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Cody Cummings (also worked under the aliases Tyler Cummings, Kristopher Gates) is a well-known gay porn actor: who can forget Cody's enormous muscles and his debut in Next Door Entertainment movies?

He had his own porn series for Next Door and worked with Falcon and Hothouse Entertainment. He’s also a great dancer and fans can often see his dancing as a go-go guy in clubs!

When he’s not working, he relaxed through reading, wrestling, going to the gym and listening to rap music! He has several prominent tattoos that pale in comparison with his bulging muscles and shaved pectorals! Built like a brick wall, Cody also enjoys in football and trains boxing.

He worked in both gay and straight porn and is known for his massive ejaculations that almost choke his partners! This Adonis of adult entertainment industry isn’t going to slow down any time soon – and fans wouldn’t like that!

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  • Anonymous (3 weeks ago)
    This dude has a gorgeous body, but why did he ruin it with that godawful tattoo?
  • Anonymous (2 months ago)
    I want u to fuck me so hard we can do it all night i want to taste ur meat in my mouth and i want u to cum in me everyday
  • Anonymous (4 months ago)
    Yes You are very handsome hunky muscular and macho. I wish you would fuck me.
  • jamesoat (6 months ago)
    you are very handsome
  • dannyjohnson993 (6 months ago)
    I think his arrogance fits him rather well. It comes off as swagger, I like it tbh
  • bigdickrobert (6 months ago)
    on the contrary, I like him cuz of his arrogance
  • fitnesstop (8 months ago)
    I love the arrogance! He's like my pornstar alter-ego. I am nice all day... I like to imagine myself this cocky sometimes - a complete dick.
  • Anonymous (9 months ago)
    Arrogant and unlikeable. His face is ageing more quickly than his body. P