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Steven Ponce is a hot mix of Puerto Rican and Spanish ancestry; this short and ginger haired cutie has quite a career behind him!

Born in Florida, Steven is active since 2006 and has some tattoos that he’s proudly displaying in every scene.

He’s a versatile performer, working in both top and bottom roles; and his 7’’ manhood allows him to take any position he wants despite his short stature!


He grew up in Puerto Rico, but started working in the adult entertainment with Lucas Entertainment (he’s famous for their now legendary movie “The Biggest the Better”). Steven is one of the rare, red haired ginger actors in the industry, and his ass is what made him famous: he’s always hungry for more and takes it all the way in! He’s know to be very professional, giving his attention to every little detail in every scene; that’s why he remained popular for well over a decade in the business!

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  • fitnesstop (1 month ago)
    I'd like to know what video that main snapshot was taken out of. I'd love to see him all tied up and helpless
  • dannyjohnson993 (4 months ago)
    Yep great looking dude, he should leave that beard, he's way hotter with it!
  • mrtbear (6 months ago)
    Such a hot ginger. I don't normally go for redheads, but he's got such a great body.