Dick To Dick
My buddy gets me so rock hard. Watch me climb up on him and stroke each other off. Pound each other's bottoms. I erupted hot cum all over his hot chest!
Alexander's horrbile Boss
Alexander Garret is a hard working boy. Apparently, Izzy James doesn't seem to think so. Izzy is about to make Alexander work overtime without a break. Hope he can hang.
Good Morning Fuck
Valentin woke up in a great mood today. He was very excited to see his partner's hard thick cock. Valentin had his morning coffee and was now ready to start to work on that cock!
Nip it in the Butt
This week we have a special treat for our new friend Damian Taylor, as we welcome back fan favorite Joe Parker. Since you
Bi Black Guy Dee Gets Some Ass
Dee is one incredibly hung black guy who really doesn't mind sharing his lengthy meat with other guys. Joe is on hand to help him out with that long cock, sucking him off and then bending over to take a deep bareback fucking too. It certainly does the trick for Dee who jerks out a hot load of jizz by the time he's done.
Do Some Laps On My Cock!
I've recently taken a side job as a swimming trainer, despite the fact I know fuckall about swimming, except that its bad not to drown. Though that doesn't bother me in the least, expecially when I get to coach this hunk, I show him the backstroke, the brest (tee-hee) stroke, the forward crawl, but the one he really takes to is the cock stroke. He's a pro when it comes to sucking my fat cock, then he offers up his ass to me and I pound the everloving shit out of it. Sorry, I guess he's not air tight anymore :)
Felipe, Igor and Junior
Felipe, Igor and Junior
Sexual Hot Tub
Wow, me and Matthew King were in the hot tub just relaxing when I saw his yummy cock perk up and get hard. I couldn't resist and soon enough I had his hard muscle inside my mouth and my tight holes!
Punk Waxing British Boys
Punk-haired beauty Drake Blaize joins the Boynapped team with this scorching hot video. It'll burn up your screen watching this footage of the pale cutie having his skin set aflame with hot wax. His hot, blond dominator gets so hard watching him suffer, he has to jerk off his beautiful cock and leave him with a cum facial too.
Deigo's First Huge Cock
Diego was so caught off guard when I showed him my cock. He spreaded his tight asshole for me to stretch open for him. I blew my load all over his chest!
Passion of the Kris
Brock Russell is back with us on and we
Morning Glory
Sam walks into the kitchen wearing nothing but a hard-on and finds he's not as alone in the house as he'd thought...J.P. was just about to leave, but faced with a hard, uncut cock, decides to stick around and stick his own juicy fat cock in Sam's willing arse... well, it would be rude not to!Sam wakes up with a raging hard-on as usual and begins a leisurely wank. It's his day off, and as he has the all the time in the world, he decides to take a break and save his cum for later. It's also the day he has the house to himself (or so he thinks) so he doesn't wear a thing as he strolls into the kitchen, his hard, uncut cock swinging free.He's surprised to find a stranger in the house, who turns out to be a friend of his house mate who stayed the night.JP's even more surprised, as he looks up from his bag packing to find a juicy cock inches from his face and a handsome hunk attached to it! Turns out both guys love uncut cock and now that the ice has been broken... When Sam started his leisurely wank, he was dreaming of men with thick uncut cocks and now he has JP's monster sliding all the way inside him until he can hold back that big load no longer and shoots onto the glass table before feeling JP's wet cum on his face.
David Takes the Next Step with Jace!
Jace Tyler is more than ready to take on the immensely studly David Johnson in this intense fuck session! And judging by that sly look on Jace's face, we're betting he's quite satisfied with this pairing! We were a bit surprised when David was the first one with a cock in his mouth, after these two kissed and undressed. But, less surprisingly, Jace quickly had David on his back with his fat cock in his mouth! Jace works David's cock with his wet mouth eagerly before the two of them get into a sixty-nine. Bottom-boy Jace is only satisfied with oral for a few minutes, though, before he's sitting on David's dick. David jacks his cock up into Jace's ass and, like a true bottom, Jace doesn't just take it, he loves it! As they switch to doggy, Jace stays hard the entire time as David fucks him on his knees and ends up forcing him flat against the bed. Our boy Jace ends up on his back with his legs over David's shoulders, stroking his dick while the beefy blonde fucks his ass. The two both end up completely out of breath after they shoot their loads, and we felt the same way!
Brett Taylor, the Lad from Plymouth
Well, good afternoon, Brett Taylor! This nineteen year old college lad comes to us from Plymouth. After playing coy, he admits our Shane invited him to come shoot with us after they chatted on Grindr. Brett says he's bisexual, but from the sound of things he's pretty popular with the boys! Despite his more reserved nature, we manage to wrestle a few sordid stories out of him, including one about having sex in the sea! But none of us are here for story time ;-) Brett has soon stripped off his pink boxer shorts and gets comfortable as he begins stroking his seizable uncut cock. When he does blow his load, he's sure to keep squeezing his dick until he's drained every last bit of spunk!
