Adam Herst solo
Big beefy rugby dad Adam strips from sportswear to jock, oils up his muscular hairy chest and massive powerful legs, then shows off his thick dick, jerking off in different positions before spunking his load.Adam starts off standing, in white Adidas vest and black shorts. The first thing you notice is Adams powerful muscular build. Broad, strong shoulders, big biceps and pecs and massive legs, his thighs and calves are huge. If youre a fan of big legs, youre gonna go nuts over Adam Herst. Fortunately he is not shy about showing off his legs and he gives us a really hot show.First, he rubs his bulge and starts stroking his chest, then lifts his vest to show off his great six pack, lifting it further to reveal his firm pecs and hairy chest. He tugs on his nipples a bit, starting to get really turned on, then takes off his top. Adam has one seriously hot body. He starts rubbing body oil in to his arms, pecs and abs, making his muscles glisten. Adam goes back to his bulge, gripping it and rubbing it, then pulls down his shorts, nice and slow, leaving him in just a jockstrap. He reaches for the oil again, and starts rubbing it into his huge legs, flexing them for us, showing them off.. incredibly hot. Then he turns around to give us a view of his meaty arse, bending forwards, he rubs the oil into his butt cheeks and in his butt crack, then starts to rub his hole and push his finger in..He stands again, and his bulge has grown inside his jock, and is poking out the side of it.. Adam gently rubs and strokes it, and it gets longer and thicker, then he takes off his jock. His dick hangs thick and heavy, semi hard, his pubes are untrimmed and bushy, and he starts playing with his dick, nice and slow, showing it off to us as he gets himself hard. He frequently tugs on his firm nipples as he works his dick, turning himself on, and giving us lots of sexy little looks. Adam is on the sofa now, laying back, legs bent, wide apart, looking even bigger than before at this angle. As he strokes his meat with one hand, he starts to rub his hole with the other, making his dick throb. Keeping himself hard, we gets lots of very horny angles, from down between his huge thighs, from above, and also some horny point of view shots looking down his body to his cock as he wanks it for us. He reaches for a black rubber butt plug, and rubs lube into it. He gently rubs it against his hole, teasing it, then pushes it in, letting out a horny grunt as it fills his arse.. this really seems to make his cock twitch, and taking his hand off the butt plug, leaving it inside, stretching his hole, he starts to work his dick harder.. He takes his time, getting more and more turned on.. His cock throbs harder than before, and he speeds up.. Adams muscles start to flex and tense all over, and he beats away at his dick, working himself to a great climax, and then his spunk starts squirting out over his sweaty bulging pecs, and as the jizz flows, he keeps on working his dick, squeezing out the last few drops as he catches his breath, giving us a final sexy look.
Big Dick And Fowl Play
"This little hot tamale I picked up curbside to be my new latino boy toy had doubts that my black anaconda cock was bigger than a cucumber. So I cock slapped that smug look off his face and gave him a nasty skull fucking to change his mind. Before I even finished he was begging for medical attention for pounding that spleen like a tether ball."
Horny For Girlfriend's Bro
Park and his girlfriend just came back from the market. His girlfirend forgot to buy milk so she went back to the store. However, Park want to rub one out before she gets back. What he didn't know was that His girlfriend's brother was there relaxing in the guest room. Park creeps up on him not knowing if this is a good idea but he just goes for it. He whips out his juicy wet cock and spits on his asshole...
All Tripped Up
First time for everything they say, and today is Aiden Tripp's first time with us here at ExtraBigDicks. He is 24 years old and originally from Orlando, FL. Aiden's in college these days working on his degree and 'trying' to stay out of trouble. We wondered once he makes it big what kind of car he'd want to treat himself to. Well, Aiden would want to go back to the future in his very own Delorean. Aiden is packing a lot more than the average but didn't realize he was much different than anyone else until he was about 20. There've been a few girls that have told him it's nice but 'No Way' <Amateurs> Aiden measures in at a little over 8' and he admits he has certain benefits that come with having a big dick. He can't say he's ever had the urge to dabble in the man-to-man end of the wading pool, but he's all about people doing what ever works for them. He's sticking to what he does best-pussy. Having a big dick, for example, also lets him please women the way he likes to, like after he's pleased a girl totally by fucking her like 5 times in one night. Some girls have all the luck, but for now we got 'ALL' the dick we need...right here! Aiden walks in and finds a stack of DVDs. He tosses out the gay and bi ones and settles on one with hot girls with loads all over them. He sits back and gets comfortable as his dick gets bigger. He peels off his tee to reveal a sweet smooth upper body. His pecs are nicely defined and draped by his muscular shoulders and biceps. He walks over and puts the disc in as we get our first glimpse at that hot ass. His shorts hit the floor as he starts to stroke that dick staring at all the pussy on screen. His body frame is well proportioned and naturally smooth. His quads are solid and hold up his delicious frame. His cock is another story altogether. This Orlando boy is packing. His cock is rock hard as he uses both hands to fist his fat 8' cock. 'I wanna cum inside you so bad' he groans as he stares at all the hot whore action on the screen. The camera then pans round back and we get a better view of his amazing ass. It's smooth, round, has a sexy board short tan line. It's basically the kind of str8 boy ass you wanna shove your tongue inside-if you're into that kind of thing. <Twiddling thumbs>Aiden is transfixed with the action on screen as he double-fists his fat dick. He keeps his pubes natural but tidy which is a nice change of pace from all those boys who feel the need to shave everything clean off. Aiden then sits back on the floor and spreads those thick thighs to work on that thick dick. 'I wanna fuck you so bad and cum inside you, you dirty little whore' he moans as he strokes that throbbing dick. Any takers? ( know who you are!) Aiden then decides to show off that ass we can't have as he bends over and starts to dry hump the chaise leaving his milky ass and furry hole up in the air for us to dream about. He then gets up on his knees and tugs on that cock still showing off that hairy hole. <Apply all-u-can-eat bibs now> All this teasing has his fat dick ready to blow. He gets on his knees and jacks that thick dick for all its worth. 'Oh I'm cummin' he groans as he works his aching cock focusing all his attention on his knob. He explodes, sending jet after jet of hot cum flying everywhere. The first one splatters all over the chaise beneath him while the second shoots so far it clears the chaise altogether. The rest of his huge wad soaks the chaise as he empties the rest of his nut one hefty stream of batter after the other...lucky chaise! <evil grin>
Gimme Some Paste Bitch!
