that cock of his nice and deep fucking him doggy style. Devin then takes control as they take the party to the floor. Devin straddles Josh and impales himself on that hard dick. He gets right to work riding that cock as he bounces on it. Josh jacks Devin's cock as he watches his own getting swallowed up by that hot ass. Devin can't get enough as he leans back and mounts that cock like a seasoned jockey. But wait, there's more. Missionary is next as Josh gets Devin on his back and slides his rock hard cock back inside for more. He holds one leg up as he pounds away at that ass. Devin's cock is rock hard as he gets that prostate prodded. That's gonna do the trick and Devin can't help but explode all over himself as Josh literally fucks a huge load out of him. Josh isn't far behind as he pulls out and busts his nut all over Devin's cum-covered cock.
Tension Relief
Devin's snowboarding accident has left his back sore. Too bad the massage he's going to get is going to make it 10 times worse!
Waynes Worlds
We have a special episode today as we welcome back Girth Brooks. The Man, the Myth, the Cock is back to show us how it's done and welcome a new edition to the site, Tanner Wayne. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, Girth's a sexy Bostonian that's 30 years young and packs an almost 9' cock that's about 7.5' in circumference. He credits his Polish descendents for giving him his High School nickname 'The Polish Hammer'. Tall and hunky Tanner is 24 years young and originally from Nebraska. We asked these studs what was the last thing they watched on TV. Girth caught some political spin on CNN. Tanner worked up his appetite watching The Food Network. Other than TV, Girth likes to either work out or fuck some dudes on his free time. <TEAM GIRTH!> Tanner likes to work out on his spare time as well; and likes pushing himself and going on long runs to blow off steam. Everything seems to be falling into place as Tanner admits he's not a size queen; but he can be impressed. Well today, Girth is going to show Tanner just how all that big equipment works; the proper care for it...and then some.As we begin we have Girth standing as he gropes his growing crotch. His hands run under his tee as he feels his hairy pecs and abs. His shirt comes off and hits the couch as he continues his sexy strip tease. He undoes he belt and shoves his hand in his pants to accommodate his fat cock that by now is growing by the second. He pushes his jeans down and starts to tug on his cock through his boxers. The outline of his massive cock strains against the cotton longing to be released. (Enter Tanner: stage right) 'Get your fuckin hand on my cock' moans Girth as Tanner kneels and starts to grope his cock and rubs his face all over it. Tanner soon pulls that underwear down to get at the real deal; opens wide and takes that fucking dick. Girth moans as he gets that thick cock sucked on giving it the attention it craves. 'Lick my balls you dirty fuckin whore' Girth grunts as Tanner does as he's told lapping at his huge nut sack. Tanner takes that dong all the way down his throat driving Girth wild as he talks dirty to him and tells him exactly what to do on his throbbing meat. 'Stick your tongue out' Girth orders, slapping his cock on his tongue before turning around to give him something else he could lick, 'fuck yeah get that ass you dirty whore' Tanner eats that ass out shoving that tongue deep inside.Girth can't wait any longer and pulls Tanner to his feet before shoving him against the wall and ripping off his tee. He manhandles Tanner as Girth climbs on a chair and has Tanner get under him so he can keep licking his hole. Girth then sits on the floor and orders Tanner to drop his pants and sit on his fat dick. Tanner doesn't need to be told twice and is soon sliding onto that meaty pole. Tanner is rock hard as he starts to ride Girth as he bounces up and down on it. Girth groans as he helps bury his meat in that sweet. Girth then gets Tanner and bends him over as he slides inside him and takes that sweet ass doggy style. 'Take all that fuckin dick, filthy whore' Girth moans as his balls slap away at that tight ass he's stretchin' wide open. The hornier Girth gets the dirtier he talks as he slams that huge cock deep into Tanner's hole. Tanner is grunting as he does his best to accommodate that monster dong. Pile driver is next as Girth gets Tanner on the floor and hoists his legs up over his head giving up that sweet ass for more pounding. Girth slams inside and starts to do squats into that ass and it sends them both over the edge. Girth pulls out and sprays all over Tanner who joins him in covering his chest abs with thick load. As soon as Girth is done, he bounces leaving Tanner on the floor in puddle of cum saying those three little words ...'Girth, Call me!'
