Girth Brooks
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While Girth Brooks isn’t gay, he sure has done a lot of gay scenes and movies! And how could he not: he is famous for his eight inches of steel and monstrous girth for which his co-stars complained it’s “too big to handle”!

Girth loves to top in his movies, but he isn’t a stranger to the occasional bottom role; with his power jock good looks, body hair and a cock to match, Girth has a cocky attitude that made him the star he is today. He even adores throat-fucking on the receiving end of it! He’s proud of his manhood, but he’s also proud of his Superman “S” tattoo above his waist.


He worked for Man Avenue and many other studios, and he’s a well established gay porn star with an impressive list of scenes and movies. Girth even got engaged (with a woman) once but his roommate is Berke Banks, a gay porn star.

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    Best scene