I woke up early to run some erans (Carpe Diem) but when I go to brush my teeth, the toothpaste is missing, probably because Mr. Pearly Whites used it brushing his teeth five times a day. Well I think its time to put those Ivory's to work... sucking my fat cock. I wake him up nice and gentle, and shove my cock down his throat (I have to admit it did feel minty fresh). Then I flip him over and give him the fucking of his lifetime, I mean, really pounding that tight asshole of his, until we both cum all over our chests. Oh well, I can seize the day tomorrow.
Man On Man
I have such a hard-on for my roommate. This guy has no idea how hard he makes me. Most of the time he's without a shirt and that drives my cock wild. Well, I finally got my chance to stick my dick in him!
10 Inch Hook Up
Ty snagged a great catch at the gym when he met Doug. In fact he reeled-in about 10 inches of awesome, rock hard cock. But not only is Doug packing big dick heat, he's taking Ty's big boner deep into the bottomless pit of his tight asshole.
Johnny Hazzard and Harley Everett. When these two sex titans came together, it was always going to be hot, but even we didn't know how hot. As a hunky proctologist there was no way Harley could resist the feast laid out before him. Harley threw Johnny all over the room and the sexy, sexy handsome, Johnny loved every minute of it. The muscle mountain fucked Johnny off the floor and plowed his legendary ass for all it was worth until Johnny convulsed in not one, but two, gushing, messy and hands-free orgasms, before receiving another geyser load all over him.
Shane Asshole Stretched!
Shane hasn't been fucked hard lately...he decided to try something different. This is his first huge black cock in his tight asshole. He definitely wasn't ready for this...
Boho Homo
Cock sucking, arse munching, cum swapping, even smoking cigarettes!! Is there no vice too far for these naked bohemian rockers? These two hung men are rehearsing in their Hoxton loft but the musical muse has left Rocco so he turns to Jake for inspiration. You loved watching Rocco nailing Jake's arse, so now it's time for Jake to return the favour, and Rocco's arse takes a colossal pounding.
Geoffrey Paine & Pedro Paliza
These two horny gay men are hot for each other and watching them fucking is a real treat. Pedro Paliza has a huge, uncut cock and tattooed stud Geoffrey Paine slobbers all over it before shoving it up his ass, fucking it, and shooting two loads of cum!
Seth Takes It BIG
Seth never had such a huge cock before he was completely caught off guard by it. I fucked his tight asshole while he screamed in pleasure...
Heath Gets Barebacked By Blaze
Although Heath is bisexual he's more into giving his cock to guys and sharing some jerking - it's mostly about the dick. But things are about to change in this bareback ass fuck with Blaze! Handsome Heath bends over and takes that big dick like a champ, getting a cum facial and jacking out his own load while Blaze licks his nuts!
Ty One On
Ricky Larkin is back in the house this week looking better than ever. Ricky will be helping us welcome back a blast from the past Ty Tucker who appeared on our brother site a few years ago. We asked these studs if they could have anyone interview them who it would be. Ty would want to be interviewed by Charlie Sheen. Ricky would want to be interviewed by none other than Stephen Colbert. We then flipped the script and asked if they could interview anyone they wanted to whom it would be. Ricky grins as he answers Mila Kunis just to be in the same room with her. Ty would want to 'interview' Super Model Heidi Klum. Both of these boys prefer the ladies off cam but are open minded enough to do male on male work. We wondered what if anything they've learned from being in this position. Ty learned that not everything needs to be so restricted and being open with your sexuality is healthy. Ricky started off not really liking it but he didn't dislike it either. One way or the other both of these studs agree that the best head they've received to date have been from men. 'I heard what you were doing with my sister last night' Ricky tells Ty,
Bend Me Over
Connor Patricks is a heart breaker. He comes in for his weekly massage all the time and teases me with his hot body and big cock. Today I won't take it! I am going to fuck his heart out until my juicy man-goo is all over his sweet face.
