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Markie More and his friend are giving sex tortures to wet gigantic asshole

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  • Anonymous (3 weeks ago)
    very hot teaming and acting to a boil of very hot fucking black on white....markie the hot bottom but damn that black hung stud is very fine! he could shove his big cock in me anytime!
  • Anonymous (1 month ago)
    That ass look good
  • Anonymous (1 month ago)
  • Anonymous (3 months ago)
    black guy is derek maxum
  • Anonymous (5 months ago)
    i fuck you markie more
  • Anonymous (5 months ago)
    Who's the black guy
  • Anonymous (6 months ago)
    dear players good too post a saying the dick the taste um its the greeting the smile .
  • babynorbert (6 months ago)
    Boy, that bottom boy got a sweet pounding!
  • Anonymous (6 months ago)
    James: Mmmh tastes good, I wanna swallow your cum
    Mark: Soon I'll be cumming, hot delicous cum.
    James: Mmmh! So good its so hot and creamy,I want this fucking cum in my asshole next so fuck me up.
    Mark: Ok bitch, I'm gonna tear up that tiny asshole with my 10 inch monster cock.
    James: Oh hell yes please, I want you to fuck me raw come on now fuckboi Im ready.
    Mark: Ok bitch.
    James: Ohhhh its so huge Its tearing my tiny asshole.
    Mark: You like that bitch? Im gonna fuck you non stop.
    James: Oh yes please.
    Mark: Ooooohhhhh Im cumming!
    James: Ahhhhh it feels good flowing in my ass, so hot.
    Mark: Bitch come here, lets do a 69. Lets see who will cum first
    James: I cant stop licking your dick, Its so big and delicous. Since you have cummed already and have a still long time before cumming again, i might lose.
    Mark: Oh yeah youre starting to cum, it tastes so good.
    James: I lose
    Mark: Come here bitch lets sleep now but I want to sleep with my dick in your mouth and my mouth in your dick.
    James: ok
  • Anonymous (6 months ago)
    James: Hey Mark, can I come to your place tonight? I'm having a problem with the assignment.
    Mark: Ok see you at 5:00
    *At Mark's house*
    James: Wow your house is nice, by the way where are your parents?
    Mark: They're on a business trip.
    James: So you're alone here?
    Mark: Yeah, let's get on with the assignment.
    (5 mins later)
    James: Hey Mark, are you hard? Your pants is showing a huge bulge.
    Mark: Oh yeah, I want to jerk off.
    James: Me too.
    Mark: Let's put the assignment aside and jerk off together for a while.
    James: Ok but I want to do more than that, I want to give you a Blowjob and I want you to fuck me.
    Mark: I wanna do that!!! Good idea.
    To be continued
  • Anonymous (10 months ago)
    I love this
  • Anonymous (10 months ago)
    I love this
  • Anonymous (11 months ago)
    shame it wasnt bare
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