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Sebastian Keys (also worked under the name Sebastian Spiers) is a well known gay porn star who loves all kinds of fetishes! With his red hair, muscular body and intense sexual energy, Sebastian mostly works with Kink in order to bring some of the wildest fetishes and fantasies on the small screen!

While Sebastian used to identify himself as straight and model in mainstream, he discovered his queer, fetish side when he started to work in adult entertainment!

Working for Bound In Public was his first BDSM scene and he loved every minute of it! He’s both top and bottom, but he loves to work with bondage and domination!

When he’s not chugging down Mexican and Italian food, Sebastian loves to practice martial arts, cook and listen to choirs – which used to be a big part of his Mormon upbringing. He is such a versatile performer that he doesn’t shy away from working on transsexual movies either!

  • Aliases:
    Sebastian Keys, Sebastian Spiers
  • Birthday:
    April 12th, 1990
  • Ethnicity:
  • Penis:
    7" cut
  • Height:
  • Weight:
    165 lbs
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color:
  • Website:

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  • dannyjohnson993 (5 months ago)
    Oh, I watched this YT video with Sebastain. He is hot as hell! To be honest, after watching the video I have a big wish to be gay pornstar. But I am only 19yrs and I am afraid what will my parents tell me...any advice guys?
  • bigdickrobert (5 months ago)

    Interesting interview
  • dannyjohnson993 (6 months ago)
    His eyebrows look funny
  • hairyfairy (6 months ago)
    I love his hairless body and the way he plays with sexy little bottoms. He's a beautiful top and sadist, and I cant get enough. If you watch, he bottoms a little too!