Sweeney 7 - On the Ropes
Dillon Buck returns as D.I.Sweeney for one final episode and he's facing his old adversary Ross Hurston. Restrained and unable to resist, Sweeney submits to Ross's masterful mouth, his thick 10" cock throbbing as it's finally released from a sweaty jock and stiffening ever more as Ross works the length with his talented throat. He's straining to stop himself from cumming until finally freeing himself and pulling the hairy hunk down onto his cock - arse first. Ross of course loves riding the rock-hard piece of uncut meat and eagerly takes it deep inside his twitching, hot hole, milking Sweeney's dick for all he's worth. The harder Sweeney fucks, the more he loves it. The ending, of course, is explosive...
Dating Surprise
Emilio been craving a huge cock to rip open his tight butthole. He was browsing a local internet dating website and came across this stud with a freakishly oversized penis to plow him missionary position.
Adam Video
Adam is a straight man -- sexy with a bald head. He's packing a 9-inch uncut cock in his Calvin Klein's and he can wrap both fists around it. He jerks his cock and even his cum load is big. It squirts out of his cock and flops to the floor with a thud. You can hear it! Flop!
Ride 'Em Cowboy
Connor wants a piece of the farmhand
Race Cooper & Jay Roberts
Jay Robert's buns are almost on fire, until Race Cooper steps in and saves his baked goods. Horny Race is a pure, muscle stud with a magnificent arse and tight, juicy hole. Hungry Jay can't resist feasting on Race's wet, fuck-hole before sliding his spit-drenched, uncut dick deep into Mr Cooper's guts.
West Ida-hoe
Fur is definitely in fashion and it's nice to know 'manly' is back. Fortunately both of our studs this week are sporting their fur coats au natural. We definitely have an appreciation for two furry, hung men here on ExtraBigDicks.com and this week we have two of the sexiest. The first is a Utah born native who relocated to Fort Lauderdale. He's hoping to find a greater peace of mind here in Florida which was harder to come by in California where he was living. Fortunately for Ft. Lauderdale, this stud brought his own greater 'piece' with him. (-Sound the Size Queen Alarm!) We are talking about, none other than, Josh West. Josh, the man, the myth, the legend made his debut right here on our site. The second stud this week is definitely excited to be here. Hailing from Peru, this Latin stud has been on our sites a time or two and has amassed his own fan base. Jesse Balboa is here and more than excited to have a go at everything Josh. We have a feeling Jessie heard the alarm and came a'runnin'. Jessie has lived in many places; but in the US he's been in Florida the longest. When asked why, he said he loves Florida mostly for the weather, the beaches and Josh West-of course. ...Shameless. lolThese two are all over each other before we even begin and it only gets better from there. Josh and Jessie begin making out as Jessie's hand immediately makes a move to Josh's growing cock. He peels off Josh's tee and starts to explore his firm abs and hairy chest. Josh returns the favor seconds before these two reposition themselves as Jessie lies on top of Josh and begins to explore again only this time he's using his tongue. He licks Josh's chest and nips and soon Josh is flipping him over so that he too can explore. He licks and sucks along Jessie's furry frame sending one very horny Jessie into orbit. Josh makes his move as he undoes Jessie's jeans and strips him. Jessie's cock is growing by the second as josh takes it into his mouth. Jessie pinches his nips as he looks down and watches Josh work on his meat. Jessie's waited a long time for this; but the best is yet to come. Jessie then kneels in front of Josh who happily begins to fuck his throat. Josh's beer-can 9' cock is stretching Jessie's hungry mouth open as he does his best to accommodate the massive oral invasion.Josh loves the oral he's getting but he needs more. He knows it's going to require some work so he puts Jessie on all four before diving into his beefy ass tongue first. Jessie can only moan as Josh eats that ass out. He's been rendered helpless as Josh's tongue swirls around his smooth, hungry hole. Josh then begins to finger that ass getting tit ready for the fucking of a lifetime. When he's ready, Josh gets up and feeds Jessie his dick again so Jessie can get it rock hard for his ass. Josh then gets into position and playfully slaps his thick meat on Jessie's ass before sliding his thick cock inside. Jessie's ass is hungry and more than ready for that meat and Josh is soon slamming deep inside him. Jessie grimaces as he takes that thick dick. 'Pound that ass' he groans as Josh obliges. Josh then moves him onto a chair where he once again slides his meat in for more. All Jessie can do is hold on and beg for more cock. Josh is more than happy to oblige as he bounces Jessie's ass up and down to the hilt. Both of these masculine studs are grunting and glistening in sweat as they kick it into high gear. Josh begins to pound Jessie as he buries his cock faster and harder. Jessie straddles Josh's cock before impaling himself for more. Jessie rides that thick cock til he can't hold back any longer as they both begin to beat off to completion. Josh and Jessie both explode their loads all over one extremely satisfied Jessie.
Deep Sexual Massage
My client today was Christopher Daniels, and what a nice piece of ass he was. I couldn't help myself as soon as i saw his sexy body. I knew i had to shove my cock into all his tight holes!
My Man Muscle Is Bigger
Mario has been tackling the gym on a daily basis and finally his good friend Santiago noticed. The only reason Mario was going was to impress Santiago and it finally paid off. Santiago just can't keep his hands off those ripping smooth muscles. After a couple bicep grabs and a quick abs check Santiago figures it's time to grasp the real man muscle. Mario has a beautiful thick uncut cock that any man would love to worship. The firm hard uncut cock is receiving all the attention and rightfully so. After a lengthy worshiping Mario decides it's time to squeeze his juicy fat dick into that small tight hole. Santiago is lubed and ready and boy o boy does that sexy cock fit perfect into that bubble butt. Get ready for some soft intimate fucking and some cum slurping. Enjoy!