Morning Would
This week we have a special treat for you as we finally get to showcase one of Miami's own, Van Wilder. Van is 21 and has a lot more than the average guy swinging between his legs and figured that out at about 14 years of age. He always had competitions with his childhood friends and once they started competing for girls the truth became apparent. Once the girls started taking that fat cock of his, the grape vine did the rest. Van admits having a dick as big as his can be a blessing and a curse. Some people love it and others are terrified of it. 'Once some feel it, they don't want to be anywhere near that 'thing' they say', Van laughs. It doesn't matter whether it's a male or female, they're just not used to having a dick as big as mine. Van loves having a big dick and it gives his self-confidence a major boost knowing he doesn't have to over compensate for anything. Van takes good care of his equipment between sessions and admits he likes to jack off but won't do it everyday. Sometimes he'll go for days without touching himself and other days he'll jack off 4-5 times in a day. Hmmm, Lets see what that looks like...Van is asleep on the couch; but his dick isn't. He wakes up to find a tent in his loose fitting shorts. He grabs his cock through his shorts as he starts to tease his boner. His cock strains against his shorts as you see its massive outline wanting to be set free. He works it with both hands enjoying the sensation of the fabric against his growing cock. He pulls his shorts down as his uncut cock finally comes into view. He is hard in seconds as he kicks off his shorts. He spreads his beefy thighs giving his big balls room to breathe as he smacks his fat cock. Van's uncut cock is rock hard and at attention you could see why some would think twice before letting him slide it anywhere. He double-fists his massive cock as it throbs at his touch. He sits up as he continues to work his meat. His big balls are smooth and bounce freely as he works his horse cock harder. Van is naturally smooth and has light fur that starts with a happy trail that leads south to bigger pastures. His light fuzz covers his crotch and his inner thigh then dissipates as you reach those sexy thighs. As he strokes his meat, Van tugs and slaps his low hangers making his cock rock hard. He moves the party to the chair where he keeps stroking and slapping that fat cock of his as he gets closer to climax. He works that cock and all it's sweet spots and as he gets close he stands up to give us a better view of the fireworks. He moans as his balls finally give up their thick cargo. His busts his creamy nut as it splatters all over the glass top below. Whew.
Better with a Friend
The more the merrier. After a nice day at the beach Brandon invites a friend over for a surprise. A nice, 12 inch surprise.
Shane Asshole Stretched!
Shane hasn't been fucked hard lately...he decided to try something different. This is his first huge black cock in his tight asshole. He definitely wasn't ready for this...
