Johnathan found us on an adult dating site recently. He said his last boyfriend had a small dick. We put in touch with a good friend of ours. The dick was so huge it wouldn't fit in his tight ass...we gaped him good!
New Years Cock Hook Up
I met Alex while holiday shopping he was cute. He came back to my place I fucked him with my huge cock while he screamed in pleasure.
Ray's First Time
It's Ray's first time with a man and what better place to explore your sexuality than here at ExtraBigDicks. Ray is not shy one bit and neither is Jacques. They take no time in taking their shirts off and getting to the point. Boy do these sexy guys have some big cocks to play with. Super sexy dicks, nice and veiny, just pulsating with cum ready to explode. Ray is going all out for his first time and wants Jacques' thick uncut dick deep inside his tight little ass. He takes cock damn well for it being his first time but by the look on his face you can tell he's enjoying every inch of that fat dick. Lots of slobbery BJs and an eager butt just waiting to get pounced on. If you love big thick uncut dicks than you don't want to miss this high energy scene. Enjoy!
This week we've asked a good friend we haven't seen in a while to help us welcome a new, and rather hung, stud to the ExtraBigDicks' fold. We knew Connor Maguire would help us out as soon as he took one look at his costar, newcomer Van Wilder. Van is new to the industry and at 19 years of age, this Miami boy has a promising future packing that big ol' dick. For those of you unfamiliar with Connor, he's a California boy and now legal at 21 years of age. Oh goody! We asked Van when he realized he had a bigger than average dick. Apparently his Mom broke the news when she walked in on him showering and was shocked to find him packing since his Dad apparently didn't. (...awkward) Van was freaked out at first (really?!) but when all the girls he was with told him the same thing he knew he had something special. Connor, no stranger to our site, also has a big dick. We asked if after having bottomed on cam if that made a difference on how he tops. 'Yeah, I go slower now' Connor admits 'now I kinda feed it in versus just slamming it in.' Yeah, it often helps to know what it's like to be on the receiving end of that big dick to make you a more considerate top. Well, let's hope Van's bottomed...Van and Connor are hanging out before their shoot when Van asks Connor what the hat he's got about. It's a CJB hat which he explains stands for CircleJerkBoys. Van is confused thinking he's shooting for ExtraBigDicks when Connor checks him and says 'Well to shoot for EBD you need to have an Extra Big Dick.' Van grins and informs Connor he's in luck because he just happens to have a really big dick. He gets up and undoes his pants so that Connor can find out for himself. Connor does and soon the only thing open wider than his eyes with awe is that mouth of his trying to wrap it around Van's huge cock. Van just watches as Connor sucks that dick on his knees. He can't get enough as he grabs that thick cock by the shaft and takes as much of it as he can into his mouth. Van lets Connor have his fill before wanting some cock himself. He gets Connor on the couch as he kneels between his legs and starts to work Connor's thick dick. Van runs his tongue around Connor's knob before sliding it down his throat. Connor moans his appreciation as he watches the bi boy work his hard cock but soon has another mouthful of Van's meat as Van straddles his chest and goes back to fucking his face.Soon that hot face isn't enough as Connor gets bent over and railed. He moans and groans as Van shoves his dick inside. It looks like someone's had more experience being on 'top' of things. Van's fat dick slides into Connor's tight hole over and over as Connor does his best to accommodate its girth. Van loves that sweet ass on his dick and he continues to pound that ass deep feeling his balls slap at Connor's ass. Van then switches it up as he sits back and has Connor ride his huge cock. Connor impales himself on that dick again as he starts to bounce up and down on it. He has more control of how much dick he takes but that extra big dick Van's got is stretching him wide open. Not one to back down from a challenge, Connor powers through it as he rides that dick determined to make Van blow his hot nut. Connor's own cock is hard as he rides that meat. Missionary is next as can gets Connor on his back. He fucks him deep like he does his girlfriend and Connor can't help but jack his throbbing boner. Van's fat dick slams into Connor's sweet spot sending his load flying all over himself as he drenches his navel with cum. Van then pulls out and unloads his thick load all over Connor's cum-covered cock. ...whew.
The Big Show Off
Ty Lattimore makes his debut with us this week. Ty is 36yo and originally from Oakland. He moved here to Miami after living in Atlanta for a while. He misses the sex life he had back in the ATL. Well, he must be doing something wrong cuz the 305 is swimming with way hotter men. Not that we're biased. He does admit he loves the Latin and bi-racial men here in South Florida. Then there's the foreskin phenomenon he's found himself immersed in. Ty tends to like things on the wild side and admits he's never been a fan of vanilla. The kinky persona he exudes on film is reflective of who he is off cam. He started messing around at 13 and living so close to San Francisco he was exposed to many things. He started fisting at 20 then got into leather and hardcore water sports. He is all about the hardcore and today he's excited to debut the new hardware now that he's sporting his own Prince Albert. Well you can never have enough places to hang your car keys right? Ty assures us he's had no complaints so far.Ty is online showing off on cam for a buddy as he strips off his shirt and starts to flex his muscles. He then stands up and drops his jeans to show off his ass. He bends forward, slapping his ass as he asks if we like what we see. He gets up and starts to tug on his dick through his jock strap before sitting back and getting comfortable. He loses the jock and kicks back to stroke that dick. He gets hard as he strokes his hard cock as he shows off for his online companion. He strokes that dick
John Connery
John Connery is another hot, hairy Scottish man � you're going to love his thick accent. He's also got a fat uncut cock and this man fucks his own ass with it! Once he's done with his ass tricks, he jerks off and spews a creamy load all over my shelf, then licks it all up!
Colleague Butt Banging!
Brian and Shay know what they want, and they want each other! After a day at the office, Brian is need of some daddy dick, and Shay has a juicy cock to give him. The daddies kick it off with some real horny cock sucking, with Brian deep throating those fat inches, then it's time for the anal as he bends over and gets a mean and hard from Shay all over the bedroom!Brian is a tanned and hairy daddy with some experience in the gay porn business. He's back and joined us for some great action with some of our other guys, and we're definitely glad to have him in the gang. There are a lot of guys just waiting to get on camera with this guy, and we know you'll love watching him!Hunky and muscled Shay is one of those hairy daddies that all the boys - and other daddies! - want to fuck around with. This dude is the whole package, a real man with balls full of cum and a constant need to get some action with other horny guys. It's a good thing he's here to satisfy those needs, because we have a lot of guys ready to get it on with him!