Wake and Bang
Wake and Bang
Boy, Toy, Joy
Caleb Colton makes his debut with us this week and he's a long way from Nashville, TN. Caleb is 26 years young and looking forward to his birthday next month. This sexy Gemini started watching porn at an early age and knew it was something he'd want to look into. Caleb is packing more than many and he didn't even know it. When Caleb first started having sex with girls he shied away from it since he thought he had a small one. He lost his virginity at 17 to a girl then started getting head from guys at 19. By the time he was 25, head wasn't enough and he started fucking guys. After fucking a couple guys he got to compare equipment and came to the realization that he wasn't small at all. We then asked Caleb if he could win a gold medal in a sexual category what it would be. 'Fucking' he grins. Well seems like he's come a long way since he was 25. His hottest encounter to date was walking home with a date and ended up sneaking into someone's backyard where he got his big dick sucked on and got to do some backyard exploration of his own as he got to bury his meat right then and there.Caleb comes in after a long flight and had to deal with lost baggage and the usual airport hassle. He kicks off his shoes and reaches for the only package that matters-his own. He grabs at his growing cock through his shorts as it grows by the second. He stands and drops his shorts getting more comfortable after the long ordeal. He bends over in his jock strap as he shows off his sweet ass. His smooth ass is tempting as he lubes up that hole for some more fun. He tugs at his cock as his fingers start to tease and explore his hot ass. He finally decides to give his meat the breathing room it deserves and slides his hand into his jock strap. His cock throbs at his touch and soon the jock strap is pulled aside as he gets that thick dick in his palm. A little spit goes a long way as he lubes up his hard cock. Caleb is naturally smooth and has some pretty impressive ink adorning his chest and biceps. He's rock hard by now and freely stroking his hard cock as his low hanging nut sacks enjoy the fresh air. Caleb is giving his dick the attention it deserves and decides to lay back and get the party started. He strokes his rigid dick as he goes back to that ass for more fun. He takes out a fat dildo and lubes it up. Once it's nice and ready he does the same to his hot hole as he gets it ready to take some dick. He kneels on the bed and aims that dildo north as he impales himself on it. His hot ass concedes as he moans and groans. The chaise is perfect for this since he can bounce up and down on it delivering more dick with every thrust. He loves that dildo inside him and pushes it as far as he can. He then switches to a much longer double header dildo and bends over. He shoves that long dildo into his hole and fucks himself with it, ramming it in and out hitting all the right spots. This toy won't bring him home so he gets right back on that fat dildo and goes back to sitting on the first one. He puts it on the floor as he starts to shove it in and out of his hungry ass. That does the trick and soon Caleb is shooting his massive load all over the rug before him. We're definitely glad he didn't lose this package in transit. <evil grin>
Power Cock
Wesley was looking for a handsome and hunky workout buddy for a long time. He finally answered an ad in the newspaper for an energetic personal trainer with a power cock!
Turner & Cooch
Trey Turner is back in the house and looking better than ever. It
Into The Woods
Into The Woods
Cooking with Ass
Cooking with Ass
Drew Brody & Robbie Turner
Prepare yourselves for a scorcher! Slim twinky lad Robbie is pushed to his limits as he takes on the beercan thick TEN INCH cock of mixed race rugby lad Drew Brody. Inasnely hot jaw stretching oral and intense hole stretching fuck action, climaxing with messy cum facial.. Unmissable!The lads start off standing, in their sportskit. If Robbie seems a little nervous to start with, thats because he is.. He loves huge cocks, but has never had a cock as huge as this before, and while he was really excited to be doing it, he was also nervous as to whether he would really be able to take it.. But dont worry, he took it GREAT.. more of that later.. They kiss and grope each other, Drew is forceful, and after getting a feel of Robbies cock and balls in his shiny shorts, he lifts his vest to reveal his slim defined body, and gives his nipples a good licking. They kiss some more, take off their tops, and Robbie sucks Drews nipples a bit and gets a feel of the massive schlong swelling in Drews tight red shorts.. at one point the end of his dick is poking out the bottom of the shorts.. this dick is way too big for these shorts, and not wearing any underwear gives us a horny preview of whats to come.. They reach inside to take each others cocks out of their shorts. Robbie is still soft, but Drew is almost rock solid now, and its so thick that when Robbie grips it, his fingers dont meet, and not even close. They jerk each other off a bit, then Robbie cant hold back any longer and gets down onto his knees for some serious monstercock worship.. By this point Drews dick is rock solid and throbbing, a full ten inches and insanely thick.. Robbie grips it at the base, his fingers dont even get close to reaching all around the massive girth, and opens his mouth wide, taking in as much as he can, and manages about a third. He starts slowly sucking on the end, going as deep as he can.. Drew clearly loves getting sucked and lets Robbie go to work on him, then grips his head to fuck his mouth a bit, then pulls him deeper down onto his cock, making him gag a little.. We have some REALLY hot shots from underneath Drews balls looking up as Robbie, with his jaw stretched wide apart, gets his mouth forced down that meaty shaft. They move to the sofa, and Drew leans back and hold his cock up at the base for Robbie, who kneels on all fours between Drews legs, and he starts licking the big bulging cock head, then gets back to more sucking, working on Drews cock with his hand, jerking him off as he sucks him.. More very horny shots from Drews point of view, looking down his chest to his cock as his monstercock gets sucked and worshipped..Needing to get his hole warmed up for this, Robbie is laying on his back on the sofa now, with his legs apart, and Drew kneels by his arse and starts working on it.. Drew licks Robbies smooth hairless pink hole, getting it good and wet, then starts probing it with his finger..he eases his finger in gently, pushing it deep inside making Robbie moan.. he fingers him a bit, then pulls his finger out, pulling Robbies cheeks apart to show his wet hole to the camera..Eager to get his monstermeat inside that tight twink hole, Drew lays on the floor on his side, with Robbie on his side in front, spoons type position. Robbie holds his leg up, and Drew eases the tip in.. Robbie gasps a little but takes it, and Drew pushes it a bit deeper till its about halfway.. he slowly edges it in and out a little, letting Robbies hole get used to the mighty girth, then starts fucking deeper, and builds up the speed.. This is SO horny and we get loads of graphic close up penetration shots..Next, Robbie is leaning against the sofa with Drew standing behind him.. He eases his dick in again, and gets back to some awesome fuck action, not too slow, showing plenty of length.. he starts to fuck deeper and a bit harder, but this seems a bit much for Robbie sometimes, and Drew holds back again.. They keep it up a good while till Robbie needs a break..Not quite done yet, they go for a third position, this time Robbie laying on his back, legs apart with Drew kneeling. He inserts his meat which is throbbing and looking thicker than ever.. luckily Robbies arse is warmed up, but even so, its clearly intense watching it go back in.. Drew fucks with long strokes showing us plenty of girth, keeping the fucking steady, varying it a bit, keeping it as intense as Robbie can handle, keeping him on the edge.. Drew pulls out now, whips off the condom and moves round to kneel over Robbie.. with both lads aching to cum, but they want to savour the moment, so Drew sticks his meat back into Robbies mouth, and he sucks on it one last time as he jerks himself off... moments later the cum literally explodes from his dick, Im not kidding, jet after jet of jizz squirts right the way up his body spraying his neck and chest, and all shown in hot slow motion..The sight of this pushes Drew over the edge, and thick white spunk starts streaming from his meat, all over Robbies lips and chin.. Drew cums plenty too, as he he squeezes out the last few drops, Robbie opens his mouth and cleans up the still throbbing spunk covered monstercock.
