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Lucas Knowles is a Polish-American porn star who loves to play the roles of dominant tops! Lucas has that rugged masculine appeal, and his muscles and beard only add to his charm!

Lucas is quite tall, towering his co-stars with 6' 3" and has natural muscular look which, together with his large endowment, make him irresistible! He also works as a dancer and stripper on the side – he isn’t afraid to spend the evening in skimpy outfits, and loves the chemistry on each set when he’s making a movie.

He’s one of the rare gay porn stars that look fantastically rugged and jaw-dropping sexy with long hair and a beard!


Lucas started working in 2007 and quickly gained fame as notorious top (but later tried to be bottom in several movies). He cooperated with Pride Studios, Jet Set, Falcon, Jake Cruise, Hothouse and Rascal – every major studio welcomed him in its ranks!

  • Aliases:
    Lucas Knowles, Lukas Knowles
  • Birthday:
    May 11th, 1985
  • Height:
    6' 3"
  • Hair Color:

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  • mrtbear (3 months ago)
    Long hair, short hair, doesnt matter. I love watching him manhandle some willing little bottom.
  • dannyjohnson993 (5 months ago)
    Heh I wouldn't agree with you two, he looks hotter with short hair, not looking like a bad boy. Though he is hot however his hair looks like!
  • bigdickrobert (6 months ago)
    Same, he looks so much more exotic with long hair.
  • fitnesstop (6 months ago)
    Lucas is an absolutely beautiful performer. I didn't know he was polish though, how neat. I like his long haired look the best though.