Two hot studs grace our site this week and we have a feeling you're gonna more than like what you see. Phillip Aubrey is new to the site and will be making his debut. Along side the hung 27 year old North Carolinian is a familiar face; that of William Vos. William is now 31 and originally from the west coast of Florida. We asked these boys what they were most looking forward to happening in the coming year. Phillip is looking forward to all of it, looking to take the New Year by storm. William wants to go back to school and hopes to change everything he wants to change about himself. We then asked them how they prefer to communicate in these digital times. William texts constantly; where as Phillip makes more phone calls than he does text. We then wondered if these two ever jerk to mobile porn. They both laugh as they admit they do however they both prefer computer porn. Well we're thinking
Calvin's First Huge Cock
Calvin got extremely lucky by meeting me at the mall. He got his tight asshole stretched wide open as I fucked him, until I blew my load all over him.
Large And In Charge
Eat your 'Hart' out, fellas. We have none other than Chasen Hart back in the house with us this week and he's gonna be sharing a softer side we haven't seen here on ExtraBigDicks. For those of you unfamiliar with this 6'5', Ft Lauderdale native, Chasen is every size queen's wet dream. Everything about this 21 year old stud is huge from his room brightening smile to that extra thick 9' cock. We also have another surprise with us on set and we couldn't be happier to finally have him back. Dallas Reeves is back and it's been a while since we've seen this now 26 year old son of the lone star state. Dallas has been on several of our sites and he never fails to please. This afternoon Dallas will be pleasing the softer side of Chasen for a change and Chasen's gonna be in for one hell of a ride--Texas style. We asked these two studs to give us a clue on what their sweet spot is, that spot that just launches them into orbit. Dallas blushes as we call him on his, knowing that that long neck of his is his erogenous zone. Chasen just grins as we wait for his response--wait for it--'my cock!' Ya gotta love it and soon Dallas will be. He'll be loving on that 9' pole he wants so much and tappin that ass few get to.They start making out as Dallas lets his tongue roam on Chasen's neck and ear. They pull off their shirts as the exploring intensifies. Chasen undoes his jeans and by the time Dallas hauls out his larger than life cock he's at full mast. Dallas has been looking forward to this for a while now so he wastes little time before wrapping his lips around that extra thick dong of his. He strips himself completely still latched onto Chasen's thick dick. Chasen moans as Dallas shows his appreciation on that now throbbing cock. Chasen's cock is more than a mouthful and thicker than most. His inked frame, donkey dong and swarthy looks make for one irresistible package. Dallas then stands to get some attention on his own 'package'. Chasen goes to work on Dallas' cock as he does his best to return the favor. Chasen's better at getting his cock worshipped so he sticks to what he's knows best. He lies back on the couch and offers Dallas more dick. Dallas is more than okay with that as he lies between Chasen's mammoth thighs to suckle on that fat fuck pole. He licks, jacks and sucks away as Chasen moans and sighs his appreciation. Dallas gets lost in his own world as he worships Chasen's cock to his 'Hart's content.It's 'go time' and all we hear is Chasen grunting, and not in a good way, as Dallas buries his hard cock in that ass. Dallas steadily fucks that beefy ass as Chasen does his best to accommodate his anal intruder. Chasen isn't usually on the receiving end of the cock-o-matic so he's managing as best he can. There is nothing hotter than watching an over-sized stud like Chasen on the end of another stud's cock. Dallas balls slap away at that sweet ass as Chasen continues to grunt and groan. This stud does not look happy; but Dallas, on the other hand, looks like he's somewhere past Cloud 9. <evil grin> He grins as he looks up at the beautiful stud who's now riding his cock. Dallas' cock is buried deep as Chasen bounces up and down on it wanting to get that cock in his ass off already. Dallas isn't in any hurry as he gets all 6'5' of Chasen bent over so he can fuck him some more doggy style. Chasen grimaces as he continues to get that ass fucked. The more Chasen grunts the harder Dallas fucks his hole. 'Awww shit' he grunts as Dallas bounces his balls against that ass over and over. Finally as Dallas gets close to cumming he pulls out and sits back to stroke off a load. Chasen jacks his own hefts wad all over Dallas' chest while Dallas explodes all over his own navel. Whew.
Adam Herst & Scott Hunter
Big muscled hairy lads, Adam Herst and Scott Hunter work up a real sweat here, oiling each other up, flexing their muscles, licking armpits and nipples, then getting their stiff dicks out, sucking each other deep.. Adam works on Scott arse with his tongue before fucking him in three positions with his big fat cock.. then they spunk their loads over their bulging sweaty six packs. Adam shoots first, his spunk thick and creamy as it spurts out over his solid sweaty six pack.. the sight of this gets Scott squirting, and the jizz starts spraying out onto his six pack and bushy pubes.. As he squeezes out the last few drops of sticky cum, they catch their breath, and have a final kiss.
Kain is Able
Josh West is with us this week and we're always glad to have this hairy hottie in the house. Josh is hairy, hung and makes 37years of age look amazing. Maybe it's the weather in Los Angeles? Josh has always had a high sex drive and having a thick 9' cock makes it all the better. He realized he was 'larger' than the rest of his friends at about 12 and it made him slightly self conscious when it came to coming out. Josh came out late at the age of 26 but he has no regrets. He's more than made up for lost time. He's currently single and content for now. To help us out with Mr. West, we invited a native Floridian (they really do exist) along that goes by the name of Kain Warn. Kain is 28yo and has a smile bright enough to light a room. He is originally from Gainesville and is in for a treat this afternoon. Bravely into battle he will go... Kain is really into older men and if the daddy's hung that just sweetens the pot. Well, Kain is in for the ride of his life. Josh not only has the big gun but he knows how to use it. This afternoon, we firmly believe Kain will be getting 'the' cr
Hold The Phone
Holy Fuck! This guy's shlong is fucking enormous! Jeremy's sweet ass hole is gonna get stretch so big he'll need a couple of weeks of recovery time...