Jake Lewis
Jake's thick foreskin caught my eye - well you know me and foreskin - it covers a big, thick cock that rests on heavy nuts... Then I meet Jake and my mind is temporarily dragged away from the contents of his jock by the intensity of his piercing stare - not so much a smile as a knowing grin. Jake Lewis dominates on every level, I guess he's what you'd call an alpha male, but he really likes to dominate most when naked and hard, bending a guy to his will and taking complete control.
Seth's New Job Tension
Seth feels the blow from the recession. He's been trying to find work everywhere. He found a pool boy gig and became stable. However his boss, Ziggy James, seem to give him lots of pressure. A pressure Seth will soon begin to like.
Jake Green loves WHITE juice!
White juice = CUM! Of course Jake Green also loves BIG DICKS! Put big dicks and cum together you got yourself a wet and wild gangbang! Loads of passionate cock sucking, rough ass fucking and nasty cum spraying! Jake and the boys are here to make your dreams cum true!
Erotic Foot Rub
Sebastian Keys and his roommate, Luke Hass, are chilling out on the couch while giving each other foot rubs. The foot can hold some erotic zones that can make anyone horny. Luke fell victim to Sebastian's amazing foot massages. His cock got rock hard and Sebastians went to town, extending the massage onto Luke's throbbing cock.
Ale & Myles
British bruiser Myles Bentley and Italian stallion Ale Tedesco prove that EU harmony does exist and we all have a lot to give each other - eight inches of uncut cock are shared each way and Myles gets to play with Ale's nipple rings before taking his hard length in his furry hole.
Rock Paper Suck it
Rock Paper Scissors? Nope, more like Rock Paper Suck it time and boy does Austyn suck on that big thick cock of Sam's. To all the big dick lovers out in cyber land Sam has a beauty and loves to choke Austyn with it on occasion. That fat cock eventually makes its way into a tight little ass but once it's in Austyn has no problem riding that beast. Just a couple of friends hanging out playing a classical game of Rock Paper Scissors to see who bottoms, just like the old days. Enjoy!
Shooting Star
Stars may have fallen on Alabama; but today Alabama has nothing on us as we finally welcome back Brad Star. Brad is all grown up and at 27 we're glad he decided to return to his rightful place in front of the camera. Sometimes a few years away from the industry helps you attain a good perspective on things. We're definitely glad he's back and you'll know why soon enough. Here to help welcome Brad is our very own Colombian 'estrellita', Alexander Garrett. Tall, dark and hung: 34 year old Alexander is a Latin dream. Alexander has done his fair share of work and admits he's been recognized on the street. Even though their lives seem like open books, it's refreshing to know that Brad prides himself on his cooking while Alexander loves being a family man. Both of these studs are packing more than the average guy. They both learned at an early age that they were 'gifted' in certain areas. Having the type of equipment they have they both have run into situations where their partners were willing but just weren't able to accommodate them. --amateurs! Well, fortunately they are in good company and we're sure we speak for size queens everywhere when we say...Let's get this party started.Brad and Alexander are chillin' when Brad asks Alexander if he's ever been with anyone that wanted to fuck him and had a bigger cock than him. Alexander tells him that that's never happened. 'Well, today's your lucky day' Brad grins as he pounces on Alexander. They strip their clothes off as their hands explore each others cocks. They stand and unleash their meat as we get our first glimpse of the all you can eat meat buffet. Alexander's thick uncut cock is huge but no match for Brad's 9'+ boner. Yeah, today is definitely his lucky day as Brad goes down on his thick cock. Brad takes his uncut cock deep in his throat while jacking his dick as he sucks it. Alexander moans his approval as he watches the All American jock gagging on his thick Latin meat. Brad then sits back and wants some in return as Alexander gets to work. He kneels between Brad's legs and worships that cock, taking as much of it as he can. Brad moans as Alexander polishes his knob. From here they maneuver into a hot 69 so that they're both happy getting as much cock as they want.'I think it's about time I fuck that ass' announces Brad to Alexander who is still latched onto his meat. He gets Alexanderon all four and spreads that hot ass; teasing his intended target. Brad then suits up and starts to slide his cock inside. Alexander's tight ass gives way and soon you can hear his muffled moans as he gets that cock rammed up his ass. Brad holds Alexander by the waist as he impales him, slamming his rigid dick deep inside him. Brad's ripped abs tense as he pumps away at Alexander's hungry hole. 'Awww fuck yeah' grunts Brad slamming his meat deeper and deeper. Alexander is taking one hell of a fucking--but wait, there's more. Brad then flips Alex over on his back lifts those muscular legs and gets right back to fucking that tight ass. Alexander grunts and moans as he does his best to take that cock stretching him wide open. Brad fucks deep and doesn't ease up as he makes that ass his. Brad's definitely met his match and as they switch positions he gets served. Alexander sits on his cock and starts to bounce on that cock like a spring board as Brad's eyes light up in awe. Alexander grinds his cock deep sending Brad over the edge. Brad unloads all over Alexander's chest setting off Alexander who unloads all over his cum covered abs and chest as well. Whew.
