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Tattooed Andy Blue with uncut dick is arranging bawdy foot fetish orgy

Butch Dixon (258 videos)
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  • Anonymous (11 months ago)
    aka Andrea Pelone
  • alanrimmer (1 year ago)
    Nobody else comments on Andy Blue...I just have to look at him ,And he makes me cum..The SEXIEST MAN ALIVE ,Without doubt in my book,,He is a GOD...
  • alanrimmer (1 year ago)
    I could spend the rest of my life reaming Andy,s PERFECTION of an ass ,And sending him to heaven .
  • alanrimmer (1 year ago)
    Seriously ,Andy Blue can do ANYTHING to me .I am TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH HIM..I WORSHIP HIM...
  • alanrimmer (1 year ago)
    My ULTIMATE ULTIMATE Dream Man,,,,And the ONLY Man EVER to make me cum,without touching my cock..There is NOTHING I would not do for Andy Blue..My GOD.
  • alanrimmer (2 years ago)
    OMG....Andy PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Sit on my face.....Head to Toe PERFECTION....What a DREAM to swallow your cum...
  • alanrimmer (2 years ago)
    The only way Andy could look ANY BETTER ,Would be sitting on my face,,,,He is AS GOOD AS IT GET,S ,,