You Know What Else Feels Good?
We know our members aren't really size queens; they just like to be impressed. Well this week 'impressive' is definitely one word that's been used to describe the fat, uncut cock that fan-favorite Mario Costa keeps in his shorts. Cuban born Mario is a Miami commodity and he's going to be sharing the wealth (so to speak) with another local hottie by the name of Antonio Kava. Antonio is 23 and a native Miamian. We wondered where these boys would want to spend their next birthdays and with whom? Antonio would want to spend it in Australia and would take his best friend with. Mario would want to spend his birthday back in Cuba surrounded by family. Mario is hung better than most so we've definitely brought the right playmate to the table. Antonio's biggest cock to date was about 12' and he took it like a champ. Antonio admits if he happen to find anything bigger than that he wouldn't be one to back down from a challenge. Well, putting the 'ass' in surpass, we can safely say he will definitely be surpassing Mario's expectations. Let's say we watch!? -Buckle up, Betches.Mario is a bit sore and Antonio is giving him a nice back rub. 'That feels really good' Mario moans as Antonio takes it one step further. He slides his hand down Mario's chest right onto his crotch and says 'this would feel even better-inside me' You don't have to tell Mario twice as he stands up to give Antonio access to his growing meat. Antonio buries his face into Mario's crotch as he feels that Cuban python come to life. He holds back as long as he can before lust gives in and he hauls out that dick for a better view. He opens as wide as he can before sliding that massive meat down his throat. Mario's cock is hard in seconds as it gets worshiped by Antonio. He takes his time sucking and lapping at that cock and smooth balls wanting to pleasure it as best he can. He then stands up and starts to make out with Mario who undoes Antonio's shorts so that he too can return the favor. He sits Antonio down on the chaise; leans him back and gets to work on that cock that had been feeling left out. Antonio's uncut cock is hard as a rock as Mario slurps up and down on it making Antonio even hornier. (...but wait. There's more!)Mario then bends Antonio over on the chaise and kneels behind him to get a taste of that ass. He slips his tongue inside as Antonio bucks that ass back on it. He eats that ass out wanting to get it nice and wet for what he's got in store. Once that hole is ready for more, Mario stands up and gets in position. He slaps his bare cock on that hole making Antonio all but beg for it. He then suits up and pushes his fat knob against that sweet hole. It gives in without much of a struggle as Mario sinks his thick 9' dick deep inside him. He starts to slide in and out as Antonio moans and groans with desire. Mario is getting that ass doggy style as he holds Antonio still and shoves that dick in deep. 'Aww fuck me, yeah' Antonio cries as he feels Mario's balls slap away at his hole. Mario then sits back and watches as Antonio impales himself on that dick for more. He rides that dick as his hot ass milks Mario's cock. Antonio is doing all of the work and Mario is definitely ok with that...for now. Mario then gets Antonio on his back and goes back to fucking that tight hole, missionary. That makes Antonio bust his nut as he shoots all over his smooth chest. Mario then pulls out and blows his cum all over cum-covered Kava.
Working it Out
It's been two and one half years since had the pleasure of presenting one of our favorite schlong masters, Mr. Ricky Larkin. Now 26, he spent a good deal of that time on his body which has finally caught up with his cock: thick, oversized, hair covered and pumped. Heavy browed, scruffy faced, Ricky's has grown into an open-minded, fetish loving big cocked Neanderthal with a need to seed to match. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the debut of 19 year old Mark Jameson. Barely over one hundred pounds, Mark needs to build some muscle and Ricky teaches him the basics of strength training, endurance the importance of receiving the proper amount protein in a way they don't show at the health food store. As Ricky lends a hand to support Mark as he struggles to lift himself up from the weight bench, Ricky's big paw almost extends over the sides of Mark's tiny little waist. As Ricky looks down at Mark, his thought bubble says 'lunch' and he decides it time for Mark to eat. He takes Mark by the head and grinds it all over his bulge. Shucking his shorts, hauling his bone, he grabs Mark by the hair and uses his mouth, ordering him to open wider & go deeper until he finally cradles his skull and fucks his face, pulling out only to slap the big pole across his cheeks, force feeding more dick then he ever thought he could handle. After dragging him over to the chair, Mark's mouth strains to engulf the still hungry pole. Ricky yanks down Mark's pants, spreads his cheeks goes deep sea diving with his tongue in Mark's tight, pink hole, eating away like a man possessed. While he slurps on that hole, Ricky's cock throbs hand free in anticipation...and that cock will not be visible for long.
A Juicy Str8 Black Dick!
Martez is a really gorgeous young black man with an immensely tight body that any one of you guys would love to play around with! And of course, he has a long cut black dick to stroke the cum from too in his first visit. The hot amateur guy puts on a hot show for the fans, jacking on that big black cock and emptying his balls of cum.
Big Cock Sex Games
James Ryder was invited to Luke's house to play some sex games. When look dropped his pants, the games began. James' eyes nearly popped out at the sight of Luke's big giant cock.
Pillow Fight
I met Andy at a club. He looked fine as fuck. I decided to have my way with him at my house. Our "innocent" little pillow fight turned into serious pillow biting.
Oh Fuck! What is That?!
Spence and Oliver really hit it off, especially when Oliver has the cock of a brontosaurus. For fuck sakes man, how the fuck did this white end up with a Lebron meat pole? Spence was teary eyed when Oliver slipped his mutant dick into his sweet Latin bang hole. Spence new from that day forward that his ass would never be the same again...
Diesel for President
Diesel for President
Always Up For Fun
James is a sweetheart. He loves carnivals and fairs. That's how he met Luke, our big dick of the day. James is excited to see what Luke is packing. However, I think he under-estimated the massive bulge in Luke's pants. It is huge! James is going to get fucked really hard by that giant dick. We gave him a pillow to brace for the penetration.