One Size Fits All
Marc has always considered himself an adaptable person. He loves all size cocks with no discrimination. However, today we will test his limits and really see if he is as flexible as he says he is. We have a HUGE cock waiting to penetrate Marc. He is definitely going to freak when he sees it...
Vinny Castillo & Johnny Torque in: �Doubling Up�
Vinny Castillo and Johnny Torque are surprised in this impromptu scene in the bathroom. Vinny, having never been with a man before, seems to be a natural as Johnny exits the shower and begins to blow him. Slobbering all over Vinny�s dick in a throbbing, gagging mess, Vinny is visually turned on and as Johnny strokes his dick, it becomes obvious neither one will be able to hold out for very long. So rather than try, both of them blow a quick load all over Vinny, and still wanting more, Johnny goes right back to work, slamming Vinny�s dick against the back of his throat as Vinny grabs the back of his head and fucks his mouth even harder, his legs still glistening from the cum already on it. And as Johnny sucks and strokes, it becomes obvious there is more to cum, so they both lean back and simultaneously explode for a second time. It�s a double cum shot extravaganza. Seems like impromptu is the way to go! Enjoy!
Afternoon Bliss
JD Phoenix and Luke Hass just finished their lunch and are moving on to some afternoon sweets. JD has been craving a big cock to suck on. Luke has exactly what JD needs, a giant cock to give JD an afternoon full of bliss.
Cox and Bagels
This week we have two new faces on ExtraBigDicks. The first belongs to sexy, and hung, Chris Cox the 25 year old Hispanic hottie from right here in Miami. The second half of today
Extra Large Sponsorship
Bryce is on the swim team and needs a really good sponsor. Luckily, Luke was walking by and found his cute ass standing on the corner. Luke took him home where he would give Bryce a really big donation...his giant cock.
Get a Piece of the Rokk
Well we have a very special surprise as Van Wilder decided to stop by the studio this week with an itch to show it off. We aren't about to complain when 19 year old, Miami native Van decides to drop by with his fat 8' cock. So we got him a lucky newcomer to help out. Making his debut with us this week is Tony Rokk who is 27 and from Puerto Rico. Tony is in for a wild ride...but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We wondered what these two fit studs consider their guilty indulgence. 'Cheetos!' is Van's answer. He didn't even need to think about that one. Tony likes pizza when he strays from his diet. Van's packing a fat dick and we wondered if he's ever been fully deep-throated and he admits it has happened and can't say which team does a better job. He must be getting together with some skilled females. The next burning question we asked was where the weirdest place they ever shot their load into was. 'A girl's eye' grins Van; as Tony admits he's busted his nut in his own eye and it burns. We wrapped things up by asking what does one need to do to make them cum really well. Van loves his balls played with & his nipples worked. Tony likes a guy to find that 'sweet' spot-and fuck it harder! (...our kinda guy)Van is kicking back watching some porn on his laptop and decides to jack off. He strips down to his briefs and hauls out his thick cock and starts to stroke it as it comes to life. As he's jacking his hard cock with both hands, Tony bursts into his room finding Van with cock in hand. 'What are you doing jacking off on my couch, Bro?' Van's confused as to why he would come in unannounced; but after realizing it is Tony's place he agrees to pay the price and offer Tony some of his cock. Tony gets on his knees and starts to savor the rewards as he sucks on Van's foreskin and fat cock. Van moans as Tony swallows as much of that dick as he can, making it even harder in his mouth. Tony takes his time worshipping that meat, stroking it up and down as he sucks on his throbbing knob. This is way better than jacking off to porn as Tony starts to rub their cocks together as his own dick gets hard. He lies on top of Van as he starts to lick his smooth body from his neck all the way back to that cock he can't seem to get enough of. Who can blame him? He then stands up and backs that ass up against Van's cock as Van slaps his thick cock on Tony's ass. 'You want that dick inside you?' Van teases as Tony rubs that ass all over it.Tony is hard as he gets up and offers Van some dick. Van returns the favor taking his Puerto Rican dick all the way down his throat. He works that shaft for a bit and once he's done he gets up and puts Tony up against the wall. Seconds later Tony's moaning as Van's cock slides inside his tight ass. Van wastes little time before going to town on his hole. His balls slap away at that ass as he fucks him doggy style. Tony just whimpers in ecstasy as he gets that ass stretched wide. Van grabs Tony by the waist and fucks him even harder as he slaps that ass. Van then switches it up by pulling Tony back so that Van is against the wall so that he can do the work. Tony gladly bucks that hot ass back onto that dick fucking himself. Van then grabs hold again as he starts to slam that dick deep inside that hole. Van then gets Tony on his back and fucks that tight ass missionary. He pounds that ass faster and deeper hitting Tony in just the right spot. Tony beats his dick as Van pounds him harder until he can't hold off. Van pulls out and jacks off all over Tony's cock drenching it in cum as Tony's nearing his own climax. That does the trick as Tony cums all over his cock and navel to.
Malik & Ben
One of the hottest fucks I've shot, we were lucky to have two cameras on this one as Ben just couldn't hold back the floodgates as Malik opened him up good and proper and smashed his tender, hot fuck hole into battered pieces, before hosing him down with hot, hot cum.
