Johnny Rapid
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Johnny Rapid got his stage name because he used to be a wrestler – "rapid" was a description of his abilities in the wrestling ring! This beautiful and insatiable gay porn actor is known for his double anal scene; while his intention was to go to modelling, soon he got offers from left, right and center to work in adult entertainment!

Johnny is fit, slender with a bit of muscle, but it’s his bubble butt that’s been getting all the attention! He’s also known for appearing in the TV documentary Outspoken, where he spoke about his experiences as a gay porn star.

He’s living and working in Atlanta, cooperating with big productions like Men and Bromo. He’s an easy going guy (his favorite food are leftovers) who loves Harry Potter movie series, leads an outdoor lifestyle but is also crazy for cars, fish tanks, any kind of electronics and, of course, sex!

  • Aliases:
    Johnny Rapid
  • Birthday:
    August 26th, 1992
  • Ethnicity:
  • Penis:
    7.5" cut
  • Height:
    5' 6"
  • Weight:
    135 lbs
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color:
  • Twitter:

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  • bigdickrobert (1 week ago)
    I want him soooo baaaaaaad!!!!
  • MMMike (2 months ago) This is literally his best scene...Johnny is one hot king, I wouldn't mind serving him! Anyone feels the same lol?
  • Anonymous (2 months ago)
    was told he is gay for pay, but still like him
  • Anonymous (2 months ago)
    My name a jeff
  • Anonymous (2 months ago)
    always hot to watch se scenes with someone like Johnny who enjoys sex and enjoys his partners
  • Anonymous (2 months ago)
    Dear Johnny, I saw your employment opportunitiy to work with you in Adult Gay Entertainment. While I am 50yrs old, I am VERY HOT! I can assure you as well as down.How would I get an Audition? Thank you- I look forward to hearing from you! John H-
  • Anonymous (2 months ago)
    Respect, Johnny. You are someone whose company I would probably enjoy and not just sexually. You could probably be a conversationalist as well. Best wishes P