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When Trevor Knight isn’t making hugely popular gay porn movies, he relaxes with his hobbies like cooking, watching “Saving private Ryan” and eating sushi and Italian food.

This amazing gay porn star won two awards down the road: 2010 Grabby Wall of Fame and 2010 AVN for Fan Favorite Best Top.

Trevor isn’t the most muscular or chiseled performer out there, but his amazingly cute good looks have drawn the attention of the audience and major studios, though he’s mainly known for his mammoth endowment, perpetrated to be monstrous 9 and a half inches.

Trevor usually works as a top, plowing his co-stars and scaring them into submission with his massive member which is always called "too big to handle". He’s been active in the industry since 1996, and managed to stay on top during the two decades of filming and performing.

Trevor’s personal motto is "Live today as if it was your last day alive".

  • Aliases:
    Trevor Knight
  • Birth Place:
    Boston, Massachusetts, United States
  • Ethnicity:
  • Penis:
    9.5" cut
  • Height:
    5' 9"
  • Weight:
    160 lbs
  • Hair Color:
  • Eye Color:
  • Twitter:

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  • Anonymous (3 weeks ago)
    Trevor has been around a LONG, LONG time.
  • hairyfairy (3 months ago)
    That picture looks so intense, which is a little weird for him, but he has such a great attitude and always seems so friendly, even when he's being rough.
  • mrtbear (4 months ago)
    I didnt know that Trevor was a dog lover. That's awesome. He's a great top with a good attitude and a hot body too.
  • bigdickrobert (4 months ago)
    I loved Trevor before, but know that I know he loves dogs, I love him even more :)
  • dannyjohnson993 (5 months ago)
    Definitely his best work so far. Lots of handsome guys on one place and great fuck, what more can you ask for.
  • fitnesstop (7 months ago)
    I'd love to get my hands on that magnificent cock. He's a great top, and one of the few I'd really like to try fucking with.