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Fraser is one seriously hot 21 year old from Manchester. He spends all of his free time out drinking with mates, or in the gym where he works on that impressive body of his... There's more to come about Fraser soon - watch out for his solo film that's cumming soon ;-)

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  • dannyjohnson993 (1 hour ago)
    How old is this sexy boy, he really young, yet so experienced? I wonder if he has over 30 years?
  • bigdickrobert (2 weeks ago)
    Why didn't you put his full name Fraser Jacs??
  • hairyfairy (6 months ago)
    I'm super into British dudes right now, so a British hunk like Fraser is one to watch!
  • fitnesstop (6 months ago)
    What a cute little bad boy. I will be watching this page for more videos.