Harley Everett & Ben Statham -- Bareback
Ben Statham and Harley Everett are getting cozy in the Butch Dixon studio…the pair are getting so tender that Harley even offers to massage Ben's tired muscles after a hard workout. Ben's eager to feel the healing touch of the tattooed hulk and he moans softly as Harley gives him a sensual oil rubdown. But Harley's ultimately a purely sexual beast, and after about 2 minutes of massage, he's fingering Ben's asshole and getting ready to tongue him out. Ben's brief flirtation with romance slips away, but the feeling of Harley rimming out his hole more than makes up for the tender intangibles. Soon the rough and tumble muscle men are sucking cock and probing holes…Harley's thick, uncut member is pulsating and he's going all in on this scene. No cover, he's going to fuck Ben's hot hole bareback and Ben loves it! Harley's fat dick pounds away in Ben's raw hole and both hard Brit men love the flesh-in-flesh feeling. Harley bathes Ben in his massive cum dump and Ben's own emission rivals his lover's; he soaks himself with sticky jizz and Harley is still unloading all over his face.
Roommate Surprise
I get so horny looking at my new roommate Tyler Sweet. His body is so yummy and smooth looking. I decided to make my move and play with his cock to see how he would react. Luckily, he enjoyed it and pumped his cock deeper down my throat!
Ass Burning Workout
Jason needs a special physical trainer to get him in shape. He found Izzy James online with very good reviews. However Izzy is going to give Jason a more physical workout plan. Jason will have to work hard on Izzy 10 inch cock to reach his goals
Chinups and Jerkoffs
Oh, I see you're working the biceps with some chinups? Nice, but can you handle a cock? Expecially a fat one? Oh you can? Well lets see how far I can stuff it in your throat. No talking now, focus on the shaft in your mouth. Not bad, but lets see how you do with a suprise butt attack!
Soho Hustle
Soho, home of 'queer street' and peep shows. An area in which every other bar is gay and every other flat is a brothel. Joey struts his stuff down Old Compton street and manages to pick up a punter in the shape of horse-hung Aaron. These two men get naked and bash their way through a flip-flop fuck as Joey skewers Aaron and then returns the favour, impaling Joey on his mammoth uncut cock.
Creme of the Crop
Gallons and gallons of cum, all the best (and juiciest) cum shots from several yards of uncut cocks, as splash down after splash down - after squirt after squirt. There's enough cum here to drown the horniest cock hound, so stand back, its a wet one. Our greatest, wettest, hottest, sloppiest cum shots ever compilation.
Aarron's First Huge Black Cock
Aaron's has never got his tight asshole stretched before. I stuffed him like a Christmas stocking. He shivered as he came on me, while I fucked him hard!
Jack Brave and Jayson Park
We see Jayson Park is back up to his old tricks again on DaddyRaunch and this time he's with Jack Brave. Licking arm pits, taking it raw and hard with all the dirty talk and nasty sex a man can throw at him. Watch Jayson deep throat Jack's big cock all the way to the base and rim his ass while Jack jerks off with Jayson's nose buried in his balls. "Like to smell my nuts boy?" we hear Jack say. Up on the bench on his knee's as we watch Jack bury that monster deep in Jayson's ass. It's like watching a scene from the movie "Deliverance" and this time we get to see ALL of the action! Jack says "I'm gonna cum" and Jayson tells him "cum in my ass"... "shove it my ass." Jack's cock is so big we can see the vein on the back of his shaft swell and pulse as he unloads inside Jayson. "Like that cum up your ass?"... "Now that hole is real nice and wet" Jack says. Jayson asks Jack to do him a favor and sit on his face while he jerks off. Jack loves the good rimming Jayson is giving him sitting on his face and blows another load all over Jayson's stomach. Jack hops down and fingers Jayson while he finished himself off... "you're covered in cum bro" we hear from Jack as the camera zooms in on Jayson's torso.