Dreamin' Bukkake
Dreamin' Bukkake
Anton Thomson solo
Cute athletic 22 yr old black str8 lad Anton Thomson chats first, then strips to his shorts, oils up his fit body, then pulls out massive 9.5 inch uncut cock.. rubbing plenty of oil into it, he gets rock solid, stroking his huge long meat for us in diff positions, then pumps out tons of jizz...We start off with an interview on the sofa. Wearing sports vest, football shorts and football socks, Anton has a deep sexy voice and a big smile. He tells us how he keeps fit, adding that he likes to jerk off at least 3 - 4 times a day. Nice.. Then the solo begins with Anton standing, gently stroking his crotch. He gives us a little look, then lifts his vest to play with his nipples..Anton takes off his top, gropes himself a little more, then reaches for some body oil and rubs it into his chest and abs, making his muscles glisten. He goes back to rubbing his bulge, and it looks bigger now in his white shiny shorts, not hard yet though.He slowly pulls down his football shorts a bit, and pulls out his huge dick and balls, so they hang over the top of the waist band. He plays with his cock for a minute, then takes his shorts off. Anton rubs more oil into his body, reaching down to oil up his thighs and groin.. He pours a little oil directly onto his cock, a long heavy semi, which he rests in the palm of his hand whilst gently rubbing the oil in..Anton starts to jerk off nice and slow for us, and that hung shlong starts getting harder, getting longer and thicker.. as he continues it gets rock solid, swelling to a massive nine and half inches.. He gives us a sexy smile, and continues stroking his meat, keeping himself good and hard.. With his tight muscles glistening, cute laddish smile, and huge cock rock solid, Anton looks sexy as hell.. He tells he has precum, and we zoom into get a horny close up of it as he gently rubs it in the bulging head of his dick..We get lots of great close ups and different angles as he works on his monstercock, and then Anton moves over to the sofa. He sits back in the corner, and works on the head of his dick some more, massaging it with his thumb, then gets back to slow jerking off.. He holds it at the base for us a couple of times, so we get some very sexy close ups, and some hot point of view shots as well..He continues playing with his meat, giving us more sexy little looks to camera now and again, and his dick seems to start throbbing, even bigger and harder than before.. Anton starts to speed up slightly, and his breathing starts to get heavier as he feels himself getting close, but he takes his time, controlling his throbbing monstercock, letting it build up inside him.. At the point of shooting, he slows it right down, prolonging his orgasm for a little longer, till he cant hold it back anymore, and then.. be prepared.. Antons dick starts spewing huge streaming jets of thick spunk, its a really massive load, and an incredibly hot cum shot.. So we see it a second time in slow motion, and trust me, you will want to watch this cum shot several times...Anton squeezes out the last of his hot jizz, his fingers, abs and pubes pretty much drenched in spunk, and he gives us a final horny look to camera.
Passions of the Kris
This week we welcome back two familiar faces as we pair up hung hottie Kris Anderson with the poster boy for 'Good things come in small packages', Mr. Ari Sylvio.
Sean McKenzie Wrapped And Jacked
Boys like Matt Madison know plenty of ways to secure and restrain a boy to make them their sex slave. Horny boy Sean McKenzie is already tied up, but Matt has a kinky need to wrap him to the concrete pillar. His cock is soon released for some sucking and stroking, and then he feeds his eager victim his own leaking tool too before wanking out the lads load and taking a cum shower!
School of Hard Cox
Chad Davis is back on ExtraBigDicks this week and he
Lower My Tuition
Lower My Tuition
Cole's Very Big Plans
Cole Steel has a thing for Latin guys. However he has never met one that can satisfy his need for a huge cock. This time Cole got exactly what he asked for. A nice big girthy Latino cock for him to play with. Let's just see if Cole can handle that meat pole...
Stuff It In
Blue Bailey had a very romantic date planned with his new hunky partner! He planned on taking him to his favorite secluded picnic area and serve him the meal of a lifetime, which would namely be his rock hard cock!
Soccer Jocks - Scene 3
Berdoing! there's some choice uncut, twink-meat on show in this sporty special. Its a wonder their jock straps can contain their oversized meat!
Troy Michaels Cum Heaven
When you see a beautiful ass crack staring at you in the face what would you do!? I quietly approached my longtime friend's bedroom and had to take a chance! Either ruin our friendship or make one hell of an unforgettable night with each other's naked bodies rubbing hard and heavy against each other...
Seba and Mike
When your boyfriend is trying to pick up on Grindr, there's one way to stop him ! And that is present him with a hard and hung black dick and fuck him ! Mike's black cock is both well-endowed and interestingly shaped, with a circular bump ring in the middle of the shaft, which must feel amazing for Seba when he
Sean Summers Bukkake Splash
Sean Summers Bukkake Splash
It's not often you get to see a real-life couple put their sex on display for your viewing pleasure. Meet boyfriends Nick Cross and Sean Duran. They're two young studs that have fallen for each other and share some very hot chemistry. Watch them slowly work their way around each other's body, knowing the territory well, but still discovering exciting new sexual realms. Sean loves the way Nick caringly bobs on his fat cock, doing everything Sean likes. Sean also enjoys the way Nick's thick dong tastes. See him suck his bf, then lay him down so he can lick Nick's tight hole. Then it's time for a good fuck, as Sean slides his mammoth erection into Nick's eager ass. Check out the insane heat this incredible couple generates as they do what they like best in this amazing, one-of-a-kind bang session. Enjoy!