My Chocolate Pop
Back with us this week, by popular request, is Scott Alexander. Scott made quite the impression with fans, old and new alike, when he originally indulged our brother site, with their first 'unplugged' session and gave us a better idea of just what makes him tick. Alongside Scott is another hottie we brought back because he can take a fucking better than anyone we know, Mr. Krist Cummings. Krist at 5'4 is about as polar an opposite as you can get to Scott Alexander who stands 6'3. Scott is 37 and originally from Texas. When we asked what kind of guys float his boat he turns to Krist as he says, 'Guys like these, he's so cute'. Hmmm. Oddly Scott and Krist both like the same things; so we're not sure how accurate that is. lol Krist is an unapologetic size queen and who could blame him? Scott likes hairy guys and admits the only times he's bottomed it's been for guys taller than himself. 'I've tried smaller guys; but it just feels awkward.' Well, fortunately Scott, a true 'P.C.' gent, is gonna be laying all the pipe adorable Krist can handle this afternoon which is an awful lot, so 'Houston,-we will not have a problem!'These two waste little time before getting better 'acquainted'. They begin kissing and feeling each other up. Quicker than a Hog Tie, Scott has little Krist on his back with his legs in the air as he strips his pants off him. Scott's large frame towers over his prize as he begins to lick and suck on Krist's cock and smooth balls. Krist's frame is naturally hairless and defined. Scott lets him up as he stands, giving Krist access to his pants which he quickly undoes. He pulls down his jeans and as they fall to the floor, Scott's beefy ass comes into view. DAMN!. This Baby's got back-and then some! Scott's large bubble butt is followed by rock solid thighs and calves as your eye follows the line of sight south. Krist's eyes slowly gaze back along the wall of Alexander that will be his and his alone to climb and conquer. <Queue the theme music> As he pulls down Scott's bulging briefs, his rock hard cock springs to view. Krist knows exactly what to do as he goes right to work. He bobs his head up and down on Scott's thick black cock trying to get as much of that thick dick in his mouth as he can. After a few minutes of that, Scott pushes him back onto the couch where he can get some more of Krist's cock and smooth ass to taste. Krist then goes back to work on 'THE' main attraction. You know, Scott's monster cock! (...duh)Krist can't get enough of Scott's Chocolate choker as he chokes as much down over and over while slapping his face and tongue with it before going back in for more. Scott loves the attention on his meat and soon he's gonna need to bury it deeper than just the back of Krist's throat. Krist is making love to that thick uncut meat; and it's about time we switched that around. Krist is laid over the arm rest as Scott begins to take his ass. Krist braces as Scott's 8.5' meat is forced deep. The look on Krist's face coupled with his grunts and groans says it all as he winces with every inch he's taking. Scott's cock means business and in no time he's pounding away at his smooth, stretching hole. Scott holds his legs up and is fucking him as deep as Krist's hot ass will let him. 'Aww, Fuck my ass' Krist begs as he gets that rock hard cock impaled. All Krist can do is moan as Scott's cock rises and falls ball deep until our little trooper is whimpering. Scott only pounds him harder. We love a man with a 'tough love' approach for his boy. Scott's heavy balls are slapping Krist's smooth ass until Scott changes it up and sits Krist down on his dick bouncing him up and down on his meat for more. Krist takes every thrust like a champ and after a hard ride they switch to missionary where Scott has all the access he wants. This is ultimately the one that does them in as Scott fucks the cum out of little Krist and then explodes his own jizz all over his conquest.
Lucio Saints and Dolan Wolf
On his first day working for Trojan's Toolmen, Lucio encounters super bottom Dolan in the locker room. Unbeknown to them Trojan is lurking nearby and enjoying the view of the two men stripping. Dolan's pale, defined and hairy body looks great against Lucio's smooth latino skin; and most of all Lucio's bulge would make any man quiver and fall on their knees. Dolan explores every inch of the Latin god he has in front of him, tasting and teasing his body until Lucio reveals an amazingly big and thick 9.5" cock. He looses no time and really gobbles that massive piece of meat, burying it deep in his throat and enjoying feeling his balls slapping his face. It's not long before Dolan's greedy hole screams for attention and Lucio is more than glad to answer its call. He licks and fingers that hairy manhole to prepare Dolan for a real impaling. Talented Dolan puts up no resistance when Lucio pushes his big dick against his hole and slides in effortlessly (a trick we all envy him). Dolan enjoys the pounding as much as Lucio enjoys having the chance to pound such a welcoming ass. And he pounds it until Dolan squirts his cum on his belly (whilst being fucked) and Lucio then squirts what looks like gallons of cum on top of Dolan's already spent load.