Sean Smith
We went to a local park to pick up Sean Smith, a 19yo straight boy wanting to make some money. As you watch the video you'll find out that this straight boy is all business and takes care of a "sizable" business matter here on StraightRentBoys! First things first, yes, Sean is a real red head and the "drapes match the carpet" as Eddie puts it. All I have to say is that I hope they ordered enough of both to do the job when you see the size of Sean's cock. Yes, dynamite does come in little packages! We don't get many red heads coming through the studio and if it's a tall, thin red head hung like a horse on your wish list, I think we got a winner! Sean says he's never been with another guy and I actually got to touch and stroke that mammoth cock of his during the shoot. When I asked him if it felt weird, he said no. At the end of the video when asked if he would like to say anything to anyone interested in renting him, Sean said he wouldn't mind getting a blowjob from a guy and even consider sucking a dick. Sean is all business and a "show me the money" kind of guy. If the money's right, I think Sean is willing to explore new possibilities. Even Eddie says "I'd have sex with him!"
Hung, uncut and so... intensly sexual, Dimitry soon has us in his spell and holds our gaze whilst teasing us and taking us on a tour of his body, slowly stroking and pushing his rock-hard cock towards the camera, so close we can almost taste it. We lock eyes and he shoots a fountain of cum with an intense shudder and a huge sigh.
Anal Oral Lovin'
Lucas Knight just loves his new roommate. He's the only roommate that doesn't mind when they both walk around in their skivvies around the house. The only problem is that they always end up getting rock hard and horny which leads to some hard anal pounding! Hopefully their girlfriends don't find out!
Coastal Erosion
Coastal Erosion
Too Big To Fail
We have a larger-than-life edition of ExtraBigDicks and you'll understand just why in a minute. <evil grin> With us this week we have an industry favorite that has blown up and has amassed quite the following so we thought we'd have him back with us, none other than Tommy Defendi. Tommy is a 22 yo Chicago native who now calls Ft Lauderdale home. Tommy is tall, dark and hung like a horse packing a 9.5' cock. What else could you ask for? -wait for it. Alongside Tommy sits our newest find, Mr. Devon Moss who is also 22 hails from Greensboro, NC. This baby-faced country boy is a size queen's wet dream. Packing 10' of Carolina cock, Devon reminds us all to never judge a book by its cover; cuz this boy could split you in two. lol Tommy blushes as he admits this is the first time he's ever been with someone that has a bigger dick than he does. Even though most of the time the guy with the biggest dick ends up on top, that's not the case with Devon. We imagine most guys are just afraid of his dick. (AMATEURS!) Fortunately Devon is truly versatile so he doesn't mind either way. Fortunately both of these hung studs are single and loving their freedom. Well enough bragging from these two-let's get 'em nekid.Tommy starts rubbing Devon's foot as he breaks the ice. As he massages his foot, Devon begins to rub his foot on Tommy's growing cock. They begin to kiss as they lie back on the bed. Tommy hovers over Devon, slowly kissing him before pulling off their tee shirts. The jeans come off next as they are left in their underwear. Devon goes to work on Tommy's meat as he licks it through his underwear. It isn't in there for long as he hauls it out and engulfs it. Tommy can only moan while Devon's head bobs on his meat. Tommy wants some too and he gets between Devon's thighs for some cock of his own. Devon's massive uncut meat is rock hard in seconds as Tommy worships his 10' rod. Devon's cock is massive, not only in length but incredibly thick as well. This is not for the faint of heart (...or ass). They get into a hot 69 so that each has access to all the cock they want. Devon and Tommy savor every inch of their meat as they slowly enjoy their oral session. All this cock sucking and oral attention can only lead to one thing and that's Devon's smooth ass-Oh, goody, goody. Eyebrows furled Devon winces as Tommy slides his thick cock deep inside him. Devon does his best to relax as Tommy continues to take his ass. Tommy is steadily pounding his ass as Devon takes every thick inch he's given. Tommy looks down and watches as his massive meat disappears into Devon. 'You're so fucking big!' Devon grunts as he gets his ass stretched. Tommy continues to thrust his cock into Devon fucking him doggie style and enjoying the show below as Devon does his best to manage the dick he's giving him. 'Spank my ass' Devon grunts between moans as Tommy keeps impaling him. Tommy then lies back on the bed as Devon climbs aboard for more. He impales his sweet ass on Tommy's cock and starts to ride. Tommy is soon thrusting his hips up into Devon wanting to get his fat dick deeper inside him. Devon grinds his ass down onto Tommy making sure he gets every inch inside him. Missionary is next as Tommy slides his cock back in for more. Devon's whimpers get louder as Tommy fucks him harder and deeper, his fat cock easily claiming its prize. Devon won't be able to handle much more of this before his cock explodes. He pulls out and sits next to Devon as they both jack off. Tommy is the first to nut exploding as his load skyrockets all over him. Devon follows suit as his beer can thick dick unloads its own creamy cargo.
