Francois Sagat
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Francois Sagat (also known as François Sagat and Azzedine) comes from France (born in the city of Cognac) and is well known in the porn world and beyond!

He has a very distinct look with his tattooed scalp (which imitates hair) and densely packed muscles! Mix that with a bit of fuzz and you have one hot dominant top! While Francois preferred the roles of strong tops (he’s well equipped to satisfy every partner), he is personally versatile.

With hairy, buff body and bulging muscles, he continues to be one of the most popular and widely publicized gay porn stars today.


Francois is a multitalented individual who worked in mainstream media, fashion industry and even did some directing!

He mostly worked for Titan Media and Raging Stallion, with occasional work for Citebeur and Millivres Prowler. He has his own fashion label and maintains a very popular blog; he’s also involved in public activism.

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