Dick Straighty
Today we have a couple of new faces for you. The first is Connor Maguire. Connor is 19 and he's from Miami. The second addition to the fold is 19 year old Alexander Greene. Alexander was born in Jersey but now calls Miami home. Both of these boys have more than just being 19 in common, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. We asked these two what their dream automobiles would be. Alexander is keen on the new Lexus while Connor wants the 90's Bat Mobile. Excellent, Maguire, excellent. Alexander, like Connor, has a lot more than many between his legs but Alexander didn't even know he had a huge cock until a couple months ago when he showed up to a studio and they informed him of the amazing news. We learn something new every day. Both of these guys are horny all the time and admit they get off a lot and most of it is taking care of the equipment between runs. They each get off a few times with help from a female or three a week which isn't a bad average factoring in the recession and their egos. Fortunately, Connor admits that even str8 guys get curious about each other's junk and will sneak the occasional peak in the showers. Well, today they'll have more than enough time to check each other out. ...Shall we?Connor is checking his cell when Alexander comes in with girlfriend drama. Apparently his dick's too big and she won't take it--AMATEURS! Connor doesn't believe him and asks him to show him. Alexander undoes his jeans and his cock is already rock hard. Connor is amazed at how big that dick is. He strokes it through his briefs a bit before taking it out to get a better look. Alexander just watches Connor stroke his now throbbing cock. He knows exactly where this is going. Alexander strips down to his briefs with Connor still tugging on his meat. He drops his drawers to give Connor better access. 'Can I put it in my mouth?' Connor asks as he looks up at Connor with puppy dog eyes. 'Go for it' Alexander coos as he watches Connor wrap his lips around it. Alexander can only moan as he gets his thick cock sucked. Alexander is naturally smooth and he bites his lower lip as Connor continues to milk his dick paying special attention to those big balls. 'Let me see yours' Alex says as they stand and compare equipment. They jerk each others cocks as they get harder. Connor isn't done with that thick dick so he's soon back on his knees for more of that juicy dick. He sucks on Alexander getting him rock hard for more.'Whoa that's a tight ass' Alexander amazes as his cock slowly makes its way inside. Connor's str8 ass isn't giving it up easily and as Alexander gets that ass used to his thick cock, Connor just grunts and groans while doing his best to accommodate it. Alexander won't have to worry about that case of blue balls anymore since he's soon sliding his thick cock in and out of his buddy's hole. Alexander fucks Connor's beefy ass doggy style as his smooth balls slap away at that ass. He picks up the pace as Connor's ass starts to enjoy the intrusion. Alexander then flips Connor over and fucks him like he wanted to fuck his girlfriend--on his back with his legs in the air. He slides his massive cock back inside that tight hole as he keeps fucking Connor. He starts to fuck him faster hitting Connor in all the right spots. This str8 boy knows how to fuck. Alexander's not done yet as he sits back and has Connor ride his cock. Connor impales himself on that dick and bounces on it as they both get closer to cumming. As they near orgasm they sit back side by side and shoot their loads all over themselves. Proving the familiar adage once again, 'We don't need no stinkin' girlfriends!' lol
Exotic Bareback with Zidane Tribal
Not only does Zidane Tribal have a unique name, he also showed some exceptional skills in this raunchy Bukkake Boys scene! After devouring every pulsating cock with the fury of a lion, the hunter soon became the hunted- as every hunter took a shot at his moist, tight hole! Screaming in extasy as every Bukkake Boy slammed away, Zidane finally took a boat load of sticky sperm all over his eager face!
A Man Behaving Bradley
A Man Behaving Bradley
Blokes Give the Best Head!
Filming this oral scene was a bit unexpected, so we wasted no time dicking about (so to speak). Fraser Jacs loves to suck cock and David Johnson has one of the nicest we've laid eyes on, so if you're a blowjob fan, this scene is definitely for you. After stripping off their shirts, Fraser takes him time teasing David through his briefs. He sucks David's big cock through the cotton and delicately scrapes the length with his teeth. But really, Fraser is only teasing himself, and before long he pulls out David's cock and swallows it down. Fraser's a very handsome bloke with a great hairy body and a nice piece between his legs, too! He strokes his own dick while expertly sucking on David's. If we didn't know how much practice Fraser has had, we might worry about his poor aching jaw... but we know better ;-) After standing up to really fuck Fraser's face, David settles back down and cums while jacking off. Fraser isn't far behind, shooting his own load all over his furry stomach.
Mike fucks for the first time on camera
Cum Sucking Twinky Boys
Cum Sucking Twinky Boys
My Boy's Birthday Surprise
Me and my boy went out to Cabo Cobana and celebrate his b-day with a few snacks. Man, by the end of the night we were so worn out. I was wide awake though, went into my buddy's room and attempted to give him his b-day present, my cock his mouth and no commitments.
Magnum Cum Loud
This week, we have a familiar face that always brings a smile to our member's faces, Tommy Defendi. There is a thick sense of accomplishment to whoever gets to be on the receiving end of Tommy's cock. Originally from Chicago, 20 year old Tommy definitely has the kind of cock every size queen dreams of unwrapping. It's the kind of dick that can only be shrouded in Magnum condoms. With that in mind, we have a co-star by the same name, Mr. John Magnum. John is a buff, beautiful Southern addition to our stable of hung men. One look at this dreamy jock and you know that more than stars fell on Alabama the night this 25 year old arrived. They both consider themselves bisexual. Both agree that men and women are different in between the sheets. For Tommy, he loves that with men it's aggression for control. 'It's hard to get a woman to take control ,which is good, cuz when I'm with a woman I like to take control' Tommy says. John agrees completely and gingerly confesses that women aren't so good at topping. 'Whenever I bottom I've never done a strap-on with a woman I've liked; so I prefer to bottom for men.' Tommy laughs and agrees he's had several bad experiences with strap-ons. Fortunately, no props are needed this afternoon. So let the fun begin...They start breaking the ice slowly as they make out. Tommy can't keep his hands off his new toy as he gropes John's crotch with one hand while pulling off John's tee with the other. One look at John and you can't blame Tommy for wanting to unwrap this morsel sooner than later. Soon enough, they are both down to their underwear. Then it's John's turn to satisfy his own curiosity. Tommy is sporting a sexy beard today. He has also left his body natural. He sits back and just watches as John hauls out his cock and gets to work. John sucks on his thick cock, making it throb as he swirls his mouth all over his knob and shaft. Tommy loves every minute of it, but soon wants to return the favor. Much to his surprise, John is packin quite the whopper of his own. His thick Alabama boner is a full 8
Home on the James
P-Town's hottest representative is with us this week as we welcome back Brock Russell. Brock is now clean shaven and pumped. He is a personal trainer so he's used his powers for some delicious self improvement. Brock's been on several of our sites and today he's going to take a walk on the larger side of life. Today he will be 'treated' to something of a younger variety. Tommy Defendi, now 22, is the 'coque du jour'. Tommy admits he's been with older guys on occasion and he loves the fact that older guys know what they're doing. Tommy is sporting facial hair this time and not the clean-shaven jock look he usually treats the boys over at to. The five o'clock shadow is working wonders for the ex-Florida boy. Tommy's career keeps him moving around and at 22 he's still relatively new to the 'gay' thing. He was exclusively a ladies man for his first 19 years. From the way Tommy's 9.5' cock was throbbing extra thick, we can tell that not only is the guy thing working for him but the older men seem to have that added a kick that makes his dick extra hard. As far as Brock's concerned we quote: 'Anytime, any place, anywhere-and I mean that!