Ready for Prime Time
We have a blast from the past and a recent hottie that came together to rock our studios. Joe Parker, the 32 year old from Philly is back and he's lucky enough to welcome back sexy James Hamilton. James is from Kansas City and at 29 he is a MenOver30 by injection but soon he'll be a full fledged member himself. We're living in crazy times these days so we asked these studs what the last thing they found hard to believe. 'Porn on Canadian Cable TV' astounds James; while Joe is bummed out about the recent overturning of gay marriage in North Carolina. Yeah that surprised some while reminding others that we still have a long way to go. On a brighter note we asked these hotties what they each think they both excel at. James says cumming is something he does rather well and we'd have to agree. 'I give a hell of a blow job' says Joe as James concurs with an instant 'yeah!' Heard it here first! We wrapped it up by asking what the most unexpected sexual encounter has been. Sex on the roof for James while Joe admits he was in a bathroom at a bar in Philly once and...well, that's how he met his current boyfriend. Nice!James is flipping through the channels looking for something to watch as he finds porn playing on regular TV. Joe notices more than James' curiosity has been peaked as he reaches over and grabs his growing crotch. 'What are you doing?' James asks as Joe goes down to show him. He hauls out James' oversized cocks and puts it in his mouth. James doesn't mind one bit as he gasps at the sensation as Joe swallows every thick inch of his cock with ease. Joe goes to town on his big dick as James just sits back and enjoys it. Joe then gets up and takes out his own boner to give James the opportunity to give back. James gets right to it as he start to bob his head on Joe's fat meat. The chemistry is off the charts as these two go at it. James takes care of Joe's hard cock for a while before Joe needs some more of James down his throat. He has James lie back so he can get on his knees between those thighs and worship his meat some more. He laps at that cock and smooth balls getting James horny for much more than head. Joe gets on the floor and lubes up. James straddles him and eases his tight ass down on Joe's thick meat. It takes him a while before that ass concedes and takes Joe's thick dick inside. Joe starts pumping that dick up into James' tight ass wanting to bury it deep as James winces. It hurts so good as James starts to jack off as Joe picks up the pace. James is riding his cock soon enough as Joe pounds up into him. James gets up in a squat position as Joe takes the opportunity to pound his thick cock right up his ass. All James has to do is hold still as Parker pounds his dick home. He leans him back and fucks him in a missionary position for a bit before getting behind him on the floor to slip his meat in for more. Joe starts to fuck James' as he lies behind him. James' hard cock is throbbing and James can't help but jack off as he gets that hole stuffed. That does the trick as James busts his huge load all over himself and the floor. Joe pulls out and jacks his own load all over James' cum drenched cock and abs.
Blonde Hottie Fucked In Ass
Christopher came by the house for some hard ass fucking. He never suspected that I had such a huge cock. I stretched his tight asshole until I blew my load all over him.
Strong Sensual Butt Fucking
Camden's been having some back problems, so he hired the best massuse in town to help him out, ME! but when I show up, and start massaging all over his body, he starts getting aroused. Don't worry, I'm a pro, I'll put you right at ease...
A Houseboy's Chores are Never Finished
Kyler Moss' chores around the house may be finished, but he hasn't "finished" daddy Bryan Slater, yet! Bryan makes Kyler writhe as he sucks his uncut cock before the boy swallows his rigid dick on the bed. Kyler is as vocal as he's ever been, moaning and yelping as he slowly impales himself on Bryan's cock. Bryan rails him in a few positions before finally making him cum on his back. Kyler gets to end the scene with a hot facial and mouthful of cum from his daddy!When it comes to the sexy, older man in porn, you could not find a more perfect example than Bryan Slater. A beard, body hair in all the right places--and speaking of body, Bryan's is more ripped than most men half his age. He's also got a big dick and after years of experience, he knows exactly how to use it!You'll be able to see the hot jocks and daddies of inside BoyCrush exclusive, Kyler Moss, and you'll be glad for it! This young man's got a smooth, toned body, uncut cock, and a completely edible ass. He's also a kinky little thing and loves nothing more than a hard, rough pounding!
Troy Loves Them Big
Troy was searching for the big one. The big hard cock that would make him moan in pleasure. It looks like he finally found what he was looking for. His eyes and asshole opened wide when he saw that big cock.
My Little Cocksucker
We have none other than Girth Brooks in the house. We will give you a minute to let that sink in. lol Born in Massachusetts, Girth just hit the big 3-0! We're sure he hit it in stride since he's used to all things 'big'. We're getting ahead of ourselves; and besides we don't wanna spoil his costar's surprise. Back by popular request is Brazilian hottie Daniel Le
Interview And Jerk With Tanner
Horny and confident twink boy Tanner has a lot of potential fans out there, and there are always guys looking to find out more about their favorites. He's kicking back and sharing some info in this lengthy interview before hauling out one of the most delicious thick cocks we have ever had the pleasure of filming!Oregon boy Tanner has a lot going for him, and there's a lot about him that our fans absolutely love too. This confident boy has a love of cock that really shows through in his appearances on camera, and there is no denying that a lot of the other boys want to be seen on film with him. They're lining up right now!
Asian Anal Invasion
Cody is always working and his buddy is about to give him a relaxing moment with his big cock up Asian boy's tight butthole. Cody is some what unique because he doesn't have a small dick like other's do. This makes it more appetizing to suck the juices off his wet cock...
