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Sebastian Kane is the best master and domination expert in the UK – and beyond!

Pain and pleasure are his forte, and he loves to tease and torture his victims until they achieve maximum pleasure (which is usually coupled with maximum amount of pain they can endure).


Sebastian is a well known torture expert and developed his own brand of BDSM gay porn – his movies are made in a warehouse somewhere in the United Kingdom, and he just loves to humiliate young twinks and dominate them!

He usually works for BoyNapped, and nothing is off limits to him: from bondage and gagging, caning (as the name implies), candles, wax torture, splash and anything else you can imagine – Kane is your man!

If you’re into fetishes of any kind, Sebastian Kane is the name you should be searching for: he’s a relentless torture and dungeon master who’ll show you how to have a good time!

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  • dannyjohnson993 (5 months ago)
    I've heard somewhere that he had a troubled childhood and that his growing up was filled with drugs and stuff
  • bigdickrobert (6 months ago)
    Sebastian is a legend in the business when it comes to BDSM and twinks, he's second to none!
  • Jacklong (7 months ago)
  • bigdickrobert (7 months ago)
    really one of the iconic figures in gay porn industries
  • diablo (8 months ago)
    photo upload test :D
  • mrtbear (8 months ago)
    Fuck, there are a lot of videos with Sebastian. I don't mind - they're great though. I once imagined having a sadistic daddy type, and this is pretty much what that fantasy looked like. Awesome stuff.