Lacrosse Player Comes Out to Play
David West is Captain of the Lacrosse team, but do his teammates know that he is also making little Gay videos on the side, jerking off his fat cock for the internet to see? I wonder how they would react to seeing him jam his fingers up his ass and cumming on his ab's?
It's a Hard Cox Life
We're excited to have a familiar face make his debut on ExtraBigDicks. From our brother site MenOver30, Lucas Knowles is in the house. Lucas is 32 years old and originally from Poland. We know this 6'3', hung import won't disappoint. Mason Coxx is also back and we know our fans love this 26 year old New Englander with the thick 9' cock. That sparkling personality is just irresistible. <evil grin> We asked these two what their favorite way to unwind was after a stressful day. It would be cocktails and TV for Mason; while Lucas would rather hit the gym and listen to some great music. As two well hung men we wondered what guys out there wanting to handle that kind of equipment should know. 'I think it's all mental' says Lucas, 'if you want it bad enough it won't hurt.' Mason thinks more lube always helps. They both agree that bigger is better and even though they are hung it's nice to have a bigger dick. Lucas would bottom for a guy with a bigger dick than his own. If he was less endowed he probably wouldn't be eager to give it up. Mason agrees. They won't have to worry about that today cuz there's plenty of dick to go round.Mason is admiring a pic of Lucas with his hair slicked back. He definitely likes the look and shows Lucas just how much as he goes in for a kiss. They start to make out as they peel each other's clothes off. Mason's cock is already tenting his boxers as Mason gropes it. Lucas then stands to let Mason get at his own throbbing cock. Mason obliges as he pulls down Lucas' shorts and frees his thick uncut, Polish meat. He opens wide as he gets that beautiful cock wet. He grabs Lucas' smooth nuts as he deep throats every inch of it. Lucas playfully slaps his thick dick on Mason's face before shoving it back down his throat. Lucas then pushes Mason off his cock and strips off his underwear to get some big dick of his own. He grabs Mason's cock and slams it down his throat. He loudly slurps on all the dick Mason has to offer and rubs it all over his rugged face. Mason holds Lucas' hair up so he can watch his thick dick disappear into that hungry mouth. Lucas can't get enough of that big dick and he's in good company cuz Mason feels the same way as they take turns servicing each other's throbbing cocks.Lucas then suits up and lies on the couch as Mason straddles his thick cock. He slowly impales himself on it as his ass starts to give way. Lucas gasps as that tight ass lets him inside. 'Ride it' he groans as Mason starts to do just that. Mason is soon grinding his hot ass all the way down wanting every inch of that dick buried deeper. Mason then holds still as Lucas starts to slide that cock up into that hot ass. Lucas then bends Mason over so he can tap that ass doggy style. Mason takes it like a man as Lucas goes right back to feeding him dick. He pushes Mason's ass lower to get it just where he wants it before picking up the pace. His engorged sac slaps away at that hot ass as Lucas pounds Mason's willing hole. Lucas teases Mason, pulling his thick cock free of his ass then slamming it back inside. But wait. There's more. Missionary is next as Lucas gets Mason's legs in the air and slides back inside. Missionary always does the trick as his fat cock hits Mason's sweet spot. Mason shoots his load all over himself as Lucas fucks him. Lucas then stands and unloads that huge signature batch of his ALL over his new friend.
Tied to a length of chain naked, Mylo Jordan gets instantly hard when Luke Desmond starts spanking his ass. Luke then rims Mylo's hole, getting it ready for his big cock, and gets his captive buddy to suck his cock so it's rock hard. Then it's straight into some ass-pounding, with both boys in standing positions for the anal onslaught.
Bead Work
Matthew Rush is back this week as we welcome a new face to the fold. Kyle Butler is 25 years old and a proud Chicagoan as he does a little 312 dance. Chicago in da house! Matthew will be 38 in a few days and this fan favorite hails from Pennsylvania. We decided to get more personal with the self admitted geek, nerd and avid reader Matthew Rush. We asked if he were to write a book what kind of book it would be. He would make it humorous and totally non-fiction. It would be a comedic look at porn. Erma Bombeck, watch out. If Kyle were to write a book it might be a friend-fueled memoir on his own crazy day to day stories though he's actually working on a zombie novel based on 13 different characters. He loves Zombies. Being that Kyle is str8, we wondered when he discovered that his ass was a pleasure zone. Apparently undressing in 6th grade gym class made him curious enough to start touching himself in new places. Kyle also discovered a world of toys and sometimes even carries a pocket vibrator to give the ladies pleasure while grinding on the dance floor. Matthew is doing curls showing Kyle how he stays in shape while on the road. Kyle can't help but comment on how big his muscles are. Matthew encourages him to take a closer look and as he does, they start to make out. Matt moans as Kyle's tongue explores his chest and nips while his hands are groping Matt's growing boner. Kyle is soon on his knees wanting to explore another 'muscle'. He hauls out Matt's cock as he opens wide and gets it nice and wet. He opens his mouth wide as Matthew bobs his head up and down on it making him gag on it. Kyle gets that dick deep in his throat as Matt moans his approval. Kyle then gets up and has Matt return the favor. He strokes his bone as he gets Matt to lick his balls. Once he's rock hard he shoves his thick dick in Matthew's mouth. Matt looks up at his new buddy as he gets his face fucked. Kyle holds Matt's head as he grinds his dick inside sending his low hangers into Matt's chin over and over. Matt then gets on the bench and gives up that ass as Kyle's tongue finds its way inside. Matt can't get enough as he spreads those beefy cheeks so that Kyle can get that tongue deep.Kyle then gets on his back so that Matt can suck his cock and eat his ass as well. Matt obliges and soon Kyle gets some anal beads for Matt to use on his ass. Matt slides them into Kyle's hairy hole; teasing that ass a bit before pulling them out and replacing them with his thick cock. 'Fuck me with that big dick' Kyle grunts as Matthew goes to work fucking that tight ass. He slaps Kyle's ass as he mounts him which only makes Kyle want more. Matthew fucks him hard and deep as Kyle strokes his rock hard cock. Matt then switches it up as he sits back and watches Kyle take his dick in a reverse cowgirl. Kyle impales himself on that dick and starts to ride that meat taking it all the way inside his tight ass. Matt groans in ecstasy as he gets that dick worked by that tight hole riding it. Missionary is next as he gets Kyle on his back before slamming inside. Matt's cock is hitting Kyle's spot just right as he explodes all over his hairy chest and abs. Matt then pulls out and stands as he unloads all over Kyle.