Damian B & Josh J
Passionate thick dicked sexy top Damian Boss gets serviced by randy twink Josh in this very hot vid, Little Josh can barely get his lips around Damians meaty girth as he sucks him in several positions, before getting his hole fingered and butt pounded three ways.. Spunktastic. The lads start off standing, in their shiny adidas sports kit, getting a feel of each others bodies as they kiss, and checking out each others bulges in their shorts.. Damian lifts Joshs top to reveal his tanned, super defined body, with ripped six pack. As Damian strokes his abs, he leans down to lick Joshs nipples, caressing his taut little body. Josh returns the favour, slipping his hand inside Damians vest to feel his hairy chest. Damian lifts his top and Josh gives his hard nipples a nice suck, rolling his tongue around them as he rubs and squeezes the hefty looking bulge in Damians shiny white shorts. They kiss, then Damian gropes him a bit more, his dick is clearly solid now inside his shorts, before slowly pulling down, letting his cock spring out. Damian takes Joshs dick in his hand and jerks him off slowly. Josh removes Damians vest, licks his nipples, then gets down onto his knees to get a closer look at that fat bulge. He grips it at the base, then pulls Damians shorts down. In his white briefs his dick looks solid and very meaty. Josh gets a good feel of it, then pulls the undies down. Its a very thick meaty uncut cock, and his pubes are bushy and untrimmed. Josh takes Damians fat dick into his hand and opens his mouth wide to start sucking on it. He can barely get his lips around it, its such a thick girthy dick.. but Josh loves to please a lad, and sucks with plenty of enthusiasm, and lets Damian get pretty forceful with it too, fucking Joshs mouth. Josh stands up, they play with each others dicks for a moment, then Damian gets onto his knees and gets down to some very hot sucking, savouring joshs long uncut cock, taking it to the back of his throat then letting Josh give him a hard throat fucking.. its pretty noisy and extremely horny.. They move to the sofa where Damian lays back to get sucked again, with Josh laying on his side, between Damians legs, and as before, Josh clearly loves pleasuring a meaty dick with his mouth, keeping it wet with spit, jerking him off then sucking as deep as he can.. Josh moves up to kneel over Damian, his knees either side of Damians chest, his cock right over Damians mouth.. he sucks Josh again whilst getting a feel of his hot little smooth butt, squeezing his butt cheeks then pulling them apart and sliding his finger in to that tight little hole.. Then, Josh is on all fours over Damian, and he gives that fat cock another good sucking whilst Damian buries his face between Joshs arse crack, giving it a good licking..Next, Josh is squatting over Damians face, so that he can get his tongue right in there, and as he licks and probes that boy hole, his holds up his throbbing meat.. clearly eager to fuck now..The first positions sees Josh leaning against the sofa, with Damian standing behind him. He teases Joshs hole with his cock first, then slowly pushes it in, making Josh moan with pleasure and pain.. its clearly pretty intense.. Damian start slow, showing plenty of length, letting Josh get used to the thickness.. as he gets into it, Damian speeds up a bit, and we get lots of graphic low angle penetration shots.Next, Damian is laying back in the corner of the sofa, holding his dick up, and, facing us, Josh eases himself down onto his girthy fuckpole. As he takes it right to the base all the way inside him, it makes his cock twitch.. he slides himself up and down it for a bit, riding it, then lets Damian hold him up, grabbing his butt cheeks, so he can thrust into him.. he keeps it steady mostly, but gives him some hard and fast fucking too..Not quite done yet, the last position has the lads on the sofa, Josh on his back, legs apart, with Damian kneeling. He pushes his cock back inside, and gets into some slow deep fucking with long strokes, and Joshs dick throbs, like he is ready to shoot any time.. Damian fucks him steady, speeds up and gives him a bit of a pounding, then josh cant hold off any longer, and takes hold if his dick to wank himself as his hole gets pounded.. moments later, Josh is squirting powerful jets of jizz over his chest and abs.. Damian is ready to bust his nut too, and quickly pulls out pulling off the condom, and moves round to kneel over Joshs face, beating away at his big meat, and it only takes a second before he is shooting his hot creamy spunk over Joshs chest and chin, and eager to get a taste of it, he opens his mouth and gets a few drops on his tongue, before licking the rest of the cum from Damians still throbbing cock..
Billy Rubens, Luke Desmond, Damian B.
Faced with a face from his past that handyman Luke Desmond really doesn't wanna see, hairy young daddy Damian Boss knows him from the toolbox and is in charge of his future, putting our hung young twink in a bad position! To make matters worse, straight lad Billy Rubens is caught in the middle of it all, and is coerced into a three-way between to two, all for the sake of a job at the hotel! Stripping each other off and getting throat fucked, these twinks have no choice but to dance to Damian's tune, and he is in a very demanding mood! Peeling off his overalls to show us his tanned, hairy body, nicely toned, but wait for his thick, big dick to push out from his pants, shared between the twinks! Superhung Luke gets what's coming to him, and Damian takes his ass hard right there in reception as Billy gets sucked off! Damian's still not content with what the lads are giving him, so ensures he gets a taste of it all, even spreading his own hairy ass for Billy as he gobbles on Luke's dick and balls - talk about flipping! This hairy man getting fed dick from both sides, and by twinks! That's not something you see every day, but is fucking hot all the same!
