09:13 min

Andy Kay and Corey Clark exhibit how you should shave your private bits in the bedroom

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  • FunkyFox (1 year ago)
    I can't stop starring how the sizes of the penis are changing. Sounds dump but, isn't that almost a mysterious? xD
  • reesie87 (1 year ago)
    These boys are just gorgeous. The one with the tattoo on his back has the sexiest, smoothest legs I've seen in a long time. Both cocks are screaming to me sucked and their asses are to just die for Even their feet are pretty. I could spend hours pleasuring both of them. Just adorable.
  • Anonymous (2 years ago)
  • jade vincent (3 years ago)
    weak anonymouns ha weak your sent
  • Anonymous (3 years ago)
    I love the fucking and the kissing and when he put his finger in his bum. it all good love it.