Turner the Beat Around
ExtraBigDicks is in full effect and Trey Turner joins us to make sure. Wild and hung horses couldn't keep Trey away when he heard Mario Costa and his Cuban horsecock were a' cumin'. Who could blame him? We asked these two familiar faces about some of their favorite things growing up. When it came to candy, Trey loved Nerds Rope and Mario loved Nerds as well. Favorite bedtime stories: Trey loved Little Red Riding Hood yet Mario doesn't have one that stood out. So we asked Mario what his favorite TV show was instead. 'I was living in Cuba' Mario laughs, 'in Cuba there are no TV shows'. Oops. Well here in Miami, he admits he loves to watch Dancing with the Stars along with Trey who also agreed he loves the reality TV show craze. We then turned the topic to sex off camera and asked Trey, who has been mostly a bottom for us, if the same applied at home. Trey is actually more of a top at home with his boyfriend. Mario has mostly been a top on cam for us with the occasional foray into the bottom zone. At home Mario admits he's black and white, going with the flow depending on who he's with. Well the flow this afternoon will be directed up into Trey's love canal. Objections, anyone? (...that was completely rhetorical!)Mario is sitting with Trey and asks him why he's wearing a CircleJerkBoys cap. Trey assures him that it's not important cuz they're on ExtraBigDicks and it's exactly what he wants from him as he reaches for it. They start to kiss as their hands and tongues explore each other. Mario licks Trey's impressive abs and works his tongue all over Trey's nips and chest. Trey then goes south to get a closer look at Mario's package. He slips onto his knees and pulls off Mario's shorts. Mario's uncut python is growing by the second as Trey licks at it through his briefs. Trey then sets it free as he takes a moment to appreciate what's coming. He opens wide and shoves as much cock as his mouth can hold as he starts to service Mario. Mario moans as he watches Trey bob on his Cuban meat. Mario then stands to give Trey better access as Trey continues to nurse on his throbbing cock. Trey then turns around; gets on all four and shows Mario just where he's gonna want that dick. Mario strokes his pole as he stares at Trey's hungry hole. Mario then gets on his knees to return the favor as he takes Trey's cock in his mouth, driving him wild.They take turns for a while sucking on each others big dicks and when Mario is ready for more he bends Trey over and shoves his tongue up inside that hole. Trey moans like a bitch as he whimpers at the sensation just begging to get that ass stuffed. Mario isn't about to disappoint him as he stands into position and slides in. Trey's hole takes that fat dick deep, finally getting what it needed. Mario pounds that ass deep as Trey moans his gratitude. Mario then pulls out and sits back and has Trey sit on it. Trey stands in front of him and sits right down on it as he reaches back to brace himself on the chair and ride. He mounts that cock like a seasoned jockey as that ass swallows every aching inch of Mario's monster cock. Missionary is next as Mario gets Trey on his back. Trey spreads them wide to give Mario the ass he needs. Mario slides inside and shoves his dick so deep it makes Trey's eyes roll back. Mario fucks that ass faster and harder as Trey begs him for more. 'C'mon, fuck the cum outta me!' Trey begs as Mario starts to jackhammer into that ass. That does the trick as Trey explodes all over his abs. Mario is right there as well as he pulls out and shoots his thick batch all over Trey's cum covered cock and abs.
Swinging into some hot wax
Stuck hanging from the ceiling, all Luke Desmond can do is swing and scream as Leroy pours hot wax all over his back and ass. Leroy doesn't hold back as he coats Luke in the stuff, including his cock and balls. To keep things going, Leroy finishes by leaving Luke's face all white and sticky after a good face fucking.
