08:52 min

Connor Terrence and Kurt Starr are shooting thrilling cumshots

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  • hairyfairy (11 months ago)
    I don't think they're actually dating, but if they started pairing up more, I wouldn't complain. They are so natural and fun together, though Kurt is adorably cute with anyone.
  • reesie87 (11 months ago)
    At 2:37 I became insanely jealous of Connor for having the privilege of having Kurt's gorgeous ass in his face. I would do anything to lick that delicious ass
  • Anonymous (1 year ago)
    Are they together(dating) I really hope they're dating.
  • FunkyFox (1 year ago)
    The two are my favourites. (≧◡≦) ♡ Aw, I want to mess Kurt's hair and cuddle him, haha, I want him as a boyfriend. But to sad, he has a lover and is gay. (>﹏<) But that's the good point. They're so cute together! Lovey lovey love... ♥
  • MarkmBha (1 year ago)
    Cute twinks -
  • Anonymous (1 year ago)
    pone muy cachondo, y tienes que hacerte una paja al momento
  • reesie87 (1 year ago)
    I'd love to lick and suck that delicious cum from that gorgeous ass after his lover fills it with warm sweet juice.
  • Anonymous (2 years ago)
    hallo, ich find die beiden nur zu nett, zu geil da wär ich nur zugern dabei
  • rainbow10 (2 years ago)
    Die beiden Boys sind einfach süss