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Chad Chambers
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Chad is without a doubt one of the hottest young twinks we have for all the fans of massive uncut cocks. All the boys who have played with him and abused this boy have loved working his cock! They love feeding him their own dicks too, because although reluctant, he's so good at sucking cock the guys have to work to hold back their cum!

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  • dannyjohnson993 (1 week ago)
    Chad is such a cute British boy. He is just made for being tied and fucked like a little bitch.
  • bigdickrobert (4 months ago)
    Twink isn't a twink without a massive cock! Love watching Chad!
  • fitnesstop (4 months ago)
    One of the most interesting and fun kink bottoms, and like the description says, what an amazing cock. I really want to get him tied up like in his videos.