The Rosetta Bone
This week we have a blast from the past as we welcome back Kyle Quinn. It's been a while since we've see Kyle who is now 27, originally from Washington D.C. and is keeping busy helping out with the family business. Making his debut this week is a hot Hispano from the Pearl of the Caribbean, Cuba that goes by the name of Jacob Lucha. Jacob is 18 and obviously packin' which is why he's here. We asked these studs to tell us of all the places they've been which their favorite city would be. Exotic Fiji is Kyle's answer while Jacob, who may not necessarily be a 'friend of Dorothy', knows there's no place like home. Miami is the only place this hung, uncut hottie wants to be. Both of these studs started exploring their sexuality in middle school; and while both broke the ice with girls their age only one stuck to that dietary menu. 'Some' men can not live on fish alone. (evil grin) So to wrap things up we asked these studs to tell us what the biggest dick they'd ever seen was. Kyle saw one that was 10' long. He would've taken it too if only his hole was more accommodating. For Jacob, it would have to be his own dick. He's not being cocky, it's just, being straight; he doesn't make checking out other guys' junk a habit. Kyle and Jacob are hangin' out when Kyle asks Jacob where his accent is from. Jacob tells him he's Cuban. Kyle admits he's a sucker for a foreign accent and wonders if girls respond to it as well. Jacob assures him they do with a smile. Kyle then turns up the heat when he coyly asks Jacob how do you say 'Put your dick in my mouth' in Spanish. Jacob stands up and decides to just show him instead as he hauls out his growing uncut cock. Kyle swallows it to the hilt as he nurses on it. Jacob's cock arches south and it easily glides down Kyle's willing throat as he starts to fuck it. Kyle licks at Jacob's smooth balls before going back to worshiping that Cuban 'pingon'. He strips Jacob as he asks him how to say blowjob in Spanish. 'Mamar pinga' Jacob replies as he grins and then straddles Kyle's face as he slides his dick down his throat for more. As Jacob fucks that mouth we get our first glimpse at that str8 boy ass as it humps away into Kyle's mouth. Kyle can't get enough of that uncut dick and he's nursing on every inch. Kyle then gets up and lets Jacob return the favor. Jacob slides Kyle's thick cock into his mouth and does his best but soon realizes he's better at eating ass than he is at sucking cock. Kyle moans as he gets Jacob's tongue shoved up his tight hole making him squirm with anticipation. Something about Island men and eating ass, they just can't get enough of it. He eats that ass like a pro making Kyle so horny for dick he's practically begging for it. Kyle slides a rubber on Jacob's dick and sits right down on it. That wet hole is overdue as it takes every inch. He starts to ride on that cock as Jacob helps bounce him on his hard cock. Jacob lays back and just watches Kyle who is caught up in the ecstasy he's feeling taking that big Cuban dick. He then changes position by turning around while still sitting on that dick so that he's in a reverse cowgirl. Jacob starts to pound that ass hard in this position as Kyle leans back and takes it. Jacob then wants more control of that ass as he bends Kyle over against the wall and shoves that meat back inside. Jacob's smooth balls slap away at that hungry ass as he fucks him harder and deeper. That Cuban dick sends Kyle over the edge as Jacob pulls out so Kyle can lay back and bust all over himself. Jacob then kneels over Kyle's head as Kyle sucks his cock until Jacob shoots that fat load all over Kyle's face.
Hot Chavs sc4
Hot Chavs
Curious Cock Gets Rocked
My sister's friend would always asking me about being gay and noticing how attractive he is one day I decided to just show him my hard boner he had given me. He was really shocked but was actually curious enough to start sucking me off. Oh fuck it was so amazing to turn this curious straight guy into such a great cock sucker!
Aaron Cage & Drew
There's nothing that hairy muscle guy Aaron loves more than a huge cock, so when he saw Drew's pics his eyes lit up and we were all set for a great video. Drew knows just how to use his foot-long uncut dick to please even the greediest of guys and the sight of Drew's smooth dark member sliding deep into Aaron's white hairy ass is one I'll remember for a long time.
Suspended and Fucked
Suspended up above the floor with his hole at the perfect height, Chad Chambers is ready to receive the cock of Luke Desmond. Watch him get pounded like the filthy piggy boy that he knows he is in this video.
Big Latino Churro
Seth is all into the Latino guys. We found a nice treat for him. We found a Latino with a giant cock! Yes, I know they are rare but they exist. Seth is gonna get his ass stretch by a massive juicy churro....
Scottied Loves It Deep.
Scottie is sore from another day office. He was complaining about his back and shoulder problem. All he needed was hard fucking and pounding with a release!
Youth Offenders - Governor's Office
John has been a bad boy again! Causing fights and hiding keys is not the best behaviour behind bars so it's time for a visit at the governor's office for the punishment he deserves. A big juicy cock get's shoved up his throat and soon after up his tight hole. John gets pinned on the governor's desk and get's banged hard but will he ever learn his lesson?
Matthew fucks for the first time on camera
Caio and Lenny
Caio and Lenny
Latino Loves Big Cock
Michael grew up in the mean streets of East LA. He's tough but he ain't bad. However when confronted by a huge cock, Michael gets a bit intimidated. We will see just how tough he can be
Made In Australia
The Aussie is back in town and ready to hit the clubs hard until his buddy Logan crushes his dreams by ragging him about his pants. His jeans are just not good enough for the club scene and Logan does not want to be seen with an out of style Aussie. After all the complaining Tate finally agrees and just drops his pants for the cock feast to begin. There is definitely a hot sexy connection between these two studs that easily cums across the screen. The amazing slobbery BJs go both ways but the ass eating is all up to Tate and he loves that hairy blonde ass of Logan's. Once that ass is juiced up Tate is balls deep and making the best of the night considering the jeans incident. If you love a man with a sexy accent and another with some luscious golden locks all around a nice round ass than this scene is all you. Enjoy!
Dirty Weekend
Pablo Nunez & Lucio Saints sneak away for a dirty weekend, they're hardly through their hotel room door before they're going at it, tearing each others' clothes off in a rush to get naked and explore their muscled bodies. Lucio eventually slides his nine inch, thick, uncut cock into Pablo's waiting hole and they begin a passionate, hungry, fuck that leaves both drenched and panting.
Rain of Wax for Alex Twinge
Alex Twinge is covered in hot wax by the merciless Ashton Bradley in this video - but that's just where his punishment begins. Next he's fed Ashton's cock for a good ol' throat fucking, before a long and teasing handjob is used to finish off the restrained twink and make his cock start spewing out his seed!
David French
David is a hot, French/Arabic guy with a long, heavy dick and impressive foreskin. With a sultry, imperious manner and massive load, he's a very horny guy.