We've been trying to get hairy young stud Toby James back for a while and at last he's here. We didn't think it possible for Toby to get any sexier... how wrong we were! Toby's joined by Kallum Ash who might be a UKNM newcommer but has been making some great porn in the U.K recently.The horny, young, hairy-chested optician has a special eye site test set aside for his cuter customers, and as Kallum Ash reads his way down the chart he realises words are being putting in his mouth - followed by Toby's hot, wet, uncut dick. Kallum can't get enough of Toby's furry body. The two studs fuck all over the examination room with Kallum more then eager to stick his sweet, smooth arse in the air and take a right royal battering.
Bad Babysitters - Deacon Hunter and Olly Taylor
These twinks are young and restless. When this young twink can't sleep, he crawls into bed with his babysitter, but that doesn't mean either of them are going to get any sleep this evening. Watch as these twinks give in to temptation, by sucking and fucking each other all night long.
Fuck Buddies
This week we have a special treat as we welcome back Valentin Petrov to remind us what we've been missing. Out of temporary retirement, Valentin is back, 34 years young and our hottest Russian import. We're glad to have him back and we decided to pair him up with some local flavor, Mr. Chris Cox. Chris is 27 years young and another Miami boy with Cuban heritage. Living in the tropics has it's privileges. Both of these studs have larger than average cocks so we wondered what the cut off would be. Chris says if it gets larger than 9' it gets to be too big. Valentin also agrees that 9' is the cut off. 'Ten inches' Valentin says, 'it probably doesn't exist.' Hmm. Out of the mouths of babes... lol Well, here at ExtraBigDicks we know better so we won't be the one to tell him there are much larger pythons waiting to be had. We asked these two when the last time they were with someone that surprised them when they whipped out their dicks. Well, both of them agree they are usually the ones that shock other guys when everything gets hauled out. Luckily these boys are the exception to the rule and are both perfectly happy with their huge, cocks as they are and wouldn't want to change them in any way. Well, we couldn't agree, lets get these two naked!By the time we start the cameras these two are going at it. They kiss as their hands start to roam exploring each other. Valentin isn't waiting to see what's waiting for him in Chris' pants as he undoes those jeans and pulls out that massive cock. Chris moans as Valentin swallows that meat. Chris is rock hard as Valentin gets that mouth all over it and shoves it as far down his throat as he can. Chris is looking better than ever and his abs are ripped. Valentin goes back for more as he shoves his tongue into Chris' mouth and undoes his own pants. His dick could use some attention and Chris is more than willing to return the favor. Valentin's uncut cock is soon fucking Chris' face as Chris struggles to take his massive meat. It's not every day we get two true ExtraBigDicks on set and there is plenty of cock to go around. The chemistry between these two is obvious as they continue to make out. 'Lemme eat that ass' Chris teases as he starts to finger Valentin's tight hole while still making out. He slips his finger inside as Valentin moans with pleasure. That finger is soon followed by Chris' tongue as it darts deep into that hairy hole. Valentin knows what's next and he can hardly contain his excitement.Chris suits up and slaps that fat cock on Valentin's hole. He starts to shove it inside taking his time as Valentin's hole slowly concedes. His fat cock stretches that hole wide open as Valentin groans. Once Chris' balls meet that ass he starts to fuck that ass. Valentin struggles to accommodate Chris' fat Cuban cock as he rails it in deep. He holds Valentin's tight waist as he rams that ass doggy style. Valentin is in heaven as he gets that hungry hole stuffed. Chris then gets Valentin on his back on the chair and slides back inside missionary. He holds his leg up over his shoulder and pounds that ass hard and deep. They can't get enough of each other as they fuck themselves silly. Valentin's cock is rock hard as he gets that ass drilled. Chris then sits back on the chair and orders Valentin to sit on his dick. Valentin straddles that cock and sits right down on it as he bounces up and down on that fat cock. Chris holds him steady as he slams that dick up into Valentin as it hits his prostate making Valentin's balls start to tingle. It isn't long before he's ready to blow his load with Chris' cock stuffed up that ass. He moans as his cock explodes sending his load all over his abs and uncut cock. Chris isn't far behind and jacks his own thick load all over himself as he makes out with his sexy comrade.
Dayton Deep Tissue Massage
I came over to Dayton house for regular massage...things got very heated and became a deep tissue massage. I bent him over and fucked his oily lubed up asshole.
Long Hard Ride
It's nice having a friend with a car especially when you need to go grocery shopping. Robbie was in dire need of some grub to fill up his cabinets so he called up Isaac for a ride to the store and when they got back he got more than just a ride. Once these sexy men arrived home it was enough with the small talk and more pull out your cock so I can thank you. Robbie gets down on his knees quick style to blow that massive thick dick he's been craving since he got dropped off. Lots of riding was done but not the car type, instead it was Isaac man handling this little stud into never before seen positions that will make your toes curl. Cum check out a glorious facial and some carpet fucking to get you off. Enjoy!
Rave party ends with gay group sex
Best parties always end with amazing gay orgy like this one where four extremely horny boys use condoms for safe sex which ends with a huge blast of fresh sperm
Bryce's Office Overtime
Bryce has been on deadline lately working excessively. He is getting tired of the amount of work with no incentive to push harder. His boss gave him a special overtime fucking treat in his gaping ass...
Veteran Leroy Gives Jay a Go
Leroy Dale has been around the Blake Mason block, so to speak, so we thought him the perfect partner for Jay Middleton's first duo. These two get right to it without hesitation, stripping each other down and kissing as they wank side by side. Leroy starts in on Jay's uncut piece first, slurping it down before it's Jay's turn. His dick is almost down Jay's throat before he finishes saying, "suck my cock." They even got into a hot sixty-nine before Leroy throws on a condom so they can get down to business. The two start off spooning; Leroy gives Jay a considerate reach around while he starts fucking his tight ass. Jay really starts to groan once he's on all fours, though, with Leroy grinding against his ass from behind. A lot of bottoms love to be in missionary position when they're ready to cum and Jay is no exception! Jay jerks out a creamy load all over his stomach while Leory pumps his hole. The blonde is quick to follow, pulling out and spraying his jizz all over Jay's stomach, as well.