Caio and Lenny
Caio and Lenny
Log Jammed
Bobby Brock is our blast from the past this week. It's hard to believe it's been about four years since we last saw this tall, hung, Miami native. We're definitely glad to have him back with us, and now a lot more 'open minded'. Not just a solo artist anymore, Bobby has brought along a Southern treat for all to enjoy. Georgia may not always be on your mind, but chances are sexy 25 year old Hunter Cole will leave a lasting impression. Hailing from the ATL, Hunter is 25. Today, he'll be taking all of Bobby's 9' boner--one way or another. We asked these two studs, given the option of time travel, where would they want to go. Hunter decided he would boldly go where no man has yet to and fast forward 3000 years. He's a tad impatient on getting his flying car. Bobby went in reverse and wanted to travel back 80 years and get a taste of the roaring twenties. You couldn't drink legally but everything else was ripe for the picking. They both like to have fun. Where Hunter still loves roller coasters, Bobby still enjoys a good game of Pac Man (might need to wikipedia that one). Well, back to today, they will both be having a lot of what they love: Bobby gets to use his oversized joystick, and Hunter's gonna ride the ride. Shall we? They start kissing on the couch. They slowly start to strip, as their tongues search for new territories to uncover. They strip down to their briefs. As Bobby pulls off Hunter's jeans, we can already see his massive boner jutting out the top, unable to remain covered. Bobby is more than happy to take matters into his own mouth as he engulfs that swollen dick with ease. He sucks on Hunter's throbbing cock before dropping his own shorts to get his cock some attention. Hunter readily holds still as Bobby starts to face fuck him with his thick meat. They can't seem to get enough of each other's thick meat as they maneuver into a sizzling 69 on the chaise. Hunter licks and teases Bobby's boner with his tongue before shoving as much of it as he can down his throat. On the other end of this boner buffet is Bobby who is easily deep throating every thick inch that Hunter has to offer. WHAT gag reflex? Hunter stands and lets Bobby have his fill as he slowly savors that Southern cock, getting himself all worked up for more--lots more. Hunter then straddles Bobby as he holds both their cocks together and starts to jack them off. He humps into his fists, rubbing his boner atop Bobby's, which is now aching for more than a hand or simple blow job. Bobby suits up as Hunter eases himself down on that 9' dong. His ass gives way as Bobby's thick cock slowly disappears from view. Hunter is soon riding that cock like a champ as he gets his legs up on the couch, allowing him the flexibility to not only get that ass fucked, but to give some back as he arches his back and grinds that sweet ass back onto Bobby's rock hard cock. Bobby then wants the control back and bends Hunter over. Bobby starts fucking Hunter doggy style. All Hunter can do is moan and groan as he gets done. Missionary is next, as Hunter again goes ball deep inside that tight ass. Missionary with a dick that big can only mean one thing--they're a comin'! After Bobby pounds that sweet Southern ass for a few, they both dismount, lie back, and stroke off one amazing load after the other as they both climax all over themselves.
Pool Boy Cleans My Cock!
Its so hard to find good help, take my pool boy for example, he comes over to skim my pool and he stands out there like a idiot. I have a good eye for talent and think he needs a new job, like sucking my cock. He’s barely able to swallow my fat cock, when I flip him and shove it in his tight ass. I think I’ll keep him around.
Cute Guys With Really Big Dicks
Alex loves the smaller guys but doesn't like the smaller cocks that come along with a mini dude. Luckily he met Mario at the pool and found him super hot. The best part about Mario is that his cock is HUGE
Scottied Loves It Deep.
Scottie is sore from another day office. He was complaining about his back and shoulder problem. All he needed was hard fucking and pounding with a release!
Camping Trip - Caike & James
After agreeing to go on a remote camping trip, these two latino studs end up in a precarious situation as one is horny and caught masterbating in the woods. Not to worry his friend is more than willing to preform oral duties before taking his friends hard cock up his bareback ass!
3Way - Lucas, Ritchie, Cody
Lucas, Cody and Richie are three horny young dudes who love showing off and getting wild on cam
Lower My Tuition
Lower My Tuition
Dwight fucks for the first time on camera
Luke First Big Cock
Luke never had such a huge cock before in his tight asshole. This made him extremely horny and loved every inch as he got pounded hard!
Cum Eating Cock Suckers
Cum Eating Cock Suckers