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David Johnson
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The lovely David's the type of guy that you would find down your local pub. He plays a lot of football and when he isn’t playing football he's watching it or talking about it.
Typical straight guy, hey?
His strenuous day job, gym visits and Sunday football league help to keep this very fit fella looking so very good, but one thing that isn’t so typical is the fact that he’s getting his clothes off for us!
Hope you enjoy :-)
  • Birthday:
  • Birth Place:
    Great Britain
  • Ethnicity:
  • Penis:
    8" Uncut
  • Height:
    6' 1"
  • Hair Color:

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  • hairyfairy (2 months ago)
    I love how much fun he is in clips, and those tight abs and that hairless chest really works for him.
  • Anonymous (2 months ago)
    known as Derek in BDSM. He's willing to do whatever.