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Lloyd Adams
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How we managed to miss smiley Lloyd Adams all this time is a mystery considering he lives so close to our studio space in Manchester. Now that we've got him, we're not sure we want to let him go! He might have a boyfriend, but he's happy to share his smooth, lean body and hot cock with us on camera.

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  • dannyjohnson993 (3 months ago)
    So young yet so good at what he is doing! I would really love to spend a night with him!
  • bigdickrobert (3 months ago)
    I agree with you mrtbear, he's young butt has some really great scenes. I bet he's gonna have bright future in porn business.
  • mrtbear (4 months ago)
    What a skinny little fucker. He's so good in everything he performs in, and he's one of the few twink-bodied types I like.