Gabriel Cross

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Gabriel Cross
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  • Anonymous (3 weeks ago)
    Always a hot scene seeing Gabriel getting fucked.
  • Anonymous (3 weeks ago)
    Gabriel is so cute and a gymnast body I could devour. Not to mention his sweet ass . . . I want in.
  • Anonymous (3 weeks ago)
    Gabriel is so cute. A gymnast body and a ripe ass . . . I want in.
  • hairyfairy (1 month ago)
    So sweet and very 90s boy-band-ish. I'd love toplay around with him, top or bottom, I don't care
  • bigdickrobert (2 months ago)
    Still no info updates? I can't wait to see more about him, all I could find is his twitter account.
  • mrtbear (6 months ago)
    I really like his kind of midwestern beefy boy-next-door look and he's so intense when he fucks.