10:22 min

Kain Lanning and his lover get romp frenzied from the erotic massage

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  • fitnesstop (1 year ago)
    Of course anal beads are never part of a real massage. Blowjobs are, if you know where to go, lol. Even with no real massage, it's still hot as hell. I love the oil. Getting slicked up can be stress relieving too!
  • Anonymous (1 year ago)
    As a massage therapist, this was the silliest massage I've ever seen in my life. Massage training schools should show this film as a comedy of what NOT to do. 1) Don't stick your dick in your client's mouth. 2) Don't force anal beads up his ass and shake them around wildly. 3) Don't jerk your clients legs forcefully. 4) Don't pour oil indiscriminately and wildly all over his body including his face. Both of these actors are quite attractive. It could have been incredibly arousing if the one playing the massage therapist had even a basic knowledge of massage.
  • calinescumarius (3 years ago)