360 Degrees Of Fornication
Making his debut on ExtraBigDicks this week is a Sarasota native who made quite the impression on our brother site MenOver30 a while back. This Floridian with the Abercrombie & Fitch air about him is none other than Ridge Michaels. Ridge is 22. We've decided to pull out all the stops and give him a HUGE welcome. Literally! Yeah, Ridge will definitely remember this day after his smooth, jock ass gets officially introduced to Diesel Washington. Diesel, the man, the myth, the 9' python in his pants, needs no introduction. At 39, Diesel has made himself quite the reputation as an accomplished actor in the adult industry. We've gotten to know this New Yorker a lot better than most; and it's nice to see Diesel in person is nothing like his on-screen ruff-n-tuff persona. For example, we asked these two if they could be any animal, what it would be. Ridge said without question he would want to be a jaguar. Diesel (the self-professed Comic book geek) then turns and asks Ridge what cartoon he would be? Ridge was stumped but Diesel already had a vision of his own cartoon creation: 'Some kind of granite rock life form that comes to life, has super human strength, can fly and has teleporting capabilities.' OMG--Geek alert, Geek alert! Lol Ya gotta love it.They break the ice, kissing softly on the couch as their hands begin to explore each other. The clothes start coming off as these two get better acquainted. Ridge's curiosity gets the better of him as he slides off Diesel's jeans and gets a better idea of all he gets to play with. After a bit more kissing, Diesel stands up and just watches as Ridge unwraps his new toy. He hauls out Diesel's thick black cock through the fly of his boxers and goes to work. Ridge wraps that pretty mouth around Diesel's 9' cock as Diesel moans and groans his appreciation. 'Show me those beautiful eyes' Diesel moans, as Ridge stares up at him with a lustful stare. Ridge knows exactly what he wants--and he fixin to 'git it'! Diesel then wants some dick too, as he gets Ridge on his back so he can suck that pretty dick. Diesel goes to town on Ridge's rock hard cock as Ridge writhes in ecstasy. Diesel uses his tongue all over that hot cock and balls before turning this Sarasota Stud around and getting that expert tongue up that hot ass. Diesel buries his face deep in Ridge's crack, as Ridge pushes his cock back towards Diesel's mouth, wanting more on his cock too. It's an all-u-can-tongue fest for Diesel--and it can only get better.Diesel then sits back and groans as Ridge starts sitting on his thick cock. 'Just have to get used to it' Ridge grunts, as his ass slowly concedes. Once that hot ass is fully impaled, Ridge starts to grind his ass on that dick, sending Diesel into a frenzy. Diesel helps Ridge put his feet atop his knees so he can get better leverage and ride the ride a lot better. After a few minutes of taking that dick in a reverse cowgirl, Ridge wants a better view. He twirls around on that dick so he can face Diesel and get to make out with him as he gets that ass stretched. Diesel coaches the young stud into a better position so that he can better take that cock. This is a teaching set, and Ridge is definitely gonna learn a thing or two about taking a big cock in that ass. 'Aww, fuck me' is all Ridge can say as Diesel impales that ass and even moves him from the couch and props him onto the adjacent chaise into a doggie position without ever pulling his python out of his ass. Show off! As Diesel fucks him in a doggie position, Ridge is getting that ass stretched and fucked deep and he does his best to accommodate all that cock Diesel's burying. Diesel then literally spins him around while on his dick into a missionary position then stands up with Ridge still attached to this cock and moves him back to the couch to fuck him missionary. Grand standing we say! Diesel buries his cock deeper and deeper. Soon, they are both ready to explode. They dismount and unload as they jack their loads all over themselves before basking in the afterglow.
Let's Get In Shape
Ricky Larkin is back and this time he is with a rookie by the name of Kevin Grover. Kevin is 19, very young and a quite one at that, but Ricky does a great job getting this young meat to squeal. Ricky and his big dick have been staying in shape and Kevin is very curious how he keeps that hairy firm body. A few pointers from big Rick and bam, Kevin is slurping on that fat cock like it could be his last. That big cock of his takes no prisoners and little Kevin gets a nice pounding in that sweet hole of his. Lots of ass eating and cock sucking plus some explosive endings that will stick in your memory as you bust a nut to these sexy men. Enjoy!
