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Handsome Brit Dolan Wolf has everyone that gay porn star needs to have: muscles to spare, handsome face, strong beard and body hair all over the place!

Dolan is tall, usually towering over his partners, but he’s a sweet muscle cub at heart: he played the roles of both tops and bottoms.


Working for Alphamale Media since 2009, Dolan has more than fifty movies and scenes in his track record, and he worked for Eurocreme, Butch Dixon, UK Naked Men and Hothouse Entertainment.

Dolan is known as one of the good guys in adult entertainment industry, a guy who is always nice on sets and with his co-stars; he considers himself a gay porn performer first, but also an activist and "kinkstarter".

He has done scenes practically everywhere: from camping trips to office spaces, you can see Dolan giving and receiving splendor in any scene – he’s so good in everything he does!

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  • bigdickrobert (2 months ago)
    Is this his best scene ever or what? This huge cock is just perfect fit for Dolan's tight ass.
  • dannyjohnson993 (3 months ago)
    This cock, pointing to the sky, man... So hot!!!
  • Anonymous (3 months ago)
    I don't like these leather stunts, but man... this guy is fucking hot!
  • fitnesstop (6 months ago)
    Holy leather gods, I'm just going to bookmark this page in my spank bank. So fucking hot.