Guys Take Dick Better
Yes, guys can take a dick better than the ladies and Dylan is about to test drive Van's fat juicy cock to show how it's done right. You know you have a great friend when you both are chilling having a casual conversation about your ladies' abilities to service you and your buddy steps in and wants to help you out so you can get that satisfaction a good friend deserves. Dylan shows Van just how great of a cock sucker he really is and eventually opens his ass up to take that thick cock deep inside his tight hole. <br/><br/>Enjoy!
Country Gravy
Back with us is Puerto Rico's very own, Steven Ponce. Steven is looking better than ever. Just when we thought things couldn't get any hotter ...enter Davin James. Davin is new on the site. He hails from Midland, TX. Davin is 23 years old. He admits he's loving Florida so much that he may never leave. We don't think that would be a bad thing. Davin is adorable. True to Texas standards, they grew this boy BIG!! Davin is packing a thick 9' pole all wrapped up in an 'oh-so-polite' Southern package that actually answers with a 'yes sir' or a 'no sir' when spoken to. Davin realized he had a bigger than average cock back in 5th grade when he got into his Dad's porn stash and realized that his dick was just as big if not bigger than the guys he was watching on screen. Ya gotta love these early bloomers. Fortunately, Davin is in great hands with Steven whom we know for a fact is rather appreciative of hot guys with extra large dicks in need. Steven has had his fair share of huge cocks with us on the site. Davin like many others we've had on our site confirmed that he is pretty sure that big dicks definitely run in the family. Well, I say we get Steven better acquainted with the James' family jewels.Steven starts to explore as he takes off Davin's shirt. Davin is naturally smooth. As his clothes come off, we see more of this Texan with the thick cock and those full sexy lips. Steven is soon putting those to good use as they start making out. Steven then manages to get the last article of clothing off Davin before going down on that thick cock that is slowly coming to life. They aren't kidding...they really DO grow them big in Texas. Steven is in awe as he shoves as much of that thick cock down his throat. Davin's thick cock gets thicker and harder as Steven sucks on his knob and swirls his fist around its massive girth. Steven can't get enough of that cock as he devours it. Davin isn't about to complain as he gets that beautiful cock worked. 'Suck my cock' coos Steven as they fall atop each other on the couch. Davin is soon unable to speak much with a mouthful of Boricua Boner to savor. His first taste of the Caribbean but we're sure it won't be this Country boy's last. Steven then gets back on Davin's meat making it rock hard for what's to cum...Once Davin has that cock primed and ready to bury, he sits back as Steven straddles him and slowly impales himself on that fat cock. Steven winces as Davin's fat cock stretches that hot ass wide. 'Like that dick?' Davin grunts as he watches his fat cock disappear up Steven's hot ass. Davin the puts Steven in a hot doggy position before shoving that beer can cock back in for more. Steven grimaces but bucks back wanting to get every delicious inch buried in that hot ass of his. Davin is more than willing to help him out as he pounds away deeper and deeper. From doggy they switch into a sizzling missionary position as Davin goes back to burying that meet deep and hard. Steven's legs are spread wide as Davin grinds and pounds away at that hole. They kiss as they continue to fuck. As Davin's cock is pummeling Steven's prostate, you know they won't last long before these studs explode. Seconds before their cocks unload, they fall back side by side and jack their impressive cocks off, shooting their thick loads all over their sweaty, spent bods. Whew.
Sex Toy Session For Twink Lovers
When Andrew arrives with a bag of toys Tanner wastes no time in getting the action started! The boys are making out within seconds, stripping down with an obvious hunger for each other, which just becomes more intense as Tanner's ass is offered up for some toys to slide into! He gets a great anal play session from his lover before they suck those cocks to a cummy finale!Size queens and twink fans rejoice! Not only is Andrew a total sweetie, he's one of the sexiest young twinks we've had the pleasure of presenting to you all here. And, as if all that wasn't enough, this gay boy is blessed with an immensely long curved cock that every single one of you would love to worship!Oregon boy Tanner has a lot going for him, and there's a lot about him that our fans absolutely love too. This confident boy has a love of cock that really shows through in his appearances on camera, and there is no denying that a lot of the other boys want to be seen on film with him. They're lining up right now!
Rent or Bang
Well it's another day house hunting for Bobby and so far no luck but I think today is his lucky day. Bobby's real estate agent Mitch has a great house on the market that he needs to see but once they walk in Bobby has other plans and none of which have anything to do with being a new home owner. Quick to the point both of these sexy men stop what they are doing and begin to touch and make out deeply. Bobby is tired and would rather suck on a huge veiny cock and be bent over for that thick cock of Mitch's but first things first and that's BJs and rimming must go around before any fucking happens. Once Mitch gets his throbbing cock deep in that sweet ass it's time for some steamy fucking in some very interesting positions. Come on over pull that cock out and watch these sexy hunks cum buckets all over the place. Enjoy!
Drake Me in the Morning
Drake Jaden is back this week and he
Luke Loves Big Black Cock
Luke has a fetish for guys with big Black Cocks. He took every inch of our Black studs cock, and screamed out loudly. His tight asshole got stretched to the maximum!