Monster Sized Cock!
Here we are, down on the street, just taking in the sights, when we spot this hot man stud just strutting around. We strike up a little conversation, talking a little about this and that, comparing cocks, you know, the same old, same old. Well I bring him back to the "Stabbin Cabin", and I finally whip it out, and his eyes pop out of his head, he can't believe the size of this cock! I jam it up his ass, and start fucking him really hard, I mean, earth shaking hard, and he's loving it! I break that asshole before cumming all over his face!
Cum-Eating Rancheros sc2
Anthony has fun with the gardeners too and is well-served by two gigantic cocks!
Holiday's Brings Lucas A Huge Cock!
During the holiday our good friend Lucas was lonely. We set him up with a huge cock to fuck him deep in his asshole.
Diesel Power
It's been far too long since our studio has been Diesel driven but this week we're in for a treat as we welcome back Diesel Washington. The Man, the myth, and this afternoon, the lover as Diesel decides to take things down a notch and show us and his co-star, Dylan Roberts, the 'softer side' of Diesel. You heard it here first! This will be 21 years old Dylan's 2nd time on EBD and we're pretty sure this Valentine
Chase's Oily Deep Massage
Chase was exhausted from working overtime during the holiday season. He came by for a massage...he was really cute. I gave him the special VIP deep anal fucking treatment. I blew all over his chest for the GREAT finish!
Daddy's Home
The Proverbial Prince of Porn is back in the flesh as Troy Halston makes his triumphant return to MenOver30. Today West Virginia
Cruising Next to the Pool
Jake Steel cruises the young Jacob Marteny out by the hotel pool, and after offering to share his sun block, the two end up in his room. After wetting each others cocks, Jacob backs his ass up on Jake's dick. In missionary, Jake slides his cock in and out of Jacob's ass before fucking him doggystyle. Jacob cums while being fucked and Jake pulls out quickly to cum on his back.Somewhere under a mop of shaggy brown hair is 18 year old Jacob Marteny. He's bisexual, versatile, and he's got a killer smile, too! He used to dance competitively but now he shakes his moneymaker giving lapdances at a local bar in Minneapolis. When we found out he could lapdance, we made sure to incorporate that into one of his scenes for Phoenixxx!Jake Steel looks like he could have walked right off a fashion runway and onto a porn set; how lucky are we that this gorgeous stud is getting naked on camera? At 6'2" and with a lean, stunning body, we're happy to see Jake Steel get freaky with anyone and he's ready for it! At Phoenixxx, he fucks and gets fucked by a variety of older and younger men.
Anal ASSault
Matthew Rush is back in the house and looking as hot as ever. Holding on to his thirties with both hands, Matthew currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL. This week we have a blast from the past as Kameron Scott makes his return to porn after taking some time to regroup. It
Mason Coxx is back in the house with us this week. Mason is helping us welcome a new face to the EBD Club, Mr. Aaron Felix. Aaron is a baby-faced 20 year old that is originally from California but is spending a few months right here in sunny South Florida. Mason, for those of you unfamiliar with this hung 25 year old hottie, is originally from Connecticut. We wondered how health conscious these two fit hotties were and it turns out they are both very aware of what goes into their bodies. Aaron eats lots of small meals a day and buys organic whenever possible. Mason is a self-professed
Magnum Men
Back after almost a year away, John Magnum is back in the house. Sporting more hair than his last visit, this rather evasive Alabama native currently lives in Los Angeles. Also back this week is Logan Drake. Logan is originally from Virginia but now calls Orlando home. Both of these boys left their hometowns and moved on. We wondered what they miss most after leaving home. Logan misses the place of his childhood and the memories but was glad to leave and get the chance to grow up. John misses the good old country cookin
Latino Love
Tyler Alexander has a new Latino roommate, Bobby Hart. Bobby is a heart throb, better yet a cock throb. He's been eying Alex ever since he moved in. Alex has no clue that his roommate wants to fuck him. He's about to find out.
House Warming Fuck
Imagine meeting a hot guy at a club. Imagine he's well built, nice muscles, handsome face, and he has a sweet new apartment, right downtown. Now imagine you're Topher DiMaggio and the guy you met is Sean Duran. Sean asked you to see the new place, and now here you both are. Looking around, you, Topher, notice Sean has impeccable taste. He's added a very modern flare, without being tacky. You're impressed by the space, but even more impressed by Sean's body. You want to taste it. You make your move and Sean accepts your advance. The next thing you know, your dick is in his mouth, going back and forth. You feel his warmth as your fat cock swells so fat, it just may burst! Then you suck Sean's large erection. It tastes and feels amazing. You can tell Sean wants that rock hard dick in his ass. You push it into his tight hole and fuck him with passion. Sean's lamentations tell you he enjoys it immensely. As you feel your body working toward a sensuous explosion, you make a wish to return here again soon. Enjoy!
How Many Licks Does It Take?
