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Henry Samson
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We always do fancy a rugby player, and even if Henry Samson isn't playing anymore, he's kept up that gorgeous, athletic body by hitting the gym. We also love blokes with big smiles and cute laughs, and blokes you love to suck cock, too! In other words... we really fancy this one.

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  • dannyjohnson993 (4 months ago)
    Looks kinda cute, but just not my type. Although boy really knows how to suck cock, like on this video. https://menhdv.com/video/fresh-meat-episode-2.html
  • bigdickrobert (5 months ago)
    That's how real jock looks like. I really loves this scene, Tyler and him had a great connection. https://menhdv.com/video/fresh-meat-episode-1.html
  • Anonymous (6 months ago)
    hi i would love to suck your cock blowjob i love how sexy are you and have a litter fun with you cal me at (916)392-4973 today3:00pm ok bye
  • hairyfairy (7 months ago)
    Henry is such a sexy guy, not just because of his great body, but because he always looks so happy and light. I imagine it's a lot of fun to be in scenes with him.