James Huntsman

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James Huntsman
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  • bigdickrobert (1 month ago)
    Early James Huntsman was beautiful and fit guy. James Huntsman now is hot and muscled stud..if he worked on his acting as on his body, he would be much better performer.
  • dannyjohnson993 (2 months ago)
    He made a 2 year break in making movies, I'm so glad he returned. I'd love to see him sucking some cock and getting fucked, not always being on top!
  • hairyfairy (6 months ago)
    I have a weakness for the young jock look, and James Huntsman fits the bill. My inner dork can't help but be seduced by buff and charismatic athletes.
  • doulough13@outlook.com (7 months ago)
    James, very nice body. Very poor cligraphy.
    James, beautiful body, poor tattoo on your right shoulder. It lacks grace and beauty in its execution. A true master of iruzumi might be willing to correct its inadequacies.