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Well, it's about time we welcomed Paul to the site - after all, it's only taken 2 years to get him here! He's a straight fella with a girlfriend from Leicester who works in the building industry and he loves to spend some his free time working out in the gym - and I think it shows! He's got a very healthy and toned body which looks just fantastic on camera - and he's also the lucky owner of a very nice 7½ dick too! But the thing I like most about Paul is that he's very down-to-earth - he loves chilling out by spending time in the pub with his mates or trying to make his girlfriend happy ;-)

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  • bigdickrobert (2 months ago)
    What an amazing scene, definitely his best one. Paul Walker looks so sexy in that uniform.
  • dannyjohnson993 (3 months ago)
    I don't think he is totally straight, he enjoys bottoming so damn much. I would say he is more bi, but still, great performer!
  • mrtbear (7 months ago)
    What a fast and furious performer! Ha ha, see what I did there. Seriously, he's a hot one. I am not normally into straight to gay performers, but he does a great job.