When sexy young Robbie makes a suggestion and gets his cock out, Jasper isn't likely to turn it down! He loves to lick something tasty, but he gets more than just something so suck on when that hot bottom boy offers the warmth of his snug ass for his friend to sink his cock into! Robbie gets a great fuck all over the place, ending with a messy cum shower!If lean boys with sporty athletic bods and hot tight holes are your type then you will love watching Jasper in action with his scene partners. He has a lot of fuck buddies out there, because he's just so horny all the time, and there are a lot of boys who can't say no to this versatile twink. Could you turn him down? No, didn't think so!Robbie Anthony is the life of the party, always horny and always ready to fuck. This handsome dark twink knows what he wants and he knows how to get it, sucking and fucking like a pro to get the boys off. The versatile twink is totally into getting fucked, but can definitely give it hard and deep when he wants some ass!
Gorgeous Gage Works His Big Dick
He has a little more ink these days, but he's still hot as hell and happy to show off his cock stroking skills for all the guys out there. This stud has an awesome 8" cock that any one of us would love to suck and stroke until it's shooting its load, but alas he's dealing with his meat himself for this solo.
Satan's Slaves
They are among us - men who are slaves to their passions, psychically summoned to worship the huge satanic cock of Matt Hughes. Ben and Robbie are two such men. In Matt's unholy lair they strip naked and get down on their knees. They hungrily slurp at the Devil's dick, writhing naked at his feet and fighting for possession of the Devil's dick, before Ben plunges it right up his own arse hole, and rides it like a man possessed until the three unload hot wads of seed. We all know Matt Hughes has one hell of a dick and anything that much fun must be the devil's work!
Waynes Worlds
We have a special episode today as we welcome back Girth Brooks. The Man, the Myth, the Cock is back to show us how it's done and welcome a new edition to the site, Tanner Wayne. For those of you who haven't had the pleasure, Girth's a sexy Bostonian that's 30 years young and packs an almost 9' cock that's about 7.5' in circumference. He credits his Polish descendents for giving him his High School nickname 'The Polish Hammer'. Tall and hunky Tanner is 24 years young and originally from Nebraska. We asked these studs what was the last thing they watched on TV. Girth caught some political spin on CNN. Tanner worked up his appetite watching The Food Network. Other than TV, Girth likes to either work out or fuck some dudes on his free time. <TEAM GIRTH!> Tanner likes to work out on his spare time as well; and likes pushing himself and going on long runs to blow off steam. Everything seems to be falling into place as Tanner admits he's not a size queen; but he can be impressed. Well today, Girth is going to show Tanner just how all that big equipment works; the proper care for it...and then some.As we begin we have Girth standing as he gropes his growing crotch. His hands run under his tee as he feels his hairy pecs and abs. His shirt comes off and hits the couch as he continues his sexy strip tease. He undoes he belt and shoves his hand in his pants to accommodate his fat cock that by now is growing by the second. He pushes his jeans down and starts to tug on his cock through his boxers. The outline of his massive cock strains against the cotton longing to be released. (Enter Tanner: stage right) 'Get your fuckin hand on my cock' moans Girth as Tanner kneels and starts to grope his cock and rubs his face all over it. Tanner soon pulls that underwear down to get at the real deal; opens wide and takes that fucking dick. Girth moans as he gets that thick cock sucked on giving it the attention it craves. 'Lick my balls you dirty fuckin whore' Girth grunts as Tanner does as he's told lapping at his huge nut sack. Tanner takes that dong all the way down his throat driving Girth wild as he talks dirty to him and tells him exactly what to do on his throbbing meat. 'Stick your tongue out' Girth orders, slapping his cock on his tongue before turning around to give him something else he could lick, 'fuck yeah get that ass you dirty whore' Tanner eats that ass out shoving that tongue deep inside.Girth can't wait any longer and pulls Tanner to his feet before shoving him against the wall and ripping off his tee. He manhandles Tanner as Girth climbs on a chair and has Tanner get under him so he can keep licking his hole. Girth then sits on the floor and orders Tanner to drop his pants and sit on his fat dick. Tanner doesn't need to be told twice and is soon sliding onto that meaty pole. Tanner is rock hard as he starts to ride Girth as he bounces up and down on it. Girth groans as he helps bury his meat in that sweet. Girth then gets Tanner and bends him over as he slides inside him and takes that sweet ass doggy style. 'Take all that fuckin dick, filthy whore' Girth moans as his balls slap away at that tight ass he's stretchin' wide open. The hornier Girth gets the dirtier he talks as he slams that huge cock deep into Tanner's hole. Tanner is grunting as he does his best to accommodate that monster dong. Pile driver is next as Girth gets Tanner on the floor and hoists his legs up over his head giving up that sweet ass for more pounding. Girth slams inside and starts to do squats into that ass and it sends them both over the edge. Girth pulls out and sprays all over Tanner who joins him in covering his chest abs with thick load. As soon as Girth is done, he bounces leaving Tanner on the floor in puddle of cum saying those three little words ...'Girth, Call me!'
Sweet Serenade
Phillip, if you are reading this right now, then you know I am waiting for you. I'm sorry about last night. Follow the music, come and find me. I will serenade you, my one and only. I'm waiting.
Straight Boys Cock Play
Straight boys Blaze and Chez were just hanging out when some cock was released. Of course, when Blaze's big dick is out and swinging it's only a matter of time before it's sinking into a wet sucking mouth, and Chez wasn't in the mood to be left out of that fun! It's a playful session of jerking and sucking, with some ass action too!