Dirk Caber
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Hot muscle daddy Dirk Caber comes from Maine: he used to be big nerd while growing up! He played piano, read voraciously and was a chubby kid; but later he developed impressive muscles and got involved in New York’s BDSM scene.

Dirk is known for his large, muscular frame, incredible pectorals and washboard abdominals; he’s one of the most intelligent and educated guys in the industry – his hobbies include listening to some almost-forgotten composers like Raynaldo Hahn!


Starting at the ripe age of 37, Dirk made his first movie in 2010 for Titan Media and continues to work for Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallion, Kink Men, Colt and Eurocreme. Dirk has more than ninety movies behind him, and he’s also happily married to Jesse Jackman, a fellow porn performer.

He is usually cast an eager and insatiable muscle bottom, and he plays the role exceedingly well – that’s why he is so popular even today!

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  • dannyjohnson993 (5 days ago)
    Yeah, Dirk is a fascinating pornstar for sure, his tastes are unusual. Favorite movie of his is "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead"!
  • bigdickrobert (1 week ago)
    he is best in a Stepfather’s Secret!!!
  • trucker (2 weeks ago)
    would like to have you fuck me.
  • mr Burberry (2 months ago)
  • Anonymous (2 months ago)
    Not many people know about Dirk that he is also into a music and he works on several music projects as a freelancer