Battle of the Bulge
Chris Cox is finally back. It's been a while since we've seen this 27yo Cubanito from the MIA. Chris' playmate this week goes by the name of Ryan King. Ryan is 20yo and comes to us from Little Rock, Arkansas. We asked these two what the farthest they've ever shot while either jacking off or fucking. \'I would say probably a good 10ft' says Chris, 'I hadn't jacked off in a couple days; and I'd been edging for an hour.\' For those of you unfamiliar with the Cuban gift of gab, you need to divide by 2 and round way down to get an idea of what they actually mean. Ryan laughs and says the farthest he's shot has been about 3 feet realistically. He's catching on. Ryan's relatively new to the industry and is a definitely a Lady's man in his personal life. We asked them what they do best in the sheets if they had to pick their top category. For Ryan it would be eating pussy. For Chris it would be for his stamina cuz he can definitely fuck for a long time. We then wrapped up this doozy by asking them what porn they jerk off to most. Ryan looks for vids with girls with big asses. Chris goes for str8 porn too and looks for big dicks. Well, let's make some porn of our own. We have a couple of big dicks so let's get this show on the road...There's a box of Magnum XL on the end table and Ryan wonders why the hell anyone would need a magnum XL when the Magnum's fit him just fine. Chris laughs and tells him he has a really big dick. So, they decide to compare as they strip off their clothes and start getting their cocks hard. Ryan starts jacking his growing cock as his huge set of low hangers bounce up and down. \'Dang, you got me beat!\' he awes as Chris' cock just gets bigger and bigger. Soon they're both hard and stroking each other's dicks. Chris can't help but wonder what this str8 boy's dick tastes like as he goes down to find out. He swallows Ryan's meat with ease as Ryan gasps and moans in appreciation. Ryan bobs Chris' head on that hard cock, finally getting the attention it needed. Chris then gets up and lies back on the chaise and points his fat cock at Ryan. Ryan gets on his knees ans opens wide, \'Damn, I didn't know they came in this size\' he says before going down on Chris' hard dick. Chris just watches as Ryan does his best to accommodate every inch he can in that mouth of his. Ryan's already in position between Chris' legs so he decides he might as well get some ass on his dick. He picks up Chris' leg and slides that dick inside that ass. Chris moans and begs for it as Ryan starts to fuck his tight ass. He pounds that ass missionary for a while before they switch it up. Chris bends Ryan over and fingers that ass a bit before sliding his Cuban cock inside that ass. Ryan moans as his ass slowly concedes and takes that dick deep. Chris fucks him doggy as his balls slap away at that str8 ass. Chris then gets Ryan on his back and gives it to him missionary. This gets that dick even deeper inside that ass. It's hitting Ryan's prostate and it isn't long before that cock blows its thick wad all over Ryan's smooth navel. Chris isn't far behind as he pulls out and shoots his own batch of leche all over an already glazed Ryan.
Big Zach Attack
Zach Alexander is back in the house this week showing off his extra big dick. Zach is 24. Zach was actually born in Germany and now lives right outside Chicago. This week Zach is helping us welcome a new face on our site, Mr. Jeremy Bilding. Jeremy is 27 and this tall, dark and handsome hunk is originally from Denver. Turns out Jeremy was born in Denver but grew up just down the coast in Key West. If this stud was raised a 'conch' then he knows how to party. We can imagine he keeps all those hotties back home in Los Angeles on their toes. We asked these two studs what it is they enjoy the most having careers in porn. Zach says he enjoys the vast amount of interesting people he's been afforded to meet while doing what he does. 'It's pretty cool to meet great guys; have a great time; say your goodbyes and possibly never see them again.' Jeremy loves that he woke up one morning wanting to be in the industry and was able to do just that with those killer looks and that big dick. Jeremy admits he loves having a big dick because there are very few positions you can't do. Zach humbly admits, 'I believe in giving everybody the chance to be their best person; and a really good person takes a really big dick. So, I'm here to give them that opportunity. (...Thank you, Miss Illinois.) lolThe chemistry between these two was obvious even before we started so once they were let loose they immediately began to make out. After kissing for a bit, Zach takes that tongue south licking and kissing down Jeremy's smooth chest and abs. He licks at his cock through his jock strap; teasing him a bit before hauling it out. Zach swallows his cock deep as Jeremy groans in approval. Zach is definitely happy with the buffet today and he's going to town on that thick Midwestern meat. Jeremy then decides it's time to return the favor. Zach stands before Jeremy who proceeds to tease his cock through his briefs before slowly tugging them down revealing Zach's throbbing monster. Zach looks down to see Jeremy taking his cock deep as he looks up with those intense bedroom brown eyes. Jeremy isn't one to tease without a payoff as he swallows every inch of Zach's 9' cock to the hilt. Zach moans and groans as Jeremy's expert tongue and throat work his bone. They then stand and go back to kissing as they rub their huge sticks together. Fire's definitely a' comin' <evil grin>These two then maneuver into a hot 69 so they can get even more of those thick dicks. Jeremy decides he needs to prep that ass and does so by sliding his tongue deep inside Zach's hole. He licks and fingers that hole making Zach want it even more as he begs to get fucked. Jeremy then lies back and watches as Zach impales himself on his dick side-saddle. He holds still as Jeremy starts fucking up into his hot ass. Brace yourself! Zach does his best to accommodate that fat cock as he starts to jack his own. Jeremy definitely knows how to fuck as Zach's ass gets a proper pounding. Zach grunts and takes it like a man. Jeremy then bends Zach over and slides that cock in for more. Zach's thick dick swings like a pendulum as he gets more dick. Zach is moaning and groaning louder with each thrust as Jeremy starts to pick up the pace. Just when Zach's getting used to this position Jeremy switches things up and takes him missionary. In this position his cock is hitting all of Zach's buttons. Jeremy knows exactly what to do and starts fucking him fast and deep making his own aching cock explode. He pulls out and bathes Zach in his thick load. Some guys have all the luck.
It's Not Sneaking In If You Have a Key...
As a teacher's aid, Carter Stone has a set of keys to the school, which he uses to sneak in after hours with Blake Allen! The horny student gets on his knees to suck Carter's fat uncut cock before he offers up his hole. Carter pounds the slim twink in doggy and missionary before Blake rides him in reverse. Blake shoots a big load all over the floor before he eats the cum right out of Carter's dick.Blake Allen seems like the sheltered sort who's just waiting to bust out of his shell, maybe coming from Columbus to Phoenix to make porn is just that! We're happy to help him, too, have you seen how cute this boy is? He told us he usually tops in his personal life, but he's loved bottoming on camera!You know what they say, "bi now, gay later!" Carter Stone told us he's bisexual but that lately he's been more and more into guys, which we like the sound of (is that selfish of us?) With his cute smile and gorgeous tanned skin, Carter is welcome to transfer to our team permanently!